i really like this blue color on her

“Sing me a song, Pearl.”

I’m starting to doubt Pearl once belonged to White Diamond, not only because she is multicolor in comparison to the monochrome Yellow and Blue Pearls, but also because it’d be really cliche and predictable. Given her color scheme, I’m starting to think now that Pearl originally served some other Gem of a different ranking, likely to have been in either White or Pink Diamond’s court. Who, however, is anyone’s guess, because I can’t really guess myself. Still, I thought I’d draw this anyway.


Tumblr, I need your help

This post is different from my normal content, but I’m desperate here.

When my little sister was five and I was nine, we each bought a stuffed animal, a puppy dog. Mine is brown, and hers was cream-colored, and they were great comforts through moving, and growing up in an abusive household, and everything else that comes with that.

My sister lost hers at camp several years ago, and she’s been sad about it ever since. I’ve looked everywhere: ebay, amazon, thrift stores, rummage sales, talked to people on facebook, contacted the camp and the people that went there, tried to find the toy manufacturer (out of business), I attempted to contact the local store where we bought it…nothing.

I really want to help my sister here, and find her stuffed animal, or at least, one just like it. Again, this was a huge comfort to her through so much stuff that happened. It was always by her side, and it made her feel so happy, and since it’s been gone, I know she feels like something’s missing. She loved it so much.

I know that my only tool left to find it at this point is word-of-mouth. So if you would, could you spread this to as many people as you can? Put it on facebook if you want, screenshot it and send it to your friends, I don’t mind. I just want to help my little sister get her comfort animal back.

It’s a 12″-ish stuffed puppy dog, and the brand is Caltoy. Here are some pictures of mine, so you can see what hers is supposed to look like:

The only differences are that hers was a light yellow-cream color, and I think the ribbon on hers was blue (though I could be wrong about that).

More specifics:

It was sitting up, and had no tail. It was all the same color like this one, no dark ears/paws/etc, just the dark nose. It was made by Caltoy in or around 2003.

I would really like to find this for my sister, so that she can have that comfort again, and she definitely needs it right now. 

Please share it as much as you can, to friends or followers, whoever you can. I will be so grateful to all of you who help. <3

My contact info: starshipme (at) gmail.com, Askbox, and feel free to use tumblr messenger as well!

Name: Bianca
Gender: Female
Occupation: Waitress
Crush: Boris

Personality: Acts like a kind, sweet and innocent cat during work hours but when off duty, she turns into a complaining drama queen. WARNING: Curses like a salior and she can be quite clumsy at times. When around Boris, she gets really flustered and jumpy.

Fur Color: Black & White?

Attire: Pink & White

Eyes: Pastel blue

☆ Author’s note: Sowwie, I would have colored her but my mom would get pissed at me for getting distracted from my work..so here is a crappy sketch of my oc.

art by kawaiitalesans


Okay so I decided to draw Mae with blue hair like @crankgameplays lol and I’m quite proud of this drawing but I don’t like how I did the eyes but other thank that I’m pretty proud :)) @nestorquik (sorry for the bad quality pics) ((also I really wanted to draw her cause her name is my middle name and yea😂))


Lapis redesign because I dislike her canon one. Specifically because of the fact she doesn’t really have any shapes that really DEFINE her, like Garnet = Squares, Amethyst = Circles, Peridot = Triangles ect, I associated her with a water drop shape cause…. y’know w a t e r.

Also got rid of the horrid neon blue colors and gave her speckles of yellow, like the ACTUAL LAPIS LAZULI GEM HAS. Why didn’t she have any sort of yellow incorporated into her design in the first place.

hello fire emblem heroes dev team

i know you will never see this bcus 1. im a nobody, and 2. i dont know if you speak english, and yknow, language barriers and stuff

i wanna start this critizism with this, i love your game, i play it everyday and i really like what you are doing with it, i cannot wait to see more of the special events and more units added for more funtimes

that being said, there is something that bothers me about bunny lucina, dont get me wrong i do like her and im dumping endless amount of money going slowly bankrupt to get her, but i cannot shake the feeling that her outfit was an afterthought

Hear me out, i like fanservice as much as the next guy, but i do think that fanservice can be enhanced when given the proper care in terms with the character that you are making some “cheesecake” images with, i think a fanservice image is enhanced and more embraced by a comunity when it also makes sense with the character that you are making this changes to, and with the Lucina outfit, i cannot shake the feeling that its just the camila outfit with sleeves, it doesnt really *highlight* Lucina, its the exact same suit with a blue color, and this bothers me because huge cleavage and big boobs are more like camilas thing, and lucinas outfit feels more like its trying to get that sex appeal when her sex appeal lies in a whole different spectrum

Where Lucina shines is in her slim pretty figure, so i would have suggested that you went with more of a one piece swim suit approach with it, something that really highlights her body shape and as a bonus her regal personality, and as a bonus to her quirky side of having not the greatest fashion sense, you can add some cute details, sometimes showing cleavage is not the best option to make a character look sexy, sometimes a character looks WAY better by showing their assets in the best way possible, anything can be ~sexy~ if worn by the right person to ~make~ it look sexy yknow?

I hope you are having a great day, i know im not the most expert character designer, but i hope you keep in mind this for your future events, instead of making the same outfit twice for 2 males and 2 females, i would love it if you had time to make subtle changes that will enhance said extra outfits with the characters that you are gonna use them for 

With love, Fsnow

(p.d: please for the love of god make the focus characters 5*’s chances 2% higher <3)


I got asked by people who never made gifs before how I make and color them, and since I already made a tuto how I gif, it’s time I show how I color them

what you’ll need:

  • basic gif making knowledge (I made a tutorial here)
  • photoshops cs5/cs6/cc (I’m using cs6)
  • a pen so you can sign a contract with the devil

I’m going to try to explain how I usually color my gifs with some extra explanation and comments on how and why. I go like this on almost everything and it works like a charm.

so, from this:

to this:

tutorial under the cut!

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5 Favorite Lucy Outfits

#1 Tartaros Prologue

I just really enjoy the colors here. It differs from the typical blues and whites she wears.

#2 Sagittarius Stardress

I’m a sucker for archers and this A+++ Usually I don’t like boob-windows, but I don’t mind it too much here! (Side note: is Lucy wearing pants or not??? Because I always thought she was???)

#3 GMG Fight 

Again, I mostly like it for the colors! They all looked great in this dark purple :3

#4 Avatar Arc

This was kind of a throwback to the “Classic Lucy” look, but I actually like this one better than any of her other blue/white outfits!

#5 Leo Stardress

Is it practical for fighting? Not really! I do like the colors and this is what has fueled my urge to write dance!AUs. It’s just pretty…

Honorable mentions!

They were just cover/art book things, but boy did I like them! I’m a sucker for braids + sweaters and the second one actually has armor, which I adore!

Send me a character and I’ll tell you my Five favorite outfits they wear!


Unanswered questions have been nagging at me. Kim is like so many other women, it seems to me, who have grown up with trauma. And yet there is no talk of the long-term effects. I decide to put the question of sexual abuse to her plainly. She tells me that yes, something did happen in the home of a relative when she was a girl, but she doesn’t want to get into the details. She has never talked about this before. She doesn’t want to dwell on the pain. I am saddened by her admission, and the fact that so many years later, she is still so clearly devastated.

And I am saddened that even here, in a place for relaxation and nurturing, she is unable to divest herself, even for a few hours, of the blue contact lenses and blond wig.

“Think about it,” she confesses when I ask her to talk about her experience of skin color. “The girls that [men] dated when I was younger were light-skinned and tall. I’m short and brown-skinned. And I always wondered … how do I fit in?”

Did she ever overcome the feeling of being ugly?

“I really haven’t,” she admits. “Honestly, though, I think being Lil’ Kim the rapper helped me deal with it better. Because I got to dress up in expensive clothes, and I got to look like a movie star or whatever. I think doing photo shoots and seeing all the people respond to me has helped. [But] I still don’t see what they see.”

excerpt from the mask of lil’ kim (the washington post, sept. 2000).

i love justine and her kids…


Who is She and how do I get ME: Andromeda to release sooner

(I tried to make her match with this drawing)

here’s my lapis redesign! rationale for what i changed below:

  • lapis, unlike most other su characters, doesn’t really have a central “shape” to her design (garnet has squares, amethyst has circles, pearl has triangles, etc.). so, i chose teardrop shapes as the basis for this redesign. aside from the obvious drop shapes in her hairstyle, her “skirt” here makes a drop shape with her body, her body type is pear-shaped, and i gave her eyebrows (gems usually aren’t drawn with them) just so i could make them small, thick, and drop-shaped.
  • i changed her to a deeper, more saturated blue because her colors in the show don’t really look like an actual lapis stone? lapis stones are deep blue, while show!lapis is all teals and cyans, like the sea (which is nice in keeping with her water motif, but it doesn’t reflect what the stone looks like and it’s prone to becoming neon in brighter shots). also i added small gold parts because lapis stones often have golden flecks in them
  • (the gold freckles are in simple sets of three because i was trying to keep the design animatable. if this was to be animated, the golden flecks in her stone would not be drawn in shots further away from her)
  • her outfit is supposed to look like a two-piece swimsuit with a towel wrapped around her waist, but more stylized. i kept the diamond motifs on her clothes because i liked how they worked those in in the show.
  • her wings are less greenish because it looks better with the new color scheme. her eye shape, visible lips, and sharp teeth are mostly because i liked how they looked. i did keep her face shape and nose though.
  • fun fact: the mirror would a golden color instead of a silvery one in this version
  • it’s not shown here but i like the idea of her becoming melty when cracked (from the early storyboards). so. assume that.
Ninette Week Day 5 Love of the Arts

“You know, I’ve been meaning to ask…” Adrien grinned. “Who’s your new crush?”

“Crush?” Nino raised a brow. “I don’t have a crush.”

“Really?” Adrien pulled up the playlist Nino shared with him yesterday. “Cause all of these songs are romantic, and half of them are literally about having a crush.”

Nino shook his head. “It’s just what I’m finding lately. People love romance.”

“Come on. You can tell me. Who were you thinking about when you made these?”

“I wasn’t.” But, a flash of blue eyes had inspired the first song, and he couldn’t explain why. “I just liked how they sounded.”

Adrien showed him the songs. “Half of these songs are old.”

“They’re classics.”

“Romantic classics.” Nino frowned.

Adrien smirked. “Exactly.”

Nino tried to think of an argument, but the words caught in the back of his throat when he finally recognized the warm smile that had inspired the sixth song on his playlist. “Oh…”

He’d remembered her laugh when he played the second song, and he’d chuckled to himself when he chose the fourth, because pink was her favorite color. While he looked for the final song, he’d tracked down an acoustic Jagged Stone song that was surprisingly sappy, and he hoped that she liked it as much as everything else produced by her favorite artist.

“I was thinking of Marinette…”

“I thought you were over Adrien.”

Marinette chuckled. “What makes you think I’m not?”

“Well, in case you haven’t noticed, all of these designs are for a guy, and they’re all really detailed. Plus…” Alya flipped the page. “This dress. You know, the one, you’re modeling, is a companion piece to it.”

“It’s just a couple’s piece.” Marinette shrugged.

“And it’s blue.”

“So?” Marinette raised a brow.

“Adrien’s favorite color?”

Marinette paused and looked down at the page. “No, it’s the wrong shade.” Besides, the cut wouldn’t suit Adrien at all. In her mind, she’d always seen someone else wearing it.

“Come on. Just admit it.” Alya grinned and nudged her side. “You have it bad for Adrien again.”

“I don’t!” Marinette insisted.

“You never imagined Adrien wearing this?”

“No. I…” She could feel heat rising in her cheeks when Alya stared at her. The sound of Nino’s playlist, the one she’d worked to for hours, lingered in her mind. “I didn’t imagine Adrien.”

Alya perked up. “Wait. Then who did you imagine?”

“No one.”

“Like I’m gonna buy that.”

Marinette ignored her, tracing the subtle treble clef motif she’d added to the collar of the jacket instead. “Well, it’s true.” It wasn’t, and Alya picked up on it immediately. Marinette wasn’t prepared to admit that the color blue came from another classmate’s shirt, not Adrien’s preferences, and she was even less prepared to admit that she’d designed the suit to that same classmate’s proportions.

“Who was it?” Alya asked, eyes bright.

“I…” Marinette murmured. “I was thinking of Nino.”

I struggled a bit with this prompt, so I wound up writing it way too late at night. If you find any typos, please forgive me.


I have heterochromia.

My mom has it too, only hers is sectoral heterochromia. A part of her left eye is brown while most of it is blue. Mine’s complete. My right eye is brown, the left is blue. As a kid I’d get the most excited reaction out of the adults-

“His eyes are so beautiful!”

“Wow, they’re different colors!”

“How stunning!”

I’d like to say that my eyes are only one part of myself, that it’s just a slice of the pie that makes up me. But really, the only fascinating part of myself is the heterochromia. I’m average in grades. Height. Strength. IQ. Not much stunning charisma either- I tend to stick to myself.

But in the end, it’s my eyes that saved my life. And maybe the lives of a few others.

The killings started my sophomore year. A young couple going out to smooch in their car was found dead, mangled by some wild beast. Their faces had been eaten off, their tongues ripped out, and their eyes completely gone.

I didn’t know them, they went to the private school. All the same, the stories started up about the Gosbecks Knoll Beast.

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anonymous asked:

What are your: Personal top 4–6 Padmé costumes; Favorite 4–6 non-Padmé costumes; Favorite SW film plot-wise; Favorite SW film music-wise, if you have one; Favorite 1–3 SW spaceships, if you have any; Favorite behind the scenes goofs, gifs, or anecdotes?

I’ve been wondering when I would get asked what my favorite costumes are!

Top 5 favorite Padme costumes, in no particular order:

-The Yellow Picnic Dress (AotC)

This dress changed my opinion on an entire color. I used to hate yellow. Like really hate yellow. Bet then I saw and studied this dress and it is so beyond beautiful to me. It’s so flowy and feminine and colorful. Also her hair! My favorite hairstyles for Padme are always the curled ones, and plus, she has the side buns which are a little shout out to Leia’s buns. Not to mention I love that entire scene in and of itself because they are in a natural setting of a field of grass and flowers, so different from cold and colorless space, and it’s one of the few time Anakin and Padme are truly and genuinely happy. It’s before the war, it’s before Shim dies, it’s just a happy little moment between them, and the yellow summer dress really evokes that.

-The Blue Tatooine Dress (AotC)

(Or as I like to call it: The Desert Goddess Dress) It’s just really pretty? I like the color and the silver details. I love her hair since it’s also curled and has slight buns on the sides. I love the cape but I’m not a big fan of the cloak that goes over the whole outfit. But I really find it funny that she chose a dress that shows her mid-drift while visiting Anakin’s family (she did the same thing visiting her own family how iconic.)

-The Blue Gloved Nightgown (RotS)

Honestly I love all of Padme’s nightgowns but if I had to choose between them this is my favorite. I like the color, I like her hair, I love the fact that she sleeps in a tiara. Despite the long gloves, it’s a bit more practical than the pearl embellished blue nightgown from previously in the film. It has seashells on it, though you can’t tell unless seeing High Quality stills of the dress. Also it’s worn during a very emotional scene and is one of the last costumes that she wears, so it has an added importance.

-The Parade Dress (TPM)

Honestly the only one of her outfits as a Queen that I like. Her other Queen outfits are too dark and over-the-top for my taste. I mean I get why they’re dark and over-the-top, but they just don’t appeal to me personally. But I really like the one she wears at the end of the film. I love the white dress and pastel pink and yellow of the cloak. I like how it’s somewhat of a slight callback to Leia’s dress during the ceremony at the end of ANH. (In case you can’t tell, I Absolutely love parallels between Leia and Padme’s wardrobes.)

-The Funeral Dress (RotS)

I love this dress so much. I love the colors, I love her hair, I love the flowers, it’s all just so pretty and regal but also very sad. So many sequins! Trisha Bigger (the designer of most of the costumes) said it was supposed to resemble the lakes and waterfalls of Naboo, and Natalie Portman said it reminded her of Ophelia from Hamlet, and I think they’re both absolutely right. And she’s just so beautiful like absolutely the angel that Anakin thought she was. Even in death, Padme is more beautiful than any of us will ever be. No lie, I want to be buried in something like that.  

-Honorable Mention – White Geonosis Outfit (AotC)

One of her more practical costumes (except for the fact that it’s white (I mean really you shouldn’t wear white into battle) (of course the costume department said they made it white so that it would stand out in the red/orange sand) (still, white will get so dirty during a battle) whatever, I digress.) This costume has by far the most amount of screen time than any of her others. I really like the cloak and silver armbands too. It’s also a bit similar to Leia’s Hoth outfit. I actually thought about cosplaying this one but I have no idea how to do that freaking hair.

Top 5 non-Padme costumes, in no particular order:

-Princess Leia’s Hoth/Bespin outfit (ESB)

Like it’s literally just a white jumpsuit but Carrie Fisher made that thing look so regal and badass. I don’t have much to say about it, I just like it a lot?

-Princess Leia’s Ceremony Dress (ANH)

Yeah it’s a plain white dress but it’s prettier and more feminine than the other plain white dress. I love the cape effect of the sleeves even though it’s not actually a cape. I also really like the necklace and hair. I’ve considered cosplaying this one too.

-Luke’s Dagobah Costume (ESB)

I like that it shows his biceps. It’s also dirty and kind of grungy, which you wouldn’t think of as a good Look for Luke but damn does he make it work.

-Lando’s Blue Outfit (ESB)

The lining of his cape is literally embroidered with dragons. Iconic.

-Luke’s Ceremony Outfit (ANH)

I love that it’s so obvious that Luke is wearing Han’s clothes here. Because we all know Luke didn’t pack much when he left Tatooine, so he didn’t have a lot in the way of fashionable clothes. But Han helped him out and donated an outfit. Except for the canary yellow jacket. That was not Han’s and no one has any idea where Luke got it from.

-Honorable Mention – Princess Leia’s Bespin Gown (ESB)

The first time Leia wears color! (even if it is an unfortunate shade of red.) I like the shape and texture of the cape/cloak and that is has a vague floral pattern on it. I really like her hair too. Too bad it doesn’t have much screen time.

Favorite SW film plot wise?

-Lol I don’t watch Star Wars for the plot. But seriously, I think they all have unique and interesting plots (except for TFA)

Favorite SW film music wise?

-They all have fantastic music but I have to say Rogue One had very unique music compared to the others. I guess because it wasn’t John Williams, which I love John Williams! But I really enjoyed the soundtrack for RO.

Favorite spaceships?

-Nubian Ships (Prequels)

(Pictured: J-type 327 Nubian Royal starship) They’re just so shiny and remind me of mirrors. Fun fact: Captain Phasma’s armor is made from the melted down hull of one of Palpatine’s Naboo ships.  

-Kylo Ren’s shuttle (TFA)

It’s pretty simple but very intimidating. I love the long V-shape wings, they kind of remind me of a bird of prey.

Favorite behind the scenes stuff?

-So many of the actors make their own sound effects with the lightsabers and blasters.

-Carrie making Mark wear her Leia costumes. (I wonder if she ever got him to wear the gold bikini…)

-All the many times that you can see Hayden Christensen fall down in bts videos. It really supports my head canon that Anakin has bad balance because of the prosthetic arm.

Wow this was a loaded ask. I hope I answered everything to satisfaction!

Seventeen’s Favorite Features on their Girlfriend

what do you think would be seventeen’s favorite features on their girlfriend? If you don’t want to do all 13, do just the hiphop unit. can you also give a brief description on why?

S. Coups: I really feel like Seungcheol would be obsessed with his girlfriend’s hands. Since a girl’s hands tend to be smaller and more dainty, I feel as if it would make him feel so protective as he would hold them in his larger ones. Also, he would absolutely love just just feel how soft and smooth they are compared to his.

Jeonghan: Jeonghan would love his girlfriend’s hair, and I’m not just saying that because he is known for having great hair. He just seems like the type that whether her hair would be thin or thick, he would love running his hands through her long hair or even her short little bob. It would feel so soft and silky to him and it would make him smile at how beautiful it looked.

Joshua: I feel like Joshua would love his girlfriend’s cheekbones. One of his favorite things would be seeing his girlfriend smile and the way her cheekbones would pop when she would smile would make him smile himself. Seeing his girlfriend’s cheekbones pop would be like heaven for him, and he wouldn’t hesitate to remind her that she looked so much prettier when she smiled just like the little cheesy boy he his.

Jun: People are always talking about Jun and how he would so be into a girl’s body shape, but honestly I see him being really into his girlfriend’s thighs. I don’t really think he would care if his girlfriend would have thick thighs. Like, I feel like if she did, he would think she would be even sexier than having a thigh gap because to him thick thighs would mean that his girlfriend is healthy. I feel as if his girlfriend had confidence in her thighs he would find that really sexy because it would mean that she doesn’t care about what size she is and wouldn’t want to change her already perfect self.

Hoshi: Soonyoung would be all over his girlfriend’s lips. Like he would be so cheesy and would try to do everything to get a kiss from his girlfriend’s pretty pink lips. Even if she would refuse, he would always find his way around it and almost force himself upon her playful to try and steal a kiss from his girl. In the end it would all end in giggles and his girlfriend would give in and give him the kisses he deserved.

Wonwoo: I can really see Wonwoo falling in love with his girlfriend because of her eye color. Like, if she was a foreigner and had these really pretty blue or gray or green eyes, he would fall for her instantly. Even if she was from Korea like him and had brown eyes, he would fall for the way that they would shine or sparkle when she smiled. He would love the way that they would bring out the rest of her features and compliment her perfectly.

Woozi: Jihoon was probably the hardest one for me to figure out. Like, for him I can see him falling in love with any of his girlfriend’s features. But if I had to chose one, I can really see him falling for her body shape or in any case, if she had body confidence. I feel as if whether he was with a skinny girl, a chubby girl, or any body type in general he would love her endlessly. If his girlfriend didn’t care what type of body, much like Jun, Jihoon would love that. It would make him feel good about himself because his girlfriend is already happy with how she looks and he doesn’t have to remind her about how amazing she is. Sure, he would still do that like all the time, but it wouldn’t make him feel so sad because he girlfriend didn’t think she was perfect like the way Jihoon would see her. Even if she was very insecure about her shape, I can really see him doing everything he can to make sure that she feels like she is perfect enough for him, especially since he would consider her the most beautiful girl he’s ever met.

DK: This one is going to turn out a big shock for most of you (note sarcasm), but like himself, Seokmin would love love love his girlfriend’s smile, almost like Joshua. He would do everything to make her smile and make sure that he was happy. Out of all of them, I really do think Seokmin would be the most likely to want to get into a relationship with someone who suffers through depression (not that the others wouldn’t), but as I said before, I feel like his main goal would be to see his girlfriend happy and if she wasn’t happy, he would want to be that sunshine in her life to make her the happiest girl.

Mingyu: I don’t know why, but I have always seen Mingyu as an ass man. Like with everything his girlfriend would do, he would just kind of subconsciously look at her butt. It would get to the point where she would become used to it, but especially when they were in public she would swat him or scold him for looking at her ass. Even when they would be taking a walk through the park, he would find himself reaching to grip her butt or even sneaking a look.

The8: I can really see Minghao being obsessed with how cute his girlfriend’s nose is. Like, it wouldn’t even matter if she thought hers was big or not (he would always say that it was fine the way it was), he would always praise her on how adorable it looked. Everything from the way it crinkled when she would laugh or the way it looked when she would sneeze, he would always find himself smiling at the way it looked. Often it would make her feel slightly insecure, but she would soon smile as Minghao would explain that her nose was absolutely the cutest thing he had ever seen, besides his girlfriend herself of course!

Seungkwan: Seungkwan is another one of those people where I can’t really see him loving one part of his girlfriend over the other, but if he were to chose I can see him loving his girlfriend’s collarbones. I just love the fact of him giving his girlfriend cute little neck kisses that lead down to her collarbones and leaving small pecks mixed with ‘I love you’s’ as he would touch her collarbones with his plump lips. And lets not even get into how much of a turn on it might be for him ;)))

Vernon: I really do believe that Vernon would fall for a girl’s dimples. Like, if his girlfriend had some really cute dimples in her cheeks, (kind of like woozi’s dimples), he would think it was absolutely adorable and want to poke them ever chance he could get, just so he could see her flush up and giggle at his stupid yet very cute antics.

Dino: Chan would love his girlfriend’s stomach. And kind of like Woozi, he wouldn’t care about the shape or the type of stomach his girlfriend would have, he would just love it so much. His mother had always taught him that he should be a gentleman and never comment or touch a girl’s stomach, but he couldn’t help himself around his girlfriend. He would love complimenting her on how cute her little tummy looked and he would be all for tickling her sides until she begged him to stop through her laughs. It would make him smile so hard he swore that his smile would rip off his face.

Feel free to send in more questions or scenarios requests!