i really like this blue color on her

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if jake is a sorrel abyssinian and quince is a blue abyssinian, would ruby be a torbie aby or maybe a cryptic torbie since I know aby's don't always show torbie markings? also I read somewhere that sorrel doesn't work the same as red and doesn't produce torties/torbies, is that true? I'm so so sorry for the long ask ^^'

she’d genetically be a torbie, even if you can’t really tell/see her torbie markings. 

here are the abyssinian/somali colors

sorrel = red , just like ruddy = black 

Hackmanite is a Court Whisperer in Blue Diamond’s court. Extremely uptight and proud of her near-noble status, she holds an extreme disdain for any and all rebel Gems, as they pose a threat to her upward mobility. If she sees or hears anything about rebel activity, she alerts authorities immediately.
To her, all traitors deserve punishment. Not even former friends are safe from her deadly whispers.
She’s never seen combat and has no known weapon. Her colors change when her gem is exposed to any sort of sun/starlight.

So, I really like her design ,and definitely got that nasty uptight thing goin on (good in your case). I feel like, a small thing I’d put is that if she’s generally mean, she wouldnt be smiling, but this is like a smal thing. I t hink the hair is cute too ! 

So also-  

is it cracked, or something, what are the extra lines ? 

Also the “Colour when exposed to sunlight” she just gets lighter, i would just say that. 

Her outfit is practical for what she does, it seems, and so is the hair, and that’s the most important. 

So this is my first gemsona review request, and I just kind of try to review them in the same way I do mine

  • Is the costume and hair practical for their purposes?
  • Is the design easy to read
  • does the storyline enhance the design, or are they irrelevant to eachother
  • Do the shapes flow, and are aesthetically pleasing
  • Does the story/background info make sense, from the point of view of someone who has no prior information
  • Are they overpowered (im rlybad w/ this one)
  • Is their storyline/costuming realistic, or at least something that would make sense in the universe they’re in

Please be aware, these are my friends’ gems not mine!

If you want, you can submit your gemsonas, but if you do, tell me you want a review or something, in chat or in the submit,. 

Be aware, this is entirely subjective and if you don’t agree with my thoughts thats ok, because it;s your character in the first place! 

i think a gay couple came into my work tonight – or at least two men who were both gay & eating together, idk if they were a couple but i Felt like they were probably both gay in that way you can feel it sometimes yknow

anyway the one with funny colored glasses was teasing me about something (i can’t remember what he said) and i said something smart back and he looked happy and surprised and said “she can give it back, i like her!” 

they were sweet & it made me feel warm. relatedly, i forgot to talk about this but when my mom and me went to madison recently there was this little antique shop and in the window there was a blue and yellow HRC equal sign sticker and that also made me feel really good (the guy who ran the place was also gay, he had an earring) 

i trick myself sometimes into thinking that i’m the only one here but when i remember that i’m definitely not it feels… safe and warm and i’m confident in my decision to learn here and in the future to build my life here 

Blue Silk Pajamas

Have another stereotypical Marichat kiss scene, dang these are addicting to read and write.

They’re 18 in this one though, I don’t think those kids should be sneaking around kissing each other in the dark yet. XD

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5 Favorite Lucy Outfits

#1 Tartaros Prologue

I just really enjoy the colors here. It differs from the typical blues and whites she wears.

#2 Sagittarius Stardress

I’m a sucker for archers and this A+++ Usually I don’t like boob-windows, but I don’t mind it too much here! (Side note: is Lucy wearing pants or not??? Because I always thought she was???)

#3 GMG Fight 

Again, I mostly like it for the colors! They all looked great in this dark purple :3

#4 Avatar Arc

This was kind of a throwback to the “Classic Lucy” look, but I actually like this one better than any of her other blue/white outfits!

#5 Leo Stardress

Is it practical for fighting? Not really! I do like the colors and this is what has fueled my urge to write dance!AUs. It’s just pretty…

Honorable mentions!

They were just cover/art book things, but boy did I like them! I’m a sucker for braids + sweaters and the second one actually has armor, which I adore!

Send me a character and I’ll tell you my Five favorite outfits they wear!

i love justine and her kids…

I have heard recently that Camila wrote Sensitive and that she also wrote Stitches. I tried to do a research to prove it, and there you go. This is the proof that Camila contributed for writing Stitches. However, I still can’t find the proof that she wrote Sensitive, because:

1) Sensitive is a leaked song. So, it’s hard to trace who the writers are and so on.

2) Camila is a “low-key” songwriter or more like a “behind-the-scene” songwriter. You can see her name is black color in this picture. The ones in blue (like “Mendes Shawn”) are the ones which we can search in the website. We can’t search the names with the black color. It’s like as if the names were not officially registered yet or…. I don’t know… it’s hard to trace the songs Camila has written. In addition, I’m not really good at research skills especially in music industry. But for now, this is what I got.

@singasong17 The picture I’ve promised before


She sent me the pictures of the drawings i did on her hand the past days
Shes the purest oh god. I dont have anything new to say so facts eh?
Her favorite color is blue while mine is red
She plays floorball and i dance
Her hair is naturally brown but she colors it red and its long while mine 100% is keiths hairstyle but its green with brown rots
Today most of the group she is with (that i also started hanging out with ofc) had classes the whole day while both of us had workshops together
Her starsign is cancer and mine is gemini
Im tagging @wittyy-name & @wolfpainters again because you really seem to like the updates on this hahahah💕


Who is She and how do I get ME: Andromeda to release sooner

(I tried to make her match with this drawing)

“Alright kiddo,” Percy started, adjusting his sister’s weight in his free arm as he pulled riptide from his pocket. His eyes never leaving the ominous moving shadows that started to form around them. “I need you to hang on tight. We’re going to be ok, but if you promise not to tell Mom or Annabeth whats about to happen, I’ll buy you the best ice cream in all of New Rome.”

“Strawberry,” the three year old responded immediately, eyes darting around warily. “And I want triple scoop, like the, like the kind that you get.”


I had a dream the other night, and it involved Percy babysitting his sister and on their walk to central park, some baddies pop out of no where. Percy could take them out, no problem. But after a certain talk and a promise that he wouldn’t get his sister involved in any dangerous demigod shenanigans, Percy is more worried about the kid tattling on him to both his mom and his girlfriend. And if being an older sister has taught me anything, bribing with sweets works 9000% of the time.

I See Blue (Soulmate AU)

Sorry I haven’t written anything for months but I’ve been feeling really down recently. I couldn’t bring myself to even get out of bed. I finally wrote something that didn’t quite turned out as good as I wanted it to but I hope you guys enjoy. :)

Dean Winchester doesn’t have a soulmate. At least he’s pretty sure he doesn’t. He’s heard stories about how people see a color they’ve never seen before when they first meet there soulmate. It seems everyone his age has already found their soulmate, even Sam. Sam always likes to tell the story of when he saw the color blue for the first time when he met Jessica Moore. His mom always told him the story of when she first saw the color brown when she met his father. To Dean, soulmates were overrated. I don’t need my soulmate, he would always tell himself when he would start to feel bad for not having found his soulmate. He repeats that phrase in his head over and over again until he actually starts to believe it.
Dean once dated a girl who he really cared about. Her name was Lisa Braeden, but her eye color was brown, a color he was already familiar with when he met her. He was okay with the fact that she wasn’t the person he was supposed to spend the rest of his life with. He managed to grow feelings for her despite the fact that they weren’t soulmates. He was in a relationship with her for a year before she ended it. She had found her soulmate while she was out walking. Dean wasn’t going to admit it, but he felt a little jealous that she had actually found her soulmate when they were both so sure neither of their soulmates were going to make an appearance in their lives.
Sometimes that happened. Dean has heard of people who were never able to meet their soulmate. Dean was sure him and his soulmate were among the few pairs destined to never meet. The thought of never meeting his soulmate hurt him. He lost more hope as each day went by without him meeting his soulmate. His best friend Charlie always told him to never lose hope. She was the only one who understood how he felt at the time.
“Easy for you to say” he would say, “You met Gilda.”
“It wasn’t always that way.” she would respond, “I didn’t meet her until last year.”
“At least you met her.”
“Listen, Dean, you’ll find your soulmate. Just give it time.”
“You’re right. I just want to be happy, but I’ve accepted the fact that maybe I will never meet my soulmate.”

“So are you expecting a man or a woman?” Charlie asks him, interrupting his current thoughts.
“Do you think your soulmate is a man or a woman?”
“I don’t know. I’ve only dated women before, but I wouldn’t mind if it were a man. I mean we are soulmates after all.”
“What do you say we go out for pie. I know a place.”
“God, I love you.” Dean says.
“I know”

There was a pretty long line when Dean and Charlie entered the pie shop.
“Go get a table, I’ll order.” Charlie said.
Charlie met him at the table empty-handed.
“Where’s the pie?” Dean asked.
“There’s a new waiter. It’s his first day. He says that he’ll bring it to the table when he has it ready.”
“Okay, I guess I’ll let it slide because it’s his first day.”
“I’m going to go to the restroom. Don’t eat the whole pie if it comes when I’m in the restroom.”
“No promises.” Dean says.
The pie came about a minute after Charlie went to the restroom. He was the last person in the shop.
“Here is your pie. Sorry it took so long it’s my first d-” He was cut off when Dean look up and they made eye contact.
Dean has never seen a color so beautiful in his life. He always recieved compliments on his emerald green eyes, but nothing compares to the blue eyes looking at him in this moment.
“It’s fine.” Dean says after a long while of staring into this beautiful stranger’s eyes. He took a moment to look at him. He was a little shorter than Dean and he had dark hair.
“I’m Castiel.” the waiter says with a shy smile.
“I’m Dean.” Dean responds.
“What did I miss?” Charlie asks when she came out of the restroom.
They don’t even acknowledge her presence. She sees them looking at each other, then it hit her.
“OH MY GOD!” She squeals.
Dean feels himself growing red. He gives Charlie a death stare.
“I’ll call a cab.” Charlie says.
Charlie exits the shop and leaves Dean and Castiel alone.
“Want to sit?” Dean asks after a few moments of silence.
“Yes. Give me a minute while I close up.”
A moment later he came back and sat down with Dean. They talked for a while before Castiel asked Dean if he wanted to come over to his place.
“I’m not expecting anything from you I just want to get to know you.” Castiel reassured Dean when he saw the somewhat confused look on Dean’s face.
“Yeah, Cas, that sounds awesome.” Dean said, unsure of whether it was okay with Castiel that he gave him a nickname so soon.
“Cas? Never heard that one before.” Castiel says with a grin, making sure to show Dean that it doesn’t bother him.
“Never? Castiel’s a pretty long name. What do people usually call you?” Dean asked.
“My brothers call me Cassie.” Castiel said with a little embarrassment. “But I like Cas.”
“Do you have a car or do you need me to drive us?” Dean asked, changing the subject.
“No, I walk.” Cas said.
“Okay.” Dean said as he started to get up.
Castiel followed him to his car. Dean opened the door for Cas to go in.
“This is a pretty cool car.” Cas commented.
“Thanks, it was my dad’s car. He gave it to me when I graduated.” Dean said proudly. “Where do you live?” He asked Cas.
“Up this street and then make a left. It’s the apartments on the corner.” Cas said.
Dean followed Cas’ directions and made his way to the apartment complex. When they entered Cas’ apartment, Dean noted how clean it was compared to his. Cas’ apartment was a lot bigger that Dean’s apartment.
“Wow.” Dean said amazed.
“What?” Cas asked.
“Nothing. Just your apartment is like 100 times better than mine.”
“What do you mean?”
“It’s a lot bigger and cleaner,” Dean said, “plus it has a better view of the city.”
“Do you want anything to drink?” Cas offered.
“No thanks.” Dean said.
They made their way to the couch and sat down.
“This might sound a bit forward,” Cas said “but you are the most beautiful man I have ever seen in my life.”
“I was just about to say the same thing about you.” Dean said.
Before they knew it, they were kissing. Small kisses at first, then making out until the only reason they stopped was to take a breath. They were both feeling very tired after a lifetime of kissing.
“Do you want to spend the night?” Cas asked Dean, cautious to make sure Dean doesn’t feel uncomfortable.
“Sure, Cas” Dean said.
Cas gave Dean something to sleep in and they went to go lie down in the bedroom. They didn’t make love. They weren’t ready for that just yet. They cuddled, enjoying the presence of one another. They treasured the time they spent together.
Dean moved in with Cas half a year after they met. Dean was able to open his own auto repair shop. Cas became the owner of the pie shop. Dean proposed to Cas and they married three months later on a Thursday. Everyone was so happy Dean had found his soulmate. Of course, he called Charlie a million times to thank her for taking him to the pie shop that day.
Dean wasn’t sure he would meet his soulmate. He forced himself to accept the fact that he might never meet the person he was supposed to spend the rest of his life with. He longed to find the missing piece of his life. The missing color in his vision. He long to look up at the sky and see the color he only ever heard of in the stories. It wasn’t until he met a man by the name of Castiel that he finally found his true happiness. Who knew the color blue could make such a difference in someone’s life.

Flip Flappers v2 arrived a couple of days ago but was too busy to make a post about it. But now I have some time (not really) so here we go~

So the usual thing. Box art by tanu on the right, cover illustration by Kojima Takashi in the middle, and production booklet of some characters + their various designs. 

Kojima being the character designer, there’s going to be lots of commentary by him. I only really tried to read Papika’s bit because I got tired after that

  • Kojima wanted to contrast Cocona and Papika’s designs with each other, so that explains Cocona’s short hair vs Papika’s long hair + her sandals.. (didn’t describe anything else after that but their differences are pretty obvious, like red hair + blue eyes for Papika, blue hair + brown (but not quite red) eyes for Cocona, etc)
  • Oshiyama said Kojima’s illustrations look very shounen manga-ish, so he worked hard to match the image of a bishoujo anime.
  • There’s a colored-line ahoge right behind Papika’s more prominent one.. (which I actually did not notice UNTIL NOW) which he needed to be careful not to forgot about drawing. But he thought it was a fun little thing.

The only other interesting tidbit I read was TT-392′s design being based off of a Jameson robot. Anyway, some pics! Clothing designs, weapon designs, fragment designs, etc

The page about the eye’s designs was interesting. Reminded me of something I read where an animator (I think?) was saying how eyes in anime are becoming so much more complicated that it takes a such a considerable amount of time to draw. I just thought that was interesting because I thought Flip Flappers’s eyes were fairly simple, but there’s really a lot to take in consideration when drawing them on-model. Also made note about how the camera’s distance makes a difference when drawing the eyes on-model, which is something I never really thought about before. 

I think v3 has more on character designs. Oh, and a lot of these have already been posted on twitter by Oshiyama (which you can view here). He posts a lot of production stuff, like storyboards and setting designs~ thx oshiyama and kojima.


It’s been too long since I’ve posted an octo update, (or any update, really), and this feisty little lady has been up to some pretty cool things!

We recently got a set of hamster tubes to use for octo enrichment, and the set had a little blue lookout tower in it. Surprising everyone, our octo turned this sweet blue green color to match it! I had seen our reef octopus before her with colors like this occasionally, but never a common octopus. We also don’t have a lot of blue in that habitat, so she had no reason to be blue until her enrichment was blue! (She tends to be more rock/sand colored)

So, long story short: our lil kraken is still amazing and surprising and the best animal ever 🐙💜

right this moment im working on downloading some essential cc and tweaking the sims’ designs a bit. here’s some ideas im tossing around:

  • Marinette going full silver fox (partly because i think she would just dye it silver the moment she found her first grey hair but mostly because im gay)
  • Lotte ditching the bangs (she has such a round face, and I’d like to see her eyebrows more)
  • New Adrien glasses
  • Maybe a hair change for Hugo??? not sure what I’d go??
  • I saw this pic about a week ago and now I really want a chubby Bridgette. Granted I’m not just going to pile a hundred pound on her out of the blue but I’d like to make her slowly put on weight until she is adorably plump. 
    • imagine felix just SWEATING
  • Recently the sims added new teeth options, so Bridgette and Dom will both be getting braces <3
  • likewise, im considering giving Piper a tooth gap (again, because im gay)
  • Also: tiny fox tattoo??? I think Nino and Alya would be the type to let her daughter do what she wants with her body, so a tattoo at 17 doesn’t seem too out of the ordinary to me.
    • (lmao thats when i got my shoulder piece done, and it’s much larger than the fox tattoo I have in mind for piper)
  • Louis needs more piercings. im debating between eyebrow and lip (snakebites.) 
  • mmmaaaaaaayyyyybe new felix hair???

tell me what you all think!! im going to post new designs either tonight or tommorow!


I decided to sketch what Gene’s wedding dress would look like!!

That day is one of the most important days to her.


i’ve seen a lot of lapis redesigns going around so i thought i’d put my own sub par design skills to the test and make my own design for her

lapis’ design has always been pretty boring to me and i actually much preferred her duller/darker color palette from when she was first introduced so i went with some more muted shades of blue and tried to add some more details to her design without going too over the top. also made her a bit chubbier bc who doesnt love fat gems.

i messed up and forgot to draw her gem in the back view but i promise its there,,,,,,,somewhere. more on what i changed+added under the cut!

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As much as I love the “red and blue” ship trope, symbra is one of the most aesthetically appealing ships I’ve ever made art for

Like symmetra has a very chill+simplistic design over all. And many of colors are very calm and cool (the blue and off white and dark gray) that works nicely with the regal gold and the warm color of her skin. Plus it’s all curves+flowing lines and everything moves with her. It’s overall very smooth and harmonious without being symmetrical(ironically enough)

Meanwhile we’ve got sombra, who’s all dramatic and complex. Her undyed hair+her jacket and cybernetics are all dark unsaturated purple or black which is really sharply contrasted by the neon purples and blues and pinks and the glowing details on her cybernetics. She’s all geometric shapes and sharp edges and overall pretty symmetrical.

Plus the bright blue and purple go together so well i just love it so much rip