i really like this bg character



I was going to add color to their faces and the bg but I kind of liked it more like this, I also made some icons for you are ur bae. Really like how Dan turned out, I will (hopefully) get a good character design of Phil.

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did you receive mysterious messages? 

mc5 is wearing a unicorn mask lol. the bg color depends on who i ship them with hehe.  

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a wild commission appears

I’d like to open up some commissions for single-toned sketches. Below are general quality of the sketches (ok, slightly more cleaned up, but you get it…)

Single Character Bust: $10 (add. Character + $8)

Single Character Bust w/ 2 additional expressions: $16

Single Character Full: $16 (add. Character + $10)

Single Character Full w/2 additional bust expressions: $22

Single Character Bust with simple bg: $12 (add. Character + $8)

3-4 panel comic sketch: $30  

Just send an ask and we can chat about what you’d like, and I’ll send over payment info! (It may take a while during the day since I’m posting this at work) This is my first time actually doing illustration commissions so I’m only opening this up to Zelda universe material~ (knowing the character, really helps me capture them well ^^ ) Currently opening up 4 slots for now.

Can’t do NSFW stuff, and I do have the right to refuse material. This isn’t a judgement on taste, this is only because I want to feel confident in my ability to create a product that you’ll love!!!

1.) Taken

2.) Taken

3.) Taken


Anyhoo, thanks y’all – I am just so invigorated to draw, and thank you for everyone that supports me and my work, it is monumental to my humdrum life~ :)

I will repost as slots fill up!!!

WOW, only one left! Thank you to everyone who have reblogged, that was really generous of you~

anonymous asked:

Hello !! I really love your art. I keep scrolling all your blog almost everyday ♡♡♡. I saw your drawings of the au with young Gabriel and Jack farmer. Do you have tips for using the grey maker ? I got several ones but I feel like I'm more coloring the character with several nuance of grey instead of doing like you do with just a light grey that lighten up and make the drawing nice. Thank you ♡ I hope to see more art of you ♡♡

thank you for your kind message anon. >/////< I’m happy to know you like my art this much to check it daily am truly honored <3

about your question. I apply grey areas only to give the picture more depth, instead of leaving it plainly Black and White. it’s not really coloring. the closest example ( and actually where i learn and still learning this ) is toning in manga. 

here’s a small example (it is digital not in markers, but this is how i use grays in both mediums anyway) 

line art: it’s plain, characters and BG are all equal. you can’t really separate them.

the toned picture: now you can visually separate the background from the characters and you can tell that one of them has different skin color.and the clothes they’re wearing is dark shade of something (green in this) you don’t need to add more shading to the grey areas, yes it’ll make the picture look much better. but in comics you don’t have the time to color each panel in grey scale so you basically take the basic values (grays) to separate the objects you have. you need one or two hues to do the work. 

you can try this using your markers and before adding grey try to balance the black and white areas.

I am not really good in explaining things XD but I hope this answered your question. ^^

You know what really irks me? When people say that Boruto’s characters aren’t as interesting or that the plot isn’t as developed as the Naruto characters when there’s ONLY 3 EPISODES IN THE ANIME. Do you know where the Naruto characters were in episode 3 of the anime? It was when Naruto and Sasuke were squabbling like brats, Sakura was treating Naruto like dirt, very little plot was introduced besides a hinted darker BG for Sasuke, Sakura was misled by Naruto when he disguised himself as Sasuke, and Kakashi was barely introduced as the team leader near the end. If I had just stopped there and said, “Wow this is really boring, I’m not invested in these characters, they’re real brats, and the plot is really slow. I’m dropping it here, this series sucks.” then most of the fandom would be like “Hey wait, hold on, it gets better! Don’t judge it by it’s first few episodes. The characters are really interesting and the plot is great!” Yet here I am, seeing a chunk of people in this exact same fandom trashing Boruto for having a slow first few episodes that are actually better paced than Naruto’s.

Heck, I wasn’t invested in MORE THAN HALF of the Naruto characters until at least the Chuunin exams, and even then, I only began getting interested in a lot of major characters near the end of the series. 

The Boruto anime is taking some time to flesh out the cast, and I appreciate that immensely. Because if there was one issue I had with Naruto, it was that I only cared about a handful of characters while I was reading the series, because only a handful of characters were really fleshed out and developed. 

It’s just really irritating when people are comparing the development and plot in 3 episodes of Boruto (plus or minus the one new chapter of manga content) to 700 CHAPTERS (720 EPISODES) OF NARUTO. Well no duh you’re more invested in Naruto characters, you had to be to get this far. And the reason you’re invested is because you gave it a chance. 

I’m not saying that one series is better than the other, I’m saying that this is the most impatient and judgmental fandom I have ever been a part of, and that really confuses me. We should be accepting of a new series, rather than dismissing it because it’s not exactly like its predecessor, that the old gen characters aren’t as involved, or that the children actually, you know, resemble their parents in appearance (this is by far the dumbest [yet most common] argument I’ve seen, but whatever).

All I’m saying is that people need to give the series a chance. Take off your nostalgia goggles and appreciate the series for what it is. The environment is lively, the characters are fun, there’s so many different possibilities, and there’s already a looming, darker plot hinted at for us to explore and look forward to. As someone who only got into Naruto as a high schooler, and lacks the nostalgia bias, I can easily say that Boruto is definitely full of potential and it’s on the right path.


Heya! Sorry, closed right now on few weeks! But if you want commission, still feel free to text, I’ll add you to queue :>

List, examples and other information will get updating sometimes, so, if you don’t want to lose anything, check this page out :>

I can draw blood, body horror, OCs, any fandom characters, couples.

I’m not really great at drawing anthro, but if you like how they’re looking on examples (I can show more - just ask me) - np, I’ll draw them for you! :)

I don’t want to / can’t draw nsfw, fetish, ponies, animals, robots (but can draw human-like androids), detailed bg.

- I need a reference of your character (or any pic with them) to draw.

- If you don’t have character reference and I’m the first person drawing / designing them - it’s + 3$-5$ (depending on the complexity of design).

- Don’t forget to tell me some about your character and what would you like to see (like pose, emotion etc)!

- You are paying me 50% before I start and 50% after I’m showing you sketch.

Old prices (the ones you see under this text) queue slots open:

1. thej-inhaler


◍  Chibi: Bust - 3$, Half - 5$, Full - 7$

◍ Simple: Bust - 6$, Half - 8$, Full - 10$

You’ll get the result you see on “colored sketch” pic but for these old prices.

Don’t be scared to text me, I’ll answer on any question! :>

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Hey hey! I'm the same anon who messaged you on the backgrounds and drawing apps last time! Um, so I was wondering how you draw nature backgrounds like trees? I really can't get the gist of it ε-(´∀`; )

I usually just lay down the colors I want to set the mood and show the lighting and then I add some texture with brushes. I also use color correction and blur a lot.

(I’ll show some examples under the cut! ^^)

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anonymous asked:

You have everything in the story set right? Like beginning to end every little detail hashed out? How long have you been planning this for?

Not everything! I have a beginning, a wonky middle and an end. Also, semi-detailed bg stories/motivation for each character. I’m making the middle more loose so that I could have fun in the process too and also so that I’m able to add random things. I didn’t want it to be a matter of “I can’t wait to get to this scene already.” So I made the story to have some flexibility. That’s why I really like the ask system because you guys ask stuff I never really thought of before so it’s always a treat to weave that into the stories I want to tell! Also planning took probably several weeks or something I’m not really sure :’) I’ve always wanted to do slice of life stories though so a lot of these scenarios I’ve also thought about already for my OCs that never saw the light rip

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is it just me that feels like horikoshi sometimes forgets characters from class a like hagakure or kaminari i mean i get it cos theres a lot of characters and some have to be bg characters but its really sad cos kaminari is my fave and he barely is like. there : (

To be honest I feel like he actually does a really good job with the “side” characters considering how many they are.

We may not have a lot of time with all of them ‘cause there’s just no way to do that, but we still see the kids growing! 

We know were all of them struggle, we know where they succeed, we know almost exactly when they’ve changed/grown stronger. They’re not left behind to just suddenly catch up to main characters when plot needed and I think that’s wonderful and so much more than what we usually have!~

I totally understand the feeling of wanting to see your favorites more tho’, as I can barely go 2 chapters without wondering were Bakugou and Kirishima are and heck they’re there a lot. But don’t be sad dear anon, I’m sure Horikoshi is doing his best and you’ll get to see the kids you love growing stronger and being dorks even if it’s not as much.

So @owly-sims tagged me in the no filter challenge where you take iconic sims of yours and take off their CC, basically. I removed their hair too, and this is what I got (also I forgot a before picture, but oh well, rules were made to be broken!). 

Coffea looks like an old man!

If you wanna do it, consider yourself tagged.

(Rules: “take a picture of the sim that’s normally associated with your blog (your legacy founder/lead character in your story etc.), now take away all their cc (except their hair, eyebrows, and skin color), then do a before and after picture.”)

“Word on the Street” Yu-Gi-Oh x Aladdin Crossover (Joey Wheeler & Tea Gardner from Yu-Gi-Oh)

Art Requested by @princeasimdiya12


HELLO HAHAHA! I finished another request! Omg, this is hard but it’s challenging! I tried detailed drawings for the first time, and it’s nice for a change! I wish you’ll like this piece of my art! Cheers! 

(I’m so very sorry if it’s not in character and Joey’s pecs are shit, I’m shit at doing that and I’m shit at background BTW first time drawing some BG and it’s really not good lol. Sorry again. AND THE LIGHTING TOO OMG, I’M NOT GOOD AT THAT.)

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Who do you look to for inspiration?? Like if you're on an artist block who's work usually helps inspire you?

OH I find inspiration in almost anything even small things like picking up tissues and blowing my nose with it. If it gives me an idea for a comic or drawing I write it down asap for later. I like to think how X character would react or act in this situation.

Hmm if you want names it depends, if it’s for poses I usually look for Nargyle or Joaquim Dos Santos, if it’s for animation I usually look for Kéké, Toniko Pantoja, and Aaron Blaise, if it’s for BG I usually look for Mnstrcndy, Zandra and Jessica Smith. Really though, there are so many talented people out there and so much to get inspired from ^3^

I know there was a (terrible) five episode arc about the Cry for Help stuff but like,, it really wasn’t addressed ever again? Like Cry for Help itself had that really self serving line about how things don’t get wrapped up in a little bow after the episode ends but that’s exactly what happened?? Garnet continuing to bring it up instead of being shipped into the bg and reverting into the Stoic Strong Black Woman would’ve been really nice but whatever I guess

Recently played all the Half-Life games and really loved them! Although the Striders in-game really spook me out, as characters I really like and feel sorry for them, because I see them as creatures that were enslaved by the Combine before they invaded Earth. So introducing Alyx and the Strider she befriended pre-HL2, meeting Gordon for the first time after kicking some serious Combine butt.

Also yes, in this alternate storyline Alyx has a HEV suit too :D (and a socket wrench!)

It was really fun doing something a bit out of my comfort zone (i.e: not a woman against a patterned bg or whatever, haha)

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Hi there!! Sorry to be a bother, but I recently started working on writing a Heathers fanfic and I was wondering if you had any tips for writing Heathers fanfics? Like how to write their personalities and general interactions.

hmm, mainly i rewatch small sections of the movie and musical at a time, and scour them for small details that could really flesh out the characters. the movie’s a little better for visual details imo, just because of the way movies are done. there are more props and paintings and such in the bg that you can zero in on, if that makes sense

another thing i pay attention to is speech patterns, like what kind of language the characters use and how can that inform my approach to writing them. that’s especially big for heather cubed because of the dialogue-driven format

i think body language is also important because (most) people don’t act the same way with everyone, no matter who they’re with. so seeing how someone’s posture and attitude changes can also shape your interpretation of the character. this isn’t something i consciously look out for, but i think it’s a good thing to be able to pick up on

Best things about Twelve Forever:

-Reggie is really cute

-’cool guy’ character who is a WEENIE

-shane and reggie have such a nice dynamic i want to see more of it

-really nice animation style

-cool bg music

-Party Island has such nice designs

-floating squiddle thing

-the villain is literally named ‘butt witch’

-scene where giant woman should be playing in the background

-”we took a nap in a locker and frankly i’m offended you don’t remember”

please greenlight this, cartoon network