i really like these so i decided to make one


I was bored so I decided to ask the lovely @fatpandasims if she wanted a sim… so I made Artemis. Hope you like her! (ノ・ω・)ノ I’m probably just going to make another one for you because I am not entirely happy with her.

Artemis Hunt

Edit: I really love making Sims so, if you ever want me to make one for you, hmu.

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I'm new in here and I just feel confused about the Robbie Rotten smut, like, its not unwelcome but what the hell?!

@mysticmessengervibes is a slut for Robbie Rotten and well I was on hardcore meds and it makes me loopy and one day I decided to write something while I’m in my loopy state and she was the fucking first one to comment to write Robbie Rotten smut and well after weeks of saying no I finally said yes. So on my last day of taking meds, I took extra to make sure I was really loopy, and I woke up the next morning to find a one shot of Robbie X Ellie smut 😂

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hi I need some advice/support. I've IDd myself as aroace for almost a year now, but never felt ready to tell anyone, and a week ago my parents made fun of someone for being ace, saying she was lying to herself, and it just really pushed me so far from feeling like I could tell them. idk now I just feel really distant around them, like I don't really wanna talk to them as much, my mom keeps asking why I'm being so quiet and I don't know what to say. what do you think?

I think that sometimes we have to make uncomfortable choices for our own safety–and one such choice that many non-straight people experience is having to choose to stay closeted even when we’d rather not. I’m very, very sorry that you have to feel distant from or afraid of your parents, but please keep your safety in mind when deciding whether to come out. And remember that we love you, and you always have a welcoming place in our inbox.



A loose gesture doodle of Shelby I did as a warmup/style practice before I hop off my laptop and go and do some inkwork for one of my college art classes. I love this goofy Chaos entity and her over the top everything.

I really like how the pose came out on this. I might ink it and make it part of her reference sheet with her other “main” forms later but unfortunately my tablet pen pressure decided to break. So I’ll have to restart my laptop before that happens XAX

have i ever told you about my bucket of kittens?

one night a few years ago i had a dream where i was walking in the countryside, and there were a bunch of old ladies selling fruit and vegetables, flowers and all that stuff. so i come up to one of them and she’s selling kittens. i asked how much do those cost, she said like “100 rubles for a bucket”, and, like, okay, that’s a good deal, of course i had to buy it.

so then i grabbed my bucket, went a few meters away from this ‘market’ and decided to check on my new pets, and there was just. this, umm… one amorphous furry blob with eyes and tails and mouths on it, and it was making kitten noises, and was apparently feeling just fine.

the point is, i really loved this kitten monster, and it was one of my favorite dreams ever. sometimes i see things on the internet that remind me of my pet, and that makes me happy. so now i’m looking at things people generated with that edges2cats thing, and a lot of them look like my bucket kitty. i’m glad. :>


Of Day and Night

From @beanpots Day/Night Yuri on Ice AU

I don’t normally have much to say about my art, but I want to say that cute and fun AUs like this one are why I love this fandom and continue to want to contribute to it. Fandoms can get nasty sometimes, and Yuri on Ice is no exception, but I love the way the community flocks to and thrives on positive, creative things like this.

I’ve been feeling creatively empty lately. I’ve had the drive to paint, but no ideas I really felt passionate about, so everything I created lacked that spark of interest that made me love it. I have to say, using someone else’s designs was relieving in more ways than one. Once I decided on a direction, I was able to paint this in about two days without much strain, which is probably a record for me for something like this. Not having to make so many decisions on my own really helps things along, I guess. C:

So, a big thank you to @beanpots and everyone else who puts effort into creating beautiful art, fics, and AUs for this wonderful show. It’s helping drive me to create and improve more rapidly than I ever thought possible. 

Craigslist jerk gets what's coming to him.

So here’s the story of this one individual who really got to me a few years ago.

I see an item posted online and decide to make an offer, and it goes like below. And any text below written in between parentheses is just extra story info, not actual exchanged info.

Me: Hi, is your item still available?

Seller: Yeah I still have it.

(BTW, I think the item was posted for like $150)

Me: OK, would you take $140 for it? (Which is only $10 off and I certainly wasn’t going to meet up with a less than agreed upon amount)

Seller: Sure, can you meet me at Town Center right now? (Which is halfway across town 50 minutes away)

Me: OK, I’m on my way. Thank you!

Seller: Sure, I’ll see you soon.

Me: OK I’m here, are you close?

(So I get there and I’m waiting for over 40 minutes, and I still haven’t received a text back from this guy)

(A few minutes later I receive the following text)

Seller: Hey, I hope you wasted your gas and time. That’s what you get for lowballing me.


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SUNMOON POKEDDEX DAY 18 - Favourite Dragon Type: Kommo-o

I fell behind a bit because I decided to make this one larger and more detailed. I felt like Kommo-o really deserved that. I like the design and the concept so much and the entire line is super neat. You don’t always have Pokemon lines of this high quality. Jangmo-o is super cute and it becomes this big fighting badass dragon. What’s not to love?

RUFFLED SKIRT FOR TODDLERS - EA child to toddler conversion

Hey guys, back with another toddler CC! I’m sure everyone’s getting a little sick of looking at them by now (I’m not though:3), but I still think it’s really great that EA finally decided to release tots for us. Anyway, I had to have a skirt like this for my toddlers, because back at home, I have a niece who wears things like this, so it just didn’t make sense to not have it. And it’s freakin’ adorable, right?! 

- Edit of EA mesh 

- 14 swatches

- Known issues: If your little tots have a big tummy, your top may have some cutting issues (not all of them do, just select ones)

- Tag me with @keikosim, @keikosimlookbook, or #keikosim if you use it! Would love to see your adorable babies <3

- Made with @sims4studioofficial

- Download here!

EDIT (I forgot to write the rest of this LOL): I think I might take a break from making toddler CC and go back to making CC for adults, and maybe ever kids? I’ve never made kids CC but I think that would be interesting to try. Also, should out to @qvoix for her amazing tutorial about converting adult to toddler CAS items. Enjoy! 

One day I decided that I was beautiful, and so I carried out my life as if I was a beautiful girl. I wear colors that I really like, I wear makeup that makes me feel pretty, and it really helps. It doesn’t have anything to do with how the world perceives you. What matters is what you see. Your body is your temple, it’s your home, and you must decorate it.

Taking a moment to appreciate the fact that when Chloe tells Beca that Titanium is her lady jam and that the song “really builds,” she actually makes the universal jerking-off motion with her left hand. (And I would so love to know whether that was something that was scripted, whether it’s something the director decided on, or whether it’s just something Brittany Snow threw in there.)

I mean, this is a character who not only walks into the shower of a total stranger and immediately tells that stranger which song she masturbates to, but in case the point wasn’t clear enough to Beca, she then acts it out by miming the diddling. 

I feel like everyone always agrees on what a sweetheart Chloe is, but not enough people grasp just what a fucking weirdo she is.  Chloe Beale is a freak.  I love her so much.


CS AU || Not What You Expect 

Your happy ending may not be what you expect, but that is what will make it so special.
 - Snow White, 3x11

Princess Emma, along with her parents, ruled over the kingdom Misthaven in relative peace… until one night, the Dark One comes to collect on a deal that her parents had made to ensure her safety before she was born.

Emma decides to strike a counter-deal with Rumplestiltskin: if she could find her true love by the next new moon, he would leave their kingdom and her family alone for good.

Not one to sit around waiting for a prince to come save her, Emma then sets out to find the one who spent his whole life (and then some) hunting down the Dark One—Captain Killian “Hook” Jones, notorious pirate and scourge of the seven seas. Together, they go on a quest to defeat the Dark One once and for all… and perhaps find true love along the way.

Happy Valentines to @beautiful-unfolding!
your CSSV, xoxo

Don’t have a whole lot of time for clean sketches, but I may come back to this idea someday. These sketches were actually inspired by a dream I had a few nights ago. Which seems kind of weird to me, since I’m not really a fan of Ruby Gloom. Still, the idea was too cute for me to ignore, so I decided to finally work on some sketches.

At least from what I remember from the dream, it kind of played out like a TV episode. Skullboy finds a really old book in the library that has a peculiar-looking family tree on it. He sees what looks like his name, and another that looks like Jack’s name. This prompts him to make a trip to Halloween Town. After all, who wouldn’t want to find out whether or not they came from a long line of royalty, or at least related to one? The only trouble is both names are too smudged out to confirm for sure. I don’t remember too much after that, but I think the rest of the episode was them looking through Halloween Town’s catacomb/labyrinth-like city archives to find out both who the family tree belongs to, and if they’re actually a part of it.

Don’t know for sure if I’ll come back to this or do much with it, but I may decide to make a few more sketches someday. Who knows? :U


They’re Going To Be Happy – an upbeat Johnlock playlist

8tracks | Spotify

A playlist for two smart idiots who are in love, and will get their happy ending someday… and for the fandom that’s usually filled with angst, but believes in that future happiness.

I love angsty playlists as much as the next person, but sometimes you really need upbeat, happy music to listen to as you think about your ship. There’s not an overabundance of playlists like this for Johnlock–for obvious reasons–so I decided to make one. Songs are about either one or both of their POVs. All of it’s fairly upbeat, and a solid 85% of it is happy. (The rest is an homage to the end of s2 + s3.)

I hope it brings you as much joy as it brings me! Go forth, have fun listening to a beautiful story arc, picture these two running around solving cases while pining, think about how they’re so in love, and remember that eventually they’re going to be happy. :)

PROFESSOR REN // masterlist

Request: Hi, can I request a college/professor kylo au? One where youre his student and he really likes you but cant really do anything about it so hes stuck trying to figure out what to do?

A/N: tbh I’m so glad I finally got to write this thing bc I’ve been thinking about it for a while now (all thanks to fuckin midnight special) and I’ve decided to make it a two parter bc I had a bunch of ideas for it. Also, can we talk about how fucking cute Adam was as Sevier? I’m dead……..anyways, enjoy! [requests are open!]

Warning: None…?

Word Count: 3.7K+

Throughout the few semesters you had been in college, never had you seen a professor under the age of fifty, let alone, forty. It was a rarity to see young professors in your college, almost as if the university didn’t want candidates that weren’t young because they possibly weren’t qualified enough for the spot. As much as you understood as to why they’d do such thing, you had wished they would’ve dropped it.

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This has been burning a hole in my brain all month

Consider this
Adrien planning on dressing up as ladybug for Halloween for months and poor Marinette agonizing over it because she only has a short time to start making her costume before it’s too late so she goes to a store to look at costumes for ideas and she notices that the ladybug ones are totally sold out and the chat noir ones have a dent in them but the difference between them is obvious
So she decides to go as chat because she is worried he might feel unappreciated
And of course when Mari sees Adrien dressed as ladybug her brain shuts down for a minute while Adrien is extremely happy about her being dressed as chat And them both getting flustered and complementing each other And Adrien askes her why she didn’t dress as ladybug because she would be a good one(because it’s total coincidence they look exactly alike)
and she starts stuttering out a speech about how unappreciated chat is and how he deserves as much recognition as ladybug and in the middle of her speech Adrien just starts crying tears of shear happiness because his adorable sweet classmate thinks so much of him And Mari starts freaking out because she just made Adrien fucking Agreste cry and I’m in deep with this fucking love square I’m sorry


(This is part two! Make sure to read part one first, linked below!)


Yeah this…might continue on! This was just going to be a one-off, but then I kept thinking on “what if Frisk and Flowey learn about Dr. Gaster, and decide to try and save him…but without resetting the timeline?”

So yeah, if you are really into it and want to see more, then please let me know!

(Sorry for the lack of color, but if this does continue and gets as long as I’m suspecting, then I definitely won’t have time to do full color.)


–Dogs of Future Past–


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Masterpost and FAQ


HEY! HEY! HEY! This is my first Christmas Follow Forever and I decided to make one to mark the end of this year. (≧∀≦) This year has been a blast and it couldn’t have been any better without any of these amazing people and all of my beautiful, and precious followers. Thank you so much for having such an amazing blog, being supportive, and being a wonderful person in general. You guys are like a gift from Santa lol.. I love all of you so much! You guys make me so happy! ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ) 

Really i’d like to do the FF in 25 of dec, But i wont be able to do it *all of us will be busy* So i do it now ^^ 

I’d like to say thank you to these blogs for making my dash so interesting, and to their owners for having such lovely personalities! I hope everyone has a happy rest of 2016 and an even better 2017 (ノ≧∀≦)ノ

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