i really like these photoshoots lol

before learning about the mcelroys I’d never been a huge fan of any real actual human beings before. 

Like, I love the stuff they make but I really just love them as creators even more than I love their creations, they could make/do anything and I’d like it just because I like them as people. 

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top 5 pictures of dylan lol

I think I love you. THIS has officially become my favourite ask.

While watching Dylan make mead when he went live on Insta this afternoon (he’s making mead and is super delightful! You’ll feel like a mead expert if you watch it. I don’t even drink and I feel like a mead expert. lol.) - ANYWAY - while watching the InstaLive, I went to curate this list of my favourite pictures… and ended up saving 68 pics to my desktop within an hour… then I had to weed it down to this five. I tried really hard not to just make them photoshoot pictures too - gotta get some of Magnus too. So here you are! 

Jandy’s favourite top 5 Dylan pictures. Thank you for the ask!

Ask Me my Top 5 Anything!

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I don't know how friends are acting in Korea when they're REALLY close, like brothers, as Jimin said, but what I know if, in my country (I'm in Europe), two males was acting like half they do, they'd be labelled gay for sure (true or not, but still). I don't know korean's usual behaviours on the subject, but in my eyes, these guys absolutely don't act like brothers. There is something going on and not only between JK and JM ¡ sorry for my english

They don’t act like brothers to me either anon (whether they are or not). I really feel like there is something going on with Jimin and Kook that runs deeper than just brotherly relations too. I can’t say we’re 100% right but I definitely can’t dismiss the thought. Now I’m not Korean either, but this blog ( @satellite-jeon ) gives you a Korean perspective on them. She does insightful analyses of them from that standpoint, so check her out. I think it’s safe to say that the K-shippers think they have a special relationship too. They blur the lines of typical “hyung-dongsaeng” relations. I mean just looking at Jimin’s behavior, reactions, interactions and just the things he says to and about Jungkook implies otherwise. (Allow me to have a small rant here lol)

1. He says things like: He wants to go on dates with Jungkook. He teases JK with lines like “Do you like hyung that much?” and “Are you happy because of me?”. He asks Jungkook for kisses/tried to kiss him. Once when they were at a photoshoot, he asked Jungkook to bear his children. Now he said this as a joke but really is this the kind of jokes you say to your brother?

2. He uploaded a tweet of them on Valentine’s Day. I’m pretty sure he knows what the day is. Does he expect others to see them as brotherly when he does this? Do brothers do that? He could’ve just uploaded the vid on another day that doesn’t even remotely imply couple. (I’m probably overthinking this one but Jimin is a sly person so blame him lol)

3. He doesn’t tell Jungkook to stop, like seriously and legitimately stop. He only encourages JK’s behavior. And we all know how JK behaves when it comes to Jimin. He let’s him manhandle him. He let’s him intimately hold on to his waist and sway in a back hug. He leans into it. He knows that he can make Jungkook flustered, make him blush or react and he acts on it.

4. He said Jungkook was his. In Run ep.15, when Hobi was talking about JK seeing him in the shower, he was not amused. In fact he got up and redirected the spotlight on him and JK, implying that JK uses his toothbrush. He eyes down fans who interact with JK a little too intimately for his liking. Do brothers show this kind of jealousy?

5. How he watches JK with intense looks (like in the vehicle after JK’s graduation). He checks him out. He shares heated intense stares with JK. I didn’t know brothers lick their lips and watch the other with hooded eyes. Who watches their brother like this? Do brothers have tension filled moments? I mean ain’t this a nice brotherly moment. This is definitely how you carry out an apologetic gesture with your brother. (Jin’s reaction reeeally verified that.) 😑

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6. Let’s not even talk about those fan accounts from Japan or even their recent 21st CG actions because I’m pretty sure they could’ve behaved more brotherly. 

Now I really can’t say anything about any other ship other than Jungkook and Jimin’s because really and truly their dynamic was the only one that stood out to me when I got into BTS. So although I like the other ships in BTS, some romantic, others platonic, I can’t say I have as much of a strong feeling for any other ship being something more as I do with Jikook/Kookmin. 

(P.S Your English is fine anon.😊)

Model/Photographer! Lee Daehwi

Masterlist can be found (here)

Summary: (Requested)
When Model! Daehwi meets with Photographer! Reader 
Warning: mentions of alcohol??
A/N: Dedicating this to @hwinkinghwi and also @porkjeojang pls appreciate my use of David here lmao & also this is my second more mature-ish writing?? after Soulmate! Jeong Sewoon

“And in that moment, I swear we were infinite.”

  • You are a rising photographer in the fashion world
  • With an Instagram following of over 200,000 people and several fashion campaigns under your belt, you are easily one of the most sought after photographers
  • You had always been in love with the shutter sound and the poses the subject did make
  • Whether big or small, each movement could always be captured by the lenses of the camera
  • Your parents were both also high profile photographers in the industry you worked in
  • You used to follow them around as you did peek at how each picture used to came out on the computer screen
  • Your dad and mum had then given you one of their older camera for you to play around with when you turned 8
  • Since then, you fell in love with photography and just the mere thought of portraying people in the way you want them to looked
  • You started being an assistant photographer for a few magazine pictorial until you turned 17 when the fashion industry decided that you were more than ready to shoot your first solo pictorial
  • In a short amount of time, you had build up a thoroughly impressive portfolio
  • Every month, you did travel to a new country to shoot a new campaign or a pictorial with Vogue
  • While you were constantly kept on your toes, you never felt tired nor having the urge to stop
  • You knew how hard it was received any jobs in such a cut-throat environment and that each job could always be your last one
  • While people liked to call you on the new generation photographers, many from the older generations didn’t like your style or how you didn’t like to use photoshop to make the models look taller, skinnier etc
  • You preferred shooting younger, inexperienced rookie models even if the pay wasn’t as well off
  • It was because the newbies were a lot more natural unlike older models who usually have a fixed pose or a particular posture to stand which made the photoshoot a lot less exciting
  • But this wasn’t the case for one of your favourite models of all time, Lee Daehwi
  • He had been the model of a children clothing brand your parents had previously worked for
  • It was one of the first few photo shoots you had attended growing up
  • You could never get over it as Daehwi had blown you away with how professional he had been at the age of 10
  • He was the same age as you yet while you shyly tugged at your mum’s shirt to get away from the flash of the camera
  • Daehwi was under the bright lights while flashing a radiant smile to your dad who was the camera man
  • Despite how mature he had seen on camera, he immediately came to you after the shoot and offered you a candy
  • 10 years old you had been absolutely smitten with him at that time and you develop a mini-crush on him 
  • The shoot which went on for the next 7 hours made you and Daehwi best friends
  • Both of you realized how you two shared a lot of interest like playing the piano and dancing
  • Your parents had a took a photo of you two playing together and printed out two copies as a memory
  • He laughed and told you that he did kept it forever with him
  • It was as if his smile was painted by a ray of sunshine as you giggled at his grin and told him that you did do the same
  • By the end of the day, when you guys had departed, you realized you had no means of contacting him
  • At the age of 10, you didn’t have a cellphone nor email and the only way of contacting another person was through letters
  • But you didn’t have his address so you were absolutely bumped out
  • Your parents encouraged you to still write letters so they could pass it to him if they ever encountered him
  • Unfortunately, after a decade, you never had the opportunity to speak to him
  • While Daehwi did blew up as an extremely popular model, you assumed he had forgotten about you
  • You two never interacted for the last 10 years so why would he remember a child?
  • After all, if he was at the top of the food chain, you were only in the middle
  • He was surrounded by so many charming models that you felt embarrassed whenever you reminiscent and remembered how he was your first love
  • Two months later, you received a job offer from Chanel Korea to be the photographer for the upcoming campaign featuring none other than Lee Daehwi
  • You immediately said yes as firstly, it was Chanel which was a huge deal to you
  • Secondly, you knew being able to shoot such a high profile model like Daehwi was an incredible honour and could potentially bring you more jobs
  • In your heart, there was a lingering hope that maybe Daehwi could recognize you
  • You flew to Jeju Island the very next week and met Daehwi the very second stepped into the outdoor studio
  • You introduced yourself and as tempted as you were to said you knew him, you decided to not embarrass yourself and put on your professional facade
  • You greeted him and his manager with a smile and he did the same
  • “My name is Daehwi but I usually go by David. I look forward to working with you.” (@summer are you dead yet))))
  • You couldn’t help but be a bit disappointed as he seemed to not remembered you but you proceeded to have the stylist to usher him to change and have his makeup done
  • He stood tall against the ocean, his distinctive brows and glimmering pair of eyes framed his equally refined features
  • He was like a prized artwork and each angle he turned only accentuated the photo
  • You didn’t need to give him any cues as he was so incredibly natural and the little changes he made brought so much depth to the photos
  • That arrogant yet elegance aura that was somehow emitting ‘i am the best’ couldn’t be pulled off by anyone else
  • You instantly wanted to take back your word on preferring to shoot rookie models as Daehwi seemed to prove you wrong, photo after photo
  • As you watched how he had grown up from that young boy you had fallen for, you couldn’t help yourself falling for him once again as you gazed through the lens
  • After the shoot, it was if you two were both just 20-year-olds having a good conversation and that neither of you was being pressured to be what society confines you to
  • Rather than speaking to you as his photographer, he spoke to you like a friend
  • He was telling you about his day and insisted that you should really checkout the store that fashion designer! Park Jihoon (I died adding this OKAY) opened in Jeju Island
  • The last day of the photoshoot was like a nightmare dressed like a daydream (lol that T-swift reference lmao)
  • With a tailored white suit that hugged his silhouette perfectly and black oxfords along with a pair of thick-rimmed framed glasses, he was the true definition of stunning
  • Your job had never been easier as the clothes looked as if they were designed for on him and the environment was absolutely enchanting
  • As you wrapped up the shoot, you gave him a bittersweet smile as you thanked him for working with you
  • When you were leaving to the airport, his manager passed you an envelope and told you to open it up when you were at the aeroplane
  • In it was a Polaroid photo of the two of you where Daehwi was gazing at you with a subtle smile on his lips as you checked his photos on the camera

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“It’s really exciting to see all those people that exist in numbers online translate into tickets and then faces, handshakes, pictures, stories.”

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Why are ppl so exited? rusty is with him, so it means he's with his shitty team, and nothing good ever came out from rusty/jessy. they likely will do a ''happy hetero father louis'' photoshoot then something really good and groundbreaking.

i’m in the middle on this particular topic lol. i totally understand why people are super excited for a photoshoot because new louis pics sound AMAZING and he’s the prettiest human and he deserves to have cameras capturing him serving looks - it’s wayyyy overdue - but yeah, as far as it being a really genuine shoot that truly showcases who louis is, well, i’d say my expectations for photos fitting that description at this point (when he still has a fake girlfriend, fake baby, and fake super hetero laddy image) are quite low. but we’ll see!!!

none of us know anything at this point, so i don’t think it’s wrong that people are excited. i’d recommend just being patient and waiting to see what happens instead of automatically assuming the absolute worst.

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YALL JIKOOK SHIPPERS STFU YOUR SHIP IS A SINKING FAN SERVICE LMAO. JK stayed outside instead of sleeping with Jimin, and sang nothing like us TO TAE because its their song (like every other cover jk made ) he sang it because he KNEW Tae was at the room nest door. BH just feeding u w/ fanservice BC they want to cover vkook cuz they've been too obvious recently. Also that photoshoot was forced asf jk would never agree to this,also when JM leaned closer he distanced himself lol ship-is-real my ass

Do you need a tissue or something boo? I mean, having a miserable life must be really tough.

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Also “they use jikook to cover vkook BC they’re too obvious ”

Lmao the only obvious thing here, is your IQ which unfortunately is below -60

Because using a same sex relationship to cover ANOTHER same sex relationship is pointless very ingenious, bravo!

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Friendly piece of advice : please get a life and embrace the gayness that Jikook is radiating.

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Sincerely, a person you don’t want to mess with.

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Just because we ship, support and believe in kaisoo being real. Doesn’t mean we ship every two male members together. Doesn’t mean that just because they stood next to each other, we are instantly shipping them together. Doesn’t mean we think every single member is gay (although that would be really amazing lololololol)

There are legit moments. So many moments. So man possibilities. Looks, touches, between the lines of what they say, etc. No matter how professional a group member must be, they are still human. They are not robots. They will slip and look at each other a little longer than they would look at someone else. They will slip and feel the need to get closer to each other than to other members. And it’s all unconsciously.

kxk had what, like, 2 or 3 “moments”? 2 being staged photoshoots? Well guess what, they “broke up” anyway so get over yourselves and stop saying we are “fetishizing gay ships” and calling us homophobes??? I mean really?? Lol.

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Hey guys! Sorry for the inactivity and random posts, (lol what’s new) but ive actually been working on my story. It’s far from being ready, but i at least wanted to show you the main character. So this is Amara Moore. There are more main characters, but she’s like the main main character you know?  

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So I really wanted to gush about how perfect Lana is to photograph. She has such expressive eyes and there's something visually dynamic about the littlest of her posing and hand gestures. Her photoshoots are like her songs and tell a story in themselves. Like howwww is she so captivating on camera it's hard to look away from her. And I can barely manage an awkward smile usually lol


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Knowing it all I laughed hard about the co-star, co-worker thing because I simply LOVE the fact that they realized how obvious they were in the EW shoot that they needed to stamp they're very profissional above all... And obviosly they had to post it together at the same time lol they don't want to divert the focus from the show and want respect as actors and alright, that's all, but they don't help themselves it's cute, I can't even you guys!!

Just shows how much of a sham all of this is. I’m sure even they’re embarrassed by it. They’re eye fucking each other and groping each other in photoshoots and then they have to pretend they’re really only platonic friends. I’d feel like a fool if I was them.  

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Hello! I read a fic about Victor and Yuuri being in some kind of photoshoot for a magazine (?) and the fic is filled with Victuuri interviews, describing their penthouse (I think? I forget lol), their life together, etc and the fic also has a detailed description about how Victor and Yuuri's photos from the magazine turned out. I couldn't find it, can anyone please help me? Thanks!!

I think the fic you’re looking for is View from the Top: The Power Pair That Shook the Sports World by MadameFolie and you can read it here

(I really like this fic/interview!)

So an artist did film me during the last con and the funny thing is that the curtsey wasn’t supposed to be in the video :> He did film me while I had a photoshoot and I did not noticed it at all xD. But in the end it looks really good, like a real Jhin pose. 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ASgjMXvAQg this is the link to the full video and the artist, if anyone is interested)

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Okay so I can watch Andy take a bite out of that carrot all day lol and he has his arm wrapped around Danai too hello I am here for it all

Ugh, yes. And in the group shot, where he reaches back to Danai’s… thigh? Hip? The booty? Idk. But Andy was sexy as hell in all the behind the scenes stuff, and I really need all of the videos right now. They’re even better than the pictures! 😩