i really like these photoshoots lol

before learning about the mcelroys I’d never been a huge fan of any real actual human beings before. 

Like, I love the stuff they make but I really just love them as creators even more than I love their creations, they could make/do anything and I’d like it just because I like them as people. 

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Why are ppl so exited? rusty is with him, so it means he's with his shitty team, and nothing good ever came out from rusty/jessy. they likely will do a ''happy hetero father louis'' photoshoot then something really good and groundbreaking.

i’m in the middle on this particular topic lol. i totally understand why people are super excited for a photoshoot because new louis pics sound AMAZING and he’s the prettiest human and he deserves to have cameras capturing him serving looks - it’s wayyyy overdue - but yeah, as far as it being a really genuine shoot that truly showcases who louis is, well, i’d say my expectations for photos fitting that description at this point (when he still has a fake girlfriend, fake baby, and fake super hetero laddy image) are quite low. but we’ll see!!!

none of us know anything at this point, so i don’t think it’s wrong that people are excited. i’d recommend just being patient and waiting to see what happens instead of automatically assuming the absolute worst.


“It’s really exciting to see all those people that exist in numbers online translate into tickets and then faces, handshakes, pictures, stories.”

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I'd been leaning towards HufflepuffAllen myself( bc friends and food lol) so I'm super interested to know why you put him in Slytherin

allen has all the things that slytherin value in a person, its smart and sharp with his mind, u know how he cheat and that is a good quality for a slytherin, not in a bad way.
he follow what he think is right and forget to others when it comes to win the game, he really dont care much about other things if he can pay the bills(like that time when he took his clothes off for a photoshoot)  be in slytherin doesn’t mind allen cant eat a lot and love his friends, actually we have a different slytherin view now, they can be loyals and good friends too, their love for people can be long and brave like a gryffindor or hufflepuff.
(plus neah)

he tried to make philosopher’s stone but fail and make rocks yellow


Hey guys! Sorry for the inactivity and random posts, (lol what’s new) but ive actually been working on my story. It’s far from being ready, but i at least wanted to show you the main character. So this is Amara Moore. There are more main characters, but she’s like the main main character you know?  

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Hello! I read a fic about Victor and Yuuri being in some kind of photoshoot for a magazine (?) and the fic is filled with Victuuri interviews, describing their penthouse (I think? I forget lol), their life together, etc and the fic also has a detailed description about how Victor and Yuuri's photos from the magazine turned out. I couldn't find it, can anyone please help me? Thanks!!

I think the fic you’re looking for is View from the Top: The Power Pair That Shook the Sports World by MadameFolie and you can read it here

(I really like this fic/interview!)

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Was Aish the first Bollywood actress to debut in Hollywood or was there someone before her??

Well, Zohra Sehgal was in Bend It Like Beckham, which came before Bride and Prejudice, so technically she was first I guess? lol

Madhubala also had offers/interest from Hollywood, but I don’t think she ever took up anything besides international photoshoots. 

There was an actress named Merle Oberon who was from India and was half Indian, half British, and became a pretty famous British actress in the 30s. But she never acted in India and concealed her heritage so I don’t know how much that really ~counts~. 

Those are the only women I can think of off the top of my head.

little remember that things
  • eunkwang thinks himself look amazing in the album photoshoot… he mentioned it a couple times (confident pretty kwang makes me so happy🌸)
  • he also thinks he looks very cool in the mv he is very proud of how the shots turn out
  • eunkwang’s jaw acting 😂😍
  • eunkwang said his role in the mv is a man thinking about an ex he just broke up with but as he is dating melodies right now it makes him sad playing the character (ugh i hate him so much but i cant hate him)
  • eunkwang is lonely whenever he isnt around btob… in its okay’s mv shooting he expressed how much he missed peniel ilhoon and sungjae’s bullying, this time he said he misses “btob minhyuk and my other dongsangs…” and that they are very noisy and all bullies but it be good if they are around
  • hyunsik is very shy about the bathtub scene but he is happy that his white shirt has pockets on it so no one can see his nipples (such a simple man he can be so pure so innocent at times)
  • peniel and minhyuk watched the filming of hyunsik’s scene
  • the bathtub was too small for hyunsik to sink in entirely so when he gets up from it and let the film crew do things about it, peniel sang a little jingle about hyunsik looking like he wets his pants
  • the set peniel hyunsik sungjae and minhyuk filmed in for the music video in is the one they did the winter’s tales album jacket shooting
  • minhyuk works out in between camera rolling in preparation for born to beat time
  • hyunsik feels awkward for feeling awkward in black hair but as always he thinks he looks good
  • they only practice the final arrangement of the song twice before shooting for the mv
  • they shot for the album jacket right upon landing in korea after their japanese album promotion
  • eunkwang bit his tongue real hard on that flight while eating
  • minhyuk who was sitting with him confirmed theres a lot of blood (peniel and him are the most reliable btob source lol)
  • i still cant believe the ultimate boyfriend look changsub wore to that movie date with chorong is from the remember that mv
  • everyone is obsessed with boxing during that while
  • sungjae is a human selfie stick thanks to his long arms
  • ilhoon will never stop complaining about changsub having his hands in his pockets
  • peniel worries about not conveying enough sadness in the mv (he really doesnt like being sad in any shape or form… my baby…)
  • at the end of the album photoshoot video sungjae left a long message about how much he missed having schedules and promotion with btob and is excited to show everyone a singer sungjae that has improved

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Every time we get a CP photoshoot it makes me think WE NEED MORE PHOTOSHOOTS. She supermodels the fuuuuck out of them, holy shit.

Yeah, but they make her super nervous, if I’m remembering correctly. I kinda like that she doesn’t do a whole bunch, so every time she does one it’s a really pleasant surprise that we can freak out over. LOL, not that I’d mind her doing MORE. 

things I noticed about the stans...

chanyeol: meme queens lol always ready to fight anyone even pcy himself. they never really keep quiet tbh. will cry everytime chanyeol picks up a guitar

kai: kai + kai stans = relationship goals. they spoilt with sweet boyfriend v lives and High Quality magazine spreads and photoshoots. they’re loyal af and in return well fed mashallah

yixing: protective af. usually >:c at yixing bc he can be the most stubborn person to stan. sometimes might seem like they hate the rest of exo but no really they just been through The Most and are very protective over yixing.

xiumin: the sweetest stans??? happily married and always stay in their lane. quietly support their mans. softies

baekhyun: gif makers™. have giffed baekhyun from every angle possible. always 😣 because baekhyun is the most beautiful man they have ever seen

sehun: constantly n*tting over his one-liners. will die for the sebooty. hard stans but some are real softies and are great mothers to vivi

suho: the most supportive wives. will cackle at all his lame ass jokes. couple goals tbh

ksoo: *constant heart eyes*. he could film himself staring at a blank wall for 6 hours in 144p and call it a film and they will still watch it. they are just :) so in love.

chen: always 😏 cos they lowkey know their mans the mvp. talk about his eyelashes at least once a day. she’s dreaming is the only song that matters.

I think I’ve decided to delay Satellite and Glitter legacies until the Fletchers are officially completed. I mean my aim is generation ten and it’s getting closer (though depending on the heir I might play them further than that, but we’ll see. I’ll leave them open for playing anyway) and then I’ll switch to the Satellites as the main legacy and Glitters as side fun one. I’m gonna do a few photoshoots with Satellite spouses I already have, though!

Also, I’m planning a futuristic AU with seventh generation and hopefully I’ll get to start it soon *-* that’s something I would really like to do as I’m already nostalgic about these guys.

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Mail April 21st

Flash Highlight 4

Of course
there are lot scene
with apple (꒪ ꒪) lol

Before the photoshoot
we’re asked which color we want to choose
for the bikini

Yuuchan said
“Then you choose naachan”
( ;  ∀  ; ) ( ;  ∀  ; ) ( ;  ∀  ; )

of course, I gladly choose for her

Flash Highlight 5

We had one photoshoot

where it’s like
a late whiteday
we gave each other a macaron

it’s really delicious (* ´ O ` *)


of course I’m the one
who decide
this bikini arrangement too lol

Setouchi sea so beautifuuuul

I went to Hiroshima
for my work
riding ferry is really the best (* ´Д` *)

The wind is really strong
my hair turned very cool like this
I must be careful
to not let my small body
blown away lol

I had a fun time
here in Hiroshima
and a dry eyes too (・3・)

I will get lot of chance
to ride a ship
once STU start functioning
I’m looking forward to it


lapidot fall photoshoot 6/?

“you, uh, press the button to record and then you talk into it…”
“i don’t want your garbage.”

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lapis: me
my adorable peridot: @deumbridgeway
photo credit: @kirstynhippe