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bruises [ stan uris x reader ]

summary: bowers cuts (name)’s hair off and stan comforts her

warnings: mentions of child abuse, henry bowers being a dick

a/n: this is written for @superwolfiestar ‘s “Beauty and the Beast Halloween prompt challenge”! this is day 17 and prompt purple. Also, I used @horrificmemes
31 Horrific Days v2 [October Writing Challenge] ! same day, prompt sratching. also, request by anon and @michelangeluicould pretty pretty please (with a cherry on top) write more stan stuff? he’s adorable. also your writing style is one of the best here on tumblr, i love it  /  could you do a Stan Uris x Reader where the reader has really long and curly hair and she really loves it and the Bowers gang gets her alone one day and they cut it off and she goes to stan after? thank you!!

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It’s October 16th and there are exactly ten purple bruises on your body that hurt from the slightest touch and three scratches from long nails that had gripped your upper arm too rough. Sometimes you count how many dot your body. They appear so often that it’s the only bright side to the dark void that has become your life. Days pass slow and you wear longer sweaters each day, even if it’s summer, long skirts and long pants and never wear swimsuits because that is too revealing. Because one scary day someone will ask what goes down back at home. And when that day comes, you won’t know what to say. So you hope it never does. But now is Autumn. Chilly weather urges you into heavy clothing that covers you to a T. The skies are a bit brighter. And so is your day when you spend it with Stan Uris.

See, you have this beautiful wild curly hair. Stan has a similar hairdo, so you always felt a connection with him because of this. He always called your curls pretty, too. And that is exactly the reason you developed a crush on him.

You love your hair. It’s your prettiest aspect, at least that’s what you believe. You love how it bounces by your sides as you walk. You love how playful and full of life it is. But most of all, you love how it can’t be ruined. Can’t be decorated with icky bruises and deep scratches.

So naturally you are in shambles because Henry fuckface Bower’s cut it off.

It’s October 16th and you were walking by the Barrens – your home is quite a walk away, but you don’t mind since you don’t want to go there anyway so a long trip doesn’t hurt, - letting your mind wander to what had happened today. Stan Uris, a cute boy in your class, had asked you to join him and his friends for lunch. You have seen the boys around before, and you’re quite familiar with Beverly though you wouldn’t call her your friend. Yet. Today you had the feeling that you were finally apart of something bigger. That you’re finally accepted for who you are and not mocked for wearing clothes ‘not fit for a girl’. Despite yesterday and today’s morning being an utter shitshow, the afternoon had been a bliss of love struck glances and friendly jokes.

Then Bowers showed up, all smug and powerful and reminding you so much of your father that you grew small and insignificant in front of him. He and his goons that drooled behind him had informed you that you had ‘joined the loser’s club’ and ‘this is your initiation’. Confused and frightened, but trying not to give in, your eyes had darted around for an escape route, possibly a passing car to cry out for help. But nothing. There was no escape, and that realization dawned too slow and you didn’t have enough time to move. Bowers’s friends grasped your upper arms and lifted you – the bruises squished and hurt, - and you barely stopped yourself from releasing a pained yelp of surprise. Bowers took out silver scissors from his pocket and you paled; your mouth pried to say something, anything, but all that came out was a meek pleading breath as tears picked at the corners of your big (color) eyes.

You pound on the Uris household’s door. Your cheeks are dyed in blotches of red and few tears had dried on your cheeks. Smoke comes out your mouth as you mutter ‘please’ over and over again, until you hear footsteps approaching and a note of panic strikes. What if Stan isn’t home? What if his mother opens the door and then what will you say? She’ll ask what had happened to you. Then she will ask why you didn’t go home instead. And then you’ll have to tell her and you’ll be in so much trouble and—

“(Name)?” Stan calls you surprised, standing by the open door with his eyes narrowed as if he can hardly recognize you. Your breath hitches in your throat and a bitter taste floods your mouth. A new batch of tears rolls from your fingertips: squeezes your heart and throat painfully before finally striking your eyes and in desperation you rush to him and hug him tightly. He is still for a moment, unsure of what to do and what is happening, but feeling his shirt damp from your muffled cries he hurriedly hugs back, running his fingers through the tips of your now short hair, “What…happened to it?” He asks gently, but you simply shake your head.

He had let you in. Gave you his favorite blanket and seated you in the living room, on the couch, as he ran to make hot cocoa. Then he gave you his mug – one with power rangers, - sat next to you and intertwined his fingers with yours. Frankly, he wasn’t sure what he was doing exactly. His mind was set ablaze with hurt and anger upon seeing you so…broken and he wanted to do everything he could to help you. He just didn’t know what. So he did what his mother used to do when he was sad – hot cocoa and blankets. The hand holding is entirely his spin on it. A subconscious reaction. Wanting to run his fingers through your pretty hair is one, too.

“I-I-I-It was B-Bowers…” You murmur, your voice still riddled with sobs as you stare into the black screen of the TV. Stan frowns.

“We’ll get back at him, I promise—“ But you shake your head again and his brows knit together in worry. Finally, you look at him, fix a crooked smile and he can feel his heart breaking.

“I don’t want him to hurt you, too…” You say, “I mean…Look at me. Look what he did to me. I look…disgusting.”

Now he’s shocked. The crying, Bowers bullying you - that he can understand, but you…Saying that, when to him you are the prettiest girl he had ever seen in his life? Impossible, and he leans in almost unconsciously in alarm, his eyes wide in surprise as he catches your gaze, “What? No, no, no don’t ever say that, you’re—“ His free hand comes to curl a lock of (color) hair around his finger, feel the soft fiber, admire the way the Autumn sun shifts and plays on it through the window, “you’re beautiful, (Name).” Your heart catches in your throat and you look at him – he looks just as surprised by his words as you are. Tears subdue. You feel the tips of your ears burn with fire, “We actually…have matching hairstyles, now. Which is pretty fucking cool if you ask me.”

You smile, feeling so genuinely overwhelmed by his positivity and how much he cares about you that you can hardly hold back a new batch of happy tears. With a faint sniffle you squeeze his hand, “Thank you, Stan.”

He cracks a smile of his own, “You should never thank anyone for telling the truth…”


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anonymous asked:

do you think it's possible that shiro and keith will end up piloting the black lion together?

To be honest, I think it’s more likely Keith will end up co-piloting the comet ship with Lotor first, as that thing was basically made for him lmao. Really fast with powerful attacks?? 

That’s Keith’s style right there. To the point where, not having the same ease of maneuverability is one of the things that really threw him off with Black. Piloting the comet ship would be more his speed, and I mean that quite literally. Like, the first time I saw that thing I was like “That’s Keith’s ship. Don’t know how or why, but at some point, that comet thing’s gonna be his ship.” 

Also, could be a way for the team to use Lotor while still having someone there to keep an eye on him in fights. And given how Lotor’s saved Keith once already, Keith continually chasing down Lotor for 2 seasons, and their shared half-galra heritage–it’d honestly be wasted potential if we didn’t explore that dynamic. 

But anyway, after Keith tries that for a bit–I do believe he’s going to co-pilot Black with either Kuron or Shiro at some point, yes. It seems like the narrative is kind of setting up for that. Though I will also say in the Devil’s Due comics after getting brainwashed and rejected by Voltron, Sven leaves the team and briefly co-pilots Lotor’s ship. So, you know. It’s possible we might see Kuron co-piloting the castle ship later as well (with maybe both Shiro and Keith co-piloting Black). 

anonymous asked:

Beautiful art AND you take requests!? I have one I think would look really nice in your style, but ONLY if you're into it bcz honestly I feel bad requesting free labor (hence anon). Idea: Sad Sirius kind of crumpled in on himself, wearing an obviously-Remus's-sweater (S likes that it smells like R) that's way too big for him (maybe his knees are pulled up under it?) + Remus is there holding him close. Either pre- or post-Azkaban both fine. Feel free to tweak if the prompt is too specific. Thx!!!

I’m so so sorry your request has stayed in my inbox for too long!! I’ve been stuck in schoolworks and also haven’t had my drawing tablet with me for the past few weeks :(

Your request was so angsty (not complaining! I really like it) I wanted to draw a sad and lonely Sirius and somehow Remus didn’t quiet fit in so it ended up being just Sirius, sorryyy :( So this was set after Azkaban when he was staying at Remus’, wearing Remus’ clothes and trying to figure out what they were to each other (because I assumed they couldn’t just ‘get back together’ after 12 years of separation and desperation, especially not when there was a war coming outside).

Please do not feel bad for requesting, you guys give me ideas!! :) And I hope you like what I did even though it wasn’t exactly what you wanted and so I’m sorry again and I will shut up now.


I keep making up aus involving Shadow and Maria so here are some messy doodles of some of them

1 - in this one Gerald infused Maria with Black Doom’s DNA to save her life so she basically becomes the Shadow of that universe…I started with just giving her black and red hair without changing the style much but then I thought of the spikey hair and liked it lol.

2 - villain Maria! I’ve seen villain Maria aus floating around and I really like them!! I drew some inspiration from others’ villain Maria designs as well as just making her a more pointy and evil version of my old Maria from the 3rd one lol. I have a feeling it might look a little too similar to some other ones I’ve seen though? need to work on it more. she uses biological creations rather than mechanical ones and Shadow’s kind of like her henchman.

3 - ARK raid never happened, Maria is cured and gets to grow up and live a happy life traveling the world with her bff Shadow. Shadow is a very different person without having to live with that trauma, he’s very optimistic and happy and a gigantic softie. I didn’t include him but they also helped raise Eggman in this au and he turned out good instead of evil.

can you tell I don’t like drawing details on air shoes when I’m just doodling stuff? :’D

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I've recently taken notice to differences between the popular Japanese styles of makeup and the popular American styles of makeup. Japanese makeup seems to be a lot lighter and really natural looking while American is usually more bold. I like both looks and have seen Lolitas wearing both and was wondering what you think is best?

You’re right on all accounts, they are very different and while it used to be that everyone said that more natural makeup was best for Lolita, over the years it has evolved and now we’re seeing bolder, more Western styled makeup looks in Lolita. I don’t necessarily think one look is better than the other for Lolita in general, I think it comes down to wearing makeup that suits your face and your coord. For example, if you’re wearing a more Classic/Sweet look with muted pastels and simple details, the lighter, more natural style of makeup may be the best option. Conversely, if you’re wearing a Gothic look with dark tones and elaborate styling you might choose a bolder makeup look. There really isn’t one right way to do it so you should do what feels right under the specific circumstances. 


here it is!
[this was requested by @fioha13 ]

this is my first tutorial post!

All I basically did was combine tutorials for different methods of calligraphy into one! I really hope you like it! Just tap/click on a picture to zoom and in stuff. If you want a detailed tutorial/ gif of any style in particular, let me know via my ask.

If there are any questions (or other post requests) , the best place to contact me would be my ask :D

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If you learnt from this- PLEASE post a picture showing your skills/ a thank you note/ whatever you like really and @ me- I will happily reblog your post!

lots of love
-jasmine xx


More snapchat silliness from the band boys~ [first set here]

First snap is from Ritsu, and the second one Mob caught them in the act. Being on the road for so long, you probably get a little bored and do some stupid competitions like ‘Who has the best abs?’ or some shit. Honestly in this AU, Shou loves his junk food and energy drinks. Ritsu tells him later that his lack of abs is totally okay and he loves to use the soft tum as a pillow (if those two saw that snap, they’d probably freak) 

Feel free to give me idea prompts for this AU, snapchat style or not. I really want to draw more for it!

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A Year Later

(I went through and edited this last night. I like it better now. lol. And I’m sure if I look back on this in another year, I’ll be like "No, no, past me. THIS is how you write this story.” ^_^ )

Night watch is particularly awful tonight.

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skittzy1  asked:

I really like how you drew operator pone, wondering if you would draw her a bit more? I understand that it's not your oc but you draw her so well! Tho if I was to ask for one change to it, could you draw her with the British "L85A2" rifle? Side note, you drew her bipedal; it reminds me of ncmares nightmares. If you were to draw it with that style you'd make me a really happy man. Sorry if this is a bit much of an ask,I never really do this

Sorry for such a late reply, it’s terribly rude of me to just have you wait without a word like that. Thought was I’d ride the hype and draw more operator pone and answer you then but naturally I had my fix and inspiration was swung elsewhere. I’ll gladly give her the rifle next time I come around to her though, which I most likely will. I just need to vary my projects or else the passion will run on empty. 

Based on the slightly reformulated repeat ask, do you mean the artstyle NCMares uses with nightmares or just the cybernetic look and gear they carry? If the former, you could always poke NC. :P Not that I couldn’t reference his style some extra for an image. Could be cool. Dunno if I want to emulate it completely however. 

Anyway thanks for the ask. I was really happy seeing people enjoy the image so much. 

anonymous asked:

I noticed that in alot of the art that you post people are usually alone or when they arent you can find someone hidden and suffering even when others nearby are happy. Also alot of them have their faces hidden. This might just me over thinking things, but are you lonely or going through something that you want to talk about? If you don't or feel as if this is way off then feel free to ignore this. But anyway you're probably a nice person.

wow thats.. really cool and observant of u. I guess i just like the vibe and artistic feel of the kind of subjects i find in the art i post. I can either relate, feel something when i see the art, think its just cool looking, or like the style of art. And yea i guess im one of those people that have a darker more lonely inside than how I come off to people on the outside, im very introvert x) But no worries im good :) thanks though for the concern and love ur so sweet <3

anonymous asked:

Your art is so amazing, it's so pretty and it's clear to me that you seem to love doing what you're doing now, like you're satisfied with your style, your work, and that is awe-inspiring to me. It makes me curious as to how long it took you to finally be able to draw and paint and doodle all you want without feeling so constricted. Your art just seems so warm and relaxed, so free. It's really soothing. If you're okay with it, I would like to know how your journey was to get to where you are now.

oh god..hello there anon, this is one of the sweetest message I’ve ever received… I’m so glad you think so? 

And yeah- I’m really love what I’m doing right now. I just really love art man lol I’m not good with words, so I’m happy that I’m able to deliver my thought and feeling through art, although I’m not making something so deep or something that you’ll spend hour analyzing, but I just pour what I like into canvas. 

I think from what I remember, ever since I was a kid, I was very eager to make something. It’s always a spark of feeling like, ‘wow, that’s so cool! I want to be able to do that too’
also this might be embarrassing to admit but I also have money as my motivation… I wasn’t born in a rich family, so when I realized I can handmade stuff to cut budget, I just kinda do …(also to get money from my art haha!) 
if it’s not from the support of the people around me, I don’t think I can get to this point. People keep supporting my work, and I realize making something that i don’t really like is a pain, so I try to find what I like and not really think about what others like… 

from that point, I feel like it’s easier to do something. Of course, sometimes work require you to do something you don’t like, right? but that’s also a part of the work and enjoyment, so I at least try to enjoy it a bit(or try to compensate with making more stuff that I enjoy haha!) 

Also to be clear, I’m actually not satisfied yet with my current. But that doesn’t mean I’m putting myself down. I know what I like, what my strong point is, and what I need to improve. Feeling proud of yourself is not a bad thing at all! 

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I really am in love with your drawing style, and I particularly love how you draw Levi. Do you think you’ll draw him again in the future? :0

Thanks! If you pay me maybe lol
Idk but I guess? I usually don’t plan what I draw/fail whenever I force myself to draw whatever, and Levi is one of those character that I can’t never get right and feel like I’m having an out-of-body experience when my version of him doesn’t suck

anonymous asked:

Hi! I love your style of writing, and I was wondering that do you know any books that have the same kind of darker concept in them? I'm supposed to read books from library in this one contest, would really like if there were books like your style more...

Hey dear anon thank you so much for your nice words! I always recommend Richard Siken and Donna Tartt for similar writers, I hope you’ll find something you’ll like.

finally hauled ass to draw bnha for the first time!! which happened to be on lil beansprout’s special day by sheer coincidence! happy birthday midoriya ♡