i really like the style of this one

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(no the same anon) but ok so i just read the imagine on Harry talking to Ed about proposing omg could you write a TFLN and relate it sort of towards that like its hours before he is about to actually propose?? idk u write it how u want lol

I apologize for this because I’ve only written Ed once, about a year ago and I deleted that work, and I don’t feel like I ‘know’ Ed enough to really capture his personality, but with that being said, I tried. x

You can read the imagine based off this right here.

Harry. Ed.

Mate. I’m going to be sick.

I’m going to get down on one knee and projectile vomit all over her.

No you’re not.

She is going to say no, leave me, run off with some lawyer guy and have a dozen kids with him.

I should have just became a lawyer.

Think it’s too late for that?

Mate, just calm down. What did I tell you before?

She said she wants this, yeah?

Yeah, but maybe it’s too soon!

Or maybe the second I pop the question she’ll realize there’s more than just me out there and gets freaked out?

Like ‘I could spend the rest of my life with this donut hole, or see what else is out there?’

So do you think every time she was telling you she wants a future with you that she was lying?

No, but people change their minds.

Do you think if you don’t go through with this tonight that you’ll regret it?

Because I have a feeling you’ll wake up tomorrow and be like ‘Oh, I could have a fiancée right now, but I had to be a proper dickhead and not propose to my girlfriend out of fear she’ll say no.’

And I also have a feeling if she were to find out you didn’t go through with it, you’ll be sleeping on the couch for a month.
She’s one of the best things to ever happen to me.

I don’t want to sabotage that.

And marrying her would be even better, wouldn’t it?

Starting a family? Have a small little herd of kids running around?

She said she wants 3.

Then you’re wasting time and need to get a move on things, mate!

If she was having doubts, I don’t think she’d be at home with you right now wondering who the fuck you’re texting so much.
You have a couch for me if she says no?


These feelings are normal. You’re fine. Everything is going to be fine.

Send me cute pictures of the proposal to be jealous of after.

I asked Cal to be hiding somewhere.

Going to be awkward if he gets a rejection on camera.

I’m 30 seconds away from coming over and bitch slapping sense into your think brain.

I’m really fucking nervous, mate.

I don’t even have a speech prepared. I was hoping the right words come out in the moment. Always seems to work for people in movies.

Well you’ve been in one so maybe it’ll work out for you in favour.

I fucking hope so.

She’s almost done getting ready so I’m probably going to turn my phone off.

Just wish me luck, mate.

You don’t need any more luck. Got the girl of your dreams, did you?

She’s better than my dreams.

Atta mate x

Hey, Ed.

I’m engaged.

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What's your favourite stage outfits for bts?

hmmm well i definitely preferred the styling for run era the best bc it was all really casual!! but the only member who i can specifically thing of with my fav outfit at the moment is this one of jk bc he looks like he’s strutting to come fuck me up with his killer looks lmao

@thefloatingstone is one of the nicest people I know and has an really amazing comic and such a neat art style that everybody wo likes fanart should check out, because it’s really pretty and great. And @thefloatingstone, I already said that and I’m gonna say it again, I love ur stuff so much I always squee when I see you posted something new so please don’t be sad \O/

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Could you draw a thunder god variation of Kotal Kahn? This is an idea I've had for a while and I really want to see it in your style!

Yes, I know it was supposed to be a variation but I got too much into it that it became a whole new costume in the end… I don’t even like it that much, it’s too fancy for Kotal. But hey, thundergods should be fancy at least a bit, eh?
I think I will re-do it one day… But here it goes anyway.

I mean, what even is anatomy. I can’t see any.

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i just wanna say i rlly look up to ur art.. and i think ur super cool.. your style is happy, and sunshiny? but also like water and blue. it feels very nice to look at and i hope one day i could make stuff like that!! maybe today!! it's good and i hope you do good!!

oh my gosh thank you!! that really made my day to hear! :’)

good luck with YOUR work too, i am rootin for you and i’m sure you’ll be making some amazing things!!


Tadah~!! Here’s ANOTHER Collab with the ever so amazing and talented @imaginarystormz !!!! (Please check out their art! its amazing!! like seriously goooo!!)

I’m really happy that i got to do this with you again!!!! You gave me such a nice sketch, and i just had to amp up my lining/colouring game.  It’s always a pleasure working with you and thank you for being patience and understanding when i wasn’t able to work on my collab due to reasons. 

I really hope you like this piece!! your works are always great, keep up the good job~!!!

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I lean heavily towards cyber goth but I really want a deathhawk but... I'm afraid the two will clash. Would you or your other followers have any input on this?

I think the best way to find something like this out is just to experiment with different combinations of styles and colours. It’s quite easy to give off a cybergoth vibe just by choosing the right shades (e.g. neon and otherwise bright), so if you’re able to incorporate one of those elements in your hair I don’t see why that wouldn’t look great! You could also just go for a basic deathhawk but show the cyber side through your make-up, accessories or clothing. You just need to find the right balance where you’ll like the look but also feel like yourself. Whatever style you end up with, I’m sure it’ll look great! (:

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artist: The Cab i did not realize how old they are holy shit also i don’t usually listen to this style of music i just really like this one band okay guys

what’s your gender? I am Who I Am
describe yourself? Risky Business
how do you feel? One of THOSE Nights
if you could go anywhere? Moon
favorite mode of transportation? Bounce
your best friend? Angel with a Shotgun
favorite time of day? Zzzz
if your life was a tv show? Grow Up and be Kids
relationship status? I’m a Wonder
your fear? Temporary Bliss

this isn’t ten people but whatever (also if you don’t have the time to do it, that’s fine, I’m just procrastinating)

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Hi! I just wanted to pop in and tell you that I've found myself rereading MoC after each chapter because the added story ends up adding more depth to the words of earlier chapters. It's like unraveling layers of an onion, which has been really delightful and speaks a lot about your excellent writing. Thanks!

I can’t tell you how much I want to sit down and point out things to people like an excited puppy, “Look here! Look! See how it mirrors that thing and this one references this other thing and look at this cool writing trick I used here and this is how i maximized that bit of feels and…”

Like I need a fanfic ‘writers cut’ edition.

So it’s really amazing to hear that you’ve found these things on your own. Fanfic is my playground for new ideas/styles/techniques and I love when people find them <3 I’m thrilled you enjoy the story and flattered that you’d take the time to reread it.

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How does one go about finding a partner who is willing to write ANYTHING but fluff?! I've been trying to do something new and thus far... basically all we ever do is play house...

So, I’ve talked about my RP partner before and what I think is vital towards keeping one around. But I know that finding someone whose writing style meshes with yours can be really, really difficult, and not everyone seems to have my amazing dumb luck of continually finding people that make writing stories together an absolute joy. (Seriously, I’ve written with @house-leours and @countofthemoonlightlantern and @thefoxinblack and they’re marvelous. I was always able to stay in sync with Foxy and Roru, and they were so patient when I was like “I’M GONNA KILL THIS CHARACTER” and theirs were the ones affected by it.) Perhaps it’s a pooka thing. I find good people. (Also bad ones, but eh, I like to focus on the positive.) Therefore…

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This book is amazing I haven’t gotten past the first few pages! In the 30 years I have been a Zelda fan I have never seen this image!
You kids take it for granted how easy it is to find things on the web once upon a time it was really an adventure! Using translators for sites getting kicked off…
I always love to see artwork from the original game I need to learn how to color like this so I can copy the style it’s my favorite! Is images look like screenshots from the cartoon I wish that they had made one!!

if vicchan’s own version of a katsudon™ as yuuri’s birthday present isn’t the purest thing ever then idk what else is