i really like the song


Suzumura Kenichi- Hide and Seek (short PV)(*_*) (Handa-kun ED)

Dunno if it was really SuzuKen who did the back flips, but boy was it awesome! And I really like the song (*_*)

i don’t have much to say about this song other than i love you and always will. i saw some girl with THAT backpack at the train platform this tuesday, thought of you and wrote this song on the ride home. thank you for having been my “lover” for a few months. i will never forget the time with you. thank you and i hope you’re okay! i really do hope so, every day. oh and i have like 4 more songs about you which will come out end of this year. that would make it a solid 20 songs about YOU. thank you for the endless inspiration.

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anakin gives ahsoka a kazoo for her birthday. obi wan faints from preemptive dread

they’re stranded in hyperspace for like fourteen hours (or whatever they call hours in the sw universe, turns or something right) and they’re like five hours in and ahsoka’s just laying down this tune on her kazoo and anakin’s sitting in the pilot’s chair with his hands behind his head all smug and obi-wan’s gone through his third cup of tea in maybe two hours and you can see he’s like… struggling to hold on to any semblance of calm… ahsoka pauses and after what feels like an eternity anakin looks at her and goes “i really liked that song, could you play it again?”

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Why do you keep tagging things with "don't queue wish your girlfriend was hot like me"?

Because those are the things i queued instead of posting immediately and I was singing that song while making them and I thought i was really funny because queue sounds like you and it fit with the song…. Yeah basically it was an unfunny joke with myself… sorry 😂

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Birthday: February 2nd
Gender: He/they
Zodiac: Aquarius 
Siblings: One sister
Wake up time: Round 9 or 10 usually,, I stay up till 2 or 3 most nights. 
Love or lust: Love…and lust
Lemonade or iced tea: Lemonade
cats or dogs:  Dogs 
coke or pepsi: Neither? I haven’t drank pepsi before and I’m not a fan of coke…
day or night: Night
text or call: Both? 
smile or eyes: Eyes
light or dark hair: Either way is good.
shorter or taller: Doesn’t really matter, 
city or country: I live in the country which is really nice… I like parts of cities and Seattle though.
last song I listened to: Galantis - No Money

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So i found a song i really like, and so i made a pv thing on it. And I want to share it, but i also dont, cause Rin is suffering a lot in the video, cause its a dark song. Idk if i should post it you all would probably find me and kill me ;w;

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fav top song? least fav top song?

favorites r trees, be concerned, n clear bt i don’t have any tht i don’t like (maybe stressed out BUT just because it’s overplayed i actually really like tht song so :/ )

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Hey, I really liked your 'having their crush nap on them post mission on the ride to base'! And obviously so did tons of other people. Can you do the same thing but with Mercy, Tracer, DVa and Lucio?

Lucio will show up in another one, don’t worry.

It’s around two in the morning, you’ll be home sometime around noon, and then you’re going to sleep for the next three days. No joke. You thought to made it somewhat clear to Winston that you would really prefer quick, cut and dry kind of missions. Endurance was not something you were terribly endowed with, but I guess the world really doesn’t revolve around your sleeping schedule, and how terrible it’s going to be afterwards. Beside you, Tracer is actually surprisingly sedate but keeps bouncing her knee. You always saw her as a morning person but maybe even Giggles has a limit.

You tilt your head slowly to one side until it drops onto her shoulder and slowly, she rests her head against yours. Winston politely looks away and Tracer giggles tiredly, wiggling an arm behind your back so she had a somewhat firm grasp of you side.

“We’re tired, Winston. It’s too early.” She explains with a yawn.

“Really?” he cocks his head.

“Dude, your sleeping schedule is as erratic as acid rain in July.” You moan.

“Well, actually – “

“Please don’t correct me, I’m too tired to care.”

The rest of the journey home is done in silence, with you and Tracer both asleep through most of it until the vehicle lurches to a stop. You catch Tracer before she’s goes tumbling forwards and the two of you exit together, still holding onto each other.

“Gonna let go?” she asks and you snort.

“Nope, you’re like a really nice pillow that perfectly conforms to me. You’re stuck with me.”

It’s Hana’s voice you hear when the plane lands, and you naturally look up at the MEKA where you assume her voice originated. But no. She’s outside of it and standing in front of you, a flash later and you find she’s taken a picture of you. Another second later you realize your curled against the MEKA and she’s laughing at you.

“Oh, come off it, Han Solo.” You grunt, standing up and pushing around you.

“I’m sorry, but you are so cute!”

“It was comfortable! I thought you were still in there!” You shout, a bit of a whine in your voice. You know your cheeks are red and you drag a sleeve across your mouth in case you were caught drooling. Not that you drool in your sleep.

“Have they ever done that, Lucio?”

“Don’t include him in your mockery of me! Lu, do not encourage her!” You jerk a finger at Lucio and for a moment it looks like he might let the comment sway him, but he shakes his head and smiles.

“Yeah, never seen that happen before. Sorry (Y/N).”

“You are dead to me, frog boy. Dead.”


Zico (ft. Ja Mezz) - Well Done


So by the morning light
We’ll be half way to anywhere
Where love is more than just your name

So this is an AU where Rapunzel and Jack are in love, but both are engaged to other people, in this case Jack is with Merida and Hiccup is with Rapunzel, so they have a secret relationship, but in a dance of royalty while they’re dancing Hiccup and Merida realize something’s up

i’m in love wit this song so i couldn’t control myself