i really like the origins concept for her though

My URL is a term I first saw on /r/gendercritical, that I felt really encapsulated how I felt about the concept of gender.  On my last session with my therapist, whom I’d originally started going to to get a top surgery letter, I told her about the term.  She said she loved it, but through our conversation I realized we had wildly different interpretations of what it meant.  It was really frustrating because I felt like she was so close to seeing what I was seeing, but couldn’t get past the idea that gender is somehow still important, even though we both agreed that it’s a social construct that doesn’t “really” exist.  I feel like that therapy session was my peak pomo identity politics moment.  Since then, over and over I’ve seen and heard libfems express ideas that are so close to getting the point, but they keep getting hung up on the idea of gender still being A Thing, even if they literally just said it isn’t.

Day 25!

I’m getting really bad at working ahead or faster or something here. Man, I’m tired.

I made Olivia a while back for a Pokemon tabletop game that didn’t really go anywhere, unfortunately, but I was fond of the concept and I’ll probably keep her for future endeavors. She grew up in Saffron City and took to capturing wild Pokemon and sold them to support herself and her chronically-ill mother; her father is out of the picture, and has been since she was a little kid. She originally had a Torchic as her starter, though I wonder now if a Chimchar would have been more appropriate. I felt like she needed a redesign. This is still a bit of a WIP, it’ll probably get adjustments after Inktober, but I think this works a lot better than her old design.

She’s also an Aura user, because I’m having fun with this string of martial arts-inclined characters, okay.

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Oh man, LMAO
So I wanted to give myself a bit of a challenge, because I know how hard designing an original sonamy fankid is.
I like her! I think she’s pretty cute. She’s not necessarily a ‘she’, even though she goes by 'she’ but I guess she’s more of an 'it’? LMAO
I mean like, not to go all Tumblr on everybody or anything. I just like the idea of Sonic’s child not being really girly. She’s 13 years old btw.

But yeah, She’s just a concept for fun. I doubt I’ll do much with her, I might draw a few sketches of her and Sonic together later on though.

Day -17- Redesign clothes for KH3 -  Kairi

kingdom hearts - 30 day drawing challenge -

When i was little kairi was my favorite female character, that was until i played kh 2 when i found it felt like she lost something that she had in the first game. i don’t know what it was but i hope what ever it was returns to her character in KH3. :Dmy design is pretty simple and i tried to stay true to her original concept. i don’t think i did to bad though. (really hope she gets gloves)
BEYOND THE SEA: The Birth of BioShock’s Little Sister

MILD SPOILERS WARNING: If you’ve never played BioShock before, would you kindly wait a little bit before reading this behind-the-scenes look at the Little Sister?

The remaining survivors of Rapture all fight for one thing: ADAM. Harvested properly, people can use it to rewrite their genetic code. It became the central currency for Rapture. It became everything that led to society’s downfall. And the Little Sisters that still roam the rusting, leaking hallways of the decaying underwater city are its chief gatherers.

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lady knights! 

Vanessa the Dragons Maw.

i dunno, random name. 

here is a link to the original post! 

Do check it out!

Now, for mine, i for got dragon…which i cannot believe happened. seriously. I was a touch put out though, as thats what i always do. and the original post had some really interesting concepts. So, what i went for was a medieval display of power and ferociousness on the part of  this madam here. The idea was that her Hennin (the headdress) shapes down to form the top of the dragons head, when the metal armour collar forms the lower jaw. I also like to think she paints her face a deep red before battle to make it look more like the inside of a mouth. 

Other than that, cliche spikes and colours, but i still think its ok.

i dont, however, think i got the petite or the perky, but i focused more on the armour design than her personality. boo on me. But petite doesn’t really work unless you see her against other people. Shes actually 5 ft 5 :3

any ways! give it a go! its good fun! :D and remember to check the original post for details and credit for the idea (and the actual randomiser)

Calling all artists

I’m going to keep this brief because I actually have to get back to homework.

As you all know, Leelah’s story is being less and less talked about all the time. But the best way to keep her memory alive is, obviously, to keep posts circulating about her.

The best, most effective, and eye catching posts keeping her memory alive are usually art depicting her. And that’s where you all come in.

I would like to showcase some art of Leelah on this blog. And I know some of you are extremely talented artists.

If you happen to create artwork depicting Leelah and want it showcased on this blog, tag your work as #hernamewasleelahalcorn and #her name was Leelah alcorn (no spaces).

I would absolutely love to see some original pieces. yuugidraws beautiful illustration happens to be my upmost favorite I have seen so far because of the GORGEOUS design and colors. Some of this blogs original posts, like Leelah being a fan of pixel art, rocking flower crowns, and her being a fan of sailor moon would be fantastic concepts for someone to try. But at the end of the day any and all artwork you all make is completely up to you. ♡

I really want everything positive though, if that makes sense. Posts on this blog are supposed to be positive and carry out her memory, not negative. Her story was indeed a tragedy but her impact shouldn’t be.

Other than that everything is pretty free range c: I want anyone who is wiling to do this to have fun with it. Remember, the point is to keep her memory alive and to keep posts about her circulating.

Also I hope everyone is doing okay! I would like to post on this blog more but alas life has different plans for me, heh.

- Admin

(This was terribly written and not very well planned, I’m sorry. My brain is so fried from just getting off work and immediately doing homework and there is a TON of it ahhh.)