i really like the origins concept for her though

Oh man, LMAO
So I wanted to give myself a bit of a challenge, because I know how hard designing an original sonamy fankid is.
I like her! I think she’s pretty cute. She’s not necessarily a ‘she’, even though she goes by 'she’ but I guess she’s more of an 'it’? LMAO
I mean like, not to go all Tumblr on everybody or anything. I just like the idea of Sonic’s child not being really girly. She’s 13 years old btw.

But yeah, She’s just a concept for fun. I doubt I’ll do much with her, I might draw a few sketches of her and Sonic together later on though.

Day -17- Redesign clothes for KH3 -  Kairi

kingdom hearts - 30 day drawing challenge -

When i was little kairi was my favorite female character, that was until i played kh 2 when i found it felt like she lost something that she had in the first game. i don’t know what it was but i hope what ever it was returns to her character in KH3. :Dmy design is pretty simple and i tried to stay true to her original concept. i don’t think i did to bad though. (really hope she gets gloves)