i really like the new layout!

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You are like, super good at this meta stuff. I read all the meta whenever a new season comes out, and it always blows me away, although most of the time I end up shaking my head, cos I'm skeptical by nature. Anyway, nobody seems to be talking about that aerial shot of Sherrinford that shows the layout? To me, it looked like the original movie cameras with two film reels. I don't normally notice that stuff, but it seemed really fishy? What do you think?

Thanks so much! <3


*ignoring the phallic imagery right now ;)*  Oooh I really like this– it’s all just one bad movie we have to watch:


Remind you of anything? A facade? (Please let the projector light be our smoking gun)

Deciphering Mycroft at the Movies

i recently started a new bullet journal in april and this time, i bought a squared notebook instead of a ruled notebook like my last one. with that, i ended up with a different type of layout that lots of you guys were asking about hehe. so here’s a post explaining my current 2016 set up!


my bullet journal is a brandless squared journal that i found in a store nearby. it’s similar to the moleskine journals, but the pages are thicker and i haven’t noticed any bleeding that i’ve seen with some moleskines. overall, i’m really quite happy with it because it’s slim and easy to carry around.


i drew a monthly calendar that fit the entire spread instead of the single page calendar that i had before. it’s just a simple calendar with boxes large enough to fit whatever i need. i put things like test dates, important events, appointments, etc. i don’t really have a color scheme or anything for events; i just highlight the important ones that i absolutely cannot forget.

i used a fine sharpie pen (not the permanent marker) to draw the calendar, a black frixion ball slim to write in events so that they were erasable and adjustable, and zebra mildliners to highlight important/must-not-forget stuff.


i found that it was really hard to schedule things in advance with a bullet journal, and that was one of the only things that really held my bullet journal back. this time, i divided the page up into thirds and pre-wrote the dates for the month. i write my tasks across and down to save space, and i haven’t had any problems with the space being too small. tbh it’s not really like a traditional bullet journal anymore, but i like the aspect of having spaces ahead of time that a planner has.

i also track the hours that i spend doing school assignments / studying to keep myself motivated every day (1 square = 1 hour). i like to keep my streak going and do at least something productive every day, even if it’s only for an hour. sometimes, i’ll forget to keep track though haha

color scheme

i pick one main color for every month. for example, march was green, april was purple, and may is blue. i use that color to write the title dates and write events on each day and mark off tasks with. it’s just easier to carry around one or two similar colors rather than having six different colors to color-code with. also, i have a tendency to forget color codes easily hahaha.


like i said, i have trouble remembering color codes and keys are no exception. i just simplified the entire key thing down to a few things. x means that the task is done, / means that the task is halfway complete, –> means that the task was moved to the next day, and ⦻ means that the task was cancelled. i don’t fill up the whole box in my bullet journal because it feels awkward to do so (i tend to write small). i just make the tiny mark next to the task.

to be completely honest, i don’t really follow my key. my bullet journal is mainly to help me remember the things that i have to do that day, and sometimes, i won’t even fill out the tasks. so even if a task is done, i’ll forget to cross it off hahahaha. i’m trying to fix that though lololol


i have a page for fitness hours and volunteer hours on the page right after my monthly calendar. i’ll also have general boxes off to the sides of my daily pages for whatever reason there might be. i might also have little doodles and inspirational quotes drawn in the margins as well. i usually don’t really stick washi tape in my bullet journal bc i usually don’t have the time ;; 

however, i have sticky tabs on each monthly spread so that i can flip easily to it. it also separates out the months. there’s also a little ribbon bookmark in my journal that i place on the current day.

hope this helped and good luck! if you’d like to request a post, go here and if you’d like to see more helpful posts, go here!! thanks :)


WEEK 4/14 ❤ Semester started four weeks ago but what’s even more important: Haikyuu season 3 is out 😍 for the lack of fukurodani and nekoma I’ll be including those owls and cats in my bujo.
Weekly spread: So a dutch door layout is new to me, I gave it a try and I really like it so far. I uses the middle, smaller part for the tasks I want to have get done in this week and then I can distribue them on the weekdays (colorcoding shows the priority of a task). Anything else is pretty the same as always, overview of events on the left and a food log :)

Bonus: akaashi and bokuto studying for more motivation (thanks who ever created this, thx anyway to all akaboku-artists 😘)

End of Round 1

Yay!  We’re done with Round 1 of Bluewater Challenge 2016!!!  

I had so much fun playing this!  I liked trying to find a balance between what i’d done before and trying new things.  I loved the stories that developed.  I did get frustrated with some of the families but overall it was just a lot of fun!  

Originally I was going to include the SSU premades as well, but a variety of circumstances have changed my mind on that. Instead, let me welcome you to  Bright Lake University, which is the uni we’ll be using for this challenge from now on. I “built” it using a few premade lots, a couple of lots that I built, and a bunch of the lots that @penig created for her Land Grant University.  (I would have just used LGU, but I wanted a slightly different neighborhood layout.  I really like the lots Peni created, though, so I hope it’s okay that I copy/pasted them into a new hood. They really are fantastic and I can’t wait to send sims to them.) I’ll give you more of a campus tour once Melody Tinker is at University.  (That’ll probably be after Round 2.) 

I made all the SSU premades into dormies, so hopefully they’ll show up and Melody can get to know a few of them. I still want them to be in the Bluewater story, but the prospect of adding so many more sims to the playable rotation (among other issues) convinced me that this was the right way to go. 

In the meantime, let’s review where everyone left off in Round 1 and then we’ll jump into Round 2 of Bluewater Challenge 2016!


Hey guys! 

Here’s my third (I think) post as a studyblr, my first weekly spread of 2017 ft. the book I am currently reading cause the cover is soooo pretty! I really like this layout (I have to work on my calligraphy, but I’m already pretty proud of it), but it will probably change (I get bored easily), and I might add some colour! Please reblog this if you’re a (small) studyblr so I can follow you, I’d love to get some more inspiration on my dash!

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are you changing the banner and layout soon? I really like the one now but i remember you used to do contests or ask artists if they wanted to do new ones and I wanted to see about doing it

Oh gosh this keeps popping into my mind and then I completely forget about it. I suppose it is about time for a new one though isn’t it? It has been a few months.
If any artists are interested in doing a new banner for the blog please let me know and tell me where I can go to see examples of your work! Please note that I am not able to pay for this (which is why I don’t seek out anyone specific because I know that I don’t have the money to pay for a commission at this time and hate the idea of asking for free art unless someone specifically says that they want to do it) and it is entirely voluntary! 

*flops* i’m trying to make this blog more active ahhh but i wanted to ask a suggestion first 

do you guys care if i post random sketches and shit, it takes a long time for me to finish anything but i wanna keep posting stuff so i’m like what if i just post traditional sketches a lot but idk ahhh 

also my goal this year is to aCTUALLY DRAW and to practice on things that i’m having trouble with or haven’t tried before like i’m gonna focus on color experimentation and landscapes and stuff (i love drawing the woods ahhhh) 

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