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Santa’s grouchy little helper

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(Y/n) is always happy and sometimes Harry can’t handle it.

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"Mommy kissed Santa"- Christmas With Jhope

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Your daughter was very pleased with this years Christmas. Especially because her daddy -and your husband- Hoseok was dressed as Santa Claus. When she first saw him she started screaming and laughing happily then jumped on his lap and giving him a huge bear hug. That was what she called her hugs.

Now it got dark and late so you tuck your babygirl to sleep and got slowly out of her room.
Next to her room there was yours because that made it easier to hear her ,she may cry or be ill.
And in front of that door there was your husband still dressed as Santa claus.

“You did good today,honey. Have you seen our baby’s face?” you said with a big smile on your face. He only replied with a hug which you lovely returned.
You loved your husband with all your heart and you knew he did love you as much.

You were deep in you thoughts,too deep to realize he’s holding your face in his hands and leaned in. But when his lips finally touched yours the only thing you could think about was how you’ll never want to leave him.

A happy sigh left your lips and you brought your arms behind his neck and let them rest there.
Your husbands kisses were the best Christmas present you could get.

But what you didn’t know is that your little daughter woke up standing in front of you and only seeing her daddy’s back.
That little girl was a bit paralyzed and went back to bed really fast.

The next morning you were in the kitchen making breakfast for the most beloved people in your live when Hoseok held your little girl in his arms.

She leaned over, closer to his ear and told him she has a secret to tell him.
He started smiling and told her she could trust him with all her heart.

“I saw how mommy kissed Santa yesterday…”, said that little girl and made Hoseok laugh out loud.

“Looks like I have to talk to mommy, doesn’t it?”, he asked and his little girl nodded her head.

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~Admin Peach 🍑 I hope you guys had a lot of presents and cookies today. Show your friends and family how much you love them. ❤🎅🏡😘 Kisses, Admin Peach 🍑

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What is Christmas like at the LA institute (to all)???

Tavvy: MAGICAL! There are presents and lights and music EvERYwHerE

Dru: It’s pretty fun. My favourite part is probably sitting with Livvy and Emma under the tree with hot chocolate and talking about random gossip going around. Tavvy and I would usually make popcorn string for the tree but winds up Tavvy eating them all.

Ty: It tends to be loud and hectic during daytime, but at night, when the lights are all up and it’s quiet and we just sit around on the couches; that’s my favourite part. Also, Livvy and I make paper snowflakes to hang on the tree, and I make them a little different every time, because each snowflake is different of course.

Livvy: I love Christmas! I get to shop for everyone and give them what they actually want and deserve. Also there’s nothing like a Christmas meal! Julian does a lot to make us happy, he always goes out of his way, and I really appreciate it every year.

Julian: Christmas can be a bit chaotic, there’s a lot to clean and cook and organize, but there’s nothing like sitting around the table with the rest of my siblings and just enjoying the peace and fun of the season.

Mark: Christmas is nice, though I can’t really remember much, I do remember good food and a really big tree that doesn’t look like it belongs in Los Angeles…Also, wrapped gifts underneath.

Helen: Christmas is great, I remember when I was young, before the Dark War, my father would lift me up to put the star on the tree because Mark didn’t really care for it. Then, unfortunately, Julian came around and got jealous ;) I really miss it….

Emma: *aggressively* I FUCKING LOVE CHRISTMAS FOOD! PRESENTS! also Julian wears this little Santa hat that makes his head look huge and that’s just great.

Mall Santa

You want to take your and Dean’s son Christopher to the mall to meet Santa like you did when you were a kid.  Dean, Sam, and Castiel come along and things don’t quite go the way you planned.

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Christopher Winchester (OC), Castiel, Reader.

It was the first week in December when you mentioned your idea to Dean.

“Hey Dean? On Friday I want to take Christopher to the mall to sit on Santa’s lap and get his picture taken.”  You said casually.

“What? You know what the mall is like this time of year, Babe.” Dean replied, saying what you knew he would say.  He HATED the mall.  “It’s gonna be crowded and hot and there won’t be anywhere to park.”

“Well you don’t have to come.  I can take him without you.  Sam will go with me, right Sammy?” You looked at Sam for support.

Sam didn’t look convinced. “You really want to make him sit on some strange guys lap?  He’ll be terrified.  Santa can look very scary to a little kid.”

You heaved a sigh of frustration.  “When I was a kid, my parents always took me to the mall to see Santa at Christmas time.  Just because we lead the life we do doesn’t mean Chris can’t make normal childhood memories like that.”

Dean walked over to you and put his arms around you.  “This is important to you?” He asked softly.

“Yeah, it is.”

“Then we’ll go.” He said, kissing your head.

“I’m gonna go check on Chris.  He should be waking up from his nap.  Thanks guys.”  You smiled at the two of them, and left the room.

Sam looked over at Dean.  “He’s gonna hate this.  He IS your son after all.”

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Imagine giving Tony a Secret Santa gift that makes him scared of you for at least a week, much to the delight of the rest of the team.

“Abs, I really don’t know what to make of this,” Tony whined, fiddling with the simple little ring he had received. “Like there’s only one reason to give someone a ring, right?”

Abby shook her head, “Oh, there’s plenty of reasons for wearing rings! There’s promise rings, mood rings, ace rings, abstinence rings, all sorts. Here, let me see.”

Tony reluctantly passed the ring to the scientist, still frowning. He had been avoiding you for the better part of the week. He wasn’t sure how to react to having opened his Secret Santa gift to find a ring. And you hadn’t made a big deal of it, which made it all the weirder.

Abby examined the ring for a moment before bursting out laughing, “Tony, do you really not know what this represents?”

Tony snatched the ring back, a blush creeping up his cheeks, “I just want to be sure! It’s not like I’m an expert on rings.”

Abby grinned widely, “Tony, it’s a claddagh ring.”

“And that means?”

“It’s an Irish thing. It’s a symbol of love, loyalty and friendship,” she indicated the different parts of the ring, “The hands are friendship, the heart is love, and the crown is loyalty, see? You’ve been freaking out for nothing.”

Tony pressed his lips together, rubbing the back of his neck, “I knew that.”

Gif Credit: Tony

Imagine going to see Santa with your brother, Dean

A/N: Day 11! I can’t believe I’ve managed to keep it up so far.

25 Days of Holiday Tales Masterlist

Dean’s age: 14   Reader’s age: 6

Dean x Sister!Reader

“I’m so excited!” You squealed as you jumped up and down in line. Dean was holding onto your hand, trying his hardest to keep you still but he was failing miserably. On your head was a pair of Mickey ears that the worker’s at the Elf Workshop had let you pick out. 

Dean shrank down to his knees so that he was on your level, “Y/N, I know you’re excited, but can you please cut the jumping?” He asked you.

“But I’m just SO excited De! I’ve never met Santa before! Maybe he’ll be able to remember us this year after he sees us!” You said excitedly.

A sad look flashed across Dean’s face but he quickly covered it up, “Yeah, maybe he will kiddo. Come on, you’re next.” He told you.

“Wait, you’re not coming with me?” You asked, suddenly very shy of meeting the man dressed in red.

“I’m too old Y/N, but I’ll be waiting for you.” Dean said gently.

You nodded your head and followed the lady who was dressed in an elf outfit. She led you to Santa who you slowly approached.

“Hello there little lady,” Santa said in a happy voice, “What’s your name?”

“Y/N.” You said shyly.

“Well Y/N, would you like to sit on my lap to tell me what you’d like for Christmas.” He asked. You excitedly nodded your head and crawled onto his lap.

“Well Santa, I know you’ve missed me and my brothers the last few years since we moved so much but this year we’re gonna be at Uncle Bobby’s house. I don’t want much, Sammy really wants the Lord of the Rings, it’s a book series.” You told him in a serious tone, “Dean doesn’t say what he wants much, but I know he’d like car magazines and his boots are all worned out so he needs some new ones.” You informed the Santa.

He nodded his head in understanding, “Alright Miss. Y/N I will try to remember that, now what about what you want for Christmas this year?” He asked.

“Nothing for me, just that stuff for Sammy and De, they taked extra good care of me this year while Daddy’s been gone for work so they deserve it. I’ll just make Sammy read me the books and Dean won’t be able to use his boots falling apart as an excuse to not play on the playground with me.” You let the jolly man know. “Thanks Santa!” You slid off his lap and ran over to where Dean was waiting for you.

“You ask for some good stuff?” He asked when you hugged onto his leg.

You replied, “Yup, we’re gonna have a good Christmas this year De, I just know it.”

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25 Days of Christmas


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Hey it’s your secret Santa! Just wondering what kinds you like about Theo and Liam? Any head cannons? Can’t wait to create something for you! X

Well hi! I admit when it comes to Thiam I love fluff, but I don’t mind angst as long as it all ends happily. I really like to see the softer, happier side of their relationship, especially when it comes to Theo. Yeah they fight but I feel like as time goes on and they start to trust each other a little more that wouldn’t happen as much. They might bicker but it wouldn’t immediately lead to someone (Theo) getting punched in the face. And despite all the bickering they’re still there for each other.  

I also like it when Theo works through his issues and comes to terms with everything and wants to work on being better. I feel like they work together towards that. Liam helps remind Theo what he’s working towards and Theo helps keep Liam grounded.

Basically, as long as neither of them die I’m not too picky.

Hope this helps! Have fun! I can’t wait to see what you come up with! (:

Day Eighteen

Summary: Part Two Of The Amazing Christmas Adventures Of The Gayest Hogwarts Professors Ever. Part one here!

Words: This part 1.5K

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: Christmas songs

Authors Note: Guys! After this I only have two more prompts and I’m wanting to keep this train going as long as possible! Help me out by sending prompts here!

“Phil, come on please. I’m so bored,” Dan whined, hanging dramatically over the arms of Phil’s comfiest office chair. Phil had promised to go on a walk with him around the lake, but he still had two more scheduled hours of office time for his students to drop by, and Dan wasn’t sure if he’d survive that long without being the center of Phil’s attention while he was right there.

Phil rolled his eyes and chuckled. “I’m not going anywhere, Dan. What if somebody needs me?”

Dan scoffed. “Phil, classes ended two days ago. What in the world could they need?”

“Well, I’m not just Herbology professor,” Phil pointed out. “I’m Head of House, too, so even if they don’t need me for school stuff they may have something personal to talk about.”

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35 zeath because I feel like that is something Zane has said / done

“Are you crying because we ran out of pizza?”

“While you’re up, can you get me another slice, babe?” Zane called out to Heath, not taking his eyes away from the television.

“Are you serious? Zane, you’ve had like, ten slices. The pizza’s gone.” Heath shook his head and opened the refrigerator, grabbing two more bottles of beer. He set them on the counter and turned back to Zane, who was looking down at his plate sadly. “You’re gonna have such bad heartburn tonight. I told you not to do this.”

“There’s really no more left?” Zane asked. He looked at Heath like he’d just found out Santa wasn’t real.

Heath squinted. “Are…are you crying because we ran out of pizza?”

“No,” Zane pouted, although his eyes definitely looked a little glassy from where Heath was standing.

Heath sighed. “Just wait a little bit. Let your brain catch up with your stomach.”

Ten minutes later, Zane was on the toilet, groaning. “I’m gonna die.”

“No, I’m gonna die,” Heath shot back. He was standing on the other side of the bathroom door holding a bottle of Pepto-Bismol. He wrinkled his nose. “I told you to turn on the fan.”

“You better be fucking glad I even made it to the toilet,” Zane huffed. Heath opened the door just a bit, shoving his hand through the crack so that Zane could take the medicine. “I can’t believe you let me eat that much.”

“You’re a grown man, dickhead. You can control your own food intake,” Heath retorted. “I hope you learned a lesson. Next time, maybe we’ll work on keeping all of the food in your mouth or on the plate. Now I have to go vacuum the crumbs off the couch.”

“Wait! Can you…stay? Like on the other side? I want to talk.”

“You want me to talk to you while you’re shitting?” Heath clarified. “You’re disgusting.”

“Hey, maybe that’s where ‘shit-talking’ came from,” Zane mused. “Some guy insulted another guy while he was taking a shit.”

“I’ve heard of an armchair psychologist, but toilet linguist is a new one.”

All I want for Christmas is you (JokerXReader)

Merry Christmas to everyone out there! :D I hope you all are having a great time with your familys and friends! <3<3<3 And since I announced it 19 days ago here is my Christmas present for you guys, my personal JokerXReader Christmas Special One Shot. :* I hope you’ll enjoy it and I wish you all wonderful Christmas days! :** <3

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All I want for Christmas is you

  (JokerXReader Christmas Special!)

„Where are you going? What about the Christmas dinner?“, Dick asked irritated as I was about to leave Wayne Manor.

„I’m sorry but I won’t stay for dinner this year. I have to visit someone special this year“, I said with an apologizing smile.

„You mean the same person that you visited last year, am I right?“, he asked frowning.

„Maybe“, I smiled.

„And don’t you wanna tell us who it is?“

„Nope, that’s a secret“, I responded cheerful.

„Oh come on, don’t look at me like that, I’ve spent literally the whole day with you and Bruce. I really have to go now and don’t even think about following me, Dick Grayson. I wish you two  Merry Christmas. By then!“

„Yeah but … (Y/N)! Wait!“

Dick gave up on calling my name as soon as I sat in my little white car, that wasn’t even visible under all that snow which was surrounding the entry of Wayne Manor and of course whole Gotham City by now.

After fastening myself I looked down at the little present that I placed carefully on the passenger seat, smiling to myself I remembered the last Christmas …


„Miss I’m sorry to ask but shouldn’t even you be home on Christmas Eve?“, one of the guards at the Arkham Asylum asked as I was about to enter the great entrance.

I was clothed in my usual (d/c) dress, black stockings and (s/c) shoes, my hands were wrapped in a pair of (g/c) gloves and my eyes were covered behind a black mask, the one I was usually wearing when I was out working with Batman.

But this time I wasn’t working with him.

It was Christmas Eve and I decided to visit someone very special today.

„I could ask you the same question“, I smiled.

The guard sighed and led me through the Asylum.

„Really, I wouldn’t want to deal with the clown on Christmas, you’re not exactly a lucky one, aren’t you?“

„Hey, it’s my job“, I just commented his statement.

„Well than, have fun“, the guard said sarcastically, opening the door to the visitors room and then closing it behind me.

I made a face at the man which was standing behind the door now, then I turned around to the man that I was visiting.

I smiled slightly at the Joker.

He seemed a little puzzled even though he didn’t really show it, but I could see it in his eyes.

„Merry Christmas little clown. I know you’re probably not in a happy mood right now, stuck in this hell hole, but I thought it would make a difference if I’m here as well, spending the last hours of Christmas with you … …“

I fell silent for a moment, because he wasn’t answering.

He just stared at me, like I was some kind of hallucination and I was wondering if they had given him some tranquilizers to avoid that he would do something terrible on Christmas Eve.

„I know that you kinda wanted to spend Christmas with me, before they arrested you …“

A few hours ago he had been a free man and was about to lead whole Gotham City through his own Christmas with the Joker TV Show.

Including kidnapping the police Comissioner James Gordon, his right hand Detective Bullock and Gotham City’s most annoying reporter Summer Gleeson.

All because he wanted me to find him, of course he didn’t say it, he disguised his actual purpose in a lot of hidden words.

At first everyone thought he just wanted Batman and the entire city to have the most horrible Christmas ever, with dozens of dead people and stuff but as soon as we nearly arrived at his hiding place I remembered all the things he said in his live coverage.


„Batsy it would be clever to bring reinforcement before you’re trying to bring me down …“

„Everyone in this city even the criminals are spending the day with their lovely, lovely familys but because I don’t have any family, I decided to steal one HA HA HA! Maybe little (Y/N) wants to be my family, when she’s here, what do you think Jim? Sounds nice, doesn’t it?“

„Bats what do you think, I blow you up with this whole city and (Y/N) and I are spending Christmas together!“


„Oh really did I?“, Mr J asked now grinning at me, like this was all just a joke.

Of course he wouldn’t admit it, he was the Joker after all, he wasn’t someone who’s loved or who loves back, even if they were feelings that started to make him feel uncomfortable in his own skin.

„I know you did.“

He fell silent again, after he realised that I was serious.

„Here, that’s for you“, I finally said and shoved a little present towards him.

„So thoughtful …“, he whispered and looked at the present then back to me.

„What is it?“, he asked.

„Just some Christmas biscuit, since the food here is so bad“, I smiled.

„You wanna try one?“

„If you’re willing to feed me, doll“, he cackled insinuating to his straightjacket.

„I guess I have to, poor baby“, I giggled, opening the box and shoving one of the biscuits into his mouth.

„They’re homemade aren’t they, princess?“, Mr J smiled widely after finishing the biscuit.

„Yes“, I said with reddened cheeks.

„How lovely, spending the whole day in the kitchen just to make biscuits for a criminal lunatic like me. You really are a good girl, (Y/N). And you know what good girls get from Santa J, hm?“

I shook my head.

„Tell me“, I said.

„Come a little closer, angel“, he purred.

„Close your eyes.“

I did like I was told and just a second later, I felt warm lips pressed against mine, followed by a tongue and the sweet taste of Christmas biscuits …


Yes it was true, last year right at that time I fell head over heels for the Joker.

Gotham City’s most notorious criminal.

But to be true, I never really saw him as a villain.

Yes I’m still working with Batman and Robin against all the criminal lunatics in this city but with him it always had been something else and I knew he was feeling the same way even if he would never admit it.

We had fun with each other whenever Batman, Robin and I were after him.

It had always been a game to us and now I knew why.

I was on my way downtown Gotham, the place where the underworld was ruling over the city.

But tonight on Christmas even the streets oft he gangster alleys were empty, everyone was at home no matter what kind of criminal they were, everyone was enjoying Christmas, all of them but one.

I shook my head in disbelief as I saw the golden entrance of his club full illuminated even though no single soul was here.

He couldn’t be seriously sitting in there, and waiting for Christmas to end.

A sigh left my mouth as I parked my car and stepped out into the snow white night of Gotham City.

It was cold like hell and the way from my car to the entrance of the club made my hands froze on the present that I was carrying.

Not even one of the bouncers were here.

I opened the door and found myself standing into an completely empty club.

Really no one was here, not even a bartender.

Slowly I walked towards the VIP area remembering all the times I had been here playing little games with Mr J or sometimes just showing up for fun, but this was the first time I was here without my masking.


„I got it, got it, got it. It’s Christmas no one is coming today, calm down Frost.“

I grinned at Frost after hearing J’s annoyed voice.

He really wasn’t a big fan of Christmas, but last year he really had seemed to enjoy it, maybe I just had to refresh his memory a bit.

„No, boss. I was just trying to say that you’ve got a visitor“, Frost said.

„A visitor? And who Frost who could that be on such an important day?“, J asked obviously not amused.

Well this day really must have pissed him off.

Carefully I stepped into the VIP area, smiling as I saw J’s facial expression turn from anger into his big signature grin.

„Oooh, what do we have here? Originating a new tradition, how lovely. Come over, doll. Sit on daddy’s lap. Frost why are you still standing there? Go bring the lady some … what was it that you used to drink on Christmas, doll?“, J asked.

„It’s called tea with baked apple and cinnamon flavor“, I smiled.

„Yes that one! Go and get her some of … that stuff“, he said and gestured for Frost to leave the place.

„You really hate Christmas“, I laughed after doffing my white whinter coat.

„I don’t hate it, doll. I just don’t like it“, he simply said, then pulled me onto his lap, after I came closer to him.

„But last year you liked it“, I mocked him.

„I didn’t like it, I liked that you came to visit me“, he corrected me.

I blushed at the sudden use of this words.

„What’s that?“, he suddenly asked pointing at the present box in my hands as if he wanted to distract from what he just said.

„That’s for Frost“, I said and couldn’t hold on myself after seeing his facial expression change into an „He’s dead“ look.

„Just a joke, open it, it’s yours“, I smiled and gave it to him.

„Oooh you little minx, you“, he said cackling and opened the box.

„I know you’ve lost yours last year, so I thought I’ll get you a new one“, I said after he saw the gold and purple jackknife.

I watched him as he flicked the knife open in fascination and I knew he was probably fantasizing about the next victim which would die by the blade.

„Where did you get it?“, he asked looking me deep in the eyes.

He wouldn’t say it but I could see in his eyes that he really appreciated this gesture.

„Just a few blocks away from here, there’s a small arms shop, I walked past it three or four weeks ago and saw it in the window. It reminded me of you, so-“

I was cut off by my sentence as he grabbed my neck and pulled me into a rough and passionate kiss.

That was his way to say thank you.

„Daddy has got something for you too, princess“, he purred after breaking the kiss for a second.

„Stay with your eyes closed.“

After a few seconds I felt something small and cold on my neck.

I touched it with my eyes still closed.

Was that a necklace?

„Open your eyes, kitten.“

I did and as I looked down I saw a small and subtle necklace laying on my exposed skin.

The necklace itself was made of gold and on it their hung a cute little pendant, it was a purple shiny little J with a tiny green emerald down the letter.

„J …“, I whispered turning my head to face him.

But before I could speak further he cupped my face into his warm hands.

„Do you know what this means, kitten?“, he growled, his cold blue eyes darkened in desire whilst speaking.

„It means that you belong to me. You’re mine and I won’t let you leave again. You’re not working for Batsy anymore, you’re all mine. Your daddy wants you kitten, and that means you’re staying with me, till the very end.“

He pulled me into an even more intense kiss but this one was soon interrupted by Frost.

„Miss, your tea“, he said.

J just glared at him for interrupting us, but I smiled at him apologizing as I saw that his shoulders and his suit were full of snow.

He must have been outside to get my tea, poor Frosty.

„Oh, thank you, Frost. Wait, I still have got something for you“, I said after J was about to send him back where he came from.

Frost stared at me a little irritated what was really something else in contrast to his usual stoic facial expression.

I pulled a little package out oft my coat-pocket and gave it to him.

„Thank you, Miss but that really wouldn’t have been necessary I-“

„Oh come on, just open it“, I smiled.

„Yes, open it Frost“, J growled behind me.

He wasn’t delighted that I really had a Christmas present for good old Frost.

Frost opened the package taking a brand new light blue tie in his hands.

And for the very first time I saw J’s right hand smiling.

„Thank you, (Y/N)“, he said, whilst J was growling behind me, because I wasn’t paying attention to him.

„Merry Christmas, Frosty“, I said.

„Would you please now do us a favor and leave“, J said waving with his new jackknife in his right hand.

„Yes, boss“, Frost said now with his usual stoic face and left as soon as he came.

„And you come here“, J growled.

I smiled and sat on his lap again, wrapping my arms around his neck and kissing him wildly.

He purred into the kiss as his strong hands slid under the white dress I was wearing, pulling seductivly on my panties.

„What are you doing?“, I giggled as his fingers made their way to my already wet pussy.

„You never heard of Christmas punishment?“, he growled, making me moan under his kiss and his touch.

„J!“, I squeaked after he slapped my ass.

He cackled now kissing his way down my neck, leaving bruises there to let everyone know to whom I belong now.

„You’re mine, remember that. All mine.“

Looking him in the eyes I rested my head on his shoulder, kissing the crook of his neck.

„Merry Christmas, J.“

„Merry Christmas, kitten.“

(All rights to this amazing gif belong to the lovely @ask-mistah-j I wish you a Merry Christmas as well, hun. <3)


Requested by anonymous

You and Matt were quietly laying on the couch in your apartment. Finally finding a moment of peace in the week leading to Christmas.

The kids had been going insane this year. Jack was five and quite the menace at this point. Lila was three and she did everything her older brother did. On top of that you hadn’t gotten the chance to go see the Santa at the mall. While you and Matt considered it a little sketchy to go to the mall Santa the kids hadn’t lost their sense of childhood Christmas wonder. They had been glum the whole day, but there was nothing to be done for it.

“Jack and Lila were really disappointed today.” You said to Matt. He was leaned back on the couch probably getting ready to fall asleep right there. You nudged him gently and then laid your head on his lap. He smiled down at you.

“Yeah, but we can go tomorrow.”

“Problem is that tomorrow is the last day so loads of people will be there trying to see Santa last minute.” You sighed. Matt dropped and hand into your hair, carding his hand through your hair.

“Then we just go early.” Matt told you his voice dropping. The both of you were starting to fall asleep rather quickly.

“Night (Y/N).”


Sunlight was filtering through the far windows and the lights on the Christmas tree glinted gently in the sun. Matt’s hand was still tangled in your hair and a light knocking sounded in the apartment.

“Door.” You mumbled.

Matt hummed, but made no move to get up. The knocking continued, louder than before and you stirred.

“Who even is it?” You grumbled annoyed that you had been pulled from the brink of returning to sleep.

“Foggy.” Matt groaned and stood up, gently placing you on the couch after he stood. He placed a light kiss on your forehead. “Go back to sleep darling.”

You made a small noise of consent and snuggled into Matt’s warm spot he had left on the couch. He chuckled pulled a blanket over you.

You heard soft voices at the door and wondered what they could be talking about.

“(Y/N).” Matt called gently. “Foggy is here.”

“Why is he here and not anywhere else?” You grumbled.

Foggy and Matt chuckled.

“(Y/N) open your eyes.”

You grunted and opened your eyes and saw… Santa?

“What? It is too early for this.”

“Foggy is Santa, for the kids.” Matt told you a bright smile gracing his features. You sat up and rubbed your eyes.

“Oh wow, Foggy that’s so sweet. I’ll go get them up.”

You stretched yawning and then went to go get Lila and Jack.

“Hey Jack.” You spoke softly and walked over to his bed.

“Mmmm?” He hummed, like you he wasn’t much of a morning person.

“Wake up bud. Somebody is here to see you.”


You shrugged and gave him a grin. You left to get Lila knowing he was going to get up because you had left it a mystery. That was the only way to get that kid up, he loved his sleep just like you.

“Lila, sweetie, time to get up.”

She immediately popped up with a surprising amount of energy.

“I heard the door.” She told you with an excited, missing tooth smile.

Five minutes later after a good bit of children’s excited screams they were both sitting happily and chattering away to Santa. You were watching and taking pictures of them with your phone.

“I want a new teddy bear.” Lila said bouncing excitedly.

“Well you have been nice this year so you can have anything you want.” Foggy said in a silly old man voice. You snorted, that voice was seriously ridiculous.

“And I want hot wheels.” Jack told him.

“Well somebody told me you have been naughty this year.” Foggy said a mischievous smile probably on his face under the beard.

“Who said that?” Jack cried. “Was it Michael at school? He was being mean to a girl.”

“Wait what?” Matt crossed his arms and made a surprisingly effective stern face, usually he wasn’t much for stern parenting. You were the stern parent and he was the one that melted the second the puppy eyes were brought out.

“Uh nothing?” Jack said a sheepish look on his face.

Matt raised a single eyebrow over his glasses, keeping his arms crossed.

“He was being mean to Amelia!” Jack protested.

“Well in that case, hot wheels for you.” Foggy interrupted. You and Matt would talk to Jack about that later, but you knew he probably meant well. Much like Matt he preferred to protect the innocent than be someone who would hurt the innocent.

A little bit later they were sadly hugging Santa goodbye.

“Are you sure you have to go Santa?” Lila asked sadly.

“Yeah I have to go get your presents and the presents for all the other kids in the world.” Foggy told them, his old man voice starting to falter.

“Okay…” Lila said, her head dropping.

“Don’t be sad little one, it’s Christmas.” Foggy said with a big grin.

“Merry Christmas Santa!” Jack called enthusiastically, waving really big. “Come on Lils, we’ll see him next year!”

“Merry Christmas!” She told him, giving him a big hug. Jack always knew how to cheer his sister up.

“Merry Christmas you two and be good every year, okay?”


“Thanks for stopping by Santa! Merry Christmas.” You smiled at Foggy and winked.

“So Jack what is this about Michael?” Matt asked his stern face back.


A Nightmare For Some. For Others, a Saviour I Come.

Edward Nygma’s Hallucination won’t stop harassing him, tempting him, convincing him, telling him he needs to kill Kristin Kringle. Ed knows he would never hurt Kristin, she is the love of his life, but he can feel the temptation to kill again rising…


This was written for faelainte for the Gotham Buddy Exchange (It’s like a secret Santa, but for Gotham fans!) This is the first story I’ve written in a few years, so I’m a little out of practise, but I really hope you enjoy!

Feel free to also head on over to https://archiveofourown.org/works/12564480 to read it!

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anonymous asked:

Headcanon of Makoto, Rin, Sousuke's reaction to their S/O making them go out with matching Santa hats :3 Thank you sweetie! ^^

Makoto: He’s a little embarrassed at first, but it’s a lot more comforting when Ren and Ran offer to come along with little hats of their own. As they hold hands and chat, they almost look like a family.

Rin: He’s a total grump about it, trying to act mad at his partner but still holding their hand anyway (even if he’s looking away and blushing). “J-Just don’t make me go around caroling, okay?”

Sousuke: “Well, I don’t really mind, but-” Just with those words a hat is tugged onto his head, and he chuckles when the pom-pom keeps swinging around in his face. “Are you sure about this?" 

softbrobucky  asked:

Imagine Bucky getting one of those mistletoe headbands so that he can ask everyone for kisses (particularly Steve).

When Bucky saw it for sale on a vendor’s cart downtown, he had to have it.  It looked kinda goofy, but it was only $2 and the vendor’s daughter told him it was sure to work.  

“It’s, like, the law, or something.  Right, Dad?”

The vendor laughed and nodded.  "Sure thing, kiddo.“  

If Bucky couldn’t trust an 8 year old girl, who could he trust?  

Sam offered to throw the holiday party that year, as he promised his mother he’d finally introduce her to Tony Stark after dropping a million hints.  The party was in full swing when Bucky arrived and it was time to put his plan into action.  That morning, Steve said he would be at Sam’s later after he finished handing out toys with Santa at the local children’s hospital.  That gave Bucky plenty of time to test out his new tool before before the intended target arrived.  

While everyone had on their best festive apparel and ugly sweaters, Bucky dressed normally so he wouldn’t arise suspicion.  This was a covert mission, after all.

“Way to get into the spirit, James,” Natasha said playfully, offering him a beer.  The reindeer antlers on her head must have been Clint’s idea.  "I didn’t know Santa’s elves wore leather jackets.“

“Leather’s always in season.”  He winked and took the beer, nodding his thanks.  "Besides, I am planning on getting into the spirit tonight.“

She eyed him warily.  "How?”

He reached into his pocket and pulled out a red and green headband, promptly sitting it on top of his head.  A black spring curved from a base of white fur and at the end of it was a mistletoe tied with ribbon.  "Would you look at that?“ Bucky asked innocently.  "Is that a mistletoe?”

Natasha broke into a wide smile before laughing.  "Where did you get that?“

"Nope, not telling.”  Bucky stepped closer until they were both under the mistletoe.  "All I know is that a little girl told me that mistletoe kisses are the law now.“

"I’m pretty sure that’s not true.”

“Hey, I don’t make the rules.  Are you calling that cute little girl a liar?”

“Damn it, James,” she said with an almost coy smile, a slight blush passing her cheeks.  She leaned in and gave him a peck on the lips.  "Merry Christmas, you sneaky ass.“

He smiled, his plan a success.  "Love you too, Natasha.”

Within an hour, Bucky was able to steal kisses from damn near everyone he wanted, including a smooch from Sam, a peck on the cheek from Wanda and a confusing but enjoyable kiss from Tony.  Hell of a kisser, that Stark.  But Steve still hadn’t arrived and Bucky was getting antsy.  With the loud noise inside, he decided to step outside and give Steve a call to see where he was.  He figured Santa wouldn’t mind.

“Hey, Buck!”

Bucky looked up toward the voice to see Steve walking toward him from the street, the weather mild enough for him to take the motorcycle.

“Steve, hey!  I’d just stepped outside to call you.”

“Sorry I’m late.  Couldn’t rush Santa,” Steve teased before noticing the strange thing on Bucky’s head.  "What’s that?“

"Hmm?  Oh!”  Bucky reached up and gave the mistletoe a little flick.  "Mistletoe.  I’ve been stealing kisses all night.“

Steve raised an eyebrow with a smirk.  "Oh, really?  People fell for that?”

Bucky nodded as he moved closer.  "Sure did.  And you know what I realized?“

"Tell me.”

“None of them come close to yours.”  He grinned and pointed up to the mistletoe that hung above them.  "Looks like you owe me a kiss.  It’s the law, you know?“

Steve glanced up then back at Bucky, his eyes playful.  "Well, I wouldn’t want to break any laws this close to Christmas.”  He leaned in and captured Bucky’s lips in a kiss.  Long and slow and deep.

Best $2 Bucky ever spent.

Not Your Milk And Cookies (RWBY Snippet)

“Put that milk and those cookies down.”

Santa froze as the edge of a giant scythe came to rest under his chin. Now, this was new. It wasn’t every day that someone threatened to kill him over some milk and cookies. “Do you know who I am?”

Ruby scowled. “You’re the person stealing my milk and cookies.”

“Take a closer look.” Santa put on his warmest smile. “Well?”

Ruby’s eyes widened comically. “Are you… Santa?”

“Yes, I am.” Santa smirked. “And you just threatened me with a giant scythe.”


“Yes, oh.”

“But…” Ruby put away her scythe. “I really like milk and cookies and…”

“Relax.” Santa patted her on the head. “You’ve been a good girl this year, and I suppose that I can overlook this little incident if you put out some extra milk and cookies next year.” He handed her a present. “Here, for you. Have a Merry Christmas, Ruby Rose.”

“You too, Santa!”

And then, just like that, Santa was gone, moving so fast that not even Ruby could keep up. The young huntress glanced down at her present and then quickly tore off the wrapping paper.

It was a piece of coal.

And now that she looked, the milk and cookies were gone.


X     X     X


Weiss awakened as her girlfriend thrashed around in their bed.

“Don’t give me a piece of coal! Don’t take my milk and cookies, no!”

“Ruby, wake up.” Weiss shook the other woman. “Come on.”

Ruby blinked and opened her eyes. “Weiss? Are we… in bed? But Santa…”

“You were dreaming.” Weiss smiled. “And it sounded like quite a dream.”

“It was.” Ruby explained her dream to Weiss. “See?”

“You threatened Santa with your scythe. You can’t blame him for stealing the milk and cookies and giving you a piece of coal. It’s a good thing that it was just a dream.” Weiss put one arm around Ruby and pulled her close. “So… what do you want for Christmas? We still have another week and…”

“I’ve got everything I want.” Ruby kissed Weiss. “Well, not everything.” She grinned. “We’re not married yet.”

Weiss raised one eyebrow. “Did you just use a dream about threatening Santa as an excuse to propose?”


“You’re lucky I love you.” Weiss chuckled. “I suppose that we could get married.”

X     X     X

Unbeknownst to Ruby and Weiss, a certain jolly somebody was chuckling at their expense at the North Pole.

“Am I the best at giving out presents or what?” Santa asked the elves and reindeer around him. “I got Ruby exactly what she wanted for Christmas and a week early too.” He rubbed his hands together. “Now to get Yang what she wants for Christmas… but it’ll be hard coming up with a way to get Blake to wear a maid outfit. Then again, they don’t call me Santa Clause for nothing!”

Help for the holidays part 1

I want to thank all of you for the support and I really hope you like it 😊

description: You are an elf at the north pole that dreams of a life besides toy making, and when Santa receives an emergency letter from Ben winchester you get your chance. Santa sends you on a special mission to give the winchester family, Dean, a workaholic, and his two kids Charlie and Ben, a holiday wake up call.The only rule is don’t get too close. 

Dean x Reader

“Hey y/n Santa wants to see you in his office right away” 

You look up from your work and nod at the other elf “Thank you I’ll go right now” you tell her standing up from your chair and walking through the workshop towards Santa’s office.

Along the way you saw all the piles of toys and presents and couldn’t help but smile, but then it fell, why does santa want to see you you thought to yourself, had you done something wrong? 

You sighed and tried to push all those negative thoughts away when you reached the huge mahogany doors, you lift your hand and knocked three times on the door.

It opened as if by magic and you stepped in and saw Santa going over the naughty and nice list one last time before the big day “ You wanted to see me Santa” You asked stepping over paper and approaching his huge desk.

He looked up and got a huge smile on his face “Yes y/n” He said standing up and and grabbing a folded piece of paper off his desk then moving to where you stood “I received a letter today from a little boy named Ben, he’s worried that his family has lost christmas spirit, I need you to go to Kansas and see if you can bring some spirit back to the family”.

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Drunk kisses & fairy lights | Rami Malek

It’s currently 4.30am here and I’ve spent the last few hours writing this Christmas fic/imagine because I was feeling very festive last night. It’s been such a long time since I’ve written anything so please, be nice - be warned it’s probably ridden with a lot of grammatical errors. It’s kind of sweet, fluff, not really smut, happy and festive time all around.

P.S Yes, I realise (Y/N)’s best friend is named after me. I just really wanted to be your wing man. 

Word count: 2082
Disclaimer:  To be edited

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Five Days of Smutmas!

Family Party 

Summary: You bring Harry to your parent’s house for your first Christmas together and things get a little heated.. in the good way ;)

(So sorry this is a few hours late. Tumblr was not working for me earlier)

 Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5 


This was the first Christmas that Harry would spend with your family and you were beyond nervous. He had met your immediate family but it was the others that you were worried about. Harry was worried too like all people are when they meet their spouses family but you both reassured each other that everything was going to be okay and you always had each other.

Harry carried in our bags while I gave hugs to my mother, father, sister, brother, grandma, grandpa, aunts, uncles, and cousins. The gang was all here and ofcourse we were the last ones due to weather. The immediately swarmed Harry in love and affection before telling him to drop his bags and dragging him to the decorated living room. A Christmas Story marathon was on the TV and my grandfathers took their places in the lay-z-boys. Harry was bombarded with questions all throughout dinner and game time with the family which put me at ease for the night.

After saying our goodnights, Harry and I went up to my old room and began getting ready for bed. We were washing our faces when he said, “I absolutely love your family”.

I smiled at him and patted my face dry. “I knew they would like you! You looked like you were really enjoying yourself too. I’m happy you came with me baby.”

He smiled and wiped his face dry before stepping close and giving me a kiss. It was longer than I expected and he even bit my lip slightly. “You know,” Harry said while wrapping his arms around my waist, “It’s Christmas eve and I think Santa would be okay with me giving you your present a little early.”

I cocked my head and said, “What present?”

Harry chuckled then swooped me into his arms bridal style and carried me out into my bedroom. I giggled as he threw me onto the twin sized bed and began kissing my neck sweetly. His hips brushed into mine, sending chills up my spine and getting me a little wet. I he kissed all over my chest and back up to my lips.

“I want to fuck you in your bed.” He whispered against my lips. I nodded my head and took a deep breath as he sat up and peeled his shirt off. His tattooed skin glorious in the dim light of the room and his freshly cut hair flopping down in front of his eyes. I watches as his fingers danced up my thighs to the hem of my shirt and pulled the night shirt off of me. My breasts flopped out and I grabbed one of them. Harry licked his lip at my action and went for my panties next.

His index fingers hooked into the sides of them and he pulled them down my silky legs slowly, teasing me and making me want him even more. I whimpered slightly and his grin grew. “What was that babe?”

I bit my lip and said, “I want you”.

Harry nodded and dipped his head down and gave my pussy a kiss before slipping his boxers off and throwing them to the side along with the other clothes. “Get under the bed, babe.” he commanded and I happily obliged. We hopped under the floral comforter and Harry lined himself up with me, pressing his head against my clit just to tease me. He placed his lips over mine before slamming his dick into me, making me scream into the kiss.

He gave me a minute to adjust, his length stretching me. Slowly he began to thrust his hips, in and out, the bed creaking along with the rhythm. I ran my fingers through his hair and kissed him sweetly as his pace quickened. Harry’s grunts turned me on everytime and right now was no different. With his forehead pressed against mine, his minty breath hit my face as his quiet grunts matched his thrusts. I reached down to rub myself along with him and my body began to shake with pleasure.

“Get on your knees, baby.” He said and I quickly got up. I held onto the headboard as he quickly slid himself inside of me and grabbed my ass for leverage as he thrusted once more. He was quick signalling that he was close to his edge as I was too.

As quietly as I could, I released around him and pushed up against his hips as he came just as hard as I did. The room, smelling of sex and face cleaner, became filled with heavy breaths and bed creaks while we rearranged ourselves in bed. Harry hooked his arm around my naked body and gave my shoulder sweet kisses. “Goodnight, babe. We need some sleep for the morning.”

Boy was he right. Children screaming and wrapping paper everywhere. The house smelled of goodies as the women cooked and the kids played with their new toys. The men, including Harry, played cards at the dining room table. Everything was going great and Christmas wasn’t a complete disaster.

During dinner, Harry was being naughty and continued to touch me under the table. Never having to hide an orgasm, I was practically sweating trying to keep cool under the looks of my family. While everyone was cleaning up, I pulled Harry to the laundry room and ripped his pants down to his ankles and began sucking on his cock.

He gripped to the wash basin for support and grabbed my hair tightly practically fucking my mouth. It was so dirty and I loved every minute of it. I choked on his cock a few times before I practically begged him to fuck me properly. We switched spots and he bent me over, smacking my ass quick and slipping his dick in. He grabbed my shirt and held onto my ass while he thrusted hard and fast. I couldn’t help but moan at the feeling of Harry beating in and out of me. With my family in the next room it made everything sexier.

“You’re a dirty girl, honey. So dirty!” He said with a spank. I begged him for another one and be brought his palm down sure to leave a mark.

I reached under me and rubbed my clit while going balls deep inside of me. I was soon to unravel for the second time in twenty four hours. “Cum for me, baby.” He seethed as I felt him gyrate faster and harder against my ass. I let go and came all over his dick, his dick spurting inside of me and filling me up with his hot juices. I laid my head down on the cool counter and tried to catch my breath. He kissed my ass before giving it another smack and cleaning me up.

“I’ll fuck you once more tonight if you’re a good girl for the rest of the evening.” He whispered to me before kissing my cheek and leaving the room. I stood there and collected myself. I can’t believe we just did that.