i really like the cool light glasses

in light of recent events

here’s my great comet experience from 6/15/17
GREAT COMET NOTES (this is like a month after I saw it and I didn’t know it when I saw it so I prolly missed everything)

•the outside of the theatre before you go in looks like a war bunker there’s torn up posters and everything!!!
•we technically had the worst seats in the house and we got no interactions but it’s ok
•I think sumayya has our section but I’m not sure?
•no pierogis I was depressed
•they were playing korobeiniki it was lit
•gelsey was walking around pre show what a bean
•I forgot who came up to us for the safety announcement but whoever you are I love you!!
•"keep all things out of the aisles! bags, programs, children, i don’t know"
•"repeat offenders shall be sent to Siberia"
•you can’t rlly see pierre @ the beginning from my seats he’s blocked by the chandeliers
•speaking of lighting the lights on the end tables brighten and dim with the music it’s great
•during prologue everyone has a pose that’s usually “raise hand dramatically and take a shot” but dolokhov’s was fist pumping???
-azudi was in for nick and he was so good but very different from what I’ve seen of nick
-his voice lowkey reminds me of taye diggs tbh
•Josh’s pierre? Wow. you can see his facial expressions from the rear mezz legit
•the end aaaaaAAAAAAAAA at pierre? art
•grace McLean has SUCH stage presence
-she’s like lowkey mean to sonya????
•denee was a lil bit quiet but it was prolly a mic problem
•I forgot that sonya and natasha were cousins and proceeded to lowkey ship them for the majority of the show ngl
•ok bolkonsky is literally terrifying sorry guys
•people enjoy me though got laughs (he awkwardly stares at part of the banquettes it’s very weird i love it)
•the where are my glasses bit I almost had a fuckin panic attack
•also Paul pinto is bolkonskys servant here and it’s hilarious but also.
-when he’s singing he’s fuckin bent in half with like a serving tray in hand/on his back how does he do that
•like i feel u Mary your dad is legit SCARY
•"natasha is young… an WorthleSS and DUMB.“
•natasha and bolkonsky was lowkey funny tho
•HEllo. HEllo
•they grab chairs and sit around a table with some audience members and there’s an awkward 10 seconds of them shuffling around and making room for themselves
•says the mean old man in his underthings
•so I LOVE no one else!
•the fake snow!!!
•the light bulbs coming down to look like stars???!
-my entire aesthetic TBH
•the opera feels like a drug trip honestly
•Paul in a top hat(?)
•the opera singers
•just all of the opera
•the glitter falling down
•andrey(?) getting ‘killed’ and the way they do the ribbons. wow
•azudi has such prescense like damn
-like, wow. i was like. damn. he's… he’s fedya
•HELENE???? wow.
•helene and dolokhov arm in arm?more like helene and dolokhov tongue in mouth
•"no I am enjoying myself at home this evening” he says, sitting in the pit while reading a book
•like the comes in with the lights blaring, he lowkey looks like he’s been surrounded by paparazzi and he just snaps his fuckin head around by 90 degrees like “make sure to get my good angles oh wait they’re all good”
•like I love him but also me, a hardcore theatre person was pissed because WHO WALKS IN DURING THE MIDDLE OF THE ACT
•also this boy literally checked himself out every time he passed a mirror. without fail.
•natasha and anatole
•anatole fuckin peacocks up to the top of the stage where natasha is and leans against the balcony and very deliberately sticks out his ass
•the “you ought to come, please come"s are so adorable!!!! like wow Lucas despite being anatole the pompous asshole he doesn’t forget to remind people that anatole’s a child. he’s a literal child.
•the way denee says enraptured
•kiss me on the neck part is like OOOoooOoo
•on “give me this flower as a pledge” he takes Natasha’s flower from her hair and natasha gets a lil mad like ‘wtf did I say you cld do that”
•anatole walks down to where Pierre is sitting and he looks so miffed
•there’s this little shoulder thing that Lucas does during “were off to the club!” And it is so adorable like again what I said about him being a child
•lend me fifty rubles?
•I don’t know if azudi did the weird nick choksi dance I didn’t check TBH
•the fuckin strobe lights wtf
•how do they move around
•there are light up shoes
•I don’t know if there was “oh yeah show me what you got girl” rip
•also during the really cool electric part right after the “feather in my hat” thing they did this awesome thing with the lights where they synced it up so that a spotlight hit for each note and idk how to explain it but they went along like little footsteps kinda?
•I believe josh downs a glass after “pouring several glasses.”
•I think dolokhov fills helenes drink but idk
•Paul pinto’s voice is so distorted during his part the duel bc the bass is So Much the entire theatre is Vibrating
•they advance slowly towards each other and when josh fires they both look so shocked
•pierre stands right at the barrier with his arms outstretched waiting for dolokhov to shoot him
•meanwhile dolokhov is only shooting with one arm bc his other arm is propping up the shooting arm which pierre just fucking shot
•the shot goes off
•there’s like 5 seconds of silence
•and then he just, looks up, pats himself over, and is just like “wait shit,,,, I’m ok????”
•anatole carries dolokhov off
•what can I say, it’s a Gift
•honestly what can I say about dust and ashes that hasn’t already been said
-like there is such a good energy build in that song dave malloy man what a genius
•the part with the mirror is lowkey adorable
-they do the candle thing. Natasha’s like “I see my face” and sonya just gives her a look like “you know that’s not what I meant”
•also correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t anatole stand so that natasha sees him in the mirror
•also grace just fuckin yelling “sUNDAY MORNING TIME FOR C H U R CH”
•Helene just walks in on natasha in her underwear and she’s like sup girl
•she swishes her dress so much it’s beautiful
•definitely got some Gay Vibes from that
•natasha starts to swish her dress too !!
•she then like epically changes into another dress
•Helene takes off Natasha’s necklace and replaces it with her own
•the transition from charming to the ball is effortless i love it
•I don’t remember much about the ball tbh
•except for:
-thinking “dang I’d go with him too if he spoke to me like that”
-the kiss!!!!!!! wow
-the silent but collective 'oh shit’ after it happened was real
-like you just feel everything natasha is feeling just through the music WOW
-the I WILL LOVE YOU ANATOOOOOOLEs wow I had a heart attack
-I’ll do anythiiing for youuuuuuuuuuuuuu


ACT 2:
•SO letters is legit such a bop
•(didn’t get a letter tho rip me)
•FOR I V E BEEN STUDYING THE CABAL (I think this is the park where he slaps the book and dust flies out but I’m not sure)
•also when the chorus joins in for the “NATALIE NATALIE NATALIE"s the lights sync up w them so they brighten when it happens it’s so COOL

•the way he did the “just say yes"s was really funny for some reason?
-he gets down on his knees or at least crouched down so he’s shorter then denee
-he looks up with the puppy dog eyes of a practiced privileged white kid
-just say yeeeeeeeeessssssssss
-*pauses and awaits for natasha to respond. she does not*
-just saaaaaay yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessss
-*another pause. no response from natasha. audience laughs*

-……… just saayyyyyyy
-when Natasha’s like "yes! yes!” Lucas dashed over to Helene hand he’s all smiley and he gives her fake punches like “!!! i did it!!!! i really did it!!!!!!”
•ps i love the irony of natasha and pierre and mary all saying “so alone in here” at the same time
•so sonya and natasha
•sonya, friend Protector extraordinaire
•Natasha’s “I HAAAAATE YOU SONYA"s were so convincing it hurt my heart
•Brittain legit started sobbing wow
•sonya alone
•oh my god
•so as much as i love dust and ashes sonya alone is my absolute favorite solo
-she just stands alone on stage with a single lightbulb over her head
-and has this beautiful soliloquy
-i was crying. brittain was crying. everyone was crying
-the "and if i never sleep again” part is just so beautiful and heartbreaking ugh
•preparations was so good but it was like a lil bit weird to hear azudi bc he doesn’t sound At All like nick which isn’t a bad thing at all I’m just used to having a Very Clearly Midwestern 19th Century Russian Dolokhov™
•so in the beginning anatole comes up to pierre and he’s holding a bag and The Green Coat
•also shaving cream
-on the “lend me fifty rubles” Pierre gets out his wallet and takes out the money and holds it out for anatole to take and instead of taking the money anatole just takes his whole fuckin wallet
•azudi’s voice was just a lot more musical theatre-y i guess? idk
•but he still did amazing he did not miss a beat like Wow
•sadly did not get a shaker rip
•but the whole theatre was so lit during this song
•the Green Coat in all its glory
•just as squishy and majestic in person
•Paul pintos energy was off the charts!!!!
•idk what happened with danatole ugh I wasn’t lookin
•they were all dancing it was so beautiful and chaotic
•when josh goes “wOOOOOAAAAAAAAAH” they pause for a few secs to catch their breath it’s real funny
•anatole does these fun hand motions when the ensemble joins in for the next “WOAH OOAH
kinda like he’s conducting them
•The Abduction is possibly my new fav group number
•lucas’ wOAAAAAAAAAAAAH’ lasted forever oh geez
•he was finessing every man, woman, and nonbinary person in the fuckin room with that violin
•güd shit
•"smash your glasses on the floor” is the 19th century russian equivalent of “SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS”
•and then there’s a whole bunch of dancing
•and then The shut The door part
•i was a lil miffed bc you couldn’t see what he was doing to the person next to him from my seat but everyone laughed so /:
•azudi in the Abduction aka slay my life
•he looks legit so concerned for anatole
•but also he’s like take the cloak you stupid fuck
•i think he takes the cloak off of pearl but if not sure
•gelsey as the maidservant!!!!
•she fuckin slayed those high notes
•they were slewn
•in my house is a song of pure unfiltered RAGE
•props to grace because it’s very hard sometimes to like a character as aggressive as mama marya but she’s one of the best characters in the show honestly
•the part where the music which had been so chaotic and energetic for like half an hour almost starts to mellow out and marya does the whole “I covered her with two quilts” thing is the auditory version of a liminal space
•the last lyrics of in my house sung by natasha are pretty haunting not gonna lie
•I don’t remember anything from a call to pierre TBH except for marya tracking pierre down and all of pierre’s “whAAAt"s getting more and more loud and honestly that’s all I needed to remember
•also grace being terrifying but what’s new
•I feel like this is weird but I really love find anatole
•like Lucas and josh have a really fun chemistry I don’t know
•josh laps the entire stage "looking” for anatole
•he literally seizes Lucas by the collar and at the bash your head in line he picks up what I originally thought was a bottle but Is actually a bear paperweight and legit looks like he wants to murder him
•also at the part where it sounds like a computers breaking down that’s when natasha poisons herself
•i personally didn’t realize this bc i was too focused on Lucas ngl
•like he looks so terrified
•pierre rather unsubtly gestures to anatole’s crotch during the “besides your pleasure” bit
•when anatole goes “you could at least take back your words, eh?” pierre just. glares at him. he’s like “are you… are you fucking kidding me”
•he held that note forever i swear
•there was a long bit of applause after that
•anatole’s exit is just as dramatic as his entrance honestly
•natasha very ill is just so… sobering? like it’s been nonstop energy and anger and panic and manic energy for like half and hour and then the whole thing just slows down
•I don’t remember much of pierre + andrey but people usually read it as andrey being sarcastic but he seemed genuinely worried about natasha to me i don’t know tho
•pierre and natasha just. wow
•denee comes in in her dressing gown and braided hair and she’s just stripped raw it’s so beautiful and impactful
•and the way denee leans on the handrails for support, she was just so so good w o w
•Josh’s "if i were not myself” monologue is done I believe as Natasha’s about to leave, then as he starts talking she just stops and listens and at the end you see her physically regain some of her innocence •and when she touches his face!!!!!!! wowwwww
•like when I see any musical, i didn’t pay much attention to the last song because oH NO THE SHOW IS ALMOST OVER WHAT NO IT CANT BE OVER
•josh has the voice of an angel wow
•the strings at the end are very anxiety inducing
•as they get higher and higher the comet glows brighter and brighter it’s really mesmerizing
•just. wow.
•i love the bows music wow it’s so amazing
•there was a standing o
•also so much applause for lucas and denee and josh

•i don’t remember half of the people that came out in sorry
•here’s what i do remember
-we came out of the wrong side of the theatre and had to fucking bolt to the other side
-josh canfield came out for sure he was so nice!
-azudi came out and he saw the great comet hat i just bought and he was jokingly like “no way i have one just like it!”
-2 girls in all purple clothing and wigs i don’t remember who they were im sorry
-gelsey came out i was crying a little bit!!!
-josh came out but he didn’t go down as far as i was (the barricades didn’t stretch that far rip)
-I had a full conversation to pearl rhein about how she looks like lulu @melchixr and she was like! “no way! my name is pearl and lulu in swahili means pearl!” she was so nice
-cathryn wake addressed my playbill to me she was so lovely wow
-lucas came out last and he was wearing a pastel green baseball cap i was living
-i asked him for a picture he was literally so nice?????? w o w
-so the line was stretching way back like past the barricades and paul god bless him was trying to exit out of the doors in the back like the one with denee’s face on it
-little did he know the line stretched back so far that the end of the line was just around said door
-he opened the door and accidentally fuckin decked the person standing in front of it
-he apologized profusely and just kinda scampered off god love him
-when i left i stopped for a sec and lucas was walking out and he patted me on the back i absolutely started crying
-side note: andy mientus was at the show and i didn’t know and when i got home and found out i was like “wHAT? DID HE GO BACKSTAGE? COULD I HAVE S E EN HIM IF I WAS CLOSER UP??”

in summary, great comet was the single most amazing and unique theatre experience I’ve ever had and i would do almost anything to get to experience again

i need some maxwell headcanons
  • she doesn’t need glasses, we know that her eyesight is perfect? she wears glasses tho because she ‘protects her eyes from the computer-light’ and not to look all cool and nerdy, totally
  • she bought jacobi a rubber duck
  • doesn’t like cheese unless melted (jacobi’s fault) 
  • frequently forgets about eating, lives off on coffe & energy drinks. it comes to the point when half of the time she is “i feel really bad today wtf?” and someone needs to remind her about eating
  • someone is usually hera (you human body need fuel, doctor) or jacobi (i promise it has no cheese in it) 
  • big pokemon nerd, smuggled nintendo ds onto the board and wouldn’t share. could easily hack the game but never does because where’s the fun in that
  • very good with rubik cubes, probably
  • doesn’t know how football works
  • owns mario-themed pyjamas 

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Shinsou with #18 for the fictional kiss prompts <3

Yesss. I love Shinsou. Protect that messy-haired cutie at all costs. I hope you enjoy it!

When you finally found him, Shinsou was sitting in a mostly dark room, staring aimlessly of the window. His back was resting against his headboard as he watched droplets of rain race down the glass. His pale skin gleamed in the soft light reaching through the window. He knew you were there, but he didn’t say anything to you. You smiled at Shinsou weakly; you hated seeing him like this. Pressing your back against his door, you closed it gently. You didn’t want to break the safe space Shinsou had created for himself. 

“You were really cool out there, Toshi-kun.”

Shinsou puffed air out of his nose. You took a tentative step towards him.

“I know you heard the pros talking.”

The silence between you was filled by the patter of rain against the roof. You could see his jaw clenching and unclenching. Shinsou wasn’t looking at you, but he could hear the floor boards creak as you approached him. The bed springs groaned under your added weight. Carefully, you straddled his waist before sitting back in his lap, supported by his folded legs. Your arms wrapped around his neck like you were silently urging to look at you.

“That kid has such a nice Quirk,” you whispered, repeating only what you had heard, “Like a real hero, Toshi-kun.”

Shinsou looked down at you. How could you see him as a hero? He couldn’t even earn a spot in the Hero Course. The Sports Festival was supposed to be his moment, his stage, his declaration. He was going to be in the Hero Course. But after all his training and all his work, nothing had changed. It was frustrating. All the kind words from the audience … that was all they were … kind words. They didn’t mean anything if he was stuck in the same place, spinning his wheels in a sink hole, not going anywhere.

You cupped his face. Your thumbs gently ran over the dark circles under his eyes. Bringing his face to yours, you pressed a kiss to his slightly chapped lips.

“Hitoshi, I am so proud of you.”

You kissed him again. His arms snaked around your waist.

“You’re so strong.”

Another kiss. Shinsou tightened his grip on you.

“You’re a hero, Hitoshi. My hero.”

Shinsou buried his face in your neck as he held you close to his body. You fingers lightly stroked his hair; you could feel warm droplets against your collarbone. In Shinsou’s dark room, he held you in his lap as rain pummeled against the roof, filling the sweet silence between you.



I’m not sure about you, but this happens to me and my wife at literally every event we go to. The number of times I have gone to a work event with a delicious steak dinner, only to be told they’ve prepared a special vegetarian dinner… It’s enough to make you cry. Totally cool if you are vegetarian, it’s just really weird that all the lesbians are just assumed to be vegetarian. Why is that a thing?

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Could you do the ndrv3 boys with an s/o who has really bad vision (My glasses prescription is a -5 its crazy) and they lose their glasses or make them try them on or something??

I have bad vision as well! I forgot the prescription, but I don’t think its as horrible as -5 oh dang (Also I’m terribly sorry for not writing for Korekiyo or Hoshi, I can’t think of any good scenario…I’m sorry!)


  • ‘Saihara!’
  • Runs to you to see you are fumbling around the room, you ran into a wall even
  • ‘W-what’s wrong S/O?’
  • You stare in the generally direction of him, and yell, ‘I can’t find my glasses!’
  • He then quickly remembers that you have horrible vision, you can barely see 2 inches in front of you before it gets insanely blurry
  • ‘Hm, alright just sit on the bed and I’ll try to find them!’
  • It doesn’t take him long, it was left on your desk, how it got there without you noticing you forgot 
  • You then proceed to hug Saihara for a good 5 minutes before kissing him a lot, and saying ‘Thank you!’ hundreds of times
  • Mix those together and now you got a tomato boyfriend!


  • You fell asleep on the couch
  • Amami then took the chance to take your glasses to try on
  • Once he did however, he became dizzy, this is how bad your vision is????
  • He couldn’t focus on anything, he was in a blurry world, how can someone live with this bad of vision??
  • He soon got a headache and quickly took the glasses off
  • ‘That’s why I never let you try them on’
  • You got up from the couch and put your glasses back on
  • ‘You’ll have a slight headache, but it won’t last long’ 
  • Amami then remembered to never try on your glasses, he didn’t want a worse headache


  • He heard a bang against the wall and walked to your room
  • ‘S/O, what was that?’ He looked in to see you on the ground, rubbing your forehead
  • ‘I lost my glasses, I can’t see anything…’  You then got back up at tried to walk through the doorway, and then ran into Kiibo
  • ‘C-can I just hang onto you until I find them?’ He just nods and allows you to piggy-back ride on his back
  • He searched everywhere for your glasses, even checking some areas twice
  • After an hour of searching, it turns out you left them in the bathroom, even you couldn’t understand how you forgot them
  • ‘Thank you Kiibo!’ Once you put them back on, you kissed Kiibo on the cheek
  • He then proceeded to overheat


  • While you guys were stargazing, Kaito asked to see your glasses
  • You sighed, ‘Here, but the stars will just be a ball of light…’
  • He quickly took them and stared up at the night sky, his mouth agape
  • ‘WOW, I can’t even see Orion’s belt!’ He is actually really amused by this
  • He then frantically looks around, even the city a few miles away was just lights that he couldn’t make out
  • ‘S/O, you should see this, this is so cool!’ You sigh
  • ‘Kaito, I’m sure my vision is worse without my glasses than you wearing my glasses, the stars just look like…actually I don’t know what they look like, they are too dull…’
  • He then quickly gives you back your glasses
  • ‘There, now we can see the true beauty of space together!’
  • He then hugs you tightly as you gaze at the stars
  • All in all, he really enjoys looking through your glasses, even if he can’t see shit


  • You two decided to switch glasses while sitting outside looking at nature and some beautiful insects
  • ‘Gonta wants to try on your glasses!’
  • His vision wasn’t as bad as yours, he had better vision than you
  • Gonta was blinking multiple times while looking around outside
  • Even if you were wearing his glasses, you couldn’t focus very well
  • But even if Gonta couldn’t see well in your glasses, he looked at all the bugs he could find
  • ‘This one looks like red blob, and this one looks like a brown blob to Gonta!’
  • He didn’t seem to care about vision, he could still tell what was a bug
  • Gonta really just loved to look at the bugs no matter what his vision was like, but he did return your glasses once he got a headache, he even began to feel dizzy


  • Never let him wear your glasses
  • But if he did try them on-
  • ‘Wow S/O, your vision is horrible!’
  • He mocks you a bit, ‘Look at me! I’m S/O! I love Ouma with all my heart and I would never hurt him, even if he made fun of my vision!’
  • Though, you were just sitting on your bed, tapping your foot impatiently as your boyfriend moved around the room quickly
  • He just looked like a blob of white, black and purple
  • After almost an hour though, he finally collapsed on the floor, crying about his headache.
  • ‘S/O~~ Why did you let me wear those??’ He said clutching his head
  • You quickly took back your glasses, ‘You stole them, and then you ran in here, I couldn’t stop you Ouma.’
  • Then you crouched and kissed his head, ‘But you did get the impression kinda right.’

I think I might try making the lighthouse from Bioshock for my next project. I like the idea because it’s recognizable, pretty cool looking, and I have fond memories of the game. Another draw of it, is that I can actually use it for something: a lamp. My biggest issue with the Bleakfalls Barrow model is that it doesn’t really do anything. If I made another model like it, I think i’d have it with 4 posts in the corners and a pane of glass on top so it can be used as an endtable with a little world below it. The lighthouse would take up considerably less ground/table space and would look really neat with lanterns and the light on top all being functional.

My only big reservation with it right now is the statue on top. I have very little experience modeling and would by no means do it service. I think maybe a modified 3D printed figure from a custom figure place would work, although I’d have to play around with the scale on the tower to match it. The other option I guess would be to get the model from the game and print that out. I’m still mulling around with ideas, who knows if I’ll make it or not.

A Review of Tom Holland’s Complete Filmography

According to imdb

I had a lot of free time, so I decided to watch every movie Tom has acted in, according to his imdb page. I review each film, some with separate spoiler-free reviews.

spoilers under the cut

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Cool glasses. Cool lighting. Lame drawing. Cool pic. 

 (this took so much longer than i expected it to, hope you like it!)

I’ve been watching @crankgameplays for quite a while now and somehow I’ve never drawn him before! It’s a bit sloppy since I was trying out a different style but I’m really happy with how it turned out!

Here’s my original post on twitter

here’s the original photo from Ethan’s instagram

Summer idea…


Here’s some ideas I came up with:

  • LIGHTS…. buy old lights like lava lamps, like the picture above, galaxy lights, disco balls and such and put them all over your room. These are actually really cool looking. I just put a lava lamp in my room and I think it would be awesome to have them all over.
  • Fill glass bottles with colored water, sand, or whatever you come up with. For colored water simply add food coloring and mix in water. You can add glitter or confetti if you want. Colored water with cotton/stuffing and glitter creates a space galaxy effect (let me know if anyone would like me to post a tutorial for any of this)
  • CANDLES…. candles are fairly cheap and look really cool when you have them all over (especially when lit) I have a bunch of candles in my room all in the color scheme I have going on. Most of them are lemonade scented (mixed with something else) and they mix well together. 
  • HEADBOARD… my headboard was looking a little dull recently so i took a scarf I never wore and wove it into the grooves of my headboard. It actually looks really cool. I put errands I never wear or ones that have missing pairs on the scarf so it looks even coolor (I simply poked them into the fabric so that the ends couldn’t be seen)
  • Photographs… I have pictures all over my room. I have them on the mirror (you can use tape or just slide them between the mirror and the frame if possible) I get pictures from my social networking sites and print them at walmart. Buy a bunch of cool frames and fill them with pictures of friends and family.

What your life might sound like.

Coda to 2x03. Rinch. Flufffffff because I had to. Read on AO3

John has a beer. Harold orders a Dewar’s scotch and presses his fingers against the cool glass.

‘You know, there’s nothing wrong with getting a little turned ‘round when something like this happens,’ John says quietly. He’s always quiet. Harold has never found a more restful sound than John’s voice.

‘Yes,’ Harold says, ‘well, I’m fine really.’

‘Sure you are,’ John says. ‘But if you weren’t – if you were having trouble being around other people, or not sleeping…’

Harold drops his gaze from John’s steady face to watch the light play on his untouched drink.

‘I’m here with you, aren’t I?’ he says.

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Hologram humans from the past are a lot shorter than I thought!

X has finally built that capsule!!

And man, it’s big. I was hoping it would fit on my shelf with all my D-Arts figures, but it’s too tall! Guess I have some rearranging or adjusting to do.

I still don’t intend to pull my First Armor X out of his hadouken pose, so this will be X4 Ultimate Christmas Tree Armor’s home instead. Even if the capsule doesn’t glow green like that version.

Sure, I probably could do a little paint touchup to this, but I liked how little assembly was needed for this sweet display case. For the most part, I’m good with leaving it as is for now.

Only problem I had was one of the LED lights (for the top) is extremely dim and probably busted. But they’re just those cheap little push circle lights, and I probably can pick up replacements for like a dollar or two. It’s maybe a little bit of an inconvenience to pull the figure and the glass floor out to turn on the light whenever I’d want it on, but it really is such an ingenious creation, that’s it’s no big deal.

I’ve got a little time off from work now, so I hope I can finally get a few more Hobby Rock kits started, if not fully painted and assembled, this upcoming week.

I’m still just so psyched I actually have a capsule display!! This thing is just so cool! XD

Happy Trails Virgin

@coffee-randomness wanted a story of Jen taking Lucy out drinking for the first time. I decided Lucy is me drunk, which means she loves on everyone.

Pairing: Jason x OC

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“I don’t know…” Jen said arms folded, “I feel a little like I am corrupting you.”

Lucy stood awkwardly in one of Jen’s “going out” outfits which consisted of a backless black halter top and dark jeans paired with some fun makeup applied by Faith who was more than a little bitter she was too young to go out with them. But tonight was a school night so after getting their friend done up the younger O’Neal girl had gone over to the Wayne Mansion to study with Tim.

“Isn’t that your job?” Maia said laying on the bed, “I mean you took me under your wing.”

“Best decision I ever made” Jen laughed sticking out her tongue at the other girl a playful smile, “And my job is to help people become more stable, not alcoholics.”

“We’re not alcoholics… just people who like to drink… a lot.”

“The bartenders know us by name, and drink order.”

“We are cool, everyone should know us by name and drink order. Plus,” Maia sighed rolling over on her back letting her dark hair fall over the side of the bed, “if you really felt that bad you wouldn’t be doing this.”

“You’re not corrupting me!” Lucy said, “I was the one who said I wanted to go out with you.”

Maia smiled giving Lucy the thumbs up, “See.”

Jen shrugged handing Lucy some hoop earrings, “Ok fair, we ready to go?”


“I guess”

“Lucy there are no I guesses in girls’ night out! Only HELL YES!”


Maia laughed pulling on her leather jacket, “and to think two seconds ago you were doubting your ability to corrupt.”

“Not doubting, just… very aware.”

The bar was crowded filled with both regulars and visitors to the great city of Gotham. Much like the city itself, everyone was minding their own business until Jen raised a hand to wave at one of the bartenders, a tall blonde man with a small gold hoop in his ear.

“Jennifer and Maia!” he cried, suddenly cheers erupted in the bar and Lucy couldn’t help but giggle at the over the excitement of it all. So odd for the city she had spent her whole life in.

“They really do know you guys here.” she said

“Like I said.” Maia smiled flipping her hair behind her shoulder, “We are kind of a big deal.”

“Where’s your Zen master?” The Bartender asked as he started to make the girl’s their regulars.

“She had a date with a hot tattooed man,” Maia said taking her drink before slowly making her way to the DJ.

“Kaldur finally ask her out?” the Bartender laughed

Jen nodded taking her drink as well, “This is Lucy, she’s never had a drink before.”

“Hi, Lucy! I’m Shane, that’s Alena” he added nodding toward a girl at the other end of the bar, “and the DJ that Maia is dancing with is KJ.” He pulled out a cup before mixing a few things in it. Lucy watching in awe as he moved so effortlessly pouring so many different things into the cup before shaking it and adding a cherry to the top. “Happy trails virgin” Shane laughed handing her the drink.

“What is this?” Lucy asked eyeing the pretty pink looking drink.

“Happy Trails Virgin, I give it to all my newbie drinkers.”

“It’s really good but also a little dangerous” Jen said handing Shane her card before pulling Lucy to the dance floor. “Just drink it slow because you can’t taste the liquor”

Lucy took a sip, her eyes growing wide, “Wow this really is good!” she said as Maia danced up to her.

“Oh did Shane give you the Happy TV? Man, you’re going to have fun tonight!” she said pulling the girls on the dance floor.

The girls danced the night away as they talked with other bar patrons and drank bright colored drinks. Lucy felt like she was in some sort of fairytale the way the lights light up the bar and the music pulsed around her. Everyone seemed so happy and relaxed just enjoying being alive.

After her second drink, and a glass of water that Jen had made her drink, Lucy ran to the bathroom. As she was washing her hands she noticed the girl next to her’s bright red lipstick.

“I love your lipstick, ” she said pointing to it. The other girl smiled


“Thanks, you’re top is super hot.”

“Oh thank you! My friend Jennifer gave it to me, she’s really cool.”

“O, Jennifer? Isn’t she the one who brought Thor in here once?”

“I… I don’t know… I’ll ask her” Lucy said quickly going out to find Jen and Maia talking to some large rather tough looking guys.

“Hey, Jen.”

“Hi, Lucy… how you feeling?” the older girl asked handing her a drink, this time it was an almost purple shade.

“I’m so good, thank you for asking. I met this new friend in the bathroom and she said you brought Thor in here… did you?”

“Yeah, I did.”

“OH YEAH!” one of the guys said laughing, “You’re sunflower girl!” he said pointing to Maia who laughed.

“That’s me”

“I totally won $20 off you!”

“I totally lost $20 off you”

“I just had a good time.”

The song changed and Lucy squealed grabbing Jen’s hand, “Oh I love this song!”

Maia took a seat back with her buddy the DJ, even taking a turn at the table while Jen and Lucy danced. Suddenly Lucy felt someone grab her hand and spin her around.

“Mind if I cut in?” Jason shouted over the music at Jen who just laughed.

“Just this time”

Lucy giggled slightly wrapping her arms around Jason’s neck “I made a friend in the bathroom and Shane made me a pink drink.”

Jason laughed, “Ahhh a HT Virgin?”

She nodded as the song slowed, Maia whispering something in the DJ’s ear as the bright lights dimmed. Giving the room a slightly blue glow as if the whole room had gone underwater. Slowly bubbles started to float from the ceiling. Lucy looked up in wonder giggling while Jason watched her. A small smile on his face.

Lucy looked back down meeting Jason’s eyes as his grip on her tightened a little pulling her closer to him leading her in a slow dance. “I didn’t know you danced,” Lucy said as she followed his lead across the dance floor.

“Miss Jennifer tried to teach me a long time ago, didn’t really work out.”

“You seem to be doing fine to me.”

“Thanks.” Lucy sighed resting her head on his chest, she could feel him laugh as she wrapped his arms around her. “You feeling ok?”

“Everything is kind of spiny.”

Jason paused glancing down at her, “do you need to sit down?” she shook her head enjoying the close contact.

“This is nice” she whispered so softly Jason didn’t hear her. Wrapped up in his arms as they stood in the middle of the dance floor. As if nothing else mattered just the two of them, together in the sea of magical lights and sounds.

I Love You, Man (Part 11-Final)  (Avengers/MCU x reader)

Part 10

A HUGE THANK YOU to @writingcreatingstorytelling for allowing me to grace my little fic with her Natalia.  I hope I did okay with your beautiful character.

“She thinks that DC is better,” Chris groaned, leaning back in his chair to distance himself from the traitor that he called his girlfriend.  “Dragged my ass to that ‘flying-rat-versus-super-nerd’ movie, and let me tell ya, (Y/N), all it did was prove my point.”

“That Henry Cavill is gorgeous and could probably kick your ass into next week?”

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v. to tenderly pull or draw someone closer - to hold, as for affection, comfort, or warmth

WHHAA ive been reading through all your posts and im in luuuurve :D can i request a jaehyun scenario where theres lots of cuddles beaause its stormy and grey outside? weather around my area’s been really gloomy lately :/

Words: 1071

A/N: ahhhh, you’ve been reading through my posts? I hope you like them ❤️ I also hope the weather isn’t gloomy where you live!


Your reflection in the window scowled as you poked the cool glass with your finger.

“It’s disgusting outside.”

You continued and gave almost a sneer at the gray dreary weather outside. The normally beautiful city view you had from your tenth floor was ruined by the ominous clouds hanging above the bustling city. Cars and taxis moved like ants in the dull filtered lighting. Off in the distance you could see the onset of more dark clouds heading your way. A light sprinkle of rain was beginning and you groaned while pushing yourself off the couch.

“Ughhhhh” You grumbled dramatically and flopped yourself onto the kitty corner couch.

The plan was to set off late in the morning on a lazy day around the city with Jaehyun. You could’ve done some shopping at the mall or market, hang around the subway and people watch. Your mouth watered at the pastry shops that were speckled in little nooks and crannies around your district and moaned at the thought of being without them.

“Something wrong?” Jaehyun walked out from the hallway and into the living room. He heard your loud and slightly obnoxious sounds of annoyance and had come into the room out of curiosity.

“It’s gross outside.” You said plainly and pouted at the ceiling. You turned your head and looked at a sideways Jaehyun who was probably silently judging you beneath that smirk on his face.

“And now we can’t go outside. Unless you want a cold.” You watched him lazily from the couch as he approached slowly, one side of his lip turned up as he sat down on one end of the sofa and took hold of your waist.

“What are you doing?” You asked even though you knew what was happening.

“We can stay inside,” Jaehyun began pulling you up gently until your back rested against his torso. “I didn’t feel like going out anyway.” He mumbled into the top of your head before lightly kissing your temple.

You shifted in his lap, turning so that you could bury the side of your face into his sweater. “Okay.” You hummed delightedly into his chest as his arms wound around you.

It was ten minutes later in the cuddle session you were having. Jaehyun’s hands had found their way to your head and were combing carefully through your hair. The motions were soothing, making your eye lids droop as you battled against sleep.

“I think this is a bit better than going outside.” Jaehyun said softly into the quiet room.

“A lot better.” You countered and yawned before nuzzling your face further into his neck.

You knew from glancing over Jaehyun’s shoulder that the clouds were beginning to give away and part for the sun. But the thought of leaving your cozy apartment was now less appealing.

You sat up and pecked Jaehyun lightly on the lips, the both of you smiling against each others mouths and wrapping your arms around each other a little tighter.

You pulled away, much to his protest and poked at his cheek. “If you help me bake cookies there’s more where that came from.” You bargained and smiled mischievously as you began to climb off him, trying to pull him with you.

Jaehyun was still on the couch. You knew how much he hated baking, or more specifically, how impatient he was while doing it. He sighed, his hand still in yours as he contemplated his options.

“Fine.” He said in an almost annoyed tone that contrasted with the smug look on his face.

“But one more kiss.” He whispered before yanking you back into him and placing his mouth on yours.

You complied happily though, moving your lips slowly against his while he wrapped his arms around you tighter, turning the both of your bodies so as to trap you between him and the couch.

When you were almost fully on your side you sprang up, hopping over Jaehyun and standing next to the coffee table.

“That was one kiss,” you grinned triumphantly and bounced on your toes. “Now lets go make cookies.” You nudged him and received a whine in return.

“You’re mean.” He grumbled and flipped himself over on the couch. You said nothing as he sat up, stared at your blank face, then stood.

“You only said one kiss.” You reminded him and took hold of his hand as you lead him into the kitchen.

“Unfortunately.” He replied as you shook your head at his childishness. You spun back around and stepped closer to him, just an inch apart from touching.

“Then how about…” you pondered and then spotted the cookie tray set out from last night.

“Every cookie you don’t burn I kiss you.”

You watched Jaehyun’s eyes flick from you, to the cookie tray and back to your lips then eyes.

“I’m gonna be making a lot of cookies then.” He mumbled and swooped down to kiss you as he reached behind you to grab the recipe book on the counter.

“That’s cheating.” You taunted him as he pulled away.

He paused. Sliding the book off the counter and leaning so close to you that when he spoke his lips brushed against yours.

“Did you want me to stop?” He asked quietly while gazing into your eyes.

You felt your face heat up from the close proximity and his intense gaze.

“N-no.” You sputtered out bashfully.

Jaehyun smiled at your response and pulled away. Beaming and tugging you over to the stove.

“You’re so cute.” He murmured and put both hands on your face to squish your cheeks.

“I know.” You responded and he scoffed.

“Come on.” You slapped him playfully with an oven mit you grabbed. “Stop stalling and help me make cookies.” You set the mit down and went to get a bowl.

“One more kiss.” You heard Jaehyun chirp. An arm snaked around your waist and his mouth was on yours once more.

“Anymore kisses and I’m gonna start limiting you to one kiss per dozen.” You mumbled against his plush lips.

“Okay!” He yanked himself away and snatched up a towel as if that proved how productive he was being.

“What’s first?” He snapped the towel in your direction.

the campus museum i work at is opening for the season today and i have a chance to meet a really cool nonbinary artist (among others), i’m dressed in something which, with my new glasses, makes me look as baltic marxist semi-chic as anything i’ve ever worn, for better or for worse, it’s been raining all day and my (already wrecked) shoes are sopping, squelching wet, i’m using a generous friend’s umbrella because i forgot to grab either (!) of mine this morning after very much checking the weather and clearly acertaining and even saying aloud to another person that it was going to rain, my hair is a Mess (although quite clean) and i just walked into the music center for my voice lesson after downing a cold cafeteria peppermint coffee (mostly milk) (you’re not supposed to consume caffeine or dairy before vocal training) and heard someone in one of the practice rooms a floor below me playing something akin to the score of Grand Budapest Hotel

it’s a squirm, lads

Serge Meirinho: Concept Artist

Today we interviewed concept artist Serge Meirinho about designing characters for Child of Light.   

1. Can you tell us what your background is and what you’ve worked on before Child of Light?

I’ve worked 10 years in the video game industry, 2 years working on cartoons, and 6 more years as a comic book writer and illustrator. I won an International Manga Award for my comic book “Natty”, published by Dargaud. It’s adapted into Chinese this year!

Art Director, concept Artist, Writer… more or less I’ve always drawn or written stories and I love it!

2. What was your favorite thing about working on Child of Light?

The best part is that I was given a lot of liberties when it came to my characters. Thomas (the art director), Jeffrey (the writer), and Patrick (the creative director) really trusted me to create a coherent group of visual personalities, and it was really refreshing. It helped that we have very similar tastes and artistic backgrounds! Working on the game was a lot of fun and I think that fun was translated to the characters.

The other really cool thing is that the drawings are directly integrated into the game for cut-scenes. We get to create our 2D art and watch the animator’s bring it to life!

 I also worked with Thomas on the stained glass cinematics, inspired by Disney’s “The Beauty and The Beast” introduction, and it reminded me of working on comic books a lot, which I liked too.

 3.What was challenging about working on Child of Light?

It’s not that easy to create strong female characters that are not, excuse the expression, “men with boobs”. It was a real concern for the team that we didn’t fall in the trap of the “damsel in distress” trope. Brianna challenged me on this specific subject. She wanted to be sure we had real characters and not just stereotypes.

In the beginning, Aurora’s look was a classic fairy in her teens. Afterwards Vivian tested a 12 years old version, but her personality wasn’t clear enough.  Then I tried young adult version, like a really kick-ass Tinker Bell, but she ended up feeling like a typical ‘female warrior’ type.

We felt a little lost in our quest to find Aurora, so I revisited Patrick’s original pitch: a painting from the Swedish illustrator John Bauer, depicting a fragile girl in the woods.  I drew a few iterations of a little girl (the one on a hill near an altar), Thomas added a cool pose and an oversized sword and bam! There she was!  After that I drew the image of Aurora at three different ages. What confirmed our choice is that the women of the team liked her without any “yes, but”. After each trailer, we saw all the fan art from the web and we felt like we weren’t alone to love our main character. Thank you all for the beautiful drawings you’ve sent us! We love each and every one of them!


4. Where did the idea for Aurora growing up come from?

We had already toyed with the idea of seeing Aurora at various stages of her life. When you add in the RPG elements and levelling mechanics, it almost seems natural to have her age with each level she gains. Apart from being a visual metaphor both for video games and fairy tales, it’s simple, clear and unusual!

5.Who are your favorite characters? 

In fairy tales, you’re not involved with the main character if you don’t have empathy for him or her. The hero has to be noble and courageous, with a loving heart, a naive spirit and a strong drive for justice. But the story will be quite bland if the villain doesn’t add salt, pepper and mustard to it!

That being said, my favorite characters are Aurora and Umbra. The first because I love the idea of a little girl in a dress, afraid of nothing and fighting with a giant sword, and the second because the Queen is so mean and mad and determined to spoil everything. And it’s cool that Jeffrey, the writer, didn’t write in a prince for Aurora to fall for.

I’m also fond of Oengus, the big furry beast who reminds me of “Ludo” from the Jim Henson’s “Labyrinth”, Robert because I like his geeky personality (and his quest for love is cute) and Genofeva. She reminds me of a cartoon character I really liked when I was a child: “Themis” from “Ulysse 31”.

dangerous-smoll  asked:


Send ❤️ for something my muse LIKES  about yours, or 🖤 for something they DISLIKE  | | Accepting

“I think it’s really cool that Emmanuel is workin his tail off to help the supernatural community. Shining a light on all the crap that goes under the radar so none of those fuckers get off scot-free. It’s not an easy job, so I try to help where i can.”

“But his job as a journalist means that his brain is like wired for questions. He’s nice about and doesn’t say even half of them but I can feel them, buzzing in his mind, tryin to ferret everything out.”

“Do these glasses make me look smart?”

I Will Always Still Love Him (Part two of I Still Love Him) Owen x Reader

Request: I got a few request to do a part two so here you go! (: 


Words: 2,850

This isn’t edited yet and there will be a part three!!! 

One month. It’s officially been one month since the night he shattered your heart. You thought that after burning your memories of the two of you and keeping yourself busy would help you get over him, but it just wasn’t working. No matter how much time has passed since you’ve even seen him, you still loved him. Nothing could change that and that sucked at the moment. 

It’s not like you didn’t want to move on, you did. You really wanted to move on and be happy again but your heart just wouldn’t let you. Cause your heart was asshole who wanted Owen, no matter what. Claire had tried to set you up on dates but you never went on any. Well, you did go on one like a couple weeks ago. The guy was boring as all hell, he only talked about himself and he just wouldn’t shut up about his new car that you could honestly car less about. If it was Owen talking about his bike than that’s a different story because you could just listen to Owen talk all day and not get bored. 

You were so glad when the date finally ended and vowed to never go on a date with that man or any man like him ever again. But as luck would have it, you were forced to go one more date with him. Joy

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Could I get a scenario with Hanji and Levi where they are stargazing with their s/o and they s/o who happens to be a science geek starts to tell facts about the stars and space.

Hanji’s interest in science really extended toward earth and other organisms, but never astronomy. She could appreciate the look of it, but it was never something the woman delved into.

“Did you know each and every one of those stars we’re seeing is bigger than our sun?” Her partner’s voice intrudes her ears, making her turn her head. The light of the stars catches her glasses and makes them gleam. “Really? That’s so cool!” She voices, grabbing their hand.

“I didn’t know you liked space,” She says. They nod, breaking eye contact with her before looking back up to the deep night sky. She hums in content. “Tell me more, ___.”

Levi stretched his arms out on the blanket the two of them had set out on the grass, training his eyes on each star that caught his interest. “It’s kind of hard to believe there’s about 400 billion of those suckers out there,” His s/o says without thinking too much about it.

The man raises his eyebrows at the fact, feeling a bit astonished that there were that many stars. “That so?” Levi says, turning his attention to his partner. They turn their head, smiling.

“Yeah. Hard to believe, huh? What we’re seeing doesn’t even compare to what there actually is.” Levi nods, his lips turning a small bit upward at his partner’s knowledge.