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→ vampire!au, rich!au, slight business!au
→ ❝…id like to request a minseok vampire au that maybe someone tries to another vampire tries to seduce or flirt with the reader and he gets really possessive of her? like he doesn’t want them to touch his mate…❞
→ word count: 1.2k
→ *i wrote this via my phone so sksksks excuse any typos !!

as minseok’s delicate fingers kissed the smooth skin of (y/n)’s legs under her long gown, she kept a steady, peaceful hum ringing in the back of her throat.

her keen eyes were trained on the neon signs they passed in their limousine, the indications of blooming life sending her into a hypnotized state. the evolved nature of human beings had always fascinated her to a great extent, but she found the night-life truly enchanting.

“have i told you how beautiful you look tonight?” her mate murmured, catching her attention with a gentle kiss to the jaw.

“three times now,” she responded, smiling shyly at his sugar-coated compliment.

the moment she turned her head to the left, she was met with his captivating gaze. his eyes glowed a bright red shade in the lighting, pairing incredibly well with the natural radiance of his skin. had he not been so bounteous with his touches, she might’ve began to doubt whether or not he was truly tangible. though he was one of her kind, she saw him as somehow set apart from everyone else; a rarity within their species.

his lips curled up into a smile as their vehicle came to a slow stop in front of kim junmyeon’s mansion.

“good,” he spoke lovingly, “i wouldn’t want you to forget how wild you drive me.”

“what time should i pick you up, sir?” their driver asked after the partition slowly rolled itself down.

“midnight,” was his response, “i don’t plan on staying too terribly long.”


each person in the large house drank cool red liquid from clear wine glasses until the blood droplets stained their lips a sheer crimson shade, leaving them all looking a little less like spurious humans and bit more like what they really were—dangerous beings glamorized in a tempting, deceitful light.

minseok and (y/n) were a couple that stood out slightly within a group of beings that reeked of opulence, as both of them appeared much more personable to the people around them. their grins didn’t seem as feigned; their laughs were loud and authentic.

this was the person minseok became around his mate—a much kinder, more pleasant person. her toothy smile melted his cold exterior, abandoning him with nothing other than his hidden vulnerability.

they’d eventually managed to further isolate themselves from their peers by lounging in the cool air of junmyeon’s outdoor patio, basking in each other’s company while they could.

the pair did so until his phone beeped twice as he received a message that said he was needed back inside for a few minutes.

he sighed, stuffing the phone back into the pocket of his slacks.

“sorry,” he muttered. this was one second prior to pressing a chaste kiss to her cheek, careful as to not ruin her makeup, “jongin and sehun need some help closing a deal with one of our guests.”

“it’s okay, i promise,” she responded sincerely, watching as he set his wine glass onto the marble table opposite them. she gave him just enough time to rise to his feet before tugging on the collar of his suit jacket. in doing so, she pulled him into a quick kiss, one that left the slightest bit of nude lipstick around the edges of his lips, “just try not to take too long.”

he left her companionship with a smile gracing his face at the idea of his girlfriend adoring his own enough to dislike their parting.

much like her boyfriend, chae haseon was also a man who’d taken a liking to this woman. when minseok walked past him, he took it as an opportunity to take his place outside, where she was patiently—despite how bored she felt—waiting.

when he sat down next to her, (y/n) put on a friendly smile—mostly because she was grateful she wouldn’t have to bear her own weariness toward the party alone.

it wasn’t until he brought a finger up to wipe a drop of blood from the corner of her mouth that she began to grow weary of him.

she felt that his words were spoken too close to her ear, and that he was touching her far more than what was needed. she knew him, but no, she didn’t know him—all of these little things together made her feel uncomfortable.

the woman would’ve said something, had the setting been different. she didn’t want a fight to erupt—that could easily hurt her mate’s future work.

while haseon was in the midst of telling her how stunning the low-cut dress she wore made her look, his sentence came to an abrupt stop, silenced by the distinct sound of footsteps behind them.

“i love that dress on you, doll. just looking at you tonight makes me want to—”

in an instant, he was retracting his touch from her fabric-covered thigh.

(y/n) inwardly let out a sigh of relief as she turned to face minseok, feeling her eyebrows unfurrow themselves.

“no, no, please continue,” he drawled out. his lips curled around those words very slowly as he tried to keep his anger concealed, but he couldn’t manage to keep such a faux calm for long; his eyes flashed a darker shade of red and hie continuation slipped out as a mere hiss, “i’m dying to hear all about what you’d do to my girl.”

this was the persona he had shed within the past year—the one that made everyone so frightened to be near him. he didn’t find its reappearance to be unjustified, either. setting aside how much he despised the way the other man looked at her, he could see (y/n)’s discomfort from all the way inside the house.

haseon nervously scrambled out of his chair in response. he was a bit annoyed himself, yet he knew better than to pick a fight with someone like kim minseok.

he did his best to take refuge inside, but even with speed such as his own, minseok had managed to take a firm hold of his shoulders before he was able to do so.

the taller of the two unclenched his jaw and brought his lips down to the blonde’s ear in spite of their impeccable hearing.

“if you even think about looking at her in such a way again,” he whispered, pausing momentarily to glance at his mate’s new look of concern, “i’ll make you wish you’d really died all those years ago.”

his voice lowered to a furious whisper as he went into detail, pretending she couldn’t hear every vile thing that left his mouth. while he was outward with his feelings, he wished to not worry her any further.

“are you alright?” she asked once haseon was finally allowed to scurry away.

“i should be asking you that question,” minseok muttered while sitting himself back down in his seat.

he still looked like he may murder someone, yet it visibly comforted him when she lifted a hand to carefully brush the brunette hairs away from his eyes.

“i’m fine,” she answered truthfully. she was alright, now that haseon was gone, “you, though, i’m not so sure about. it looks like you want to murder someone.”

she smiled jokingly, attempting to lighten the atmosphere around them.

“well, you aren’t wrong.”

he sighed and rested his head on her shoulder.

her fingers kept combing themselves through his hair as she suggested, “so, let’s kill someone.”

i need some maxwell headcanons
  • she doesn’t need glasses, we know that her eyesight is perfect? she wears glasses tho because she ‘protects her eyes from the computer-light’ and not to look all cool and nerdy, totally
  • she bought jacobi a rubber duck
  • doesn’t like cheese unless melted (jacobi’s fault) 
  • frequently forgets about eating, lives off on coffe & energy drinks. it comes to the point when half of the time she is “i feel really bad today wtf?” and someone needs to remind her about eating
  • someone is usually hera (you human body need fuel, doctor) or jacobi (i promise it has no cheese in it) 
  • big pokemon nerd, smuggled nintendo ds onto the board and wouldn’t share. could easily hack the game but never does because where’s the fun in that
  • very good with rubik cubes, probably
  • doesn’t know how football works
  • owns mario-themed pyjamas 

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for the prompt, sportacus and robbie's first kiss, but it's a summer camp au where they're both counselors! robbie's pov? i love your writing bb 💖

(( @mettabab Ah!!  What a great prompt!   Thanks so much~  I really appreciate it!  I hope you enjoy~))
The night was dark and cool, and there were nary a light-source save for the small flickering flame cupped in a certain blue-clad counselor’s hands.

Flames flickered softly within the glass that housed the tealight, and it painted the handsome man’s face with a lovely glow.

All of this was rather pushed to the side of Robbie’s attention, however, as Robbie felt there were more important things that he had to address, “Why are we here again?”

“Because you wanted to go on a date with me?” Sportacus offered, settling the tealight down on the grass and sat himself cross-legged down on the ground.

Robbie pinched the bridge of his nose. “Yes.  Yes… yes I did say that.  I figured that you would want to wait, I don’t know, until the end of summer camp, or… at least when it was light outside,” Robbie gestured to the surrounding darkness and trees.

Robbie then added, “Not that I am complaining at all, mind you.  I’m just a bit surprised.”

Especially since Sportacus had insisted that they sneak out while the children were asleep.

Sportacus, being Sportacus, just smiled in his stupid, stupid - handsome - way and pat the grass beside him instead of dignifying Robbie with anything close to an answer.

Robbie growled, but sat down next to him with a huff, bumping shoulders with him.

“You really do want to date, me… don’t you?” Sportacus asked after a moment, voice slightly uncertain.

“What?  Of course I do!” Robbie replied, incredulous, “I said so earlier! Quite loudly, even.  You overheard me and everything,” Robbie added, “Even though you weren’t supposed to…” he flushed and was suddenly quite glad for the cover of darkness.

Sportacus absently fiddled with his hands, “Yes!  I know!  I said I wanted to date you back but-”

“… but?”

“Well.  I wasn’t sure you weren’t just saying that, or if you really meant it. So I thought the sooner the better!”  Sportacus cheerfully announced.

“Of course I meant it, Sportaidiot.  Why else would I have announced it in the first place?”

“… I don’t… know…”


“Well!  I had to be sure anyway,” Sportacus said.

Of course he had.  Of course. Robbie had to resist sighing in annoyance, and he also had to ignore how absolutely adorable the blue idiot was.

Instead of dwelling on Sportacus and all the things that Robbie had been secretly swooning over, he said, “So.  Why did you choose here of all places for our “date”?”

“Because it’s nice outdoors?”

Robbie rolled his eyes. “Yes, it is.  Well spotted.  I didn’t mean the outdoors in general. I mean.  Specifically.  Here.  Right at this spot.  Where we sit.”

“Oh!  That’s easy,” Sportacus chirped, smiling at Robbie in such a blazingly handsome way that the air felt pushed out of Robbie’s lungs.


“Because you told the kids a ghost story the other night that this area was haunted!”

“I -  Wait. What?” Robbie deadpanned.

“Well, the kids are supposed to be in bed, but I thought I’d take extra precaution…”

“… Oh…?”

Sportacus leaned closer, “- and I wanted to be absolutely sure that they wouldn’t come over here…”

Robbie felt his cheeks burn because Sportacus was very, very close to him now.

“O-oh?” Robbie squeaked.

“Mm hmm,” Sportacus hummed.

A flicker of the dim light of the flame cast gorgeous shadows across Sportacus’ face.

“W-well.  That all seems very… reasonable,”
Robbie managed with a cough, and he tugged at his collar that felt remarkably too-tight all the sudden.

“Yep,” Sportacus simply replied.  Robbie could feel his breath.

Robbie felt himself babble, “And why is this all so -”

Fingers pressed against his lips. “Shut up Robbie,” Sportacus hummed kindly.

Robbie shut his mouth, Sportacus removed his hand, before covering Robbie’s lips with his own.

Robbie would later tell Sportacus that generally the kiss was at the end of the date.

Oh well.



I’m not sure about you, but this happens to me and my wife at literally every event we go to. The number of times I have gone to a work event with a delicious steak dinner, only to be told they’ve prepared a special vegetarian dinner… It’s enough to make you cry. Totally cool if you are vegetarian, it’s just really weird that all the lesbians are just assumed to be vegetarian. Why is that a thing?

What your life might sound like.

Coda to 2x03. Rinch. Flufffffff because I had to. Read on AO3

John has a beer. Harold orders a Dewar’s scotch and presses his fingers against the cool glass.

‘You know, there’s nothing wrong with getting a little turned ‘round when something like this happens,’ John says quietly. He’s always quiet. Harold has never found a more restful sound than John’s voice.

‘Yes,’ Harold says, ‘well, I’m fine really.’

‘Sure you are,’ John says. ‘But if you weren’t – if you were having trouble being around other people, or not sleeping…’

Harold drops his gaze from John’s steady face to watch the light play on his untouched drink.

‘I’m here with you, aren’t I?’ he says.

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Shinsou with #18 for the fictional kiss prompts <3

Yesss. I love Shinsou. Protect that messy-haired cutie at all costs. I hope you enjoy it!

When you finally found him, Shinsou was sitting in a mostly dark room, staring aimlessly of the window. His back was resting against his headboard as he watched droplets of rain race down the glass. His pale skin gleamed in the soft light reaching through the window. He knew you were there, but he didn’t say anything to you. You smiled at Shinsou weakly; you hated seeing him like this. Pressing your back against his door, you closed it gently. You didn’t want to break the safe space Shinsou had created for himself. 

“You were really cool out there, Toshi-kun.”

Shinsou puffed air out of his nose. You took a tentative step towards him.

“I know you heard the pros talking.”

The silence between you was filled by the patter of rain against the roof. You could see his jaw clenching and unclenching. Shinsou wasn’t looking at you, but he could hear the floor boards creak as you approached him. The bed springs groaned under your added weight. Carefully, you straddled his waist before sitting back in his lap, supported by his folded legs. Your arms wrapped around his neck like you were silently urging to look at you.

“That kid has such a nice Quirk,” you whispered, repeating only what you had heard, “Like a real hero, Toshi-kun.”

Shinsou looked down at you. How could you see him as a hero? He couldn’t even earn a spot in the Hero Course. The Sports Festival was supposed to be his moment, his stage, his declaration. He was going to be in the Hero Course. But after all his training and all his work, nothing had changed. It was frustrating. All the kind words from the audience … that was all they were … kind words. They didn’t mean anything if he was stuck in the same place, spinning his wheels in a sink hole, not going anywhere.

You cupped his face. Your thumbs gently ran over the dark circles under his eyes. Bringing his face to yours, you pressed a kiss to his slightly chapped lips.

“Hitoshi, I am so proud of you.”

You kissed him again. His arms snaked around your waist.

“You’re so strong.”

Another kiss. Shinsou tightened his grip on you.

“You’re a hero, Hitoshi. My hero.”

Shinsou buried his face in your neck as he held you close to his body. You fingers lightly stroked his hair; you could feel warm droplets against your collarbone. In Shinsou’s dark room, he held you in his lap as rain pummeled against the roof, filling the sweet silence between you.

Summer idea…


Here’s some ideas I came up with:

  • LIGHTS…. buy old lights like lava lamps, like the picture above, galaxy lights, disco balls and such and put them all over your room. These are actually really cool looking. I just put a lava lamp in my room and I think it would be awesome to have them all over.
  • Fill glass bottles with colored water, sand, or whatever you come up with. For colored water simply add food coloring and mix in water. You can add glitter or confetti if you want. Colored water with cotton/stuffing and glitter creates a space galaxy effect (let me know if anyone would like me to post a tutorial for any of this)
  • CANDLES…. candles are fairly cheap and look really cool when you have them all over (especially when lit) I have a bunch of candles in my room all in the color scheme I have going on. Most of them are lemonade scented (mixed with something else) and they mix well together. 
  • HEADBOARD… my headboard was looking a little dull recently so i took a scarf I never wore and wove it into the grooves of my headboard. It actually looks really cool. I put errands I never wear or ones that have missing pairs on the scarf so it looks even coolor (I simply poked them into the fabric so that the ends couldn’t be seen)
  • Photographs… I have pictures all over my room. I have them on the mirror (you can use tape or just slide them between the mirror and the frame if possible) I get pictures from my social networking sites and print them at walmart. Buy a bunch of cool frames and fill them with pictures of friends and family.
I Love You, Man (Part 11-Final)  (Avengers/MCU x reader)

Part 10

A HUGE THANK YOU to @writingcreatingstorytelling for allowing me to grace my little fic with her Natalia.  I hope I did okay with your beautiful character.

“She thinks that DC is better,” Chris groaned, leaning back in his chair to distance himself from the traitor that he called his girlfriend.  “Dragged my ass to that ‘flying-rat-versus-super-nerd’ movie, and let me tell ya, (Y/N), all it did was prove my point.”

“That Henry Cavill is gorgeous and could probably kick your ass into next week?”

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I love Ghiaccio so much? Like just look at him, really look. He has such a cool jacket and he wears those hot topic pants with full confidence. 

HIS SHOES, he just has. converse. Like this boy is on the brink of being a middle school oc but he makes it work. 

And let me tell you, it’s all in the glasses. That cherry red? Bold

You see it’s all very intricate. If he were to have any real color on his jacket and pants, the whole look would be thrown out of balance. The light blue hues that match his hair keep things subdued enough that he doesn’t just look a mess when you add those red accents. 

Against everything else, they pop. That’s personality

But you know what the real kicker is here? What really makes this blessed amalgam of hipster and scene work? 

I am 100% convinced that this boy knows j a c k  s h i t about fashion, he just gets lucky when he throws on his clothes.


So I’ve recently been into the vulture culture, and I’ve seen some cool stuff, so I thought I would give this a go! This is a whitetail that was found dead on my family farm and I stained the antlers with ink and used acrylic paints for the rest. Plus glass, beads and a pendant. I really like it. The light pink really gives it a feminine touch!


v. to tenderly pull or draw someone closer - to hold, as for affection, comfort, or warmth

WHHAA ive been reading through all your posts and im in luuuurve :D can i request a jaehyun scenario where theres lots of cuddles beaause its stormy and grey outside? weather around my area’s been really gloomy lately :/

Words: 1071

A/N: ahhhh, you’ve been reading through my posts? I hope you like them ❤️ I also hope the weather isn’t gloomy where you live!


Your reflection in the window scowled as you poked the cool glass with your finger.

“It’s disgusting outside.”

You continued and gave almost a sneer at the gray dreary weather outside. The normally beautiful city view you had from your tenth floor was ruined by the ominous clouds hanging above the bustling city. Cars and taxis moved like ants in the dull filtered lighting. Off in the distance you could see the onset of more dark clouds heading your way. A light sprinkle of rain was beginning and you groaned while pushing yourself off the couch.

“Ughhhhh” You grumbled dramatically and flopped yourself onto the kitty corner couch.

The plan was to set off late in the morning on a lazy day around the city with Jaehyun. You could’ve done some shopping at the mall or market, hang around the subway and people watch. Your mouth watered at the pastry shops that were speckled in little nooks and crannies around your district and moaned at the thought of being without them.

“Something wrong?” Jaehyun walked out from the hallway and into the living room. He heard your loud and slightly obnoxious sounds of annoyance and had come into the room out of curiosity.

“It’s gross outside.” You said plainly and pouted at the ceiling. You turned your head and looked at a sideways Jaehyun who was probably silently judging you beneath that smirk on his face.

“And now we can’t go outside. Unless you want a cold.” You watched him lazily from the couch as he approached slowly, one side of his lip turned up as he sat down on one end of the sofa and took hold of your waist.

“What are you doing?” You asked even though you knew what was happening.

“We can stay inside,” Jaehyun began pulling you up gently until your back rested against his torso. “I didn’t feel like going out anyway.” He mumbled into the top of your head before lightly kissing your temple.

You shifted in his lap, turning so that you could bury the side of your face into his sweater. “Okay.” You hummed delightedly into his chest as his arms wound around you.

It was ten minutes later in the cuddle session you were having. Jaehyun’s hands had found their way to your head and were combing carefully through your hair. The motions were soothing, making your eye lids droop as you battled against sleep.

“I think this is a bit better than going outside.” Jaehyun said softly into the quiet room.

“A lot better.” You countered and yawned before nuzzling your face further into his neck.

You knew from glancing over Jaehyun’s shoulder that the clouds were beginning to give away and part for the sun. But the thought of leaving your cozy apartment was now less appealing.

You sat up and pecked Jaehyun lightly on the lips, the both of you smiling against each others mouths and wrapping your arms around each other a little tighter.

You pulled away, much to his protest and poked at his cheek. “If you help me bake cookies there’s more where that came from.” You bargained and smiled mischievously as you began to climb off him, trying to pull him with you.

Jaehyun was still on the couch. You knew how much he hated baking, or more specifically, how impatient he was while doing it. He sighed, his hand still in yours as he contemplated his options.

“Fine.” He said in an almost annoyed tone that contrasted with the smug look on his face.

“But one more kiss.” He whispered before yanking you back into him and placing his mouth on yours.

You complied happily though, moving your lips slowly against his while he wrapped his arms around you tighter, turning the both of your bodies so as to trap you between him and the couch.

When you were almost fully on your side you sprang up, hopping over Jaehyun and standing next to the coffee table.

“That was one kiss,” you grinned triumphantly and bounced on your toes. “Now lets go make cookies.” You nudged him and received a whine in return.

“You’re mean.” He grumbled and flipped himself over on the couch. You said nothing as he sat up, stared at your blank face, then stood.

“You only said one kiss.” You reminded him and took hold of his hand as you lead him into the kitchen.

“Unfortunately.” He replied as you shook your head at his childishness. You spun back around and stepped closer to him, just an inch apart from touching.

“Then how about…” you pondered and then spotted the cookie tray set out from last night.

“Every cookie you don’t burn I kiss you.”

You watched Jaehyun’s eyes flick from you, to the cookie tray and back to your lips then eyes.

“I’m gonna be making a lot of cookies then.” He mumbled and swooped down to kiss you as he reached behind you to grab the recipe book on the counter.

“That’s cheating.” You taunted him as he pulled away.

He paused. Sliding the book off the counter and leaning so close to you that when he spoke his lips brushed against yours.

“Did you want me to stop?” He asked quietly while gazing into your eyes.

You felt your face heat up from the close proximity and his intense gaze.

“N-no.” You sputtered out bashfully.

Jaehyun smiled at your response and pulled away. Beaming and tugging you over to the stove.

“You’re so cute.” He murmured and put both hands on your face to squish your cheeks.

“I know.” You responded and he scoffed.

“Come on.” You slapped him playfully with an oven mit you grabbed. “Stop stalling and help me make cookies.” You set the mit down and went to get a bowl.

“One more kiss.” You heard Jaehyun chirp. An arm snaked around your waist and his mouth was on yours once more.

“Anymore kisses and I’m gonna start limiting you to one kiss per dozen.” You mumbled against his plush lips.

“Okay!” He yanked himself away and snatched up a towel as if that proved how productive he was being.

“What’s first?” He snapped the towel in your direction.

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Could I get a scenario with Hanji and Levi where they are stargazing with their s/o and they s/o who happens to be a science geek starts to tell facts about the stars and space.

Hanji’s interest in science really extended toward earth and other organisms, but never astronomy. She could appreciate the look of it, but it was never something the woman delved into.

“Did you know each and every one of those stars we’re seeing is bigger than our sun?” Her partner’s voice intrudes her ears, making her turn her head. The light of the stars catches her glasses and makes them gleam. “Really? That’s so cool!” She voices, grabbing their hand.

“I didn’t know you liked space,” She says. They nod, breaking eye contact with her before looking back up to the deep night sky. She hums in content. “Tell me more, ___.”

Levi stretched his arms out on the blanket the two of them had set out on the grass, training his eyes on each star that caught his interest. “It’s kind of hard to believe there’s about 400 billion of those suckers out there,” His s/o says without thinking too much about it.

The man raises his eyebrows at the fact, feeling a bit astonished that there were that many stars. “That so?” Levi says, turning his attention to his partner. They turn their head, smiling.

“Yeah. Hard to believe, huh? What we’re seeing doesn’t even compare to what there actually is.” Levi nods, his lips turning a small bit upward at his partner’s knowledge.

I Will Always Still Love Him (Part two of I Still Love Him) Owen x Reader

Request: I got a few request to do a part two so here you go! (: 


Words: 2,850

This isn’t edited yet and there will be a part three!!! 

One month. It’s officially been one month since the night he shattered your heart. You thought that after burning your memories of the two of you and keeping yourself busy would help you get over him, but it just wasn’t working. No matter how much time has passed since you’ve even seen him, you still loved him. Nothing could change that and that sucked at the moment. 

It’s not like you didn’t want to move on, you did. You really wanted to move on and be happy again but your heart just wouldn’t let you. Cause your heart was asshole who wanted Owen, no matter what. Claire had tried to set you up on dates but you never went on any. Well, you did go on one like a couple weeks ago. The guy was boring as all hell, he only talked about himself and he just wouldn’t shut up about his new car that you could honestly car less about. If it was Owen talking about his bike than that’s a different story because you could just listen to Owen talk all day and not get bored. 

You were so glad when the date finally ended and vowed to never go on a date with that man or any man like him ever again. But as luck would have it, you were forced to go one more date with him. Joy

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SCM: The Royal Red Myth Ch. 7

Pairing: King X MC
Mostly romance, some angst and drama later in the series
MC’s Name:
Word Count:
[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [9 Bonus] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] [16] [17] [18] [19 Deleted] [19] [20] [21] [22] [23 Forbidden Ending]

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Promotion Time: starmaidengames​, which is a new company consisting of a few of my tumblr friends, is creating a new visual novel called Mystic Destinies: Serendipity of Aeons! So go follow them and show your support ;)

Onwards to chapter seven! Enjoy~


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“You’re not odd. This, what you can do… it’s beautiful.” He came close, and wrapped me in his arms. “You’re beautiful.”
My breath hitched in my throat.
Our lips met. I pushed him against the glowing glass, the stubble of his chin scratching mine. I rested a hand on the Penglass, the cool blue light bathing us as we kissed, careless of who might see.”

-Shadowplay, Laura Lam

I read this book yesterday..(so good) and i really wanted to do some fanart and this scene was really cute…so yeah.

what even do the penglass domes look like i don’t know so i just made a glowing blue lump

[also the posters are from here]

Serge Meirinho: Concept Artist

Today we interviewed concept artist Serge Meirinho about designing characters for Child of Light.   

1. Can you tell us what your background is and what you’ve worked on before Child of Light?

I’ve worked 10 years in the video game industry, 2 years working on cartoons, and 6 more years as a comic book writer and illustrator. I won an International Manga Award for my comic book “Natty”, published by Dargaud. It’s adapted into Chinese this year!

Art Director, concept Artist, Writer… more or less I’ve always drawn or written stories and I love it!

2. What was your favorite thing about working on Child of Light?

The best part is that I was given a lot of liberties when it came to my characters. Thomas (the art director), Jeffrey (the writer), and Patrick (the creative director) really trusted me to create a coherent group of visual personalities, and it was really refreshing. It helped that we have very similar tastes and artistic backgrounds! Working on the game was a lot of fun and I think that fun was translated to the characters.

The other really cool thing is that the drawings are directly integrated into the game for cut-scenes. We get to create our 2D art and watch the animator’s bring it to life!

 I also worked with Thomas on the stained glass cinematics, inspired by Disney’s “The Beauty and The Beast” introduction, and it reminded me of working on comic books a lot, which I liked too.

 3.What was challenging about working on Child of Light?

It’s not that easy to create strong female characters that are not, excuse the expression, “men with boobs”. It was a real concern for the team that we didn’t fall in the trap of the “damsel in distress” trope. Brianna challenged me on this specific subject. She wanted to be sure we had real characters and not just stereotypes.

In the beginning, Aurora’s look was a classic fairy in her teens. Afterwards Vivian tested a 12 years old version, but her personality wasn’t clear enough.  Then I tried young adult version, like a really kick-ass Tinker Bell, but she ended up feeling like a typical ‘female warrior’ type.

We felt a little lost in our quest to find Aurora, so I revisited Patrick’s original pitch: a painting from the Swedish illustrator John Bauer, depicting a fragile girl in the woods.  I drew a few iterations of a little girl (the one on a hill near an altar), Thomas added a cool pose and an oversized sword and bam! There she was!  After that I drew the image of Aurora at three different ages. What confirmed our choice is that the women of the team liked her without any “yes, but”. After each trailer, we saw all the fan art from the web and we felt like we weren’t alone to love our main character. Thank you all for the beautiful drawings you’ve sent us! We love each and every one of them!


4. Where did the idea for Aurora growing up come from?

We had already toyed with the idea of seeing Aurora at various stages of her life. When you add in the RPG elements and levelling mechanics, it almost seems natural to have her age with each level she gains. Apart from being a visual metaphor both for video games and fairy tales, it’s simple, clear and unusual!

5.Who are your favorite characters? 

In fairy tales, you’re not involved with the main character if you don’t have empathy for him or her. The hero has to be noble and courageous, with a loving heart, a naive spirit and a strong drive for justice. But the story will be quite bland if the villain doesn’t add salt, pepper and mustard to it!

That being said, my favorite characters are Aurora and Umbra. The first because I love the idea of a little girl in a dress, afraid of nothing and fighting with a giant sword, and the second because the Queen is so mean and mad and determined to spoil everything. And it’s cool that Jeffrey, the writer, didn’t write in a prince for Aurora to fall for.

I’m also fond of Oengus, the big furry beast who reminds me of “Ludo” from the Jim Henson’s “Labyrinth”, Robert because I like his geeky personality (and his quest for love is cute) and Genofeva. She reminds me of a cartoon character I really liked when I was a child: “Themis” from “Ulysse 31”.

Theory #000021

Okay, so this might have been done already, but I wanted to do the whole put-the-pictures-together thing. 

The fans have made varying guesses about Bill’s wheel and which symbol belongs to who, but with the Author’s identity coming to light, some of the symbols seem to point to more than one person. Which belongs to who? I think that Not What He Seems has given us a hint.

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Vocal Unit: Cuddling

Anonymous: “could you do a cuddling with vocal unit like you did with performance? Thank you! (Love your blog btw <3)”

Originally posted by seventeendiamonds17


  • the two of you are always swaddled in 238947 blankets
  • “hehe look at my little baby (y/n)~”
  • if you say ANYthing about a daddy kink i’ll scream
  • he uses cuddling time to show off all of his affection for you
  • constantly touches your face, tracing your features
  • soft smiles and adoring stares
  • hums your favorite songs softly if you’re drifting to sleep
  • kisses your cheeks and forehead a lot
  • cuddling time is precious fluff time, k?


  • always watching a show, pressed up against one another
  • he likes to keep an arm around you but doesn’t mind being a little spoon
  • lowkey lives for you trying to hold onto him like he’s the smol one
  • ‘(y/n)’s such a cute smol bean~’
  • becomes really giggly when cuddling???
  • like you poke his cheek and he won’t stop chuckling for the next three minutes
  • both of your chill levels are through the roof bc when the anime’s turned off it becomes 2 am thinking out loud time
  • “i think it would be cool to buy two dogs so each of our kids can have one to take care of”
  • the next morning jisoo’s a blushing mess when he remembers what he said


  • always half-asleep
  • leans against your shoulder, sighing softly
  • “you wouldn’t believe what soonyoung tried to pull off today”
  • plays music most times instead of watching movies
  • e s k i m o  k i s s e s
  • this is relaxation time for the two of you with you playing with his hair
  • he loves it when you play with his hair
  • if you hold him long enough he becomes a human teddy bear
  • always readjusts the blankets so they cover the both of you


  • cuddling with you is one of his most favorite things ever
  • really loves to squeeze you tight to him
  • “wah~ we’re really close together now, aren’t we?”
  • he’s smiling the entire time, listening attentively when you talk and telling his best stories when it’s his turn
  • if you’re tired he tones it down and settles for softly rubbing your back and murmuring dumb jokes
  • when he’s tired his heart melts if you hold him against you and tell him stories even if they’re bad ones it’s the thought that counts that’ll cheer him up
  • likes to press his forehead against yours a lot and stare at you
  • tends to give you random pecks when he feels like it
  • serenades you in a husky voice as you both drift to sleep


  • this boi is still kinda shy on skinship so cuddling makes him a bit awkward like his bae vernon
  • most of the time you guys watch shows with his arm around your waist and your head against his shoulder
  • always has the lights dimmed so that you can’t see his constantly pink cheeks
  • shyly intertwines his fingers with yours and keeps watching the tv when you look at him in surprise
  • he has 0 cool on the inside and is screaming for his eomma
  • it takes 5ever but when he warms up to cuddling he likes to do it face-to-face with maybe an inch between the two of you
  • if you have glasses he’ll take them off for you and lay them on the end table
  • he carefully holds your cheek and brushes hairs back with his thumb
  • “i really did pick out the most high quality girlfriend”

coming up with different ways of cuddling for 13 different boys was harder than i thought :p

requests are currently CLOSED :( 

-admin 1010

I Injured Myself While Trying to Spread Joy

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I  Injured Myself While Trying to Spread Joy

Pairing: Pietro X Reader
Prompt: Can you write something with this i live below you and i was minding my own business watching the snowfall out the window WHEN I SAW A BODY FALL ARE YOU REALLY PUTTING UP CHRISTMAS LIGHTS NOW” pietro x reader :)
Warnings: Slight violence (but not to each other)

( this one is short but sweet <3 )

    Days like this were rare.

    You leaned your head on the cool glass window, peering across New York City. Tiny, delicate snow flakes danced as they fell to the ground. Everything beyond the glass barrier that separated you from the outside had a thin, white blanket covering it. White puffy clouds covered the blue sky, as the bright sun shone through. 

   It was an off-day for everyone, and frankly, you weren’t complaining. No training sessions with Natasha and Steve, no engineering and chemistry lessons from Tony and Steve, and no researching and filing documents with Fury. 

    A sigh escaped from you and you reveled in this peaceful moment, closing your eyes. You felt your muscles relax for the first time after years since you joined the Avengers program, and your thoughts were beginning to quiet down. Everything just felt perfect. 

    Until you heard a scream. 

    Your eyes flew open, just in time to witness a large object falling from above on the other side of the window.

   No, not an object. A body

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Drunken Dilemma (Harry Styles One Shot for Anon)

Harry could usually control himself. He could usually stay in line, keep some sort of logic. His 6 foot frame was not easily swayed by the liquor and it took a lot just to get him even the slightest bit tipsy. Usually he was fine.


The first thing you noticed was an explosion of noise towards the back of the club. Now, the place was thumping with a heavy bass and hundreds of shouting people anyway, so it was quite impressive when something managed to be heard over the regular ruckus. Secondly, there was an urgent shouting of your name as gyrating bodies got shoved left and right, eventually parting to reveal a very flustered looking Niall. Thirdly, there was a very drunk Harry Styles hurtling up from behind him, a look of pure fury on his face.

Now the ARIA’s had been quite the classy event. Harry was done up head to toe in black, his suit jacket fitted perfectly to his toned body, his hair swept back from his face. He was a vision. You’d accompanied him, your lean frame wrapped in delicate black lace. The dress had long sheer sleeves, lined with nude fabric. The material fell all the way to the ground, sweeping behind you in a dramatic train. Together, you looked straight from a magazine; you basked in the glamour.

But as the award show faded to an end and you ditched the evening gown in favor of a fitted party dress, the afterparties took over. The boys had taken home a big trophy, winning Best International Artist, accepting it graciously. You couldn’t have been prouder in that moment. It was a huge deal…and as per usual, a huge deal called for a huge celebration. Which nearly always lead to more than one beer too many.

Now you stood frozen in a crowd of sweaty bodies, preparing for the scene you could feel unfolding. Before you even had the slightest opportunity to open your mouth, Niall was releasing a string of words, struggling for a breath as he looked to you with panicked eyes, “He’s been drinking everything around him for two hours straight, Y/N. We just suggested that he lay off it a bit, yanno, for the press. But he flipped shit,” Harry was coming closer and closer, “He’s about to deck someone. You’re the last chance to calm him down.”

Your eyes widened as you whispered harshly, “And how the hell do you expect me to do that?”

“I don’t know!” he shook his head, “Do something!”

And then Harry was there.

“The fuck do you think y’doing,” he slurred, eyes narrowing at Niall, “I don’t need you going t’get my girlfriend to look after me. I’m 21 years old,” the smell of alcohol rolling off his body was overwhelming.

“You’re out of control, mate,” Niall said sternly, angling his body to be sheltered behind you. 

“What th’hell are you talkin’ about?” he gestured wildly, beer splashing from the bottle gripped loosely between his fingers, “I’m fine.”

“Haz, how much have you had to drink?” you ventured tentatively, stretching out your hand to brush the hair from his face. You hoped the gesture would help ease him.

“Maybe like three beers,” he brushed you off, focusing once again on the Irish boy behind you, “I’m practically sober you little piece of—”

“Harry Edward Styles,” you glared at him, yanking the beer bottle from his hand, “We’re going home.”

He hastily tried to snatch the bottle back but his responses were delayed and you tugged it right out of his reach every time he lunged, “Who do you think you are?” he snarled.

Your lip curled, but just as the words were about to fly, you were interrupted, “How’s it going over here?” Zayn’s body appeared from the crowd as he shoved into the small bubble of space your little conflict had created.

“Not much better,” Niall mumbled from behind you.

“Shut up,” you spat at him over your shoulder.

“Hey, it’s not my fault you can’t keep him in check,” he lifted his hands, shrugging.

“Excuse me?” you spun, pointing at him with the beer bottle you had clenched tightly between your manicured fingers.

“Whoa there,” Zayn quickly shifted in between you and Niall, “Everyone take a deep breath.”

“Can I jst’have my beer back?” Harry groaned.

“No,” Zayn shook his head, laughing sarcastically, “You can’t mate. You’re leaving.”

“Thank God,” Niall muttered.

“No I’m not,” Harry slurred stubbornly and you glanced over your shoulder at him. His eyes were glazed with whiskey.

“Yes you are,” you nodded, turning and taking his hand firmly in yours.

“No—” he started, but you had already begun dragging him through the crowd of pulsing bodies. He was too drunk to walk in a straight line, let alone pull against your weight.

In moments, you were being assaulted by the chilly night air against your bare arms. Harry was just as startled by the frozen wall of wind, stumbling across the sidewalk, barely managing to keep his feet under him. Aggressively, you yanked your phone from your little clutch, “Hi, yes. Could I have a taxi please? As soon as possible. At Marquee in Sydney? Thank you,” you hung up, spinning to face him, “I cannot believe you, right now.”

“What?” he ran a hand through his mess of curls, “Whaddid I do?”

“You are drunk off your ass, acting like an ass,” you shoved his chest lightly, “At an after party. You realize that you probably would’ve just gotten in a barfight with your own bandmate had I not been there.”

He pouted, “M’not even drunk.”

You rolled your eyes, “And I’m not your girlfriend,” you shrugged sarcastically, “Actually. I won’t be for much longer unless you snap out of it.”

He frowned, his entire face falling. It pained you to see him hurt, but he needed a wake up call. Only the nastiest of comments would reach him through that drunken haze, “M’sorry.”

“Excuse me? Couldn’t hear you—you’re slurring a little.”

“I’m sorry,” he was getting frustrated now. He always acted like a child when he was drunk.

“You should be,” you nodded, folding your arms across your chest to protect yourself from the cold, “You’re calling every single on of them,” you jerked a thumb over your shoulder, indicating the bustling club, “And apologizing the minute you wake up.”

“You’re acting like my mum,” he rolled his eyes.

“You’re acting like a kid,” you said matter-of-factly and that shut him up.

The cab rolled up only moments later, providing warm, leather upholstered relief from the icy air. You helped Harry as he clamored in the back seat, climbing delicately in beside him, “The Four Seasons, please,” you politely instructed the driver, turning back to Harry. His head was already tilted against the window, breath condensing on the cool glass. He was out like a light and you sighed with relief—you weren’t sure how much more you could’ve put up with.

You loved Harry, you really did. He was a great guy with enough talent to go around. He just needed a little guidance sometimes. He was a kid at heart, really, but unfortunately, that side only came out with a few shots of vodka.


Hope you guys liked this one! It isn’t my favorite but it’s definitely different than what I usually write.

Also, a special happy birthday to none other than my love Harry Styles. You grew up too fast, my love.

xoxo B