i really like the cool light glasses

Summer idea…


Here’s some ideas I came up with:

  • LIGHTS…. buy old lights like lava lamps, like the picture above, galaxy lights, disco balls and such and put them all over your room. These are actually really cool looking. I just put a lava lamp in my room and I think it would be awesome to have them all over.
  • Fill glass bottles with colored water, sand, or whatever you come up with. For colored water simply add food coloring and mix in water. You can add glitter or confetti if you want. Colored water with cotton/stuffing and glitter creates a space galaxy effect (let me know if anyone would like me to post a tutorial for any of this)
  • CANDLES…. candles are fairly cheap and look really cool when you have them all over (especially when lit) I have a bunch of candles in my room all in the color scheme I have going on. Most of them are lemonade scented (mixed with something else) and they mix well together. 
  • HEADBOARD… my headboard was looking a little dull recently so i took a scarf I never wore and wove it into the grooves of my headboard. It actually looks really cool. I put errands I never wear or ones that have missing pairs on the scarf so it looks even coolor (I simply poked them into the fabric so that the ends couldn’t be seen)
  • Photographs… I have pictures all over my room. I have them on the mirror (you can use tape or just slide them between the mirror and the frame if possible) I get pictures from my social networking sites and print them at walmart. Buy a bunch of cool frames and fill them with pictures of friends and family.

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Could I get a scenario with Hanji and Levi where they are stargazing with their s/o and they s/o who happens to be a science geek starts to tell facts about the stars and space.

Hanji’s interest in science really extended toward earth and other organisms, but never astronomy. She could appreciate the look of it, but it was never something the woman delved into.

“Did you know each and every one of those stars we’re seeing is bigger than our sun?” Her partner’s voice intrudes her ears, making her turn her head. The light of the stars catches her glasses and makes them gleam. “Really? That’s so cool!” She voices, grabbing their hand.

“I didn’t know you liked space,” She says. They nod, breaking eye contact with her before looking back up to the deep night sky. She hums in content. “Tell me more, ___.”

Levi stretched his arms out on the blanket the two of them had set out on the grass, training his eyes on each star that caught his interest. “It’s kind of hard to believe there’s about 400 billion of those suckers out there,” His s/o says without thinking too much about it.

The man raises his eyebrows at the fact, feeling a bit astonished that there were that many stars. “That so?” Levi says, turning his attention to his partner. They turn their head, smiling.

“Yeah. Hard to believe, huh? What we’re seeing doesn’t even compare to what there actually is.” Levi nods, his lips turning a small bit upward at his partner’s knowledge.

I Injured Myself While Trying to Spread Joy

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I  Injured Myself While Trying to Spread Joy

Pairing: Pietro X Reader
Prompt: Can you write something with this i live below you and i was minding my own business watching the snowfall out the window WHEN I SAW A BODY FALL ARE YOU REALLY PUTTING UP CHRISTMAS LIGHTS NOW” pietro x reader :)
Warnings: Slight violence (but not to each other)

( this one is short but sweet <3 )

    Days like this were rare.

    You leaned your head on the cool glass window, peering across New York City. Tiny, delicate snow flakes danced as they fell to the ground. Everything beyond the glass barrier that separated you from the outside had a thin, white blanket covering it. White puffy clouds covered the blue sky, as the bright sun shone through. 

   It was an off-day for everyone, and frankly, you weren’t complaining. No training sessions with Natasha and Steve, no engineering and chemistry lessons from Tony and Steve, and no researching and filing documents with Fury. 

    A sigh escaped from you and you reveled in this peaceful moment, closing your eyes. You felt your muscles relax for the first time after years since you joined the Avengers program, and your thoughts were beginning to quiet down. Everything just felt perfect. 

    Until you heard a scream. 

    Your eyes flew open, just in time to witness a large object falling from above on the other side of the window.

   No, not an object. A body

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#The Art Assignment : Paper Weavings

Had a lot of fun with the recent Paper Weavings Art Assignment. Brought back memories of doing these with faded construction paper and dull scissors back in grade school. Definitely a tools/material upgrade since then! The paper I used was almost like origami. Very thin with color only on one side. I was curious to see what the effect would be. I chose all cool colored strips for one and gold/metallic strips for the other. It doesn’t show well here, but the metallic strips shine brightly in direct light.

Once I had some normal pictures of the final product, I took advantage of a very sunny window to see what that thin paper would look like when back-lit. Answer: Super interesting! Almost a stained-glass appearance to them. Finally let the sun shine across them at a strong angle to exaggerate the relief of the woven strips, which showed way more dimension than I expected. Really put the tactile experience of the material and action of the weaving on display.

Thanks to Michelle Grabner’s awesome work for inspiring this project.
Cool assignment!