i really like the colours in this one :)


  •  probably a light blue
  •  he’s so good at nail art?
  •  10/10 would do LOLOL nail art
  •  he follows nail artists on instagram


  •  he would love painting your nails black
  •  most of the time he would make a mess 
  •  he tries tho
  •  probably you’re the one painting his nails


  •  don’t ask me why but she takes really good  care of her nails
  •  doesn’t really like painting hers though
  •  so she just uses yours
  •  white is her favorite


  •  “why would I paint them if I can pay for a manicure?”
  •  jumin ffs 
  •  honestly, he enjoys it
  •  he founds it relaxing
  •  really likes dark colours


  •  HOLO
  •  follows every nail artist
  •  he once did nail art of himself on you
  •  painting-your-nails-and-complaining nights
  •  “saeran do you want me to paint yours?”


  •  never admits he does that
  •  but he loves doing it so he can take care of you
  •  when seven found out he couldn’t stop laughing
  •  until he saw your nails
  • “damn and I thought I was good at this”

I can finally stop being a bucket of heat-induced rage arguing with small children on an am too/am not level and avoiding folks online so I don’t have the urge to bite off heads.

There is some form of A.C. and I can finally wear less than three layers + headscarf/wrappy-cap thing, I am satisfied. I feel cool indoors for the first time since coming here!!!

(​Mama got me this really loose long-sleeved hooded one-piece in two colours [it’s a little longer than a shirt?] that’s light and cottony and airy~ I would describe it as being like… a hoodie dress, but summery/light, with extra fabric at the front to cover the neck as needed!)

It’s so comfy and good and I 100% recommend these things if you want to dress modestly while it’s HOT and there’s always dudes roaming around and wearing multiple layers and constantly taking them on/off will make you sick.

(​Previously, I was doing stuff like wearing the track suit + underclothing with… no… A.C……… a super-run down jallabiyah that’s been washed until it’s sheer so I wore it with an undershirt and underskirt and also a headscarf….. another jallabiyah but this one had mini sleeves, so I wore cotton shoulder/arm cover meant for dresses……)

Clothes designers need to be kinder about making light, breathable summer clothes with actual sleeves/designed to actually cover the body, it’s just mean to have to layer in summer otherwise, gyah— SO, really happy to have this, it’s sooo breezy~

I just found out that the black trans pride uses a black stripe in the middle instead of a white one, and…. Like that’s a really stupid design choice??? If you wanted to make a specifically POC flag for the transgender community, you don’t ERASE one of the stripes on the flag and replace it with something else??? You’re supposed to just add the colour. It could have been two black stripes on the top and bottom. The middle white stripe actually has a meaning, you can’t just replace it.

get to know me meme

i was tagged by @bloody-bee-tea so here we go!

Rules: Answer 20 questions and tag 20 of your amazing followers or people you want to get know better.

Name: Isaac
Nicknames: Zac/Ice (no one uses ice but it’s an acceptable nickname so i’m including it anyway)
Zodiac: scorpio
Height: 5′9
Nationality: dutch (the netherlands, not germany)
Favourite fruit: oooh nectarines!
Favourite season: ??? none
Favourite book: oooh i’m busy reading captive prince and i really like it so far!!!!!
Favourite flower: irises (aaay)
Favourite scent:  okay so it’s. specifically people scents and i’m not gonna name all the people who smell nice imo so you’ll just have to do with this
Favourite colour: like. light grey
Favourite animal: any rodent!
Coffee/Tea/Hot cocoa: coffee! i hate tea and i only drink hot cocoa in the winter
Average sleep hours: 6? maybe 7?
Cat or Dog Person: cat!!!!!!
The number of blankets you sleep with: in the summer i sleep with one blanket, in the winter with three
Dream trip: ?? idk
Blog created: october 2015
Number of followers: 3,053

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mchanzo week day 4 - red/blue

i love the contrasting colour schemes of these two, i think thats one of the reasons i love them as a couple so much
doing big coloured/lined pieces is so difficult in a single day! but im loving the challenge

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the complications that goes through when you ask main vocal to rap + wonho’s reactions ♡[cr]

I actually ended up REALLY liking these so I’m going to post them on their own.

Today is the birthday of the one and only Wen Junhui!

Originally posted by withjunhui

Originally posted by withjunhui

It is the birthday of a talented:

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I made a post about the whole live action Aladdin movie and my girl Naomi as Jasmine but I’m gonna make another one now that it’s official because Twitter is a mess rn and I’m really conflicted about it all.

Here we go:

1) I really love Naomi and if you follow me you know this, and I’ve been waiting of her to get some recognition like this for so long because she’s a really talented actress and she deserves success. I’m proud that she landed the role, she can definitely pull it off and I understand that she took the role because she’s not a big actress and this will definitely change her life but-

2) The cast for Aladdin should’ve been Middle Eastern. The animated film was based off of a Middle Eastern story and the movie itself starts with a song called ‘Arabian Nights.’ But apparently this wasn’t clear enough for Disney when they were casting for this movie. Disney sent out casting descriptions looking for actors and actresses of Middle Eastern and Indian descent. Apparently Disney doesn’t understand that poc aren’t interchangeable.

3) Honestly I blame Disney for all this. They should’ve known better.

4) Don’t come at my girl Naomi with bullshit like saying she isn’t pretty enough to be Jasmine or saying she isn’t a good actress because she is. I’ve been seeing a lot of backlash on all this and while I agree that Disney should’ve cast a Middle Eastern actress for Jasmine, I will not tolerate any slander for Naomi on any irrelevant shit like her looks or her acting. Naomi deserves better than that. 

5) While there is definitely a colourism problem when it comes to casting in Hollywood, don’t erase the fact that Naomi is a woc and don’t call her white just because she’s biracial.

6) This isn’t like the whole ScarJo thing with GITS and it isn’t whitewashing. It’s a whole different thing. Disney was the one looking for actors of Indian descent instead of just actors of Middle Eastern descent like they should have, and it’s really their fault that a Middle Eastern actress wasn’t cast. Naomi auditioned for a role that was asking for people of Indian descent like her, but Disney should’ve just held auditions for Middle Eastern actresses to be faithful to the source material instead of making it seem that poc are interchangeable.

7) Disney and the director (who is white) are mainly at fault here. Disney has done a lot of stuff like this I’m not surprised. Also, the director should’ve been Middle Eastern too.

8) I’m disappointed that my girl Naomi is gonna get a lot of hate for this role because I love her and she doesn’t deserve this mess. Again, Disney should’ve looked for a Middle Eastern actress. (WB and DC can y'all cast Naomi and save her from all this pls?)

9) On the other hand (no I’m not defending Disney, just adding some more facts on why Disney made this casting decision) the animated film took place in a fictional place called Agrabah and there were some Indian culture influences in the film (Jasmine’s palace being based off of the Taj Mahal) and although it took place in a Middle Eastern area, the film kinda blended stuff from other cultures and that lead to Disney being unclear about it all and looking Indian actors for these roles instead of just Middle Eastern actors.

10) We’ll have to see if they change the location of where the story takes place to explain why Jasmine is Indian while Aladdin is Middle Eastern. They could do that to justify the whole thing, but for the millionth time, Disney should’ve had the entire cast be Middle Eastern (I don’t know if Genie counts because that’ll just be voice work and he’s not human).

So yeah, I’m happy Naomi is finally getting big roles but I don’t want it to happen like this and it makes me sad. She deserves better, and there’s a Middle Eastern actress out there who could’ve had the opportunity for this role who also deserves better.

Please don’t send Naomi any hate tho. This is mainly Disney’s mistake.

1000 Followers gift Pt 2!

This is part 2 of my 1000 followers gift, sorry it took like a week for part 2…

I really wanted some more denim overalls for the kids so I recoloured the parenthood overalls in 2 blue denims and one grey ish denim along with 6 shirt options for each colour! 

  • You Need the Parenthood Pack!
  • 18 Swatches
  • 3 different overalls, 6 different shirts
  • Standalone



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“With a tiny rope and a bag of stones and all her broken wishing bones,
She’s going in, she’s going home.
Oh this little golden eye, fighting every day,
Behind the light.

Walking faster down the street, red eyes and no shoes on her feet,
Going on this journey, determined to complete.
This is farewell, this is good night,
The last time she will see the daylight.

And she’s going on a journey,
Always walking down the road.
And the water is always calling;
“My little child, please come home.”

That’s when she went away,
Away from the light of day.

Standing by the riverside,
Patiently waiting for the tide,
To come along, to come along.
The waters going to her feet,
And on her body wind so cold and sweet.”

Elashorei Lavellan ~ Tarot Card ~ Six Of Swords


Allura and that ugly ass dress need too part and since she’s a princess who deserves so much I designed some for her!! Lmao this started as a colour pallet challenge from here by @plastic-knife ’s and it sorta snowballed from there!! But yeah! I’m really happy with how they all came out!  P.S theres a reward of a drawing in this style in it for the first person who can guess what the flowers are/mean and what order i did these in! one all round guess per person!
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