i really like the coloring on this!!!!!!!!!!!

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hey tori i was watching ur most recent cool speedpaint (the dimlole mob one) and i didnt quite catch how u did the white border thing?? like when the outer side of the lineart is white?


gather round children let me tell you

SO you take your magic wand tool and put the selection mode on ruff

now its gonna go a bit over whatever youre selecting like dis

(i usually select the lineart, u can mash all the color layers together if that works better, or mash ALL in one, whatever youre into. also u gotta click precisely, or it just selects the entire image. alsox2,  it just needs to be the outline so dont like select the lines around the mouth why would you do that)

now this works, but if its too thin for you we have this bad boy

and you just mash that for as long as you like

(as you can see this really isnt perfect, it gets kinda pixelly)

then you just. make a layer under your colors and fill it in with whatever color u want as an outline



Charalgamate and NMT!Frisk belongs to @xxmileikaivanaxx!! ;D


Got commissioned to draw Henrietta, a character from @shenanimation‘s Scalie Schoolie (along with a variant expression). Cute character and the second expression specifically was really fun to draw.


Big sister knows what’s up Prompto.
You can’t keep secrets from the queen. In which our young Incubi Prompto is trying to hide is affections for a certain prince, but Luna knows better! Luna sees all…I wanted an excuse to draw horns last night, it started off with Luna solely, but then I added Prompto shortly after hahaha! Colorful horns are colorful! 


Super belated art trade with Chechula where we drew our redheads from the forest! It was supposed to be an ink/goretober thingy but then things happened, such as school getting in the way, me not wanting to hurt this beautiful fairy who hopefully looks at least a little bit like Kiwien and then not wanting it ugly on top of being late because most of my ink things still turn out like that.

Also it’s a super noodle so tumblr dash is probably going to hate me for it (click on it for non blurry version) and even if not I’m sorry for taking over all of your screen x2, I like noodles :v


Speed paint for the night. I decided to jump start the color pallet with green, which is a color I don’t usually use as a motif. I usually work pallets around blue, purple, or red.

I haven’t drawn Shera in her lab coat in a loooonnggg while. As a last thought, I bet they work pretty well together. Very hands on folks…

Gift Picture and Head canons ^_^

So a friend of mine was having a really hard day so I thought it would be nice to do some art to cheer them up. 

One of my personal favorite head canons is that after Hawkmoth is defeated (assuming that Gabe has gotten his act together and we get the redemption arc I am desperately hoping for, cause I love long drawn out redemption plots) after a year or two of salting Marinette would end up totally getting over everything and bonding with her fashion idol/mentor where as Adrien will continue to be snarky and bitter for ages (understandably so) 

So like- as they grow up Gabe and Mari end up getting along really well because they have a lot of similar interests and personality traits while Adrien is just- “I don’t know Dad, do we have time to go to the theater with you this week or will you be too busy collecting butterflies? What? You want to know my favorite color? But I could have sworn I mentioned it at all those  family meals you didn’t show up for because you were hanging out in your secret lair.” 

Bonus Sketch cause I couldnt’ help myself: 

Anyways enjoy your present @sinfulpapillon and feel better ^_^

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Magnus' magic is honestly so pretty. I love that it's different colors depending on what he's doing/feeling.

it is super pretty!! i really enjoy that he has the softer blue for non-offensive magic and then the yellow for offensive magic….and then of course the fiery red for when he’s super pissed, which we’ve only seen once.

i love that his magic takes on different tones. and also when his blue shield goes up i die??? that battle sequence is my favorite bc it really shows how exceptionally quick he is, like. it’s not just the magic but his reflexes are just so fast?? i love it.


Smh ‪I drop my phone all the time. SO glad I got this case! It’s ultra thin and has full coverage and it’s saved me multiple times‬! It’s really thin but perfect for me. it’s on amazon prime! Use code: WEXVNUJS to get it for less than 5 bucks.
It also comes in multiple colors like rose gold and red !

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I love how Kurama is threatening to feed a man his own spleen and, meanwhile, his kids are 100% okay with this. This is a perfectly ordinary thing happening and that's a perfectly appropriate thing to do. Moving along now. XD


What I can’t wait to see is all four of the kids picking up on Kurama’s foul mouth. Cute, sweet little Gaara getting frustrated with something and starting to curse like a sailor. Naruto spitting cheerful curses at people he’s fighting. Fuu spouting off the most colorful combinations when she’s mad. Yugito whipping them out when she’s really unhappy or wants to throw someone off balance. Because, after all, Kurama-nii does it, and Kurama-nii can do no wrong, so this is fine. 

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Uhm! Hello! I really like your blog and I think you're really nice but I want to let you know that that altean lance art is whitewashed (sorry to bother you, but I felt that you might want to know) okay thank you have a nice day


If anything the colors are just desaturated. I appreciate your concern though. The heads up def made me take a closer look at it.

fun story

so ever since i came out as queer to my father, he’s made an effort to like… consume and share with me every piece of wlw media there is. which is really sweet and it’s fun to discuss a lot of it with him – and one day, he brings home this movie called “blue is the warmest color” and asks if i want to watch it

now, i’d heard rave reviews about this movie, and i knew there was some sex in it, but i assumed it was normal “soft lighting, jazz music in the background, you-can-tell-what’s-going-on-but-it’s-not-too-explicit” movie fare, so i said “sure”

and for the most part, it was a nice father-daughter movie night, watching this sad french lesbian couple sad french lesbian all over the place

but then, sometimes, we’d get treated to not one, not two, but THREE over-five-minute-long sex scenes. 

a father, and his teenage daughter, who is notoriously squeamish about anything concerning sex, sitting there, desperately trying to NOT look at the tv screen, which is showing some of the most graphic sex i’ve EVER seen outside of porn, and is, as an added bonus, obviously filmed not for the lesbians in the audience but for the straight guys (seriously, i may be a total virgin, but even i knew that about 90% of what they were doing is not how lesbian sex works. or any sex, actually.)

this happened THREE TIMES.

so that’s why i haven’t rewatched “blue is the warmest color,” despite it actually ranking as one of my favorite movies. it’s a beautiful film with superb acting, but it also reminds me of that time i was uncomfortable for 187 minutes

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Sheith 3 pls!! :)

Reincarnation AU I wrote with @crowlines :)

3. “It’s always been you.”

It surprises them both, when on their first date Keith remembers Shiro doesn’t like pickles. But how can he remember something Shiro’s never told him before?

They brush it off; maybe they’re just compatible, but it keeps happening. How did Shiro know that Keith loves soft kisses on his cheek and behind his ear? How did Keith know Shiro’s favorite colors, favorite animals, favorite foods?

When they hold each other for the first time Shiro says, “Maybe it’s just because I’ve thought about this moment a lot, but it feels like we’ve done this before.” And Keith presses his face against the crook of Shiro’s neck and mumbles, “Me too.”

Shiro brushes a strand of hair away from Keith’s face and says, voice low and gentle, "You might think I’m crazy, but I really think you’re my soulmate.”

Keith pulls him closer to brush their lips together and says, "I don’t think that’s crazy at all.”

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And two bigger Red Horses

Dama and Baiho’s person first wrote to me in the fall of 2015.  She wrote:

Recently, I came across an article mentioned about your work on lamby. I have a doll named dama (a horse) and she really needs some major repair. 80% of her colors faded, and the yellow cloth of her feet is gone (so I can see the stuffing completely). Also, her stomach is also on the edge of breaking apart and she needs more stuffing. However, for years I did not know who to turn to about fixing her since my sewing skill would most likely make her even worse. I am wondering how can I get her fixed?

In addition, there is a smaller version of her called baiho. She also need a bit of sewing and stuffing, so I would love for her to get fixed too.

I deeply apologize for the amount of work that these two may required, but I really want to get them fixed since I got them when I was a kid and they are part of my important childhood.

Of course, first I assured her that there was no need to apologize.  The horses were worn because they were very well loved, and no one should ever have to apologize for that.  After a bit of conversation and evaluation, the plan was to recover Baiho’s feet and recover Dama completely.  But then, life got in the way and their person got busy until this past fall when she wrote:

First of all, I just want to apologize for sudden disappearing for almost a year. Soon after the email, my family had a huge emergency that I had to take my attention away for a while. I deeply apologize for my rudeness and I would really appreciate if we can still continue where we left off? Again, I am very sorry about sudden disconnection!!

Again, no need to apologize.  Life happens (and happily things calmed down).  But it was very sweet…  

A few weeks later, the duo arrived at the hospital:

This is Dama, she’s almost 2 feet head to tail, and a foot and a half head to toe:

And here is Baiho, who is about a foot head to tail:

Matching the horses’ yellow hooves was fairly easy, so Baiho had hoof recovering (reshoeing?) first:

But, believe it or not, the duo was originally a dark red velour.  Since we were only recovering one, I sent a couple fabric options:  one a richer version of Baiho’s current color (which wasn’t changing) and one darker red:

Their person chose the red, and here is Dama all better!

And here is the duo before they flew home:

They made it home safely and their person wrote:

I just want to say thank you for taking your time and putting all the work in fixing Dama and Baihao. Throughout the whole process, there was not a moment that I regretted my decision in putting them in your hand. Thank you so much for everything that you have done for the past month! I am glad that I found such a great person whom treat my doll as if they are yours! Thank you!

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hey could you explain the Bell & Clarke blue/tan shirt thing?

Hey anon! Sorry I’m replying to this so late, I just wanted to make sure I was able to think of a good answer for you.

I think a lot of it has to do with them being two sides of the same coin. And their shirts swapping colors runs throughout the entire series, not just s1 and s4. Like really. I was looking through old stills and they both literally only wear tan or blue with rare color changes in between

For reference, here’s a pic from Clarke in s1:

Tan shirt. and s2:

Blue shirt. And bellamy also wears a blue shirt in s2 (and s1 but we all already know that):

And he wears tan in s3:

I also found one more thing that I thought was interesting. The only times they wore anything but their colors (blue and tan), was when bellamy wore the mt. weather guard’s uniform (white)

And when Clarke started wearing black at the end of s2

and throughout s3

But then she’s right back to blue in s4

Look for yourself in other pictures even. Besides maybe a few times, they are always wearing these same colors and I don’t think it’s a coincidence. The fact that they swap them could also mean that they’ve really gone through everything together. They share most of the same burdens and completely understand and empathize with each other. It’s almost as if it’s an unspoken “i know you”

But really, you shouldn’t take my word for it. I honestly have no experience in costume or makeup in a field like this so please, if anyone else feels like they want to add something, feel free to do so.