i really like the artworks


@klanced you called?

also don’t look at it too hard cos the more you do the more you realize how much I screwed this up

Tumblr kept flagging my original post as not safe even when it is, so I finally I found a loophole so it would show up in the tags ;u; 

(belated) Happy Birthday, again, @sehuntun! Gaius based from the beach DLC under the cut :D

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Since I noticed a ton of you keeps reblogging this thing, which is way too old and low-res and it makes me feel a little awkward, I made another sketch. Thank you.  ಠ◡ಠ

Cersei smiled the sort of smile she customarily reserved for Jaime.

- George R. R. Martin, A Clash of Kings

Hi everyone! After weeks of not posting any proper arts, I’d like to share a sneak peek of my MM Halloween keychain set! ^ o ^

Yes I made it finally;; *cries a litre * I’ll post the remaining characters tomorrow including PRE-ORDER details (there’ll be a special early bird package)^^

If you have any questions feel free to send it to my askbox! Actually I’ve been sick for this whole week.. So I got so many unanswered questions in my inbox, I’ll try to answer it all soon for sure!

Thank you for every one and each of you who’ve liked my artworks. Really I wasn’t even planning to make this keychain from the start but you gave me support and ideas, which is really nice :’) *tumblr hug*

Special thanks to @crystalchock i can’t do this without you babe;;

Oh and for this post (and the next one) reblogs are much appreciated!

There’ll be suprises for random reblogger ;) (I’m serious) 

Thank you!!

To celebrate, I drew bundled up 2d

Chamomile Tea

inspired by this artwork and HC by @kingsdarga. I just really liked the idea and hope it’s ok I wrote a quick little fic based on it. 
(tbh the fic file on my computer is named “death buddies” but that wasn’t a very nice title… )


“What do you want?” Gabriel’s voice is rough and ragged, as if his vocal cords are being stretched and torn for every word he speaks.

“I got you some tea,” Genji replies with a smile, placing the teapot and cups gently down on the table.

Gabriel studies them with critical eyes, slightly twitching as his eyes momentarily loses focus.
“Why? I can’t taste shit,” he grumbles angrily.

“Well,” Genji shrugs and pulls out a chair for himself. “You still feel a little, right?”

“Mostly pain” Gabriel mutters.

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