i really like that word now ;d lmao

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In honor of my favorite bisexual's birthday (and because I'm sick of being closeted) I'm coming out today


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I'm new to bts so I'm a bit confused. What's hyyh?

omg my time has come SIT DOWN I WILL TELL YOU A STORY

SO. Hyyh stands for Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa, which translates to The Most Beautiful Moment In Life.

It was a trilogy of albums bts had, (hyyh pt.1, hyyh pt.2 and young forever) which started off with the I Need U mv. So there was:

I Need U
The Prologue
Young Forever

All of these videos started with the hyyh symbol - it was an era. The hyyh era.

However, this whole era is… a story. It’s a story armys have been trying to figure out ever since it started, and that’s where all the theories are coming from. I suggest you watch all of bts’ videos that are from the hyyh era, and also watch the theory videos people make. (also includes Japanese version of blood sweat and tears.)

The reason everyone is freaking out about it now is because basically the hyyh era never ended, and the story is continuing. We feel like we’re going to get a lot of answers from this new comeback too. Hopefully :D

I hope this helped, I’m really bad at explaining things - especially when I’m excited about it. It all comes out in word vomit lmao

If any of ya’ll have anything to add feel free 💜

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I LOVE HOW YOU’RE SO ENTHUSIASTIC ALL THE TIME AAAHHH. You’re honestly my favorite type of person in terms of your work and stuff like omg so much passion, and idk I feel like I’d love love love to be close to you and stuff (I make mean brownies, man, if that ain’t a bribe then I don’t know what is????). And fucc man, your tags bring me to life Anyway, anyway, I wish you great day, and lotsa lotsa sleep and rest for u and things to inspire u ʕっ•ᴥ•ʔっ ✨💜✨💜✨

omg this is so nice!!!!! thats such a huge compliment because it means the world to me how many of u enjoy my writing style. i always thought it was so boring and basic but so many of u tell me otherwise!!!!!! it really boosts my mood and thats why im able to write like this!!!!!! i would love to be close to u too!!!!! some of u guys have come off anon and ur my friends!!!!!! dont be afraid of me!!!!! i will talk to ANYONE and become ur friend!!!!!!! just put some weed n them brownies and im urs anon LMAO WHO SAID THAT DID I SAY THAT!!!!!!! but i hope u have a good day too and i msorry this reply was a lil late!!!!!!!

WHY THO Omg I don’t even have words?? All I can really say is ‘thank you’. Like I didn’t even think I’d hit fifty followers when I first started this blog, but now I have 2020 in four months??? So thank you for your support, encouragement, and just your general existence! Maybe I’ll write a few fics some of you have asked for in the past, or maybe I’ll even do a crossover? ;3 Anyway, thank you all again; whether you followed for the writing or the memes, you are appreciated! <3


yeah it kinda is, because sometimes i just write and write and write until i burn myself out, and go on a week long absence w/o a word

which is also bad, because im also writing a commission right now, and it’d be unfair to the commissioner for me to go “eeeeeh well i dont really FEEL like it” so i try to force myself to take breaks sometimes

i mean ik you guys cant see what i’ve been doing, because i haven’t been posting, but i’ve been. writing nearly daily until i go to sleep at night, trying to meet deadlines and goals and etc

im not procrastinating, im tryin to save my drive and not burn out

Done screwing around with the page, LMAO: at least, for now that is. Nothing I guess… TOO significant changed save for edited some words around and whatnot and removing some AUs I don’t really care for anymore.

Though I DID add one that I think might be interesting to try; an AU where Athena is a dragon? :3c She’d be one that came from another world and wields electrical powers! She can also transform into her human form, too; but is still going to be way stronger and faster and whatnot than a regular human. And also, even in her human form, she can still use her powers and breath fire and all that, so…keep that in mind, PFFFF.

And the FC I’d use for her dragon form will be this, lmao:

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I think people hate songs by her that aren't really about her because the reason we connect to her music is because she puts our feelings into words better than we can, and the only way you can do that is to have experienced them. Speak Now (song) is about crashing someone's wedding during the vows and stealing someone's fiance lmao which tbh I doubt many of us on here have done.. we like the songs that come from real, raw emotion like all too well and clean.

Isn’t Stay Stay Stay her idea of what she’d like in a relationship though? So that’s still about her. I don’t know, that’s just my thoughts on that. You Are In Love isn’t about her either, but thats a damn masterpiece. But I agree!