i really like that skull thingy


HEY happy trending 27th! And check it out it’s a SPECIES SWAP AU!!

if you cant tell: Wander swap with dom,hater’s a zbornak, silvia’s a watchdog and peepers and the watch dogs are skeletons…. Watch skulls??


I got myself some new watercolor paper last friday and did a few quick watercolor doodles to test it out.:) 

I really like it!! It dries more slowly and the color blending act out a bit differently as my usual (as you can see with merrow!matthew) but at the same timethe texture is super fine and the colors are super vibrant! (and i dont scrap my inking pens since the texture is not super rough.)

L&co future

So idk why I thought of this cause it made me really sad…

So later on in the future Lockwood, Lucy, and George’s talents are gonna most likely go away…so what’s next after there talents are gone.

I have many ideas of their futures, but this one really hit my feels:

So let’s say that George goes off and falls in love with someone *cough*Flo*cough* and gets married and buys 37 Portland Row (house next door). Holly starts her own healthy restaurant (I really don’t know where that came from). And the Skull starts his own talk show (I know that’s impossible, but it would be great). And Lockwood starts like an agent training camp thingy; teaching how to use supplies, helping them use there talents, rapier training, etc. Lucy helps out for a while, but realizes she wants to do more.

So Lucy is looking for jobs (idk what type of career) and finds one in New York (or something) that’s like really good. And so it’s really sad for everyone when she leaves, but they are happy for her cause this is like her biggest chance to do something great (after doing psychic investigations with L&co)

Anyway she is really happy in New York and loves her job. And she still stays in touch with everyone, but it’s really hard. Meanwhile back in London George is happy, but misses lucy and Holly’s restaurant is doing great….but Lockwood is really missing Lucy and is really aware of his feelings for her.

So then after like 7 years of Lucy being gone and 2 years of not hearing from her Lockwood gets a letter from Lucy. And he’s like really happy but then opens it to find out it’s a wedding invitation… And because he is so heart broken he shuts down his training and politely declines cause he doesn’t have enough money to go to New York.

Then another 4 yeas later Lucy moves back to London…with a family…A husband and a daughter . Lockwood is still single. And he has to face meeting Lucy’s family. And seeing Lucy again. But seeing her actually helped him and he was happy. But that’s the opposite for Lucy. When she sees Lockwood again she remembers and experiences all her old feelings for him.

2 years later Lockwood finds someone else and gets married, but doesn’t really love her. Lucy doesn’t know this and thinks he’s happy. And this time it’s Lucy who is now dead inside.

So in this L&co future neither Lockwood or Lucy end up together and it’s really sad cause they both still like each other but doesn’t know the other loves them back.


My final for Animation II.  Probably one of the longer Flash animations I’ve made in years too.  I just wish I had more than one week to make this, haha.

You can consider me as one of the many people who felt Ghost helped them overcome an art block, so it felt right for me to make a little something dedicated to the video as my final project.  Ben, Kressent, Isaiah, Blake, Heilos and everyone else (apologies to those I forgot!) did a fantastic job on the music video!

As for this animation, I noticed Lewis and Mystery didn’t really get much of a moment in the music video which gave much info about their relationship, so putting those two in the spotlight seemed like a fun way to observe how their personalities could bounce off each other.  I also needed more practice drawing and animating quadruped characters, hence another reason why Mystery is here.


my dear freckle son Kos (pronounced like Coh-ss) He looks so tired after the fight w/ coryphyiuehheus. He’s really sad after Trespasser :c (EDIT: not too sad tho, I wasn’t happy with the first doodle so he looks a little less old)

Bonus a little color in the missions panel, showing off his skull vitaar, Because  Necromancer.

Also he romanced Cassandra, so he’s a bit of a romantic. Also a huge, blushy nerd. He’s quite tall, but not actually as bulky as the Inquizzy build has him as, (that’s his brother Asaara)

thanks to niklisson, for making this sweet thingy, and for letting people use it!