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Which Homestuck or Hiveswap character do you relate to the most?

i hate to be That Guy and say dave strider but it would be because people seem to misunderstand me and think im cool but im really just some idiot mumbling jokes to himself in the corner.

i guess in a more serious sense, i like aradias character because i relate her arc re: my own personal struggle with depression. maybe i read and understood it wrong, but thats how i connected with it anyway. chronologically, she starts off as an enthusiastic but dorky kid, and when she dies she loses interest in things and sort of just exists for a while. theres a whole part about her being a robot, and then when she finally returns to life she insists that she “plans to stay that way” idk man. I’m not like… a literary person so maybe im projecting a bit. there are probably a lot of different ways to read this character.

for a long time the things i loved no longer held my interest. i was bored and detached from people and nothing that i otherwise enjoyed seemed to matter. I spent a long time just… doing what i felt like i was supposed to be doing because i thought thats what people wanted of me or expected of me and its not like i had a ton on my plate otherwise. when i finally broke out of this (though maybe that part of me will always exist in some capacity) i finally felt… alive again. i felt like myself again and i refused to let it go. idk man. sorry i got way too into this LMAO


Me: No I’m definitely up for meeting your manager today. I want to work and start saving up as soon as possible.

Cadi: Awesome! You’re going to love Sofia, she’s great. 

Me: Have you made a lot of friends here, Cadi? You used to have lots of pics on Instagram and Facebook of you partying and traveling but then you kind of slowed down. You barely post actually. I was so surprised when you reached out to me.

Cadi sighs: I know. I was living really wild a few years ago, Shannon. It was out of control. Now I like a slower pace.

Me: So what do you do for fun here? Where does everyone hang out?

Cadi: Um…it’s very laid back here in the Hollow. People keep to themselves for the most part.

Me: Oh. But like- are there any bars or night clubs? Any place I can meet some hot guys? I think I’d like to get back in the dating scene. You and Aries are so cute together.

Cadi vague: Well…um…yeah, there are places you can meet people.

I wrote a really long political debate that went on in my world, would any of you be interested in reading it?

It’s boring like…about taxes and stuff…but sort of interesting in some parts. I guess interesting if you want to see different viewpoints clashing & how the parties compromise.

The debate is between the Progressive Party (center left), Independent Party (libertarian leaning), and Socialist Party (socialist, obviously) but the Socialist Party isn’t allowed to say much because they’re a minority party.

Stroke of Midnight- Chapter 6  ~part 1~ (Pennywise x reader)

This chapter was a lot longer than what I usually put, so I just went ahead and did it in two parts. Enjoy.

When you woke up, it was almost 9 a.m. You groggily sat up in bed. Your eyes hurt from crying and only getting a few hours of sleep.  Thankfully it was Sunday, so you didn’t have to go to work. You got out of bed and picked up your shredded shirt off the floor. After tossing it in the wastebasket, you dug around for some fresh clothes. You settled on a fitted light yellow shirt and light blue jean shorts. You really didn’t feel like eating breakfast, but your stomach was rumbling, so you forced yourself to eat a bowl of cereal. You glanced around your empty house. Not even the silence felt comforting.

You hadn’t ridden your bike in a couple of weeks, so you decided to take it out for a morning ride. It was a nice sunny day. You decided to ride out to the woods to enjoy the peace and comfort of nature. On the way you passed the old, decrepit Neibolt house. Its yellowed, overgrown yard was dotted with sunflowers, the only spot of brightness that came from a house that looked like something from a horror movie.

As you rode, your spirits rose exponentially. You started nearing Lovers’ Bridge, which meant the woods were just beyond. As you got closer, you saw a group of teenagers right before the bridge. You slowed to a stop as you recognized them. The Bowers Gang. Henry Bowers was bent over in front of someone. A short someone. You heard the kid yell. Without even thinking you got off you bike and walked closer. You saw a glint in Bower’s hand. His knife. The kid yelled again.

“Hey!” you hollered.

The whole group turned towards you, including the boy that Bowers was terrorizing. You recognized him instantly. It was the boy from the library.

“Let him go!”

“Hey, Henry, look who it is. Stuttering Bill’s cousin,” said Vic.

The boys started guffawing and making cat calls. While they were preoccupied, the boy from the library squirmed out of Belch and Vic’s grasp and jumped over the railing.

“Go after him, Patrick!” Bowers screeched.

Patrick jumped over the edge. Bowers pointed at you, his face contorted with rage. “Get that bitch!”

You knew now that you had messed up. You started running in the opposite direction, but you weren’t fast enough. Vic and Belch caught up to you and grabbed you. You screamed and fought against them as they drug you over to where they had had the boy. The two of them pinned you against the bridge railing.

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Why do you forbid the conversion of your hair for the sims 2? Since you will never make these conversions why refuse others to do them? I'm part of those who love the sims 2 and I'm really disappointed not to be able to have your pretty hairs in my game just because I don't play sims 4. T_T

Where did I tell I forbid that? I didn’t mention sims 2 game because I simply forgot about it. Then some nonny asked me about the sims 2 and I said it’s allowed too. So don’t be dissapointed, go and convert what you like sweetheart <3

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I think a small part of me still feels like I'm broken for being Ace, because I never headcanon characters as Ace.

I think it really depends your media of choice and how prone you are to headcannoning. Some people just headcanon because they can, others only do it if they could write a 20 page paper on it. If you aren’t comfortable with the label fully maybe you don’t headcanon because you don’t actively want to think about asexuality during that show/movie/etc. And that’s perfectly okay! 

I Need You

Hi!!! Here’s part 4 of ‘Mistake’ I apologize it took so long but the hurricanes fucked up my life and have been working nonstop so couldn’t really write but! Here it is!

Also yes I decided to give Lance a happy ending (srry if you wanted some hardcore Langst but this poor blue bean needs some happiness man!). Hope you all like this!!! Thank you again for the support!!! ^^


Coran took a deep breath before walking to the door and opening it more with the touch pad before slipping in. He closed the door behind himself, without locking it, preparing himself to face the room. When he did turn around his heart plummeted to his stomach. The room was completely trashed. Lance had somehow figured how to deactivate the day and night cycle and it was stuck on utter darkness, there was a mess of blankets and pillows on the floor and things where all scattered across the room. What took Coran’s attention the most was the mess of small tablets scattered near the wall opposite to the bed.

The Altean pain medications.

When he looked at Lance his heart shattered completely. He was shirtless standing beside the blue lion with his hand on her head softly playing with her ears and not meeting his eyes. The bright and happy glow that usually surrounded the blue paladin was replaced by a dark somber aura. His once healthy appearance was replaced by a brown mess of hairs sticking in every single direction, his blue eyes were swollen and puffy with bags under them, cheeks marked with tear tracks, lips chapped and wounded, and way skinnier than last time Coran saw him. His eyes drifted to the clawing marks on the blue paladin’s chest that seemed to have already healed leaving a redish scar. Coran would never have expected to see him so destroyed in the time he has known the younger. Tears where flooding Lance’s eyes the longer they stood there and Coran couldn’t hold back anymore. In long strides he engulfed the boy into a hug.

“My boy. Look at you.” He whispered, tightening the hug when a sob broke out from Lance’s throat.

Lance wrapped his arms around Coran and gripped into the back of his shirt, burying his face into the older man’s chest like how he used to do with his papa. There, in the welcoming warmth of Coran, Lance sobbed and wailed, Blue whinning and pressing herself into Lance’s leg so her cub knew that she was there with him.

“I-I am s-so sorry” Lance sobbed, voice muffled because of Coran’s chest. Coran’s hugs were so similar to his papa’s. They made Lance feel safe, he felt like hell could break loose and he would still be safe. They made him feel as if he actually belonged somewhere.

Coran sighed softly caressing his shaking back. “No, you have nothing to apologize for, my boy” He kept caressing Lance’s back and hair trying to bring comfort to him. Coran looked over to the helmet that was on Lance’s bed before carefully walking to it and carefully pushing Lance to sit on the bed. He got dragged down to sit as well by Lance who wouldn’t let go of him, face still against his chest and arms wrapped tightly around him as if he was scared of Coran disappearing. Coran took the helmet to deactivate the comm so they could have privacy before Lance’s tanned fingers wrapped around his wrist preventing him from doing so.

“T-Tell ‘Llura to come in” Lance whispered against Coran’s chest. Coran nodded his head picking up the helmet.

“Princess Allura, Lance wants you to come in” he said into the comm before deactivating it and putting it back on the bed. Not even a second later the door of the room swooshed open, allowing Allura to run inside before it closed again.

Allura looked around the room before her eyes landed on Lance. She gasped covering her mouth before rushing to them and wrapping her arms around Lance’s waist.

“I’m so so sorry Lance. How could I let this go this far. I should’ve stopped this before it happened, I’m so sorry” Allura said as Lance turned a little to wrap his arm around her but not letting go of Coran. “I failed to protect you, I-” Lance shook his head pulling his face from Coran’s chest sniffing.

“Allura, you have nothing to apologize for. It’s all my fault, if only I was better, If only I was smart, if only I wasn’t a fucking disgrace at everything I do, maybe I wouldn’t have lost so much. I’m just a monster, a mistake, a-a failure” Lance sobbed, covering his face with his hands.“no one needs me, I’m just a waste of space. I-I” Lance choked on a sob. Blue growled lowly and hopped on the bed. She walked behind Lance and laid down behind him while licking his cheek as he leaned back to rest his body against her. “No one really needs me” he whispered sniffing.

“I need you Lance” Lance froze when those words reached his ears. Had he heard right? Had Coran just said that? No… it can’t be…

Allura was just as shocked as Lance was. Coran was never one to say things like these. Coran was more of the cheerful type that would let you know how much you mean in a funny remark. These words were filled with so much emotion and said so softly yet sadly. Blue eyes met purple eyes as Coran smiled a sad smile, seeing how Lance opened and closed his mouth as if trying to get his body to express his thoughts but the shock preventing him to do that.

“W-what?” Whispered Lance, as Coran sighed but didn’t pull away from the younger boy in his arms. Coran knew how off character he was acting. He hated to show vulnerability. Ever since he grew out of puberty, he would hide vulnerability at all costs. But… now… this was Lance. This was Lance… the blue paladin of Voltron… he needed to know just how much he meant.

Coran took a shaky breath trying to organize his thoughts as they were all over the place. He gulped before looking at Lance"I have lived for more that six hundred years, my boy. I have seen so much and experienced so much. I had a family…. A lovely wife with a lovely child. Well…“ he paused as a bitter chuckle left his mouth “not exactly child since he was already a fine adult… When I woke up from the Cryosleep and found out that all of Altea was gone…” he trailed off looking into the distance with a pained look. As if he was reliving that moment all over again. Lance hated that look on the older man. The way his uptight posture fell, his shoulders slumped, his eyes wet and distant, it didn’t suit Coran at all. He kept shut as Coran continued on"how that felt….The world I knew…the world I grew up in…the world I loved … i-it was just…gone…Along with my family, my son, my wife. It was so…difficult to not be able to mourn my loss because of the war.“

Lance gulped tightening his hug on Coran as the older man paused to try and regain himself. He started to rub Coran’s back, trying to give the older man the very much needed comfort. Coran leaned into the hug sighing. Beside them was Allura who just didn’t know what to do. She understood what Coran meant, she herself having met Coran’s family before. She knew what kind of pain he felt and honestly couldn’t help but feel as if she had neglected his feeling because of her own.

” I know how you feel. Yes my knowledge has been very useful, but its not at the same time as its ten thousand years old. That is until you neared me and told me how grateful you were for all I knew… when you told me you wanted to know more about how things were in my time…“ He looked down at Lance and smiled” I had already lost all hope but your way of addressing things… your happiness, your kindness, how you went to me looking for advice, the jokes we made… the times we shared… you showing me your world and allowing me to show you the one I lost… It gave me hope that maybe all I knew was gone but that I was not alone, because I had you Lance. I have come to love you as much as I loved my son. Just like sons need their fathers’ support, their fathers need their son’s. You gave me that support Lance.“ Lance gasped as a small drop landed on his left cheek. Coran sighed as small tears escaped his eyes.” I need your kindess Lance, I need your reassurances, I need my son Lance. Earth may not have valued you but I do. You are my son, and I will look after you.“ Coran smiled hugging Lance to his chest.

Lance sniffed and smiled, a warmth coursing through his body and making his tense muscles relax completely for the first time in days. He closed his eyes with a smile before a tap to his forehead startled him enough to make him jump slightly. Allura grinned at him through tears.

"And don’t think you will get free from me! You are my brother! They might not see the amazing person you are, but we do, and we are more than happy to accept you with us” Allura added while hugging him tightly. She had already gotten past the shock of Coran crying as tears rolled down her own eyes as well.“Altean or not you are part of us now.”

“Thank you” whispered Lance as he smiled and closed his eyes hugging the two altean closer to himself. He felt so loved, so accepted. He had a family again, he had a father again, he had a sister that looked after him. He may not look like them, but now he knew that he was a part of them.

“See? Everything is going to be alright my cub” Blue’s comforting voice flooded through him. Finally, the asphyxiating pressure that was on his chest slowly released him and he felt like he could breathe again. Now he only had to fix things up with Hunk which didn’t scare him as much as it did in the beginning. Sure loosing Hunk will scar him for life, but now he knew that if Hunk decided to get rid of him that he had people that would support him through the pain.

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I'm not against Kastle but I really wish more fans were excited to see Frank, and not just him as part of a ship. It's really disappointing me to see everyone talk about only a ship when there's so much more to his show than that. Some fans have waited years for Frank to get his own show and now it feels like a shipping show.

ANON!!! you took the words right out of my mouth. you are not alone in this at all. i’m always cautious to say things about ships because a lot of times people misinterpret. i love kastle, but me personally - i’m here for frank (and jon) FIRST. while i enjoy the ship i won’t lie i have been a little disappointed today that it seems to be all anyone is talking about. hey i’m excited about it too, but i wanna be excited about frank as an individual as well as him w/ karen. there’s a lot more i’m looking forward to in this show than just that ship and it really does seem like that’s what most people are talking about right now. 

hey guys i’ve been really hesitant about making this post because part of it feels like oversharing, but my dad isn’t waking up and we don’t know why. i really don’t have all the details because he was on a business trip (all I know that he is in the hospital and still breathing) but if you’re religious and don’t mind sending out prayers for him that would be great. even if you aren’t religious, just some good vibes sent this way would be greatly appreciated. i’m sorry for putting this in the tag, but my dad is honestly like my world and this day has been the absolute worst so i’m just trying to rally up as much support as possible.

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I saw your other asks about your TFA theories and how you're newish to tumblr. Out of curiosity, have you been following the reylo discourse the last two years? (Like ohtze's death and the maiden essay) There's some really interesting stuff that I think you'd have great takes on.

I have seen Ohtze’s Death and the Maiden meta, and it’s GREAT! I don’t agree with a lot of her points on a personal level from my perspective of interpretation, but I still very much respect her meta. People have different interpretations, and I think that’s a part of what makes it fun. I tend to look at it from more of a “fairy tale” point of view, even if it is a dark fairy tale. I think that’s going to have to include at least one epic love story including some main characters.

I have, in the brief time I’ve been online with the SW fandom, gotten into Scavenger’s Hoard, Star Wars Connection, Knights of Rant, and a few meta posters I’ve seen.

SO, TO ANY NEW REYLOS: PLEASE CHECK THESE PEOPLE OUT! Ohtze (tumblr), Scavengers Hoard podcast (starwarsnonsense and bastila-bae on Tumblr), Knights of Rant podcast (millenniumfulcrum on Tumblr is one of the members), and Star Wars Connection podcast (whose Tumblr is starwarsconnection)

I had thought pretty extensively about all of this before coming online, but before making a Tumblr, I didn’t actually realize Reylo was (1) not popular among the fandom (I was SHOCKED to find out there’s a huge anti movement because I honestly thought Reylo was THAT obvious before coming online to see the Discourse) and (2)something anyone would care to see meta about.

I am still pretty shocked that so many people don’t see it as the most likely/obvious trajectory of the story (until the trailer, at least). Even Reylos can be super skeptical about it and although I think it’s healthy to be open to alternatives just in case… from what I see being presented in the story, it’s the most obvious trajectory and the only one I can see resolving the themes being presented at hand in a satisfying way, and still fitting into the epic saga that is Star Wars. I think most people try to manage expectations, and that can sometimes cloud one’s ability to see things as they are as much as an OVERLY positive outlook can.

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okay, so do you know any single parent aus? with jungkook not being the parent, preferably and him, like, becoming part of the family some how? or babysitter? or something... i've been craving single parent aus for some time now, ohmigod... please help me out?

Hi anon! I actually don’t read single parent aus all that often so I can’t really recommend anything. But! @krushed just recced me this really cute one which I’ll link below.

Let Me Love, Let Me Love You AO3, Ongoing, Jikook, they’re both single dads and it’s legit one of the cutest things because you have the kids but also Jimin trying to woo Jungkook into a date.

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hey so uh. do you have any suggestion as to how i can deal w ppl ruining the fun part of the internet 4 me? idk i just need some Wise words n some validation bc ace discourse keeps popping up n ruining my day. like im all for ppl being whoever they are and having their boundaries respected but some straight person thinking they're more/equally oppressed as me, a black, latina, broke, bi girl is really fuckibg unbeliavable. so, pls,how do i start having hope in humanity again? im so depressed :/

earlier in the summer, my girl n i, bogged down from all the dumb bullshit at our job, were tryna figure out how to cope with it n not go totally crazy. crazier. u know tha drill. we thought, “this is not our life.” we didn’t want it to take up so much room, dedicating Feelings 2 it? wtf? so. we came up with a mantra. its a short one, two words followed by a question mark: 

who cares?

every time something came up, every time we got stressed out from dealing with ppl all the time, one of us would say 2 the other: yeah. but, like. who cares?” 

u know whats wild? it worked. & it started to bleed into other parts of our life. with work it was obvious, this stuff literally didn’t matter, & in 5 years it wasn’t gonna impact my life in any way, so why dwell on it? why put energy into it if i didn’t have to.  i’ve talked abt it before, but my gf n i both have bpd so its all Intensity all the time, reactions on reactions that u Know aren’t healthy — but it was once we started to apply that mantra everywhere else that i felt myself getting better, healthier, in a way that medication & diagnoses never did.

so like. who cares, right? & it doesn’t mean “nothing matters” it means “im going to disengage from this, because its causing me harm where it doesn’t have to.” i applied it to friendships that were making me feel unfulfilled, age old issues i had with family members, & GodFOrbid, my interactions & experiences online.

ppl putting stuff on my dash i don’t like? unfollowed. i’m not obligated to take up every social charge. who cares. discourse about that new movie coming out? oh i’m just gonna scroll right passed it cuz who cares. negative crap about a thing that brings me joy? cool, it’s gone now bye who cares.

the thing is, ppl at my job are always gonna be annoying. i can’t change that. the only thing i can change is how i react to it, whether i spend time on it or not. when i feel that anger coming on from seeing something shitty on my dash or being disappointed by someone who i’ve already written off, i push past it. i don’t want it. i want instead to laugh at good jokes, talk to ppl who matter, & to put my energy into positive vibrations.

truth is, ur better than all of it, ur above it, so who cares?

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Sorry I just really want to get this off my chest,I understand writers getting upset about entitled ass people demanding for updates or just constantly asking about them, but i feel like some people are just taking it a bit to far? Like I just saw someone get a anon that literally said, and I quote "Your writing is amazing! I'm really excited about the next part of __" in those exact words and the author responded with this long ass rant about how they're pressuring her to update and its rude??-

- And it’s like do you not want people to be excited at all about your next chapters? Is it wrong to even mention them now?? I can understand if they asked when it was being updated but they literally just said they are looking forward to it and that’s it. I don’t understand how that’s being demanding or rude in anyway

yeah i’ve definitely seen things like this happen with writers that i used to follow, which was obviously a factor in my unfollowing. the ask would be very polite and not pressuring at all, and then then i’d read their response and i was like uhm wow that was pretty harsh? all they were saying was that they were looking forward to the next part? i can’t speak for every writer but i personally love hearing that you guys are excited for the next installment of my series. so long as you don’t ask me whennnn something is going to be updated then i really welcome most messages about my fics. obviously everyone reacts to things differently, but i just prefer to not see that type of interaction on my dash. it’s nothing against those writers, but our personalities just don’t mesh, and that’s completely fine

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can you recommend some of your favourite korean movies?

ooh movies?? or kdrama as well? as for movies, I haven’t watched that many, because I tend to rewatch the ones I really like

beauty inside

woojin changes into a different person everyday when he wakes up. he falls in love with yi soo. how will she react to his secret?


20-years-old cho won is young man with autism. cho won seems to have a knack for running. he then decides to take part in a marathon and hopes to break the marathon’s fastest record of three hours

the thieves

popie, yenicall, chewingum and zampano are a team of professional thieves in south korea. after they score a valuable antique vase, they hear from macao park in which he proposes a highly lucrative new job in macau


new high-school transfer student na mi comes from a small town in jeolla province to her new school in the capital city of seoul. here she meets chun hwa, jang m, jin hee, geum ok, bok hee and su ji and quickly becomes part of their group. these seven girls then form their own group named “sunny”


from a young age, yeo ri sees ghosts and, because of this, unexpected things occur to people around her. she then isolates herself from the outside world. a magician named jo goo attempts to reach out to her

these movies are all different genres so i hope you will find one that suits your style!

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what are some really good fanfics (series) you would recommend? (mainly w/ namjoon or hoseok)

See I’m the worst person to come to for fic recs because my standards are very high (not writing-wise because I’m in no place to judge that, but plot-wise). There are those fics I read for fun, and those fics which have impacted me in some way – those are the fics I always recommend.

Anyway, as for the recs, I have yet to find a Namjoon series. But for Hoseok, I have found one amazing fic which has actually made me feel something while reading it- 

Wilder by @nochutae

This ain’t me being biased because she my mutual ya’ll, this fic was just really really good and so well-written. It’s short and sweet.

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Totally Not Hoping That The Guy I /Don’t/ Have A Crush On Is Gay

Notes: aaaand it took me like, a month, to actually write this bc im lazy as heck sorry. it’s also really long like, over 6500 words wow why @ me. hope yall dont hate me too much also enjoy this. as to why this exists, i found a random note in my phone with a bit of the dialogue and,, it was too funny to me. so yeah, peace out. 

Warnings: a lot of swearing and a lil bit of blasphemies (like, religious words out of context). also some anxiety.

Summary: Virgil and Roman finally manage to meet again and it took so much trouble for Patton and Logan, poor guys are probably following them all around the city. 

Part One   Part Two

Surprisingly enough Virgil had managed to distract Patton during the rest of the school day and the other boy seemingly forgot about the text he was trying to get Virgil to send.
It wasn’t until later, when Virgil was lying on his bed attempting to study philosophy (and failing. The letters wouldn’t stop swimming around the lucid page), that Patton suddenly remembered the promise the younger boy had made. Virge’s phone broke the silence, vibrating with a new message, and the boy’s concentration shattered completely. Virgil sighed and pushed himself to sit with his legs crossed, hoping that whoever disturbed him had a good reason to. He wouldn’t admit it, but he was a bit disappointed in seeing Patton’s name shining on the lock-screen. The message was short, just a “Have you asked Roman yet? c:” that made Virgil’s blood freeze for a second.
No, he hadn’t.
No, he wasn’t going to. Thank you very much, Patton.
Even the innocent emoji looked too expectant. 

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Have you seen all of star trek? Like the original and so on? I'm trying to get into the original but its so hard for me because its so old. I watch a lot of movies from the 40s and stuff but idk why i cant get used to the original series.

I have seen the original star trek series and I really love it, although some parts of it are very dated. Personally, to enjoy it I just had to accept that parts of it were going to be very clearly from the 60s and ignore the bits I didn’t like. Some episodes are really terrible but some are amazing so you just have to pick and chose which bits to care about and accept as canon and which bits to just ignore completely

[Like, I am actually getting physically fatigued from all this hate..

I understand, sometimes you just don’t mesh well with certain characters and that’s completely fine ! But when you keep insisting on antagonizing a character with something that has been proven to be wrong, you’re really reaching for it, my friend.

Not to mention, we don’t even have the full damn story ! We’ve only seen some parts of Asra’s past that involve Julian and his life at the castle. Asra’s and Julian’s relationship was unhealthy, not abusive. They’re both consenting adults who made stupid decisions.

And I don’t want to even get into the whole memory shtick, because hoo boy, I am just fucking tired of others not understanding that there was a reason behind his actions. 

Anyways, if y’all don’t like Asra and needlessly hate on him, then please, for the love of god, don’t follow me.]

Begin Again Part 1

Characters: Sam x reader, Dean, Cas

Warnings: angst, memory loss, fluff

Word count: 1.9k

Description: The reader is left without her memories when hit by a witch on a hunt. Little does she know, there are some things Sam doesn’t want to tell her about her life before.

A/N: This has been in my drafts for a while. I was just never sure of when to post it. But, since I’ve had a sudden influx of followers, I thought it’s about time to share it with you. This is the first of three (I think) parts loosely based/inspired by the song Begin Again by Taylor Swift. I’m really proud of it and I hope you like it xx Masterlist


“Um, hi! I’m Y/N.”

“Yeah, I know that already. Seriously? The ‘lost memory’ prank? Come on Y/N, Dean’s pulled that one on me before. It didn’t work them and it’s not gonna work now but nice try.” Sam turns back to laptop, shaking his head at her weak attempt at a prank.

“We know eachother already? Huh… Well they did tell me I might have forgotten a few things.” Y/N smiles sweetly before descending the rest of the stairs.

“I already told you, I’m not falling for it Y/N.”

“Uh, Sam…” Dean enters the bunker behind Y/N, “She’s not trying to prank you.”

“What are you taking about? You used to do the same thing all the time. I’d go along to make you shut up!” Sam laughs. Dean shakes his head at his brother,

“She got hit with something Sam. She genuinely doesn’t remember anything.”

“He’s right Sam.” Cas pops in making both of them jump a little.

“What? She- she’s lost all her memories?” Sam’s worry grows rapidly with the confirmation from the angel; Cas could never be coerced into convincingly pulling a prank.

“Not all of them. She knew her name and a few other things but, she has no idea who we are.”

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It's so cool to me how your art is recognizable & expressive without eyes, a nose, or a mouth. That there is remarkable talent.

oh this made me so happy! i think part of it has to do with the face shape and the eyebrows, like in some of my drawings dans cheeks are a little stretched out bc in the reference photo he was smiling really wide?