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Natris Fanfic: The Fated Cookout

A Chris Evans One-shot

written by @mumbles411

Summary: Chris and Natalia meet at the Evans Fourth of July barbecue.
Shanna and Scott tease Chris’s infatuation with Nat, but the night doesn’t end the way the Evans’ thought it would.

Note: Thank you to Amy for writing this hilarious interaction between the Evans siblings. I absolutely love her and this masterpiece! It’s perfect. On behalf of Amy and myself, thank you very much for reading!


The barbecue was in full swing, and it was the perfect day.  Shanna smiled from where she was sitting, as she watched Natalia and Chris talk to each other.  She knew immediately that her best friend would get along with her oldest brother, she had actually thought it pretty quickly after meeting her.  Watching them was so validating to that.  Shanna got up when she heard Scott calling her from inside the kitchen.  

Scott and Shanna were talking in the kitchen when Chris walked in.  The look on his face could only be described as dopey.  He looked like he was in a total daze.

“Chris and Natalia, sittin’ in a tree…” Scott began.

“K-I-S-S-I-N-G,” Shanna piped up as Scott continued, “F-U-C-K-I-N-G!”            

“First comes love…” they continued before Chris threw a chip at his brother.  

“All right, all right you two,” he finally tried to cut them off.  Scott continued to make kissy noises as Shanna laughed at his antics.

“Youuuuu….like her….” Scott finished.  “You like, like her like her.  You want to pass her a note in study hall to ask if she wants to be your girlfriend.”

“Whatever man.  She’s cool.  I haven’t met an actual down to earth, cool chick in a while.”

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