i really like shanna a lot

We made it to the finals. Everyone on team Takumi, I’m extremely proud to fight alongside all of you. We may not win against Shanna because of the hate, but let’s at least give them the best fight we’ve ever given to show that just because Takumi is a Fates character doesn’t make him deserve to lose. We’ll show them our willpower!

Also to Team Soren: I’m really proud of you guys too. You defied many expectations and reached the semi final, almost beating us. We fought a fair match, and this time we just happened to have luck and greater strategy. Good luck to Team Takumi and Team Shanna in the finals.

P.S.- also good job to Team Amelia, you guys were really close. I personally would have been delighted to have faced you in the finals, but nonetheless, good luck on your next team.

Edit: Sorry if it seemed like I was labeling all Soren fans as salty. I’m admittedly a bit biased about Takumi so I might focus on people hating Takumi a lot because he beat their intial support. I apologize for that and I’ll try to avoid talking about it.

Shanna & Takumi: C - S Supports

C Support

  • (thwip) (thwip)
  • Shanna: Yikes!
  • Takumi: Huh?
  • (thud)
  • Shanna: Ow…
  • Takumi: Wha– Are you okay?!
  • Shanna: Uh-huh, I think so… Why did you shoot at me?!
  • Takumi: Me? Why were you flying at the archery range?!
  • Shanna: This is the archery range? Oh. Sorry.
  • Takumi: You’re lucky I didn’t kill you or your pegasus.
  • Shanna: My pegasus… Oh, no! Where is she? Thea will kill me if I lose her…
  • Takumi: I think she flew off that way…
  • Shanna: Wait! Come back!
  • Takumi: …Ugh. Hold on, I’d better come with you.
  • Shanna: Really? Thank you!
  • Takumi: I’m not doing it to be nice. You’re a danger to yourself and others on your own.
  • Shanna: …Well, thanks anyway! Come on, we have to catch her!

B Support

  • Takumi: And…
  • Shanna: Hi, Takumi!
  • Takumi: Ack!
  • (thwip)
  • Takumi: Damn it!
  • Shanna: Eek! Sorry, I didn’t mean to make you miss.
  • Takumi: Ugh, don’t worry about it… What do you want?
  • Shanna: Well, I felt so bad about interrupting your training the other day, I wanted to help you today!
  • Takumi: I don’t need any help.
  • Shanna: W-Well… can I at least watch?
  • Takumi: …Fine. As long as you don’t talk.
  • Shanna: Great! I promise, you won’t hear a peep from me! Not a single word! My lips are sealed!
  • Takumi: I regret this already.

A Support

  • Takumi: What the…?
  • Shanna: Ah! There you are!
  • Takumi: You’re going to attract an enemy, screaming like that.
  • Shanna: Oh… Right. Sorry.
  • Takumi: Why were you looking for me, anyway?
  • Shanna: Well, you weren’t at dinner. So I brought you some.
  • Takumi: I’m not hungry.
  • Shanna: Are you sure? You have to eat.
  • Takumi: I told you, I’m fine.
  • Shanna: What are you doing out here, anyway?
  • Takumi: I WAS training before you showed up.
  • Shanna: You’ve been training all day and haven’t eaten dinner? That can’t be healthy.
  • Takumi: Why are you so worried about it anyway?
  • Shanna: Well… because I like you!
  • Shanna: It’s not easy making friends around here… but you’ve been pretty nice to me.
  • Shanna: So I don’t want you killing yourself, okay? You have to eat!
  • Takumi: …Alright, fine. Whatever. I guess I can take a short break.
  • Shanna: Good.
  • Takumi: This doesn’t mean we’re friends, though, okay?
  • Shanna: Hee hee. If you say so.

S Support

  • (thwip)
  • Shanna: Wow! A perfect bullseye!
  • Takumi: Y-Yeah, I guess so.
  • Shanna: Um, something wrong? Am I talking too much again?
  • Takumi: No, it’s just… um…
  • Takumi: I told myself if I got this bullseye, I’d face my fear.
  • Shanna: Your fear? What are you talking about?
  • Takumi: Here. Just take this.
  • Shanna: A ring? What is this– wait, WHAT?!
  • Takumi: The truth is, Shanna, I’ve been… falling for you. But I was scared.
  • Takumi: That’s why I’ve been such a jerk to you.
  • Takumi: And if you don’t hate me… I’d really like it if you married me.
  • Shanna: Oh, Takumi. I don’t hate you. I love you, too. You’re a lot easier to read than you think, y’know.
  • Takumi: Really? So… you knew?
  • Shanna: Uh-huh.
  • Takumi: Then…
  • Shanna: Yes, I’ll marry you! Oh, I’m so excited!
  • Takumi: H-Hey! *wheeze* Wow… you’re stronger than you look…
  • Shanna: I’m sorry! But can I hug you for a little longer?
  • Takumi: Sure… I-I’ll try not to… pass out…

just past the halfway point in round 1 and amelia and ryoma continue to dominate.

looks like i clearly overestimated soren’s popularity outside of tumlr dot com since he has yet to really be a threat to ryoma. i also didn’t factor in how ppl who have never played fates or PoR/RD would still vote for ryoma because he’s a much better unit. also lets be real, if this is a hair competition the winner was decided before the gauntlet even began. ryoma clearly has the best long hair out of all the guys here.

other than that hinoka and takumi are on upset alert. they’ve yet to really pull away from shanna and karel by enough to get comfortable and i feel like ending up on the wrong side of a 7.5x multiplier could very well end their run. i expected them to be ahead by a lot more at this point, especially considering how unpopular shanna and karel are vs hinoka and takumi.

it will be interesting to see if we do get an upset since 2/4 matchups have all but been decided (ryoma/amelia)

I am sighing a lot.

Guess it’s Team Shanna then… She’s cute, and not a loli? And she was OP as heck in my last FE6 playthrough, and also… To see that the underdog has prevailed and traveled so far… This cannot go to waste.

(Karel could not be avenged… yet?)

Like, would Soren really be interested in such things as winning a pesky gauntlet full of salt? I doubt it. It could have been adorable to see Soren win shortly after his closest ally boyfriend.

congrats to you guys, but pineapples are not accepted on pizzas.

Natris Fanfic: The Fated Cookout

A Chris Evans One-shot

written by @mumbles411

Summary: Chris and Natalia meet at the Evans Fourth of July barbecue.
Shanna and Scott tease Chris’s infatuation with Nat, but the night doesn’t end the way the Evans’ thought it would.

Note: Thank you to Amy for writing this hilarious interaction between the Evans siblings. I absolutely love her and this masterpiece! It’s perfect. On behalf of Amy and myself, thank you very much for reading!


The barbecue was in full swing, and it was the perfect day.  Shanna smiled from where she was sitting, as she watched Natalia and Chris talk to each other.  She knew immediately that her best friend would get along with her oldest brother, she had actually thought it pretty quickly after meeting her.  Watching them was so validating to that.  Shanna got up when she heard Scott calling her from inside the kitchen.  

Scott and Shanna were talking in the kitchen when Chris walked in.  The look on his face could only be described as dopey.  He looked like he was in a total daze.

“Chris and Natalia, sittin’ in a tree…” Scott began.

“K-I-S-S-I-N-G,” Shanna piped up as Scott continued, “F-U-C-K-I-N-G!”            

“First comes love…” they continued before Chris threw a chip at his brother.  

“All right, all right you two,” he finally tried to cut them off.  Scott continued to make kissy noises as Shanna laughed at his antics.

“Youuuuu….like her….” Scott finished.  “You like, like her like her.  You want to pass her a note in study hall to ask if she wants to be your girlfriend.”

“Whatever man.  She’s cool.  I haven’t met an actual down to earth, cool chick in a while.”

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Other people can keep their salt, me I'm gonna continue my fun tradition of shipping/friend-shipping the winner and second place winner of the gauntlet. I've seen some really adorable Takumi and Shanna art that's already made me put them in the ship category.

same, ive seen a lot of very cute art and that’s really the kind of quality
post-gauntlet content we need. not random screencaps of ppl sending a highly valuable unit like shanna home out of spite (congratulations, you played yourself), or ppl bashing shanna’s character without even knowing anything about her.

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holy shit. five dates was. so. good. i've been swerving for jungkook a lot lately and this fic hit me hard. such a tantalizing read, i had forgotten that i was in the middle of getting ready for a party and then realized i no longer wanted to go to the party and just keep re-reading it. i identify with y/n (not the arranged marriage part lol) but with everything else about her and i think you captured jungkook really well. i hate jungkook too. but i love you shanna. ~mysterious anon

“swerving for jungkook a lot lately* IDK WHAT U MEAN. But also gahhh mysterious anon, thank you so much! I’m so happy to hear you liked Five Dates. asldkfjals I HOPE YOU WENT TO THE PARTY (are on your way to the party??) lolll but ahhh, this is just such a lovely compliment. I wrote a lot of myself into that Y/N LOL thank you so much for reading and sending me this lovely message <333

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