i really like my coloring lately haha

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Heya, I just wanted to say that your art is absolutely amazing! I absolutely fell in love with your BNHA suff, just omg it's so good, so cute!! <3 I'm trying to make some art myself and you really inspire me! So I hope it's okay to ask some questions? What kind of brushes do you use? I just can't find any that would suit me :/ Also any tips on picking colours? That's always really hard for me, I feel like my colouring is weird when I draw digitally for some reason haha...

Hey, sorry I’m a bit late! 

My brushes are under the brushes tag, they’re still the same. About picking colors it’s kinda hard to help, because that comes naturally for me 

(I highly recommend you this reply from Bri, it can be very helpful.) 

but one thing I’m aware of considering when coloring is the mood/ambiance of the picture! Is it warm, cold, scary, sad, happy, forest, bedroom, open fields? This stuff.

You can simplify to a single color at first, then work around it thinking about how the other colors would be affected by that tone.

Remember to keep the colors separated in layers, because the saturation/hue/contrast sliders are your friends and you should play with them until you find the right tone.

You can also make yourself a sort of simple palette, just pick a base color and experiment until you find other colors that look nice with it and match the feeling, doesn’t matter if you’re pushing it (unless you’re going for realistic).


I really would like to ink this thing out and color it, but we’ll see how much time I can manage for that.  As is, I need to take a break from this to work on something else this week, but for now…YAY THIS MUCH IS DONE.

And happy 7th year anniversary to Generator Rex, one of the most influential shows in the more recent years of my life. <3

Tim & Faith

Jul 10, 2007


SO.. Last night was my first night opening up for Tim and Faith on the Soul2Soul tour.. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! On this tour, I play four songs acoustic before Tim and Faith go on. First of all, the stage is AMAZING. It’s this round platform (because the stage is in the middle of the arena). And after the show, I went back to my dressing room and found these two boxes in wrapping paper and a note from Tim and Faith! In one of the boxes was a candle that smells unbelievable, and in the other one was this Juicy Couture charm bracelet that I’m never taking off for the rest of my life. Haha. I can’t believe how sweet that was of them.. Faith is so nice. Like, think of it this way.. As beautiful as she is, she is THAT nice.

I’m in Detroit right now, playing with my new laptop. Notice all the weird pictures I’ve been putting up? Well, my laptop has a camera in it, and so I’ve been taking all these different pictures with different color treatments and stuff like that.. I love it. So lately, I’ve been in the studio on my days off recording a CHRISTMAS album! Haha. Not kidding. It’s a Target exclusive thing, and I’m really excited about it! There are two songs on it that I wrote. More on it later!

Oh well, just wanted to check in and let you guys know what I’ve been up to.. Thanks for everything!!


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I'm so heartbroken about the Jontron thing. I used to love his videos and thought he was a cool person but I guess he's not who I thought he was.

i feel like talking a lil about it

You know, I was somewhat of a fan too. Some people tell me “well I never really thought Jon was funny anyway”, but I don’t really think it’s about how funny he was. I enjoy listening to people talk, y’know? I play video games and listen to movie reviews and whatever. I would listen to Jon a lot since even though you can say he wasn’t ‘the funniest’, I still listened to his videos and enjoyed when a new one came out.

So I'm listening to the destiny/jon debate and… jesus why is he like this? I thought your content was alright! You had something going! And you flushed it. I give Jon a little benefit of the doubt because as a person, he’s never really been  good at formulating his thoughts live or being put on the spot for interviews, but his tweets still show his true colors. (plus, it’s not like what he said in the debate was really excusable anyway)

I’m not defending Jon, I’m just… disappointed. I’m not feeling “OH NO!!! IT CAN’T BE!!!” or “HAHA SERVES HIM RIGHT” as much as I’m feeling “….aw. that sucks.”

So I don’t outright despise him since lately I don’t think Youtube Funnymen Drama is worth my anger anymore, but I’m interested in seeing what Jon’s gonna do to try and salvage what’s left of his career.

07/09 → 07/14 – a page in my bullet journal ・゚* 。・ my studygram

I don’t update my bullet journal everyday since its the summer and I have less stuff to do! Tbh I don’t really like this page lol. Some of the grammer in this is so bad i’m so sorry haha, this is the result of me journalling at night when i’m super tired haha. I was going to make this page super colorful and pretty… but my printer ran out of colored ink and my washi tape hasn’t arrived yet :(

I have been watching too many shows lately (But have y'all seen the latest suits episode?!?!) and neglecting my studying ahh. I’m also going to be making a travel journal for my trip this saturday!! If any of you guys know any interesting stuff to include in it message me :) This is the first time i’ll be recording and documenting a trip so i’m super excited.


Happy Birthday dilfosaur!~ I love your style so much that i sorta borrowed it haha -3- Sorry if it looks bad, I’m not really an experienced artist haha (and I don’t know how to color nor do I have a tablet T^T)

Bonus sketches with some Semi-NSFW stuff under the cut and with a long message haha beware im trash im so sorry

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i finally finished this!! unwound future is by far my favorite in the series. i like to think that clive and luke would get along really well after clive’s prison term (if they ever did meet again, i suppose we’ll never know) and that he’d stop by to visit often. i wish i hadn’t gotten into this series so late, haha… ;;;;

i hope you like it! :o

I’m terribly sorry for my late submission for @tformers-secret-santa!! Life happened…sigh.

But here you go; hope you like this @zeenovos !!! ;))

I absolutely ADORE Transmutate now (plus she’s also such a joy to color haha). I hope this piece sort of conveys her struggle on an emotional level (represented by the yellow butterfly).

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1, 29, 30 please

1. Do you prefer traditional drawing, or digital?

uhhh both almost equally as much, for different reasons. traditional drawing i do a lot in my sketchbooks, i really like the feel of holding a completed one! (i’ve filled about… eight? eight books haha) though coloring is pretty tough, especially when i use markers instead of just One Singular Vibrant Background Color. 
Digital is the one i’m getting more and more comfortable with lately, and i love it!! love how i can use so many colors and brushes!!!

29. For traditional artists: How do you usually start on a big piece? (Light sketch, colored lead, sketchpaper, etc)

God it’s always a process when it’s traditional… so much planning haha. I usually draw a thumbnail in my sketchbook, and if i like it i’ll draw very clean yet still sketchy lines on one of my Good Papers TM with a colored watercolor pencil (color depends on what markers ill use), then actually i dont line at all i just straight up color it immeditately. THEN i clean it up a bit.

30. What inspires you to not just make art, but to be a better artist?

well everything i make is sort of rooted in this need to like… create stories. i think there’s just so much to be done and told and i want to spend my time creating as good and beautiful stories as i can. if that makes sense? everything i draw has a story behind it (hilarious or not) and means a lot to me. 
and also there was once this one asshole who said they could draw better than me when they glanced over my art at school and the spite still runs through my veins to this day, motivating me to improve as well as i can just because Fuck That Dude

im about to head off to bed but i figured i’d ask the tumblrverse to see if you guys have any advice on smth thats been stressing me quite a bit lately ;w;

do any of you know any exercises or smth that can help with like.. art stamina?

im not sure what to call it haha

but it would really help me if i can finish more than one drawing a day

i finish one and then feel absolutely exhausted

i thought it was bc my pencil coloring and the pressure i use for richer colors but its happening even w these small busts i do for inktober and im not sure why ;;

some times i even feel the need to not draw at all the next day too bc i feel so tired ..overall ive just been really tired lately and its starting to scare me a little..

but ye mostly in the art area i would really really love to be able to make more than one simple drawing a day (like the inktobers) without becoming incredibly exhausted so any advice would be much appreciated!! ;;o;; <3

I’ve been really in my feels for like the past hour just because I want an australian shepherd so bad. It’s one of the top dog breeds I’ve wanted to have as a member of my family for forever kind of thing, but today I met three aussies (a regular merle, a red/rusty one, and a black tri color) and just GOD they were all so sweet, attentive, and cute when I asked their people if I could pet them. So soft I could cry. It actually made me contemplate moving out quicker just so I could search and adopt one since for whatever reason my mother won’t let me adopt one now and just ugh. I was almost in tears at one point just because of how much I love these dogs and their personalities. UGHHHH

Also just to list off some other dogs I plan to give a home in my lifetime:

-corgi (NOT because of the corgi trend I grew up on a horse farm and corgis have just always been a thing in the horse industry b/c they have big dog personalities and are less likely to get kicked by the horses b/c of their short stature so they are popular dogs to keep in barns along with jack russels to keep out pests, for protection, etc.)

-grey hound (precious lazy dessert babes)

-great pyrenees (omg I’ve rescued three great pyrs from farms who couldn’t keep them in my family so far, and let me tell you they are so sweet yet never listen and are probably the most abandoned livestock guardian dog because they tend to look like cute little white teddy bears when they are small so people get them on the willy nilly and then grow into 100+ pound dogs that people realize they can’t handle since they like to jump fences and bark a lot to keep away threats etc. they truly need a person who knows the breed to have them in the family and I love them so much.)

-bernese mountain dog (like big fluffy dogs okay)

-probably just any dog I find in a shelter that really deserves a home (WHICH IS ALL OF THEM AND ALSO HALF MY PROBLEM I WANNA GIVE A HOME TO ALL THE DOGS)

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I love your haikyuu drawings!! I'm so bad at coloring. Can you show us the steps you take to color your drawings? (And which brushes you use)

Aw I’m glad you like them! <3 I can certainly show how I color my stuff, though my methods are usually very experimental lately haha `v´ But I’ll talk a bit about the base method I’ve been using mostly lately! So let’s begin this little tutorial uvu

First of all! It is important to note that I only use Paint Tool SAI for all my digital art! Traditional art is a mistery to me, so I’ll only really explain the digital procedures~ `v´ This will be REALLY long so I’ll put it under a cut!

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“When both selling and crying cigarettes, you
must do so one at a time. But, for today at least...
I won’t tell anyone, okay? Because today it’s raining oil.”
Happy super late Birthday Abuela!

so i’ve been playing P3P a lot lately ( you can thank my boyfriend for convincing me haha ) & I adore the design of Hamuko/Minako– she’s so precious!

I love drawing other characters besides my own, I feel like I draw more easily…

Anyway I’m not sure if I’ll finish this up on my laptop or if I’ll color traditionally, but I’m looking forward to it!

I really need to draw more…

Mika: Yuu-chan, I don’t think that’s how you hold it…(at least not how hibari does haha I have no idea really)

Yuu: you mean you don’t hold it like a sword?


It all started on this one post that @melancholicmistress tagged me. Conveniently, these two have the same hair color as those my other old otp. Shout out to my anatomy mistakes lmao. I want to draw d18 too but it’s late sooo hahhaa.

god, why is my tablet not compatible with photoshop?? is2g this took me longer that it should’ve been because the sensitivity fucks up.
I’m gonna fucking draw more xovers of these babes in the future because im a loser.