i really like my coloring lately haha

My fic recs :3c

I’ve been reading like a ton of fics lately, and figured I’d share some of my favorites! Honestly, I will probably end up making several of these lists because I had a real hard time narrowing it down to just a few haha.

****Disclaimer: mostly Klance uwu;

Keith who has never really had a favorite color. Then one day at the Garrison he catches a glimpse of Lance’s eyes and it stops him in his tracks for that moment.
“That’s it?” He realizes, “That’s my favorite color,”
It starts off as an infatuation, nothing more than admiration for the entrancing blue eyed boy. It turns into a crush - something he’s never had - and suddenly every shade of blue reminds him of Lance. It ends with love, something deep and turbulent, really he never stood a chance.

I’m a hecking sucker for pining Keith, first of all. Second of all, it was just generally a nice change to not have his favorite color be red for once lol. This fic is so cute and sweet and I’m love it

This is the story of two absolute idiots who keep searching for what they’ve already found.

Wow can I just like.. this fic was so good. It resonated really strongly with me, as I am basically Keith from this story lmao. Easily in my top five Klance fics ever of all time. Bls read it

Lance has been dreaming of travelling since the first time he heard stories from his family as a child. Now, having finally the time and money to do it, he goes on a trip to Europe to see some of the most culturally rich cities on the continent. Except he keeps bumping into the same guy over and over again, in random cities, doing stupid shit, and ultimately dragging Lance into his trouble, too.
Basically an AU in which Lance and Keith become impromptu travel buddies and get into trouble.

Ongoing, amazing fic where Lance and Keith are both traveling and get into all sorts of shenanigans. Features Japanese Broganes, Pidge speaking Italian, and Lance poledancing on the Eiffel Tower. Seriously like a really great story, I love it so much, and I always get so excited when I see the notifications of chapters in my email. :3

“Wait,” Lance says, scrambling on the couch until he’s sitting up. “I do have questions about the derivatives, but I’m dying to hear more about this barista that swept you off your feet!”
“You already know everything,” Shiro sighs, moving to pack up his laptop and textbook. “He works at Castle of Lions and we’ve talked a grand total of three times.”

A real cute Shatt fic. Pining Shiro is the cutest thing ever, I swear.

It’s just a sore throat. It’s really not that big a deal. But the rest of team Voltron doesn’t really see it that way - and Shiro’s taking a day off whether he likes it or not.

So cute. I love everybody taking care of their Space Dad. Great family moments all around, honestly, it’s freaking adorable.

“How far are you willing to go?”
“I don’t know,” he said, shrugging helplessly and feeling sick – at himself, at his mother, at the world in general.
How far was he willing to go for somebody he’d never met? Yet, or ever?
AKA Lance is ace and full of love, Keith dives headfirst into office shenanigans, things are suspended in Jell-O, coffee is a gift, and the office mascot is a domesticated goat named Annihilator.

I am 100% in love with everything about this fic. As someone who is ace, I literally cannot even express how much this amazing story means to me. Everything about it is great. There’s also some drabbles, and a followup from Keith’s POV. (..also I just like recommend bwyn in general??? read all of their fics pls, their writing is so good)

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Name: Connor
Nickname: I don’t really have one haha
Gender : Male
Star sign: Libra
Height: 5′7″ bc I’m short af
Sexual orientation: Hella gay
Hogwarts house: Slytherin
Favorite color: Teal and Turquoise
Favorite animal: Hammerhead Shark
Favorite fictional character: Ariel, of course~
Number of blankets you sleep with: normally 2
Favorite band/artist: Jenny Owen Youngs
Dream job: Animated series creator for a network like cartoon network, nickelodeon, Disney Channel, or really anything that’d take my pitch haha. I’m looking into story artist lately though as a stepping stone toward that.
When was your blog created: I think sophomore year of high school? So about 7 years ago. I didn’t really start using it til I got into college tho
Current number of followers: over 6k at the moment
What made you create a Tumblr: @hausisse convinced me if I remember correctly 🤔🤔🤔

I really don’t know who to tag, I just did this bc i was bored haha. If you wanna do it, feel free!

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name/nickname(s): Lily is really my only nickname haha

favorite colors: soft shades of blue and purple!

last song I listened to: I’m currently listening to All We Ever Wanted Was Everything by MGMT 

favorite TV shows: uhhh lately I really like Archer and Battlestar Galactica bc I’m a fuckin nerd

first fandom: I mean it depends on how you define fandom? if you mean the first thing I was making stuff for and getting involved in, probably let’s players on youtube lol especially Cry and the Late Night Crew. Fun times.

hobbies: writing, making moodboards, reading, taking walks

books that I’m currently reading: I’ve been trying to read Anansi Boys for the past like??? five months??? school is getting in the way man

worst thing i’ve eaten: I fuckin hate asparagus

favorite place: Westport, Massachusetts feels like home

tagging: uhhhh @yougotthefancymoose, @nachoincorporated, @starducky, @starlanitams, and @firstsonoffire

Mika: Yuu-chan, I don’t think that’s how you hold it…(at least not how hibari does haha I have no idea really)

Yuu: you mean you don’t hold it like a sword?


It all started on this one post that @melancholicmistress tagged me. Conveniently, these two have the same hair color as those my other old otp. Shout out to my anatomy mistakes lmao. I want to draw d18 too but it’s late sooo hahhaa.

god, why is my tablet not compatible with photoshop?? is2g this took me longer that it should’ve been because the sensitivity fucks up.
I’m gonna fucking draw more xovers of these babes in the future because im a loser.

so i’ve been playing P3P a lot lately ( you can thank my boyfriend for convincing me haha ) & I adore the design of Hamuko/Minako– she’s so precious!

I love drawing other characters besides my own, I feel like I draw more easily…

Anyway I’m not sure if I’ll finish this up on my laptop or if I’ll color traditionally, but I’m looking forward to it!

I really need to draw more…

“When both selling and crying cigarettes, you
must do so one at a time. But, for today at least...
I won’t tell anyone, okay? Because today it’s raining oil.”
Happy super late Birthday Abuela!

i finally finished this!! unwound future is by far my favorite in the series. i like to think that clive and luke would get along really well after clive’s prison term (if they ever did meet again, i suppose we’ll never know) and that he’d stop by to visit often. i wish i hadn’t gotten into this series so late, haha… ;;;;

i hope you like it! :o

I CAN color!!! XD It’s just rare that I have time to color personal stuff lately. Anyway this is sort of a thank you to anyone who’s liked/reblogged my art…I never expected anyone to pay attention to the stuff I upload here, especially since the majority is just scribbles on copy paper. I can’t believe it, y’all as nasty as I am!! XDDD But thank you all again, I know I’ve said it before but it really makes my day to get so much attention, even if it is just online haha. I’m glad you guys like my stuff as much as I enjoy drawing it! Here is a Junkboy who loves you in return. <3 I was pretty nervous coloring him in marker for fear of ruining it, but luckily any mess-ups can just be seen as part of his…Look? XD 

Busy Workin’

Sorry for being MIA with asksamstuff after just coming off hiatus! I’m actually using my time I’d do drawing to make the Ask Sam Stuff volume 1 for people to buy if they’d like! I love having things in paper format. I really like how the set-up for the music video for Christmas looks like as a comic, too. It’ll be available in color and hopefully grayscale, if I can figure out how this website works, haha. Thanks for the patience!! 

— Ashlee