i really like my classmates cant u tell

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i've been seeing ur asks on my dash abt ur crush and honestly that's the cutest thing ever <3 u seem like a really sweet person ;; do tell more abt ur status??? i mean how close are u guys? sorry for being pushy or smthing but iTS SO CUTE OMG i cANT

Okay so basically… Idk where to start haha

Like, it’s a bit funny. I’m quite flirty irl (but in a fun way, not really serious) and so is he, so this is why I have no idea if he likes me or not, cause we act like this with everyone. He sits right in front of me (we sit in a U position in class) so he’s like 2m in front of my face~ and idk we have the same type of humor, I think. We laugh all the time and just look at each other like all the time and do funny or cute faces or we talk during class (I mean like without the sound)~ Earlier this week we exchanged hats so I was wearing his and he was wearing my cap. Mmmm idk~ These days I’m always complaining I don’t have a boyfriend and he’s always talking about wanting to get a girlfriend. And hmmm when the teacher asked me if I liked Chinese/Korean/Japanese guys more he was so overly dramatic about it, clenching fists waiting for my answer etc. Or when I was asked what is important to me at first impression and I said voice he suddenly started talking with changing his voice so it would be super low. And it’s always like this when we talk about relationships/ideal types~ not to mention during 1st class this semester he said jokingly we should get a date together lol

But this is the thing, it’s all mostly half-serious, just for laughs~ and I’m playing this game since I remember, it’s my personality… and I think it’s also his personality, so I can’t tell if it’s all serious or still jokes AH I got caught up in my own game hahaha it’s great

/// ++++ when we have speaking exercises and sometimes we’re paired up with people in front of us so i’m with this guy, we often finish super fast and then he starts asking about some stuff about me etc. and once after the exercise we had to do a roleplay in front of the class and i was like panicked cause we talked instead of practicing so he said ‘just ask me the question, i will improvise, don’t worry’ so he kinda saved the day lol but he’s better at Korean anyways so bless

And tomorrow we’re meeting for the first time with some of our classmates in the evening to drink so ;))))