i really like making edits with these sprites ok


There’s bound to be mistakes all over the place, but at least it’s done.

I dub thee the “Kibourangers” (yes, even Junko; let’s assume that in this timeline, she’s not coo-coo for cocoa puffs); it was one of those ideas that I get when I’m supposed to be asleep.

It’s actually kinda mundane; Yamada most likely had some spare costumes he could lend the others (they didn’t fit him, but he still held onto them). They’re not based on any Sentai/PR series in particular, but the helmets were lifted from one of Pekoyama’s unused masks.

edit: OK why did all but one caption fail to set.

Also I realized that I forgot to turn the gradient layer on helmeted-Ishimaru back on. Rrrgh.

ok you guys you know what

im gonna do a “reblog and get something in your inbox: homestuck edition” thing ok

everyone who reblogs will get a sprite based on their blog

it will have a named based off your url/names given, a prototyping item and a personality thing

and if im feeling super confident ill even make a sprite to match that you can discard if you dont like

External image

ill do my best at getting to everyone if this thing ends up getting a lot of notes

; v ;

(ok this thing is basically kawaii-solluxs thing but i really wanna do that thing bc it sounded awesome and ive been really off on the drawing front the last week and this might helps that but just so u know if kawaii-sollux wants me to take it down i will sorry)