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Birthday Bash

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Summary: Y/N is prepared to celebrate her birthday with the Winchesters but when they get caught in a storm and won’t make it home in time, can Castiel cheer her up?

Words: 1095

Warnings: Maybe like .1 second of angst. Otherwise fluffy Cas!

A/N: This is for Shannon’s or @splendidcas birthday challenge! My prompt was “This is one hell of a storm.” Sorry if it seems a bit rushed! I’ll go in and fix any small mistakes tomorrow! 

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#57: Song Preference: Mr Brightside by the Killers

Authors Note: Just a quick disclaimer, in no way am I encouraging the possessiveness that is portrayed in Luke’s, nor am i implying that Michael smokes. It just fit the lyrics that I chose. 

You can find the song here.

Ashton: Now they’re going to bed. And my stomach is sick. And its all in my head.

Ashton gulped down the last of his drink, his hands tightening around the glass cup. The lads sat with him, watching with sorrowful eyes as he stared endlessly at you. The guys had said that it would be a good time to get out and just go for a pint with them, get you off his mind. But with any sort of luck, you were there, making Ashton’s blood boil. It wasn’t that he was angry at you, how could he be? He adored you, even still. You had ended the relationship on somewhat aright terms, simply explaining that the distance was really hard to deal with, and at this point you were better off as friends. He had tried to fight it so hardly, declaring that he would spend as much time with you as he could, but you had shook your head before allowing a few tears to leak from your beautiful eyes. Now, you were sitting across the bar obvious to Ashton. You were talking to some guy, and it seemed that he was taken quite the like to you. What made Ashton sick was the fact that he was everything you shouldn’t be around. He could tell as the guys eyes travelled to your chest before back to your eyes before giving you a sly smile, as you sat there obvious to his peevish inspection. His hand rested on your thigh, higher than you preferred. The guy leaned in to you, his disgustingly dark eyes meandering over you face before pressing his lips to your neck in a lustful kiss. Ashton’s blood boiled, his stomach turning in on itself as he continued to assault your neck. He watched as you pushed the stranger off of your neck, biting your lip. He knew that face all too well, the face that screamed how aroused you were. Ashton tore his eyes off of you two, pushing his glass away before putting his head on his hands. “Sorry mate,” You heard Calum whisper, looking to where you were. “I fucking hate this. She should be with me. I feel sick watching her with him.” He moaned into his hands. “Its just the alcohol making you uneasy,” Michael said patting his back. “No its not. I don’t want his hands on her, he’s disgusting! How isn’t she seeing that? He won’t treat her right, he’ll just shag her, and leave her. He’ll hurt her.” Ashton said, whispering the final part and squeezing his eyes tightly together. He opened them one more time to see you standing up with the stranger, your fingers laced together. The stranger threw some bills on the counter before walking you to the door. You cast a look around the bar before meeting Ashton’s eyes, your entire expression changing to shock, then to recognition and finally to sympathy. Your gazes locked and Ashton’s pulse picked up. The guy leaned down to say something to you, breaking you from the trace. You nodded your head before turning away from Ashton and following the stranger. “I think I’m going to be sick.” Ashton said, biting back a few tears that threatened to spill down his cheeks. 

Calum: It started out with a kiss. How did it end up like this? It was only a kiss. It was only a kiss.

It was a simple kiss, a drunken kiss described it a little better. It was harmless, right? A simple peck on the lips, maybe a little lip biting, maybe a little hair tugging. His hands may have wandered a bit, scorching your skin with an electrifying jolt that made your pulse quicken, and your knees weak. Maybe when you broke apart breathlessly, and when he asked for you number you gave it to him. Instead of listening to your common sense, and intuition you wouldn’t be in this position. You sat on the edge of your bed, your phone in your hands as they shook with an unknown excitement and a bit of fear. You really liked this Calum guy, you had been texting a bit lately, simple stuff. He would be cheeky, but more so, he was interested in you. He was keen on talking to you, he wanted to know what your favourite book and movie was. He wanted to get to know you, the little stuff that made you smile. It was something odd, and certainly something wrong. Because, the problem was, was that you already had a boyfriend. You had been dating this guy for what was nearing a year and a bit. It was wrong to question this, to question your feelings because you always prided yourself on loyalty. Seeing those people in the movies that cheated, or kissed other people while dating always made you cringe. But here you were, sitting there, being one of those girls. The thing that scared you the most was that you didn’t feel this way about your boyfriend now. Calum made you feel giddy, and made you feel alive. It was thrilling really, but not fair to your boyfriend. So as you stared at the screen again, you reread Calum’s message. “It was only a kiss, but why don’t we go for coffee and have a proper meeting? xx” Your fingers hovered above a reply, your heart hammering. It was so wrong but you wanted it so bad. If you fully loved your boyfriend now, this wouldn’t be a problem. It wasn’t that you didn’t love him, but he didn’t elicit the same emotion from you that Calum did. Taking a deep breath, you typed a reply waiting. Within moments you received a reply. Grabbing your coat you walked out towards the front door. “Where are you going?” Your boyfriend asked you, smiling. “Just out for coffee with a friend,” You said smiling back at him. “Have a good time!” He said turning away. You smiled weakly at him before closing the door. “It was only a kiss,” you muttered shaking your head. “How did it end up like this?” 

Luke: But she’s touching his chest now. He takes off her dress now.

You were dancing with some friends, the boys were over at the bar talking, as you and your friends shook your hips along with the beat. You were plastered, absolutely smashed, but the lights were so bright, the bass shaking your insides, and the world spinning which made the whole situation more fun. You laughed as your friend ground along beside you, as you threw your hands up. You felt a pair of hands grab your waist, and you closed your eyes as you felt a body press behind you. Immediately cologne overtook your senses, and you ground against him anyways. His hands trailed up to the strap of your dress as he pushed it down, and your eyes flew open. You tried to move away, but his hands kept you in place. “Come on pretty lady, just a little dance, a little skin never hurt anyone.” You could feel him pressing himself even closer to you and you grew uncomfortable. You spun around so you could press your hands against his chest to get some leverage but he held you tighter. Within seconds you heard Luke’s deep voice from behind you. “Get off of her,” He said, grabbing your hand and gently pulling you back. The guy put his hands up defensively before turning and walking away. “Come on,” Luke said, his face not pleased. You were sobering up now because of the fear pumping through your veins, and you followed him in silence. You went to a hallway a bit away from the dance floor, where it was quieter. “So,” Luke said leaning against the wall. “I really hope that wasn’t what it looked like.” He said, biting his lip ring. “Luke, c’mon you really think I’d let that creep dance with me?” You said shaking your head. “Well, from what I saw you did turn around in his arms, that really looked like you were trying to stop.” You scoffed at him, the lingering effects of the alcohol making your emotions run rampant. “You actually think I wanted to make out with that guy? Please give me some credit. I was trying to push him off of me you asshole. Do you really think I’m that easy?” You said, shifting your weight. Luke eyed you up and down before meeting your eyes. “You know I get jealous easily,” Luke said, his voice suddenly lower. “Is that an excuse to be a dick and make me seem like some cheap slut that grinds with anybody?” You said, raising an eyebrow. His eyes shot up towards you, suddenly narrowing. He pushed himself off of the wall and crossed the empty space between you before pressing you against the far wall. “When you put it like that,” He said bending down to get to your height. “No. But when I see you with another guy, even looking at you, it makes my blood boil. I might as well leave a little reminder for the world,” He said bending down and nipping your neck harshly to raise the blood to the surface. “Luke…” You said unsure of this. You knew what he was doing, he was leaving a mark on your neck, and then he won’t leave your side all night so the world knows exactly what you two are. He pulled away after a moment, a smug smile on his lips. “C’mon, lets not leave the guys hanging shall we?” He said, grabbing your hand and pulling you along. “You’re a dick.” You said grabbing your neck. His rumbling laugh was audible only to your ears, “But you love me.” 

Michael: While he’s having a smoke. And she’s taking a drag.

You leaned against the hard brick wall outside of the bar, talking to a stranger you had just met. His galaxy coloured hair had amazed you, and his lined eyes made you question how punk he was. His torn shirt was faded, and his jeans were tighter than yours, but something captivated you about him. You had finished your smoke flicking it the ground and crushing it with your foot, leaning your head against the wall and blowing out the last remnants of smoke from your lungs. “You smoke pretty shitty cigs,” He said taking a drag. You opened your to stare at him. “Sorry?” You said a little confused. “You smoke really gross cigs, I don’t know how you do it. They taste dirty.” He said flicking the end of the cigarette to expel the ash from the end. “Cigarettes are dirty,” You reminded him making him crack a smile. “Here, try this.” He said handing you the thin roll of chemicals. You took it hesitantly from his fingers before taking a drag. You exhaled the smoke handing it back to Michael. “Its smoother thats for sure,” You said staring at him. He nodded his head before propping his heel against the wall. “Whats a pretty girl like you doing at this bar?” He said staring at you. You smiled at him, before shrugging. “I needed a pint, you know the feeling.” You said shrugging your shoulders. “Bad day?” He said exhaling a cloud of smoke that gracefully curled away from him. “Bad week.” You replied, grabbing the carton out of your pocket ready to light another one. “Don’t smoke that shit, here.” He said handing you a cig out of his carton. “Thanks” you said, patting your pockets for a lighter. He shook his head grinning before beckoning you closer. You put the cigarette in your mouth before leaning forward and inhaling as you lit your cig off of his. You exhaled licking your lips. “Now tell me darling, what made this week so horrible.” He said flicking his hair out of his face. “You really want me to tell you?” You said, amazed. He nodded his head, awaiting your response. “Lets see. Dad’s a complete jerk and yelled at me for the millionth time this week. Can’t forget my boyfriends an asshole, dumped his ass and got this.” you said rolling up your sleeves and exposing a now purplish bruise in the form of fingerprints along your wrist. Michaels jaw clenched as he studied our wrist. “You still with him?” He said, his voice tight. “No, staying with some friends.” You said taking another drag. “Good,” You heard him mutter, before meeting your eyes. “What are you doing after this?” He asked you, crushing the end of the cig under his heeled boot. “Nothing, heading back to my friends most likely.” You said cocking your head to the side. “Lets go grab lunch or something, take your mind off everything.” He said pushing himself off of the wall and standing before you. “Well?” He asked, his smile playful. You smiled in response before you too, pushed yourself off of the wall and left with Michael. 


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I saw your parents headcanons and I was wondering how do you think gang would deal with their children becomeing rebellious teens?


Hiccup and Astrid

  • Hiccup was a very rebellious teenager, doesn’t listen to his dad, wants to do what he wants to do (he wanted to prove himself, whether stoick was ok with it or not) so i feel hiccup would be confused like “what happened to our little baby??? why are they like this now??” and astrid is like “you’ve got to be kidding me”
  • hiccup and astrid both have a strong sense of adventure, so i feel their children would def grow up being adventurous and it’d be ok until it starts becoming a problem and then hiccup is like “and then what did you do?!” because he’s so excited to hear what his kid did and then astrid comes in huffing because “SOMEONE SKIPPED TRAINING TODAY”
  • hiccup would be like stoick, awkward talking, trying to figure out what to do, while astrid is sorta nudging him because “just be blunt”
  • any sort of rebellion would fall under the “just like their mom and dad” or “i don’t want to be chief” category oooh drama
  • i think astrid and hiccup would be well able to handle it
  • hiccup does a lot of hand motions but it’s also suuuuper scary if he actually yelled, like his kid probably would be like oh shit, oh shit
  • i would be like oh shit if i saw hiccup actually yell at someone
  • They are very kind, i feel they would be ok. Astrid would be the one that comes home like “DO YOU WANT TO TELL YOUR FATHER WHAT YOU DID?” and hiccup tries not to crack up about it and astrids like “YOU SHOULDN’T BE LAUGHING. because of this little stunt, an entire nursery burned down.” and then the smile is gone
  • hiccup burned down so many things when he was young, like it isn’t new

Ruffnut and Snotlout

  • i can def see the oldest of snotlouts girls growing out of her “boys are disgusting” phase and then is boy crazy and snotlout has steam coming out of his nose as some poor soul comes to tell him “I’m here to take your daughter out”
  • i can def see his daughters “dating” guys just to piss him off, like his eldest comes home with a tattooed merchant and snotlout simply closes the door on him
  • ruffnut is the definition of rebellion, so she’d be like “yeah, fuck the old people” and is eating her breakfast like “you know, i really liked the last one, the one with the lip ring” and snotlout is like “STOP”
  • ruff would be the “let them get it out of their systems, they are just doing it because they know it’ll make you mad”, she knows the game all too well, she was the queen of the pissing people off game in her youth, there is nothing her kids can do that she won’t be like “ha, i did the same but i didn’t get caught, dipshit”
  • Snotlout would learn to stop throwing a hissy fit, and then soon his daughters are like “hmm dad isn’t yelling, but we’ll stop because the vein in his forehead looks like it’s gonna explode” or he just smiles at whatever gross guy they bring and then the daughter is like “shit, shit i thought he would be mad, now i don’t have a good reason to break up with him” oooh how the turntables
  • snotlout would be v dumb too, like makes no sense when he’s yelling and talks to the other dads and “YOU WOULD NOT BELIEVE-” “you need to calm down” “i saw your daughter flirting with him” “… i must go”
  • he’d throw an even bigger fit if his daughter ever tried to flirt with one of Fishlegs’s kids and ruff is wheezing
  • tbh snotlout is such an angry small man, but he’s also a jorgenson, and i feel the jorgenson tradition of wanting to be the best would be passed down, it’d be really rough for him when his daughters don’t look at him like he’s the best thing in the world.
  • ruff is in on almost everything, and will sometimes intervene depending like “you guys want to have a fun time, not ruin your life, geez” and i could see her losing it one time, like one time over something so crazy that snotlout is like “oooh you got your mom mad…”

Fishlegs and his wife

  • i have no idea how fishlegs would deal with a rebellious kid. They’re his kid so they def have rules and manners and prob are good, bright kids… but the time has come, and fishlegs is like “WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO MY BABY”
  • He’d do the whole huffy dad routine, and doesn’t make much sense, and his wife is like “you need to chill out, i have no idea what you’re saying” and their kid is rolling their eyes and that gets him even more riled up
  • they have 6 kids, like he’s so tired he prob does a lot of “go to your room” and then stomping up the stairs and he feels terrible and takes a nap before deciding what to do. He has 2 dragons and 6 kids, like when does sleep happen
  • his wife is probably thinking he’s being dramatic and “kids become teenagers! that happens! they’re not our babies anymore, they’ll mess up.” until one of them does something real bad, and she’s the one red in the face, shaking her finger, while fishlegs paces
  • i feel they could be good, like once the first kid goes through the rebellious phase fishlegs is like “i could literally write a book about it” been there, done that. he probably would be most upset if his kids started showing more slacker tendencies, aka “dad, i’m not going to the stupid dragon survey this year” or they skip classes. Him and his wife already have their work cut out for them, throw a cranky teenager in there dear lord. Fishlegs probably does the whole “I am so angry right now, but- but i promised- i promised i wouldn’t yell… WHY WOULD YOU EVEN THINK THAT WAS A GOOD IDEA?” “It seemed ok at the time!” “I AM SO- i am so angry- but i am calming myself down, so then i can calmly tell your mother about this.” “…”
  • It’d be super rough if their oldest kid went into the teenage rebellion phase when his wife was pregnant cause knowing fishlegs he’d try to stay calm so then his wife will be calm and then trying to slowly, without yelling, tell her that “our son… got in a fight… he knocked someones tooth out” fishlegs says with a smile and his wife is like “WHAT?!” “YOU NEED TO CALM DOWN” and then a small pregnant lady is dragging a giant teenage boy by the ear
You Have/Are Getting a Piercing


“You’re gonna look really great with it!” Ashton exclaims in the tattoo and piercing shop. You were a bit nervous to get your tragus pierced, even though you’ve wanted to do it forever. Ashton took you to get it done as a birthday present. “Y/n? Are you ready?” The man working there asks as he pulls a chair out for you to sit on. You slowly nod and walk over with Ash. “Hey, id it hurts, just squeeze my hand okay?” Ashton says as he takes a seat next to you. “Okay,” you say back. “Okay… 3…2…1!” The man says before sticking the needle through your ear, making you press your eyes shut. You squeezed on Ashton’s hand, but only for a second. “All done!” He says while twirling around your seat for you to look in the mirror. “I love it!” You exclaim as you examine it. “Me too,” Ashton adds.



You and Calum went to the beach today, trying to take advantage of the nice weather while it lasts. Once you got there, you immediately took off your cover up, leaving you in nothing but a bikini. You saw Calum staring at you from the corner of your eye. “What?” You ask giggling. “Nothing, I just really like your belly button ring,” Calum says, biting his lip. “Oh, do you?” You ask playfully. “Yeah… a lot,” he says, making his way over to you to place his hands on your hips. “Well, thank you.” You smile before he places a soft kiss on your lips.



“Babe, are you sure you want to do this? It was just a bet; you really don’t have to…” Luke says as you guys rush down the street to the piercing shop. “No way, I always pay up. Besides, I really like these piercings, so why not?” You say. You and Luke made a bet that if you beat him at FIFA, he’d have to pierce his ear, and if he beat you, you’d have to get an industrial piercing. You lost, not surprisingly. You guys finally reach the shop and you immediately pick out an arrow piercing. It was no longer than 10 minutes until someone did it. “I actually really, really like it,” Luke says, biting down on his lip. You smirk to yourself, “I do too.”



You decided to get your lips pierced. It was a very impulsive decision, but you didn’t mind. So here you were with Michael, at your local piercing shop, about to get a needle through your lips. “It’s gonna look really good,” Michael says as he examines the ring you picked out. “I really think you should join me,” you suggest with a wink. “Sorry, but not today.” Michael chuckles. Soon, you get the lip ring in and it looks great! “Do you like it?” You ask Michael. He says nothing, but kisses you. “Yeah… I could get used to that.” Michael says with a smirk. You laugh and grab his hand as you two walk out of the parlor.

You Like Him, He Likes Someone Else



MICHAEL- You can do this. You can do this. You think to yourself, walking up to your best friends door. You were going to say that you liked him, you have for almost a year now. You knock on the door before you can back out. Shit, you aren’t prepared for this. 

“Hey!” Michael greets you as he opens the door. 

“Hi.” You say, rubbing your arm. “Can I come in?” You ask, motioning to the house.

“Of course.” He smiles and opens the door wide, letting you in. 

“So, I have something to tell you.” You breathe out, your voice shaky.

“Oh, I have something to tell you, too.” He says as you both sit down on the couch, facing each other. 

“You can go first.” You grin, nervous. 

“I like someone.” He says, you hold your breath. Please be me. You wish, praying silently in your head. 

“Oooh, who?” You ask, playing the automatic best friend card.

“She’s amazing, I met her four months ago and she is so pretty. She is seriously the best person I know.” He grins. Definitely not you.

“Oh.” You say, the smile slipping off your face, your eyes starting to water. “Um, I have to go. I’ll, uh, text you.” You smile through the pain.

“Wait, what were you going to tell me?” He asks.

“Nothing important… I hope you get that girl.” You say before leaving, your heart breaking in half as you walk back to your car. 

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CALUM- “Hey.” You smile as you answer the phone. 

“Hey, Y/N!” Calum, your best friend, says into the phone, excitement in his voice. “Can you come over?” He asks. 

“Yeah, of course.” You smile, your heart racing. “Should I bring snacks?” You ask.

“Brink enough for three.” He tells you. That’s weird… is one of his band friends coming over? Whatever, they were all nice to you. You smile as you get ready, packing a bag for an over the night stay. 

You go into your kitchen, reaching into the back of the cupboard for your stash of snacks, grabbing a few of the ziploc bags and putting them in your purse with your clothes. You grab your keys and get into your car, driving to Calum’s. 

When you get to his house, you open the door and enter screaming, “Calum! I’m here!" 

"Oh, hey.” He greets, hugging you. “You can come in!” He shouts to someone. You raise your brow, he would never do this for Luke or anyone.

“Hi, I’m Chelsea, Calum’s girlfriend.” A girl walks in, holding out a hand. 

“Oh… hi. I’m Y/N.” You say, shaking the hand. 

“I know, Calum has said so much about you.” She smiles. You stare at her and Calum.

“He’s said nothing about you.” You say bitterly. “You know what? I have to go, um, wash my cat. Yeah, bye.” You say, throwing the bags of snacks at Calum, you walk out the door, your tears starting fall as you get into your car. 

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LUKE- “Luke! Stop.” You instruct as Luke chases you around his house with a bucket of water, trying to dump it on you. 

“I’m going to get you!” He grins chasing after you, his legs are much longer, so he catches up to you very quickly. 

“Don’t, please!” You plead, putting your hands up.

“Okay, you just have to do something for me.” He grins.

“What?” You ask curiously. He was super close, his blue eyes bright, and you couldn’t help but blush. 

“Can you put in a good word to Y/BF/N (best friend’s name)?” He asks you.

“What?” You can hear your voice crack.

“Can you talk to Y/BF/N for me? I really like her…” He trails off, biting his lip ring.

“Oh… um, yeah.” You say, your eyes flashing with hurt. 

“Cool, you’re a great friend.” He grins at you, stepping away, he sets the bucket down. 

“Yeah. Friend.” You frown as you shut your eyes tightly. 

“Is something wrong?” He asks you. 

“No. Nothing’s wrong. I’m going to just go talk to my friend… about you.” You say.

“I thought we were going to have a movie marathon?” He says, confused.

“Yeah, I’ll reschedule.” You smile sadly. 

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ASHTON- “Hey…” Ashton frowns as you take his drink. You scoff and take a sip, concentrating on the movie. “Why?” He whines as he sees you finish the drink.

“Because I finished mine.” You shrug. 

“You’re mean.” He says. You laugh and he glares at you. His phone starts to ring and he answers it, getting up from the couch. You furrow your brows as you fall over, your head landing where his butt used to be. Why’d he move? He was your pillow. 

“Ashton.” You whine as you try to sit up, nope, not happening.

“Hang on a second.” He says into the phone, sending you a glare, “no, it was just my friend. Yeah, I’m definitely free, right now? No, she won’t mind.” He hangs up and looks at you apologetically. 

“What’s going on?” you ask as you finally manage to sit up.

“I’m going to meet up with Lindsay.” Ashton smiles, “You don’t mind, right?” He asks.

“No…” You trail off, though you were upset. 

“Are you sure?” He asks.

“Yeah, I was just going to go anyway. Um, I’m gonna go now, have fun with Lindsay.” You sigh as your stomach drops. Great, there goes your chance. 

:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) 

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My brother’s best friend.

Part 2/? (Part 1)

Summary: You and Luke have a secret relationship, despite the fact that he’s your twin brother’s best friend and band mate. 

Note: I’m aware that this has been done a million times, but I seriously had this dream the other night and needed to write about it. (also this chapter is a bit rushed and shorter. I really just wanted to get the background stuff out of the way so we could get to the good stuff ;P)

You aren’t sure how it happened this time. One minute the boys were practicing, the next minute they had decided they wanted to go grab takeout. Since Ashton had been late, he was the one going to pick up the food. Michael and Calum had already retreated back into the house to play FIFA, so that left you and Luke alone in the garage.

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