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The Truth About Who’ll be The Next Komaeda in NDRV3

Based on my research, it appears that the next Komaeda will be Kaito Momota.
Well, let’s start with the basics.

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Title: our fairy-tale dreamland

Written by: Timelessniall

Word count: 740

Characters: Harry Styles / Sue Evans

Warnings: none

A/N: So this is something small, sorry, but I felt like writing today. I’m still new to this and I thought why not practice more. Let me know how this turned out, your opinions really do matter to me, thanks lovelies, happy reading! x

One day, I met a boy. He had long hair, and wore it down like an angel. I’ve never seen one of course but I’m sure Harry came close to looking like one.

“My name is Harry Styles,” he said with a charming smile.

“My name is Sue Evans,” I answered and then we smiled at one another.

Harry became my best friend. We talked about our idols, music and coffee with just enough sugar and cream. What I thought we had was a fairy-tale dreamland with perfect moments where we never ran out of things to say or do.

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Finally watching JTV...

So let me get this straight: when Rafael pushes Jane away because he recognizes that he’s in a dark, fucked up place and doesn’t want to drag her down with him and knows that nothing else will be enough to get her to stay away, it’s the worst thing in the world and Jane’s immediate reaction to him confessing why he did it is totally negative and requires groveling from Rafael and blah blah blah.

When Michael does basically the same exact thing and pushes Jane away to resolve the whole Rose thing without dragging her into it, her immediate reaction to him confessing why he blocked her out of his life is heart eyes and romantic music??? I’m just? What? 

Also, I completely understand why she was furious at Rafael for lying to her about paying off the dude to turn in Michael, but I in ZERO way understand how that absolves Michael of a damn thing? Like does that suddenly change the fact that he started a fight right in front of Matteo and got him injured (cause homeboy does NOT care about that kid let’s be real, like it’s totally an ‘I’m obsessed with Jane and she loves this baby so I’ll just do whatever makes her happy’)? How does that make Michael the good guy? Jane legit reacted like she just realized Rafael had actually been the one to hurt Matteo the whole time, I’m just? Get mad at Rafael all you want but it doesn’t change a single thing Michael did?

Michael as a character baffles me. He’s only remotely compelling when he’s doing his police detective thing - everything else about him feels insincere af and the way the Villanuevas fawn over him is honestly ridic (don’t even get me started on the MIND-BOGGLING Rogelio/Michael thing). I don’t get it, man. I don’t get it. Rafael makes mistakes like crazy but Jesus at least we see him learn from them. Michael just makes a mistake and then it disappears and no one remembers anything happened and they’re thrilled he’s back. I was straight up floored when he told Jane to abort the baby or he was out of there, and yet no one seemed to see that as a red flag? No one held onto that as a HUGE problem? Everyone was super happy to have him back onboard once he gave a half-assed ‘okay never mind I’ll stay if you want the baby!’???? I’m???? But Rafael offers to help Jane with financial hardships if she takes a chance and pursues her dream and that’s a HUGE issue for the entire family?

Nah, man.


I don’t get it. Like if they held Michael to the same standard as everyone else I’d be cool with him, but the worship is outrageous - it’s like Dean from Gilmore Girls all over again.

Bet (e.d)

“Hey.” He mumbles after I slowly swing the door open. He stands in the doorway with his hands stuffed in his pockets, his soft unruly hair pushed out of his face with a beanie, body clad in a simple Nike t-shirt and joggers, his lips slightly pouted as he stares at me waiting for me to respond.

“Hey.” I whisper, dropping my eyes to the floor after I signal him to come in. He quickly obliges as if I’m going to change my mind and push him out of my apartment at any given moment. I close the door behind him and take a deep breath before turning to face him, trying to rack my brain as to why he would be here.

“Why are you here?” I question a little surprised at how monotone and uninterested my voice came out.

“I needed to talk to you. You’ve been so distant with me lately and I just wanted-no needed to figure out why.” He responds making me look up at him in surprise.

“I think we both know why. You don’t have to act like you don’t know what’s going on.” I huff, crossing my arms over my chest.

“I’m being a hundred percent honest with you when I tell you I have no clue what you’re talking about. Can you please explain to me what’s going on?” He asks sounding exasperated.

“You know…all of those times that you told me I was good enough for you and reassured me that I was all you ever wanted…I believed you. I allowed myself to be sucked into what you were saying, and then the realization hit me. I’m not good enough for you. I never have been, and I never will be. I allowed myself to be lied to, and I think somewhere deep down I knew what was going on. I knew what you were doing…that you were just playing me. Yet, the realization hit me like a freight train. It knocked the wind out of my lungs and has left me feeling empty. Now you’re here and my body can’t make up its mind. It feels at ease while also feeling like you’re shoving my head underwater, watching me struggle…and yet I don’t mind. Because while all you’ve ever seen me as was an experiment, a joke to laugh about with your friends, I still manage to love you unconditionally. It’s ridiculous isn’t it?” I ask calmly, looking up at him as my hands ball up after tugging my sweater over them. "You can cut the act Ethan, the secret’s out.“

He stares at me with a look of confusion trying to mask the hurt that seems to be pooling in his eyes.  

"What are you talking about?” He whispers, his cheeks turning a light shade of pink. For a minute I think he’s embarrassed, upset that I’d caught him in the act, but then I realize that’s not what it is at all. He blinks quickly and for a split second I see the glint of tears in his eyes.

“Savannah told me everything.” I state, “She told me all about your bet with your friends that you could get me to fall for you. That you could pretend I was everything you ever wanted and then end it like it was nothing. This wasn’t a relationship Ethan. This was a bet to prove to your friends that you could  get any girl you wanted. I just so happened to be the lucky victim in your little game. She told me how you kept them posted on your progress and how quick and easy it was to get me to fall in love with you, how I was the laughing stock of your friends.” I breathe looking at him as angry tears sting at the back of my eyes. “Did it ever occur to you that I’m a human being? A human being that deserves to be treated right and not as a silly little game that you can just pick up as a joke and then throw aside once you get the prize. I’ve been hurt by so many people, but this has to be one of the lowest things that anyone has ever done to me.”

“Wait, listen to me.” He breathes, lightly grabbing both of my arms lightly. “Let me explain. I know I don’t deserve it, but I need you to know something.” He waits for some sort of disagreement and then begins. “What Savannah told you was true. My motives in the beginning were terrible. They were entirely based on a bet that I was determined I wouldn’t lose. I chose you and everything was going as plan, as terrible as that is. Then I started really getting to know you. The more time we spent together and the more I learned about you, the less prominent the bet became in my mind. I started falling for you, you may not believe me, but you literally became the only thing I wanted. I dropped out of the bet months ago, before I asked you to be my girlfriend. They all laughed at me and told me I was pathetic but I honestly didn’t care. I didn’t need them. They spend their time at parties drinking and talking behind each others back. They all hang out but they don’t realize that they don’t have any friends. I didn’t want them anymore, they act like they’re on top of everyone else constantly and I was sick of it. So I stopped hanging out with them and started spending every minute I could with you. I had fallen for you and that’s all I really cared about.” He stops and looks down at me, “I don’t know why Savannah told you about the bet it’s from ages ago and isn’t even relevant anymore. All I know is that I’m in love with you and that’s all I really care about.” As soon as he finished his explanation his head dipped down and pushed his lips against mine. Maybe I should’ve been angry and hurt, and kicked him out…but I didn’t. While the fact that the only reason he approached me was because of that bet, I was kind of glad because he was mine and no one could do anything to change that.

you know, i actually kept track this time, and turns out this thing took 16 hours total (spanning over four days) to make. i will never recover

anonymous asked:

I've been waiting for your answer and advice,i even turn the button 'get notification' on from your blog,i'm the one who asked you why dating teacher or student are forbidden,i reading your advice and opinions and i get it. Tbh i already dating with him,and i showed your advice the one i asked. And he told me,he'll waiting for me untl i graduated. Thankyou thankyoy thankyou sooooooo much {}🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇

So, I’ve been sitting here thinking about how I can express my concerns in a way that you will take seriously and listen to.  And I’ve decided that there probably isn’t a good way to do this – because I’m a faceless blogger on Tumblr and your teacher is actually present in your every day life and knows way more about how to get to you, mentally and physically, than I can.  

So I’m just going to be flat out blunt here: Get out of this relationship.  Do not let him “wait for you”.  Waiting for you is not romantic or sweet.  It’s manipulative and designed to keep you on the hook.  It does not allow either you or him to move on to new people where you can explore healthier and more acceptable relationships.  The minute this teacher started dating you, he crossed a line that he knows he should not cross and violated his responsibilities as a teacher and as an adult.  If he really had your best interests in mind, he would have kept his mouth shut and not have started anything with you in the first place.  Since he did engage in a relationship with you, he has proven himself to be lacking in good sense and strong morals.  He knows he is in the wrong here, but he lacks the character to do the right thing which would be to completely end the relationship, part ways and never look back.  Instead, he will “wait for you” – which creates the image of him doing the right thing but not really cutting ties.  Instead he can use this as some grand romantic gesture that keeps you emotionally attached and used as proof of his devotion, which can then be manipulated into luring you back into the relationship.

How old are you anon?  How long until graduation?  How old is this teacher?  Even if your graduation date was just a few weeks away, it would be better to end things and move on with your life and experience relationships with men who respect boundaries and who will be going through similar stages of life as you.  Your teens and early twenties are a period of tremendous growth and life changes, it would be better to fully experience that without the burden of someone inappropriately waiting for you. 

fic: turn your heart around

Broadchurch fic. Hardy/Miller. Set during episode 5, and in the same ~world~ as my previous fics, faulty heart & lonely hearts club

“You shouldn’t have bothered, doing all this all night. You need your sleep.”

“Can’t sleep anyway.” She glanced down at herself. “Could do with a shower, though - I’ll head back to the flat before court, get sorted.”

Hardy nodded towards the bathroom. “Use mine if you like.”

Ellie raised her eyebrows.

“What?” he said, sniffing. “I’ll watch  - ” He waved at her son vaguely then met her eye. “- Fred, you take a shower.”

“Ha, you remembered his name. Well done. Anyway, you sure?”

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Compliments I’ve Gotten That Are Very INTP-Esque
  • “Your handwriting looks like a scientist’s writing.”
  • “I feel like I’m sitting in a lecture hall listening to the ‘really cool professor’ get off topic.” (Just after I told someone to wait while I collected my thoughts, to then continue explaining something.)
  • “How are you not a famous scientist yet.”
  • (I get a lot of scientist-related compliments)
  • “I can tell when you start thinking seriously about something; it’s like I can literally see the gears turning in your head!”
  • “I like hearing your stream of thought.”

Someone: Wow, you’re vegan? I never would have guessed haha

Me: Yeah I know turns out I’m just really not into blatant animal abuse haha who would’ve guessed

i needed our love to die out slowly.

and i know that sounds crazy, because who wants to watch something they love shrivel up like leaves do in the fall? nobody does, nobody wants to see anything die.

but i needed to, i needed to watch the trees turn brown in the yard. i needed to pour salt on our love and i needed to watch it burn.

i needed to see it– i needed to see that we could die out. i needed to know we couldn’t last forever.

and i think that’s why i always kept coming back, like even though we cut our veins, the blood still flowed and i kept watching it pool up on my skin and stain my sheets and god i still kept loving you. i kept loving you under burnt bridges and broken ties.

and loving you was not good for me, it never was, but i couldn’t stop because i didn’t know how to let you go if i couldn’t figure out if we were really bulletproof or if we’d just die on impact.

so i watched us die.

i had to watch our love get shot in the chest a couple times and i had to sit down and give myself time to realize that soon it would be over– soon everything would be gone. i had to see you begin to get tired of me, i had to feel myself letting you go, i had to look at you everyday and just feel what i once had a little bit less every time.

and i’m sorry for dragging it on for so long– but i just had to know i could stop loving you before i could ever truly recognize that the person i once loved so much was gone.


and now we’re just dead leaves in the yard


 letters i’ll never send

Guys, how do you think Stiles reacted the first time Lydia nonchalantly grabbed his hand? (not counting season 2 with ice skating)

I bet it was over the summer after sophomore year, and he was teaching her all about the supernatural. I bet they hung out a lot actually, what with Allison being in France for four months.

They’re meeting up at a local coffee place, they’re not at that place yet where they feel comfortable in one another’s homes. They’ve been having supernatural study sessions for about three weeks now, and this time Lydia decides she wants to go to this cute little cafe instead (its really close to the coffee shop) 

“Stiles, I want to go to ____ instead”

“Oh, oka-” he cuts off abruptly as Lydia grabs his hand and tugs him in the direction she wants to go. She doesn’t really think about it, she just does it. Thank god she doesn’t turn around, because Stiles is like scarlet red and making this weird face like he ate some sour candy. 

He doesn’t know what changed, but suddenly she’s always touching him. grabbing his hand, fingers grazing his arms. It really kicks up when Jackson leaves, and Stiles is like…so very confused about what’s happening. 

Now I’m just thinking about their relationship progressed off camera here i go

Now they go to each other’s houses too, she lays barefoot on his bed and he bunkers down on her pink couch/chair (whichever one was in Lydia’s room i forget) and they stray from just supernatural talk. They gossip about Scott and Allison, they talk about favorite shows (they both love The Office) and favorite books. One day Lydia doesn’t feel like talking about all the craziness but doesn’t feel like being alone either, she always feels lonely now that Jackson and Allison are gone, though Allison should be back soon. So she shows up at Stiles’s house with her laptop and a few movies. This is how they start their long standing movie night traditions. 

God, I wish we could have seen how they went from Season 2 Stiles and Lydia to Season 3, because there is a BIG difference in how they act with one another.

DOUBT ≠ Fuuto; Black Out

DOUBT ≠ Fuuto; Black Out
Scanlation by rakuenflowright
Translation by Me

Warning:Bashing in my tags, please don’t read the tags if you are uncomfortable with it.

I am troubled.

There is a big cup filled with delicious-smellingstew placed right in front of my eyes.

Wataru: “You see, I make a food for Onee-chan’s sake, so eat it. Ok? Ok? Ok?”

Wataru-chan said that to me not long ago, right after I went back from school, and hand me this cup.

But I don’t eat it. Because when I was checking the kitchen to look at what Wataru-chan left from the cook-preparation I found some ingredients I never seen scattered around.

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DeanCas coda to 10x20: Angel Heart 

“He’s been standing out there for an hour.”

Dean pauses, lips poised around the lip of his beer. He isn’t really sure why he is in any way, shape, or form affected by Claire’s leaving, but he misses her. She’s a good kid, she’s a good shot, and even though Dean knows it’ll be good for her at Jody’s, he just… there’s this feeling.

This feeling that he, unlike Cas, is deciding to deal with rather than mope over.

Dean continues his movement, chugging the alcohol left in the bottle until it’s gone. With a flick of his wrist, he flags the bartender down for another. She’s cute, and she bites her lip when she comes to serve him—gives him the eye—but he’s just not interested. He tries to pinpoint the exact moment he stopped being interested and his thoughts turn to blue eyes.


“What, Sam?” Dean snaps. “What d’you want me to say? He’s been out there for an hour… Damn guy bought her a birthday present. He’s been acting like her dad and now she’s all grown up and goin’ to college. Give him his fuckin’ hour.” Resting his elbows atop the bar, Dean settles, shrugging as if to downplay all of this. “People have done more for less. Hell, when you left, I don’t think I saw straight for a week.”

Dean can see how hard that hits his floppy-haired, overgrown puppy of a brother in the bob of his Adam’s apple and the tense of his jaw. Sam looks like he’s going to break his teeth and the Mark crows in victory. Dean feels sick. He grunts something about needing a minute and gets away.

Castiel has not moved from his damn spot. Not one god-loving inch.

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that’s how a superhero learns to fly
                  (every day, every hour, turn the p a i n into p o w e r)

I will never understand why people continue to watch and obsess over a thing they don’t like.

I mean, I get it to a point. You loved the story at first. You wanted it to go one way. The writers said no, and it went another way. I just had that exact experience, actually, and not for the first time. You know what I’m NOT going to do? Spend the next five years going on and on about how terrible it is, or harassing the creators on Twitter and telling them they should change it to suit me, or arguing with and insulting the people who like it.

I absolutely get ranting about something like this initially. But do yourself a favour, and I really truly mean a favour: don’t let the days turn into months or years, and don’t use it as an excuse to insult or harass others. That just invites more negativity in. Let it out, and let it go. You’ll feel better.