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{PART 17} I Won’t Stop You // Jeon Jungkook, Vampire!AU

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Angst, Smut

Summary; As Taehyung finally reveals his creation to you - you find yourself sharing soft, tender and heartfelt moments with both him and Jimin; before being reunited with Jungkook - The Prince and Princess of the Ball.

I update this series every Tuesday evening, 9pm-10pm (UK Time) 

{Part 1} // {Part 16} {Part 17} {Part 18}

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Kiss and Tell

Fandom: My Hero Academia
Characters/Relationship: Katsuki Bakugou, Ochako Uraraka, Kacchako
Genre: Gen/Romance
Rating: G
Length: 2384 words
Summary: Their lips brushed during a spar. It was an accident.

(basically, my take on the ‘accidental kiss’ trope)


It happened during a spar.

Uraraka quickly dodged Bakugou’s right hook, fist barely grazing her cheek as she moved out of range. She reached out to grab his outstretched hand, but he spun around before she could, seeing her strategy and crushing it with an explosion to the back. 

She grunted at the pain but refused to go down–she used the smoke to her advantage and put her training from Gunhead to good use; she locked her arms around his, using all her body weight to throw him overhead, catching him off guard–and before he could react, his back hit the ground with a resounding bang, the wind knocked out of his lungs. As he gasped, she took the chance to sit on his chest, pinning him down with her knee. 

Bakugou struggled against her grip as she tried valiantly to hold him down. 

“It’s not over yet, Uraraka!” He shouted, glaring with sharp eyes and quickly shoving her off of him, knocking her off balance. 

Soon, they devolved into wrestling each other on the ground, pushing and shoving and kicking, each trying to get the upper hand, victory just within grasp, until–

Their lips brushed.

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Top 5 Haikyuu smiles in HQ? :D You've done smirks though, so I wanna know your top 5 smiles :D

Of course my dear! If the top 5 smirks was really specific, there are way too many smiles in Haikyuu to choose or even to remember…so I’m gonna go with my top 5 character whose smiles melt my heart every time, I hope it’s ok! :D

1. Hinata. Simply…THE SUN. His smile can light up an entire country as well as all our hearts <3 

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2. Sugawara. How a confirmed demon™ like him managed to have such a warm and comforting smile, capable of affecting every single person around him is still a mystery to me

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3. Yachi. THE PUREST THING EVER HAPPENED IN KARASUNO, this is actually my favorite smile of hers, the one she did after Hinata and Kageyama managed to do the new quick at the summer training camp. She’s so proud and genuinely happy for them and honestly??? same :’)

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4. Yamaguchi. Speaking of pureness, Yamaguchi is another little sun of his own, no wonder him and Hinata are such good friends. He’s an incredibly positive character that has still a lot to give and to grow…I can’t wait! 

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5. Kenma. In which we’re all Hinata. His smile is so rare and so beautiful it could stop time, make flower bloom, and bring peace to the world if only he wanted to (in truth, he really doesn’t).

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Pictures on the wall - Bucky x Reader - Oneshot

Heyo, my potatoes! ♥ I missed writing Bucky fanfictions. This fluffy happy feeling writing them is just lovely and a good distraction from everything else. I still got a lot of ideas to write and also requests to write which I try to write soon. Anyways, I hope you enjoy! ♥

Summary - With your polaroid camera you took many pictures already and hung them up your bedroom wall. Bucky coming to your room with a problem with his phone, seems to be quite interested in your pictures.

Words - 1,340

Warnings - FLUFF! *o*

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“Hey, Y/N”, Bucky knocks on your door.

“Come in.”

You pause writing the report for Steve about the last mission and turn down the music a bit, so it’s still audible, but not to loud for a conversation. You look over to Bucky who comes into your room with his phone in his hand and a clueless face.

“What’s up, Buck?”

“I’ve got a problem with the phone again”, he admits, scratching the nap of his neck. You shake your head with a smile, put the laptop on your nightstand to move over to the edge of your bed.

“Come here”, you order Bucky, tapping the bed next to you for him to sit down.

“Why do you always come to me with these things actually?”, you ask, taking the phone and looking at it, trying to figure out the problem. “F.R.I.D.A.Y. can help you with these things, too.” “Yeah, I don’t know. I think you explain it easier”, Bucky laughs slightly embarrassed that he still has problems with today’s electronics.

“So what’s your problem?”

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Girlfriends with matching mani-pedis ♡

A collab with the fantastic and wonderful @minis-art​!! Originally for JuleRose June but it’s now July. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

This collab was done a bit differently than other ones; Mini drew and lined the drawing, which I then printed out, lazily light-boxed onto watercolor paper using a window, relined in Microns, and colored with watercolors. It was really fun to do and I really like how it came out!!

Anyway if you haven’t seen or followed Mini yet I have no idea what you’re doing with your life because she is the sweetest person ever and her art is always incredibly detailed and gorgeous.

Artwork ©: alazic02 and @minis-art

Do not repost.

isn’t it funny how dominique’s family is hoping and praying for all harm being done to dominique be revealed and brought to the light and here we are on twitter and tumblr working like HELL to expose paul & co’s wicked ways in that house like this has to be the first time twitter and tumblr has ever worked together let alone see eye to eye on anything like wOW………………god is really using us to shine his light yall

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I was just introducing my friend to your art with your ~lovely~ video (the one w/ hahAhaHA) and I figured out what your art reminds me of! It's like stained glass! And is perfect! Anyway, have a nice day :D

ahh those are both really pretty comparisons, thank you so much!!! I hope you both have a wonderful day <3
I really like zooming in on my art after they’re done because of all of the colors tbh hahah


What is your favorite thing about your girlfriend?” 

yoongi: she has this look in her eyes–I don’t know how to explain it, but when she hears or sees something she really likes, her eyes light up and I feel like I can see Christmas in her eyes 

hoseok: hyung always has his weird look on his face when he looks at her, like all of a sudden he’s smiling 

jimin: like he’s looking at holly

yoongi: are you comparing my girlfriend to holly


taehyung: no he called u a bitch 

yoongi: are we done here 

BNHA: count your blessings, not your flaws

Summary: Midoriya Izuku has never been asked out, confessed to, or flirted with, except as a joke.


Shouto knows he isn’t good at this.

He never has been. He can’t tell whether this is just the way he is, or it’s one more thing he can blame on his father, but he knows that he isn’t good at this. People call him stoic, and cold. Some even call him mysterious. Others call him emotionless.

It’s not that he doesn’t feel. He does feel, but it all gets locked inside and none of it ever shows. Sometimes it’s because he can’t show it. Other times it’s because he’s afraid to.

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PLL 7x19 Farewell My Lovely - Thoughts

- Brilliant episode from start to finish.

- Got it right! Mona killed Charlotte. I loved the entire scene with Charlotte and Mona. It was really intense because I actually was not sure if Mona would back out, like Charlotte was provoking. I loved the whole reveal. I will admit though - during the 8 month hiatus between 7A and 7B, I saw some pretty damn intricate theories as to why Charlotte was killed. I think the motive they went for was pretty generic, and absolutely safe. We can’t find a single plot hole with this. “You never did get better, I want to protect the girls from you so I can prove my worthiness, I want to prove I am stronger than you” is so simple, it’s almost bland. But, it does work. And as I’ve always said with this show, I’m no longer looking to be shocked. I’m looking for logic. And there is logic, so I can’t and won’t complain. On balance, I did like this reveal.

- I understand red herrings, I really do. This is a mystery show, and every single one of them needs red herrings to survive. But seriously - this baffles me. What. are. the. odds. that. Melissa’s. suitcase. handle. broke. AND. that’s. the. size/shape. of. the. object. that. crushed. Charlotte’s. skull. The odds of that are 0.01%. There has to be more to Melissa’s story. I liked and I have accepted that Mona killed Charlotte, but Melissa’s story can’t be explained as a coincidence like that. I get red herrings, but this one is just so damn corny. 

- The “he’s coming for you” scene was pathetic. I despise the way that played out. I find it hard to believe that a nightmare was always the original plan. I feel so mislead. I really wanted there to be a “him” coming after Ali. I guess they lead us down that path in 610 because they had just revealed ChArlotte and they didn’t want us to think that the story is over. They wanted us to keep watching for the time jump, and to know that there is another villain. So I can see why they lead us down a false path. I get it. But I hate this feeling anyway. It was a good scene, but what it represented… not too happy. (Side note: laughing that they spelt Varjak wrong… c’mon writers, lift your game.)

- Another anticlimactic moment was that the mystery location on the board game was Aunt Carol’s house. Yawn. 

- I thought Caleb could’ve played it smarter when he sat down with Mona at the 2 Crows Diner. Rather than asking her “who are you going to meet?” he should’ve just said “I’m here. It’s me” and pretend that he is the one she is meeting. And then see where the conversation goes. He could’ve got answers out of her then and there.

- I really really really enjoyed the girls’ fresh new attitude this episode. “Leave it alone, or else our graves will get dug” is the approach they’ve needed for a while. I’m so glad we got a glimpse of that before the show ends.

- Literally zero romance in this episode, which suits my personal preferences. So I loved it in that regard.

- I thought this episode was filled with nice light humour. “To whom?”, Aria talking to Dunhill’s body and taking an answer in terms of the body ‘moving’, Ezra saying he can do anything with his Masters in literature, etc.

- Mary Drake, oh my god. Forget all my theories where I proposed this is Jessica, and Mary is really dead. That can’t happen now. This is truly Mary. I love her so much. Giving her the Lost Woods was a nice gesture. She said it was to pay for lawyers, but then she goes and saves Spencer anyways by confessing to Archer’s murder? I thought that was a bit inconsistent. Unless she thought of confessing after she gave Spencer the Lost Woods? Whatever the case is, I loved her gesture and when she told Spencer that she owes her a lifetime. We actually got to see her repay that and I love it. And I also loved how Spencer felt sympathy towards her and didn’t see it as “good, you owed me”.

- So Ali found out who killed her own mother just like that? They brushed over that really quickly. I guess Ali never showed any emotion to her mother’s killer because at the same time, whilst Ali may hate Mary, Mary did just take the bullet to save Ali (and the others). So maybe that’s why the writers waited for Ali to find out now in 719 rather than 714 when Spencer found out, because now Ali might not be as angry about it.

- AD knows the girls killed Archer. AD knows Mary is covering up. So why is AD ending the game when he/she knows that the incorrect person is being arrested? Is Mary AD? AD isn’t a very good death-avenger so to speak. AD has the videos of the girls burying Archer, why not release them? Why not free Mary? Why is AD accepting this nonsense of Mary taking the blame!?

- So the puzzle pieces ended up meaning nothing? Other than signalling game over, the actual contents of the pieces meant nothing. Anticlimactic at its finest.

- I enjoyed seeing Mona revert to her prior nerdy-self. I thought that was actually sad. I loved her line about warning Hanna not to get involved. She knew it was coming. And I can see why Janel said 719 is her favourite Mona episode to date. She got to play so many sides to Mona in just one episode.

- Tanner’s line about the girls not being criminals was a really good way for the show to end its constant negative relationship between the girls and the Rosewood police. I liked how Tanner didn’t admit to believing that Mary killed Archer. Either it’s because she still thinks the girls did it and that Mary is simply covering for the girls, or, she just doesn’t think Mary had it in her to be a murderer. Either explanation is interesting, and I like that element of never knowing.

- We are NOT getting answers in the finale. The writers spoke to us through Tanner when they made Tanner say that the DA likes simple answers, rather than theories for loose ends which no one can prove. That’s literally us, the PLL fandom. They’re telling us we aren’t getting answers to our loose ends.

- I loved the final scene. It reaaallllly hit me that the show is ending when the lights on the board game went off. And then the music rolled in and that’s when I got a bit teary eyed, especially when the camera panned across the board. I loved that sense of the girls having won and finally being able to move on with their lives.

- I think AD is off to go kill Mona, since she killed Charlotte. But I really liked that final scene with AD driving off into the sunset. It came across like “my work here is done, I know who killed Charlotte”. (How does AD know Mona did it? Microphones or some shit. Somehow AD heard Mona’s story time.)

- I pressed start on the episode, and within what felt like 10 minutes, it was finished. It went so damn quick. I think that means I enjoyed it so much, or that they tried to cram too much into one episode. Can confirm now that I’ve spent longer on this post, than watching the actual episode!

-  I did get Twincer vibes throughout this episode!!! When I do a re-watch I’ll come back and post them. I never take notes whilst I’m watching, it ruins the experience. But I do remember one thing. Mona was sitting in the diner waiting to meet someone, and then lo and behold Spencer rocks up at the diner. Spencer, out of all people? Was that Twincer, going to meet Mona? Why didn’t the writers make Emily show up? Why Spencer? It could’ve been Twincer. And Lucy’s comment “A is a lot closer than you think, you guys” has me thinking that the place-swapping between Twincer and Spencer is happening this frequently. If Haleb mention them being married, Spencer may react like “what, since when?” and Caleb will say “I already told you” — “no you didn’t? When?”

- Normally at the end of these posts I do a reaction to next week’s promo too, but I have a feeling I’ll have more than usual to say for the finale’s promo so I’ll do that in a separate post, this is already long enough!

- Overall, for a non finale episode it’s clearly a 10/10. You cannot compare an episode of this quality to episode 619 for example where the most action we got was Alison falling down the stairs. (I still laugh about that.) So, 7B is a massive step up. A couple things annoyed me this week, but taking them for what they are, and the overall pace and raw emotion, it was PLL at its best. Which is good to say for another week, because 7B has been killing it recently. 


It Wasn’t a Mistake

Summary: When Y/N turns a drunk Dean down, she regrets nothing seeing he never remembered what he said. But she finds herself in the same situation he was when she’s drugged up on medication for an injury. How will he react?

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Reader

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Warnings: NSFW, swearing, talk of blood, injury, high of medication, fluff, smut

Word Count; 3,956

Request:  Could you do a fic where the reader initially turns dean down but is on meds for an injury & is all dopey & tells dean she loves him & tries to kiss him & he pushes her off so not to take advantage but he’s really happy & the next day she’s totally embarrassed & tells dean to forget it for the usual angsty reasons, but Sam tells her how excited dean was & then smut? Absolutely love all ur fics, you’re amazing! No pressure whatsoever to write this if u don’t like it or ur too busy etc. :) -Anonymous 

A/N: This is my submission to @buckysmetallicstump Disney Quote Challenge. Mine was 20. Ladies don’t start fights, they finish them. This is not beta read as I just finished this today. I hope y’all enjoy feedback is welcomed as always!

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Sitting in a booth in the back of the dive bar you watched Sam and Dean playing pool. Well it was more on the lines hustling pool rather than actually playing. They both had a beer in their hands as the watched the drunk bikers try to play. Sam had assured you that this would be their last round, but if they kept their winning streak up they would be there much longer. So until they were ready to go, you were going to sit back and drink your pina-colada until they were ready to go.

Minutes turned into another hour and you were getting pretty tired of waiting. While lost in your own world Dean snuck up behind you and grabbed both your shoulder. You immediately went reaching for the pistol hidden in your jacket, but stopped as soon as Dean sat across from you. His cheeks were flushed as he laughed taking another sip out of his beer.

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They tell me to move on. They say you never really cared, but they didn’t see the ways your eyes would light up while in conversation with me and the way you would hold me, gently, and the way you would kiss my forehead, when you thought I was sleeping. Sure, maybe you didn’t quite comprehend just how infatuated with you I was, but you still cared. Maybe that’s why I’m so hung up on you, maybe it’s because just for a second I was confident that you were it for me, that I was done playing these games of do they like me or not, that this, with you, was my forever. And yes, clearly I was wrong, but that’s kind of a hard fact to face, to come to terms with. Maybe that’s why I’m still holding out hope that you will come to terms with the mistake you made in letting me go, that you will actually see it as a mistake and come back and say, “It was you, it just scared the hell out of me and even though it still does, I’m willing to give it a shot.” The chances are slim, but there’s still that sliver of hope, and I will hold on to that for as long as I need to keep my sanity.

Made some sparkley tea lights, dedicated to Aphrodite🌙🌹💗💐🐚✨⭐

Just popped them in the oven for 12-15 minutes, at 180 degrees celcius. Untill the wax had completely melted. Then I added some essential oils (rose, geranium, jasmin), cinnamon sticks, dried rose petals, and glitter. 

I prayed to Aphrodite to bless them, so they may inspire love and passion when lit. I know this has been done before. But I really like how they turned out ^^

After The Fact

Fandom: Boku no Hero Academia

Relationships: Bakugou Katsuki/Kirishima Eijirou

Characters: Bakugou Katsuki, Kirishima Eijirou, Fat Gum (Brief)

Other Tags: Set immediately after the current arc, Hurt Kirishima (Physical and Emotional), Bakugou Doesn’t Know How To Handle Emotions, Hurt/Comfort

(A note: You know, the adults in this world are incredibly irresponsible. Letting fifteen year old newbie heroes-in-training participate in this kind of rescue, resulting in at least one of them getting beaten within an inch of his life…)

Read on Ao3 here

— — — —

They come back late at night. 

Two days. They’d been gone for two days: Uraraka, Tsuyu, Deku. A couple of upper classmen, too. Aizawa-sensei. 


The class did not know the details beyond this: their classmates were helping the pro heroes. They would not be updated any further. It was a murmur of excitement, some jealousy — “Man,” Kaminari laments, “Kirishima’s been getting all the fame, huh?” So much for having a weak, style-less quirk. Kirishima didn’t need flashy: he was strong as hell on his own. 

So was, apparently, Deku. Enough that they, fucking freshmen heroes in training, were chosen to go on a mission with pros. That should have been Bakugou. The upperclassmen make sense. Aizawa, too, and hell he can even respect Uraraka and Kirishima and Tsuyu being there cause, yeah, they’re pretty damn good at what they do.

But Deku. 

He doesn’t know what to think about Deku any longer. There’s this knee-jerk disgust and need to snarl and bite and tear into him and reduce him to bloody shreds because how the fuck is Deku there but not Bakugou. 

But that’s not what matters right now. 

A quarter before one in the morning, Bakugou gets out of bed. He knows that the teachers are alerted when the doors open past curfew, but hell if he’s going to let that stop him. Those fuckers are back — he knows because he saw them clambering out of a truck together, and he can recognize Deku’s obnoxious fucking hair from a mile away. 

No one comes to stop him, anyway. They must be too damn busy giving a hero’s welcome to bother with some kid sneaking out late at night. Bakugou sneers. He’d going to find out what’s going on if he has to beat it out of Kirishima. The asshole had his lips sealed tight up until he fucked off for the last two days. Didn’t even say a god damn word. 

Outside, it’s cold. The air is still. He should have brought a jacket, but it’s too late now, so Bakugou trudges onwards in nothing but his shoes and pajamas towards the front of the school. There are voices, low, impossible to make out their words, but enough to tell him the majority of the faculty is up. Something big had happened. 

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“Babe can you please hurry up?” Justin whined. I rolled my eyes. “You take just as long, if not longer when you shop, so why do I have to hurry?” I said raising an eyebrow at him. “Y/N we’ve been here for hours!” He complained. I looked at my phone. “It’s only been half an hour Justin!” I said laughing. “Really? Because it feels like 5 hours.” He said as he started to look through a rack of clothes. I went back to what I was doing. I had been looking for an outfit to wear to my birthday party and Justin was being extra needy today.
“What about this?” He said holding up the ugliest big bird looking dress I had ever seen. “How about no?” I commented. He began to laugh. “Maybe if you took this serious we would be done quicker and we could go get food.” I said making his face light up. “Okay okay I’ll be right back.” He said walking away to a different set of racks. About 20 minutes went by and I still hadn’t seen or heard from him and I got worried. “Justin? Baby? Where are you?” I called out. Just then he walked over to me with a gorgeous floral romper. “Oh my god yes!” I said smiling and running over to him. “I know what my baby likes.” He said pleased with himself.

I’m Sorry (I Fell In Love Tonight)

( PROMPT: We’re making out on the couch when a member of your family - who doesn’t know we’re friends with benefits - walks in and what do you mean I have to be your pretend girlfriend? )

A/N: I’M BACK!! FIRST STORY SINCE MY ARRIVAL IN ROME!! I’ll be posting sneak peeks of my stories, as well as edits and graphics on my Instagram (3rdgymbros), so do follow me there!! Comments and reblogs are appreciated! I love you guys!!

WARNINGS: Sin. But slight sin this time. 

Taglist (temporary, for this series only): @mashed-fandom-imagines | @gryffindoggo | @ardenthly | @hawkiye

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Hands, warm and strong, grip your hips. Peter’s lips, so firm yet soft, press against yours. His mouth slants against yours, seeking and ravenous, sucking on your lips and tongue. Moaning, you arch into him, your fingers tangled in his silky hair.

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Originally done back in 2008, recently repainted. It was all about the big discussion around the prophecy and what the balance actually means. I still prefer to think that you can’t have light without darkness (so I really liked how TCW handled it in the Mortis arc).


My art prints: https://society6.com/ellaine

Working Together

Finn Balor/Reader/Seth Rollins- The boys help reader build a table from IKEA and now she really wants to thank them for their help.
Warnings: a slight daddy kink like always, spanking.

@fioportella @ridingmoxley @alexispoo @alexahood21 @the-geekgoddes @vebner37 @ambrosegirlforever @kinkymaminicole @hardcorewwetrash (thought you guys might want to read this maybe?)

I love shopping for furniture but I hate putting it all together. I had gotten a table from IKEA and now its sitting on my dining room floor reminding me of how lazy I really am. I just moved to Orlando to be closer to everyone in the WWE and I really didn’t have time to put together a table. I groaned at the thought of me messing the table up but went ahead and started opening the box.

I ran into some problems immediately. First the table part itself is longer than me so I couldn’t even begin to work on that and second who owns a screwdriver anymore. After a few minutes I decided I was done and I was now laying on my dining room floor eating ice cream.

A knock on the door startled me, “COME IN ITS UNLOCKED.” I screamed hoping that the person on the other side heard me. I turned my head to see Finn smiling at me, “Hey.” I waved my spoon at him making him chuckle. I tilted my head more to see Seth standing behind him, “Hi sethie poo.” I giggle when I heard Seth mumble something about how stupid that nickname was.

“What are you doing?” Finn asked as he walked towards me. I didn’t bother moving from the floor even as Finn stepped over me to look at the pieces of the table.

I took a bite of ice-cream before I spoke, “I was building a table but I decided I didn’t want to do it anymore because the top is longer than I am.” I huffed into the ice-cream feeling a little bit of defeated.

“Well you could of ask me or him and we could of helped you.” Seth was pointing at Finn who was nodding his head in agreement. I looked up at the two of them and smiled.

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No Getting Over You || Part 2/?

PART TWO MOTHERTRUCKERS lmao I made you guys wait so long, I’m so sorry. lets just get on with the fic

tags : @sukawaii317 @shoyzz-art @thyotakukimkim @running-outta-time @i-just-wanna-run-hell @munalisax @tomhollandsmouthfr0g

words : 986


No Getting Over You Masterlist


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The fact that THE Spider-Man, hero and vigilante, to some of Queens, was standing outside your window didn’t cease to boggle your mind.

Forgetting all your previous worries, you rushed to the window, now beginnings to worry for the physical health of the injured hero.

Opening the window, you saw the man fall while clutching his side, you caught his body before he could fall, slinging his arm over your shoulders.

Helping him into the room, you lead him back to your bed, helping him lay down.

“S-so,” you stood up after he’d let go of your shoulders, “What-what can I do t-to help, Mr. Spider-Man, sir?”

You heard him chuckle, presumably at the name, then groan in pain as he continued to clutch his side,

“Could you,” he let out another noise of pain, “Could you maybe just help patch me up?”

You nodded vigorously and ran out of the room to gather all the possible things you’d need. Needles, ice, band aids, everything.

Running back in, you sat on the side of the bed, and began to help the hero.

“Sorry,” you said as you attempted to stitch the huge gash on the side of his stomach, “I’ve never really done anything like this before.”

He winced slightly before replying, “It’s fine, anything will do.”

You stayed in silence for a few more minutes as you focused on the task at hand, before finally asking the question that’d been nagging you,

“Why’d you come here?” Your eyes widened suddenly as you realized how rude you’d sounded, “I mean, not that I mind, it’s just-just that you could go anywhere else, I was just wondering why h-here.”

You saw him hesitate, but soon thought nothing of it as he said, “You were closest. I saw your light on.”

It was late at night, 12:03 now, and a cold one too. Most people had gone to bed, including your parents, as you’d been working on last minute homework you’d forgotten to do due to your crowded thoughts as of late.

It only took another ten minutes for you to finish stitching him up.

“So, I guess I’m done, Mr. Spider-Man.” You stood from the bed.

You watched as he stood as well, pulling his suit from the waist all the way back over his built arms and chest before pressing the spider emblem on the chest, for the suit to be tight on his body once again.

Although you couldn’t see it, you knew he was smiling as he said, “Thanks, for helping. I don’t know why you were saying sorry, these stitches are great.”

You both chuckled at the comment before he looked out the window,

“I’ve got to go,” you saw him move towards you and pull up his mask to be just above his top lip. You stood frozen as you felt his lips fan against your cheek before moving a bit more towards your mouth, kissing just the corner of your mouth and less than half your lips,

“Thanks, again.”

Your eyes only stayed wide as he took two steps back to pull down his mask and look at you.

Only moments after he mumbled a small goodbye and leaped out the window; which you ran to, to watch him swing away.

Peter didn’t know why he’d kissed you. Never had he shown interest in you in such ways; your best friend was his girlfriend! He didn’t even think of dating you when he found out you had a thing for him. Alas, seeing you in vulnerable state, in awe of him, and all alone with no one to tell him no or anyone stopping him, he found himself craving the feel of your lips on his; he found himself wondering what it would be like to have done all the things Michelle told him you wished to do.

He knew it wasn’t right; he felt guilt that night, and especially in the morning, as well as sick to his stomach, when he’d given Michelle the usual morning kiss in school.

He’d spent the whole day stuck in a pit of confusion and guilt.

Why had he kissed you?

Maybe he was wrong when he said he didn’t feel interested in you, maybe he did; but he was with Michelle.

He also couldn’t do that to you; it wasn’t fair, and he knew that. You’d already endured enough heartbreak, not only because of him, because of Michelle. She had been your best friend, and now a guy drove a wedge between you both. Peter understood what it would be like to not have someone like you as much as you like them and lose them, Liz is a good example, but he wouldn’t dare think about what it would be like to lose Ned. It’s a nightmare.

Plus, Spider-Man can’t have his own relations with others. He couldn’t wear the mask for the rest of his life with someone else.

So, Peter promised himself he’d never go back. He wouldn’t see you again. It would just hurt you more, and others if anyone were to find out.

But when he saw you walk into school, and throughout the day, it was almost as if you’d been happier. Despite the lack of he knew you’d gotten, and the helpless put you’ve been stuck in due to the lack of friends and social interaction, you were simply happy.

Peter really liked that.

He cursed himself for liking that the way he did. He liked it the way he did when Michelle would get happy to see him, or out on their small dates.

He liked it, the way a boyfriend likes the happiness of their girlfriend.

Soon, once he’d made his trip to Mr. Delmar’s and patrolled the city, he found himself making his way to your window.

He was as confused as ever; but he needed to know where his feelings stood.

Date Night.

Request: Charlie picks up his wife at the hotel bar

A/N: ya’ll wanted smutty Hunnam, you got him.

Words: 3312

Dating is surprisingly easy for you.

Could it be that you have been subjected to so many terrible dates that you can spot a bad one from a mile away? Or maybe you just attract bad men like moths to a light. You can only count the number of semi-decent dates you’ve had on one hand. Although it’s been three years since your last date, you can’t find a single strand of nervousness as you sit at the bar.

Are you slightly uncomfortable? Yes. But nervous? No.

Though that might stem from the three empty glasses you’ve already traded out with the young bartender.

You keep your posture straight as you analyze your reflection in the mirror behind the bar.

You had quickly changed after your flight, changing out your jeans and hoodie for something a bit…sexier. It was a necessary action if you planned on meeting your one goal for the evening: leave with a man.

Correction. You plan on leaving with a decent man tonight.

You didn’t bother doing much to your hair. The dress is simple and black. You know your friend would have encouraged you to dress up a little more, but would at least applaud the form fitting dress.

“Need a refill, Miss?”

Meeting the eyes of the bartender, you find yourself wondering if he thinks four drinks is your limit.

His bright green eyes scan your face before drifting down to the front of your dress. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were trying to get me drunk.”

Noting the rising eyebrow and the smile on his lips, you shake your head.

“I just figured you might need something to keep you company until your boyfriend shows up.”

It is a statement most people are subjected to at some point in their lives. The lack of a wedding ring surely should be enough to divert the mentioning of a boyfriend or husband. But being as he had watched you shoot down three different men in the past hour, maybe he had his hopes up.

“No boyfriend,” you sigh, the smile on his face growing at your admission.

“That’s too bad. Might lead to a lonely night.”

You let off a soft shrug as your attention drifts to the mirror behind the bar. “We’ll see.”

You see him before you hear him.

A man that sends a heat so powerful across your skin, you find your posture straightening in your seat to hide the instinctive arching of your back. His reflection can’t surely do him justice, you find yourself thinking as you watch him reach up to scratch at his beard.  

The navy blue suit he wears compliment his inquisitive eyes. They scan those seated along the bar before resting on you.

You let your gaze focus on the nearly empty glass before you as the seat alongside you is pulled from beneath the bar. You follow the path of the olive circling the bottom of the glass as you guide it along with the thin black straw in your hand.

“Excuse me, Miss.” The sound of his voice is nearly enough temptation to refocus your gaze. “Is this seat taken?”

You take a soft breath as you mull over the question you’ve been asked nearly twenty times tonight. Instinctively you shrug in response earning you an arched brow. You wait until you are certain your heart can remain under control before turning to face him.

“…it depends…”

Raising his brow, the man clears his throat. “On?”

You take a moment to ponder his question, part of you wondering if you actually had a response.

“Why you want it?”

The smile you bring out in response causes you to rest your chin in your hand. You allow his cerulean eyes to study your face, your mind buzzing as you wonder what is passing through his.

“Just looking for a bit of company for a few hours.”

Your brow furrows as you watch him leave it at that. Instead of taking the opportunity to assess your response to his admission, he directs his attention to the bartender.

“I’ll take a whiskey on the rocks.”

Taking a sip of his drink, once he receives it, he points his glass towards where his eyes already set.

“Mmm,” shifting in his seat, Charlie watches as you fish the olive from the bottom of your glass. “What’s a beautiful young lady, such as yourself, doing out without a wedding ring?”

Lifting your hand you take a moment to admire it as you chew on the olive. Offering him your hand, you smile as he accepts it.


“Nice to meet you, Y/N. I’m Charles.”

“Charles,” you repeat, earning you a nod. The soft kiss which brushes against the knuckle of your index finger is enough to grant him the giggle he is hoping for. But you slip your hand out of his touch before he can get any bright ideas. “And what is it you do Charlie? Apart from picking up single women at a bar?”

You watch as the corners of Charlie’s mouth twitch. “I like to…entertain people.”

“Mmm,” biting your lip, you can’t deny those bright blue eyes a smile. “Entertain…like…an escort?”

Charlie’s brow rose, the twitch of his lips bringing a heat across your skin. The heat spreads across your thighs as your eyes follow his tongue on its course over his lips. Taking a sip of his whiskey, he waits until he meets your gaze to speak.

“Will it be easier for me to leave with you if I were?”

Charlie studies your face as his question resonates in the air between you. He studies how your teeth toy with your bottom lip, the slight furrow of your brow making him smile. “I’m gonna say…yes.”

“Really?” he chuckles, the slight look of disbelief on his face somehow leaving you a tiny bit offended.

“Is that surprising to you?”

“Just a little.” Charlie’s response is accompanied by a light shrug of his shoulders.

“Only because I’ve never done anything like that before.”

“I guess my luck’s running out,” Charlie smiles as you push your empty glass to the side. “I’ve acted in a few things…here and there…”

“Mmmm, that’s too bad,” you giggle. “I’m sure you’d have a lot of tricks up your sleeve from all your experience if you had decided to take the former route.”

You’re watching him drink, your chin resting in your hand, as his eyes study you.

“Did I lose my chance?” He asks quietly.

Maybe its the mix of the alcohol, or the noise surrounding you that have pushed your bodies closer, but it’s not until his fingers brush against your cheek that you realize how much your body has betrayed you. With his right leg resting between yours, his fingers sending heat across your skin as they brush your hair from your eyes, you suddenly realize how easy it would be to kiss him.  

The moment his touch is gone the heat clouding your judgment allows you to remember he had asked you a question. The smirk on his lips lets is the only indication your lack of an answer has not gone unnoticed.


“Then let’s get outta here.” His voice is deep, shivers running through you as reaches inside his jacket to retrieve his wallet. Your body can already tell what’s in store for it as you stand. A simple act of leaving a bill on the bar top eliminated any remaining distance between your bodies.

With your heels, you still fall a few inches short of his lips, yet they are the only thing you can think of. Your fingers instinctively tug against his loosely hanging tie pulling him closer.

You let your weight rest back against your heels. You want to kiss him. Part of you knows if you let this man kiss you neither of you might remain decent for too long. Charlie bites his bottom lip as he watches your eyes become transfixed on it. He grazes his fingertips over your hip, tracing the outline until the tingles beneath the fabric have drifted between your thighs.

“I don’t like the attention you’re getting in this dress.”

The soft admission sends a rush of heat across your cheeks, but it’s the lingering of his eyes that pull your fingers down the soft fabric on his chest to the waist of his pants.

“Wait until you see what’s beneath it.”

Placing his wallet back into his pocket, Charlie found it nearly impossible to suppress the smile tugging at his lips as your fingertips brushed along his. He allows you to step around him, his eyes following as you move towards the door. You find yourself thankful that you’re only an elevator ride away from your hotel room. If you had been forced to drive home you might not have made it all the way.

You can feel the electricity flowing through your body as Charlie’s hands find your waist, once you’re inside the security of the elevator, his impatient tug nearly diverting you from pressing the correct floor.

Charlie doesn’t let you escape his touch as he holds on to your waist guiding you towards the back of the elevator.

Finally, as the doors drift shut, his lips find yours.

You’re both cautious at first, softly experiencing each other as if for the first time. Not being able to kiss one another for nearly two months placed your bodies in between a strange desire of taking things slow and satisfying the quick high right where you two stand.

Charlie’s mind focuses solely on the latter as his hand disappears beneath the skirt of your dress, his lips pausing as he brushes against your bare hips. You kiss him in his moment of relapse, smiling as your arm slips around his neck.

“I missed kissing you.” His soft chuckle comes out muffled against your lips.

You’re not certain how the two of you manage to make it down the hall and into your room. When you’re able to think clearly, Charlie is dumping his keys and wallet as you shove at the jacket on his shoulders. With his arms freed, Charlie focuses on your zipper. Guiding the fabric down your body, he pauses long enough to leave a series of soft kisses against your hips and neck.  

Allowing him to steal a kiss, you step around him before crossing the room towards the bed.

As soon as your palms and knees press against the welcoming comfort of the mattress, Charlie’s breath has escaped his lungs.  

“How long did you know I was there?” He asks as he focuses on the task of ridding himself of his tie.

“About ten minutes,” you respond, him knowing you well enough to know there is a smile on your lips as you speak. “It’s kinda hard not to notice how other women react when you show up.”

Your answer nearly falls on deaf ears as your husband’s gaze tracks the movements of your body on its way towards the top of the bed. The feeling of his repp tie beneath his fingers suddenly made him aware of the amount of fabric he dawned in comparison to you.

A gasp escapes your lips, your heart fluttering as a tug comes against your left ankle. Pulling your body back in his direction, Charlie allows you enough time to roll onto your back before leaning forward.

“Are you sure?” His brow rises as your fingers find the front of his shirt, allowing you to guide his lips closer to yours. 

“Mhmm…” You nod

“So what was all that with Curly? Seemed like you were putting on a show with that one.”

“Curly?” Your head cocks to the side, the unknowingness and innocence almost being executed perfectly.

“Your third martini.”

Taking a moment to think, you ignore his intake of breath. It was hard to forget the slightly over nervous, green eyed, curly haired young man from the bar.

“Oh goodness,” you giggle, the sound bringing a smile to Charlie’s lips. Or it might have been the wandering hands drifting into his slacks after managing to undo his zipper. You give him a smile in return at the shift in his breathing at the feel of your hand. “Please don’t tell me you were jealous of that kid? What was he, twenty-two?”

“Jealous?” The soft chuckle he releases falters as your lips press against the corner of his mouth. “Over protective is more like it. He was kinda handsy.”

“I thought you liked handsy.”

You can’t help but smile at the sight of his eyes drifting shut as you gently begin stroking him. The soft groan he releases causes your movements to continue until you begin pushing against his pants.

You sit up as Charlie stands to make the process easier. Lifting your hands from the mattress, you hold them out before your body resting your left wrist against your right.

A glint of mischief sparkles in his eyes, as Charlie completes the act of kicking his slacks from around his ankle. Instead of utilizing the tie in his hand, he leans forward to place it on the bed alongside you. He makes you watch as he removes the remainder of his clothes, his silence warming your body in anticipation. You know, although appearing composed, Charlie’s mind is full of all the things he’s been planning for you in his absence.

His brow rises as you remain in your position, the biting of your lip causing him to pick up the previously discarded fabric. Taking your hand in his, he guides you to your feet. Ignoring your silent request, he turns you around before slipping the fabric over your eyes.

A low, breathy chuckle vibrates from deep in his chest, as you turn to face him with a slight pout of your lip.

The warmth of his skin overtakes your cheeks as he takes your face in his hands, the kissing of your lips erasing away any signs of slight irritation.

He doesn’t let his hands wander as he kisses you, the action making your self-control seem inferior as yours trace along his skin. It is moments like this you remember the first time he’d whispered, “I’ll always be yours,” to you.

They are the same words you find yourself whispering against his lips as he lays you back against the mattress.

An all too familiar pleasurable, yet unsatisfying, heat creeps across the surface of your body as his eyes trail up to your exposed chest. You know if you could see how the sight tugged his teeth against his lip, you would have mustered up a witty comment. But, with your body completely exposed to his in this way you suddenly don’t have much to say.

You find your heart escalating as your chest is met with the heat of his mouth, as opposed to his itching fingers. Instead, they disappear between your thighs.

He builds the pressure softly with each of his teasing touches. He lets your breathing guides his movements, the moment it gets uncontrolled his touch is nearly ghostly. You know if you attempt to guide his hands the pressure will disappear, and the pleasure will quickly and surely fade. Tonight was one of those nights where rushing you to a quick ending was at the bottom of your husband’s list. He was going to make sure you finished long before him.

Free reign of his mouth is all he’ll grant you tonight.

Keeping your lips against his, you allow your satisfaction with his movements to be told through the fingers buried in his hair. As your fingers tighten around the strands, he gives into your desire and increases the pressure not stopping until body trembles against his hand.

The words whispered in your ear are lost beneath the soft giggles they produce from your lips.

Guiding your legs around his waist, Charlie presses his mouth against your neck. Beginning to suck bruises into your skin, he welcomes the hitch in your breath as he slowly enters you. His quiet swear gets lost against your collarbone as your body gives his a welcoming clench.

The soft shift in his hips encourages an in-sync moan from the both of you, halting his movements as your touch drifts down his back. His hips move with a slow, steady pace feeding the desire the two of you have to stay close to one another for the longest time possible.

Every sound you release strokes your husband’s ego, the praise encouraging him to quicken his pace. Each thrust became fueled by his selfish desires to keep your pulse spiked, and his name against his lips. Charlie wakes a heat inside of your body as his pace becomes near relentless as he feels your body tense around his.

He buries his face into your neck as he lets your body ride its wave to the kind of mind-shattering orgasm that you’d only ever experienced at the mercy of this man. The kind that left you feeling completely satisfied, but allowed the soft desire for more to linger in your mind as your high slowly ebbs away. Lifting the fabric from over your eyes, Charlie presses a soft kiss against your eyelid. He lets his lips pepper a series of soft kisses along your face as your grip around his neck tightens. The soft shifts of your hips, as his arm snakes around your waist, pull a soft chuckle from his lips.

Keeping your eyes shut, you focus on the breathing of the man atop of you. You bite your lip as his pulse slowly begins to settle, the kisses he is leaving along your heated skin making it hard for yours to do the same.

You don’t need to see Charlie to know there is a smile on his lips as he watches you begin to welcome the pull of sleep as he begins to detangle himself from you. If it weren’t for the invisible swirls his fingers paint across your stomach you might have fallen asleep already.

Nuzzling into the crook of your neck, he mumbles against your skin as you curl up against him. “Where’s your wedding ring at?”

You wait to respond to his question. Opening your eyes, you watch as he gently massages the fingers of your left hand.

“At home.”

“At home?” Despite the feeling of your lips against his, Charlie finds himself trying to continue the conversation. “Why is it there? I didn’t convince you to marry me so that your ring sits at home.”

Realizing this question will continue to plague his mind, you roll your eyes.

“I was trying to pick up a handsome guy.” You explain, the furrow of his brow making you smile. “Wearing a wedding ring is the ultimate repellent.”

“Not for all guys.” Charlie mumbles, his mind drifting downstairs to the highly interested bartender.

You giggle as a breath of fresh air fills your lung. Charlie allows you another kiss before his brow rises. “What would have happened if I hadn’t gotten to you when I did?”

To you, the question seems silly but you can’t let this perfect opportunity go to waste.

“I already had three glasses while waiting for you,” you tease. “Who knows, I might have let Curly take me home.”