i really like how it turned out!!!

Auston Matthews - More

Anon: Hiii!! Your writing is fantastic!! Do you mind writing an Auston Matthews imagine where the reader meets his family and either his mom or sister doesn’t like the reader and she has to in a sense kind of win them over?? Thanks so much!!!

A/N: I really like how this turned out wooh (I also didn’t know what to name this so ignore me)

Warning/s: Dirty stuff implied 

Word count: 1,526

Song/s: Spark - Amber Run, The One - Kodaline, and Greek Tragedy - The Wombats

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hi! so im questioning whether or not im ace. im really confused because for the most part i dont experience sexual attraction, but sometimes i get turned on?? im not exactly sure how to word it, but overall the idea of sex really grosses me out and just doesnt seem like something i'd ever do. sorry if this is kinda hard to answer, im still trying to

By “for the most part” do you mean you sometimes feel sexual attraction, or that you never do? If it’s rare or only happens under certain circumstances (for example if you only become attracted to people you’re close with), you’re probably on the ace spectrum. If it’s never, you’re ace. 

Your libido/sex drive/how often you get turned on isn’t relevant to asexuality. It’s about attraction, not arousal. 

And it sounds like you’re sex repulsed or averse. Sex averse is when you’re okay talking about it but you’d rather not have it happen to you, and sex repulsed is when you can’t talk about it, because it generates anxiety or discomfort. Both of those are attitudes toward sex, not orientations in themselves:)


I did some Profile practice! Tell me what you think! -Karmen (5/5)

I don’t know if this was something you intended or not, but since this character is crying, I like how a lot of the elements in this piece droop a little, especially in the hair. It really helps sell the idea that this is a more somber character than the other profiles we’ve seen.

One thing I really like about your profiles overall is how visually unique and distinct from one another they are. If you were to turns these into silhouettes, you would still be able to tell them all apart.

One more thing I want to bring up, and that’s if you want critique on something, can you please let me know ahead of time? ^^; That way I know whether or not you’re asking for constructive criticism, or you just want to know my general thoughts.

Other than that, really nice work! I think these profiles came out looking pretty good!


Oooh yeah. Leto Joker is absolutely NOTHING like the comics (or btas) I mean really? And as for the gangster thing. One of the original death in the family comics had The Joker as an international arms dealer turned Syrian ambassador so is a mob boss seriously that far out there? How tf is he supposed to fund his mayhem otherwise?

@auntiemama1 for your hater nonny

The Doomed Timeline Turnabout (redo)
The Doomed Timeline Turnabout (redo)

Listened back and didn’t really like how it turned out before so I redid the Lemonsnout Turnabout tribute.

Arrangement of:

Terezi’s Theme - Toby Fox

Courtroom Shuffle - Nitrosparxx 

The Lemonsnout Turnabout - Toby Fox

Sound Judgement - Malcolm Brown

BL1ND JUST1C3: 1NV3ST1G4T1ON !! - Malcolm Brown

BL1ND JUST1C3: 1NV3ST1G4T1ON !! (Glitch Effects) - Malcolm Brown

Songs belong to their artists and/or What Pumpkin. The Lemonsnout Turnabout by Toby Fox.

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16, 85, 95, 107 👀

16: TV show I always recommend?

Duuuuude. Black Mirror on Netflix is probably the greatest show of all time. If a futuristic version of the twilight zone sounds interesting to you, check it out. It changed mAH LIFE. 

85: Favourite genre of music?

OKay. I really love music, alright. I usually listen to Kendrick Lamar because his storytelling style of rap helps develops most of my ocs. But if I’m not listening to him, I like to turn on some psychedelic rock music or aesthetic pleasing hipster music, yanno? 

95: How tall am I?

I’m 5′6!! 

107: Guilty pleasure?

I really hate reality tv shows but sometimes (if I don’t want to think) I turn it on like it’s white noise. 

Last night I dreamt I had a wasp infestation. A really bad one. So I called the exterminators which turned out to be Nelson and Murdock. They arrived at my childhood home (for some reason i was living there even though it didn’t look anything like how I remember my home) and Matt was wearing his red suit and demanding breakfast. So Karen said she would make it but she needed some eggs. I had four which I gave her but she said she needed six because Matt liked a six-egg omelette (what the fuck???). So I found two old eggs in the back of the fridge and gave those to her.

She made the omelette. Foggy looked suitably crestfallen.

Matt did not sort out my wasp infestation.

today this little kid came up to me at the gym, right? well, naturally i thought she was lost or that her parents must be working out or something like that. i asked her a million times whether her parent was here and if she wanted anything to drink. turns out that she wanted to be a coach for the day so today i had a cute little human running around me to see how you really go about it when you need to excite people for working out. just a tip; saying i can’t do it with every exercise we give you, isn’t making it any easier.

• a supervisor told me: “i really like you no matter what happens you never complain, you’re always so calm”

• the assistant manager got impatient with a client, so much that he told me “yeah i didn’t take their order, you deal with it” (it was at the drive through) and turns out it was 3 really nice girls and after explaining me the situation one of them said “and i present to you: men” and it was perfect

(a few days ago)
• a kind client came up to me and said: “my friend has been looking at you since he came in and he hasn’t stopped telling me how beautiful you are” and surprisingly it was a nice person and not a creepy dude who liked me (he said my chest tattoo on was so nice he’d faint that was a bit weird from a stranger but) and i just??? you need glasses???

Oh LORD! I’m exhausted! I’ve never done something this detailed!!! And I still can’t believe that I made this! Like really, I’m amazed!

This is really my first time doing a drawing starting from zero in digital, with so much shadowing and lighting, no reference pose at all and I’m so happy, really happy for how it turned out!

I have to thank Mr. John Cameron Mitchell for the inspiration. Thanks to that birthday photo with the Victor mask and that little detail in his neck wich looked like a choker and I’m like 99,9% sure IT WAS a choker, with a heart shape. So yeah!

Hey, guys! A quick mobile post but I really wanna get this out there. I’ve come to realize that I tend to get easily excited over a certain ship or interaction,yet, my interests seem to waver often, and I can understand how this can make people feel hurt and/or ignored. Please be aware that I’m never doing this to be offensive or to purposefully spite someone! I wasn’t even conscience of this habit, until a friend had pointed it out to me earlier. That being said, I’ve been very busy with college && my irl problems as of late, thus my attention span has been a bit discombobulated. If you ever feel like I’m ignoring you or you’re upset with how a ship turned out, please speak to me about it? I promise you we can figure something out. I’m not trying to hurt anyone and I’m really always open for discussion, as long as you’re respectful about it.

I want everyone to have a good time, so please don’t feel like you can’t approach me about our interactions or the relationship between our muses. I’m even okay if you pester me about answering a draft or an inbox meme every now and then.

If it ever seems like I’m ignoring you, chances are it’s never purposeful. If you want to interact, know my IMs are always open to you, && I’ll be sure to respond to you when given the chance.

Thank you so much for reading this/ listening to what I have to say. I hope everyone has a great day/night/evening!

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do you think ask yourself if you're gay, is already have a part of the answer ? do you think that questioning about our sexuality and have doubt about it, is already a sign that you are not straight ? i mean i guess if you ask yourself if you like girls it's because you feel something which is real. and most of people who have doubt with time their doubts are finally more than just doubts. Idk a person who is confused and finally realize she is straight. i hope you understand what i mean..

I totally understand what you mean, don’t worry :)

The thing is, I’m in the exact same position, asking myself if all of this means something and how big the possibility is that it turns out to be nothing and I’m straight after all. (But seriously, would a straight person run a blog like this? Today I’m quite confident but oh buddy, that changes. Be prepared. I really wish I could give you a clear cut answer to what is definitely straight behavior and what totally isn’t but I’m still figuring that out for myself.)

My answer to all of your questions: It could be. Nobody other than you can define your sexuality but whatever you’re feeling or thinking about is worth exploring. Let yourself feel. Embrace whatever might come. Be gentle to yourself, be open, be honest.
You don’t have to pinpoint something right now if you don’t want to. Or you could, it’s all up to you.

Let me tell you two things:

- Yes, it probably is not very common for a lot of straight people to think about being something else than straight … mostly because their experiences line up with society’s expectations. And if they do question their sexuality, it won’t take them long to decide that they are in fact straight. I recommend reading this post and this one. Apparently straight people don’t think about kissing or dating the same gender, or are a bit repulsed by the idea of doing so. However, even if you’re questioning, it’s totally normal if, at first, you don’t feel that excited when thinking about that either due to internalized homophobia. That’ll probably change and you’ll get used to the thought when you surround yourself with positivity, positive representation, etc.

- HOWEVER: I know that the fear of it being “just a phase” is there. (And for a lot of people it definitely isn’t a phase and the phrase is way too often used to undermine their identity.) But: Try getting away from the thought of something being just a phase makes it less real, less valid - because it’s not. Whatever you feel, even if it’s just temporary, is worth cherishing and exploring and valuing. For some people, sexuality is quite flexible and changes. (That doesn’t mean you can go up to someone who identifies as a lesbian and say “hey, you might not be gay after all”, because that’s awful, don’t do that.) What I want to say is this: Sexuality doesn’t have to and for lots of people it isn’t fluid but for other people it can be and is changing over time. Neither is better nor worse than the other.

I hope you get what I mean here. Don’t let the fear of being wrong discourage you from exploring your feelings, needs, and wants when it comes to your sexual identity. You don’t have to “get it right” on the first try. You can try out labels and see if they fit, or don’t label yourself at all. Your label can change, that’s all fine. Here’s a cool article that has great arguments regarding this as well.

Most important: Take your time. You definitely have time to figure it all out. Take time to reflect on your feelings and process them. Take time to think about what you really want. I know it’s hard to distinguish between what society says you should do and want and what you personally want, but you’ll get there.

I have to say, I’m quite proud of my answer to this ask because it covers a lot of different topics and links to other good posts, so give it a read!

My last advice, something that really helped me personally: Confide in someone. (Only if you’re safe and feel comfortable doing so - that’s mandatory, I’m serious, don’t do anything that endangers your personal safety just because you think you “have to” do it.) It releases at least a bit of the anxiety and stress and it feels so good to share some things that go through your head with someone.

If I can do anything else for you, just shoot me another ask.
I wish you the very best. Don’t stress about it too much, though. You’ll get there eventually, I promise. Keep me posted if you want to, I’m always eager to listen to the progress you’ll make :)

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i turn 18 in august and tbh i'm terrified. i feel like ive completely wasted my youth. from the age of 13-16 i basically did nothing and ive kind of only recently let myself enjoy life i guess? next year is my last year of school and i feel as tho i havent had any of those "typical teen experiences" or something like i never do anything exciting and i love my friends but i only have school and childhood friends and i want to change and be less boring but idk how to or what to do

Not to be dramatic but “typical teen experience” is kind of a sham. I felt exactly as you do when I was younger, and it may feel like everything right now, but it’s going to seem so small a few years out, I promise. You have so little freedom as a teenager, specifically before you turn 18. The really good stuff is going to come in your late teens, early twenties, and ~beyond~, your life hasn’t even started yet! You’ll graduate, maybe go to college, grow up, meet great people and do everything you want to do soon. Don’t stress, it’s all coming! Best of luck!

claire :-)