i really like how he said it tbh

thoughts on the new rbw group vromance

i dont know what peoples thoughts on the new “little brother” group of mamamoo vromance are but personally i really like them. im really a fan of pop music revisiting old styles of music and i especially like vocal focused show tune/broadway like music. like i usually dont like broadway type singing but the instrumentals are really good. theres just something about pop music that has elements of broadway show tunes, classicial music, and jazz/swing music etc thats really refreshing, especially in the kpop scene.

that being said im not sure theyll be that much of a hit within todays kpop fans. i feel like the audience theyre trying to appeal to is obviously a mature audience in their late 20s+. a lot of kpop fans nowadays are preteens and young teens. vromance’s ages range from 22-27 and theyre not “””conventionally attractive””” and they dont do any dancing from what ive see so far. their concept is very classy and mature.

vromance is just about the complete opposite of rookie groups debuting in kpop today but i really really hope their music reaches the younger kpop fans so theyre forced to focus on singing and music at its core. with other groups young fans will get so tied up in the members looks and performance (which is all good and well) but they tend to ignore the most important part, the music. i really hope vromance can succeed in opening peoples eyes to, just, classic singing and music and instrumentals since that seems to be the only thing theyre focusing on in their debut.

edit ALSO i think its rly important that a member of vromance is 27 and just debuted. its never too late to pursue your dreams guys

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ok so what are your thoughts on insecure!stiles? i love it. i feel like a lot of that stems from me being horribly insecure about not only my appearance but also my personality as well and i really love insecure!stiles fics because its all just derek reassuring him how great he is and its such a great concept to me lol BUT also on the flip side, insecure!derek is great too. bc no one expects a guy who looks like that to be insecure but he is and idk i just love it okay bye

*wraps both of them in blankets tbh* i love my insecure boys so much. they just need someone to love them for exactly who they are. and that someone is each other, of course.

like you said, what i love about fics touching on both of these two’s insecurities is all the reassuring that they give each other and the whole journey of accepting themselves because slowly, over time, they learn to love (or maybe not love but not hate either) themselves and all the little things they’re insecure about.

not to say that they’re not still insecure, because insecurities don’t go away just like that, but it just becomes easier and they become happier - which is what they deserve, my poor boys.

for stiles, it’s the constant reassurance that he’s beautiful and gorgeous and handsome just the way he is. long and lean body, moles, pale skin, full body flush and long eyelashes, all included. it’s derek wrapping his arms around his middle, kissing his neck and saying “hello, beautiful” whenever they come across each other.

it’s derek looking at him like he’s the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen, and it’s derek listening so intently to whatever he has to say even if all the words coming stumbling out of his mouth don’t even make sense. it’s derek laughing at his bad jokes and challenging him. it’s derek grabbing his face, looking him in the eyes, and telling him he’s perfect just the way he is, flaws and everything.

for derek, it’s the constant reassurance that stiles wants him. not just his body, not just his werewolf status, but him. it’s not that he doesn’t trust stiles, he does. but it’s that derek’s been used in the past, with kate and jennifer and others, and he’s just scared.

it’s the blindingly happy smile and genuine interest stiles shows whenever derek talks about something that he likes and the way stiles will join in the conversation and not just listen. it’s the way stiles isn’t afraid to start arguments and show he’s not afraid of telling derek he’s wrong. it’s the way stiles will kiss him just because, the way he’ll touch him absently just because, the way he’ll look at him and help him get through rough days. it’s the way, being with stiles, makes derek feel loved and wanted for the first time since the fire… or maybe even since paige.

i just love these two helping each other heal and become better and happier with themselves, together.

i could write an entire essay about paris’ internalized homophobia but im just gonna start with how she probably fixated on a)school and b)tristan as ways to avoid being honest with herself bc who hasnt said the word “im just focusing on school/work right now, i dont have time for love” so she knew it would be a good excuse and tbh she never really seemed that interested in tristan beyond the fact that he was a boy and that he would probably never see her as a “real” love interest for him so he was a safe crush that she could tell madeline and louise about 

like paris when shes around tristan is so nervous? and uncomfortable and she feels like she’s going to throw up going on a date with him but when she’s around rory she’s so calm and relaxed and happy

look @ that girl!!!! thats the face of a girl who loves girls and just doesnt know it yet!!! but she knows that its rory who makes her feel like that and knows she can’t ever let her out of her life even if she wanted to

Shiro is the best thing i have ever laid eyes on tbh

- lowkey i think he was a boy scout

- like it was a really awkward phase that he never wants to talk about but boy listen to me he was a boy scout, he wore the uniform and said corny stupid things

- he never wants to talk about it

- im so glad we all established that he’s the dad

- also he has ptsd and needs a break, let him rest

- he’s japanese and really cool and the leader and how cool is that like wowww

- im highkey in love

- this beautiful boy has flaws but that just makes me love him more

- personally i think he has shitty taste in music bc no one is that amazing

- so he probably likes electronic pop for whatever reason and you know what i bet he has like one random country song on his workout playlist and i dont know why but he does

- when lance finds out he goes an entire week wearing a cowboy hat

- ok he seems so well put together but he isn’t and i think the real reason why he was so prepared when Allura woke everyone up for a drill bc he never went to bed or if he did it was for like 2 hours

- he’s constantly worried about the safety of his team and cannot rest 

- he is too responsible

- Allura tells him to chill so you know its bad

- he gets really bad nightmares if he rests too long 

- everyone lowkey knows and is really worried so they try to make it easy on him

- shiro is lowkey terrified when things are going good bc he knows they cant last that way

- he workouts the hardest bc he needs to deal with his stress somehow

- when he looks in the mirror and sees the white for the first time he just starts laughing and its a mix of ‘wow this is new’ and ‘what happened to me?’

- and im crying now

- he gets really upset when he forgets things bc what if he can never remember them and what if he forgets his team

- he’s really scared of losing his team bc he already lost one

- everyone loves shiro and i will fight anyone who disagrees

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You know antis don't usually bother me, I love seeing them rant about how IH has no development because it's funny as hell seeing first hand how much they lack reading comprehension. But this one person claiming ishihime FREAKING ISHIHIME, has more development than Ichihime, and saying it in such a manner so as not to appear salty just got to me. They consider that time Inoue shed tears after Ishida confirmed he was on their side an IsH moment. She shed tears for many people for the love of god.

TBH the time orihime shed tears over ishida was imo a sweet moment and I could understand ishihime shippers being happy over it, but I don’t really get how they could argue that it was /romantic/ at all, or that it bolsters their ship’s chances for canon when orihime is in love with another guy??? What’s more, like you said, it’s /orihime/, she cries a lot, she worries about other people a lot. It was very consistent of her characterisation to say what she did and shed tears over him in that moment. It was expected of her to react that way, and if anything it was surprising she hadn’t reacted that way the chapter before when she first found out ishida wasn’t a traitor

And she’s being used to voice the feelings of ichigo and Chad as well here. Ichigo is a bit emotionally withdrawn and Chad is quiet, they weren’t voicing their feelings on the matter, instead orihime was vocalising how they all felt. And I’ll say again that I thought it was a sweet moment but it wasn’t groundbreaking or anything even slightly different

And honestly this is what I mean when I say any ishihime moment is overshadowed by an ichihime moment straight after. Like ichigo protected her from those statue things and held her to his chest after honestly what the fuck was that. What the f uck. THAT was surprising; him holding her after the danger had passed is just so ??? Ichigo asking for orihimes help and asking her to tag team with him; THAT’S surprising, that’s DIFFERENT. That’s //development//. We have had so many huge ichihime moments, we’ve had marked growth and development, and when you compare them side by side, it really puts into perspective how little ishihime has been developed in comparison

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can you explain how Pete is misogynistic? and how the rest of fob are embarrassing? this isn't a negative ask im just wondering what happened

tbh if u search pete’s name on my blog u should be able to find something on like the first page cuz i already have answered that like 400 times

a little while ago, joe trohman pulled some all lives matter type bullshit and apologized but didnt really apologize bc he still kept saying pandering ass all lives matter bullshit and blocked anyone who would tell him to shut his geek ass up

patrick said black people who were upset about eric garner were “scapegoating” bc they rightfully spoke out against cops and in that same time frame he was just a really big pissbaby on twitter

andy doesnt do shit as far as i know. i still kinda like him, he’s a lil cute, but he’s on some hardcore vegan shit and i dont mess with white anarchist vegan men like that

also rip in peace to me linking to bandomcallout in the year of our lord 2016. kms

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I can not describe how my heart shattered when Teruteru cried for his mother after he was exposed. Out of everyone I think he deserved to leave that island most of all.

I think we’ll be the judge of that when the DR3 anime comes out! That being said, he was the only one that really had a selfless reason for joining Hopes Peak I imagine. It was all for his mother, and to see him cry for her and her fate was heartbreaking. ~ Mod Eri 

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Technically Taylor didn't fully lie because Kanye didn't ask permission in the video about the "that bitch made me famous," line, he only asked about the sex line. But her and her spokeswoman still did kind of lie because they said that he never asked for permission and the only thing he asked about was if he could upload it on her twitter page. They said that Taylor said no because she didn't like how misogynistic the song is, which is a lie because in the video she praises the song.

Okay, I just watched it. 

Yeah, I think it’s kind 50/50. Like, saying “I made that bitch famous” about her really sucks, it takes away all the hard work she put into crafting an image and tbh it just isn’t true. 

But she also wasn’t upfront about actually having this conversation with him. There was definitely a lie there on Taylor’s part, she did lie to make him look worse. Which ultimately ends up making her look worse because… just tell the truth. It wouldn’t look that bad, really? I mean, the line about them having sex is gross, but what the situation turned into is grosser. 

At the same time, is it fair that Kim released that recording for more publicity? No. 

And now the entire internet/media is going to turn on Taylor yet again, when if this was happening to a dude, the situation would be totally different and people would be like “Man, he’s a good musician! Just focus on the music, man!” 

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i thought the 19 days fandom was rather tame when it comes to drama and tbh im kind of disappointed now. i reread the posts that caused the problem and i dont understand why everyone overreacted as if you had said something awful? dont people have the right to like or dislike a character? plus, the reasons you listed were perfectly understandable? i get that some people like redhead and i do too but how about realizing he did shitty things and it's a valid reason for some people to not like him?

ppl get defensive over their faves and just really really want me to like them despite my protests i suppose lol

i only signed up for the main gays and i dont like anyone taking away from their screentime cause then i have to wait another week just to find out what happens 

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Minos voice makes him stand out easily. For example when he features in a song it points him out straight away. I think it's really deep. I like his voice in 'I'm him' it's smooth, like you said, I don't think I like how he sounds in 'fear' I'm not a big fan of the auto tune he used. It works for some people like sik k, he can work the auto tune.

I think both Bobby and Mino’s voices are signatures tbh. Which is kinda important because you need something about you that identifies to people “Oh this is a *insert rapper here* track” other than you just saying your name. You know a Tupac, Biggie, or Eminem song as soon as they open their mouths. 

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Ok but how do Brandon and Jesus and Jude (ps just realized Jude was not in ep idk I'm not invested in him lol) not know about f&f rumors like how unrealistic is that?? Some guy came up to Callie and asked if she only bangs her brother. Like someone hasn't gone up to b and said 'hey if she was my sis I'd prob still fuck her too.' I just thought that brallie would get made fun of more than Mariana bc it's a bigger scandal. And the interviewer was from a tv station so does cort not watch the news?

Lmao first of all I really don’t care about Jude at all tbh. I loved when he was Callie’s little baby brother and now he’s grown and doing his own thing separate from Callie so he just seems irrelevant to me. I did like J*nn*or and was invested in that story line but mostly because of *avin.

Anyways back to the other stuff…you’re exactly right…super freakin’ unrealistic for this to be swept under the rug and I know they’re only doing it this way so they can (LIKE ALWAYS) use Brallie as finale bait.

I think AJ and Cort are always lowkey gonna have their suspicions but we’re not going to see any jealousy - if there is even going to be any - until the end of 4A

@nightfallgoddess I guess.. but they can still write original material for magnus’ past… cuz they have a show to plan and they can’t wait around forever for rights they might or might not get. And I just really want a magnus centric episode or at least an episode where we get to know more abt him.. they can show us things about downworlder affairs and how he handles that or idk… I just want more magnus content tbh  

So last night I was practicing widowmaker and I was doing particularly bad in a match and this one guy kept yelling at me to switch so
A. I didn’t switch particularly to continue upsetting him
B. The rest of the team defended me and said ‘dude they’re learning how to play her you learn by doing’

And at the end when we lost he blamed me in match chat and even the other team was like 'yo calm down son’ and tbh it made me really happy

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Do you think there is any truth to the Norman and Diane Kruger rumors?

Honestly aside from when the one rumor initially came out in December, I’ve been aggressively ignoring all of this so I don’t know what is being said right now (nor do I wish to hear). I do know, obviously, that Josh & Diane broke up. I would say no I don’t think so unless there’s solid evidence or acknowledgment from Norman. I liked Josh & Diane together but tbh I mainly liked them cause of Josh (because he’s a precious cinnamon roll). There’s something about Diane that I’m not a fan of…maybe it’s how she comes across (on her social media & otherwise) so basically I don’t really care what she says haha. Though for what it’s worth, I just read this on a Josh Jackson forum:

Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson have officially ended their 10-year relationship. And Kruger is clapping back to Instagram haters who question whether there was cheating involved.

One user who has since deleted their account, made a (surely regrettable) comment on Kruger’s Instagram that insinuated foul play. Kruger’s lengthy response—posted on a photo of emotional Jimi Hendrix lyrics, mind you—shut down the hater, reminding him that he does not know her whole story.

“Dear @priv1982,” Kruger wrote, “you have no idea what is really going on, nor do you know me or Josh. I don’t know how your mother raised you and you are certainly entitled to your ignorant opinion, but don’t forget that even though we actors are in the public eye, we are also humans.”

Personally, based on what I’ve seen of them interacting I don’t get a vibe there. In that buzzfeed interview where they asked each other questions seemed more to me like squabbling siblings lol. I will also say that I think she’s too “Hollywood” for Norman & he’s probably not Hollywood enough for her. i.e. she is always attending the met gala & other big fancy events that I don’t see Norman being into…especially considering he seems to have taken up an extremely private stance on relationships in the last few years. 

But I always like to end my opinions with “but I could be wrong” because I could be. And I don’t like to go all in with confidence on most things cause I don’t want it to bite me in the ass lol. I’m a little superstitious I guess. So my final answer is a cautious ‘no’ with a hefty dose of ‘god i hope not’ and a final pinch of ‘i’ll be over here in my own world, aggressively ignoring this stuff until it goes away, thanks’.

Also I’d like to say it really bums me out how people take gross gossip like this and run with it, without knowing the truth. Say what you want about the normily rumor last year, but at least it was a positive thing and didn’t paint anyone to be a cheater! 

supernovae-end replied to your post “remember how someone said that whatever canon backstory Blizzard came…”

chicken legs I can’t handle it LMFAOOO I really like the concept of Hanzo wearing prosthetic legs tho like– tbh is there even a reason for his legs to be that twiggy??

yeah like??????

i know like art style and all that plays a part but his ankles are too damn skinny for there to be actual legs in there

unless he’s got some sort of condition that lead to poor development in his lower legs and the metal boots act as mobility aids of some sort?

good things 7/22
-woke up in the morning feel p awake
-college track ended today and aw it’s strange being home
-we really had a great time
-like study group was really lax and nice and i felt really comfortable
-like writing letters to ourselves
-and we randomly picked out rocks and mine said “patience” on it and had to talk abt how it applies to college and life
-we had really good convos
-our study group took photos
-actually so many good photos were taken and so much dabbing
-we had a commencement
-we were assigned secret stalkers and i had my friend chris and he had me and we had to say nice things and he said i was good at college and stuff and it was sweet and made me tear up and tbh i didn’t think i was an amazing CATS (like i was more lax and didn’t really step out of my comfort zone and i mean i was okay i just wasn’t stellar) this year but it meant a lot
-we had little mailboxes where people put in notes and i got really really nice ones and i pasted them all in my bullet journal and idk i’m crying rn but in a good way like i’m happy abt how much i’ve changed and feel calm and right and normal and stuff
-lol @ breakfast i snapchatted a video of me pouring the cereal first and it created this whole debate abt sandwiches and stuff and it was great
-good hugs
-i got new yarn to tie around my ankle
-i took a nap on the ride home and also @ bonnie’s house
-bonnie got some great pics of me as sleeping beauty lol
-people from CT are posting photos and videos and it makes me so happy like i wish i could go back and relive it
-me bonnie and tom went to dunkin and then did some pokémon training
-got back to home sweet home
-i’m super behind on steven universe but i rewatched mr. greg just for the “it’s over” song and it really hit me wow lol get it bc i’m not over CT
-i’m super tired now but like after i pasted stuff in my journal and posted something on finsta i wrote my feelings out bc i realized things have changed and i’m okay with that
-i had a good cry that i haven’t had in awhile and it wasn’t a sad cry but a “my emotions are going into overdrive and i’m tired” cry and i feel loads better
-i left so much out and i really can’t capture how many more good things there are like i love TI and CT and it’s so so so nice being surrounded by positive people and people you love and it’s like being home

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dude i find it funny when army's get so defensive over nothing. so what Ali expressed her feelings about namjoon? it's her opinion and it's completely valid. seriously @ that anon; there's literally no reason to get defensive or be offended, chill out a bit. just bc you're an army doesn't mean that everyone else in the kpop fandom has to love every member of bts as much as you do. js

Tbh I don’t get it either, there are plenty of people I don’t like irl and no one gets defensive over that??? If someone said “I don’t like Jackson cause he’s really loud and he seems fake idk” I’d be like how can u say that about baby Jackson but I wouldn’t say “omg you’re not a fan anymore”

@yuvonsil said: i would definitely say ceo, but i mean if you want to go full king, he can always be royalty from a European country as that’s very feasible 
@masqueradewolf said: No ceo or cfo’s of companies sticking out to you? He could be the head costume designer of a theater (or the owner of the theater), head of a famous martial arts dojo. Or if you’d want to run with how pretty he is a very in demand model or actor.

[Ceo was the first thing that came to mind, but that’s one of the ones that I wasn’t really interested in writing. Personally, it seems like a kinda boring thing to write tbh. Though, I suppose it doesn’t really matter that much, since I don’t actually have to write him doing job stuff that often… it’s not like I write Thranduil doing king stuff all the time, after all.]

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I don't understand why you all think it's so gross for two consenting adults to have a relationship??? Trunks is an adult?? Or I was pretty sure he was anyway.

Well I found it most gross when he was actually a kid. The thing is in the future he will be an adult (I think) and I also said that it well shouldn’t bother me. It’s just also how much history Mai has, she has tried to kill Bulma and Goku and stuff…

Also this is just a lazy recycling of an old character (and tbh I just never really liked Mai whoops she just seemed so hopeless and dependant) I do see the appeal of the ship I really do

It’s just so pushed into my face while I just see it as /another/ relationship that wasn’t really asked for or needed for plot

I would react the same if they’d couple Goten with idk Marron, it’s just creating relationships because it makes the serie more ‘interesting’ I would just love they’d stop shoving it in my face 😂

Okay there was my total opinion sorry for the Trumai shippers out there

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is it true that Oda said in an SBS that if the strawhats weren't pirates Robin would be a flight attendant and Franky would be a pilot?

Yeeeeeapp~ ❤ It’s from Volume 76 and you can read the complete SBS here on wiki (tbh when I first know this I was in family gathering, I could hardly contain myself and later when I was alone, oh you have no idea how loud I squealed back then lol)

Though Oda said he ‘ended up finding the answer on a postcard from another fan’, but then he added ‘I found that the example professions listed to the side labeled “My Hobbies”. that P.N. SukeKiyo-san included along with your exact same question were spot on, so here they are. I assume they really would turn out to be something like this.’

Unlike when the fans threw him some suggestions for character’s birthday on which he would accept it nonchalantly, for this one, he actually considered the answer. For a person who likes putting hints to foreshadow his next story, he wouldn’t have missed something (quite major, at least for me, lol) like this, now would he? Or even if he had missed it, then he unconsciously accepted that it’s only natural for Franky and Robin to work in a same workplaceヽ(〃v〃)ノ