i really like how he calls 'em kids

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How do the UT skeleton bros, undyne and alphys react to their s/o accidentally calling them mom/dad?

Is it socially acceptable to date an ask cause’ I can really relate to this. I do it all the time ; - ;




Uh, what? He wasn’t expecting that. You have to be kidding him right now. He’s not really all that fatherly, is he? Were his puns a dad influence?

Huh? Stop the puns? C’mon, he shouldn’t have to baby you just because you don’t like em’! But, in all seriousness, he is going to tease you for the rest of the week like this. Be prepared for a dad time. Now let’s go to Grillby’s. You can take the kiddy meal.


Oh no! He knew he shouldn’t have been so protective! He’s not ready for the inevitable emptiness from giving all of your freedom to- oh, it was a mistake? That’s good, he wasn’t quite ready to raise a child yet. Besides, you’re his datemate! He loves you in a loving way, and he doesn’t want to lose something as special as that!


PFFFFT. C’mon, she doesn’t look that old! And how many moms watch anime and do cool sword stuff, anyway? Not many!

Afterwards, she won’t talk about that slipup much, but it does become an inside joke. ‘Oh, you want icecream? Sure thing, child o’ mine! Hah!’

Plus this cute little comment:

‘… Hey, do you really think I’d make a good mom? ‘Cause I’m not so sure… oh? You think I would?! Then, uh… wanna adopt one? A kid, I mean? I think you’d be a good parent too, and uh… yeah!’


Lets be real, she’s done this to almost everyone. Teachers, coworkers, children and even King Asgore have been referred to as parents! When she hears it from you it takes a while for it to sink in because of that.

When it finally does, she gets very embarrassed! Has that habit of hers rubbed off on you? You both laugh it off later though, and it becomes another cute, old memory.

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"I am not even sorry." From four words prom list? Something crazy, funny and fluff? 💝 Thanks

i hope this is what you were looking for!!!

I wrenched my key out of the door to our flat and then slammed it shut behind me. Kicking my shoes off, slamming down my keys and my bag trying to make as much noise as possible.

“Baby?” Harry came into view, sweats on and a t-shirt. It had been his day off. “You alright?”

I raised my eyebrows at him as I flung my coat over the nearest piece of furniture.

He nodded, “Right, obviously not.”

He watched and followed me, as I silently fumed, dragging my bag and coat behind me which Harry hurriedly took from me when I looked ready to fling them again. “Do yeh want to talk about it?”

I flopped on the bed and stared at the ceiling, “It’s just going to make you upset.”

He lay down on the bed next to me, “Well now you have to tell me.”

“That guy Ron made a… suggestive comment to me again today.”

Harry immediately stood up, “Are ya jokin’? That’s the third time this has happened this month alone!” I waited for him to calm down. I was seething myself and I didn’t want to feed off his energy and do something irrational. “Did you report him?”

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Daddy's Little Genius

Title: Daddy’s Little Genius
Pairing: Tony Stark/Teen!You (parental)
Character(s): Tony Stark/Iron Man, Bruce Banner/The Hulk, Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Steve Rogers/Captain America, and you.
Plot: well, Mom’s dead and now it’s time to find dad.
Warnings: cursing? Alcohol mentioned a few- sadness a bit
Words: 2242

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What do Adrien n Marinette do in suicide sq au? Are they part of justice league? Or their mentors who individually defeated each n evry1 n formed dis team? Or random citizens who befriended dem without knowing about ss n often get caught in shit?

Not sure to be honest ^^; they’ll definitely still be heroes but have hardly any  connections to the the akumas  cuz they were all so spread out doing their own thing (most of em staying in the shadows) before getting caught i actually like the idea that hawkmoth is somehow connected to all of em..not sure how thou, like he helped fund the child experimentation maybe, Mime got his daughters ‘cure from his associates, and all. It’d just be like a faint trial that somehow ties back to him    .maybe the gov’t calls em up to help with certain missions (maybe the quantic kids are a thing).idk im personally focusing on the classmates with this au just cuz i really love akumas ((i should mention that I have no idea about any of the details or w/e regarding the actual plot of suicide squad only that these bad guys are being forced to be somewhat good guys by the government, giving them the suicidal/underground missions and im just rolling with that general idea ))