i really like his blonde

A pre-hollow Grimmjow. I haven’t been able to draw much and needed to get back to it.


send me your bias + era –> Himchan + Feel So Good  

Pledis: We’ve decided, Minghao, that your hair’s gonna be red!

Pledis: No wait, scratch that. It’s gonna be dark pink!

Pledis: Actually, no, your hair’ll be bluey silver!

Pledis: Nah, nah, blondeish silver works better.

Pledis: Although, come to think of it, we’ve kinda been missing your brown hair…


Making predictions/wishes about Seventeen’s hair for the next comeback:
S.Coups - brown hair / Bangs up
Jeonghan - blonde hair 😍🙏🏻
Joshua - black hair 🙏🏻/ Bangs up
Jun - gray hair (why not?) / maybe even with bangs up / or something like in Mansae or Pretty U era
Hoshi - black hair (I really like his hair in Boom boom era)
Wonwoo - blonde hair (???) (I don’t know why, I just wanna see him blonde)/ or black hair
Woozi - BLACK hair 🙏🏻
DK - Bangs up / black/brown hair
Mingyu - black hair / Bangs up (I don’t really know, every hairstyle looks on him good 👀)
The8 - ALSO BLACK hair 🙏🏻
Seungkwan - still blonde hair (I like this color on him too)
Vernon - Bangs up / and maybe still black, but brown hair will be okay too👌🏻
Dino - BANGS UP / blonde/brown/black/ whatever if BANGS UP


say what you want about prussia but there’s no denying that by 18th century beauty standards their country technically had the most attractive representative in europe


School Kakumei 2015.08.30 - Yamada Ryosuke, Chinen Yuri

yamachine with polarioid camera  (੭ु´͈ ᐜ `͈)੭ु⁾⁾


A/N: Sorry this isn’t part 9 but have a little Wonho smut, you all know I’ve been feeling some type of way about this man so here you go!

Request: You catch Wonho watching porn

Genre: Smut ;)

Word Count: 1038

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It wasn’t everyday that you walked into house to dead silence, but it seemed to be one of those days. You set your bags down and got some water from the fridge. You start drinking your water when you here something strange. You start to move towards your boyfriend, Hoseok’s, room and the noise gets louder. Was that Hoseok’s voice?  

He was moaning loudly and grunting with panting breaths. What the hell was he doing in there? You sit outside the door and listen some more before making a fool of yourself and barging in there. You can hear skin on skin contact and faint panting. Surely he wasn’t having sex with someone else, right?  

You open the door quietly so you can see what’s going on. The room is dark, the only source of light was his laptop screen.  

You can see Hoseok sat up on his bed with absolutely nothing on. The sight makes you hot immediately, he always did have a great body. He has a grip his dick and he’s massaging himself, making small moans as he does so. You start to see the pre-cum drip from his cock and you feel yourself getting wet, you want nothing more than to go and give him the release he wants. He gets closer and closer to his orgasm and you can’t tear your eyes off him. He moans your name as he cums and you gasp. He turns his head towards the door to see you spying on him.

“Oh my god, ______, did you see that whole thing?” Hoseok’s face becomes a rosy color as he feels a wave of embarrassment wash over him.  

“Yeah…but you looked so engrossed I didn’t want to interrupt” you stutter as you enter his room “actually it was pretty hot” you mumble.

“Oh really?” his embarrassment slowly fades and he puts on a grin.

“What were you watching?”

“Nothing!!” he slams the laptop shut and you smile.

“Come on, I won’t kink shame you” you giggle and Hoseok looks at you from his position on the bed.

“Why don’t I just show you instead?” He raises an eyebrow, the embarrassment now fading away as he stands up off the bed. You feel the aching below get more and more desperate. Hoseok slides his hand behind your neck and connects his lips with yours. You close your eyes as his plush lips massage yours. His lips were heavenly against yours. You let him dip his tongue between your lips and let out a gentle moan. He pulls back leaving you wanting more of him. He slides his hands under your shirt and lifts it over your head swiftly, throwing it across the room.  

Hoseok kisses across your collarbones and back up your neck, sucking and nipping the skin. He grips your thighs.

“Up” he commands and you comply, wrapping your legs around his waist. He backs you up against the wall. He attacks your neck with kisses and you let your head fall back in pleasure. He licks a trail from your neck to your ear.

“You’re mine tonight, baby” he growls in your ear.

“Hoseok, I didn’t know you liked to be rough” you moan in response “It’s really hot, I like it” you run a hand through his blonde hair. He grinds his hips against yours before moving the two of you to his bed.

Your back hits the back of the mattress and Hoseok is on top of you in seconds. He pulls your leggings off quickly as well as you panties, the only thing left on you was your bra. After removing the clothing he kisses up your thighs to your core that was throbbing with anticipation. He grips your hips as he pushes his face farther between your legs, licking your heat.

“Fuck, Hoseok…” You moan as he fucks you with his mouth. Hoseok thumbs over your clit gently as he licks deeper. You tangle your fingers in his hair as you let your head fall back on the pillows, panting and mewling in pleasure Hoseok brings you close to your release but pulls back before letting you cum.

“Hoseok…” You groan as he trails kisses up your stomach.

“I like to tease you, baby” Hoseok smirks before kissing you again gently. He lets his hands slide down your torso as he plays with your chest, taking one of your nipples into his mouth and gently nipping the hardened nub. You gasp softly and he runs his tongue over the sensitive skin of your breast. He drags his lips over the soft skin of your abdomen before stopping at your core.

“Hoseok, fuck me already!” You groan in frustration.

“Beg for me, baby” Hoseok mumbles against your skin.

“Hoseok, please, I need you now! I’ll finish myself if I have to!” You whine with your hand moving to your throbbing wetness. Hoseok pins your hands above your head.

“Only I can fuck you, _____, don’t you dare do it yourself” he growls as he lines himself up with you. He thrusts in you with what felt like all of his strength. You cry out as Hoseok fucks you fast and hard, Hoseok grunts with each thrust bringing himself closer to his own climax. You feel that bundle of nerves coming undone and you cry out as you tighten around Hoseok. Hoseok is brought to his climax after yours and he cums with a low groan.  

The two of you catch your breath as you come down form your highs. Hoseok lets go of your wrists and kisses them gently.

“I didn’t hurt you did I?” He asks with concern.

“No, I’m okay just a little tired” you giggle.

“Well let’s get you cleaned up, then we can have some ramen” Hoseok says as he takes you into his arms. You lay your head on his shoulder and give a hum of approval as you and your boyfriend make your way to the bathroom to shower together.


THIS IS MY NEW INQUISITOR his name is bjorn and he’s big and quiet and ace and dorian likes to flirt with him because it makes bjorn laugh but what dorian doesnt realise is that bjorn is gay af and would like to hold his hand or something maybe when ppl arent around so dori doesnt get uncomfortable wow gay children….

Chemistry (TBS x Reader)

Character: Thomas Brodie-Sangster

Fandom: Maze Runner Cast

Categories: Reader Insert, Female Reader, Actress!Reader

Title: Chemistry

Requested by anon:

Hey love, I was wondering if I could request a Thomas Brodie-Sangster imagine? I was thinking like, the reader and him could both be actors and they meet on set one day, and the two of them have instant chemistry. Their cast mates tease them a lot in interviews and tons of fans ship them together, etc. Then Thomas and the reader finally spill their feelings for each other. Just loads of fluff and cuteness overload, please

It was my first movie, and I was beyond excited.

When I arrived to the studio they were already filming –or maybe just rehearsing –something, so I decided to be quiet and take a look.

Maybe I could learn a thing or two, which wouldn’t be bad considering I had never acted before. Despite the fact that I knew it was my dream and I wanted to chase it.

The excitement mixed with the nerves in my stomach and I could barely even pay attention to the scene being performed before my eyes because of it.

I just did when I was impressed by the main actor. He caught me looking at him and that helped me get more into it. I liked his acting, from his delivery to his posture and his gestures. It was a well-executed performance that I honestly enjoyed a lot.

I had to fight back the urge to applaud because that guy really did a great job. I really liked his acting, and why deny it, he was really cute too.

Dirty blond hair, dark brown eyes, tall and lean and with a gorgeous grin. Oh no, he was coming over to me. He probably noticed me and figured I was new.

Act cool…

“Hi, you must be Y/N” He began saying in a surprisingly deep and attractive voice. “They said you would arrive today”

“Yeah, you must be Thomas then” I showed him my best smile. “We’re co-stars”

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anonymous asked:

i'd like to request a markgyeom fic where yugyeom confesses to mark, asking him to see him as a man rather than a dongsaeng. maybe mark was already aware of yugyeom's feelings, but felt that yugyeom is too young? yugyeom wants to show that he is mature/can take care of mark. ps. i'm so glad i found this blog!!

Warning: extreme amount of idk what is going on

Wordcount: 800

Author: Jin

omg this is— i cant im actually really pleased with this bc how i wrote this fic is literally how i live my life everyday- on crack whoohoo. sorry i didn’t take this prompt too seriously lmfao

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