i really like him with glasses

You know that terribly stupid dumb movie cliche where the girl takes off her glasses and straightens her hair and she suddenly hot?

That’s Jamie Benn right now. Like, he’s no longer your best friends awkward and shy little brother. He grew a beard. He’s walking down the stairs in slow mo.

You don’t even care about the bet. You want to take him to prom.

i really hope after all that yixing is okay and still smiling and feeling loved, i hope one ugly doesn’t bring the sweet little bunny down. i hope he knows just how much everyone else loves and appreciates everything he has done for exo and us!!!! 

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What is your headcanon on the extended Tracy family? According to you, does Scott still keep contact with his uncles/does he have cousins etc. (I think Parker mentioned Jeff's brothers in the episode Designated Driver)?

I haven’t really got many headcanons about the extended Tracy family. I tend to focus on my boy so I’ve asked the RP fam for their thoughts and :D **dons glasses**

The consensus was that our Jeff is one of three brothers. I like to think he’s the youngest but that’s just personal preference.

It’d be pretty cool if Jeff’s other brothers were as awesome as him so we’re thinking one of them might be a paramedic, perhaps a doctor. Something awesome related to medicine. And because the Tracy family is made of 100% awesomeness, perhaps the other brother’s a fireman.

I love the idea of a wildfire spiralling way outta control so along comes International Rescue. And afterwards perhaps there’s a senior fireman down on the ground who sorta strangely resembles Scott despite the grey hair and the burns. And he salutes and the boys salute their uncle right back :D

@theoldwayworkstoo pointed out that Gramma Tracy is often missing from the island. It makes sense that she’d spend a lot of time with her other boys and grandchildren and torment them with cookies too.

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hello i am a bi girl, 18, about 5'8" with brown hair, blue-grey eyes that can't see for shit, and, consequently, glasses. i play the flute and piano, and sing, but also couldn't draw anything more complicated than a stick figure to save my life. i speak pretty good French and am shockingly bad at math. have often been told i am sarcastic and annoying, but like in an endearing way i guess. please ship me with someone? thanks

I ship you with Lafayette because I can kinda picture him whispering cute things in Fench to you and other really fluffy stuff like that

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Have you read all of Samuel Pepys' diary? What are your favourite parts in it?

Most of it but it’s very very long and very extensive. Some of it is boring (in that, it’s literally just him listing off a load of work he got done at the Admiralty) but then some of it is just priceless. He’s a bit of a bugger, to be honest, I don’t like him much but he lived a really rich, nuanced life and his diaries are a reflection of this, hence why they’re such a brilliant source for anyone wanting to be truly immersed in Restoration England.

I have a few favourite parts/aspects:

  • Keeping goldfish as pets was something that came to England in the 17th century, presumably because of our strengthening trade links with the East. Samuel Pepys saw his first pet goldfish on the 28th May, 1665: “Thence home and to see my Lady Pen, where my wife and I were shown a fine rarity: of fishes kept in a glass of water, that will live so for ever; and finely marked they are, being foreign.”
  • I particularly enjoy his frequent references to cake shops and places that sell baked goods because he often picks up said baked goods on his way home. Kind of like an early modern takeaway. His favourite shop for this is somewhere called Wilkinson’s, on King Street. It was a cookshop and restaurant. Pepys buys all sorts of things there, including scotch cakes, mince pies and cheesecake.
  • So, Pepys’ main girlfriend (the one his wife walked in on him fingering…) was the actress, Mary Knepp. He calls her “Knipp.” He’s rather a dull boyfriend: occasionally he tells us of sexy assignations together in Hyde Park (AKA “Just got a blowjob in the bushes, lads”) or about how he spent New Year playing with her tits in a rowdy carriage home. However, there is one particularly nice thing about their relationship. Around the time he met her, he’d been setting one of Suleiman the Magnificent’s poems to Hurrem Sultan (he calls them “Solyman and Roxelana”) to music, since he fancied himself as quite the musician, and he ended up presenting it to Knipp. Since Suleiman’s poems for Hurrem are super romantic, I can’t help but feel slightly moved by such a gesture.
  • Now, Pepys’ boss, since he worked at the Admiralty, was King Charles II’s brother, James (who was Lord High Admiral, ofc). He’s a little bit in love with James, actually. He mentions him almost 1000 times in his diary. Some of it is simply work related but then some of it is more intimate, particularly personal aspects of their “friendship” (if one can call it thus). I wish I could find the actual quote for this, but sifting through all Pepys’ mentions of James is a slog so essentially: they were out walking in St. James’ Park when it began to rain particularly heavily. James asked to borrow Pepys’ coat and Pepys (reluctantly) handed it over. This wouldn’t be funny except James was VERY tall and athletic, whereas Pepys was short and a little more well-built. I doubt the coat fit James too well.
  • Another one of his many girlfriends, is one Doll Lane/Powell. What’s really interesting about his interactions with Doll is that we get to see a sense of Pepys’ misogyny (and subsequently, the misogyny of the time). One day, Doll goes to fetch some wine for her heavily pregnant sister. She returns, in tears, because a Dutch soldier has essentially assaulted her. Pepys doesn’t feel sorry for her: in fact, he says “Doll, who went for a bottle of wine, did come home all blubbering and swearing against one Captain Vandener, a Dutchman of the Rhenish Wine House, that pulled her into a stable by the Dog tavern, and there did tumble her and toss her, calling him all the rogues and toads in the world, when she knows that elle (she) hath suffered me to do any thing with her a hundred times.” Does he not understand that woman are actual human beings who may want to have sex with one person but not with another?
  • Every Brit’s favourite seaside entertainment: PUNCH AND JUDY PUPPET SHOWS!!! Despite how problematic they are. Anyway, it’s originally an Italian thing. Pepys records his first time seeing a Punch and Judy show in 1662. He says he saw a “pretty” Italian puppet play, put on by one Mr. Bologna, in Covent Garden and that it was very popular with “gallants” (foppish men from court). Can you imagine….a bunch of courtly, supposedly cultured libertines sitting around watching Judy beat the shit out of Punch with her rolling pin for the sixth billionth time, and Punch trying to protect his string of sausages from the crocodile and the dog, whilst neglecting his new born baby in the process……..GOD…I can’t even fathom the sight of it. There’s a plaque in Covent Garden commemorating this day in history.

I honestly could name so many more……Nell’s first performance in her boy clothes…..Charles II being good old Charlie…..the Duke of Monmouth going from a strange, sad illegitimate son to a gangly, handsome rake……the list goes on and on and on

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I'm scared what happened to Issac?

god……… so many things. my memory might be a little rusty so beware of that (and also spoilers)

he’s an abuse survivor and his abuse is very often played for laughs. for example derek (the man who turned him into a werewolf and the person he lived with because his father died and he didn’t have a home) kicked him out of his house when he found his sister again and when isaac questioned him he threw a glass at his head, scaring him horribly because his abusive father used to do that to him. it also made him feel unwanted and it was so sad to watch

his father locked him up in an old freezer when he “misbehaved” (the freezer had scratch marks from when isaac was desperate to get out) and one time (i can’t really remember the reason why) he brought it up in a conversation and stiles was like “boo hoo get over it” and that was all that was said

allison, one of the main characters, tried to kill him and not too long after they paired him up with her after a half-assed apology from her. they even had sex (it was isaac’s first time and it wasn’t treated as very important in regards to that) and that entire relationship didn’t make sense at all. i still believe they did it because the actors used to date and because isaac hadn’t gotten any action yet and daniel is incredibly beautiful and they didn’t want that to “go to waste”. anyway, allison was scott’s (the main character) ex, and when isaac went and respectfully told him that he had feelings for her he told scott that he could beat him up if he wanted to (an abuse survivor thinking he deserves to be beaten up because he’s doing something he shouldn’t do??? how isn’t that a red flag??????????) and scott literally threw him to a wall and IT. WAS. PLAYED. FOR. LAUGHS.

if anyone who loves isaac remembers something else please feel free to add

Y’know, I really enjoy the concept of Clark Kent.

Like, minus the whole superman aspect.

because, like, okay I can buy that maybe he can disguise himself well enough to hide the fact that he’s superman, but i doubt any amount of slouching and glasses wearing can truly disguise that he’s a very tall EXTREMELY muscular man with a jawline that can cut glass.

So basically this newspaper office has this guy who looks like a weightlifter/supermodel just hanging around but he wears glasses and acts like a huge nerd and everyone just goes with it???

Like “Oh yeah, that’s Clark. No no he works here. Oh no don’t bother being intimidated by him, talk to him for five minutes and he’ll devolve into a lecture on proper tractor maintenance. We like Clark.”

 I wonder if the ladies in the office ever drag him with them to bars so they don’t have to worry about creeps trying to harass them like “back off creeps our friend here is 6′4″ and grew up chucking hay bales” 
And then it’s funny because (as far as they know) Clark is like, the meekest lil nerd around. (He don’t look it though!!!!)

It’s just incredible to me that Clark Kent can pull off being a quiet harmless dork while still looking like, well, superman. 

I love many things about Yuuri but one of them must be that while he can be this boy

he never stops being this boy

That while he can be confident and even sexy on the ice, off the ice, he’s still that guy with the dorky glasses who’s quite easily embarrassed and wears that vulnerable and innocent expression that almost makes him look weak.

I love that he’s both of those people and that his insecure side never gets overwritten by his confident side. That he may be erotic in his programs but he is still Yuuri at heart.

I feel like it’s so easy to change a character’s personality and appearance and call it “character development”, and while, of course, that’s not wrong, I think it really takes effort to show a character’s growth without changing who he is as a person.

And Yuuri has certainly grown, whether it’s confidence in his daily life, his position in relationships with other people or his focus and freedom on ice, but he never stops being his ‘cinnamon roll’ self.

What’s also fair to mention is that he suffers from some degree of anxiety and that also never disappears. He doesn’t stop being anxious just because he’s grown and he’s stronger now - it still follows him and he has moments of weakness.

Yuuri may have grown but he never stopped being the person he used to be, he never changed.

But just because he didn’t change entirely doesn’t mean he didn’t improve.

Yuuri grew into a better version of himself, not into a completely different person.

And I think the way he’s written as a character and all of this deserves to be noticed and appreciated.

About ships

Boy and Girl: *blush at each other*

People: it’s canon.

Two boys: *blush at each other, hug, think about each other all day, hold hands, stare at each other lovingly, dream about each other, share lots of intimate affectionate moments*

People: look at those bros! Such strong friendship!

People: *brush hands with friends of the same gender* no homo!

You know what my favorite thing about Yuri!!! on ice is?

It has been established that Yuri can’t see very well while performing because he isn’t wearing his glasses (apparently he doesn’t wear contact lenses)

We can see that when he is sqinting at the monitor after his performance in the latest episode


So when he looks at Victor in the beginning of his performances he is really just looking in the general direction of a blurry glob looking like Victor

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His sexy look? He is just squinting to see him better 

I never really did like the way my glasses looked on me. But you told me I looked really good in them. From then on, I always reached for my glasses, thinking they made me look better.

When I put on lipstick, I remember the way you said “that looks good on you” so I would spend time trying on different shades of red, wondering what you would think of them.

The way your eyes lit up when I put on the black dress, and when you told me I looked so great it in, made me think I looked my best in that dress. I would put it on and stare at myself in the mirror, thinking of when your hands were wrapped around my waist and your eyes were staring into mine.

Every time I put on that one shirt, I remember how it was your favorite. You loved the way I looked in that shirt. I wore it a lot, for you. I still wear it a lot, hoping you’ll notice me in it.

You always made fun of me because my socks never matched. Now when I put on a matching pair, I want to show you. I know that sounds weird, but it seems like a thing between us.

You’re everywhere. Everyday. How can you forget about someone when they’re everything you see? How can you lose feelings for the person whose name is the definition of every feeling you’ve ever felt?
Tell me, please someone tell me, how to stop this pain. Tell me how to stop thinking of you. Tell me how to stop making my life about you.

—  {via cheerupsavvy}
Zimbits French Tutoring

Back in University i had this Latin prof who was so terrified of telling students they were wrong because it might hurt their confidence, he would pass them and give full marks no matter how well they actually did. When i got to my next year’s Latin class it turned out i didn’t really know any Latin at all.

So consider this AU…

Bitty needs a French tutor during summer because he didn’t do so well last semester… so he goes down to the tutoring hall and signs up, and the giant blonde dude with glasses (Bitty’s p sure he’s on the hockey team) is like, “got you covered bro” and signs him up for Tuesdays and Thursdays with Jack Zimmermann, French Canadian, native speaker. Bitty is excited because a native speaker?! He’s won the lottery.

So between his work shifts at Annie’s, Bitty goes to the library to meet Jack. Captain of the hockey team, criminally attractive, giant ass.

But the thing is…Bitty is terrible at French. And Jack is criiiinging because no matter how many things he tries, Bitty just can’t retain any of it. Jack even yells at him and is like, are you even trying? Why are you wasting my time? Why don’t you just drop the class!

Bitty doesn’t cry but it’s a close one because he IS trying and he’s just really bad at it.

Jack feels bad after he sees Bitty in the mens toilet repeating conjugation at himself in the mirror. He can tell Bitty really is trying. So after his initial annoyance (and learning Bitty used to play hockey so he knows things and they bond over it) Jack starts to kind of like him.

Then he starts to reeeallly like him.

Then they date. Maybe Jack leans over the table and just kisses him after Bitty successfully conjugates être. Idk.

Anyway, Bitty is still terrible at French, right? But when Bitty thinks he’s doing well, he likes to make out with Jack, so Jack doesn’t have a lot of incentive to correct him. And he he’s just like yeah bud you’re so ready for next semester.

And they make out for like 2 hours.

Jack feels so guilty because it’s gonna be obvious when Bitty walks into class, but it’s kinda hard to care when Bitty’s mouth is doing THAT to his neck so….

School starts and Bitty is pumped until his first day of French and he finds Jack after and he’s just like…“bless your heart, why didn’t you tell me i was still terrible?!”

And Jack sheepishly confesses, “i like you so much, i didn’t want to see that hurt look on your face. Also when i said you were doing a good job, you would kiss me.”

And Bitty just sighs and climbs in his lap and kisses him. “Honey, i love you a lot, but you’re a terrible tutor.”

And Jack is like, “oh trust me, Bits. I know.”

So they make out for a little while, then Jack helps Bitty find a better tutor because he really is terrible at teaching and Bitty is equally terrible at French.

Bitty does better with the new guy, and it turns out Jack still gets to make out with Bitty any time he wants.

Bonus: Bitty actually does start learning and gets better, and when Jack takes him home to meet his parents, Bitty can understand at least half of what’s being said.

Bonus 2: Alicia confesses she was also super terrible at French and had a hard time learning because Bad Bob kept trying to kiss her instead of helping when she was learning because, “she just looked so cute.” Turns out that bad French tutoring and being distracted by kissing runs in the family.

Rowan in EOS

Remember when Rolfe made that comment about Sam, and you hear a choking noise and the sound of a desk slamming, glasses rattling? I immediately assumed GO AELIN but really it was like GO ROWAN because wow he isn’t jealous and he doesn’t avoid the topic of Sam but he generally understands and cares and lets Aelin have that past love and he lets her mourn for him without being jealous or shutting down anything about him. He’s just so great. So great. You go, Rowan Whitethorn

Phitchit: When Yuuri takes off his glasses…he’s like a whole new person

JJ: It’s like he’s staring into your soul

Chris: His whole expression changes. When he looks at you he’s practically glaring

Yuuri: -squinting because he can’t see shit-

Well, I guess it’s time to unmask the bad guy!

…and unmask some derps as well, it seems.


Anyway, here we go!

Spray some purple stuff on that blue makeup…

…give a little wipe, and… voilà!


Wait, so… he still had his glasses on? 

And beard, for that matter? 

And he just, like, put blue makeup over them, and they became invisible?

Forget about him pretending to be a ghost – this guy really does have supernatural powers!


I was doing warm up sketches when this AU came up lol
AU where Yura is a delinquent (with surprisingly good grades) and a transfer student Beka who also a bit of a model student who is also secretly a delinquent. Yura thinks delinquent Beka is really cool. (Otabek is like Clark Kent lmao no one recognizes him when he wears his glasses pffffttt)

Yura became friends with Beka still not knowing he is also  delinquent lmao