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I have my Cindy cosplay y’all, but I never had the opportunity to wear it anywhere and I’m too shy so I threw it on yesterday… kinda. Not in my wig and I’m wearing a shirt..



Game Aesthetics: Rochelle (Left 4 Dead 2)

helplesslynerdy  asked:

Draw your OC: Donna, 12 and/or 28? Please? ;)

28. In the work-clothes of the job they want or wished they had

(an investigative reporter seems fitting somehow, no?)

and a bonus 12. As a Scene kid

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star crossed lovers pt. 2

Pairing: Y/N & Harry

Word Count: 2760

Warnings: Harry being the cutest lil hopeless romantic???

Requested: Yes!


“Wow, Y/N… You look amazing…” He was speechless as he fumbled around for words.

“You’re not that bad yourself.” She smiled, stepping outside.

“Are you ready?”



Y/N and Harry meet on a train one night and hit it off, but then he has to go away for tour. While on tour, he told her that he found someone else. They haven’t spoken since, until she literally ran into him at the coffee shop.

“Hi…” She breathed.

“Hello, love.”

“I, uhhh… I’m sorry… Didn’t mean to run into you…” She mutters as she hands him a fist full of napkins, keeping one for herself.

“Not to worry, I didn’t really like this shirt anyways.” He smiles brightly, helping her clean up the rest of her mess. “Actually, kind of glad I ran into you, I wanted to talk to you about what happened on tour.” He presses his lips into a straight line as she freezes.

“Oh, that’s okay. I understand. M’actually kind of busy with school work, maybe I could take a rain check?” She glances up at him as she stands back up, playing with the hem of her shirt. Quickly looking down, she directs her attention back to her heart, which was about to fly out of her chest, and she thinks he noticed it too.

“Of course, I’ll call you later.” He smiled weakly as he grabbed his coffee and headed to the door. Turning around, he waved goodbye and then disappeared into the crowded streets.

She quickly grabbed the new coffee the nice man made her and went back to where she was sitting. All of these feelings that she thought she had finally sealed away, they came rushing back to the surface. It made her mad because she had spent so long tying to forget. Trying to forget that he made her so alive for just one night. Trying to forget how a stranger made her laugh for an entire day, teaching her how to live again. 

And of course, the guy she met had to be famous. There were so many others that he met within one day. She probably wasn’t the only person he met that night on the train. She felt so stupid for believing that she had a chance with some famous guy who she may or may not have had a crush on in high school. She saw all of the articles and interviews where he talked about his new love. Finally, she felt like a crazy fan, so she cut herself off. She stopped looking at magazines where his face was plastered over the front page, and  just scrolled past the ones she found on the internet. 

Snap out of it. She closed her laptop and let her head hang in her hands. With a long inhale, she shoved her items back into her bag and quickly rushed out the door. Wanting to be home, she picks up her pace as she keeps her head down. There was no way she was going to let herself fall back into a slump after running into him. Maybe it was best to just call him and get this over with. It would be better if this feeling lasted a day before letting herself start to overthink the situation at hand. 

Making a sharp turn, she pulled her phone out of her back pocket. She scrolls down to the last time they texted, which was the night where he told her it was over and just a distant memory. Sighing, she hit the phone icon next to his name, shakily moving her phone to her ear. It rang twice before his familiar voice answered.

“Y/N.. Thought you wanted a rain check?” She could tell he was outside because she could hear the same wind she felt whipping around in the background. 

“I did. I’m cashing it in now.” Her voice was shakier than she thought. She hated the idea of confrontation. It worried her that she had done something wrong and he was going to let her have it. 

“I’m glad my plan worked out then.” He chuckled nervously, which made her pause her steps.

“What plan?”

“Look up.” Her brows knit together as she slowly lifted her head. In front of the stairs of her flat, he was there. Standing tall, letting the wind ruffle his hair around. He looked good. His jeans hugged his legs and his shirt was only half way buttoned. It was a cool wind blowing the loose flaps of the material around, but he didn’t let it move him. His hands were clasped together behind his back and a faint smile was painted on his lips. She slowly lowered the phone, smiling weakly at him.


“I made a mistake.” She words were cut off with his. She tilted her head to the side as she searched his face, trying to figure out where this was all coming from.

“Harry, I don’t understand what you’re talking about. If it was just that night, then it’s fine. We only met once. I didn’t expect much more to come from that night.” She spoke softly, avoiding meeting his burning eyes as she twiddled her fingers.

“That’s just it though, I didn’t either. But that’s not what happened and you deserve to know the truth.” He stepped closer to her as he spoke. Finally, she took a small step back when she didn’t want him to come any closer.

“It was just one night, you don’t have to explain any of it. I already forgot..” She lied through her teeth, her head sinking lower. But two words finally allowed her to meet his gaze.

“I didn’t.” He never broke their eye contact. She could feel tears welling up in her eyes. Why? Why did he have this much of an effect on her?

After a moment of silence, he spoke again, this time in a lower, shaky voice. 

“There’s something about you, love. I cannot get you out of my mind. I felt something during that kiss and I know that you felt it too. And I felt so dumb for falling so head over heels for a girl I met the night before on the train. But we had so much fun. I haven’t laughed that hard in so long. Those first months where I was on tour, all I wanted to do was talk to you. Everyone got so annoyed that they decided to set up a series of fake dates and they thought it would be best if I focused on what was happening where I was, not where you were. So, I sucked it up and distanced myself from you to make them happy, and to make the fans happ-”

“What about if I was happy?” Her voice was soft, but upset. He felt his heart sink deeper in his chest.

“That’s why I’m here. I finally have had enough. I want to be happy. And I know that you feel that spark. Even right here, right now it’s taking every inch of will power not to take one more step forward and kiss you.” His face was composed, but his hands were shaking.

“This is wild.” She laughed. If was soft at first then grew louder, shaking her head as well. “Harry, we were strangers who met on a train. You have a world full of amazing person you should be surrounding yourself with! I’m just some girl!” Her voice was loud. She was hurt. She was hurt because it seemed he didn’t care about her. Why would it take him this long after tour to come and visit her? One tear escaped her eyes, yet she refused to acknowledge it. 

Pressing her lips together, she let out a sigh, walking past him to the stairs. Before she makes it there, she feels his hand grabbing her arm, making her jolt to a stop. Before she could protest, he pulled her closer to him. He relaxed the grip on her arm, and without hesitation lifted both hands up to cup her face, and kissed her deeply. Those feelings that she had so many months ago came rushing back in waves. She didn’t break the kiss those, she couldn’t. She kissed him back though. And then kept kissing him. She had never realized until right now how much she craved this. Being close to someone, feeling so warm. 

But that moment of bliss was over. She slowly pulled away keeping her gaze low. “Look, Har-”

“Let me make everything up to you. Let me take you out. If you still hate me at the end of the date, then I won’t bother you anymore, promise.” He looked at her, yearning for her to answer.

“One date.” She pressed her lips together and looked up at him.

“Tomorrow, 7 o’clock. There’s a package up in front of your door, I suggest you wear it.” He gave her hands a tight squeeze before walking off, hopeful to the future. 

Her heart was beating so fast that it ached. Normally a quick climb up a few flights of stairs was a breeze, but after everything that just happened, she couldn’t get her legs to move their normal pace. They were heavy, or maybe she was just light headed. She had grown to care for him deeply. Those first few months of tour where they talked every day, so learned so much about him that it felt like they had been friends since childhood. In return, she opened herself up to him. Told him everything he could ever want to know, and probably some things he didn’t. She couldn’t deny that she felt a connection when they were together that first night, and what just happened proved her right.

When she finally reached the door of her flat, she looked down and saw a neatly wrapped box with a small ribbon tied around it. She weakly smiled as she picked it up and fumbled for her keys, pushing her way inside. After putting her stuff down she sat down on the floor of her living room with the box in front of her. Slowly she untied the bow and pulled back the flaps of the box. She let out a heavy sigh when she saw what was inside. A black dress decorated in patters of lace flowers and looked like someone had dumped an entire container of glitter on it. She was amazed he even remembered that conversation.

Do you like when all of those people take thousands of pictures of you?” She asked as she rolled over on her bed, holding the phone to her ear.

“I only really like it when I’m preforming. I like looking out to the crowd and seeing little flashes of lights, making the arena twinkle.” She smiled, leaning back in the chair that was placed against the wall in his dressing room.

“That was always something I like about going to concerts. It’s like you’re staring at a sky full of stars. I think that’s why I like glitter so much, it makes you sparkle like the star that hides within us all.” That comment made him smile as his heart grew fonder of her everyday.

“I think hands down you would be the prettiest star in the sky.” She blushed at his comment, shaking her head. 

“If I’m anything, it’s a wild flower.”

“What makes you so sure?” She could tell he was smiling, but that was okay, because she was too.

“Wild flowers start from nothing and grow. It doesn’t matter how dark or cold a place maybe, they never fail to show up every year. Something I’m trying to work on is being more carefree, like the flowers.” Her smile faded slowly as there was nothing but silence between them for a few moments. 

“I’d like to help you. I want to help you keep growing, and help bring out that star within.”


“Of course. I made a promise to you, Y/N. I won’t forget you. I know tour just started, but I’ll come back for you.”

“I look forward to seeing you on my doorstep them, Mr. Styles.” She giggled as she felt the heat rise in her cheeks. 

She chuckled to herself, shaking her head. He really did remember that conversation. It was two months within tour and that was the first time she actually had hope for a future relationship. He got everything right, down to the last detail. Placing the dress in her lap, she saw a note at the bottom of the box that read:

You’re going to light up the sky, love. xx

She forced herself up off the floor and went to change into it. She stepped in front of her full-length mirror, admiring how it fitted her. This was the first time she had ever put something on and liked it right away. She felt so beautiful. She smiled at herself as she let the tears flow freely. She decided that she would open herself up on last time. She was going to let herself be happy, even if it was for only one more night.

The next night she stood in the same place, wearing the same dress. Her makeup was done nicely and she was putting the last strand of hair in place. She had no idea what to expect from tonight, but she was prepping herself for this to be the last time. Every time she got her hopes up, they came crashing down around her. So she learned to expect them to go poorly, then be pleasantly surprised when they all work out. 

She slipped on some shoes before making her way to the door when she heard a knock. As she opened it slowly, she couldn’t help but let her jaw drop slightly. In front of her stood a man dressed in a tux that fit him well. His hair was slicked back and his smile was gleaming so brightly. But when she pulled opened the door, his jaw mimicked hers.

“Wow, Y/N… You look amazing…” He was speechless as he fumbled around for words.

“You’re not that bad yourself.” She smiled, stepping outside.

“Are you ready?”


With that the two of them went to his car as they drove off. The date started at a fancy restaurant. Everyone there looked way better than she did, but he made her feel like she was the only girl in the room. A lot of the talk that happened between them was about his tour and her school work. They caught up pretty quickly, avoiding the question of what happened to the other girl who he with. After dinner he took her to a festival that was happening downtown. She was in awe of the colors and sounds that filled the square. People were dancing and laughing while others looked at the arts that were for sale around the outskirts. Before she knew it, she was gently pulled away from a piece of art she was looking at be him dragging her out to dance.

“I don’t know how to dance…” She admitted while pressing her lips together. 

“I’ll teach you.” He smiled as he wrapped an arm around her waist, and gently grabbed the other. After a few failed attempts and lots of laughs, she finally got the hang out it. By the end of the night, he would even call her a pro.  

At the end of the night she was so tired, but she had never felt this happy. They pulled up to her flat and he walked her to her door. 


“Wait, but for say whatever you are going to, let me get something off of my chest first. I don’t know why I’m so obsessed with you. I’ve seen you only a handful of times, but I cannot get you out of my head. You drive me wild! On tour when I was with that other girl, I tried to pretend it was you. I tried to act like every time I was kissing her, I was kissing you. But it was never the same. I never believed in love at first sight, but after you… I think I might.” He stood there, his hands were shaking and so was she. 

“I want to be with you.” His head shot up towards her, searching her face to see if this was a joke or not.


“I mean it. I’m going to give you another chance. In the few times we have seen each other, you have taught me so much. How to have fun, be myself, and not let all the negative thoughts affect me. I have so much fun with you, and I don’t want that to end…”

“Oh, love. It doesn’t have too.” 

With one last smile, he stepped closer, cupping her face with his hands and kissed her deeply. And just like the first time, their sparks lit up the night sky.

Insecure (part 2) | Jeff Atkins

Hello everyone!

Finally after a lot of thinking and editing, this imagine is ready. I really hope you like it 💕

I want to personally dedicate this to @aussie-mantle @curvesinsilk and @maryheartfranche who were the ones that asked for a part 2. 

Flashbacks are in italics. Part 1 here

Summary: Jeff is helping Clay to ask Hannah out but in the process Clay makes him realize he is definitely not following his own advice. 

Warnings: none. 


It was Friday night. All of the students in Liberty High were gathering up at the baseball field to watch one of the most important games of the year. They were all proudly sporting their Liberty High shirts and hoodies.

Y/N was walking alongside Clay and Hannah, the three of them wanting to be there to support Jeff.

“I have to agree with Clay, there’s no purpose behind zombies whatsoever.” Y/N admitted, getting a fake hurt look from Hannah.

Somehow they were caught up in a very deep discussion about zombies and if their existence had a meaning.

“Thank you!” He exclaimed raising his hands in exasperation.

“Still, even though they don’t have a clear motivation, you have to admit they are entertaining.” Hannah argued.

“True.” She shrugged nonchalantly.

“I thought you were on my side!” Now Clay was the one looking at her, feeling betrayed.  

“I’m not on anyone’s side! I do think you’re right but Hannah’s got a point.” Clay glared at Hannah but she just playfully sticked her tongue out at him.

As they approached the field, her eyes immediately searched for the green eyed boy. However, he saw her first and without a second thought, he ran across the field to meet her.

“Hey!” he greeted happily, taking her in his arms and lifting her up in the air. Her arms wrapped around his neck hugging him back just as tight. He let go of her carefully, turning to greet his friends. “Hey guys! I’m glad you’re here!”

“It’s a big game, we wouldn’t miss it for the world.” Clay said patting his shoulder. “Anyways, we’re going to look for some seats. We’ll meet you after the game.”

“Sure, go ahead.” Usually Y/N would go too, but Jeff’s arm was firmly placed around her waist, not ready to let go of her yet.

“Save me a seat!” She asked as they began to leave. They both gave them knowing looks before disappearing in the rows of people.

“Just so you know, I really like your outfit.” Jeff said looking at her shirt with a smirk planted on his lips.


Jeff stood in the middle of the empty hallway, just outside the biology classroom. He was patiently waiting for the class to end so he could speak to Y/N.

After their date, a couple of weeks ago, they had spent plenty of time together and went out on multiple occasions.

She had even joined him and Clay on their tutoring sessions.

Sometimes when Clay had too much work to catch up on, she would help him with his  assignments while Clay finished his own work. Other times, she would just sit next to him, doing her homework or reading a book as Clay checked out his assignments.

This just strengthened his feelings for her, and now, there was no doubt in his mind that he was helplessly infatuated with her.

The door finally opened, forcing Jeff to step back, as a mob of students scattered across the hallway, almost sprinting out of the class.

Y/N calmly walked out the class behind them. Unlike her classmates, she wasn’t desperate to leave.

He caught her attention and made his way to her.

“Hey stranger.” she greeted him playfully, holding some books against her chest.

“Hey!” he said, with glee filling his mind at the sight of her.

“What are you doing here? I thought you had class right now” she asked him confused.

“Yeah, I do. But I needed to talk to you ” he admitted rubbing the back of his neck in embarrassment. “I just wanted to make sure if you’re coming to the game tonight…” Y/N covered her mouth trying to hide her flushed face, melting at how adorable he was being.

“Of course! I have to cheer on my favorite player.” Jeff’s eyes twinkled with joy as a smile invaded his face.

“Great! Uh…I’ve got something for you though.” she looked at him expectantly as he opened his backpack taking out a piece of clothing, offering it to her.

She took it from his hands, carefully unfolding it. She looked at him astonished as she realized it was in fact, his baseball jersey with his last name embroidered on the back.

It was a very common thing that the girlfriends of the team players, wore their boyfriends’ jerseys whenever there was a game.

Now, she was aware that Jeff saw her as more than a friend, but that didn’t help to minimize the surprise she felt at his actions.

“I want you to wear it.” he said with a pleading look. “I want everyone to know who you’re there for.” her heart skipped a beat at his request, already knowing she wouldn’t be able to resist him.

“S-sure.” she stuttered, too nervous to say anything else. He fist bumped the air satisfied making her laugh at his excitement.

He leaned in to kiss her cheek, before sprinting across the hallway to get to his next class.

“I’ll see you later!” he yelled as he rounded the corner, Y/N shaking her head in amusement.


“I’m actually wearing a shirt underneath just in case your team looses.” she joked. Jeff snorted at her comment, before frowning at her playfully.  

“Shut up, I’m going to impress you.” he said smugly as he squeezed her waist with care.  

“Atkins!” They both turned at the call of Jeff’s last name, meeting with a very stressed out coach. “To the field, now!” he ordered, anger dripping from his words.

“I’ll see you after the game, okay?” she nodded her head and planted a kiss on his cheek, before making her way to the bleachers.  

Luckily, Clay and Hannah managed to find good seats in the middle section, having a good view of the field.

As she was walking towards them, she noticed a small group of girls, all of them wearing identical jerseys to the one she was wearing with the exception of the last name in the back. The girls were shamelessly looking at her as they whispered among them.  

She awkwardly rubbed her arm and took her seat next to Hannah.

“So…I see you’re getting serious” Hannah commented with a smile on her face as she pointed at the jersey. She bit her lip nervously trying to hold back a smile.

“You really hit it off after the first date, didn’t you?” Clay asked, even though he was well informed on the matter.

“Yeah.” she breathed, memories invading her mind.


Jeff stared at his reflection in the mirror as he combed his hair up with his fingers for the hundredth time. He wanted it to look perfect. He wanted everything to be perfect that evening.

He was fresh out of the shower, cleanly shaven and wearing his favorite grey shirt. He had to make sure he looked his best for her. He wanted to impress her so she would want to go out with him again, and he had one date to prove himself to her.

His phone vibrated on his nightstand, indicating a new text. Jeff took one last look in the mirror before exiting the bathroom.

He took the phone in his hand and sure enough, it was a message from Clay.

“Good luck, man! You’ve got this.”

Jeff smiled at his little encouragement text before putting his phone inside his pocket. He took a deep breath, threw his jacket on and made his way downstairs, straight to his car.

It wasn’t a long drive to Y/N’s house, but think what kind of gentleman would he be if he didn’t pick her up in his car on their first date?

He stopped the car in front of her house, taking his time as he walked through her front yard.

He took a couple of seconds to brace himself and rang the doorbell. Placing his hands on his pockets and swaying on his feet, he anxiously waited.


Meanwhile, Y/N was in her room smoothing the soft fabric of her skirt, ready to meet with Jeff.

Her mind still couldn’t process the fact that Jeff Atkins asked her out.

Although she admitted that he was one of the hottest guys in Liberty High, she had never thought of him as a potential boyfriend. They have never spoken to each other before the party so she really didn’t know him enough to think of him that way.

But by the short chat they shared in Jessica’s party, he seemed like a really nice guy, plus, Clay always had good things to say about him.

All in all, she thought he was worth a shot.

The sound of the doorbell pulled her out of her daydream, her body filled with excitement.

She opened the door before any of her parents could reach it and the sight in front of her made her smile.

Stood in front of her door, was Jeff. He had his hands buried in his pockets while rocking on his feet. She couldn’t help but think of how cute he looked.

“Hi.” she greeted him happily.

“Hey!” he responded trying hard to sound as cool and collected as possible. “You-you look really nice.” he mentally face palmed at his awkward compliment, but luckily, she didn’t seem to notice.

She indeed looked beautiful that day, but Jeff had to admit that he felt a little disappointed when he saw she wasn’t wearing the grey dress.

“Thank you. You look really nice too.”she complimented back, make him grin.

“Are you ready to go?”

“Yeah, just let me grab my jacket.” she went to the next room, and returned putting the jacket on, completely oblivious to the man behind her.

“Are you leaving now?” he asked placing one of his hands on Y/N’s shoulder. She turned around and smiled warmly at the man.

“Yeah, Jeff’s here dad.” he followed her to the door where Jeff was standing, completely stiff. At the mention of his name, he immediately straightened his back and let his hands fall at his sides.

“Good evening sir.” he greeted politely, holding his hand out to him. “Jeff Atkins, nice to meet you.”

Her father took his hand and gave it a firm shake before releasing it.

“Nice to meet you Jeff.” he said with a kind smile that helped Jeff to feel a little bit better. “So you’re going to Rosie’s, right?”

“Yes sir.” he was desperately trying to sound casual, but Y/N noticed his nervousness anyway.

“Okay, just take care and don’t come home too late.” her dad said patting her shoulder.

“I won’t” she reassured him as she stood next to Jeff outside the house.

“Don’t worry sir, I’ll bring her home at ten.” He said with his hands behind his back.

Y/N bit her lip, holding back a smile at his behavior. Her heart was melting at the sight of him all flustered trying to be as polite as possible.

He is boyfriend material.

“Okay kids, have fun!” her dad finally said, letting them go.

Both of them walked to the car and Jeff opened her door before taking the driver seat. He smiled at her awkwardly and started the car.

“I promise I’m usually smoother than that.” he said embarrassed with a blush invading his face. Y/N couldn’t stop herself from laughing at his comment.

“I thought you were cute.” she admitted. He laughed in disbelief while shaking his head.

“I’m serious, Jeff!”

“You’re such a liar.” he teased with a playful smile making her laugh even harder.

They kept teasing each other the rest of the way, laughing and getting rid of any possible awkward tension.

Both of them thinking on how much they were enjoying each other’s company already.


Y/N sighed coming back from her memories.“I can tell you right now, that I’m falling for that boy”

Her eyes went straight to Jeff, who was casually already looking at her while swinging the baseball bat in the air. She looked away with a blush invading her cheeks with Hannah and Clay teasing her for the not so subtle gesture.

Soon, the game started. The school’s team always leading the game, with few points ahead of the rival team.

It was Jeff’s turn to bat. He grabbed a bit of dirt and rubbed it between his hands as he concentrated.

Everyone held their breath as the ball approached him. Jeff swung his bat and hit the ball with force. The crowd went wild as the ball disappeared in the air and landed on the other side of the fence. Jeff ran with everything he had, around the bases. When he finally stepped on the home plate, every Liberty student jumped off their seat to celebrate loudly.  

The cheerleaders were already chanting his name while his teammates ran out from the sidelines to give him a group hug and several pats on the back.  

Jeff turned to face her and without a care, he pointed at her, dedicating her the home run.

The people around exploded in “aww”, as Jeff’s smile only got bigger and the blush on her cheeks deepened.

“He’s so whipped, man!” Clay whispered to himself laughing in amusement.

When the game ended, the score was on their favor. Everyone cheered from their seats, while the players and the cheerleaders invaded the field to celebrate with the audience.

The group of girls who were there to cheer on their boyfriends, jumped from their seats as they ran to the field to celebrate with them.

Y/N watched the pairs hugging and kissing each other, before her eyes landed on Jeff.

He stood between the couples, with his hands on his hips and a raised brow, looking at her expectantly.

“I think that’s your cue to leave.” Hannah said, barely able to contain her joy for them.  

She hesitantly stood up and with slow steps, made her way to the field. She walked around the couples, until she came face to face with Jeff. Without a second thought, he wrapped his arms around her, burying his face on her neck. She smiled as she caressed the back of his neck softly.

“So…did I impress you?” he asked with a smirk on his lips pulling away from her just a little bit.  

“Meh, you were okay.” she answered trying to sound bored.

“I was okay? Just okay?” Y/N nodded her head carrying on with her unimpressed facade, causing a frown to appear on his face. ”I bet I can sweep you off your feet.” he declared, a tiny smile replacing his frown while his hands cupped her cheeks.

“Oh really?” she teased, trying to conceal her eagerness.

“Yeah.” he whispered before stealing her breath away with a kiss.  

She knew he was going to kiss her, but nothing could’ve prepared her for the wave of feelings that invaded her body.

Her knees were shaking with emotion, as her lips responded to the kiss with careful moves. She held onto the fabric covering his chest, trying to keep somewhat grounded.

Jeff could feel the warmth of her cheeks spreading across the palms of his hands. He was beyond fascinated at how she was melting at his touch. This is what he had been longing for, ever since he saw her for the first time.  And the fact that she reciprocated, made it a thousand times better than what he had imagined it would feel like.

I’m the one who made her feel like this. She has all these feelings for me.

Y/N broke the kiss with a sigh, slightly rubbing her nose against his.

“Okay, maybe you can.” she whispered, still breathless and with a hazy mind. Jeff chuckled in response, his heart doing somersaults at her current state.

He claimed her lips once again, and she let herself go in his embrace.

Jeff thanked Clay in his mind. He was the one who encouraged him to talk to her, after all.

He helped him overcome his insecurities.

Who would’ve thought that the guy he wanted to help to improve his love life, actually helped him to get his girl.


riley is gay and proud of it, she loves who she even though it took her a while to realise and accept it

riley lesbian matthews moodboard (8/?) // not my pictures

no offense but as someone who often had to be veiled/wear ‘modest’ clothing (hair coverings, long skirts, long sleeved shirts) for her religion,,,,, like ,,,,, i really kind of hate head coverings/the hijab/whatever else. not that i hate women who i see wearing it and like if its your choice to wear a fuckin niqab then sure. go for it. do your thing. 

but ive heard too many stories from ex muslim women about how they were forced to cover themselves and faced possibly being thrown out of their homes if they took it off. like you can’t fuckin tell me ‘oh its just a choice!!!!!!’ when you look at all the abuse and discrimination and literal murder that women who choose to unveil themselves face. 

and i know the rhetoric thats used to defend the hijab/other ‘modest’ clothing. i was raised in the extreme fundamentalist catholic church which frankly isn’t that different from islam. at least when it comes to doctrine on modesty. that women’s bodies are ‘pure and sacred and should be covered.’ that the hijab/modest dress is used to ‘protect and honor women.’ in my religion i was told that i had to cover my hair when i went into church because it was too distracting for the men in the church to see my hair. i was told that if i didn’t dress modestly, i committed a sin not only by dressing immodestly but also by tempting the men who saw me. that i was responsible for their lustful thoughts towards me. i was told this when i was as young as nine, ten, eleven years old. i took this shit to heart. i really believed in it. and for years and years i really did willingly dress modestly, because i didn’t know anything else. but once i (thankfully) got out of that religion, it felt so liberating to be able to wear whatever i wanted and not worry about whether my skirt came to my knees, or whether my neckline was two fingers’ width below the base of my collarbone. To be able to not feel guilty about “well the OFFICIAL guideline of the church says that shirt sleeves should come to the elbow but it’s so hot today i hope i don’t go to hell for wearing this t-shirt :/” like ,,,,, i honest to god do not believe that a woman who is really raised as a free, independent person will want to cover herself head to toe in cloth and hide herself away from the rest of the world. like, think whatever you want but to me the image of a veiled woman, of a woman dressed modestly, is not the image of a free and independent and liberated woman. the two are not equivalent. the two are antithetical to each other. ‘modest’ dress has nothing to do with women’s liberation. the hijab, the catholic church’s standards of dress for women, whatever religious dress code instated by men to control women that you can think of (there are so many!!!!!!) none of them are liberating and none of them deserve to be defended as liberal or progressive.

Unspoken Truths

Supercorp Oneshot:

If you’re familiar with the movie ‘What women want’ (Mel gibson/Helen hunt) this is a play on that – essentially due to a small accident in her lab, Lena gains the ability to hear women’s thoughts. This leads to a particularly fun encounter when Kara Danvers comes to interview her ;) 

*I realize there’s the slight issue of invading privacy here, but this is just meant to be fun and happy nonsense. Enjoy!

The lightning flashes outside: bright, sizzling, burning. Lena can hear the distant rumbles of thunder despite her dungeon location, the basement lab of L-Corp, far away from any storm or any interruptions. She’s so close to finishing her work – a few more tweaks, and she’s sure she’s got it this time. A quick adjustment, a turn of a screw, and–


The thunder quakes above, rattling the entire building, and the lab goes dark and silent. A power outage. Of course.

“Shit!” Lena throws her goggles down in disgust, tossing them haphazardly aside, hearing them land but quickly losing sight of them in the darkness. She begins blindly shuffling across the room, bumping into tables and chairs, feeling along the wall for the door to the storage closet, where the back-up generator is located. She quickly pulls out her cell phone, using it as a flashlight, before finding her target.

She reaches toward the panel, fumbling with wires, deftly working and not really thinking about the trace amounts of the rare element still caking her gloves. Her only prerogative is getting through this quickly so she can get back to work. A frayed wire pokes out, and she reaches for it, just as another loud clap of thunder sounds overhead.

Somewhere in the distance, lightning strikes at just the right moment, sending a perfect current through the remaining wires, shooting through Lena’s outstretched hand, shocking her entire body with fierce, hot electricity.

An hour later, she wakes up on the floor of the lab, dazed and confused, but otherwise, unharmed. The lights are still off, and she struggles to regain her footing. She clenches and unclenches her fingers, finding them tingly from the electrocution, but seemingly functioning.

“That was lucky…” she breathes to herself, shaking her head at her own reckless behavior.

When she finally returns home, still rattled but mostly composed, she’s buzzing with strange, palpable energy. It isn’t until the next morning that she finds out just how lucky she really is.

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