i really like girls in a way that isn't part time

I’ve been mad about riverdale whitewashing kj since they announced who would be playing his parents but tbh the more I think about the scene between josie and archie the angrier I get?

like that scene could have had a completely different vibe. we could have had a really nuanced conversation about dealing with racism in a small town from two very different perspectives–a black girl, and a white-passing mixed race boy. it could have been a scene about them understanding each other instead of just a white boy getting a lecture on racism, but not in a way that’s negative about him because he’s a Good White or whatever. 

when josie talked about her mom getting death threats, archie could have sympathized more and talked about how his parent (whichever one they decided to cast as samoan) deals with racism all the time, and he’s not sure if he even deserves to be part of this conversation because he’s white-passing, but people constantly assume he’s white and it pisses him off. 

it could have been such a great, nuanced, complex scene and instead we got an admittedly amazing speech from josie but it just… can’t help but fall flat when the show is treating the recipient as white when they’re not white. it could have been a conversation between two poc and it wasn’t, and that’s disappointing. 

there is no reason why they couldn’t have made archie samoan. kj even wanted them to, and he specifically talked about how great it would have been for his dad, who grew up reading archie comics, to see a samoan archie. but they didn’t, and that was a deliberate choice. think about how great it would be to have a character as iconic as archie be mixed race and samoan??? it would have been amazing. but we don’t get to have that.

the simple fact of the matter is, I can think of exactly one cw show where the main character is a poc, and that’s jane the virgin which is at least partially explicitly about race. if you can’t have a poc as a lead in a show that isn’t about race, then that’s a problem. 

the wests can be black, but barry allen had better stay white. james olsen and m’gann m’orzz (sort of) can be black, but kara and clark (WHO AREN’T EVEN HUMAN) have to be white. veronica can be latina, reggie can be asian, josie and the pussycats can be a black girl group, but even if you cast a poc as archie, he needs to be treated as white. because he’s the main character. it’s bullshit and the cw needs to do better.