i really like french music guys

I’m Eleanor and please don’t ever call me ellie I hate it

I’m 14 aand I do struggle with a lot of mental issues so if your not gonna put up with that then scroll on

I’m a musician and I listen to a lot of different kinds of music

I would really like someone who plays music too

I’m not online a lot due to internet restrictions but I can message on tumblr and Skype all throughout the week

I do online schooling due to my anxiety disorder

I get along really well with guys and not so much girls

I watch anime

I’m a female

Straight as hell but not homophobic whatsoever

I am french and Japanese but I live in the uk and I hate it here

I would like someone I can either discuss music with, play video games online, Skype or snapchat
*if you do not fit with any of the above don’t contact me*

I’ve submitted plenty of time and kept a few friends

I have a crazy obsession with nirvana (happy 50th Kurt)

I go to a lot of concerts

I your in the uk that would be cool cause I can always get a train to wherever
You are ( I’m in Manchester )

Don’t message me if your 16+

I make innaprorpiate jokes and curse a lot

And I speak fluent French and English

Snapchat: lavelleeleanor
Tumblr: eleanorsdarkgalaxy
Instagram: eleanor_yagami
Skype: eleanormuja

Also I’m ugly as fuck and don’t tell me I’m not I know I am

Warning I’m extremely tall
Or 180 cm

Watch on clusterfunky.tumblr.com


It only took me…like 3 days and five billion mental breakdowns. Sorry if the text goes by really quickly, I was trying to get it to go in time with the music, so it got a bit hectic. Also, youtube is being really weird for me, but I believe 720p is the best quality. Everything just keeps lagging constantly for no reason. 0-0