i really like food a lot

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  1. Yuuri Katsuki
  2. Yuri!!! on Ice
  3. Food
  4. Yuuri Katsuki
  5. Yuuri Katsuki

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i feed my cats a lot of wet food and they still hunt. again, it's LITERALLY PART OF THEIR NATURE!! (we usually are able to save the animals that my cat guster brings in, he kills them in the house which makes me really sad). & honestly u dont need to tell cat owners how to care for their cats.

The animals you “saved” most likely died due to the cat’s saliva and their injuries.

Allowing your cats outside is extremely irresponsible and you are endangering whole species.

Husbandry is ALL ABOUT discussing what is right and wrong and if you refuse to listen to or even consider other viewpoints and FACTS then you should not own animals. 

i really like voltron a lot but i could live without hunks screen time being dedicated to food and him getting stuck in small spaces just to remind everyone hes the fat guy of the group

Dammit. I am definitely having weird taste “hallucinations”. A lot of foods taste like meat when there is no meat. It’s really gross. Dr. Google keeps leading to temporal lobe seizures, which is clearly not the problem but I will bet it’s my wonky brain nerves.

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vinyl, soup, poetry! (:

Vinyl: What is some of your favorite music? 

It varies, but right now I’m really into the latest from Allison Krauss, Windy City. I also like showtunes and classical.

Soup: Comfort food?

Any kind of breakfast food – pancakes, eggs, bacon, oatmeal, fruit, toast, etc. I eat breakfast for dinner a lot, especially when I have a bad day.  Side note: Pancake Day is tomorrow! Yay!

Poetry: If you have one, name a favorite book or poem

I have tons of favorite books. The last really good one I read was Dumplin’ by Julie Murphy

Not much into poetry, though Jenny Kissed Me by Leigh Hunt and It’s True by Garcia Lorca have made me cry recently for Call the Midwife-related reasons. 

things the zodiac signs do when you're friends with them

Aries: the friend who chews like a dinosaur in jurassic park and talks themselves into a rage once you’ve mentioned something they know a lot about, unintentionally addresses you with wrong names several times a day

Taurus: always buys gifts for you and lends you books and cds and gives you their food without you even asking for it, it’s a bit awkward but endearing

Gemini: accidentally drunk calls you instead of their mom, cries over dog pictures at 2 AM at sleepovers and makes you wonder why you even invited them

Cancer: sends you a ton of snaps of their cat and artsy photos of the water when they’re in the bathtub

Leo: drinks so hasty the drink dribbles down their chin, burps really loud and doesn’t even care you’re staring at them

Virgo: buys truck loads of washi tape (the expensive one) and cardboard with pretty patterns to make birthday and Christmas cards, gives the ugly and screwed up ones to you

Libra: puts their hand on your arm and hits you with their legs under the table when they want your attention, won’t stop until you tell them to

Scorpio: looks like they listen to you but doesn’t, stares at you for an eternity and then says something really weird like “ Did your teeth grow? they look bigger than they were yesterday. ”

Sagittarius: that one who’s so full of energy and in such a good mood everyday it makes you feel like a lifeless sack of meat next to them, the child your parents always wished they had

Capricorn: stays calm in almost every situation, a soft smile resting on their lips, a dreamy sparkle in their eyes when they look at you. it seems like there is nothing that can upset them. but when they get angry with you, oh boy. OH BOY better run

Aquarius: wears clothes no one else would buy and looks gorgeous, will support you in everything in everything you do even if you go through a super edgy emo scene hardcore neon anime xD sOrANdom phase they’ll give you a thumbs up and say “You do you, buddy.”

Pisces: squeals and laughs and talks and argues way too loud in public and doesn’t even care when you tell them to be a bit more quiet they’ll get even louder just because they can and they enjoy embarrassing you

Transformation Tuesday - 206 vs. 164.
2010 vs. 2017
It’s been a long journey and I’ve learned a lot in the process. I’m not done yet and I will keep pushing myself to be better, to do more and to grow. 🌱
That’s all you can ever do really… The time will pass anyway. Your life will go on. Make change, make progress and learn more about yourself. Don’t get frustrated if it takes longer than you’d like or if you have to restart (again and again).

Find your adventure and be who you want to be. The only person who can make this happen, is you. 😄

Work hard. Venture on. 💪🏞️

i already made some quick textposts but here’s a quick list of what i caught during baekhyun’s live ig story thing (let me know if i missed something!!):

  • baekhyun said he ate lots of good food today 💕😭 
  • baekhyun really looked so tired and sleepy and was yawning and in bed and stuff during the whole broadcast and was acting like it was 2 am but it was 2 pm soihfeowijefoiwjefwe
  • his mother changed his sheets/bedspread to pink lmfao (i’m assuming he’s at his parent’s house ant not the dorms)
  • myongryong’s legs hurt bc he’s been running around a lot and welsh corgis’ legs hurt very easily apparently so he has to take him to a hospital soon :(
  • there are baekhyun posters put up all around his room that fans gave him and im crying
  • someone asked him to speak in english in the comments and he got a little embarrassed and said ‘hi my name is baekhyun’ he’s so cute
  • and he also read a comment that said ‘good english’ and laughed (i’m unsure if the comment was in english sounding korean or actual english though)
  • he put his face so close to the camera to read comments and it was so cute im ded also he covered his face a lot w/ the blankets and looked super comfy im 💕💘💗💟💓💖
  • after showing his room really quickly he giggled a little (i d*e) and he was like ‘it’s really clean huh??’ (as in his room) he’s so neat and organized wow

So being the Food Network addict that I am, I occasionally find myself watching Trisha Yearwood. And right now, the episode I’m watching features her going and getting a skating lesson from the Hockey Team.

So obviously, my brain goes “ZIMBITS AU”, which is only further resolved after Trisha says the following things:

- As you can imagine, growing up in Georgia, I didn’t skate a lot

- (to her friend who’s doing this misadventure with her) I think, as long as we look cute, it doesn’t really matter how good we are

So Bitty has a Food Network show with a vague “southern cooking in new england” theme, and the producers really like to play up the Georgian Fish out of Water angle with the not-actually-cooking segments of the show. So Bitty’s scheduled to do a private skating lesson with Marty and Tater, because the combo of warm and friendly but understated mentor Marty and loud gregarious and enthusiastic rookie (to the NHL - he has a few years in the Russian pros under his belt) Tater will make great television.

So Bitty is making both of them their own thank-you food. Bitty has fun experimenting with Russian pastries for Tater, and of course finds a way to incorporate maple into his apple pie for Marty.

The producers are expecting a lot of hilarious and endeering wobbling on the ice. And they get a lot of great footage of Bitty reacting to wearing hockey gear for the first time “I look like a big blue marshmallow, y'all”, but nobody remembers until Bitty’s on the ice that he was a Junior Regionals Figure Skating Champion.

He glides effortlessly onto the ice, has some fun learning how to handle a hockey stick (cue some ridiculous and just the right amount of off color for basic cable jokes about stick handling)

And of course, Jack Zimmermann, who works harder than god but kind of sucks at acting like a human being in front of cameras, is at the rink to get in some extra practice, and Tater is like “Zimboni! You come and race the tiny baker man!”

And Marty winks at Bitty, who gets the message and starts wobbling and skating like he’s never seen ice in his LIFE, and Jack looks warily at the cameras, but George has been on him to do more public relations stuff and he may as well make a “race” against this tv person part of his warmup.

And Bitty’s all “now, I ain’t no professional skater, Mr. Zimmermann, so you’d better go easy on me!” And then proceeds to SMOKE Jack the second Marty calls GO.

Marty and Tater are doubled over laughing, and the camera guy is circling Jack to get all angles of his utterly dumbfounded expression.

Bitty’s smirking, with his hands on his hips, then says, “do y'all think I could pull off a salchow in all this gear?” And proceeds to pull off a jump in hockey skates and all the gear. Tater, of course insists that Bitty teach him and the footage they get from it is pure gold.

So anyway. After they get off the ice, Bitty cuts up his maple apple pie and Jack decides he might actually be in love.

Help me eat while i go to school pls

Sooo if any of yall want to send me gift cards so i can eat while at school here my amazon wishlist tho a couple of things are just things i want or for my art if yall want to help me there too¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ETA: Ill do small art pieces for you if you want you can check it ouy on my ig (nahnopedenada) or my art blog @doddlesart which has a lot if my older sthff and slowly adding newwer things

the signs based on people I know

Aries: adorable, likes Star Wars, laughs a lot, knows interesting yet pointless stuff, likes people, always annoyingly happy, has an ‘idgaf’ attitude but they actually really care a lot

Taurus: loves Star Wars, loves food but quite fussy, loves sleep but never sleeps, thinks everyone hates them, likes performing arts, usually sad, will fight you

Gemini: a good sense of humour, can act like an idiot, good with kids, literally doesn’t give a shit about anything, acts like they’ll fight you but they won’t

Cancer: can be a dick, annoyingly intelligent, gets sad often but doesn’t show it, has a love/hate relationship with cats, doesn’t really have any people skills but loved by lots of people, you’ll beat them in a fight

Leo: creative and lovely, a really good friend, loyal, loves people and animals, fan of YouTube and focuses on dreams often, can often be very crazy, will try and fight you but will fail

Virgo: so lovely, will always support you and stick by you to give you advice when you need it, very lively, can be slow to reply to messages, very funny, probably a Star Trek fan, highly likely to fight you

Libra: very very loud, might need earmuffs. Is awesome but can also be an asshole, doesn’t stay mad for long and is usually happy but when they’re sad you’ll always know, will definitely fight you, you’ll wish they had an off switch

Scorpio: can be uptight but mostly pretty chill, will keep your secrets and knows when you’re lying, mostly loud but knows when to be quiet, lovely and loving but get upset easily, won’t fight you

Sagittarius: smart, cute, liked by everyone, either very loud or very quiet no in between, knows exactly what to say, laughs a lot, unlikely to fight you

Capricorn: likes being rewarded, can be lazy, likes animals, junk food, probably won’t fight you, very selective about friends, kind but doesn’t like sharing, gets angry easily, antisocial as fuck, no people skills, always have good intentions

Aquarius: cute as hell, loves puns, very lively and loves people, smart but hides it, awesome people skills, likes most things, may fight you, secretly a mouse

Pisces: very empathetic and sympathetic, loves people and just wants to be kind, loud and funny, really supportive, sometimes scared to do stuff that most people find easy, won’t ever fight you they’re too nice

jungkook as your roommate

gifs not mine + currently having kookie feels sorry for spamming you guys with bts!^^

first day-

  • the first day when he moved in
  • it was so awkward between the two of you because
  • he avoided your eye-contact and didn’t even tried talking to you
  • and just went straight to his bedroom when 
  • it became dark outside 
  • he realized it was a bit rude to just walk away 
  • without telling his roommate that he’s going
  • so he decided to knock on your door
  • “yeah?”
  • “i’m sorry for being disrespectful earlier, i’m like this to people i don’t really know”
  • “it’s okay, you can come in though”
  • you and kookie probably talked for the whole night
  • he went back to his room when you fell asleep of course
  • before he left, kookie smiled at himself
  • knowing that this was the start of a friendship that he’s never ever gonna forget 
  • and totally gonna love lots


  • i can see you two making up many many rules
  • but would end up 
  • just having two real rules
  • like caring for each other when one is sick
  • not to eat each other’s food without telling each other
  • i can see him saying things like
  • “but what if there’s like a zombie apocalypse, y/n?”
  • “then you should eat the wall”
  • “but that’s too hard to eat”
  • “ew kookie you’re not saying you want to eat me right”
  • “that sounds so wrong and no, i’m never gonna eat my roommate that i love”
  • one of you would eventually end up breaking the rules
  • “jungkook!”
  • “what?”
  • “you ate my food!”
  • “no i didn’t, it wa- oh.”
  • “yeah oh. now i dare you to eat all the chocolate bars!”
  • “no way, y/n, my stomach is gonna hurt the next day”

feelings for each other?-

  • i can see him getting feelings for you
  • but now showing any signs that he does
  • jungkook wouldn’t help but get butterflies whenever
  • you say his name
  • it would hurt him when you come home with a guy
  • he doesn’t know about 
  • jungkook would try calling his ‘experienced friends’ and ask them
  • about it what he’s feeling
  • “it means that you’re jealous,”
  • “no. i can’t be, right. it might be something else that i’m feeling…”
  • “jungkook, listen. if you confess to y/n everything will be solved.”
  • “are you sure about that?”
  • “not really 100%”
  • “that’s not funny”
  • let’s go to you
  • i think for you, you wouldn’t straight up realize that
  • you actually like him, no, love him
  • because jungkook, is such a talented handsome perfect guy
  • you would end up talking to yourself like
  • “no. there’s no way he likes me too?”
  • “he did dropped a few hints at dinner last night…”
  • “should i tell him about this?”
  • “and when i brought daniel (yas changkyun) home a few days ago he seemed..”
  • “jealous?”

sharing _____-

  • bathrooms
  • just imagine his face
  • when he walks in on you dancing on random songs
  • he’d be so flustered and walk out of the bathroom
  • and act like he didn’t saw anything
  • “i’m sorry! i didn’t wanted to disturb you, mr/s dancer.”
  • “i swear one more time”
  • and sometimes you need someone to fangirl/boy with
  • you just storm into the bathroom while he’s in the shower
  • “really? that’s good!”
  • okay your guys bathroom would be full of clothes
  • and sometimes you accidently pick up his boxers
  • even though in yours there are holes as well
  • the bathroom made you two closer than ever

lazy days-

  • the whole apartment would smell like rotten cheese
  • even though there’s no rotten cheese
  • you wouldn’t even come out of bed 
  • the same for jungkook you two just throw something
  • at the door so it opens and you guys can 
  • talk to each other
  • “y/n.”
  • “jungkook.”
  • “do you want to order some food”
  • “i don’t want to pick up my phone”
  • “don’t you sleep next to your phone??”
  • “i do but it’s all the way at the end of my bed”
  • you would eventually stand up and go to his bedroom 
  • to lie down next to him
  • “so basically”
  • “yeah”
  • “we should stay like this for one day”
  • “hey you could sleep over at my room!”
  • “that’s a great idea!”
  • the two of you would end up buidling a fort in his bedroom
  • you and jungkook just talk about random things
  • from cleaning up to spongebob’s laugh

special days-

  • like birthdays, easter, christmas and more
  • on your birthday the moment you wake up
  • you could feel someone jumping around your bedroom
  • at first you thought it was some ghost 
  • but it turned out to be your roommate who was running and jumping around
  • to put on decorations and put all the presents he bought you 
  • “jungkook? all of this for me?”
  • “of course! happy birthday and good morning!”
  • on christmas you two have like a challenge
  • who buys the most presents for each other
  • and the winner would always be jungkook because he
  • buys a christmas tree as well
  • so yeah i m tired ;;
  • the holidays with him are always fun and him as your roommate ofc
  • “i hope in the new year, we get to be closer!”
  • “i hope in the new year, that y/n gives me more attention than her phone”
  • on halloween you two would scare each other
  • like the whole time
  • “BOO”
  • “OKAY”
  • you two would be dressed up in matching costumes
  • and some people even mistake you two as a couple
  • but both of you like it when they say that 
  • because yall like each other

Okay, well I’ve seen some upsetting stuff lately about Hunk not getting any character development and how he was dumb downed to nothing but food jokes and fart jokes and all that other stuff and I’m like…really. …what show were you watching?

Hunk had a lot of development.

Those Blue Space Cookies he was making, he had to translate Altean Recipes, to English and he had to find the ingredients in a language not of his own. (Pidge had to learn by simulation) Yes, his timing of the cookies were off, but he was making it by the Altean book.

The Conversation with Hunk and the Space Taco. He was talking about some major freaking Black Hole Physics there, using a taco as an example.

Let’s say you want to make it from Point A to Point B on a flat surface (tortilla ). If you travel in the straight line, it will take you longer to get to where you want to go.

Now if you fold the flat surface into a taco shape, Points A and B are closer and there for faster.

His thought process is food and it may work with him better then numbers and formulas. I mean, cooking is an art.

Look how in the Space Mall episode. Hunk was able to get people enjoying the food and cooking it the right way. People do not understand how much work goes into cooking. It’s chemistry, it’s math. It works for Hunk and it’s freaking amazing.

And if you think I’m gonna stop there.

When Keith and Shiro was with the Blades Galra, Hunk offered how to hack into Red using Frequency Waves. (A shout out to Episode 1 fraunhofer lines).

Then we had the famous Keith and Hunk Episode. Hunk was awkward at first, but he didn’t treat Keith like he was a problem. He saw that Keith was having issues and needed help, so Hunk made light of the situation.

Keith talked to Hunk, because Keith was afraid Allura would hate him and Hunk tired to help.

Hunk made Keith feel better enough to joke with him, that was wow. They worked well as a team, because of it, their interactions and teamwork was amazing. Hunk even teases Keith about being a Galra, making it more normal.

When Hunk and Keith got back, Allura thanked Hunk and ONLY Hunk. Hunk in that moment, didn’t take Allura’s shit and told her Keith was there too. No one else said a damn thing.

Hunk was the only one to call Allura out on it….There is so, so much more I can add, but if people are intrested, I’ll work more on it.


Hunk is more than food…but that is his thought process.

For wonderful chat about Hunk.

ok but honestly I feel like Supergirl has wasted an opportunity to really update the timeline to fit today like newspapers were the go-to for info during the 50s but really truly not so much anymore ok the Daily Planet needs to be a social media site I want Clark Kent to be a fucking Buzzfeed writer I want there to be a million videos of him and Lois on the DailyPlanet youtube channel being like “white people eat seasoned food for the first time” like I want Jimmy Olsen to run a famous instagram I want Kara to act like she barely understands technology but also have a secret food critic blog that is so infamous that every major restaurant in National City is clamoring to get her in the door.

Imagine Woozi surprising you by getting the food that you’ve been craving a lot recently.

boyfriend Yoongi

- you’d have a very relaxed relationship
- Yoongi shows you love and affection in the most lowkey ways
- he’d rarely ever get jealous because he really trusts you
- he’d like taking long drives with you, but only if you were driving
- lots of lazy cuddles
- loves sleeping in with you
- if he stays in the studio late, he’ll have you come over and he’ll order in food
- mini dates in the studio
- rarely ever takes you out to fancy places
- not really one for skinship, but likes holding you close to his side
- his ideal day with you is just hanging out, listening to music and occasional make out sessions
- “i love you” isn’t commonly said, you both already know how much you love each other
- he’d have occasional mood swings
- Yoongi would really appreciate you for staying by his side, despite his flaws

@hexxvx asked for a post on Italian idioms, and this is it. Now, we have A LOT of them (as many languages do), and I really didn’t know which ones to select, so I just went with some pertaining to three major groups (those who mention animals, body parts [I mostly left out the vulgar ones here, but I could make a post on those too if you’d like me to] and food) and a couple of bonus ones. The Food and Miscellanea categories are under the cut because this is already long enough as it is, hahaha.
Enjoy and please ask if you have any questions!


In bocca al lupo/in culo alla balena – Good luck/Break a leg (lit. “in the mouth of the wolf/in the ass of the whale”)

Honestly, I tend to use the first one more ‘cause the other is a bit gross, haha. I someone wishes you “in bocca al lupo”, you should answer “crepi [il lupo]” (“may [the wolf] die”) or also, if you are a loser like I am, “viva il lupo” (“may the wolf live”), while if someone says “in culo alla balena” the correct reply is “speriamo che non caghi” (“let’s hope it doesn’t shit”).

Il bue che dice cornuto all'asino – The pot calling the kettle black (lit. “the ox calling the donkey horned”)

When somebody accuses someone else of a fault which they themselves share. We’ll get to other meanings of “cornuto” later (spoiler: it’s cuckold) which give this idiom subtler nuances.

Una gallina dalle uova d'oro – A golden goose (lit. “hen with the golden eggs”)

Coming from Aesop’s fables, this idiom refers to something that generates great profit.

Una gatta da pelare – A tough nut to crack (lit. “a cat to skin”)

“Avere una [bella] gatta da pelare” basically means being faced with a difficult task, and I guess because poor cats rightfully won’t let you skin them so easily.

Menare il can per l'aia – To beat around the bush (lit. “to lead the dog around the yard”)

Don’t be fooled by the meaning that the verb “menare” has acquired nowadays (at least in central Italy): the poor dog is not being beaten, but rather led around in circles without a real purpose. This is an old idiom, also featured in Goldoni’s plays, dating back to the 18th century!

Prendere due piccioni con una fava – To kill two birds with one stone (lit. “to catch two pigeons with one fava bean”)

The meaning is essentially the same, though our version is less cruel and more precise (I honestly don’t know why one would want to catch pigeons in particular, though).

Un freddo cane – Damn cold (lit. “dog cold”)

When someone says that “fa un freddo cane”, they mean that the day is the coldest they’ve seen in quite a long time. The addition of “cane” is, basically, a way to insult the cold itself, and can actually be applied to other expressions as well: if a broken limb “fa un male cane”, for example, it means that it hurts real bad.

Sputare il rospo – To spit it out (lit. “to spit the toad out”)

You’ve been guarding a secret that weighs upon your chest, and a friend of yours is trying to get it out of you. After a couple of useless tries, they might lose their temper and burst into an exasperated: “Sputa il rospo!” (“spit it out!”) in order to persuade you to confess.


Avere le braccine corte – To be tightfisted (lit. “to have tiny, short arms”)

It’s not a particularly nice thing to say, but this idiom applies to those who just won’t spend their money, ever. If one is a bit stingy, we say he or she has short arms, so short that they can’t reach in their pockets!

Avere la coda di paglia – To have a guilty conscience (lit. “to have a tail made of straw”)

The expression probably dates back to the Middle Ages, when those who had been defeated or condemned were made to walk around wearing a straw-tail, that could easily get burned to add to their humiliation. Someone who has a tail made of straw worries about seemingly minor details, and acts defensively out of fear of being exposed.

Braccia rubate all'agricoltura – Someone who isn’t very bright doing a job they’re not fit for (lit. “arms stolen from farming”)

A funny one, albeit undoubtedly snobbish. It can be said of someone who’d be better off cultivating the land rather than exerting themselves in intellectual purposes.

Essere di bocca buona – To eat anything (lit. “to have a kind mouth”)

A person who is “di bocca buona” will not request an elaborated (and probably expensive) dish, and will rather be satisfied with whathever they’ll find on their plate.

Fare le corna a qualcuno – To cheat on somebody (lit. “to put horns on somebody”)

Some argue that the origin of the idiom is to be sought in the Greek myth of the Minotaur, born of the adulterous relationship between Pasiphaë, queen of Crete, and a bull. Generally speaking, “fare le corna” is a propitiatory gesture thought to keep bad luck away.

Fare orecchie da mercante – To turn a deaf ear (lit. “to do a merchant’s ears”)

Its presence in written Italian has been attested since the 14th century, and in a comedy written by Anton Francesco Grazzini in the following century, the author himself explains it thus: “[Merchants] only hear what pleases them”.

Non avere peli sulla lingua – To not sugar-coat things (lit. “to not have hair on one’s tongue”)

This expression is fit for someone who always says things the way they are, if a little harshly, without worrying too much about the way others could react.

Togliersi un peso dallo stomaco – To take something off one’s chest (lit. “to take a weight off one’s stomach”)

Basically the same as in English.

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The Signs Based On People I Know

Aries: adorable, likes Star Wars, laughs a lot, knows interesting yet pointless stuff, likes people, always annoyingly happy, has an ‘idgaf’ attitude but they actually really care a lot

Taurus: loves Star Wars, loves food but quite fussy, loves sleep but never sleeps, thinks everyone hates them, likes performing arts, usually sad, will fight you

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For everyone who’s asking, yes, I have lost weight. For a long time now my confidence has seriously suffered since I started gaining. This blog kind of made for the, “fake it till you make it” situation. I just haven’t really felt happy with my weight gain. I felt like my appearance got worse as time went on, and I just started to be unhappy every time I looked in the mirror, which is a lot.

I’ve decided to at least make myself healthier, but this doesn’t mean I’m stopping gaining.

I just don’t want to eat junk food 24/7. This has been going on since probably the middle of January, so yes, I dropped a few pounds. The change of being healthier isn’t just purely for aesthetic reasons either. When I was at my heaviest, I really felt like shit constantly. I was always tired and moody. Now, I feel energized when I wake up, and my mental health has really cleared up, which was huge for me.

I really just needed to make a change for the better, and I hope that people understand. I’ve lost weight, but let’s be honest, I’m still fat lmao. It’ll be a long time before I’m “thin” again. 💖

Playing the Part

Summary: Sam and Dean have a fun night with Gen while stuck in The French Mistake Au.

Warning: Wincest, smut, voyeurism, threesome (sort of), role play, some dirty talk, mentions of Sam’s addiction to demon blood

Word Count: 2850

A/N: If this doesn’t sound like your thing, I won’t be offended if you skip it :) Thanks to @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid for assuring me the idea was worth writing. I’ve never written anything like it before, but it was a lot of fun! XOXO

Dean’s lying on the couch- not quite asleep, but his eyes are closed, and that means he’s not up for talking- and Sam’s got nothing to do but wait for morning. They’re stuck here for at least the night.

But they’ve got a roof over their heads, a particularly nice roof with fancy and unnecessary furnishings everywhere and tons of food and imported beer in the kitchen, so Sam can’t really complain. He just grabs a bottle with a foreign label from the fridge, and enjoys the dark flavor on his tongue as he makes his way back to Dean.

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