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Richard Madden Request

Hi cutie can you please make an Imagine with Richard Madden? Like Lily James introduces her to Richard who later invites her to dinner in a restaurant and later he asks her to became his wife and they marry and then they expecting their first child? 😊

Hi I love your blog so much 😭 could you please make a Richard Madden imagine? Like the girl is a big fan of game of thrones and she goes to Glatsonbury fesival with her best friends and there she meet Richard ( I want an awkward but cute meeting please 😂) and also Kit and Alfie and they sympathize and spend the rest of the festival together with their friends + Richard and the girl develop a mutual crush and Richard proposes to her at the end of the festival to see again because he likes her

AN: a little swearing and I made up the movie title. I also attached links to stuff I envisioned in the store!

You walked with Lily down the long paths of grass towards the tents selling food, drinks, and thrifty shirts. “Ugh,” you groaned, “look how long these lines are.”

“Miserable,” Lily scoffed. “It might be easier if we split up. I’ll get us cute shirts and the cotton candy if you get the hotdogs and beer.”

“Sounds good to me.”

“I’ll meet you back at our tent.” She turned to leave but quickly turned back to you. “Don’t forget my friends are meeting us in half an hour at our tent. Don’t be late!”

“With this line,” you gestures, “we’ll see.”

So there you were, in a long line filled with people in their hippy concert attire waiting to get two hot dogs and two extra large beers.

18 minutes went by and you finally got to the front. “What can I get you,” the gruff voice of the man working asked. You leaned against the bar, eager to take some pressure off your feet, and waited for your order. After getting your average size hand around the non-averagely large beers you used the other to carry the hot dogs and made your way to your and Lily’s tent. You were about 20 yards away from the food tent when, as you passed by a tent, a dark haired stranger came from the other side and plowed right into your side sending one of the drinks toppling over your arm, your legs, and the ground. “Shit,” the deep voice said. “I am so sorry,” you both looked at the fallen drink on the ground.

You took a deep breath and got yourself together. “It’s ok. I can get another one later.”

“No, I am so sorry.” You looked up and met the blue eyes you had seen on HBO many times before. “I have somewhere I have to be but please let me give you some cash.”

“No, thank you really, but it’s ok.”

“I insist. Those are like 8 euros,” he fished out his wallet quickly and handed you money. “Please…”

“Y/N.” Reluctantly you accepted and shoved the money into your small pockets. “Thank you, Richard.” He looked surprised. “I’m a bit of a Game of Thrones fan and I’ve seen Cinderella a couple times. I actually have to get going also, have to meet up with my friend back at our tent.”

“It was nice to meet you Y/N,” he grinned. “Sorry again about your drink.”

“Don’t worry about it.” You were ready to leave and run back to tell Lily about how you met her co-worker who she knew you had a celebrity crush on. On second thought you thought you shouldn’t mention that to Lily until after the festival was over since she had been trying to get the two of you to meet since she learned about your little crush. But, as you went to walk towards your tent, Richard seemed to follow you.

“Oh,” you both awkwardly laughed, “you’re off this way too?” You nodded and the two of you kept walking, figuring one of you would branch off soon. But with every step the two of you continued to take together you it became clear you were stuck together for a while.

“So…are you enjoying the festival so far?”

“Um, yeah,” you were caught off guard that he was actually talking to you. “You?”

“So far, yeah.” You two kept awkward conversation going as well as awkward glances since the two of you kept walking in the same direction. You saw your bright pink tent with blue door flaps nearing and were both sad and relieved. Sad that your walk would soon be over but relieved that this awkward meeting would be over.

You stopped towards the side of your tent and shrugged with an awkward grin, “This is me. Maybe I’ll catch you later.”

“This is your tent? Really,” he chuckled unbelievingly.

“Yes. Why?” Just then Lily popped her head out and smiled, “Y/N, you’ve found Richard! Come on in.”

“You’re Lily’s friend,” you both said at the same time then laughed. Another familiar face stepped out of the tent and you recognized him as Jon Snow, aka Kit Harrington, “Come on it, we bought more drinks!”

*End of the concert*

The concert came to an end and you, Lily, Kit, Alfie, and Richard walked towards the cars that were picking both your groups up. As the group neared Richard stopped and called your name. “Y/N.” You turned around and halted with him.

“We’ll wait for you guys,” Lily grinned and turned with the boys to walk towards the cars.

“What’s up, Rich?”

“I had a lot of fun with you and I’d like to see you again,” he said quickly. “Next Saturday at 7, dinner? I’ll pick you up.”

“Are you asking me on a date?”

His eyes gleamed, “I am.”

“Then I’ll see you next Saturday.”

*3 years later*

You laughed your heart out at the dumb little joke Richard had tried to tell but had failed at since he mess up the punch line. After both your laughters died down a little he sighed and grinned at you. “I’m surprised that after three years you still find my awful humor this funny.”

“What can I say. It still gets me everytime.”

His face turned from goofy to happily serious. “You remember the first time we came here?” You looked around at the fancy rooftop restaurant you two were sat at.

“I do,” you nodded remembering the night fondly. “We came to celebrate you getting that big script for Not Just Another Night and I spent all night trying to subtly convince you that we should get a dog.”

“Subtly,” he scoffed. “You were anything but subtle that night. You ordered the lasagna and compared it to, something like, how some dogs have layered fur. And we got red wine and you mentioned how dogs can’t have grapes.”

“Ok, so maybe not so subtle but we did we do the next morning?”

“We went and adopted Ned.”

“We went and adopted Ned,” you grinned at your win and thought of the dalmatian that you and Rich had named after his faux father.

“This is one of my favorite places; you know that?”

“Why’s that?”

“Because that was one of my favorite nights with you, that was what led us to getting Ned, and this is the place where I asked you to marry me.” You stopped swirling your drink as his last words registered in your ears.

“What did you say?”

“I said,” he put a hand in his jacket pocket and brought out a red velvet box, “this is the place where I asked you to marry me. And, hopefully, you end up saying ‘Yes.’” He opened the box to show you the gorgeous ring inside. “I’ve loved you since I spilt beer on you at Glastonbury, and I can’t imagine spending the rest of my life without you. Make me the luckiest man on Earth and marry me.”

“Yes,” you blinked back the happy tears in your ears.”


“Yes!” You struggled to keep from leaping across the table as he slid the ring on your finger.

*Wedding Day*

The reception was in full swing when a slow song took over the dance floor. You were standing over in by the tables talking with some of your guests when a hand snaked against your waist. “Mind if I have this dance with my beautiful bride?” You turned and grinned at your husband’s voice. Husband…that’s a word you could definitely get used to.

Your guest’s let you go and watched as you and Richard walked hand and hand to the dance floor. “I meant what I said. You look beyond beautiful.” You looked down at your dress and smiled.

“I’m glad you think so because this dress wasn’t cheap,” you smiled and leaned your head against his shoulder, swaying to the beat of the music. “We’re married,” you said in awe with your eyes closed.

“We are,” you could hear the smile in his voice. “You’re stuck with me now.”


*5 months later*

You sat on the couch with the TV on and your laptop on your lap, mindlessly listening to the noise of the TV and staring at the computer screen that hadn’t changed in 10 minutes. You were just eager for Richard to get home. The familiar sound of keys jingling outside your front door sounded and you made yourself look busy. When you heard the door open you called out, “Hey babe!” You heard him kick his shoes off and walk towards you. He leaned over and kissed your cheek from behind the couch.

“Evening beautiful. I’m going to grab a drink, want anything?”

“I’m ok, thanks.” You tried to act normal and closed your computer when Richard came on the couch and sat by you. “How was your day?”

“Great. Busy. Yours?”

“Average.” Ned, who had been waiting on the floor for Richard to pet him, finally had enough of waiting and hopped up. Ned lept on the couch and stood over your husband.

“Hey buddy,” he rubbed him and you waited for the clink of his collar tags to catch his Dad’s attention. After what you felt was too much time, you gave up on being subtle. “Hey, check Ned’s tags. I feel like he needs new ones soon.” You saw him reach for the collar and heard him stop moving suddenly.

“Y/N…” He peered over Ned and smiled at you. “Does this mean what I think it means?” You smiled and nodded your head as he looked back at the pacifier you had hanging with Ned’s tags on his collar. “I’m going to be a dad?”

“You’re going to be a dad.”

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((pls forgive i can only do traditional art…it’s not that great but i’m trying to improve! this was super fun to do so thanks @bnhacharacterweeks!!))


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