i really like earth tones ok

I’d like to say this hasn’t been on my mind for a while, but I’d be lying lol

I don’t know why Raymond has the need to wear a speedo or why Mikayla seems to be taking revenge on Ray-bot with that grin on her face or WHY ON GOD’S GREEN EARTH BOXMAN MADE HIS BOTS HAVE BUTTS or what’s really going on, but I needed to poison other peoples’ minds with this image too hah ha, sorry not sorry xP

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I can't believe you got us locked in my nephew’s tree house +Bellarke :))

Hi, I hope you like this :)
hooksandheroics Jazz, you asked for it ok?!
Also for clarkeslight, cause we was talking earlier and yeah :)
EDIT: sequel

“You know that this is your fault, Princess,” Bellamy’s voice echoed aroundthe small tree house.

“My fault? You jack ass, my fault? It was yourfamily that trapped us up here but that is my fault?” There was no way on earth her tone could sound moreincredulous than in that second, she glared at him for split second longer before crossing her arms across her chest and turning away from him.

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