i really like drawing with lead pencils now...


Let’s talk about my art materials, ok?

This ask is always in my inbox… so i wanna show you or tell you about my art materials~ ╯ ω ╰)💦

The second picture there is all my art materials~ even included my tablet for you guys~ all i have is “Panda” ballpens,a mechanical pen with leads,a mongol pencil,gel pen,color pencils, color pens,markers, & a sketch pad or random papers ( i draw everywhere i could draw~ )👌( ̄ω  ̄

The Third one is my Tablet~ my 3 year old tablet that is so laggy… i draw digital arts there… i only use my fingers to draw… I use the app “Medibang paint app pro”… that’s all & that’s enough~  ̄ε  ̄

I really wish i could have those things you have guys… like a drawing pad, Laptop, & any other art materials you have that i don’t… but this things is the one imma gonna use for now~ ╮(╯▽╰)╭

So, Imma tell this to you guys~ Materials ain’t the one who make great or awesome arts, it’s ur skills~ Never look for expensive items just to draw or make an artwork… you just need your wide imagination & the talent God gave you~ 😊❤

Always Remember~ Never Forget~❤❤ (lamang ang may alam XD)


“Art, like morality, consists of drawing the line somewhere.”
- G. K. Chesterton

In this week’s lesson, we are going to talk about, as G. K. Chesterton puts it, “drawing the line somewhere.” More specifically – drawing in contour.

In drawing, a contour refers to “an outline, especially one representing or bounding the shape or form of something.” We got a little bit of practice with this when we did the blind contour exercise in lesson two. But in this lesson, I promise, we’ll actually be able to look at what we’re doing (though if you want to go back and give the blind contour exercise another go, it’s never bad practice).

The following are all contour, or linework drawings:

The outline doesn’t refer solely to the exterior outline, such as we’d see framing a silhouette, but also to outlines of interior details, such as folds of cloth or curls of hair. All the information in the drawings is conveyed with line.

[Personal note: the sample drawings above are all mine – as a huge comic book fan since the age of 11, contour-heavy artwork has always been near and dear to my heart, and has become a central component of my personal style.]

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Art Stuff

I’ve been planning to post all of the stuffs I use for architecture, for painting and sketching and others. Most of the the things I use is purchased by me because I want to take care of them. Because if it was given to me, I would just throw it around, plus I don’t really ask money from my parents. It’s not much but here you go



These pencils are saved from June 2014 up until now. Most of the pencils there are from the drawing room. I mean they are all over the place every time we’re dismissed. And the one who cleans the room right after just throws them away so I ask for it every after class. I have:

  • 6H
  • 4H
  • H
  • HB
  • 2B
  • 4B
  • 5B
  • 6B

Color Pencils

The crayola color pencils are from my childhood and I never really got to use it, and I never thought I’d use them now because artists usually buy prisma color pencils, which are expensive. But it’s never the brand, it’s your hand. What.

This color pencils are the ones I bought from NBS. There’s a funny story about this one. I was looking for just a 12 color pencil set that has a black and white color pencil (because what company the fuck that doesn’t put black and white in one set). So what I did is I exchange the black one in the 64 set to the 12 set. And I was just there, standing in the art section for 15 minutes, exchanging colors. So I ended up having black and white colors. And two golds and two greens because I hurried in exchanging. I was nervous. hahaha

Erasing Shields

I don’t really use this one for sketches but I use it for architectural classes. It’s for erasing tight spots and shapes. And it’s sharp af, I cut my thumb once because I was playing with it.


It’s for blending food like fruits, shakes.. wtf. It’s for blending, mostly for graphite pencils (because it really doesn’t blend well with color pencils)

Baby Sharpener and Papa Sharpener

Mighty eraser

The white side is for pencils and the yellow one is for ink. Yup, the myth it for real, you can erase the ink with the yellow side.



These are all of the paintbrush I’ve got buuut…

… I only use these three because the others were solid and it’s impossible to soften so rip. I just keep them for my desk to look cool. From left to right:

  • #3 Pointed brush
  • #5 Pointed brush
  • #7 (i think) Flat brush
  • Triple 0 Pointed brush
  • #1 Pointed brush
  • #3 Flat brush 

I love my babies so much.


My beloved friend gave the tube ones for my birthday last February and up until now I have them. Although some of the colors are gone now (like raw sienna, white, crimson red etc). And the ones on the container are the ones I bought. Because black and white are essential in painting, most especially the white paint (I think I already used two of them).


I use prang because these are the ones recommended by my professor for my visual tech classes. My prof sold these prangs. She told us to pay her at the end of the semester. She didn’t remembered it. Yay for free watercolor paints. I’ve been using this for 4 months, I think. But the white is almost out.


As you can see, one is different from the others, and you’re right. That’s an ice cube tray. I can’t put any more colors to the other palette so I used it. The circular one and the ice cube tray are for watercolor paint and the wooden one is for acrylic paints. And as you can see, it’s dirty because the paint hardened and I can’t remove it with thinner.

Palette Knife

I thought palette knives are for transferring paint to palettes, but it wasn’t. I just learned using them last month. so stupid of me.




Gel Pens

I don’t really use this one, but I have one artwork that I used gel pens. I got this from a sponsored film contest last semester. I only use gel pens for my notes.

Technical pencils 

I use this one for both my artworks and for my architecture classes. It’s useful for outlines and for darkening black spaces. From left to right:

  • Rotring Ink for technical pens
  • 0.3 Technical pen
  • 0.5 Technical pen
  • 0.1 Technical pen
  • 0.1 Technical pen (disposable)
  • 0.05 Technical pen (disposable)
  • 0.5 Technical pen (disposable)

The difference between the disposable one and the pens that aren’t is the disposable pens are thick and easy to dry not like the pens that aren’t. They blot easily. But of course tech pens have great quality ink.


A sharpie that I stole from my classmate and a marker that I stole from my sister.

Rendering Markers

These markers are the ones I mostly use for architectural rendering that’s why they’re not vibrant colors. The colors are for floorings and walls. I have (from top to bottom):

  • Vanilla
  • Red
  • Oatmeal
  • Dark Grey
  • Black
  • Blender (for blending colors duh)
  • Brown
  • Mustard
  • Light brown 

They are expensive (120 pesos a piece) so I don’t buy that much colors, the only ones that I use. I’m planning to save up for copic markers but that’s twice the expense, but it has better quality.

White Inks

I just found the starbucks pen (on the right) the other day and It has a white ink on the other side and brown highlighter on the other. The yellow pen is artline white ink. The white ink is for highlighting but it’s not that thick to cover the layer underneath.


The ones on the top are oil pastels, which I haven’t really used. I don’t like pastels because I was traumatized by using chalk pastels (the one on the bottom) last semester because it was very messy to use, but nevertheless, it has good color, rich and easy to blend. But like I’ve said, very messy.


I use this one for quick notes and I put them on my back pocket. (and it has a signature from VinQuilop hehe)

This journal is for my stories for films and at the back of it is my dream journal.

I used to draw here when I was studying figure drawings but the leaves kept detaching from the spine so I only use it to put pressed flowers.

I bought this watercolor pad for me to practice watercolor. There’s no more leaves so I just left it at my desk for design.

My divine sketchpad. Most of the artworks I post are from this sketchpad. It’s for sketching but I’m a badass so I use water color, rendering markers, and acrylics on it. 



Tapes are important in the fields of mine. It’s for covering parts that I don’t want to get mediums all over. And to tape papers to my desk so it won’t move and many more.


I use containers for different purposes. I recycle them from peanut butter containers, chocolate containers, mason jars etc. I use them for putting water and putting my materials there.


The technical stuff. As an architecture student, it’s a necessity to have these rulers to survive the wilderness of being an architecture student. But I won’t go in to that that much.


It’s to remove dirt from my desk. Fo reals.

Other materials

Ok before you laugh on what you saw, lemme explain first. From left to right:

  • Lead pointer - to sharpen the tips of pencils from time to time. Very useful.
  • Pliers - Who knows when will I use this. (but really I just forgot to return it to my dad’s tools)
  • Spoon and knife - OK OK OK bruh,  I got this from a contest on my school. And I thought I can use this for my stuff (because I really like to use stuff) I use it for getting paint. Booyeah
  • Cutters - I use cutters for sharpening my graphite pencils because I like my leads long and pointed. And I use it for cutting. 


I just named her just right now. Yup, she’s a she. I don’t now where is her foot. She’s a model. For figure drawings. I love her. 

That’s all of my art stuff. I’m still planning to buy a lot of stuff. And after mastering acrylics, I’ll shift to oil paintings then to sculpting. Who knew being an artist would cost a lot. But hey, things will come to you if you’re really meant to do it.

anonymous asked:

Do you do your gestures in straight pen? Mine are always so messy with under drawings I can't help but admire how clean your gestures look and how much character they capture!

Hey, thanks so much!

Yeah, most of my sketches these days are straight to pen.  I really admire other artists who can lay down ink lines without under drawing.  I think their work has a nice unrestrained energy and movement.  Friends who draw like that used to tell me, “So…start drawing with pen.” and I was all, “I can’t!  It looks terrible!"  But one day I went to the zoo for life drawing and realized I was out of pencil lead, so…that was the push I needed to start!  It was really sloppy at first, and I still have a long way to go, but like anything else, it’s seriously just a matter of practice.  I love the aesthetic for the life drawings I do of people on the street!  I make plenty of errors and mess up proportions and all, but I think it’s a worthwhile trade-off for the energy and process you can see in my sketches now.



anonymous asked:

Hi. I want to learn how to draw and I really like your art style. Do you have any tips/recommendations?

Ah jeez I’m like the worst person to ask about this because even I don’t know what I’m doing half the time but I’ll try (I’ll even throw in some pictures n shit)

I guess I’ll just start right out and say I don’t have any solid links to give or whatever for recommendations/tips, all I have is my own experience [sHRUG]

Putting this shit under a cut because I get rambly (sry mobile users)

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