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Taeyong’s “cute” expression when he is practising revealed😂😂

Honestly while I’m just so hyped for Rad like robots, I really wanna shout out the fandom as a whole. I’ve already seen several post about not bothering the creators and just genuine hopefullness/happiness for the episode and its… just so refreshing to see coming from other fandoms where if a ship/pairing doesn’t happen everyone loses their shit. Sorry but I just wanted to let y'all know how cool everyone here is. Here’s to hoping this episode gives what a bunch of us really wants??

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i always hated that ep not just because of all the plot holes you've been talking about, and how stupid it was that the writers felt the need to give derek more tragic backstory and then pretend that that's what messed him up and not, you know the murder of his entire family that he was manipulated into being complicit in. but also because one of the neat things that tw did in the first 2 seasons was present the natural werewolf pack as being a family, compiled of parents and uncles and children

much like real wolf packs in the wild are. not the whole, bitten werewolves as the default, and if packs exist hierarchy is based on size/strength that we get in most media. i LOVED that. and then with this episode (and the later episode that introduced satomi’s pack) we’ve got all these packs which seem to be made up of bitten wolves and the hales are the outlier. well, either that or I’m supposed to believe that deuc, kali, and ennis all murdered their siblings and cousins and children?

This is an interesting point. I believe that both types of packs should be well represented, with born packs such as the Hales being, perhaps, more well respected than bitten ones because of their legacy, their ancestry, and the nobility of simply being born wolves.

But, if you think about it, maybe that’s exactly why Deucalion, Kali, and Ennis were the type to kill their own packs. And, possibly, that’s also why Deucalion didn’t try to recruit Talia, and later why his true interest lay in Scott and not Derek.

Because… think about this: as far as we are aware, there are two ways for wolves to ascend to being Alphas: one, by killing another Alpha and taking their power, and two, by being the next family member in line to receive it. Not next pack member, next family member. As in –– if Derek had died in season two, his power would not have passed to Erica, Isaac, or Boyd. It would have hop-skipped down to South America and Cora would have found herself suddenly and unexpectedly an Alpha. So that means that, in packs that aren’t made up of family members, betas would eventually need to kill their Alphas in order to keep the power within their pack, or risk it going to other packs (if the Alpha has family who isn’t part of this one) or it dissipating altogether.

That means that packs built on bitten wolves, or “found family” packs, would inherently be sealed in blood, would be more used to the concept of killing to preserve and gain power, and would be more likely to turn on each other and join Deucalion’s Alpha pack than born wolf packs, where power is always passed peacefully through bloodlines.

Anyway, I know this is way off the topic of your original ask, I’m sorry, but you just got me thinking about it. And it could potentially tie in because Deucalion would only think to recruit bitten wolf packs to his cause (which is why we only see bitten wolf packs represented), because it would be beyond imagining that born wolves would kill their pack members for power. But it’s a much more commonplace practice among bitten wolves.

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Initial D- deja vu

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“When the fires, when the fires have surrounded you,
With the hounds of  h e l l  coming after you,
And your sacred stars wont be guiding you,
And the whole wide world’s coming after you–

I’ve got blood, I’ve got blood on my name.

Nico di Angelo | Blood On My Name;; The Brothers Bright

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I was tagged by the lovely sunnystrong to post selfies so here they are! So the prom one wasn’t taken by me but it’s still a selfie so… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

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