i really like brand new

I have finally rewatched this amazing musical and this is just a perfect crossover for these two, okay?

And I believe, there’s good in everybody’s heart,
Keep it safe and sound.
(Listen close to everybody’s heart,
And hear that breaking sound.)
With hope you can do your part
To turn a life around!
(Hopes and dreams are shattering apart
And crashing to the ground!)

(Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog – I Cannot Believe My Eyes)


Those of you that follow Jay on Insta may have noticed for the past few months he’s been taggin “#H1ghrmusic” on all his post along side “#AOMG”. And he’s finally made the announcement.

Jay and Cha Cha have teamed up to make a “global” record company taking on both Korean and American artist.

Sik-K and Yelows Mob have finally been signed (because Sik-K has been hounding AOMG to sign him for almost 2 years) And he’s signed American artist Yultron, Avatar Darko, Raz Simone, Phe R.E.D.S, and Jarv Dee.

Jay has now joined Dok2, Tiger Jk, and Swings in the subsidiary party of. “I want you in my company but not my main crew so I would rather make a new label”

When you only have 1 friend

I am laughing my ass off.
On the day of the new update, before turning off that weird location thing snapchat has going on, I took a minute to look at it and

my friend who lives 5 minutes away

okay lets zoom out a bit here..
How about the entire province?

… the Americas???

BTS’ Tweet 170705

새로운 BI가 정말 마음에 들어요. 저 역시 기대돼서 여러분께 하루라도 빨리 보여드리고 싶었어요. 무엇보다 우리와 아미가 하나로 연결된 모습이라 더욱 의미가 있고 기분이 좋습니다!! 😁💕

Trans: I really like the new BI (T/N: Possibly stands for ‘Brand Identity’). I was really looking forward to it, and really wanted to show it to everyone even just a day quicker. More than anything, it shows that ARMYs and us (BTS) are connected as one, so this is all the more meaningful and makes me happy!! 😁💕

Trans cr; Alli @bts-trans

Backstabbed by Brand New

Note for the beginning: BNM’s point was actually quite in place since semi-finals and finals happen in front of a really huge audience. It’s understandable San E and VJ eliminated Black Nut instead of Hanhae ‘cause even tho he made a lyrical mistake (due some problems with the beat/music delivery or smth) he’s still able perform perfectly since he’s used to it thanks to Phantom and BNM activities

However, the other stuff they did just makes me sick..

• they made Hanhae feel like a jerk, he was emotionally down for two days but then gathered himself up in order to not let his hyungs and team down again, he worked his ass off just to be eliminated before getting the chance to perform

• BNM bent all rules in their own benefit, suddenly deciding they wanna “revise” their decision due to bad/hazy judgement; such nefarious acting is quite familiar to San E (I actually strongly believe this was rather his idea, but that’s my opinion). Honestly I don’t think it was about favorizing BNM, they just chose what seemed ‘better’ to them, but after the ‘diss battle’ announcement they immediately realized they had thrown away their black horse, their joker (since Black Nut is notoriously known for his disses)

• in a nutshell they were just selfish, they didn’t even consider the other team, they didn’t care about Hanhae’s and Black Nut’s feelings at all

• SMTM is supposed to be fair but after this it really seems that Mnet is just trying to bring the biggest drama possible. They simply shouldn’t allow something like this

• they surprised literally everyone because they did it behind other teams and even their own team members backs… Seriously what they did… it’s just disrespecting towards Hanhae’s effort. He worked hard. He wrote better lyrics, prepared better stage and suddenly, it was all gone. Furthermore they screwed Mino - who was supposed to go against Hanhae - as well. They cut a branch under whole PalJi team and I totally understand why Palo and Zico act so pissed at the end of the episode. Not just them

• Black Nut must felt like an idiot so it was relieving to see how he shoved his lyrics down the BNM’s throat, tho VJ’s reaction made me even more sure it was San E’s idea, after all he’s selfish and arrogant prick (and don’t get me wrong here I love his music but you can clearly see his true character in such situations)

• it just broke my heart when I’d seen Hanhae being on the verge of tears. Honestly, who wouldn’t be? They made him feel like shit, they turned him into some favorized BN’s toy and when he finally got himself together and put everything into that upcoming show San E and Verbal Jint casually decided to “change” their decision… just wth

• the whole thing was hella backstabbing. To Hanhae because either they should have eliminated him right that day of Official song mission or let him finish this job. To Black Nut ‘cause he already accepted being the one who was eliminated, also for being inconsiderate to his phobia/fright. To Mino ‘cos he had to completely change his lyrics in a short period of time + Hanhae is his freakin’ friend. To PalJi team because if Mino screws the diss thanks to that move it also means that whole group will be affected by it. To Zico because Mino and Hanhae are both his friends (fav one mind you) and it definitely wasn’t easy for him

• in case of Verbal Jint I really think he was feeling regretful not about their decision but about Black Nut and Hanhae and the situation they’d put them into just because their mistake/bad decision… and seeing Hanhae in that state of mind (they are from one company and know each other quite well don’t forget that) just made him feel sad/bad and same goes for Black Nut who wasn’t comfortable as well (he said it himself), it was visible he was feeling bad and was regretting it

• on the other hand San E just seemed pissed on Black Nut and his “open” and “straight-forward” lyrics (which were speaking fuckin’ truth)

• Paloalto’s death glare clearly says how’s the team feeling

• furthermore, maybe to make it even better, they didn’t even fuckin’ apologize for causing troubles and shit… like seriously? where are some manners?

• in my opinion Mnet shouldn’t allow it and just let it go the first - official - way, but that wouldn’t be drama right… Just as Brand New even Mnet haven’t considered feelings of other contestants… I mean with this rule-bending we could just bring Seo Chulgu back, right? Since he didn’t follow the rules as well

• btw: remember the first episode and Tablo not letting Crucial Star pass? I know it was kinda different situation but he still COULD do it but he didn’t because Show Me The Money was supposed to be fair. Guess that all was just a small talk…

no but you know what i love? michael’s guitars and how used they look like here

like luke always has those brand new guitars and calum’s TWLOHA bass is from like three years ago but still looks like new but michael’s two guitars are so old and used and there’s something really punk rock about the way he just leaves it be okay i love michael

can we talk about how this was the first time seeing new content of gilmore girls for the very first time in 10 years. it felt weird to not know what was going to happen & speculate and i honestly missed that feeling so much in this show, i’ve always wanted to watch it again for the first time and this felt like that. 

TalesFromTheFrontDesk: New Ownership

Ok so I really need to vent, and quite frankly, my heart is breaking at what is happening So I’ve been in the hospitality industry for a while and I’ve worked at a lot of different hotels and out all of them XXHotel (my current hotel) is my Favorite. Not only did I make amazing friends and memories there, the property itself is beautiful and I really like the brand. So about a year ago the new owner purchased the XXHotel. Not only did he fire all the managers and brought his own (most are convicts O.O), he has NO idea how to run a 4 star property AND he took away everyone’s benefits (medical, PTO, etc). He “chased off” our best front desk clerks.. He owns a bunch of shitty 2 star properties (that are barely meeting their brand standard) and now my property is about to lose its brand name because the owner dude decided that the corporate people (that are genuinely trying to help him), I quote him, “are a bunch of smartasses that don’t know what they are doing”. Get THIS: he decided to remodel the lobby….did not acquire permits…the fire Marshall shut down the hotel for two weeks..oh! and all the construction workers were working illegally and did not get paid (when the hotel got shut down) Recently he had a call with the corporate and the corporate guy knows someone that is interested to buy the property and save the brand name. To which, the new owner replied: “None of my hotels are for sale” Barf.

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새로운 BI가 정말 마음에 들어요. 저 역시 기대돼서 여러분께 하루라도 빨리 보여드리고 싶었어요. 무엇보다 우리와 아미가 하나로 연결된 모습이라 더욱 의미가 있고 기분이 좋습니다!!😁💕

I really like the new BI (T/N: Possibly stands for ‘Brand Identity’). I was really looking forward to it, and really wanted to show it to everyone even just a day quicker. More than anything, it shows that ARMYs and us (BTS) are connected as one, so this is all the more meaningful and makes me happy!!😁💕

Trans cr; Alli @ bts-trans

TIFU by taking Ambien and having sex with my new boyfriend. NSFW

Quick background: I’ve had insomnia issues for years and went the prescription route about six months ago. Tried a thousand options, all unsuccessfully, and finally struck gold with Ambien. I take 10mg pretty much every night - total godsend. Recently started dating a new guy. He’s great, I’m infatuated, and I’m doing everything in my power to not fuck it up.

As most of you probably know, the Ambien walrus is very real. If you don’t go to bed within 20-30 minutes, you’ll probably start seeing and doing weird shit. Most nights I’m asleep in minutes, but I’ve never had insane hallucinations or blacked out and done something ridiculous. I’ve watched pillows growl like lions, picture frames morph into dragons, and towels turn into the couple from American Gothic. The worst thing thus far was waking up to an order confirmation from Amazon prime for 24 boxes of sugar-free Jello.

Well, that is until 3:30 am today. Last night was our second adult sleepover. Around 3, he’s sound asleep and starting to snore a little while I’m lying there under his cuddle trap, bug-eyed and wide awake. I’d had a long week and the idea of a sleepless night isn’t too appealing, so I grab one from my purse, swallow the fucker, and crawl back into bed. We didn’t have much to drink earlier and the Ambien walrus rarely hangs out with me, so I wasn’t worried about anything.

About 15 minutes later, the BF wakes up and starts initiating sex, and I’m very down. He’s hot, sex is fun, and let’s just say 2015 was the most celibate year of my adult life. Everything’s going great - a little making out, a little foreplay, the P goes in the V, everyone’s happy. Important to note: we aren’t doing anything remotely freaky. Very enjoyable, but very vanilla.

At this point, it’s right around the 30 minute mark and just in time, the walrus pulls a Michael Jordan and comes out of retirement. The BF’s been on top for a few minutes when I suddenly recoil a little. Out of nowhere I scream, “Oh my god STOP. Can’t we just have sex normally?!” He pulls off and says, “I’m sorry, of course…but what do you mean? Did I do something wrong?”

I was 100% convinced that we were having sex on stage at the Democratic National Convention while Hillary Clinton was delivering a speech. I thought his bed was next to the podium, and Hil was narrating our every move and explaining how real sex, aka not porn sex, works as part of some sex ed thing. He’s howling laughing, can barely breathe, rolls off of me and tells me that sure, we can leave, we’ll just go to sleep and have some normal sex later.

I wake up at 9-ish and as a huge fan of morning nookie, I’m all over him. Right as he’s about to stick his dick in me, he smirks and goes, “Oh I’m sorry, is this normal enough for you?” I don’t have a fucking clue what he’s talking about. He starts cracking up and explains the entire thing, which I had ZERO recollection of (though it’s been coming back to me today). I don’t think I’ve ever been more embarrassed or turned a brighter shade of red in my life.

The bad news is, I don’t think I can take Ambien again. Ever. I want to flush my remaining supply down the toilet and tell my doctor to cancel my refills and get me on something new. The good news is, this guy must be quite fond of me, because I’m pretty sure yelling that you don’t want to fuck on stage at the Democratic National Convention would be a dealbreaker for most people.Don’tworrywestillbonedafter

Oh, and I’m not even a Democrat. And I really don’t like Hillary Clinton.

TL;DR I yelled at my brand new boyfriend to stop fucking me because I thought we were on stage with Hillary Clinton.