i really like black and white


ohno, I’m again came up with au of katsudeku about which I can’t stop thinking for several days D: but I likeitsomuch 

This universe in the distant future. Science fiction where there a lot of robots, developed technologies and machines. And most importantly, in this au I have a war between people and cyborgs (people above, that control all cyborgs and cars). Although, how to say the war .. rather, some people began to dominate the world, to seized territories, in order to create “some kind of a world without wars, etc.” and that all obey the authorities. (and those who don’t obey and don’t follow orders, respectively, kill)
And sad thing in this universe is that most of the robots are formerly people, or half people, half of the machine-killers, only completely devoid of feelings. And this all lasts for several centuries.
And now to the main thing - how did Katsuki and Deku take their places in this au.
There are people who “survived” and they live underground. They have everything arranged, they have weapons, and they themselves are developing something like machines, so that in an emergency it is possible to protect an innocent people (only not experimenting on other people, of course, this in the literal sense of the machine and some robots, but small, true) (“survivors” don’t even even know that half of the cyborgs are former people)
And Deku is among those most surviving people. He’s a young inventor and with all his heart he wants to help people (and he helps what he can). He dreams that someday this hell will end from the outside (and above all everything is destroyed, all cities have turned into ghost-towns and all around are fragments). He’s also a student of Toshinori, which many people know about, since many machines, useful devices and robots are created by him, so Izuku is almost always beside him, and he learns inventions (and he does a lot of things - disassemble small robots, repair some machine, creates something himself). People also often get out of the ground into so-called “forays”, and look for some spare parts on the surface, and in some places a dump of abandoned cars and robots from above is formed which have already outlived their own, but no… them repair that there are forces, disassemble and assemble again, and etc.
And on one such forays together Toshinori, Izuku and several other people, Deku finds Katsuki. He lay in a pile of metal, but unconscious. From a distance, he thought that the “machine” had survived very well, and it could be picked up, repaired, but when he came closer, removed some interfering objects over the robot, Izuku saw… that he was half human. And Izuku was frightened, so he told Toshinori about this not at once, only for the end of the forays, and Yagi decided that the robot shouldn’t be touched at all, since it looked exactly like those “killer machines” from above, and for such a good copy will surely come back to pick up, he probably could have had a chip somewhere along which he could be tracked. Deku initially protested, saying that he was half-human, he couldn’t just be left and thrown, but Toshinori simply forbade him even to approach to robot.
But did it stop Izuku? Haha, no. That same night, he left the shelter on his own to return for him. And he carried it with great difficulty past the guard so that he wouldn’t be noticed, and in his small “laboratory” he began to repair Katsuki. And then… and then I’ll tell later.

Oof, in general, I have always been clinging to such topics, where there are robots in which human feelings, emotions, and etc. I really like this topic so much, it can be some angst and in general… *a long scream* :’)))
And I really will try to develop this au, as like samurai-au. (I didn’t forget about it!) And now this au (science fiction) - I’ll try to do it in the form of a black-white comic.

It’s all hard, but I’ll try to do everything in turn. I just need patience and strength, which I can’t always concentrate on one thing, without losing my spirit. And random drawings don’t apply to this, they come out spontaneously and relax me. And similar topics with au for me is a serious work, which I don’t want do carelessly.

I just hope that I’ll can to realize my ideas… And I also hope for your support - without you I’ll not succeed. :’)

Are Private Schools Immoral?
A conversation with Nikole Hannah-Jones about race, education, and hypocrisy.
By Dianna Douglas

Hannah-Jones: They said it in a blunt way. In my daughter’s school, when white parents who lived next door to my daughter’s school would come and tour, they would tell the principal, “We’ll bring our kids, but only if our kids are in classroom by themselves and you keep them together through fifth grade.”

Goldberg: You mean, a white class.

Hannah-Jones: Yes. This is what is being demanded.

Goldberg: And this is in “progressive” Brooklyn.

Hannah-Jones: This is Brooklyn. Hipster Brooklyn. There is this intrinsic racial fear that cannot be mitigated by facts. That’s the thing that is really embedded in all of us—the belief that black children are not as smart. There are exceptional black children, right? “Of course, I know little Johnny is smart, but he’s not like the rest of the black kids that are culturally depraved. That bad culture is going to rub off. We need to protect our kids from large numbers of these kids.” I’ve had parents tell me, “The middle-class black parents at the school are fine.”

Goldberg: What’s so interesting here is that you’re not talking about stereotypical Trump voters in Alabama. You’re talking about hipster Brooklyn. Liberals kind of piss you off?

Hannah-Jones: I am only writing and speaking to liberals at this point. I’m trying to get people who say they believe in equality and integration but act in ways that maintain inequality and segregation to live their own values. The most segregated parts of the country are all in the progressive North. If you could just get white liberals to live their values, you could have a significant amount of integration.

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What are some unpopular Pokemon opinions you have? Here are three of mine: 1) I enjoy Lickilicky's design, 2) I love Barbaracle's design, 3) I think Ho-oh is better than Lugia.

Honestly, the only thing I don’t like about Lickilicky is its cry, which… I dunno, it’s strange. Other than that, solid fella. 9/10. Barbaracle is alright too. … honestly, I’m a Lugia kinda fella, but Ho-oh is a great bird, and has the better theme.

Here’s some of mine:

  • Black and White had horrific English translation and it really ruined the potential the story had. In fact, at one point I played through it with an action replay code that removed all punctuation and put EVERYTHING in lower case and I felt it was an improvement.
  • Cynthia isn’t that great. She’s alright, but she’s a flat character with bad writing and I’m sure the only reason she appeared in HGSS and Gen 5 was cause someone (or maybe multiple someones) at GF has the hots for her.
  • I like Leaf better than Red and I’ll always be disappointed that she doesn’t get any canon recognition.

Also, GameFreak is full of lazy, incompetent coders. Every time I say that, I get an anon in my inbox like “well, have YOU ever coded a game?” No. And I know it isn’t easy. But there’s so many examples of them being lazy and/or slow that there’s no way you can excuse it.

uuh… I’m sure I have plenty more, but it’s 11PM and I can’t think… if anyone wants to hear me complain more I might tomorrow.

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What is your headcanon on a Promptis weeding?

DO I HAVE PROMPTIS WEDDING HEADCANONS?  I DO! (See what I did there?  Am I funny? no)

· So, for starters?  They tried to go small.  They really, really did.  But, considering Noctis is the motherflippin’ Prince of Lucis?  That kinda wasn’t in the cards.  The wedding is massive.
· Like.  Massive.  Their friends and family are there, but so are dozens of hundreds of Lucian citizens who are endlessly grateful to their chosen king for actually managing to bring the light back.
· The hall is completely and totally decked out in green and blue.  Noctis is wearing the Kingly Raiment with a blue tie.  Prompto is wearing a similarly tailored white suit with tiny black pinstripes, and a green tie.
· Gladio, Ignis, Iris, Aranea, Cindy, and Ravus are the wedding party.  Initially, they were going to assign three of the six to each of them, but truthfully, they knew that they’d never have gotten where they were that day without the help of their friends.
· Especially Ignis, and they both make sure that he knows that.  Not just for obvious reasons, but because Ignis was also the first one who encouraged them to get together, way back before they were actually ready to admit their feelings for each other.
· If they had to select an actual ‘best man,’ it would be Ignis for that reason.
· But they won’t, because they feel like it’s dishonoring all of their important friends, who have been there for them every step of the way.
· Dino made the rings.  He actually, somehow, found it in himself to give the King and King Consort their wedding rings for free.  Maybe just because of a little bit of gratitude to be alive.
· In the front row, near Monica, Dave, Talcott, Cor, Weskham, Cid, etc. is a pair of photographs, sitting in chairs.  On those photographs are Regis Lucis Caelum, and Clarus Amicitia.  A pair of people tried to sit in those chairs, but were promptly chased away by a very angry Cor.  After that, no one tried to sit in them again.
· The ceremony goes off without a hitch, thanks mostly to the meticulous planning put forth by Ignis and Iris.  The pair of them also catered the reception, alongside Coctura and Monica.
· The reception, truthfully, is more of a street party, to celebrate the return of the light.  The lampposts of Insomnia are all wired to play the reception music, all chosen by Prompto.
· However, there is a real and private reception on the front steps of the Citadel.  The sun beats down on Prompto, Noctis, and all of their closest friends, and they all realize exactly how lucky they are to have come this far.
· It comes as no surprise to anyone when Ignis and Gladio announce that they’re next; that Ignis proposed to Gladio right after the light came back.
· The pair of them take their honeymoon in what remains of Galdin Quay.  It isn’t perfect because the resort still isn’t rebuilt quite yet, but if you ask Noctis or Prompto?  They will tell you that it is a thousand percent perfect.

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When playing Dishonored do you prefer low chaos or high chaos? And who's your favorite character from each game?

I love this question! I gotta say, i’d love to get more stuff on my blog about dishonored, from opinions to fanarts, just a little thought i had to get off my mind, and now onto the questions themselves! 

Dishonored 1: 

In Dishonored 1, back when i got it in 2014 i usually played on low chaos, but because the mechanics were more just black and white with the morality, i loved being stealthy and keeping the personality of that mid-aged Corvo as neutral as possible, always choosing the rightful and silent path. The impact of your choices really showed as you progressed and my innocent heart couldn’t take a high caos route. 

Also i think my favorite character from the first game is The Outsider, just because he was a surprise for me, when i bought the game i was hoping something as simple as the Thief franchise, but then i got that god-like creature judging my every move, it really changed my perspective and actions (another reason for playing all stealthy!).

And the Whalers too! not a particular one and that’s why i’m adding them just because, the designs and voices used on them are amazing. 

Dishonored 2:

Now it’s been just a month, or less, since i started playing Dishonored 2, but it’s my third walkthrough and i gotta say, i LOVE the high chaos mechanics in this one, i’ve played as Corvo and Emily with a low chaos ending for both of them but playing high chaos with Corvo is amazing and so fresh for the sequel. You can clearly see that he’s tired, that he can easily kill a man now that the stress and desperation got him, his comments and dialogues are so well constructed and it’s pretty justified for me if you choose a high chaos route with him in the second game.

For that of course my favorite character on the sequel is Corvo, (since i’m still a little salty about the voice change for the outsider too asdjfkal), he had such an amazing character development that i want to get up and applaud Bethesda for making this character SO WELL. 

Also i love Stilton too!

Ok i’m making a bible now, but my love for this game throughout the years has been growing a LOT and i cannot describe what it means to me, thank you for this ask Mistress! :D

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dawnbringer r*ven doesn’t talk. her mouth has been stitched shut by the gods. rather, if she approaches, you will hear her. her voice comes from all sides of the room, echoing and ethereal. it is a sound you cannot explain / comforting but piercing. 

there are times where her mouth has been ripped open by chaos. the threads snap, and she reveals a maw with shark-like teeth. her blood is black, spilling from her teeth down to her body. tainting gold, white and blues with black.

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whts ur bf look like 👀👀👀👀👀👀

WELL! he’s mixed he’s 6’3 and tan and he’s got rly thick curly black hair and rly light eyes like the prettiest eyes I’ve ever seen.., they’re literally golden w just a lil green…. and he has freckles!!!!!!!

most of us know how important representation is, but i feel like we don’t always realize how vital it is for white cishet people to see representation as well. like my white cishet 65 year old mom’s favorite show is brooklyn nine nine, and when she first began watching it she was so perplexed by ray holt. she had never really seen black gay characters in television before, and the very few times she has they were stereotypes, so she was just so interested by him bc “gay people can be like this?”

like obviously it would be great if she already knew lgbt+ people aren’t the tired stereotypes that society tries to portray us as, and it would be great if she was more educated that Yes black gay men exist and are common. but she didn’t know that, because she’s never really seen it. but just watching brooklyn nine nine has educated her so much!! she’s seeing a black gay man run a police squad, she’s seeing a large black man be one of the most gentle people ever, she’s seeing women of color empowering each other and totally kicking ass, she’s seeing a jewish man repeatedly talking about issues such as transphobia, homophobia, anti-semitism, racism, and she’s also seeing all these characters understand when it ISNT their place to talk about certain issues

so my mom sees stuff like this and thinks “oh i was so wrong about these groups” and then she recommends these types of shows to her other ignorant friends, and she also corrects people when they say bigoted things that enforce the toxic stereotypes she is now educated on. all from some proper representation on a half-hour tv show!! like representation doesn’t just help minorities, it helps the privileged people who have ingrained bigotry in them to see what minorities are really like and what they can be and it’s so important!! and then these privilaged people can move forward and use their privilege to try and help minorities. representation of minorities helps the privileged too, and helps society to evolve!! so can bigots stop saying that it only benefits minorities. even if it did only help minorities that wouldn’t be a bad thing, but that isn’t the case so?? stop??


I’m emotionally unstable waiting for this next clip (probably on friday) so here’s some pictures of Iman looking beautiful and slaying us all with her dimples and gorgeous cheekbones!

deku aka the happiest bean in the world *cRIES*

istg at this point maybe bnha really has consumed my soul

also the reason i never rly color him properly is bcs i aLWAYS mess it up fsr

i did this to calm myself down from all the shit thats been going on