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Gay Aphobe: Headcanoning gay characters as ace is homophobic because it steals representation from the gay community


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Sorry for my lack of knowledge, but what's going on with Pledis + Seventeen? :(

it isn’t really brand new info but fans are bringing up the fact that pledis hasn’t been treating seventeen right for a really long time (like, since their trainee days) 

some fansites have noticed too often that the support presents that they buy for the members end up being worn by the managers… like the fansite letters to romeo bought vernon special limited edition shoes but they found photos of svt’s manager wearing his shoes instead and was pretty pissed about that… and a DK fansite found out that their choreographer was wearing the custom-made bag that they gave him and when some fans were trying to take photos of her wearing it for evidence, she turned it around to hide it. there were a lot of other examples of managers wearing/using things that were clearly presents for the members.

the fans are also bringing up the fact that pledis didnt include the members who participated in the choreo making in the copyright list + DK & Seungkwan were apparently not paid for writing “say yes”. fans claim that they heard staff saying rude things about seungkwan and yelling at the members infront of fans for simply saying hello. they also brought to light the boys’ 17tv days and how the staff would scold & punish them (apparently they even hit seungkwan on the head once telling him to lose weight)…

yeah it’s a lot of stuff being brought back into light and i guess fans are tired of pledis ignoring their requests for feedback or some sort of comment on this issue, so they’re all boycotting by going on rest (and some fansites have even closed down). 

it really sucks though that they decided this was something they should do during the boys’ comeback……… :\

I think it’s really nice when people I follow actually vent on their blogs. Venting is healthy?? It’s your blog, I want you to express whatever you’re feeling in your own safe space. People shouldn’t give you flack for it either??? You made your blog for you, don’t feel obligated to post things to please others. If people genuinely appreciate you and the things you post they would understand that sometimes you have off days hahahaha.✌️️✌️️✌️️✌️️

Lunch break weaving with Priya, the cutest lil’ cat dog in the world.

In one of my classes I was talking with some other kids and I mentioned how my friend told me a lot of people didn’t like me. 

One of the boys says, “I’ll admit. I didn’t really like you at first, you seemed kind of annoying. Then once we started sitting at the same table I thought differently.” 

People do change. 

They always will. 

Honestly my favorite thing to see on my dash is sweet posts people make about idols who aren’t their bias. Its like, even though they aren’t your number one they are still so amazing and you love them and just needed to tell somebody about it. I love that.

ok but if buck is in his early 20s and i hc jamie to also be in his early 20s (my headcanon age for jamie is 22 years old.) buck/jamie can totally be a thing, and i’m on board.

My Other Blogs

Alright, here we go! As best as I can, and hopefully in this one place, this’ll show you guys all the blogs I am currently a mod of, and this should make it easier to update as time goes on! Also, that way that, for some of you, may wonder why this blog followed you when you’re interacting with another one of these. This one is my main, is why. Yeah, didn’t plan that out well, when I first started on Tumblr.

Regardless, here’s the list and a very brief synopsis of each blog, if you all may be so interested. If anything, hope this’ll bring my drive back to be here, period. ;u ;


The Goop Sisters: http://thegoofygooptrio.tumblr.com/ (Three slime girls who want nothing more than friends, shenanigans, and interesting stories to tell! May be NSFW sometimes.)

Three Kindred Spirits: http://threekindredspirits.tumblr.com/ (Three, though honestly now five, protectors of the White Forest in Unova, who love good company, a good fight, and plenty of peace offerings by those they protect. May be NSFW sometimes, as rumblings continue.)

A Mun of Too Many Blogs: http://shitthatmikeylikes.tumblr.com/ (It’s me personal blog! Made this rather late into the time on Tumblr here, but it’s where I like to reblog neat stuff I find and junk. My tag ‘fun stuff’ is good if you wanna laugh or be wowed or stuff, and I’m always adding to it! May be NSFW sometimes.)

Little Cold-Hearted Spirit: http://littlecoldheartedspirit.tumblr.com/ (A Snorunt who loves nothing more than teasing, tricking, and bothering other people. Also, mind those teeth! May be NSFW sometimes.)

That Surfer Chick: http://suikaspiantapickings.tumblr.com/ (A blog about a food shack on Isle Delfino, and sometimes in space, that serves locals and tourists alike for a good time to relax and be jolly. Run by a surfer girl Pianta and her band of silly friends! May be NSFW rarely.)

The Hive: http://thehospitalhive.tumblr.com/ (An idea I had in early high-school with a friend, a species of insectoid aliens that came to Earth looking for a new colony to start, only to find it harder to do so than imagined. The species is an amalgamation of insects found on our planet with mild extraterrestrial twists here and there. They are excellent mimics that only get better with age, as well. May be NSFW sometimes.)

Wandering Soul: http://thelonelysnake.tumblr.com/ (This is a blog about a snake with extremely snakey intelligence, can just barely make sounds that come close to words, and just wants a really good friend. May be NSFW now and then.)

Wayward Misfits: http://theinfectedtrio.tumblr.com/ (A L4D/L4D2 blog of these three Infected girls making their way through the dying world of the United States of America. Mostly tolerant of Infected and Survivors, they do their best to keep to themselves. May be NSFW often.)

An Art Blog for Derps: http://mikeysartblogandnonsense.tumblr.com/ (In a way, this is my NSFW personal/art/share blog, hence the Dong Kong in the icon. This is where I will normally share cool NSFW things friends do, that I do, and that I like browsing Tumblr. Also, my interests, so be warned. Will be NSFW mostly.)

She Has a Name: http://thatoneworm.tumblr.com/ (This is my most recent character blog, and she’s an experiment gone right, wrong, and has escaped capture since. A Hylian/Like-Like splice, this wormy lady loves to make friends and collect treasure…though what she considers treasure and food, to others, may seem very curious and very worrisome! May be NSFW rarely.)

Welcome to Paradise!: http://anoutcastsparadise.tumblr.com/ (This is my NSFW RP Blog for all of my characters of this original blog, so far. More may be added later, and possibly even from above blogs, should you all so ask/brainstorm with me. Will be NSFW mostly always.)

Blogs I run with others go below:

Jackie’s Bizarre Adventures: http://biologicalmadness.tumblr.com/ (I run this with @someheartlesslady, and while he does most of the RPing and fun with her, we both confer on new headcanons and the like daily-ish. May be NSFW…well, little to none, I’d assume outside of oddest weirdness? Idk, lol.)

Halloween 2016


“Asking for greater representation doesn’t limit the possibilities of the genre; it expands them. More characters, more cultures, more stories. With that comes more hope; more possibility; more empathy.” – Jim Hines, “Representation and the Seeds of Possibility”


I’ve made an animation wuwuwuuuu!!!

It is the very first animation I’ve done, a short video with older DipDip and Mabel :3c 
Ship allowed me to use his voice for this (isn’t he the best?!). I’m really happy with how it turned out 

Snuggle up it gets cold ❄️

underrated achievement hunter things
  • genuinely sweet geoff
  • geoff talking about millie
  • geoff joining in videos randomly and trying to join in but mostly just doing his own thing
  • geoff doing his own thing in lets plays in general
  • Old Man Geoff trying to stay Hip and With It
  • michael’s lil mischievous giggle (hmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmhhm)
  • ryan and michael already having three stars by the two minute mark in gtav
  • the camera cutting to someone else doing something menial while chaos ensues elsewhere
    • “OH MY GOD THERES SO MANY COPS” “RUNRUNRUNRUNRUNRUN” *hard cut to geoff playing darts*
  • jack singing
    • everyone subsequently joining in
  • editors getting fed up with those in the video
  • ryan and gavin being assholes to each other
    • ryan and gavin being assholes to everyone else, together
  • jeremy being an asshole, surprising everyone
  • when the end of jeremy’s sentence turns into a wheeze
    • gavin does this too but its way less often
  • everyone going to jeremy when trying to remember stuff from old videos
    • jeremy not remembering things from old videos, surprising everyone
  • everyone holding back jeremy from doing something incredibly stupid and dangerous for the camera
    • except gavin, who is holding the camera
    • and money
  • jeremy being as devious and murderous, possibly even more so, than ryan
  • in the biker gtav let’s plays where jeremy is sloshed by the two minute mark
    • when he wakes up on the toilet and geoff is just like. standing there
  • jeremy “DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM” dooley
  • jokes about jeremy’s old fanfiction
  • jeremy being able to keep up the energy, somehow
  • jeremy in general, honestly
  • ghost ray/dead ray
  • when everyone talks over each other/has their own conversations at the same time and its just an incoherent mess, although apparently to them its not
  • geoff getting mad about rvb references
  • ryans inherent ability to understand what gavin is talking about or indulge in his weird questions/what ifs
  • when gavin doesnt even understand what hes trying to say
  • when someone else flubs and no one makes a big deal out of it, but ryan does because hes the only one they do it to and hes pissed about it
  • ryan being genuinely pissed (mingey)
  • when they make jokes or references about a video that hasnt even come out yet
  • when someone dies and they make a noise like the died in real life
    • when michael does this and goes all out (coughing, gurgling, “go on without me”)
      • when he doesnt actually die for awhile and he has to drag it out
    • ryan’s go-to noise for this (AGH-GHG!)
  • michael’s acting/roleplaying/improv skills
  • when someone comes up with a random off-the-cuff rule, scenario, whatever and everyone just immediately goes along with it
    • when everyone except one person does this and theyre like “what the fuck are you doing”
  • when someone in the video is responsible for a let’s play they all hate
    • when said person mentions off-hand how they couldve made it much worse
    • this usually being matt
  • matt fucking with people in general
  • mica teaming up with lindsay
  • when mica is really good at a game
  • when GEOFF is really good at a game
  • mica just being the sweetest person in the world
    • unless shes playing a game
    • then youre fucked
    • seriously it gets NASTY
  • when mica dies and ends up outside of whatever theyre doing and just sorta wanders around having a grand old time
  • mica’s costumes/cosplay
  • the fact that this list is really really long, and theres probably things that should be added to it

Junghope in Memories of 2015 // for @hopekookofficial