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I haven’t and won’t be able to post any art for a long while so I dug up some art I did for a deviantart meme like 6-8 months ago  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

AfterBuzz Interview Quote:

Interviewer 1: Lance had a good little bit in the last episode of this season that I thought was very poignant.

Jeremy: Yea, his little pep  talk with Allura? He definitely has those tender moments, especially. I think Lance is also really good at, like, he knows when someone needs to step up and take that, and there’s not someone else there to do that. He’s just, he ends up being a really good team player.

Interviewer 2: And it is interesting for a character like Lance who, as we previously discussed, he’s very comfortable being in the spotlight. He likes being the center of attention.

Jeremy: Yes! He loves it, yea.

Interviewer 2: So for him to be able to kind of step back and be like, “No, you can do this, I believe in you!” That’s a good quality.

Jeremy: Yea and at this point—like you guys were saying earlier—they’ve definitely grown as a team. They’re like a family now. So it’s also that respect and that care and that love for each person on the team. And so yea, he is confident being like, “I know you can do this. Nobody else can right now, it’s all you. Get it!” As opposed to being like, “Oh wait, I think I can do something!” He doesn’t need to do that.

Lauren: And you know, Lance started in the Blue Lion, which is a support lion. It holds Voltron up. And he’s since graduated to the right hand, which is like the ultimate support to the head. And I think it’s kind of an indication of what’s beneath that surface. That guy who loves to be in the spotlight, but really, he’s really good at knowing everyone else’s strengths and being that team player.

Joaquim: I think, looking deeper though, he’s got—He comes from a big family, right?

Jeremy: He does.

Joaquim: So I think within his family dynamic he’s very much maybe that guy. I think to people outside, he wants to be front and center.

Lauren: He wants the attention.

Jeremy: He wants to show some uniquity, because there is that big family and stuff, so it’s like he kinda wants to be a little more front and center.

Jeremy, Lauren, and Joaquim discuss Lance’s role in the team

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I know I shouldn't be mad Willie gets brought up early but I am. It took away from the emotions Jamie should've had when seeing the pics of Bree. The moment he brought up Willie and showed him to Claire and all that made it seem like Willie is way more important to him then Bree ever was or will be. Matt messed up to me by doing that in this ep. Also why do so early. Also major change. What will LJG do now in ep 12.

anonymous asked: I kind of love that they had jamie tell Claire about willie.  One, because he should be the one to tell her.  And two, because I know it prob pissed Diana off.  Hence the reason she’s been so mouthy.  She hates when they change things she doesn’t agree with.

I really, really liked how Jamie chose to tell Claire about Willie in that scene.

Seeing the photographs of Brianna as a baby…he *has* to be thinking of the first time he saw his newborn son.

He tells her the truth. He does not flinch when she asks him questions - very personal questions - about Willie, his mother, how he came to be.

Jamie is giving Claire an out. He is telling her, this is what I did when you were gone. I do not want this secret between us.

Keep in mind that he is literally reeling from the shock of seeing her. And likely, the shock of knowing he has a daughter.

It’s so much for him to process. So he shares what he *can* process.

And therefore, this fundamentally changes the dynamics of the scene - or at least, how the scene plays out in Voyager. It’s now a very different scene.

Made even more different by how Jamie brings up Faith - and asks Claire what had happened with Frank. And I really, *really* like what they talked about, and how they talked about it.

Let’s also not forget the beautiful callback, right before Jamie and Claire finally fall asleep. He is able to rest easy because he knows Brianna lives, and thrives, and is safe. He doesn’t just bring that up - he’s clearly been thinking about it. He’s continuing the conversation that was interrupted earlier.

All in all, I’m very happy with the change. It will make everything more complicated further down the road.

Trick or Treat (Part One)

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A/N: Wow I’m really hoping I finish this small series up before halloween!! I really hope you guys like this bc it’s really short but it kinda is just background for the rest of the story soo… Shoutout to the ever so lovely @dej-okay for reading through this for me today!! I love you!! 

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Word Count: 741 (yikes it’s so short! I promise the following parts will be longer!)


Music was playing through the radio in the small kitchen yet again as Peter was trying to make some kind of Halloween cupcakes May had shown him from Pinterest and (Y/N) was sitting on the counter closeby.

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I’ve been thinking of Sofia as a child lately, and have so many ideas what it was like but I can’t really draw all of it. So I just drew her and Mario when they were younger, and I’m kind of studying his character back in season 3 to know him better; I’m liking him more and more , and since him and Sofia were close according to the last episode, He must be a protective brother. <:

I also want Sofia to have this emotional confession; like, a very genuine one, maybe when she’s not 100% manipulative? I’m still hoping for that, ugh. I love their chemistry, and dynamic, and I want something from both of them, even though it might be temporary. We’ll see!

Ok can I just say how much I love and appreciate phil Michael Lester! Hes such kind, sweet and and creative guy wth! Like I just love to hear his voice and laughter, it always brings a smile to my face! And when ever I’m feeling really lonely I can always watch one of his videos and just lay down and listen to what ever wacky thing that has happened to him. It’s like listening to an old friend that you haven’t seen in a while telling you all about the crazy adventures they’ve been on. I’m not really good with words but heck I just really appreciate Phil so much I just need to express this!! <333

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Can I have a desperate love fic with soldier 76? Where's he's not together with his s/o yet but they just got out of a tough situation and he really just wants to be hugged and kissed and confess that he loves them So nothing can get between them again?? I love your stuff!!

I can certainly try, and thank you very much

Another man fell behind him as the flurry of bullets continued on both sides of the field. Kneeling behind a barricade, Jack has already counted four casualties out of fifteen. We need to work fast if the remaining soldiers were to remain alive, he thought.

You stood behind a wall that almost didn’t hide you, as most of the wall was collapsed. Gun at the ready, Jack could see you taking a deep breath, tucking your hair that had fallen from your cap back over your shoulder before quickly leaning out to take aim and fire. When more shots sounded, you were quick behind your small cover once more.

Staring at you, Jack could easily remember why he had fallen for you. Not only were you great with guns, but you were a real spitfire who had a lot of talent. Recklessness and bravery seemed to entwine as one for you, and Jack begrudgingly could admit he admired both. Especially since it usually won you your battles.

Despite this, you were a woman of passion and had a kind heart to match your fiery soul. A soul that burned with more drive then Jack had ever seen in anyone. Oh yes, Jack knew why he had fallen desperately in love with you.

And he knew right now that he’d be damned if you or the rest of the team died.

Eyes meeting yours, you saw him press the button on his visor and cock his weapon. Immediately you yelled for him. “Commander, you can’t or you’ll-” you were cut off by another round of shots your way.

Still down behind his cover, Jack shook his head at you. “I have to. There’s too many of them, and I can’t allow anyone else to die. I can’t let you die,” Jack yelled, voice just barely heard over the roar of the fight around them. 

Glaring furiously at him, you felt the tears prick your eyes. “You stupid man! What about me? What about what I want?” you yelled back at him. 

The barest smile touched his lips. “I’m doing this for you, y/n. I’m in love with you. Just in case I die, I just want you to know that,” Jack called back, before standing up as the fire from the other side seemed to pause. They must be reloading, Jack thought.

Your heart pounded wildly in your chest as you stared at him, his words running through your mind again and again. “Jack-” You started but you didn’t get to finish.

“I’ve got you in my sights,” Jack hissed, just as a new flurry of fire came his way. A scream ripped from your throat as blood spattered first in is shoulder, and then his knee. 

Still standing, Jack walked toward the opposing forces, his gun blasting off quick shots. Looking out, enemy after enemy fell in quick succession. But that didn’t stop the bullets that the enemy team got off. You covered your mouth, staring at the blood in horror that welled from his leg. His shoulder. His stomach and chest..

How was the man still standing?

Jack didn’t stop until the last man had fallen dead to the ground. For a minute or two, all was quiet as your Commander stood there, gaze on the enemy side, waiting for anyone else to possibly get up and take fire.

At last, he managed to clear his throat and just managed to call ‘Clear’ before slumping to the ground. The pain in his body was agonizing, but within seconds you had scrambled over to him and fallen to your knees.

“Jack!” you said frantically, unsure which wound to put pressure on. “Someone help me, damn it!” you yelled, looking up as your team started toward you quickly.

Looking back down, his visor turned off and you could see his eyes, slowly blinking. “You stay with me, Jack, do you understand me? We still have to talk-We have to talk about what you said! God, don’t you dare die-” you didn’t even realize you were yelling as tears slid down your cheeks.

All you knew was that Jack was dying and you didn’t know how to stop it, or to rewind time and go back to all those moments where the two of you had nearly confessed your love for each other. All those days that you could have admitted your feelings and been with a man who returned your affection…

It didn’t matter right now, though, as Jack started to fade out. The pain was starting to numb, and the voices around him become hazy, inaudible, as if far off. Eyes sliding shut, Jack fell into the dark abyss that awaited him.


You sat there at his bedside for a full week and a half in the hospital as Jack underwent multiple surgeries to get rid of the bullets and repair any damage within his body. While Mercy was an amazing doctor, a lot of the damage was just too much without going in and making sure it was done right.

So here you’d sat and waited, holding his hand as he lay strapped up to a machine. He’d needed an oxygen tank to keep him breathing. The doctors, including Mercy, hadn’t thought he was going to make it through the first night in the hospital.

But your Jack is a fighter, you’d thought. He won’t let something like stupid medical statistics stop him from getting his job done.

Head on your arm, you opened your eyes when you thought you felt him move a bit. It took a moment, but you felt the barest squeeze of his fingers around yours on the bed. His eyes remained close but you were positive he was trying to wake up.

“Jack?” you said gently, reaching over to brush your fingers across the hard lines of his jaw. A light sprinkle of stubble covered his cheeks and chin, but you didn’t mind as long as he was still breathing..

Eyelashes fluttered, before they slowly opened. For a moment Jack seemed to blink, and you wondered if the lights were too harsh on his eyes. But then his eyes found you.

Lips tugging into a smile, you let out a soft noise that was between a laugh and a sob. “Oh my god, Jack.. I’m so..I’m so happy your alive. I’ve been so worried…,” you whispered, unable to stop the tears but you continued to smile, because god damn it he was alive and awake and it would be okay.

Jack’s fingers squeezed yours gently, before his other hand slowly came up to pull off his oxygen mask. “Your okay,” Jack croaked, his throat dry and unused for days. You looked okay, albeit exhausted.

Nodding, you lifted your entwined hands and pressed soft kisses against his knuckles, causing him to breath in sharply. “I am because of you, Jack, you stupid man,” you whispered, watching him with soft eyes.

After a moment you stood and leaned over, pressing the softest of kisses to his lips, your free hand coming up to stroke his stubbly cheek. It was sweet and tender, and Jack had never felt anything so wonderful in his life, nothing that made his heart pound like it did now.

“I want you to know I love you too, Jack,” you whispered, resting your forehead against his, your hair a soft curtain around both of your faces. “ I love you so much, and I’m telling you this because I don’t think you could get rid of me now even if you wanted to.”

The two of you chuckled slightly, but you were surprised by the tears that filled his eyes. “Oh, Jack, don’t cry…” you whispered, wiping at his tears.

This time it was Jack’s hand that caught yours, and he held the palm of your hand to his lips as his eyes closed. “I thought you wouldn’t love me back,” Jack whispers in a rough, scratchy voice. “I thought you couldn’t love me back, and so I said it knowing that at least if I died, it wouldn’t matter if you didn’t return my affections.”

“But I’m alive. I’m alive and the first thought that came to my head when I woke wasn’t that I was happy to be alive.. it was the fear of knowing you might not return my affections that really…really had me afraid,” Jack whispered, and looked up at you with such honest, open eyes that it broke your heart a thousand times over.

Gently, you hugged Jack and held desperately to him, your head tucked under his chin. “I love you Jack. And I’ll admit it right now that I have loved you for a long time. You don’t have to be afraid of me not being there,” you say gently. “Because I was always yours to begin with.”

Clutching each other, the two of you laid there in perfect bliss, refusing to let go of each other. Jack was thankful for you, your love and everything that had been turned upside down in his life because of you.

And you were thankful to have someone who loved you so much that he would literally face an army just to hold you in his arms.

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What are your favorite things about isak? I know you love him a lot! I love hearing your words ❤️

i love your questions, lovely! ❤️  my favourite thing about isak, hmm.

what i appreciate the most about isak is that he’s a very good advice follower/is willing to educate himself/willing to listen; as a result he’s become such a wonderful and kind person. 

he has troubles sleeping? why not talk to people you trust to get some of those thoughts out of your head? ah yes! i will! 

i don’t really understand religion? why would people still believe? could you just accept that people think/believe differently? it’s about respect! oh, okay! that was a stupid question, i realise. and thank you for being such a wonderful human willing to educate me: you’re one of my best buds!

my mother is deeply religious and i’m afraid she’ll not accept my dating a guy bc of it. religion is not an excuse to be homophobic - they’re just scared and ignorant. okay! i’m gonna message my mum, maybe i can help her accept it eventually.

the boy i’m falling very deeply for turns out to have a mental illness, and my mother has had mental health issues for ages. did they ever love me? what about asking him (/them) about their feelings? they’re not braindead! reach out to them when they’re feeling a little better! they’ll love you for it. yes! yes i will! i will message him and will go to the church to see her again.

i make a lot of stupid mistakes all the damn time; it’s so very hard sometimes. just take it minute by minute - life is only now, don’t think too much about all the things that could happen. make amends and live now. that’s what i’m gonna do: i’m gonna apologise to a good friend for what i did a year ago and i’m gonna be there for my boyfriend when he needs some reminding that he’s loved and not alone and that he should take it step by step if he needs to. 

i want to know why you didn’t tell me that you knew my boyfriend longer than you said you knew him. i didn’t want you to pry. he’s got the right to privacy, even from his boyfriend. he’s the only one who should take the decision to tell you or not. oh. yes. i didn’t realise that but wow, that’s so very true and very kind of you! 

this sweet sweet person was always bubbling underneath isak’s exterior, it just took some time to get out. he’s a compassionate character, who has a lot of empathic ability now: he understands where sana came from in s4 and he didn’t vilify her for it and even took the fall for a while bc he wanted to protect sana and help her. and he’s willing to make very mature decisions and stand by them. 

he’s enormously devoted to those he loves: he listens to them and their advice because he values their opinions and thoughts and he supports them in times of need, whether that’s in times of boyfriend troubles, mental health issues, or friendship troubles. he’s not perfect, but he’s willing to try and learn.

and that’s why i love him.

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Turn offs and Turn one for the Nordics please! If you haven't done it already,

We haven’t done it yet! So I will happily answer this one for ya!~Admin Sarah

Turn On’s
: Intelligence, quiet, loves to read, loves to play chess, knowledge of Games like D&D
Turn Off’s: When people say “play” games, but they really have no clue what they’re about, people who are loud, arrogance, a social butterfly.

Turn On’s
: A good sense of humor, cuddly people (only in bed), respect him and his private space.
Turn Off’s: Obnoxious people, people who force him to social events, social butterflies, people who are loud. PDA.

Turn On’
s: A kind heart, imprecation of sweets, dog lovers, similar music interests
Turn Off’s: When people pretend to know a band..and they don’t…rude people, people who scream alone. Loners.

Turn On’s
: Quiet, handy, intelligent. When they wear his shirts around the house, a good sense of humor (Berwald actually has a great sense of humor, he’s just quiet), taller (Doesn’t like to look down on people)
Turn Off”s: Pushy people, someone who always talks, lazy, someone who is reckless.

Turn On’s
: Nice smile, good sense of humor, love of legos, likes beer, short. (For arm rest purposes) likes dogs.
Turn Off’s: Buzzkill, boring, hates childish behavior/fun, angry people. 

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Hey hey hey!! I was just thinking and wondering, how’s Tendou doing??? Is he doing well?? ❤️

HEY!! AWWW that’s so sweet of you to think of him!! He’s doing great, I think he really loves his home! He’s kind of a dumb and misses his food if it’s not put right near him so I have to sit and feed him for a while to make sure he gets enough but he’s a good boy who follows your finger and sometimes wants to fight u cause he puffs up to look all big what a LOSER i love him. 💖💖

Theo Raeken

Word count: 967

Warnings: a few swear words 

Requested by @negative-love


Prompt list 

Hey, i would like to request prompts 1 and 6 with Theo if that’s okay :) 

1: what’s that mark on your arm ?

2: I don’t really think before i act, it’s kind of part of my charm

Why on earth did you have to choose someone like Theo Raeken, couldn’t you have picked someone who wasn’t a supernatural and didn’t constantly have someone who wanted him or the pack dead. Maybe if you’d went against my heart and picked someone normal then you probably wouldn’t be in the situation that you’re in right now, tied to a chair, dirty and cold from the blood you were covered in after fighting against the people who took you, blindfolded and with your mouth taped shut in a dark basement somewhere in the middle of god knows where.

You kept your head hung low whilst waiting for someone to enter the room, i could hear voices outside of the room i was in, the voices started getting louder as if they were about to come into the room but before they entered the room there was a loud roar, all you could think was ‘please god let that be Theo’. After hearing shuffling around and grunts and groans for a few minutes the big metal door screeched open.

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i think what’s kind of like, something that went right over my head is that rip hunter is like… a divisive character? like he’s space time mr darcy. but like he is that degree of like, that english where no he really doesn’t show a lot of emotion and yeah he expresses his love by telling you your family is poor and embarrassing like right now i’d say he’s like, post-letter mr darcy, but not end of book mr darcy. i really find him the most harmless trans space pirate but i guess i can kind of see why he’s hard to get into? but then again he and kendra were like, the second most underrated relationship of s1 so maaaybe i’m biased

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Hello! Just as a question, what is your opinion of chaol ? I really like his character but I hated how he used nesryn as a replacement all the time. I'm just curious about your opinion. Also you seem like a really nice person (sorry if that's creepy)

Hi Nonnie! Thanks! And not creepy!

And I’m gonna keep this short and sweet and probably leave a lot out. But here goes!

I’m a Chaol fan. I find him to be one of the most relatable characters in the series and a kind of stand in for Team Human. He embodies the nuance of the real world and how you can meet and love and befriend people even if they have these CRAZY ASS BACKWARD opinions you do not agree with. His character development has also been fantastic and I’ve always ALWAYS loved his loyalty and deep affection and love for Dorian and his country. Even when that loyalty was misplaced. He was always a good guy, he just needed to learn where (and to whom) his real loyalties lay.

And I don’t see him as having Used™ Nesryn. For me, and my own unique life experience, that’s a stretch. Nesryn was always aware of what they were and she was never invested in him in such a way that ever once to me suggested that she was unaware of what was happening between them. It was sex and friendship. She knew that the whole time and she was down. Chaol on the overhand had issues with keeping promises and wanting to be this ideal Captain of the Guard/Loyal Knight kinda dude. So when we got his POV he really thought he was being an asshole and using her because HE, himself, couldn’t see around his own issues. Nesryn never did that. She was never sitting around worried that Chaol wasn’t gonna keep his promises to her or break her heart or any of that because she, unlike Chaol, FULLY grasped what they were to one another. She was kinda the stereotypical “dude” in their relationship, and I fuckin loved it. She reminded me of me honestly. She’s just not into relationship drama or emotional labor.

So while Chaol may have felt like he used her, I never once got that from Nesryn. So that’s where I’m at! Hope this helps!


wings vibe ~ ☁️✨💖💫💎⭐️

tagged by @jaxslauj for the bias selfie tag. i decided to go with taetae this time cause i just wanna remind everyone i love him ~ (these were gonna be for army selca day but ya know. its fine)

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since you said you like asks do you have any headcanons about tweek and craig's first kiss and/or first 'I love you'

I’ve kind of talked about this in the past, but I’ve never really elaborated… 

Tweek and Craig have different backgrounds when it comes to their basic thoughts around relationships. 

Tweek’s used to being showered in affection from his parent’s but their love stops there- they’ll constantly tell him that they love him but the words don’t carry much weight when you compare it to their actions. 

For Craig, knowing that his parents love him is expected, so they rarely say “I love you”… let alone give him much affection. So when he does hear it, it’s a big deal.

I think it started with pet names. Tweek says them absentmindedly while Craig puts a lot of weight on them. I wrote a drabble about this and it’s in my blog somewhere… but anyways that’s the first hurdle for Craig. Even using pet names with Tweek is like a love confession, and then RIGHT after he calls Tweek “Honey” for the first time Tweek’s like, “I love you, Craig.” and Craig’s like OH SHIT!

For their first kiss, at least in my headcanon/au space (whatever you want to call it), I think it’s at the little wedding they have at the park in the 5th grade. Because of course they’d wait until marriage to kiss, they’re not idiots… jesus… every fifth grader knows that… 

I believe that overall, Tweek and Craig are VERY private when it comes to their relationship. This is a combination of Craig’s personality in general, the fact that Richard Tweak exploits his son’s relationship for personal profit (Thomas does too to an extent), and the fact that the whole town “ships” them. If someone drew NSFW art of me and my significant other… you bet your ass I’d be lockin that shit up! 

Yikes! I’m ranting here! Anywho, I think I addressed your question… Tweek’s throwing this stuff out like nothing and Craig’s climbing mountains to keep up w/ him… 

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I love all your kanas but Iago!Kana is my favourite. I just wonder how Corrin and Iago interact even if their married Iago is still kind of well... Iago... Do they kind of get along just for Kana's sake? Sorry if it is a weird ask.

I can’t believe it, I’ve drawn the boy only twice and yet he has a fan. Amazing.

I don’t really know how to answer. This isn’t really a ship I ship and it’s not a pairing I’d really think much about. Not my thing. I drew the Kana cause I got a couple asks but other than that… yeah, not my thing. Sorry about that jahfkjahf

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Why are people even DEMI painting Wilmer as this really SWEET, NICE, KIND, GENUINE and a Caring person/bf in her DOC and that she still wants to get back with him? He Cheated on her and i thought Demi knew that he's cheated on her multiple times.

She said they broke up and decided to stay friends. 1-that’s a fucking lie; she’s still loves him now and if she could she’d be with him but he’s emotionally abusive. I mean why would you end a 6 year relationship to be friends if nothing was wrong?

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Hi there, matchup pls? I'm a straight fem. 5'4 avg build long black hair kinda pale. Introverted and quiet but I'm really giggly and loud when I get close to you. People tell me I'm really kind and upbeat but I don't see it lol?? I struggle w/ depression sometimes but usually I'm in a good mood. I love makeup, art, watching movies and music. I'm emotional and doubt myself a lot but I try and go with the flow. I aspire to become a nurse bc I really want to help those in need. Thanks! ❤

I match you with…


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In his youth Genji rarely looked twice at people who weren’t actively throwing themselves at him. But now he is more observant of the people around him and how they feel. He still struggles with depression as well, constantly doubting who he is as a person nowadays. Sometimes it’s an uphill battle but he knows that with perseverance and faith he can learn to find harmony within himself. When you’re having a bad day he will drop whatever he’s doing to comfort you and just be there for you if that’s what you need.

He knows that sometimes the kindest most upbeat people hide the deepest sorrow so while he loves your sweet personality he’s sure to be ready to catch you if you fall. He still really enjoys thinks like art, music and movies so when the two of you get a chance to hang out it’s a movie with popcorn or dancing to your favorite music. This boy LOVES to dance.

He truly admires your dedication to those who need you even though you yourself struggle sometimes. Your selflessness is a big part of why he fell for you in the first place.

And I’m like…90% sure he has a thing for nurses….and he definitely thinks you look great in scrubs.

Prompt: I’m still in love with the prompt about short s/o likes to wear his clothes and be picked up by them. The same thing again with Selkie, Gunhead, Fourth Kind & Blood King please? *whispers* It’s still me & I’m also in love with these strong yet soft men~            

Requester: Eloquent Anon

Notes: Big men that are actually super adorable is my aesthetic

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○ His heart is full of rainbows - which is probably how he describes it. He thinks those traits in his s/o are absolutely adorable!

○ He’s even stronger than he looks so picking s/o up is super easy for him. He likes to show off by doing it with one arm

○ Really like to have s/o sitting on his shoulders or giving them piggyback rides

○ Lifts them when they least expect it, sometimes does it on purpose to spook his s/o

○ Sometimes asks s/o to lift him or give him piggyback rides as well - he’s kidding though. Mostly.

○ Thinks it’s lowkey hilarious when s/o tries to wear his clothes because they’re so big on them. It’s really cute to see them try to shuffle to the door with his pants all bunched up while they try to keep them on. The fact that his goggles still slip off of their head on their tightest setting is his favourite

○ Thinks s/o looks really cute in his shirts though and lets them steal a fair number as pajama shirts

Originally posted by luna-ly


○ Literally squeals a little when he first sees s/o wearing one of his shirts. It swallows them almost whole and he can’t get over how cute it is

○ Literally the cutest when he gushes about how s/o looks in his clothes like he’s gesturing the whole time and it’s adorable

○ Will get flustered if s/o tries on his hero costume, or something like it. He’ll manage to compliment them, ask what they’re doing too, but he’s bright pink

○ Doesn’t mind picking s/o up at all! He actually likes to lift them and spin them around in a hug when he gets home from work

○ He lowkey thinks it’s adorable when they ask him to pick them up. Almost always indulges them

○ Will carry them bridal style after romantic moments he’s a romantic at heart

○ Also carries them to bed if he’s home. S/o doesn’t have to be asleep first he’ll just carry them because he can

Originally posted by tsukkilatte

Fourth Kind:

○ Loves to throw his strength around so he will pick up s/o all the time.

○ When he learns that they like being picked up as much as he likes lifting them he’s always holding them. Whenever they’re alone together, wherever it is, he’s got them snuggled up in one set of arms

○ When he’s really happy and hugs them with all his arms s/o often gets lifted off the ground

○ Depending on his energy levels somtimes he’ll try to show off by carrying s/o around in one arm

○ Coming home to find s/o asleep, curled up in one of his shirts is the most heartwarming thing for him

○ Doesn’t hesitate to tell s/o how cute they look in his clothes. He’s genuine, even if he sounds a bit harsh (as he always does)

○ Snorts when his s/o tries to figure out which arm holes to use but he thinks that’s cute too


○ If his s/o likes to be picked up he’s happy to indulge. He just likes to make them happy, honestly

○ He soon finds that he likes the closeness too and often teases them by throwing them over his shoulder and carrying them somewhere

○ Mostly really playful when he picks them up - he does it to be fun

○ If s/o will let him he tends to want to carry them if even the slightest thing happens to them. From a twisted ankle to stepping on a rock, he has an impulse to lift them up to make sure they don’t strain themselves

○ He never fully realizes how much he likes seeing s/o in his clothes until he sees them in his clothes. He’s almost speechless

○ He feels like the luckiest man on earth when he sees s/o wearing just about anything of his. They look 10x as beautiful and they’re all his - he can hardly believe it

○ Will actually give them his clothes if they want them, and nothing of his is really out of the question. He’s happy to share with his adorable s/o if it makes them happy. Can’t even bring himself to take clothes he wants if s/o is wearing them