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Dunkirk Review

 I’m  going to put all of this under a cut just cause I know people are picky and some don’t really want to read much about it and I don’t really know what counts as a spoiler. (I’m not going to intentionally post any spoilers so don’t worry.) This is just like, my overall feelings on the film.

So if you don’t wanna know how I feel, just keep on scrollin’ friends.  Otherwise, read on!

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Did You Just?  [ P.P ]

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Hi guys! I’m really sorry that I’ve not been able to post for so long buut finally here’s something for you! Though, this imagine is shorter than my others.

Also, I would just like to mention that it will be really difficult for me to post very frequently but I will try my best. :)

Request: I adored “Don’t even Bother Denying it,” but now I want to know about that moment when she fell off his study desk! I mean, did he catch her? Was it awkward and adorable? I NEED ANSWERS (Does this count as an imagine request?)

Word Count: 559

Warnings: Mild language

You let out a frustrated groan, your head falling to your arms which rest crossed on your best friends study desk. Algebra was a subject that you hated more than any other and you would gladly admit that you were lucky to have Peter Parker as your second half; because of his genius level intellect when it came to this certain subject. Most students envied the fact that you’ve got such easy access to the probable best help that anyone could get at Midtown when it comes to math and you knew that.

Peter had always been humble about his smarts and he never showed it off but at this moment he sat on the carpeted floor of his bedroom, laughing his butt off at your struggle with a subject that has always been unbelievably easy for him. It wasn’t that he was laughing at you for being bad at it–no, he was laughing at the attitude you held at it.

“You know, Parker,” You mumble, your face smushed into the fabric of Peter’s jersey that covered your arms and torso. “You could at least try not to be such an ass about this.”

“I’m not trying to,” He laughs. It’s a melodious sound that you just couldn’t get enough of. “I’m sorry.”

“No you’re not.” You mumble,criss-crossing your legs. You sit atop of Peter’s study desk, his papers and your own papers sprawled across the wooden surface that surrounds you. Peter nods, smiling at you cheekily. Rolling your eyes, you lean over and lightly punch his shoulder. It did nothing to waver him.

“Focus, Y/N,” Peter says, placing the tip of his pen on the page of the textbook you were working with. “You’re not going to learn anything if you don’t pay attention to the task.”

“Actually, Peter, I’ve had enough of this.” You groan. Peter raises an eyebrow at you. The two of you had literally started ten minutes ago.

“No–no!” Peter blurts. To him, his scores on his tests were one of the most important things for him at the moment. He doesn’t know about you, but he knows that if you fail classes then your parents won’t let you spend time with him the way that you currently do. “You’re parents already think I’m a distraction, what would they think if I let you fail?”

“I won’t fail, Peter.”

“Yes you–”



You stare at Peter, your eyes wide and your mouth slightly agape. He mirrors your expression his eyebrows raised so high they could probably form a roof over his head.

Peter Parker has never been one for sappy romances. Especially the ‘I fell in love with my best friend since childhood’ type. It was just too cheesy. But his realisation hits him like bricks, making him feel stupider than ever. He’s fallen in love with his best friend. He’s fallen in love with you. It’s not like he didn’t see it coming it’s just that he had been pushing whatever small feelings he had felt for you straight to the back of his mind, hoping they would wither away over time.

But of all the times that he could have realised his love for you, why now?

He decides to break the silence.

“Did you just–did you just–”


“You just fell off of my table, you bloody idiot.”

Dating Dilemma (Fred Weasley)

A/N: Thought I would post some Fred Fluff because let’s face it, his just adorable!

Pairings: Fred Weasley x Reader

Word count approx: 1151 words

Warnings: FLUFF, shouting?

Summary: all you want is for Fred to ask you to the Yule ball but when he doesn’t, things take an interesting turn.


The Yule ball was only two weeks away and I couldn’t have been more excited. I had everything already planned out, the dress, shoes and Angelina had even promised to fix my hair for me. The only problem however? They boy I really wanted to go with hadn’t asked me yet…
Fred Weasley.

We had been seeing each other secretly for about three weeks - I still wasn’t sure why it was secret - and don’t get me wrong it was amazing; I had a crush on Fred for years before hand but we hadn’t quite crossed that line of “officially” dating. There was nothing else I wanted except hearing the word girlfriend out of his perfectly plump lips. Sigh.

Currently we were walking down to breakfast, standing close together but not touching; oh god I just wanted to reach out and grab his hand but of course George was also walking with us.
“Hmm?” He answered
“Can..can I talk to you for a minute?” I was nervously pulling on the sleeve of my robes. He looked over with a confused expression before nodding his head; leading me away from the hall and into the court yard.
“What’s up y/n?”
We sat down on the stone benches, my heart thumping widely against my rib cage.
“Well…I just want to know where we stand…”
“Stand?” He raised his eyebrows, a small smile tugging on his lips.
“Yes Fred…do…do you want to be with me?”
“Not this again!” He groaned, “why do you have to label it to be happy? Can’t you just appreciate spending time with me?”
“No!” I huffed, “there’s no commitment Fred! What’s to stop you waking up one morning and having secret little meetings with someone else? If you want to be with me you have to be all the way in”
“Do you honestly think I’m that kind of person y/n?” He hissed, his smile now replaced with an irritated frown.
“I don’t know what to think…you seem perfectly content running around behind everyone’s backs and snogging me…but you won’t even call me your girlfriend!”
“I don’t need a label to be happy” he stated.
I felt slightly deflated after he finished speaking, I couldn’t meet Fred’s eyes but I knew they would be glaring at me venomously, his eyes a darker shade of brown.
Without another word he stood up and walked away; I sat on the stone bench alone with a heavy feeling in my chest.


I hadn’t managed to see Fred all day; he didn’t come down at lunch time and missed the one class we had together. I was getting more and more frustrated as the day went on.
Walking into the hall for dinner I noticed once again the absence of both Fred and George; fine if he wanted to ignore me that badly then two could play that game!
“Are you alright?” Angelina asked cautiously as I slumped into my seat. “I’m guessing you spoke to Fred?”
Angelina was the only person I had told about us, when I was more excited about dating him. She looked at me sadly while rubbing my shoulder blades.
“Why won’t he just say it? That’s all I want Ange”
“His a boy y/n and probably far to used to that bachelor reputation he had”
“Yeah well he can’t have it both ways” I sighed. Before Ange could reply there was a tap on my shoulder; I turned around to see a flushed faced Hufflepuff, his floppy brown hair partially covering his face. I think his name was Josh?
“Uh hi” I muttered
“Hey y/n just wanted to know if you were going to the ball with anyone?”
“No” I huffed dejected, looking back down at my hands
“Oh! Well do..you wanna go…with me?” He asked timidly.
I looked up at his hopeful expression; blue eyes wide and sparkling. He was cute there was no denying it and if Fred wasn’t going to ask me then there was no point in waiting around for him.
“I would love to”
I felt Angelina kick me under the table as Josh walked away; looking around I saw Fred standing there, anger clearly written across his features. I gulped.
“Y/n…maybe that wasn’t the best decision” Ange whispered, her eyes were just as wide as mine.
“Well it’s his problem” I whispered back urgently.
Fred clenched his fists by his side, storming towards where I was sitting.
He lifted me off the seat with ease, keeping a vice grip on my wrist as he lead us back out of the hall; the whole of Gryffindor table staring at us.

We made it about three corridors away when he finally rounded on me, his face about as red as his hair.
“What the bloody hell was that!?” He shouted, I took a step back.
“You wouldn’t ask me!”
“Well I thought it would have been obvious that we were going together!”
“You can’t just assume everything Fred! I wanted you to ask!”
“Bloody hell…is this you getting back at me for not committing?”
I pursed my lips and looked away, okay maybe that was the exact reason I had said yes. Fred seemed to gage my reaction as a yes; he ran his hands over his face and groaned loudly.
“Fine you want commitment? I’ll show you commitment!”
He stalked off back towards the great hall, his shoulders tense. Gulping nervously I followed him, not exactly sure what he was about to do but scared none the less.

Some of the students turned to look at us as we walked through the doors but Fred paid it no attention. He lifted himself to stand on the end of the Gryffindor bench, grabbing the attention of almost everyone.
I tried to pull him away by his hand, but he wouldn’t budge. My face turned Crimson as he began to speak.
He pointed his finger threateningly towards Josh, whose mouth was gaping open at the confession. I buried my face into my hands as everyone stared at us; but I couldn’t help the small smile that I had from his deceleration.
Fred hoped off of the bench and pulled me flush against his body, kissing me harshly, hands tangled into my hair.
The Gryffindor table behind us clapped loudly, some cheering. I smiled into the kiss.
“Those were certainly strong words Fred Weasley are you sure you can keep them?” I teased as we broke away. He smirked down at me with a cocked eyebrow
“Definitely…no one else is ever having you”
I placed my hands on either side of his face, pulling his lips towards me once again. I couldn’t have been happier.

McHanzo Week 2016, Day 2 - Domestic Life
I wanted to draw them painting each other the walls in their new house (does this count?)¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Tbh I don’t really like how it turned out but I still want to post something every day of The Week™, so here it goes, I guess

anonymous asked:

Hey sorry to bother you but I just wanted to say I hope you don't delete. I really love your writing and it'd be a real shame if you stopped... I'm sorry you're getting so much hate btw that's awful but I can't even count the number of times I got a notification saying that you posted and my entire face lit up so thank you for that! Hope things work out!

After reading everything you guys are saying I don’t think I can delete. In a good way, like I might have regretted getting rid of this. It’s just I wish whoever was doing this wouldn’t be nearly as…vehement in their hate for me

For my 20,000 post, I just wanted to quickly thank everyone who follows me. I started out on this blog in 2015. I was 16, I used the first url I could think of, I had never even seen a drag queen in person and I was definitely the most annoying kid in this fanbase. But people kept following me? You saw me through my Max phase, my Violet phase, my REALLY INTENSE Trixie phase. We counted down how many days Kim Chi was missing during the filming of her season. You all saw me get jealous when people went to Drag Con. So thank you everyone. Even if we don’t talk, you all mean a lot to me.

Love, Lexci!

lostindaydreams-gemz  asked:

Hey, I really like your blog and your posts and I was wondering if you could give a shout out/signal boost one of my posts. It's 10000% okay if you can't or aren't comfortable doing so just thought I would ask as I kinda, really need help. Thank you for reading my message ❤❤❤

I would hate myself (even more, ha) if I didn’t say anything man — ofc I’ll post !! I will warn you that my acc is kind of small (ik it has 1.5k followers, but a lot of them are ghosties) but everything counts, right? And I’m assuming it’s this post you want to give more attention? Anyways, followers, pls look at this!!

“All women deserve lesbianism :)”

Translation: I view lesbianism as a special treat being kept away from me because I don’t actually think homophobia is real :) heterosexual women are the real victims because they are stuck loving men, there are absolutely no societal benefits bestowed on heterosexual women :) I don’t believe that as a straight woman I have straight privilege and I’m going to ignore all the homophobia straight women are guilty of :) I’m going to ignore the statistics about violence, abuse, rape, and institutional discrimination against lesbians in order to act like lesbians are lucky to be born gay :) I think lesbians are just being really mean to me by preventing me from escaping men, because there is absolutely no way I could choose not to have relationships with men and to focus my life around women without calling myself a lesbian :) I don’t actually see lesbianism as a real sexual orientation, just as a sexless extra special friendship :) I think lesbians are being misogynists when they call me out on my blatant lesbophobia because even though I appropriate their identity, I think real lesbians who are actually attracted to women aren’t real women, but are basically men and gross sexual predators :) that’s why my lesbophobia doesn’t count as me being misogynistic towards lesbians, because lesbians don’t count as women :) I just don’t understand why lesbians say they don’t want to be around me????? it is a mystery

anonymous asked:

I went over to my guy friend house at midnight bc we wanted to drink and then we were really drunk so I ended up getting on top of him and he ripped off my clothes and he fucked me on his bed, the floor, and his roommates bed. We fucked so many times that night that I even lost count. It was so amazing I kept moaning and screaming "daddy fuck me harder" I didn't go home that night and he woke me up with some mind blowing sex and I just kept sucking his dick over and over again😍 while ate me out


requested by anonymous

summary: Calum and I had been friends for a long time, what harm could pretending to date bring, right? Wreaking havoc with my best friend.

note: this is quite long and might be one of the best things I’ve written in a long time, I love this

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Ice Cream Cures Everything

I wrote this because of the stupid prompt I posted yesterday. It was just so cute and ugh Haikyuu!! is killing me. Ah, I still don’t know whether or not I want this on here…I’ve never posted any of my writing before o.o but I really like this one so I’ll post it and maybe delete it later. The title is bad and doesn’t even match the story (maybe it kinda does??) Plus, this turned out a lot longer than I’d intended…anyways! Enjoy? ^.^ 

Characters/Pairings: Hinata Shouyo/Kageyama Tobio, the rest of Karasuno volleyball club and a dickhead Tsukishima

Word count: 2,067

Summary: Hinata only wants to be taller. 

Height has always been an issue for Hinata. Ever since the first grade, his classmates would tease him for his small size. Whenever his teacher asked him to erase the board, he always struggled to reach that top corner and as he bit his lower lip and strained his leg muscles to stretch as high as possible, his classmates would snicker behind him. He’d go back to his seat, flustered and humiliated.

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vivi doing the thing

because I’m happy with the amount of you that are here I decided I would do a giveaway thing for you all. like tbh I didn’t think I would even have this many followers or the number of interactions with my character and I just love you all so you get nice pretty things.

those boring rules

             ✦ You have to be following me. It’s only right I think.
             ✦ Don’t unfollow me once it’s over. That’s just rude.
             ✦ Reblogs only, likes will not count. Reblog all you
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             ✦ RP Blogs only k, like it you’re not once the
               goodies don’t really apply ..
             ✦ This post has to have over 30 notes for me
               to want to give out the things.
             ✦ END DATE IS JUNE 21ST. Why? Because that's 
               when Vivi will be free from making speeches.

             ✦ Winners will be randomly generated. JSYK.

my goodies, my goodies

For First Place; 1 lucky winner will receive:
             ✦ 20 gif icons with an FC of your choice.
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             ✦ Written promo with a banner included which
               will be personally advertised by myself every other
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             ✦ All the things you want with Elaine – AKA Anything
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For Third place; 3 lucky winners will receive:
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               image, group verse image or promo banner.
             ✦ All the things you want with Elaine – AKA Anything
               off your wishlist or plot you want to do with my
               character. No limit cause why would I limit plots.