i really just want this to happen

Awhile back I asked what animals you guys would like to see me draw, and don’t worry, I didn’t forget about that, I’ll get ‘em all eventually!

@lotsandlotsofbirds wanted to see more fish… just kidding, they wanted to see birds of course, which happen to be one of my favorite things too!  The bird I picked today is a wonderful chubby dumb flightless bird called a Kakapo and they are delightful!  They look like they don’t really ever know what’s going on but they’d lie and tell you they did to make you feel better

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It's just so hard to be happy for Harry when Louis has such a shitty team behind him. I see all this stuff happening for Harry and I just want to see it happen for Louis. Does that make me bad?

No it doesn’t make you /bad/… it’s just..

Okay look. Let’s pretend that Louis has the best team he could acquire, who would work tirelessly for him and do everything right for him. Even if he had Harry’s team, even if he had a better team, there is a really good chance that Louis would still not be doing what Harry is doing.

They are not currently acting within the band. They are acting as solo artists, solo artists who may have different goals and different aspirations and may be interested in different aspects of the industry. They may just want different things. it’s not fair to hold that against Harry.

I want Louis to have a team who cares about him, and I want a team that will fight FOR him and fight beside him to get him the best of everything that he can get. I want Louis to be free to explore what he wants to do, and know that he has a professional and effective supporting cast behind him, whatever that means. Whether it’s more songs, an album, writing, mentoring or producing, working with the girlband etc. Whatever he WANTS to do is what I want.

But the fact that he is obviously with a team who is not fighting for him is not, in my opinion, a fair reason to be resentful towards Harry. I’m so happy for Harry and I’m excited and I want to see what happens and how he does and I want to cheer for him and support him. Being frustrated about Louis’ team and being happy for Harry are not mutually exclusive, they can be felt at the same time.

I want Robbie to be good at a Sport

But, knowing Robbie, it has to be a sport that he won’t have to overly exert himself doing. 

Something like bowling. 

Just- imagine the whole town collectively visiting a bowling alley together, and Robbie gets dragged along with them because they don’t want a repeat of what happened when they went to the beach without him that one time

Robbie is all grumbly at first and is being Mr. “I don’t want to play a SPORT, I can’t believe you’re doing this to me-”  

But then Sportacus hands him a ball (a lighter one probably, since Robbie kinda has trouble with the heavier ones) and is like “Please just try a little bit. It’s fun. For me and the kids, please?” 

And they are all just giving Robbie this LOOK like they all REALLY want him to do it and Robbie can’t handle the puppy dog faces so he lets out his over-exaggerated groan and is like “FINE-” 

So he steps up to the lane and he bowls and being the secret genius that Robbie probably is, he calculates how to hit the pins in his head really quickly like, so quickly that he doesn’t even realize he’s doing it 

And he ends up getting a spare or maybe even a strike on his very first try, and Robbie is just SHOCKED that it actually went that well, but everyone’s immediate reaction is to cheer and to praise him. Since Robbie is not used to things he does getting praised like that, he’s really flustered by it and gets kind of bashful about it 

And he keeps bowling and he’s really on a roll because it turns out, Robbie is REALLY GOOD at bowling and is pretty much a natural at it, doing it better than anyone else there- he’s even bowling better than SPORTACUS 

And Sportacus- boy, he is like, SUPER PROUD of Robbie like, you have no idea. 

“You are SO good, Robbie! I am very happy that you are doing a sport! I am so proud of you!” 

Robbie doesn’t even care about the fact that he’s playing a SPORT, he’s just super happy to find something that he’s really good at and getting complimented on it by Sportacus and all the kids feels REALLY good and it’s just- doing wonders to his ego and his self-confidence and he’s actually ENJOYING doing this physical activity and he’s so happy he’s VISIBLY HAPPY

He’s just having the time of his life excelling at something he assumed that he would be bad at, while doing it with people who are actually being nice and treating him like a friend all the while 

At the end of the day, he admits that he LIKES bowling and it’s not just a huge victory to Sportacus hearing him say that, but to EVERYONE

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I was pretty excited for Harry solo music but I'm seeing so many post on my dash who are saying that things are only going to get worse for Louis and Harry because Harry has zero power of decision and that nothing is looking good for them. That things are going to be as shitty as ever regarding Louis and that Harry will have to show himself as distant as possible from the band because Sony just wants solo Harry and to destroy the others and now I want to cry! When will good things happen?

Don’t cry. Those gloom and despair posts are just that, gloom and despair, and I’m kind of sick of them. Especially since what we have right now looks really promising.

@lawyerlarrie just posted explanations of some of the reasons that Harry possibly was required to stay with Columbia and at the top of that list was that they had to match any other offer Harry got. Now, do you think, with his BFF manager Jeff Azoff hanging out with Republic president Charlie Walk that Republic didn’t offer Harry something pretty damn amazing that Columbia had to match?  I mean we already know Apple was offering $25 million for one album and they sure weren’t going to nit pick over his artistic choices!

So not just money, but control, artistic freedom, masters, and so on.

This was NOT a 1D situation where he had to take the crumbs that were offered, he had people backing truckloads of money and options to his door and then Columbia had to say “Yeah, we can do that too!”

So step back, look at what’s happening right now and realize that good things ARE happening and there’s a hopeful feeling in the air that April will be even better!

Harry most certainly got a good deal, and Columbia is not any more evil than anyone else. They are a bunch of humans wanting to make money and win and having a happy Harry Styles contributes to both.

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Hey love. Could you maybe do a quick summary of what's been happening since March 25th? That's the last day I was properly online and rn there's just so much going on.... Thanks so much!

Oh wow, I’ll try, but I’m really bad at remembering what happens when and dates and stuff, but here goes (if anyone wants to add on stuff i’ve forgotten, feel free!) 

Saturday 25th March 

  • Louis played Ultra fest with Steve in Miami to 100,000+ crowd and tweeted about it a lot.
  • Cheryl gave birth and Liam and Cheryl both released statements via IG I think
  • During the UK The Voice there was a ‘teaser’ ad for Harry and his forthcoming music. And news that music will come on the 7th April.
  • Harry also changed his IG icon to a white blank space, and posted three white squares like he did before Another Man. 
  • Gemma blew up at a Larrie on twitter - i think she might have deleted the tweets now? Anyway, it’s the same old stuff we’re used to.

Sunday 26th March

  • I don’t think much happened? Other than lots of media coverage off of the back of Harry’s ad and Liam’s news - you can google and it all comes up. 

Monday 27th March 

  • Liam tweeted about changing nappies.

Tuesday 28th March

  • Harry tweeted to let us know that he now has a website. 
  • He also updated his twitter header pic (as did Louis) - both of which feature blue and green. 
  • We also found out that Harry would be on SNL on 15th April, and possibly playing two songs as that is tradition. 
  • The Daily Mail ran a piece trashing the pap involved in the scuffle with Louis including how he has gone after other celebs in the same way and that he also “harassed” his ex. It’s worth noting as Louis is poss supposed to have a hearing soon.

Wednesday 29th March

  • Articles saying Harry’s single will be 5mins long and the album will come soon after. 

There’s probably a lot more, but that’s the best I’ve got at the mo - hope that helps. 

If anyone wants to add on things I’ve missed, go ahead! 

Welcome Back (Seth x Reader)

Request: When Seth comes back to RAW from his injury.

A/N: Actors real name is Colby so I switch between both names.

Looking around the stadium, you never truly realized how much you miss this place when you were gone. Only being an announcer backstage you took time off when Seth got injured, not really wanting him to go through it alone. You knew for sure the second time around was going to be the hardest and it was. Seth blamed himself every minute for the pain that he was in, it wasn’t anyone fault. Things just happened and you can’t help it. It was all apart of this job.

“You ready?” Colby asked you as you guys made your way into the building.

“I think I should be the one asking you that. You’re the wrestler that got hurt not me” You teased trying to lighten the mood. You knew Colby was nervous about bringing Seth back, he knew that the wrestling world didn’t stop just because someone got injured during a match. Tonight was his little come back, to set him and Triple H up for WrestleMania, it wasn’t much but it was something. Colby wasn’t really supposed to be back until a few days before WrestleMania but the storyline needed to happened so the doctors clear him for this match only. Making sure that this wouldn’t hurt him any further.

“Welcome back Seth” Roman congratulated as he walked up to you two. He was already in his gear as he had the first match of the night.

“Thanks bro, won’t be long now” Colby hollered as he fist bumped Roman finally happy that he was back even if it was only for one night. As you guys made your way through the stadium more and more people were welcoming back Colby, they were all happy that they could finally see Seth Rollins back in action. Colby happiness was clearly on his face he couldn’t hide his smile as everyone spoke to him. It’s been a while but now you were both happy to be back to your guys jobs.

“Hold up babe” Colby said as he let out a heavy breath, closing his eyes. His fist were clenched by his side and you knew from the past few weeks what that meant. He was in pain.

“Are you sure you’re good to go?” You asked as you ran back to him, taking his hands trying to comfort him as the pain subsided.

“I’m fine love, it’s going to happened. Haven’t really been on my feet for awhile” You nodded your head at his replied, he was right the doctor said it was going to be different without the clutches by his side holding most of his weight. “Now’s let go, it’s time to bring back Seth Freakin Rollins” You both laughed. It was nice for once to be laughing and not worrying. Everything was starting to feel normal once again.

“Yeah I think it’s time for me to see my favourite man again” Seth put a pout on his face from your comment and all you do was laugh again. He look so childish

“I don’t know I think I might be by the way you were screaming my name the other night” Seth informed you while putting a smirk across his face. Sticking your tounge out at him like a child you made your way into his dressing room but not before you also gave him the finger.

“You sure about this?” You asked. It was almost time for Seth to make his appearance back on RAW and you were nervous now that you guys were right backstage. All he had to do now was go through the path.

“I’m sure babe. Don’t worry I know what I’m at” Seth told you as he gave you a quick kissed before someone brought him the clutches. You knew and everyone backstage that he didn’t really need them but no one could know yet, not until he was down to the ring. And if on cue his music started. Seth made his way out with the clutches by his side to get ready to fight. You watched on the screen backstage, you knew what was going to happened but you still weren’t fully ready to watch. What if they hurt his knee again? Watching him and Triple H fight made you nervous and proud. Seth was doing what he loved again, but you knew if they hit his knee wrong while in the ring things could go south pretty quickly. You looked away every time he hit Seth knee, you couldn’t take it. When Seth hit the ground you just hoped that this was the act like it was supposed to be and nothing went wrong. Triple H left him in the ring and Mike on the floor, never looking back as he made his way backstage just like he needed too. He smiled as he passed you which you knew it was a sign that everything was good. You continued watching as the refs brought Seth backstage and when he finally away, you ran over to him. You jumped in his arms and kissed him.

“I’m so proud of you” You said with tears in your eyes.

“Thanks babe couldn’t do it without you by by side.” He kissed you once before he pulled away making his way now over to your guy’s friends to celebrate. Seth Freakin Rollins was back and you couldn’t be happier. You knew that he could win WrestleMania in a few weeks. You couldn’t wait to finally see him back fully doing what he loved

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42. "if you don't want to talk about what happened, then say so. dont just lie and say its fine."

[Not really sure where I went with this but???? Have some Archie getting told to get his head outta his ass.]


‘If you don’t want to talk about what happened then just say so.’ Archie sighed as he slung his arm around your shoulder. ‘But Y/N, please don’t lie and say you’re fine.’

'Archie I am fine.’ You sighed exasperatedly, you plastered a smile onto your face and looked up at your very best ginger friend. 'How many times, Ron Weasley, do I have to tell you before you get it in that thick skull of yours - I am not in love with raven-haired angsty teenage friend?’

Playfully you nudged your elbow into his ribs, he stared back at you in disbelief.

'Well-’ he began, 'I’m just saying, hypothetically of course, that if you were upset about Betty and Jughead then it would be okay if you weren’t fine.’

You rolled your eyes at his words, okay maybe you had a little crush on his friend but it was nothing like Archie was making it out to be. Maybe it stung a little bit to walk into the Blue and Gold office to find Jughead tenderly brushing Betty’s cheek. But maybe, maybe Archie was less concerned about your feelings and more concerned about coming to grips with his own.

'Hey Arch,’ you looked up and smiled tenderly at him, 'you know, if hypothetically you were to be a little bit upset about what happened, you could tell me right?’

'What?’ His voice cracked. 'Why would I be upset about it? No I’m happy for them, Jughead deserves to be happy and so - so does Betty.’

'Okay, but I just mean-’ you linked your arm in his, 'Betty told you she liked you only a few weeks ago and now she’s hamming it up with your best friend, you’re confused. But real talk though, you thought she was always going to be there for you to fall back on and now - now she’s moving on.’

'Gee, thanks Y/N.’ Archie muttered bitterly. 'You know hypothetically if I was upset you wouldn’t be making me feel any better.’

'Archie Andrews, you’re my best friend, but you’re also a goddamn idiot and I’m always going to tell you the truth. You had your shot with Betty and you didn’t want it, and now that you can’t have it you want it. She’s not a toy Arch.’

'I know she’s not, Y/N.’ His voice was gruff and filled with frustration. 'I just I don’t know.’

'You want what they have.’ You smiled at him sympathetically. 'Archie, you’re a good guy and one day you’ll find the Hermione to your Ron, but it’s not Betty Cooper.’

'You’re such a dork, Y/N.’ He smiled as ruffled your hair. 'You know you kinda look like Hermione.’ He laughed as walked along the pavement arm in arm.

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i so want the twist to happen but i'm trying to not get my hopes up. what kind of twist would you like to see or think could happen? i just can't think of anything but i really hope we get one though

Hope for the best, but be prepared for the worst, is literally my motto right now, because as much as I’m 100% convinced, that this is happening, there is always gonna be a little voice of doubt, that tells me to keep my expectations very low, so I’m not disappointed.

For me, it’s a Robert breakdown, I want things to pile up, until Robert can’t take it anymore. I want Emmerdale to strip him down, and have Robert, have to rebuild himself with Aaron’s help. 

I want him to just break, because it’s about damn time, Robert has carried so much, for so long, and sleeping with Rebecca, was him beginning to bend, and Aaron finding out about the affair, and lashing out (which would totally be justified, not trying to say it wouldn’t be) but just laying it on, about how he let him down, maybe even a Jack mention, would just break him.  

And I think the character needs that. He needs to break, he needs to know Aaron can step up and be strong, and ground him, and he just needs to let go. Holding everything inside, only ends one way, badly. 

When you cram so much into one space, it’s bound to burst, and Robert is cramming all his emotions into one place, willing himself to be strong, to be everything Aaron needs and wants him to be, to be everything the village, and Vic and Diane and the Dingles want him to be and his drowning. 

He can’t find the surface, but his trying so damn hard. His right there, he can see the light, but he can’t find that final push inside him to break through to the surface and take that gasping breath of fresh air.  

And because of this he needs to break. Break and start again. 

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I really want the touken talk to happen, not just because I ship them. It's also because I feel like kaneki needs someone to confined to someone who knows him so well, it's good for his system.... what do you think? Also do you think kaneki will tell her that he didn't kill arima??

I’ve been talking about that with a friend a lot recently. Kaneki needs someone in whom he can trust, in a personal way. I dare to say that not even with Hide he showed that much confidence considering that he lied to him about his ghoul nature, which is natural but still, you can see that he still keeps a lot inside whether because it’s hard for him to trust in others or because he doesn’t want to bother them with his problems.

I have to point out one scene that I think can give more relevance to the touken talk and their relationship in general.

Yoshimura & Touka.

“if you are able to listen to their heart”

in the bridge she completely exposed Kaneki’s true selfish personality and even if it was harsh, everything she said about him was true. She listened to his heart and understood what he was trying to do, daring to say that she knows him better than he knows himself; the difference is that she couldn’t act in a mature way and maybe tell him those things in a different way, like Yoshimura was trying to teach her. 

But then we must consider that Touka, now, has changed a lot. She learned from Yoshimura and know she knows how to speak with someone in a rational and wise way. Everything she told to Amon was perfect, and you can see that her words had an impact on him because in the last chapter he went to see Akira, like she told him to do so. She was patient with Ayato, she knew what Tsukiyama was trying to do by wanting to get Kaneki back, she knew what Kaneki was about to do in chapter 72 and that’s why she told him I’ll see you later. She knows how to read other people’s hearts.

And then:

I don’t think Kaneki is aware that she’s there. That she has always been there, waiting for him, making a home for him. He doesn’t know how much she has changed, not completely, and at some point, in chapter 120, Kaneki opened up to her. He told her how he felt, that he wanted to protect everyone, to become stronger, that he was unsure of whether he should return to Anteiku or not… he didn’t actually lie to her until she got aggressive and then he touched his chin. He was being kinda honest, but Touka’s complicated personality ruined the moment. I feel like at some point Kaneki doesn’t have that confidence of telling her things because he’s afraid of her reaction (ESPECIALLY after the last punch). 

Hide also shared with Touka a lot of personal information about Kaneki. He told her about the play, that he’s always putting on a mask and “pretending to be someone else”, that he never “fights back” when people hurt him, I think he wanted for her to know, hoping that she could help him somehow. 

I think it’s been hinted quite enough that Touka has the ability to analyze/help others and many characters point that out to her constantly. And she learned, it’s just that Kaneki hasn’t been there to see that change, and after the punch he must think she’s still the same irascible girl from the past. This talk is extremely important for Kaneki to see that she has changed, and because I think Touka is the one who can help him fight his own demons. I’m not sure if they will talk about Arima, I’m not sure if Kaneki will dare to bring out that topic, but it’d be nice if they talk about it in the future in order to build a strong confidence. Right now I’m more interested to know why Touka hit him. But yeah, Touka knows Kaneki and she has a great advantage because of that.

i started thinking about whether nick and charlie would ever use pet names and .. i feel like they eventually do, and the first time it happens is something like this: charlie’s not having a good mental health day and nick’s really concerned/wants to comfort him however he can and he just says it without thinking :’)

nick and charlie are from @heartstoppercomic


1. I got a new job!!!!!! I found this super rich family with 3 kids who need a full time basically house manager to just cook and do laundry and run errands and babysit sometimes and they’re paying me over 40k a year and giving me a flexible schedule to keep going to school???? Like how did this happen???

2. Raquel, me, and our other roommate signed for the apartment we really wanted and we move May 10th!!!! Into a huge gorgeous apartment in Pentagon City and I’m so happy ahhhhhhhh

3. Oh this goes on 1 but I also get health insurance which is amazing bc mine SUCKS and I hate all the kaiser therapists so now I can get a new one!!!!! Wowowowowowow

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I'm so afraid...I'm feel transgender but I'm way to afraid to admit it! I feel ashamed! What should I do! I hate what I am now and I really want to be a boy!

Seems like you just admitted it.
You are who you are and as much as you try to hide from that, the longer you’re going to be unhappy.
You should be more afraid of not being who you truly are.
I was so unhappy when I was hiding my true self and since I came out I feel the happiest I’ve ever been.
I know it’s scary, but it’s also going to be the greatest thing that has ever happen to you if you let it. Good luck 😊

I really liked seeing Julia and Quentin hanging out. Because it’s just so platonic, and even shadeless Julia doesn’t want to disappoint him. It really shows, that even before Julia lost her shade, Quentin helped ground her to her emotions. They’re such good friends, because they balance each other out. I hope this is a foreshadowing to them fixing their friendship. I think it would be really pleasant for both of them to have someone who understands and knew who they were before all this crazy stuff happened. 

When you tell them that marriage isn’t for you.

Request: Could you please do one for BTS when they’re s/o doesn’t believe in marriage but knows she wants to be with him for the rest of her life?

A/N: This is very close to home guys.

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He would have a lot of questions for you. He really wants to get married and you knew that but you didn’t think that this would happen this fast. 

“Do you not want to be with me forever?” He asked. 

“It’s not that! I just… Marriages fail all the time and that’s not something that I want. I don’t like them because it’s just a piece of paper telling you that I love you. Why do we need that?” You asked him.

“It something that is important. It tells not only me but the world that you are mine.” He said sadly.

“I’m yours no matter what a piece of paper says Jin. I love you and I will love you until our forever is up isn’t that enough?” You asked him once again. This wasn’t a fight that was over and you knew that but this was where you stood.

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oone of my friends was murder yesterday in a double-murder suicide thing and idk but i wanted to tell you :// its probs not going to change anything hugely, but some government officials have been take action and stands for stricter gun laws due to the situation!! it serves as an especially good example as no one involved was mentally ill, just jealous... and that the murderer hadnt received a background check before purchasing the gun as he bought it at a gun show... im sad

I’m really sorry to hear that, it’s always really shocking when things like this happen and I can’t imagine how you’re feeling :(. I think that’s really weird how you can just buy a gun in some parts of the world, they are so dangerous in the wrong hands.


On 26/03/17 we welcomed our newest edition. I'm not really the type to give a big rundown of everything that happened and to be honest its a bit of a blur but I wanted to make a post letting you know that our little one is now with us. Everything went super well, baby was born at home healthy, hungry and with a good set of lungs! The big two weren’t there for the big hurrah (aka me pushing the baby out of my hoo-ha) but they came in just as the baby was put on my chest. Sacha was pretty enamored by the whole thing but Bear just wanted to either be held or go back to bed. We don’t have many pictures as we decided against having a birth photographer as we wanted it to be as calm and personaI as possible. I shall attempt to get a nice picture of little one to post sometime today and we’ll announce the weight, height, name etc too.

speak soon!

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lol but if BoruSara were to get married, I can totally imagine Boruto taking Sarada's name to make Uchiha Hokage happen. And Naruto would pout and Sasuke would act all smug about it for the rest of their lives because they are dorks, not because they actually care about formalities as long as their kids are happy.

Yeah probably. But the idea of Naruto and Sasuke’s kids marrying each other will forever remain just really weird to me, so it’s not really something I want to happen in the future.

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I feel like I'm doing a lot of screaming inside my head. I really want the dating thing to happen! I just wanna finally stick Natasha with Jan and Tony with Clint! Also Pepper with Maria! OTPs everywhere. Who would you guys pair together?

Steve with Bucky, Natasha with Clint, Tony with Bruce, Maria with Pepper, Gamora with Star-Lord, Hulkling with Wiccan, SpiderMan with Mary Jane, Kate Bishop with Mockingbird, Falcon with Agent 13, and Sif with Lady Loki (!!!)c

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I've been following you for a long time now and it really saddens me to see you so stressed. These arrogant pricks are everywhere on the fucking internet now, sadly. It pisses me off to no end just seeing this shit happen to others. I admire how you're treating the situation, and I just hope it's not stressing you out so much. Your art is beautiful, don't forget that. You have my full support.

I think i’m putting much stress into words, and it makes me a little embarrassed, I didn’t want to show a demeaning behavior to you all.

I’m deeply sorry about my impulsive words and childish behavior, i hate to rant on such trivial things that could be easily ignored, usually I just delete the asks, but when it comes to people being abusive towards others I lose my temper. Cyber bullying and cyber abuse are one of the most disgusting things in my view.

But thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your words brightened my day. Thank you for your support too, you have no idea how much it means to, it keeps me moving forward.

I personally want to thank @lucielle-art​ and @fashionistasans​ for their messages. I never thought, that I could inspire someone, it makes me excited knowing that I could make a difference in their life. I promise I’ll do my best to keep improving and creating art.

I wish you all the sweetest and good things that you need.

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I just want to take a moment to say how crazy PROUD i am of the Dallas shawols for being so respectful of SHINee in every way at the airport and during the concert…esp during the talks..instead of screaming so loud while they spoke so that you cant even hear anything they say ( like i have had happen at every other kpop concert)..everyone got really quiet and we could hear them perfectly. THANK YOU FOR THIS…nothing more disappointing then when you have waited so long to hear your bias speak in person and you hear nothing but the crowd. Shawols made the experience 100x’s better i love you all xoxo