i really just miss us

Soo yesterday I hung out w my ex who I hadn’t seen in a while but it was like catching up w an old friend! 🙊 we went to the flea market and for a nature walk then he wanted to go to the mall too ~

So after much deliberation I’ve decided,, I’m here to teach u how to wreck bloodborne bosses, no sweat nor tears nor fun
so first up, i’ll teach u the electric boogaloo with our favorite sparkle dog Paarl and Detective Annie on the side lets go

can you imagine nct as teens in the 80′s riding bikes down the street like neighborhood kids, playing with ouija boards in cemeteries at midnight, buying soda glasses with a few coins and chilling under the shade of a big oak tree, flashing the light from flashlights into each others’ windows to wake up in the middle of the night, dirty scuffed up sneakers and taking trips down to the lake for a dip in the summer

honestly im so bummed about pearlidot lately…. 

like i love steven universe and the show is great but the ship is what kept my interest in the show for so long and now it feels like I’m the only one here that cares about it anymore and its really sad…

somehow this ship was more popular when it was utter crack, and now that the characters have actually interacted its completely undesirable to most people and I don’t quite understand that

Even outside of shipping it, I still lack any sense of closure between those two, and I feel a little cheated that they havent had time to reflect at all on the events of back to the barn and how their relationship has vastly changed since then

Just a late night thought:

I really kind of miss the way The Neighbourhood used to be. Not that I don’t like the way that they’ve changed and all. Their new music is wonderful, don’t get me wrong, but just going back and listening to “I’m Sorry… ” “Thank You” and “I Love You” just brings back an old vibe that is kind of not in The Neighborhood’s music anymore. I don’t know if anyone else feels this way though. I’m not complaining at all though, I just really kind of miss that dark atmospheric vibe that I used to get from their music. Maybe their new music will bring it back though, so I don’t know. Don’t take this the wrong way. (Okay no pun intended.)

anonymous asked:

tfc does get more interesting as it goes on, but you shouldn't expect it to be like cp because really the only things they have in common is that there's a slowburn queer couple and the books get better as they go on. other than that, the atmosphere and the characters and the story and the writing style and basically /everything/ is so so different. however, i think you should definitely keep reading because in the end you might find it was worth it.


Yeah, I’m definitely learning that, it’s quite obvious. And it’s not clever nor appropriate to make comparisons between these two series, it’s just me being disappointed that I dind’t have the same huge and immediate fascination for TFC. I know that most people say of the first book of CP what they say of the first book of TFC (it’s hard, keep going, the other two books will make it better), but the truth is that I LOVED CP from the very prologue! I was as hooked as one can be! The same isn’t happening now, but I also found today, while busy with work and daily stuff, that I kept going with casual thoughts to the book, to these problematic boys, to what it is and what could be; so I guess I’m somehow more intrigued and engaged than I consciously realise! I am definitely keep reading, yes! Thank you for helping :)