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What are some of the major differences between autism and ADD/ADHD? Stuff like impulse control, executive function issues, stimming etc are pretty common to both of them, and i know a good handful of autistic people (myself included) who got misdiagnosed as ADD/ADHD as a kid. And the fact that the two can be comorbid just makes it more confusing

eokay so first of all: i have both. so of course i cannot distinguish between both, because both are “me”. so i’m making the distinction by what i read more often in ADHD or autism contexts.

the things i’m listing are not diagnostic criteria, just things that i have seen talked about often. you might not relate to all of them even if you have ADHD / autism. additionally, having one or a few traits of something does not mean you definitely have it, but if you go “yes! that’s me!” at most or all of them, you might check the thing out more thoroughly.

there’s a summary at the end

things that are more ADHD and less autism:

impulsivity. i get an idea and then i immediately drop whatever i am doing (often quite literally) and do the other thing. for example: i am preparing a sandwidch. i am in the process of putting butter on the bread. then i think: i want tea. in that same second i drop the knife, on the floor, turn around to the water boiler and switch it on. then i realize that dropping the knife was probably not such a good idea because it’s dirty now. 

getting distracted. not by anything specifically, just.. anything. for example, i opened this ask and wanted to answer. then i got distracted for 15 minutes and forgot all about it until i accidentally opened this tab again. i described this in this slightly funny post: my general idea of functioning is getting distracted often enough so that i eventually come back to the thing i was originally doing.

constantly forgetting what you were just doing or thinking. this is pretty much what leads to both being easily distracted and impulsivity. it’s more than just forgetting. it is completely forgetting about the idea of a thing possibly occurring. you’re having an intense, captivating tumblr chat with someone and then you go to the bathroom and it is gone from your brain. you go bake some cookies, read a book, cut your hair, and when you come back to the computer it’s ohhhhh shit i was having a conversation until i suddenly disappeared… 3 hours ago.

being unable to sit still ever. it is more than just stimming. it is stimming 120% of the time. it is doing multiple stims at the same time always. i CAN not sit still. it does not happen. i am unable to not stim. 

hyperfocusing randomly. like what i am doing with this post right now. i started typing and then i got completely caught up on it and now i cannot stop and i forget the time and anything else i was going to do because this post is my world now and i. must. finish.

hyperactivity. i cannot describe this better than ALALAL ALALALA KLHADFUILSDHFJKUIEF!!!!!!!!!! LKSKSHALALALAL!!!!!!!!! it’s jumping around the room. running up the walls. sitting upside-down on your chair while screaming from laughter. spamming your twitter with 200 tweets that just say “CACTUS!!!!!!!!!! MOLAR TOOTH!!! CACTUS!!!!!!!” while laughing your ass off. 

losing every object. always. misplacing objects that you were actually using just now. pencils, headphones, jewellery, coffee cup, everything. where is my phone that i was using 20 seconds ago? i have no idea. 3 hours later i find it in the laundry basket. or on some door handle. losing ridiculously large objects that you cannot possibly lose and being unable to locate them for hours. objects that i have misplaced inside a 40 square meters apartment: laundry basket, mattress, chairs, tables, small oven, computer, and many others. you get the idea.

forgetting plans and appointments and everything really. i recently learned that some people can actually keep complex plans in their heads. a fellow autistic explained me that he can remember everything he needs to do and lie it down neatly in his mind. i don’t think every autistic is as good with that as he is, but most people have some sort of idea what their next big tasks are. i don’t. i don’t even know where i wrote them down. i also forget appointments because even if i remember that i have plans for wednesday, that does not automatically mean that i realize when wednesday is happening.

addiction to distraction and entertainment. boredom is torture, and i don’t mean that as an exaggeration. sitting in a waiting room drives you up the wall, sometimes quite literally. forgetting your phone is not just irritating and means you have to read the cereal box. no. you build a tower out of the cereal boxes and jump on the table. when the party is going slow you collect all the paper flyers and fold 100 airplanes and shred the rest of the flyers to pieces. not being able to concentrate without loud music in the background. 

things that are more autism and less ADHD:

sensory hypersensitivities. not just getting distracted or annoyed by bad sensory input, but actually getting hurt and deeply uncomfortable. not being able to even sit near someone with deodorant on. starting to cry whenever you get cold. ripping your shirt off because the tag was too scratchy. 

sensory hyposensitivities. not being able to feel the pain from scratches. not being able to enjoy music unless it is ridiculously loud drumming against your ears, while not being hard of hearing. only being able to calm down when something is pressing against your ribcage so hard you can hardly breathe. enjoying bright flickering lights right against your eyeballs. 

the bliss that stimming is. it is not just “something that feels pleasant”. it is something that makes you feel whole. it is something that puts you in a place where everything is good and right and the right stim fills you up with pure bliss. you soak it up like a sponge and you feel like you’re flying and it’s the best thing. it clears your mind and soothes your soul.

the overwhelm of sensory overload. you literally cannot function in a loud, crowded area. sensory overload makes you forget how to think. you immediately shut down or meltdown. you become helpless. you can not get yourself out of this situation safely. you get lost. you are unable to figure out a way to get out of the situation. you can get in real danger because of sensory overload if you do not have help or luck. 

auditory and visual processing difficulties. needing subtitles for every movie you watch, even though you are neither Deaf nor hard of hearing. constantly going “what? say that again? HUH?? i can’t hear you over that noise!” while everyone around you is conversing easily. being unable to decipher an image quickly. being unable to read maps or flowcharts.

trouble with verbal communication. you might be nonverbal sometimes or always. you might have problems saying the right words. you might rely on scripting heavily, that means you have fixed rules of what to say in which situations. you might be unable to react if your script stops working because someone says something unexpected. you might be unable to say what you mean because you cannot find words fast enough. you might say things that you do NOT mean because you have heard them somewhere so the words are more easily found. 

trouble with nonverbal communication. not being able to read tone of voice, facial impressions and allistic body language. constantly being misinterpreted because you make the “wrong” body language or facial impressions or tone. not being able to recognize irony and jokes because you can’t take the subtle hints that people give about them. not being able to interpret emojis and emoticons. not being able to recognize the difference between “hello”, “hello!” and “hello…”. coming off across as “rude”, “weird”, “scary” or something else that you are not. 

being unable to figure out social rules and conventions. why do you always have to answer “fine” to the question “how are you?”? why does a person think that i hate them just because i do not like talking to them? why do people think i like them just because i was talking to them? which people do you call by their first name and which by their last name? why do people laugh about me just because i hugged my teacher? nobody laughs when i hug my friend.

relying on sameness, rules, schedules and rituals. no, i cannot drink tea out of the coffee cup. it Does Not Work. i cannot sleep without my squishy pillow. i cannot wear my Outside clothes inside. when i make a plan, things have to go EXACTLY as planned or i melt down. i cry when i lose my favourite stim toy. it can also mean: having to do the same things every day at the same time. getting overwhelmed by changes. not being able to function in an unfamiliar schedule. not being able to do things out of order. not being able to sleep with the Wrong sheets. not being able to eat from red dishes. and many others.

things that are both autism and ADHD:

needing to fidget or stim. being unable to concentrate or calm down without moving or specific sensory input. not being able to function properly when not allowed to stim. shutting or melting down when not being able to stim. 

special interests or hyperfixations. “special interest” is the autism term and “hyperfixation” is the ADHD term. it means fixating on a certain subject so intensely that you can hardly think about anything else. some people learn subjects very deeply in a very short time. it means getting caught up in it. it’s what you think about in every second. like being in love, only with a subject instead of a person.

living in a fantasy world. retreating into a safe space to escape from a world that is not very kind to us. hyperfixating on a story or a fantasy world or dreamworld as an interest, either as a refuge or as a special interest or both.

trouble with socializing. being ridiculed for being “weird”. being unable to function well in social situations because of your specific disabilities. having a hard time maintaining friendships and other social relationships.

appearing eccentric. dressing and behaving in unusual ways. having unconventional interests and hobbies. being unable to connect with most other people, being the “different” person in most groups. having social positions such as the “class clown” or “the outcast” - entertaining everyone else or distancing yourself from everyone else. 

appearing childlike or younger than you are. never getting rid off childlike behaviours. stimming and fidgeting because you like it or because it helps. not caring about how you look. having hobbies and interests that are seen as “childish”. impulsive actions that appear childlike. behaviour that is seen as childlike.

executive dysfunction. being unable to do things even though you really want to do them. being unable to start tasks or switch tasks. being unable to recall what you know in an unfamiliar situation. being unable to figure out the steps necessary for completing a task. 

reactions to over- and understimulations. you might start to fidget or stim. you might try to get away or get angry or cry because things are too much or because there’s not enough stimulation. you might fall asleep in class because it’s too little stimulation. you might cry in class because it’s too much stimulation.

meltdowns / shutdowns. having reactions that are stronger than is deemed appropriate to negative things like adverse sensory input, emotional stress, etc. that means breaking down crying from small things, having rage fits over small things going wrong, or on the other side completely shutting down, flopping on the floor, freezing in place etc. in case of under- or overstimulation or emotional stress.

developing anxiety or depression. social or generalized anxiety as well as depression are common in people with ADHD and autistics because we often get bullied, our disabilities are often exploited to hurt us, and we may get excluded, ridiculed and hurt on a regular basis. we might despair because we never seem to fit in. we might overcompensate and overtax ourselves in order to appear “normal”. we might burn out as a result.

creativity and unconventional thinking. getting ideas that nobody else has. making connections nobody else would even think of. being good at finding similarities, patterns, and differences. 

daydreaming and spacing out. shutting down or simply daydreaming your way through situations that you cannot function in because of your specific disabilities. forgetting what you were doing and just dreaming away. getting lost in thoughts. dissociating from adverse sensory input. escaping from the reality that is hard to bear or just getting distracted. 

getting caught up in a task. hyperfocusing on a thing that you are doing or being unable to initiate the end of an action. being unable to interrupt your train of thought or action. being unable to switch tasks. 


i don’t claim completeness for this list. so.

more ADHD than autism:

  • impulsivity
  • getting distracted
  • constantly forgetting what you were just doing or thinking
  • being unable to sit still ever
  • hyperfocusing randomly
  • hyperactivity
  • losing every object. always
  • forgetting plans and appointments and everything really
  • addiction to distraction and entertainment

more autism than ADHD:

  • sensory hypersensitivities
  • sensory hyposensitivities
  • the bliss that stimming is
  • the overwhelm of sensory overload
  • auditory and visual processing difficulties
  • trouble with verbal communication
  • trouble with nonverbal communication
  • being unable to figure out social rules and conventions
  • relying on sameness, rules, schedules and rituals

both autism and ADHD:

  • needing to fidget or stim
  • special interests or hyperfixations
  • living in a fantasy world
  • trouble with socializing
  • appearing eccentric
  • appearing childlike or younger than you are
  • executive dysfunction
  • reactions to over- and understimulations
  • meltdowns / shutdowns
  • developing anxiety or depression
  • creativity and unconventional thinking
  • daydreaming and spacing out
  • getting caught up in a task

so that got a lot more elaborate than i was planning… anyway. i hope it answers your question, anon


BTS Anti-Ideal Type

Anon I just had to let you know that I absolutely love this ask!

Overall I feel that looks aren’t a huge factor in determining whether or not the boys will like someone, but personality and attitude are something that they focus on.


I feel that Jin would definitely not like someone who is rude or standoff-ish. He wouldn’t like someone who is completely reckless and irresponsible either. Given his age, Jin would want someone who is mature, but also someone that he could laugh with. As far as looks, he would most likely lean toward those who look feminine or sophisticated rather than tomboyish or ragged, but as I said appearances aren’t a definite no.

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Rap Monster:

Namjoon would probably not go after someone that gave off an innocent vibe. Given that Rap Mon is pretty dirty minded, I feel that he would want someone who had at least a little bit of their mind in the gutter, or someone with a little experience. However, he does adore cute things, so this aspect he could probably look over if he found you cute enough. He probably prefers for his partner to be shorter than him, and to be very intelligent.

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Suga wouldn’t be likely to be drawn to someone who was extremely loud and energetic. Sure, he’s friends with J-Hope, but in my opinion he would want a more laid back partner like himself. Yoongi really has no preference on the physical appearance of his partner, but he would like for his partner to be quiet but not too shy. He would not be able to date anyone who didn’t appreciate any forms of artistic expression.

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While he thinks small and shy people are cute, Hoseok would likely want someone more like him, bubbly and full of energy. He would not be likely to date someone who was very abrasive or hard to talk to. J-Hope couldn’t handle someone who took things way too seriously.

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Out of all the boys, I think he would be the most likely to not date someone who wasn’t Korean. Not for any prejudice reasons, of course, more like he just really values the ideals of his culture and would prefer to be with someone raised on those ideas. Another huge factor would be whether his partner would want kids or not. If they didn’t like kids and never wanted them, he likely wouldn’t be interested.

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I cannot see Jimin dating someone who was extremely sexy. Attracted to, yes, but as far as actually dating then no. His insecurities would flare up too much if he were dating someone of such a high caliber. Jimin also wouldn’t date someone who acted gross without remorse (Ex: farting in public, talking with their mouth full, etc). Skinship is a huge thing for Jimin, so he can’t be with anyone that doesn’t like to be touched often. As far as looks, he would probably prefer someone who was somewhat skinny with long hair, but these factors aren’t a huge impact.

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Jungkook wouldn’t want to date anyone taller than him because he would want to feel older/more powerful than them. As far as personality goes, I feel that he wouldn’t really get along well with someone who was extremely lazy or apathetic. He would like to cuddle with his partner, but he wouldn’t be able to handle someone who was always clingy with him, he would feel like he was suffocating. Jungkook would probably stick to the Korean idol mold as far as looks, but I can see him deviating from that if he meets someone with a great personality.

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I hope everyone likes this but remember: this is only my opinion. This was really fun to write, thanks for the ask! -Spice

Incorrect Interview Quotes with L&C

“I’m not really listening to Lockwood half the time. I just smile and agree, and then I do what I want.”
-Lucy Carlyle, on how she manages her work with Anthony Lockwood

“I REALLY like Lucy. Like, she’s a great addition to the team, I mean.”
-Anthony Lockwood, on his thoughts of Lucy Carlyle

We’re in constant need for a new microwave because George keeps exploding stuff in ours.”
-Lucy Carlyle, on home space

“Sometimes I take Lockwood’s hair products and switch them with the stuff in our pantry.”
-George Cubbins, on what he contributes for the agency

“I basically take care of him. The boy cannot handle himself without me, frankly.”
-Lucy Carlyle, about Anthony Lockwood

“I’m proficient in 4 languages. English, sarcasm, profanity, and strangely ancient Greek. Only so I can cuss people out in a different language.”
-George Cubbins, on his hidden talents

“What? Of course we’re qualified to be running this agency? Get out of my house–”
-Anthony Lockwood

What They Don't Tell You About Plants

So I don’t know about recently, but  I know a couple years ago when I started an aquatic garden in a fish tank, there was basically minimal help for growing them. Sure, some sites all gave the same advice, good beginner plants, and how to set up CO2 rigs, or it would be full of way too MUCH information, down to each individual plant, which isn’t helpful when you don’t know what you’re getting yet. But there are a lot of things that no resource ever told me, and instead I had to learn myself and from my very experienced uncle. So I thought I would give a little quick guide to things that you may not hear as often as you need to when thinking of aquarium plants.

1)      Some Aquatic plants aren’t aquatic. Bamboo, for instance, isn’t actually meant to be in full water all the time. It can survive for a while, sure, but a betta can “survive” in a bowl, too. A lot of other plants are sold as “aquatic” like mondo grass, when in fact they are drowning in the tank. If you’re shopping for plants, especially in a chain store, be sure to either know what you’re looking for, or take a smart phone with you and google the scientific name. The first Wikipedia page will usually say in the first paragraph if the plant is fully aquatic or not. A lot of beginners feel like failures because their plants died or sometimes “melted” and they don’t know what they did wrong, but in reality it’s because they tried growing a plant that wasn’t meant to be in a tank.

2)      Pruning is an art; and there are a lot of different ways to do it. Just because one person prunes their plants in-tank with cool tools doesn’t mean that’s the only way to do it. Plants will survive a little pull out and trim before putting them back in the tank ( I recommend this for tanks 10 and smaller, theres not much point making a mess in such a small tank when you can pull them out, trim them and return them). The most basic thing to remember when trimming is to do it how you like it—it’s your tank and as long as it doesn’t kill the plant, you have artistic license.

3)      Plants don’t have a really good sense of direction. If you see a plant with roots growing upward and in a huge tangle (sword plants, I’m looking at you) then there is no harm in trimming those off. If there is an excess of something, they can afford to lose a few to stay neat.

4)      You don’t have to trim all the damn time. Some holier-than-thou planter articles make it sound like pruning is this huge, all consuming thing. It can be, if you want it to. I do, because I enjoy it, and I like my plants more than my fish in all honesty. But you don’t have to. Trim when you need it, not on some air-tight schedule that can’t be defied. If you have a huge tank, trimming days will take a while. But if you trim right, you won’t have to do it once a week. Once a month is probably average, but more or less is fine.

5)      Don’t be afraid to be the Weed Wacker. I’ve had a lot of people tell me that they’re afraid of hurting their plants. I’m probably going to make a huge guide for pruning with pictures this week, but for now, let’s just generalize a few things: a) there are a few different kinds of plants, and each one grows differently, and therefore needs to be trimmed differently. In general, if something is brown, cut it off. It’s not doing the plant any favors, and your leafies will thank you for removing it. If you handle your plants for pruning, run your hands around the plant gently—if something pops loose, chances are it needed to come off. If you are unsure whether or not to pull a leaf off, give it a gentle tug. If it comes loose easily, it needed to be removed. If something is brown at the base, even if the leaf is green, it’s most likely dead, and fine to remove. B) another thing that I get a lot of people worried about is the roots. If it is say, a sword plant, or other plant that is all root, trim those bitches. I mean it, these things take 2 weeks and they look like medusa. They don’t need all of them, and they grow more pretty damn fast. I had a 3 inch plant take over half my 5.5 gal in 2 weeks in the roots, and you don’t notice until you pull it up. They aggressive little boogers and they will survive a trim. C) if you have a smaller tank, prune the BIG leaves. Not all of them, obviously, but when a plant is too big, snip the big boys. That way the smaller ones have time to grow, and you won’t have to prune as often. D) the more you chop, the longer you can go without pruning again. Now, don’t go overboard, leave the poor plant enough to regroup and stay alive, but you can probably trim them down pretty small if you want to.

6)      You don’t need CO2. For most plants, just having a few fish in with them is good enough. You do NOT have to spend hundreds of dollars on a system if you don’t want to. Do not let pet stores talk you into it, either. Unless you have a huge, very advanced tank, or a very large plant-only tank, chances are you don’t need one. But if you ever do decide to do one, be prepared to by the expensive stuff—just like filters and heaters, it’s better to just buy the better quality ones, even if it means a little less in your wallet. Cheap CO2 systems are just not worth the headache and they need a lot of replacing. It’s better to get the good stuff to start with.

7)      Get what YOU WANT. Now, this sounds obvious, but I feel like I need to say it anyway. Just like fish and other pets, a lot of people ask “what should I get for my first plant?” There’s nothing wrong with advice, obviously. A lot of opinions make for a lot of knowledge and help you make educated decisions. But do not let someone else say “These three plants are the only ones you can have as a beginner.” It’s just not true. Just like fish and snakes and other pets, if you don’t actually want the thing, DON’T GET IT JUST BECAUSE IT IS A “BEGGINER”.  You’ll regret it eventually if you do. Get what you want—if it’s a little more advanced, are you willing to put a little more effort into its care because it’s what you really want? If so, just get it. If you don’t like the way a plant looks, don’t get it anyway. Be self-aware about what you can or cannot handle, but in the end, it’s all your choice.

8)      Scientific names make things a lot easier. There are a lot of different names for a lot of different plants. It helps keep them from getting confused.

I hope this helps some of you who are stressing about your leaf-babies J Feel free to message me if you have any other questions or concerns, I’ll do my best to help. Plants are my babies, and I want everyone to be successful with their own.

A. Life is one big, complex and complicated mess. It does not always go according to plan. It always finds its absurd reason to ruin every single plan you made for yourself in your head. The timeline you created when you were little? As much as I hated to be the bearer of a horrible news, it does not usually happen for most people. Those which did, well, they are great and lucky. Chances are indeed in their favors.

B. You really have to embrace your imperfections because nobody will ever do it for you except for you and yourself. You have to love the frizziness of your curly hair, the big bags under your round eyes over your thick brows, the bridge of your nose and the contours of your pale lips. You also have to learn how to treat the scars stitched through your skin as if wonderful creations and masterpieces. You also have to love the uneven curves of your body or even your toes. Love yourself when no one else does.

C. Smile a lot even you feel the positive vibe and aura inside you. Sometimes you just have to make someone feel better with that simple upward pull of your lips. Sometimes, you really have to be the instrument of happiness and joy. It is contagious after all.

D. Drink a lot of water. Your body will really thank you for that simple way of taking care of your God-given temple. And not that it is only good for your health, it can also help you save money since you will feel full or bloated. Bills of an adult is very different from being a teenager since aside from having expensive payables and taxes, there is also the thing that called saving. An adult must save for future purposes.

E. Sometimes, a blaring good music will help you kill all the monsters rampaging in your head and to shut the world down. There is really a time in adulthood where you you feel so low and the world is moving too fast or too slow that you cannot keep pace along with it. And you are starting to lose yourself and you just want to feel disconnected from it.

F. Your heart will break. No matter how hard you try to build barricades around it, someone out there always have tools to destroy it. And since you are crazy over your feelings, you will let your guard down without realizing that that person is not worthy at all and you will be left in a very catastrophic and devastated state.

G. You are going to lose people in your lives. Even friendship you think would last for a lifetime. Not because you are a bad person or what, but simply because they did something horrible to you that the only thing left is to walk away and remove them from the equation.

H. There really comes a time that you will feel such a loser and nothing is happening in your life despite everything. But you have to stop that right away since it will ruin you until you collapse and could no longer stand up again. You just have to believe in yourself no matter what.

I. People are very different from one another. Some are good. Some are not, obviously. But it should not be a reason for you to lose your faith in humanity.

J. You will feel that you just need an escape from everything since the things around you are very difficult to handle anymore. But you cannot since you know that you have to deal with them no matter what. You really have to since those things are tests for your patience and character.

K. Feelings and emotions will constantly falter. You easily get hurt. You tend to be sensitive over stupid and silly things you used to ignore when you were younger. You may wonder why you are suddenly being emotional over simple things. It is part of the process since everything on this stage is new to you.

L. Nobody will teach you how to deal with adulthood. You have to figure out it all by yourself. This is a thrilling, dangerous, exciting and exhausting stage that you have to conquer to reach the next tougher level. If you do not survive this, good luck Mario in saving your damsel in distress.

M. Intelligence is not sufficed to reach for your dream. It also takes courage. You have to be bold to take risks and go out of your comfort zone. You also have to have patience in waiting for the results. If it still did not fruit into something good, you should be patient enough to try again until you reach for it.

N. Education is absolutely important but having a college degree is not a guarantee that you are going to end up living a great life, rather it is simply an edge amongst others who are battling for that wonderful prize. It is up to you how are you going to use that beautiful priviledge given to you. Do not waste it. Tons of people out there wants to have education like yours.

O. Sometimes, you really have to speak out your thoughts and opinions for people to shut the fuck up and for them to realize that you are tired of them or their hideous attitudes.

P. You do not need to always look good in everyone’s eyes. You are a human being; allowed to commit mistakes but capable of learning; righteous to feeling something extreme. Everyday is not always a good day.

Q. Never compare yourself to others. The more you do, the more frustrated and exhausted you will be. The more you do, the more negative feelings you will attract. Stop comparing. And live your life.

R. Social media is a powerful instrument nowadays but you should not let this thing define your success, your life and most especially who you truly are. Do not be impressed by everything you see there. Not all you see there is true. If not some, most of them are deceit for the sake of wanting to look good in the eyes of everybody.

S. Life will never ever adjust itself for you. You must adjust yourself to deal with it.

-19 Things I Learned as I Deal with Adulthood

—  redserpent42
J.’s passing tips for FTMs

Um hello there.
After reading several guides myself, practicing, finding out what’s comfortable for me and so on and so forth, I decided to write a passing guide myself, for all those FtM people out there who need a bit of help.

First: Clothing.
✘ Clothing is a very important point. Feminine clothing obviously will not help you passing as a male. Keep that in mind when you are out shopping (on your own, or with a person who knows about your mental state - a little help from a second pair of eyes is worth more than rubies.)
✘ Despite what people say - rather stick to bigger sizes! I’ve made this experience myself. Look, your body shape is the one of a woman. (I know it’s hard, I fvck up myself because of that every single day again, but it just is a fact you shouldn’t forget about.) You need to cover up this shape and this won’t work when you buy men’s clothing in your very size (mine is - German -  M/L, idk what sizes are existing over the whole world), because then you just look like a butch girl in men’s clothing. But don’t break the limit of oversizing. I’ve noticed that one to two sizes over your normal are enough in the most cases. Bigger clothing will not only help you correct your body shape in front of others, it’s also super comfortable and, depending on your style, it can really look cool. (I will soon upload a photo series of my favorite outfits, some that made me help pass in front of curious cis males, friends, and random ppl like in the train.)
✘ I highly recommend wearing T-Shirts with a round cleavage, sweaters, hoodies, and, most important of all, men’s trousers. This is hella important. At the beginning, you might think “Oh that’s a woman’s trouser, I can wear that one since it is a little to big for me” - don’t do that. Just don’t. Woman’s pants are always cut to fit your female body shape, so it points out your curves - thighs, ass, and nearly everything else covered with it. Whatever you try, in a woman’s trouser, you will always look female in some way. It doesn’t matter if it’s oversized it still has the same effect. Therefore I recommend to get yourself men’s pants with a regular leg or a straight leg cut. Mine hide my ass (which is quite large since I’m riding a horse 2-3 times per week), straighten my thighs and overall give me a straighter body shape - and that’s just what you want to look like, right?
Be super careful with hats. By that I do not only include hats, but also beanies, etc. You really need to try them on in front of a mirror and do some positioning chances in case you really want to wear one. Beanies usually are good (maybe if you have quite long hair and can’t get a haircut at an instant?), but sometimes, they make your head appear bigger than it is, which lowers your change of passing because all the attention is drawn on your face (I will talk about the face thing below!). Here, you need to go check yourself what is comfortable for you and what you really want.

Second: Packing.
This is the point I always hate the most. I have not tried it yet, but I have already ordered my STP packer and then, I will post another text about his topic. But still, I will explain my opinion and thoughts to you here.

✘ PRO PACKING: Well, that’s obvious, isn’t it? A packer can reduce some of your weaknesses caused by your female body. I wouldn’t go that far to say those are “defects”, but I refer to transsexuality as a defect in genetics, where boys are born with a X chromosome to much and a Y chromosome missing. I have noticed myself on journeys or festivals that going to loo can be extremely hard and distressing and even depressing (depends on the person tho) when you lack something a cis male is born with. (An STP can help there, that’s why I’m going to try it.) Plus, some transmen I know like to see the small bulge the packer creates in their pants. For optics, it just looks like there really was the stuff you are still bodily lacking in your pants! That always depends on the packer and on the person. You may like it, or you may feel like you’re carrying a boner around.

✘ CON PACKING: Where there a pros, there always have to be cons. Some may regard packing as unneccessary and I can totally understand that. You can walk around with that bulge or pee standing up or you don’t, that’s up to you. It is not neccessary to pack. You even might be reminded of what you biologically lack and that can be suuuuper depressing and discouraging. Besides, nobody looks your crotch closely anyway. (A good packing is not catching the eye anyway since you don’t want to look like a molester with an erection, right?) And people who might see you in underwear are also in the most cases likely to see you naked, so there basically is no need to convince them of something you really don’t have. And, on top of it all, a really good, hand-made packer, that doesn’t only consist of a GoGirl & a Mr Limpy, but is one piece in fact, can be really expensive. (And you are most likely to need a harness to wear your packer, which creates more costs and can also be quite difficult to handle in reality!)

Third: Face.
Keep in mind that, despite what you think, your face just has no edges like cis guys have them. You mostly rather have a rounded face, because that’s what’s typical for AFABs. On T, those edges may show, but not before. So whatever you do, whatever you like, do not wear make-up. NOT. EVER. I cannot keep repeating this loud and often enough. It’s something different for eyebrows, but you should leave your skin clean. Even concealer or powder will be noticable, and people will think you are a girl playing guy for fun. If you are very good with make-up, you might try shades to point out edges, but that mostly looks super artificial and won’t help you pass.
✘ It can be super hard to tame your eyebrows. Therefore, I recommend: Let them grow, and then give them a form. And use an eyebrow pencil fitting your haircolor if you like (as for me - my natural hair color is blond, so my eyebrows are blond, but my hair is dyed black and so I’m using a black pencil). Cis males usually have thick eyebrows, and you can create this impression yours are as well by using the pen’s color en masse and then combing the brow’s hairs upwards with a neat comb. Everybody can decide for themselves, but that’s the thing that helped be the most. About the kink (? is this the right word? idk correct me if I’m failing the English language), I solved this problem ( it in fact is a problem, only females have this very kink, males don’t) by letting the eyebrows grow and then shaving/plucking off the hair from above. And then the comb thing. It’s up to you, I’m just sharing my personal experiences.
Shave off your peach fuzz. Peach fuzz is something only guys in puberty have - and females of course. Grown males either have a beard - which will come with the T since you choose to apply for it - or nothing, because they’re shaved. So cut it off. The skin will feel ticklish and dry, but you will get used to it. Cold water directly after shaving, or a skin cream (I have own for sensitive skin, an after-shave care cream), can help.

Fourth: Body.
✘ Sports are important. Also, like every other thing, it’s up to you if you do it or don’t, but I highly recommend it. You might not have a muscular body yet, but you can start building up one with some easy workouts. (T increases your muscle building even more, but starting pre-T will give you the routine!) I’m not saying that you should go to the gym and work out 4 times per week. No. There are many practices you can do on your own at home. (Personally, I am doing 10 - 40 pushups per day, and it significantly changes the line of my arm for I am building muscles there.) You can also check the internet for specific workouts, I’ve seen some on tumblr already.
Be sure you get enough food. The skinnier you are, the more frail you look. But males aren’t really frail (I know some, but those are exceptions.) Eating is important, healthy and tasty. I love food. And everybody else should. When you are starting to work out, you should also supply your body with the energy to do so. What food you eat, is irrelevant. Healthy food of course is the best (but I don’t do that myself, I love sweets). There are some foods that are applying on your bodily testosterone/estrogen levels, but let your fingers off those - it’s not that much that it will significantly change your body.
✘ Never ever take pills that are supposed to make your body super strong and muscular. Or skinny. Those are mostly fake and super dangerous!

Fifth: Hair.
✘ Hair is also one of those personal things, and I am not quite sure what to recommend. From talks and personal experience, I can only say that FTM guys with short, “boyish” hair are most likely to be passing.
Some guys can grow super long hair without looking stupid, most FTMs can’t do that, because it ruins the passing. I have quite long hair myself (ca. 20 - 30 cm), but I want to have dreadlocks and that’s why I’m letting it grow. If your hair matches your face in a way that does not make you totally feminine, you can also keep your long hair.
Do not - EVER - tuck hair behind your ears. Even if you have long(er) or annoying hair that’s always in your face. Just don’t do it.
✘ When you want to make a ponytail, there’s one thing I can recommend: Make the ponytail the lowest that is possible, place the hair tie right over your neck. Also, take all hair strands, and brush them from the from to the back before doing so, so that all the hair is compact in one ponytail without loose strands. Do not let loose strands flutter around or fall in your face. Makes you look feminine. (And don’t use hair slides, but I guess that’s clear.)

Alright, that’s all I can tell you for now.
I hope those tips will help you, at least a little bit. 
Remember, it takes some time to find out what’s good for you. Do not rush yourself.
As I said, I will soon post some pictures referred to in this post.
Liking & Sharing always appreciated.

Best wishes to you from Germany.
~ Julius

PSOTW: Various; 150

Because in two days an estimated half a million people will descend on me to celebrate Canada’s 150th year since Confederation (I cannot tell you how popular my mom and I, living a ten minute walk from Parliament, have suddenly become with friends and family. Bring out the air mattresses!), have some of our Canadian boys (and some non-Canadians who love them) and their ways of celebrating it.

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ML Fan Fic Rec/Appreciation List

Hi! Hello! I thought this might be the best way to show love for my fellow fan fiction writers in the ML community on this the day of appreciation for such folks. I’ve posted about the majority of these authors before in a blog rec list, but I want to put out a formal review of each author and their fics because reviews are important. There are so many fic rec lists out already, but writer types NEVER tire of attention (trust me, I know) so here we go (in alphabetical order to keep things classy and neat): 

A Brand New Dawn by @whitebear-ofthe-watertribe 

A lovely university AU. I love the way she writes Adrien and Marinette’s rekindled friendship, it’s just so warm and comforting. There is drama and fluff and romance and it’s just such lovely story. Also, her description of high fashion clothing is just #writing goals 100%.

A Werecat in London by  @i-am-thornqueen

An exciting expanded magical world AU.  This world that Thorn has created is just so rich and detailed and could easily stand on its own entirely. Adrien, Marinette and the whole crew drop so easily right into the middle of it and meld perfectly. Her OCs are beautifully developed characters and stand wonderfully on their own two feet, I could honestly read a whole book just following them. It’s full of action, angst, hilarity and Sin™.

Bare Necessities by @reyxa

An adorable art school AU where Adrien ends up as a nude model in Mari’s figure drawing class. Need I say more? Hilarity and adorable drawing sessions and art lessons ensue. This fic is pure and unaltered cotton candy and Reyxa does a wonderful job spinning it while throwing some Sin™ on top for good measure.

Black Cats And Curtain Calls by @bullysquadess

An extremely accurate theatre AU.  The first,  but not the only, Bully fic on the list. (Honestly I had to stop myself from putting them all down.) This short and sweet fic is hilarious and if you were/are a Theatre kid you will appreciate ever inch of it. Bully will capture you every time with her tongue –in-cheek humor and spot on characterization and this little fic is no exception.

Chasing the C/h/atwalk by @runningoutofink

A perfectly done Project Runway AU. Bee just does an absolutely phenomenal job translating the classic reality competition TV show format into the written word which is no small task. One of the things that impressed me most about this writing is that I could visualize every single scene perfectly. It is clearly and beautifully written and honestly made me fall deeper in love with the cast of ML.

Heartstrings by @seiyakanie

The beginning of the end for me and ML fics. This fic took my ML fic virginity and I have never looked back. If there is one thing Taylor knows how to write its Sin™ and luckily for us she knows how to write more than that. I love, love Taylor’s descriptions of actions and the thoughts and feelings of characters while they’re in the middle of those actions. (I also have this fic to thank for plunging me into the depths of Taylor’s OC heaven. Seriously, the girl has an armory full of AMAZING OCs, go check them out.)

Inking Indigo by @matchaball

An exquisite tattoo/soul mate/flower shop AU. I just…I will never be able to stop talking about Matchaball’s writing. Her prose reads like poetry and in some spots like a song. It has rhythm and grace and leads you slowly and easily through the world she’s creating. It can be a hard feat to find an author who not only writes beautifully but also has the world building, plotting and characterizing skills. Matchaball has all of these and more. Reading her writing is just so lovely and relaxing. I just cannot get enough.

Lady and the Tom Cat by @skaylanphear

I think technically this would be a mating cycle AU? It doesn’t matter because it’s FANTASTIC and I am just so pumped to see where it goes. Written by the fantastic Kay, how could you go wrong?  I will expand more on how much I love Kay’s writing in a bit, but I’ll just say I’m so pumped to see her write some sexier things because I know it will be done RIGHT. Jump on this train, it’s going places.

Pick Up and Chase by @skaylanphear

If you’d like to see Adrien embarrassed and stuttering for once, this is the fic for you. I cannot even begin with the level of cheese that Kay has going on in this fic, but it is just an amazing amount. If you’re lactose intolerant steer clear. This is a purely fun, purely hilarious fic and its just so much fun. If you need to smile, this is the place you need to be.

Porte-Boner by @abadmeanman

This fic is so hilarious it altered my state of mind and caused me to write the most ridiculous and off topic comments on each and every chapter. It got so bad that the author was forced to message me to ask me to stop. Then he followed me on Tumblr just to make sure I would leave him alone. He messages me occasionally to make sure I’m not going to comment on his fic again. Jokes on him. We live in a free country and I CAN DO WHAT—

Okay, here’s what I have to say for real. Anyone can pop open a word doc and start writing a shit post meme fic and throw it up on AO3 and call it a day. But it takes a true writer to do it WELL. Humor does not come easily and written humor is often times one of the hardest forms to nail. Phil nails it (HEH HEH) perfectly. His comedic timing is spot on and the sheer amount of pop culture references are just staggering and I’m sure I’ve missed about half of them. On top of that he stays true to character while exploring edges we’ve not seen (and definitely WILL NOT see) in the show. Okay, now I’m done.  

Satisfaction Brought It Back by @siderealsandman

An extremely delicious, definitely NSFW BDSM/friends with benefits/fake dating AU. This fic is just so much more than it’s AU. It goes so far beyond its BDSM theme and I was just not prepared for it when I dived in. What you might think you’re getting: crazy kinky sex everywhere all the time – What you’re actually getting: deep and meaningful character development, ANGST, FLUFF,  lessons on safe and healthy sexual relationships, lessons on safe and healthy relationships in general, lessons on how NOT to pretend like you’re not in love with your partner. And all of it extremely well written. If you are not an Innocent Child you must go read this. It will save your soul and send it to hell in one fell swoop.

Serendipitous Fate by @skaylanphear

*DEEP BREATH* I am still not and never will be over this fic or Kay’s writing. It just cannot be done. Kay’s understanding of these characters and their world is so insanely in depth its mind boggling. She handles each and every one of them with such love that it takes my breath away. Nothing is done without out a cause and effect and everything is woven into an intricate web. I sometimes get so profoundly sad that this is not cannon because it’s just so authentic and accurate. I know I can’t really say that because we don’t know what will be “cannon” or authentic or accurate, but it just is. If you’re not reading SF or planning on reading it, you’re doing yourself a terrible disservice.

Squares, Triangles, and Other Shapes by @sadrien

DOUBLE. FAKE. DATING. AU. Holy hell, how Sadrien even got through the fic summary without getting vertigo I have no clue. This fic delivers something that I think the fandom required. A fake dating square to walk hand in hand with our love square. It’s still early on, but I can already tell it will be filled with a bunch of hilarious situations and shenanigans. I’m just so excited and you should be too!

Sugar, Sugar by @bullysquadess

Who else but Bully would/could deliver unto us a beautifully written…Sugar Daddy AU? Just the mere fact that she fully has me believing this could really happen between Adrien and Marinette is the achievement of the year. This fic is in the early stages, but has such a promising beginning and will surely be a hilarious ride.

The Ladybug and The Bees by @bullysquadess

Oh man. The infamous TLATB. So, this is the third Bully Fic™ on my list and I could talk about how it’s the flagship sin fic and all that, but I’m not. I want to talk about how much I love Bully’s writing and how great of a writer she is, really, truly. As I said in my little blurb about Porte-Boner, humor is a truly hard thing to write and get across the right way. Bully does this flawlessly, every. single. time. But there’s more than that, when TLATB started to take an unplanned off-road detour to angst-ville, Bully managed to keep her readers right with her. Folks, that is an extremely hard thing to do, to keep your readers with you, no matter what crazy shit you do. To keep them believing and to not jolt them out of the narrative. That’s the main job of the writer, to kidnap their readers and keep the believing all the way through to the last page. Bully, you’re a great writer, I know you’re having a rough and unpleasant time right now, but keep your chin up. You’re great.

The Luckiest Man In Paris by Ms. Sophie

The premise of this fic is just so undeniably adorable and everything that follows is undeniably adorable as well. I just love how Sophie writes the dynamic between Chat and Mari. It’s so true to their characters and so adorable. HAVE I SAID ADORABLE ENOUGH. I’ve actually probably said it too many times for the amount of sin happening (and will be happening) in this fic. Sophie captures my attention with lovely turns of phrase she uses and wonderful character interactions. It’s such a great read and you should GO READ IT NOW. Also because Sophie is a sweet little dumpling.

You Don’t Know Me by @ferisae

Okay. So, um…it’s like really hard to get me to actually cry, like blubbering tears and unattractive hiccups crying, during movies/shows/books. I can count on one hand the amount of times a book or movie or show has made me cry. You Don’t Know Me has DESTROYED me.  TWICE. While reading it. If you’re ready for a soul-crushing amount of angst Ferisae is your dealer. She delves deep, deep into Adrien’s character and pulls out everything that is sad and lonely and uses it to crush you in the best way. Even if you’re someone who actively avoids angsty fics (like me) you absolutely must give yourself the chance to read this. Just make sure you have a nice warm cup of something hot and a blanky and maybe some baby animal photos open in the next tab over.  

Okay this got super long, whoops. Sorry not sorry because all these author’s deserve all the love.

Thank you to each and every one of these lovely people and every fic author out there. Y’all are truly amazing for the amount of time, work and love you put into your writing. It shows a true passion and even if writing isn’t what you want to do with your life full time, the passion you have can easily be transferred to any aspect of your life. Passion is fuel to live and live happily. Thank you for sharing your passion with us.

No matter how hard I try, I just still really, really dislike Xander. I just have such a laundry list of things that I hate about his character.  All of the characters have flaws and growth and so does Xander but I can’t help but feel like his flaws definitely outweigh his attributes. I cannot stand the hypocrisy of his character primarily because it extends all the way to season 6. 

When everyone finds out about the Buffy/Spike relationship, they don’t handle it well as is expected but the other scoobies are more hurt that she wouldn’t trust them (willow) but Xander takes Buffy’s pain and confusion and turmoil and turns it into something that’s about him. He ridicules Buffy and treats her like shit because Buffy chose yet another guy over him. It’s been six seasons and he’s STILL not over his “friend zoned” phase. 

They’re adults and he whines and moans about how she will never date/fuck him. And when Xander broke up with Anya and she went into her vengeance demon self again, Buffy made it very clear that if Anya killed someone, she would stop her by killing her if necessary and again he treated Buffy like shit, saying could she do it if it was someone she loved when fun fact, Buffy did exactly that. In season 2, Buffy killed Angel right as he turned good again when he was the love of her life. 

All of this and the fact that Xander cheated on Cordelia and felt nothing while doing so, the way he always looked down on Spike when spike spent months helping the scoobies after Buffy’s death, the fact that he left Anya at the altar, and that disgusting dream he had about willow and Tara fucking him just ugh.  

The tale of the greatest love story of WWE (Mega #Ambreigns Post)

I know nobody asked but… 

I feel the need to tell everyone why Ambreigns is real.

I mean…We all already know and agree but let me take you down to a memory lane anyways…

You see Roman is not so shy to lay his claim on Ambooty publicly…

Not that Dean complains…He’s proud to be Roman’s Baby Boy.

Anyone who can explain to me why would Dean feel the need to publicly cuddle with Roman for absolute no reason at all, I’ll let you deny Ambreigns. But you see, you cannot explain it. 

Then we have had moments like these…

Mind you Roman Reigns has claimed he doesnt like guys in his personal space…Well, Dean is special. He gets all the special treatment because he’s not just a guy…he’s Roman’s baby boy.

Who he feels the need to carry, catch, ruffle his hair, hold his hand, grab suggestively…& the list goes on…

Now onto Needy!Dean who just cannot help his love for the big dog…

He likes to publicly nom nom on Roman’s hair/neck…He gets extra cuddly when he’s around Roman…

Do you know that Dean likes to play dead…

..Or you could say sell extra hard when he’s around Roman just so he has an excuse to fall into Roman’s arms publicly?…Yeah, but he ain’t fooling no one…we see right through him…

Emm…Dean…What are you doing?

Dean also has a tendency to get lost in Roman’s beauty like a teenage fangirl and he sometimes cannot control himself and give away too much…Shameless hussy…

but he is Roman’s hussy so all is good…

Now lets get onto Dean being a legit puppy of Roman’s….

Lets talk about why Seth actually left them, shall we?

I mean, can you really blame him? Dean & Roman were trying hard to show who Dean belonged to even when Seth was lending a helping hand. Kinda rude.

It was getting too hard to handle…All the Ambreigns and Seth being a third wheel…

Now back to just Roman & Dean and their forever growing love story…

Em…What are you doing Roman? 

Who can forget Protective!Roman though…

They also had a wedding in disguise…Don’t believe me? Explain this…

How many ships got this lucky & this far? That’s right. None. 

You see my point? No wonder WWE had to embrace Ambreigns. No wonder its the most popular ship of this fandom.

Roman ships it…

Dean ships it…Right?

& they can be silly too…

They give zero fucks as they spill what they really are to each other…

Bonus; Roman has claimed him & Dean were the tightest of The Shield. Dean has always referred to Seth more as a best friend but Roman is his family. Brother. If that doesnt scream ship to you then I do not understand you.  

Point is, Lets sing together….AMBREGINS IS REALEST OF ÉM ALL!

*wipes a tear out of my eye* 

Can you honestly believe we have an OTP that is so giving and such a blessing?

It hits right in the feels. Of course I am not alright.

(None of the gifs are mine. Credit goes to the wonderful creators.)

anonymous asked:

I'm sure that you've already gotten messages about your mafia au and it's really good! If you want to write it, could you do emotional Link and Zelda comforting him for the mafia au?

Note: This isn’t a continuation of the first part of my Mafia AU, this is set sometime before it! I would advise reading it before this, but you don’t really have to.

Link’s father was dead.

It had been because of an accidental encounter. Her father’s right-hand-man was gone, just like that. It was hard on all of them, but most of all it had been hard on Link.

The were dining with all of father’s best men when they got the call. She could hardly bear to remember Link’s face, as it melted away from indifference into pain… He had stood up suddenly, knocking over his chair, and left for his room, leaving an uncomfortable silence as they all grieved.

It had been almost a week, and Zelda hadn’t seen Link at all. She wasn’t allowed to leave the house without him, so had been holed up in her own room studying mostly. It didn’t both her though, she was mostly deeply concerned for her bodyguard and constant companion. So she made up her mind.

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Anyways my store is basically the only store from our company in our entire city, and it’s a large city. As far as I can tell, its also the busiest one in the entire STATE. Like we have people from other cities south of us driving an hour up to my city and end up stopping in at my store. We are always, ridiculously, laughably, horribly busy.

Now me, this place was my first job and I’ve been a re-hire for over a year now so me… I’m used to it. No big thing… whatever.

Well… we got a new manager. This manager isn’t new to our chain of stores - but he’s from one in a different city in the state THAT - by his own admission - is not half as busy as our store is.

That’s all well and good, like honestly, whatever. But here’s the thing - This dude is super peppy and upbeat and energetic. He’s trying to whip up some morale in the store encouraging us to be faster cashiers, etc. All great, all wonderful.

Well, I also see him up at the front end a LOT. If he’s not helping out cashiering because someone is on break (having just one person leave for 15 minutes can create mile long lines that that take an hour to beat down once that person has been replaced - I really cannot stress how busy our store is), he’s talking to our supervisors and giving them tasks to give to the courtesy clerks and cashiers during the 5 minute lulls we have.

He seems like a cool dude, but he also seems like a super high overachiever that’s trying to prove himself and tbh I’m kind of just waiting to see how long it’s going to take before our store breaks him.

Not that I want it to, of course, but our store handles a lot differently than a less busy store and I don’t think he’s quite… come to figure that out yet.

Justlex With Blushing!Alex and Smitten!Justin

Request: loving all the headcanons!!! no pressure, but if you have the time could you do some justlex with blushy!alex and smitten!justin where justin thinks alex is the prettiest boy ever and hes amazed by how lucky he is. and their friends tease them for it, but justin wont stop complimenting alex. (that got long n specific, sorry!) thank you :)


A/N: I hope you like these, thanks for requesting!


Warnings: None.


Justlex With Blushing!Alex and Smitten!Justin…

  • Okay so Justin is actually affectionate as hell

  • He loves to hold hands
  • And pull Alex under his arm

  • And he’s always got his head stuck in the side of Alex’s neck
  • The problem? Alex cannot take it. He really can’t, he blushes at the tiniest thing

  • Justin just has to look at him a certain way and he’s gone
  • So as you can imagine, when Justin starts with the PDA, Alex cannot handle it one bit

  • Justin was nuzzling his head into Alex’s neck the first time their friends caught them, and Alex was sure you could fry an egg on the heat in his cheeks
  • He wasn’t embarrassed, not at all, who could ever be embarrassed to be dating the great Justin Foley? He was just shy was all

  • And Justin was all over him, all the time
  • Justin just thought Alex was the greatest person to ever walk the face of the earth

  • There were absolutely no words to describe how Justin felt
  • He couldn’t help but stare at his boyfriend in total awe, all the heart eyes on Alex

  • He knew that he made Alex blush like crazy, it was so obvious
  • But he didn’t care. Alex’s blue eyes looked even more beautiful against his red cheeks

  • Justin always told him how handsome he was
  • And how lucky he was to have Alex

  • And his favourite thing to do was whisper in Alex’s ear at school, detailing exactly what he wanted to do to him when they went home
  • That one absolutely never failed to have Alex blushing

  • Justin was also quite sweet with gifts
  • He didn’t exactly have the money to buy a lot, but that didn’t mean that he didn’t give things to Alex, either stuff that was important to him or that he’d made, and Alex always blushed like crazy

  • In all honesty, when Justin asked Alex out he could’ve just told him right then and there that he was in love with him, because it was true
  • Justin was absolutely smitten. Alex was the greatest thing to ever happen to him, and he always reminded the blonde

  • Alex wasn’t used to receiving so many compliments, and he never really got used to it, no matter how long they’d been together Justin could always make his heart race
  • That was just their dynamic. Two people so incredibly in love with each other, one who loved to show it and the other who then had to pretend to hate seeing it just to save some of the little pride he had left

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Y’all seeing Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie in that new Thor: Ragnarok Trailer gave me chills! Valkyrie looks so glorious in that trailer and I really cannot handle it. 

My expectations for Black women’s representation in films produced by large studios are so low and yet Hollywood still often manages to not meet them. 

That said, I was blown away by how amazing Valkyrie looked and the fact that they grossly exceeded my expectations for what Tessa’s role could be in that movie. They really fooled me with that lackluster outfit she was wearing in the first trailer and on the cover of an old issue of Entertainment Weekly. They had me thinking that she was just going to be a watered-down version of Caiera from Planet Hulk and I didn’t hate that. The thought just didn’t engage me. 

But the joke was on me! My girl Tessa literally came into the frame on a winged stallion wearing the finest Asgardian warrior couture as she led a celestial cavalry to do battle with evil herself. I’m shook. I did not expect that and the part of me that fiercely loves epic fantasy swooned. 

Originally posted by knightlley

I’m a DC loyalist because of the animated universe (shout out to Kevin Conroy!). I liked Man of Steel, I think Henry Cavill is a dope Superman, I didn’t think Suicide Squad was all that bad and I thought the movies featuring The Avengers were a bit overrated and a little corny. DC’s superheroes just feel legendary to me in a way that most of Marvel’s characters (w/ the exception of T’Challa, Storm & the X-Men) don’t even though I go up for Stan Lee. 

But, baybay, after seeing T’Challa & the Dora Milaje in that epic movie trailer and now Tessa and Cate Blanchett in Thor: Ragnarok, Marvel’s Cinematic Universe is winning me over. 

I think the problems with the DC Cinematic Universe are over exaggerated but Marvel’s slate of movies suggests that DC might be missing some real opportunities. I’m excited about Thor and the Black Panther movie in a way that I haven’t been excited about movies in a really long time. 

Also I finally get what Taika Waititi is doing w/ this movie. I was turned off by the first trailer b/c I was like why are they mashing up Planet Hulk with Thor? Who asked them for this? My mind couldn’t wrap itself around Norse mythology and futurism fused together. But the new trailer brought it all together. This movie seems like an ode to the 80s, via the music and the vivid visuals which seem to reference 80s rock bands’ love affair with fantasy and Western medieval imagery; these images also look like visuals that would have been the themes of video games in arcades in the eighties. It’s like Loki the trickster deity shooting laser guns at aliens, why not? It just feels like a very fun journey through the mind of someone who grew up in the eighties and I like that. And Cate Blanchett as Hela is so, so good. 

Overall, Marvel sis, you just might’ve did something. 

okay so there is a lot of talk on tumblr always about creators “ruining” characters and something about that language and fandom culture in general just bothers me?? like…it does not matter how much you love a story….you do not get to presume you know better than the author? or you do not get to…assert that you could make better choices for the world than the authors?? or maybe…maybe it’s just that…you can’t…say that a character deserves better than the author?? you cannot really separate creator from creation on that level? i mean at the end of the day…the author wrote those characters and created the thing you love so much and….you want to love the characters but you simultaneously want to have the space to hate how the author is now writing them? how does that make any sense?

like i understand criticism, and there is a lot of legit criticism on here about how authors have handled certain things, and that is not what i am speaking to. Im speaking to the way fandoms…on tumblr in particular….start to act as if the author owes them certain things. and act as if the author is beholden to their wants and needs? authors are allowed to have creative ownership over their work?? and make their own decisions about what goes on? without considering how the fandom will react

like what is it about writing that makes people think they can just….demand things from creators??? you can be critical but you cant really…place the creations on a higher level than the creator? cassie clare just wrote a brill post about this, but basically, people hate her as an individual and yet are obsessed with her books and its like???? but she created this thing that you love so no, you do not have to personal like her, but you do need to respect the fact that she has creative ownership of this thing you love?? she is the reason for the thing that you love. i just get enraged when i see things like “well character x deserves better than sjm” or “alec deserves better than cassie” BITCH THEY CREATED THOSE CHARACTERS??? the fuck shit you’re smoking that you think these stories can exist entirely separately from the creators?>??

like man I love me some Milton Areopagitica, and I do agree that the author no longer controls the text once they release it, and that it can take on many meanings, but shit, you cannot have a creation without the creator, and you cant just…demand rudely that authors do things as if they are writing for you and you alone?? authors deserve to have their creative ownership respected. 

idk, as a writer, it just makes my skin crawl 

Top 10 Bias List

I was tagged by my (evil, making-me-pick-out-my-top-biases-even-though-it’s-insanely-hard) love, @rudeboywonho (shockingly I also have a thing for rappers??? this is weird)

Imma tag @memecook (this one’s gonna be rough for you, sorry Julianne!!), @21stdopecenturygurl, @jeondulce, and @malikscofield if ya wanna do it!!

1. Kim Namjoon - my love and heart and soul. My sunshine. I about died at that vlive he did yesterday and the way he was smiling at the camera and singing Drake just fuckign fucked me UP hfdjhfbdfdk

2. Jackson Wang - ooooooo this boy has been doing some DAMAGE lately. I always think about Jackson too, like why?? I’ll just think about him at random points in the day and ugh I adore him he’s such a gentleman but also hilarious and is REALLY giving Namjoon a run for his money

ok I have to put two because there are two sides of Jackson Wang and I love them more than I love myself bye

3. Lee Jooheon - he is the literal embodiment of cuteness and I cannot handle it, how tf am I going to deal at the Monsta x concert in July??? plus like, his dimples ruin me

4. Moonbin - I CANNOT with this boy. He makes my heart flutter and his laugh. his fuckin LAUGH. I WILL ATTACH A COMPILATION OF HIM AND HIS LAUGH HERE BECAUSE HE IS SOMETHING EVERYONE NEEDS IN THEIR LIFE 

5. Kwon Jiyong - ask @memecook, I am LITERAL and UTTER trash for G-Dragon. That is all

6. Kim Taehyung - Now I UNDERSTANNND that I already have Namjoon on here but Taehyung has wrecked all of my bias wreckers…..knocked Jimin out of his spot, then threw Yoongi out the window so I think Tae deserves a spot here. There are a shit ton of reasons why Taehyung is the most beautiful soul on earth but..you get it

7. Kim Yugyeom - Here’s another from Wreck7, who continuously wrecks my entire bias list on the daily. Yugyeom makes me feel some typa way and idk what it is, but I want to hug his giant maknae ass 24/7

8. Kim Byungjoo - ToppDogg is not really active, but B-Joo will always be active in my heart ok

9. Shin Hoseok - worming his way into my heart honestly and I find myself thirsting over his beauty and also his sincerity towards Monbebes threatens to rip my heart out

10. Chae Hyungwon - an awkward tall bean like me and I love how adorably sweet he actually is and I want to hug him??? so badly??? wow Monsta x is ruining me

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I'm new here, in fact I've been sucked in by the intense TMZ coverage about a boybander I had never heard about. The no paternity article seemed so fishy that I wanted to learn more about him. I saw old videos of him and I thought yeah this kid isn't straight. And then I discovered the larry conspiracy. I'm still not convinced one way or another about Larry/ the baby but I've read some masterposts debunking it and while there are a lot of inconsistencies, a few of them can be explained away. (1)

I just wanted to know if these alternatives seem plausible to you. For example, it’s true that pr wise this was handled really badly but isn’t their team known for being incompetent? And apparently their team hates Louis so if that’s the case that was more incentive for them to turn this into a big joke. That’s why the pr side of isn’t really convincing to me. Maybe they took advantage of a real situation (an oopsie baby) to make things hard for him. (2)

As for the early annoucement the J family seems to me rather fame hungry and it looks like Briana gor pregnant on purpose to trap him and get money/fame from it so them threatening him to leak isn’t far fetched to me. It could explain the tension between the families and why no one close to him congratulated him because that family is frankly awful. And then her and her family negotiated some exposure for her (her appearances at the London shows), a few pap walks for her then for the baby. (3)

So maybe the fact that he’s getting papped with the baby is a condition of his visitation rights? This is more exposure for them since she’s mentioned in each article. Idk I’m just trying to consider every possibility but yeah there are a lot more which cannot be explained (Louis’ lack of bond to the baby, her changing bump, the weird pictures, the media circus about the doll theory, the tmz coverage, the rental house, no pat test, Louis saying he’ll have no responsabilities etc) (4)

Anyway I just wanted your opinion on my alternative explanation. I’d like to dismiss the drunken ons mistake handled really badly and fame hungry family trapping a miIlionaire boybander theory. Thank you.


okay so since you’ve said you’re new i’m going to start by giving you a lot of reading to do. 

we’ve been talking about this situation extensively for months and i’m not going to bother re-inventing the wheel when there are a million resources i can point you to instead.

so, for starters, in case you haven’t seen this yet, briana was never actually pregnant. everything about this entire situation is fake and has been from the very beginning. in case you need proof that the pics of the changing bump are actually from this year check my ‘bump’ tag.

next, this metro article conveniently just happened to ‘predict’ a louis pregnancy, the zerrie break up, zayn leaving the band, and the band breakup rumours half a year in advance. chances are some of syco’s plans for the upcoming year were leaked to them/someone working there overheard something and they framed them as eerily accurate ‘predictions;

now for the links:

start with these two excellent masterposts by gabi @tellmethisisnotlove

introducing partboy!louis (where you’ll see how contrived all of this has been from the beginning)

foreshadowing of the stunt/louis saying the baby isn’t real

then read these:

a real celebrity pregnancy does not play out like this regardless of the circumstances

PLEASE READ THIS ENTIRE POST it pretty much singlehandedly addresses all of your questions.

they would just pay briana off if this was real she would never have been able to leverage it into a people magazine story on her own

celebrity lovechild precedents in which the public found out YEARS LATER

a summary of the situation/all the inconsistencies

way more details into the inconsistencies and general tomfoolery

and a nice final post on how it’s not just an ‘unplanned pregnancy louis was bummed out about and that’s why he kept talking about his lack of plans and responsibilities’

if you want to read more/still have questions i’d suggest you check out the first half of the links on this page on my blog.

also here’s a post on why we think babygate is happening/the purpose of it. also if you want to read more about louis and harry check out @theharrylouistreatise

you mentioned her getting pregnant on purpose to ‘trap’ him but you need to understand that she is not the famous one here. she has no power. she has no control. if he wanted this story shut down if there really was a kid, it would have been shut down. it wouldn’t have been a huge exclusive in people magazine (people magazine is the most obsequious pseudo tabloid there is they will kiss the ass of every single celebrity and pr person and will print whatever they’re told in exchange for exclusives).

her family would not be able to negotiate ANYTHING. they simply do not have that kind of power or leverage (especially because, as it’s frequently been reported, no paternity test has been taken. if this situation was real there would still be NO PROOF THE KID IS EVEN HIS).

let that sink in. ‘freddie’ is now almost 3 months old AND LOUIS STILL HAS NEVER TAKEN A PATERNITY TEST. how on earth would briana and her horrible family have any leverage or means of manipulating louis if that basic fact hasn’t even been established?

logically if louis was being ‘trapped’ by her and her family wouldn’t the first thing he did be to demand a paternity test? but nope, apparently he’s said multiple times he doesn’t need one. do you see how those thoughts cannot co-exist in a logical scenario?

how can louis be trapped if there’s a giant potential exit right in front of him in the form of a paternity test? you’re telling me he hates the situation this much but won’t even take the most obvious step which could free him from all of this completely?

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I'm reading a Steven Universe comic where they find a baby bird and they call the Wildlife Center and they refuse to take it in, so they raise it. Hopefully, no Wildlife Center would really do that!

Aww. Well, unfortunately sometimes that can happen. It would most likely be because the wildlife center already has too many animals and they cannot handle any more, rather than that they just don’t want it. Animal rehabs and sanctuaries are often very full of animals with only a few people to care for them.

If you want to help see if you can volunteer at a local wildlife center!

Alright I’m going to rant so hard on Ian, Nikki, and Kat.

First of all, I cannot believe the time Ian takes to respond to hate comments. You are a 36 year old man and you are really going to defend your wife to a bunch of teenage girls posting meaningless comments? Real mature of you. I’m so sick and tired of him trying to shove it down our throats that Nikki is the love of his life and we should accept and love her just as much as he does. Like honey, I do not give a shit about Nikki or how much you love her. I don’t care about your personal relationship like that’s the last thing on my mind. 

Second of all, the excuse that Nikki and Nina only met on few occasions is absolute and utter bullshit. You’re trying to tell me that Nikki and Nina did not have an established friendship and they only saw each other at public events? It’s very clear through many pictures and other sources that they used to be very close friends. It’s so embarrassing that Ian and Kat are going to the ends of the Earth to defend Nikki when Nina has been their friend and costar for 6 years. I have never ever seen them defend Nina when she was receiving hate for being in a relationship with Ian. No matter how different the situation is, they never publicly defended Nina for any of it. 

Third of all, the audacity that Kat Graham has to involve herself in this situation is BEYOND me. She’s following in Ian’s footsteps and taking the time to respond to hate comments about her dear friend Nikki. Again, you are a 25 year old woman and you are really nitpicking hate comments on your Instagram so you can defend your best friends? Why does any of this matter? Not everyone is going to like them and not everyone is going to be nice about it, you can’t stop people from voicing their opinions no matter how hard you try. It’s unprofessional and embarrassing to see grown men and women respond so strongly to a petty situation.

Overall, I just cannot handle how immature this whole entire situation is. The fact that Ian and Nikki are still trying to shove it down everyone’s throats that they are so completely in love is the most annoying thing ever. They would honestly be a great couple if they didn’t do that. The paragraphs they write about each other on Instagram and the constant PDA in front of paparazzi is getting very old. Like who are you trying to convince? Did it ever occur to you that no one cares? And responding to the people who don’t like you is ridiculous for adults like you who preach about kindness, privacy, and respect. Please start practicing what you preach and seeing the big picture: the world does not revolve around you.