i really just cannot handle them

full offense but lemme just remind you that ed sheeran was the only person who stood up for taylor during The Really Bad Times and he never gets enough credit for that amirite ladies

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So, if a skellinkton loses all their ink and is just a soul, how long would it take for them to regain a body? Also, could others handle the soul like hold it to keep them safe? (Btw This species is really cool and I LOVE how much detail and creativity you put into it!)

At that point - they cannot recreate a body. 

They would be stuck as a soul forever until it is shattered. 

Which is difficult. 


Requested by anon.

A/N: I’M REALLY SORRY! I just deleted the request in my inbox so I hope the anon who sent it won’t be mad at me. :( Hope you’ll enjoy it!

“You don’t understand!” you yelled at Kol. “I need to leave, Kol, they are my pack and I cannot let them die!”

“They are wolves, darling.” Kol grinned. “They can handle with the situation.”

“Look,” you held his hands. “I gotta go, okay? I won’t let them die in the hands of a vampire.”


“Kol.” you interrupted him. “There’s nothing I can do, you cannot come with me and I can fight very well, you know that. Take care.”

You didn’t look back or say goodbye because you always thought you’d come back to him. He had to understand your situation and respect your decision.

And you left. You did find your pack, you did fight for them and you did beat everyone standing in your way.

He would be proud if he could see you.

After a couple of months, you go back to him and tell him you two can reunite. You see him in a park with a strange girl – you can clearly tell that she’s a witch. You don’t care about her and call his name.

The moment he sees you, you see the disappointment in his eyes. He wasn’t expecting your return.

“Y/N…” he murmurs and smile. “You survived.”

“Yeah,” you say without a smile. “I can see that you didn’t expect me to do, though.”

“What is that mean?” he smirks and hugs you quickly. “It’s relieving to see you alive.”

“I doubt that.” you say. “Who’s your little friend?”

“Davina.” the girl says. “I’m Kol’s girlfriend.”

A devilish look appears on your face.

“Don’t be so sure, sweet little girl.” you hiss and look Kol in the eye. “How could you do this?” you ask.

“You’ve been away for a long time, love.” he says. “Things changed.”

“Yeah,” you laugh. “Let me tell you what didn’t change, Kol. Cross me and pay for it.”

“Don’t let that pain take over your mind, Y/N.” he says. “You wouldn’t–”

“Why not?” you ask sarcastically. “I fought for you, Kol! I survived and came back just for you! And how do you pay it now? With a teenage witch? You broke me in the worst way you could so why wouldn’t I break you in turn?”

“Look, you are not wanted in here, okay?” Davina claims. “If you don’t want any trouble, then leave.”

You narrow your eyes and tilt your head to left.

“Oh, Davina,” you warn her. “I am the trouble you shouldn’t mess with. And believe me when I say that I’ll make your life a living hell.”

Kol tries to say something but you raise your hand and stop him.

“And you… You still owe me a great apology.”

Here’s the deal regarding my UT Mob Comics Updates

So, for the past two UT Mob comics, I haven’t been able to update it on time (I usually update them on weekends) and will have to postpone today’s update also.

UT Mob main story is ending, and the comics are just getting longer and more intense that it takes more than two days to finish. I spend between 25+ hours for my comics lately that my wrist and shoulder cannot handle it.

I just want to let you guys know that it’ll take 4 full days to finish my comics, which means two weekends.

I really hate doing this, especially with the story picking up pace and constantly leaving you guys on a cliffhanger, but I’m also feeling burned out lately…So, I’m going to try pacing myself.

Sorry to be doing this, my good friends. I promise you that I WILL update next weekend.

Here is one scene from the next comic:

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Hi there! So I'm self-dx ADHD and I'm considering getting a professional diagnosis so I can receive accommodations at my university. Only problem is I'm afraid that any doctor who diagnoses me will insist that I go on medication, and I actually don't really wanna do that right now? Do you have any suggestions for how to handle this? Thanks!

Hello there! There’s absolutely benefits to getting a paper diagnosis, especially when it comes to school and accommodations. And it’s good to know that a doctor cannot require you to take medications! They can recommend medication and get you a legal prescription, but it’s also understood that not every can take medication, for a variety of reasons. And if you start off without meds and then decide you want to try them out, just notify your doctor and talk about different types you can use, it’s totally normal to take a bit of experimentation to find out what works for you!

in all reality how do i come to terms with these feelings?

how do i resolve this within myself when part of it involves another person who, because of the situation at hand i actually cannot open up and talk about these feelings

its unwanted. its not right, i, dont ever want to hurt them. so, i have to stay quiet. but, with the things said to me it makes me feel so much, too much, it really hurts

to just. want to give someone so much but they dont want it, purposefully prevent themselves from being closer so they dont do what ive already gone and done, get attached, get a crush

i dont really know how to handle the feelings i have in the situation im in and it hurts so much

Everyone has such beautiful headcanons or AUs for people like “I bet Akaashi plays the violin” and “Suga would totally be loving and gentle with children.”

But all my headcanons are along the lines of, “Hinata smells like straight up nasty sweat 24/7” and “Suga CANNOT handle children whatsoever,” and of course “Akaashi is a total glutton who eats with HORRIBLE etiquette.”

I just really enjoy making these boys more awkward than they already are I guess…

  • what she says: I'm fine.
  • what she really means: Osomatsu-San is ending and episode 24 was the worst oh my god. I always wanted them to get jobs but not like this. Choromatsu left to be responsible then Totty, Karamatsu, and Jyushimatsu. Ichimatsu left and he's living on the streets and he's really sick oh my god I'm concerned. Osomatsu doesn't even say bye to them he just lets them go. They still love and miss each other though. I cannOT HANdle thiS..

I just saw a post where this guy threw a tortoise that he thought was a turtle into a lake
Aside from the obvious stuff like that tortoises don’t like the water as much as turtles do, i wanted to tell everyone something really important about turtles
If you ever find a turtle in the middle of the road and take it to a pond or something, DO NOT submerge them into the water! They will drown!
Turtles have this thing where if you put them directly into water, they can’t see it coming, and therefore can’t hold their breath like we can before we go under water
So if you ever do find a turtle and want to take it to a little pond or something, put it near the pond so they can submerge themselves in the water and, ya know, not drown

I fucking swear.  We cannot have a Trump/Pence White House.  I just can’t handle this or handle anyone who would even think of supporting them.  Every minority conceivable in America will suffer under the two of them.  Everyone will suffer if Trump fucks foreign policy up to high heaven.  Hillary Clinton’s flaws are irrelevant now.  This Trump thing stopped being funny a long time ago.  I’m about to become a militant Hillary fan because… she’s literally our only hope. (My uncle keeps interjecting on Facebook that the libertarian candidate is an option.  Not really.  Trump probably has a bigger passionate fan base than Hillary, so if people vote libertarian or decide not to vote, it’ll just take away votes from Hillary.)  I just. WE AS A COUNTRY CANNOT FUCKING DO THIS.

I don’t know why I need to make a post about this but it’s real important real life shit so listen up

I know most of you are a bit younger than me / still in high school but there will come a time where this will be really important.

If you are ever at a party with someone who you know doesn’t handle alcohol or drugs very well, please for the love of god don’t let them overdo anything. Keep an eye on them, make sure they’re okay, I’m not saying babysit them, but please just watch out for their safety. Too many times have I seen people who don’t know their limits, or know their limits and completely ignore them, get into really awful situations and seriously risk their health and the safety of others.

I know this is a huge subject and it seems kind of obvious but I cannot stress how important it is to be responsible not only for yourself, but if you’re going out with your friends and maybe drinking or smoking or whatever you wanna do, make sure you’re in good company. If one person pushes their limits, it’s so easy for a night of fun to turn into a stressful, anxiety-filled evening of taking care of someone and making sure they make it home okay and don’t need immediate medical care. And please please please TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!!!

Know your limits!! And don’t test them! Don’t put yourself in harm’s way just to get fucked up. It’s not worth it. Especially if you’re not with friends who you trust that know what to do if anything happens. If any of you have been following me for the past 2(?) years you know that I’m in college, and yes I drink and I smoke but I’m always responsible for myself and for whoever I’m with. If you have to tap out before everyone else and just go to bed, do it. If you feel like you’re not okay, tell someone who you trust that knows what they’re doing and knows how to take care of you. Your safety is the most important thing. Don’t get in a car with someone who’s been drinking. Don’t drink and drive. Obviously. And don’t overdo it!! Alcohol poisoning is terrifying. I have seen and taken care of friends that were white as a ghost, vomiting unconsciously, who can hardly talk. It’s not safe, it’s not responsible, and it’s not okay.

Just please, take care of yourself and take care of your friends. Parties are awesome and great until they’re not. It’s so important to intoxicate responsibly. Don’t put yourself in that position, and please be smarter than that.

Hitaus: til further notice

Hey lovelies!

 I have decided not to delete my tumblr for the time being. However I am going to be going on a hiatus. I’m honestly not sure for how long. It may be a week or it may be a month.

 I cannot handle helping other people at this moment cause my mental health is at the lowest it’s ever been and it’s really scary and awful. 

When I come back I will probably re-vamp my blog and chance a few things to keep myself from getting back to this place. It’s honestly not your loves fault at all it’s all real life stuff but messages get very overwhelming and turning them off doesn’t just change that or fix things.

So yes I will be going on hiatus until further notice.

My mutuals have said they are happy to answer advice. moon-mom tashakiri have offered and I know a few more who would be okay with helping. 

Thanks for the love & support. 

(if you really need to get into contact with me please only do because of a serious situation. Like if it’s a NEED rather than a WANT you can tweet me or dm me on twitter but please only do this if you r e a l l y need it)