i really i hope i don't regret this

Someone: You can’t ship them. *My NOTP* is better than *My OTP* and *NOTP* is canon. It’s not-


Someone:  It’s crackship!!!! Everyone will hate you! You must-


Use these gifs if you want :)

Wicked Lyric Meme
  • "Isn't it nice to know that good will conquer evil?"
  • "No one mourns the wicked."
  • "The good man scorns the wicked."
  • "Goodness knows, the wickeds lives are only."
  • "Goodness knows, the wicked die alone."
  • "Are people born wicked? Or do they have wickedness thrust upon them?"
  • "Have another drink, my dark eyed beauty."
  • "Woe to those who spurn what goodness they are shown."
  • "Many years I have waited for a gift like yours to appear."
  • "My future is unlimited."
  • "What is this feeling so sudden and new?"
  • "Let's just say, I loathe it all."
  • "Every little trait, however small, makes my very flesh begin to crawl."
  • "There's a strange exhilaration in such total detestation."
  • "I will be loathing you my whole life long."
  • "These things are sent to try us."
  • "The trouble with school is they always try to teach the wrong lesson."
  • "Life's more painless for the brainless."
  • "It's just life, so keep dancing through."
  • "Life is fraughtless for the thoughtless."
  • "Those who don't try never look foolish."
  • "I hope you'll save at least one dance for me. I'll be right there. Waiting. All night."
  • "It's clear we deserve each other."
  • "Finally for this one night, I'm about to have a fun night."
  • "Black is this year's pink."
  • "I've got something to confess. A reason, well, why I asked you here tonight."
  • "We deserve each other. Don't we?"
  • "I've decided to make you my new project."
  • "When someone needs a makeover, I simply have to take over."
  • "You're gonna be popular!"
  • "I'll teach you the proper ploys when you talk to boys, little ways to flirt and flounce."
  • "I'll help you be popular!"
  • "Don't be offended by my frank analysis, think of it as personality dialysis."
  • "Did they have brains or knowledge? Don't make me laugh!"
  • "It's not about aptitude, its the way you're viewed."
  • "He could be that boy, but I'm not that girl."
  • "Don't dream too far."
  • "Don't lose sight of who you are."
  • "Wishing only wounds the heart."
  • "One short day full of so much to do."
  • "I think we've found the place where we belong."
  • "One short day to have a lifetime of fun."
  • "I am a sentimental man who's always longed to be a father."
  • "I think everyone deserves the chance to fly."
  • "Why couldn't you have stayed calm for once instead of flying off the handle!"
  • "I hope you're happy how you hurt your cause forever."
  • "I hope you're proud how you would grovel in submission to feed your own ambition."
  • "I don't want it- no- I can't want it anymore."
  • "Something has changed within me. Something is not the same."
  • "I'm through with playing by the rules of someone else's game."
  • "It's time to try defying gravity."
  • "Can't I make you understand youre having delusions of grandeur?"
  • "I'm through accepting limits cuz someone says they're so."
  • "Some things I cannot change but til I try, I'll never know."
  • "If that's love it comes at much too high a cost."
  • "I really hope you get it and you don't live to regret it."
  • "If in flying solo, at least I'm flying free."
  • "Happy is what happens when all your dreams come true."
  • "People are so empty headed, they'll believe anything."
  • "I can't harbor a fugitive. I'm an elected official."
  • "There isn't a spell for everything."
  • "Finally from these powers, something good."
  • "Surely now I'll matter less to you. You won't mind my leaving here tonight."
  • "I've got to go appeal to her. Express the way I feel for her."
  • "You're going to lose your heart to me, I tell you."
  • "I never asked for this or planned it in advance."
  • "If you insist I will be wonderful."
  • "Where I'm from we believe all sorts of things that aren't true. We call it history."
  • "A rich man's a thief or a philanthropist."
  • "Is one a crusader or a ruthless invader?"
  • "It's all in which label is able to persist."
  • "I need help believing you're with me tonight."
  • "My wildest dreamings could not foresee lying beside you with you wanting me."
  • "I'll make every last moment last as long as you're mine."
  • "Maybe I'm brainless, maybe I'm wise, but you've got me seeing through different eyes."
  • "Somehow I've fallen under your spell."
  • "Say there's no future for us as a pair."
  • "Know I'll be here holding you as long as you're mine."
  • "It's just...for the first time, I feel wicked."
  • "Let his flesh not be torn."
  • "Let his blood leave no stain."
  • "Let him never die."
  • "You're the latest victim of my greatest achievment in a long career of distress."
  • "No good deed goes unpunished. That's my new creed."
  • "Was I really seeking good or just seeking attention?"
  • "No good deed will I do again!"
  • "Wickedness must be punished. Evil effectively eliminated."
  • "I've heard it said that people come into our lives for a reason, bringing something we must learn."
  • "We are led to those who help us most to grow if we let them."
  • "I know I'm wrong am today because I knew you."
  • "Who can say if I've been changed for the better."
  • "Because I knew you, I have been changed for good."
  • "So much of me is made of what I learned from you."
  • "I ask forgiveness for the things I've done you blame me for."
  • me: i'm not going to get hyped up for young justice season 3 because it's not going to come out for a long time.
  • me to me: rewatch all of season one and two. multiple times. read all the comics of young justice. look to see if there is fanfiction for every character on the team. search the internet for clues of the new season.
Lust x Fell
  • (Gotta say, very dirty sinful sex up in here, letting you people know, you been warn~ hope yah all love it as much as I do, and enjoy every hot sexy moment of it~ I regret nothing, also, give a like and reblog lol)
  • *In UnderLust*
  • LustSans: Heya bro, I'm heading out to Grillbyz, k
  • LustPaps: -Sighs- fine.. but don't over drink.. Can't stand to always end up dragging you back home from you always getting so drunk all the time..
  • LustSans: Ah g Paps, don't worry, I ain't gonna be dra-gon you down, with me over drinkin, heh
  • LustPaps: ... Really... you just couldn't help yourself..
  • LustSans: Hehehe, welp, anyway, I'm off, cya
  • *Teleports*
  • LustSans: -comes in the front entrance of door- Heya guys, miss me?
  • CrowdInClub: Hell Yeah! Lust is Back!
  • LustSans: Heh, I take that as a yes~ -walks inside and sits on stole, looks to grillby- yah know what I like grillby~ -winks-
  • LustGrillby: of course, same as always -serves him the ketchup shots- Your brother seems to be getting tired of you drinking more often then usual here
  • *Music bumpin and blasting, loads of strippers and drinkers in kinky sexy clothes dancing*
  • LustSans: -drinks- eh, got no where else to go for some fun heh
  • LustGrillby: -smiles bit- right, just try to not over drink today, your brother text me to remind you that
  • LustSans: -rolls pupils- ok ok, I heard him the first time, ain't much change around here, always same thing, over and over -looks over to the others dancing, partying, drinking, and stripping-
  • LustGrillby: Think something might change for you? -leans to bar with arms crossed-
  • LustSans: Heh -drinks another shot- I wish grillbyz, I sure wish, that something new could happen for once, instead of the same ol thing I see everyday, somethin, interesting, more fun and exciting yah know?
  • LustGrillby: Sure lust, maybe something will change for you
  • -phone rings-
  • LustGrillby: ? hold on lust, I have to answer this -heads to the back in storage room and answers phone-
  • LustSans: Eh ok.. -keeps drinking-
  • *after couple shots later*
  • CrowdInClub: -chant- Dance! Lust! Dance!
  • LustSans: ? -hic- ehehe.. welp, since yah all ask -gets on a pole and strip dances for them, is drunk-
  • CrowdInClub: -Chant, Cheers, and Whistles in Hot Tone-
  • *After a long late night partying, he ends up walking threw the forest*
  • LustSans: -still drunk- *hic* wooo -chuckles- *hic* that was some parrrttyy~ -blushing from effect of drinking and pupils are heart shape purple-
  • -As soon as he almost makes it back home, a mysterious portal appears, right infront of him, out of no where-
  • LustSans: ? -tilts head- *hic* wha this?.. -goes closer to take a peek- hmm?..
  • -The portal suddenly sucks him inside and closes behind him-
  • LustSans: !?! Hey! WTF?!
  • -He tries to escape, but the force of the portal pulls him more and more, with no escape-
  • *Next Scene, In UnderFell*
  • FellSans: Boss.. I'm heading to Grillbys.. and cmon home late.. so don't be a ass callin me all crazy to come home..
  • FellPaps: Hmph.. your already a ass to me.. whatever.. go get yourself drunk for all I care...I'll be at the Royal Guard -walks out the front door and slams it behind self-
  • FellSans: *ToSelf: Bitch..
  • -As Soon as he was gonna teleport, a portal appears in front of him-
  • FellSans: ? What the Fuck? -looks at it with hands in jacket pockets- what is this shit?...
  • -the portal sucks him in-
  • FellSans: !? -teleports before it could- what the fuck was that. . . -walks threw forest- least it didn't get me..
  • -portal appears underneath his feet and he falls in, portal closes-
  • FellSans: . . . I should of know...-pupils slightly opened, with a pist off look- where the fuck is it taking me..
  • *Back to LustSans Scene*
  • -portal opens and drops him on ground, and he faceplant-
  • LustSans: !? -muffles- ow.. -slowly stands back up,rubs face, looks around- where am I?.. geez.. I need to get back home
  • -he tries to teleport back to his au world, but for some reason, it only teleports him back to where he is right now-
  • LustSans: ? what the hell -keeps trying- what's goin on here.. why can't I teleport back?.. shit.. this isn't good
  • -he roams threw the forest, soon stumbles upon a empty house-
  • LustSans: -sees- ? hm.. seems empty, do I dare?.. Ah freak it, where else could I go, and its getting pretty dark out
  • -he heads inside the empty house, towards the living room, lays upon couch, slowly falls to sleep-
  • *Back to FellSans Scene*
  • -portal opens up and drops him-
  • FellSans: -lands on feet, grunts- what the fuck.. what's this shitty place.. I'm outer here..
  • *same result as LustSans, he only teleports to the same spot*
  • FellSans: ?.. Son of a Bitch.. guess I'm walkin..fuckin fantastic..
  • *As he roams threw the forest, it starts getting darker with night approaching, he soon stumbles upon the same house that LustSans is in, him not knowing he's there*
  • FellSans: -sees it- looks dead empty.. -looks around- to quiet out here.. might as well spend the night there till morin, and figure out on how the fuck I'm gonna get back..
  • -heads inside, pupils glow red for light, looks around-
  • LustSans: zZzZzZz -Snores-
  • FellSans: -hears- ? not empty.. -heads towards the snoring sound, suddenly seeing him sleeping on couch- ..... *Whispers to self: What the fuck is he doing here. . .
  • LustSans: zZzZzZz
  • FellSans: *Whisper to self: ... of all the Au's....-grunts- fuck sake...-sighs- maybe he might know what happened -grunts- n-no.. what am I saying.. I shouldn't talk to the sex addicting freak.. -back turned- there's gotta be someone else that can bring me back to my au...and explain, on why the fuck I'm here...
  • LustSans: -slowly wakes, hearing a voice, lifts head, and sees him- ? *To Self Whispers: ooooo heh, well well, how interesting that FellSans is here as well. Maybe, in the mean time, since were now both struck here, I could spare the time for some fun with him~ -gets up slowly, and approaches him quietly from behind, with a sly grin-
  • FellSans: *To self: Who ever brought me here with this "Freak" is gonna p-
  • LustSans: -Arms wrap around him- heeeyyy felly~ -chuckles, with pupils glowing in purple heart shape-
  • FellSans: !?! Oh Hell Nah! -Shoves him off- Don't Touch Me! -backs away-
  • LustSans: heheh~ Aww did I scare you felly~
  • FellSans: -raises non existing brow- fuck no... and don't call me that....
  • LustSans: Heh, weird how it brought you and me, together, isn't it~
  • FellSans: Don't Fuckin Touch Me. . .or I'll break you..
  • LustSans: -Leans forward, licks him on mouth- You talk bad~ I love it~
  • FellSans: ! -shivers- what the fuck is with you! you creep me the fuck out.. -clenches fist- Stay the fuck away from me!! Got That!
  • LustSans: or what, yah gonna, Pun-ish me~ *winks*
  • FellSans: First of all, good one, second, not to whatever your thinking...
  • LustSans: -chuckles- C'mere yah sexy bones~ -hands to his face and kisses him on mouth-
  • FellSans: !?! -swings a punch-
  • LustSans: -miss- lol
  • FellSans: -pupils flame red, blushes bit- You Asshole!!!
  • LustSans: -blushes- hehe~ you taste good hot stuff~
  • FellSans: ugh... -shivers- just. don't.
  • LustSans: Aww cmon, its just only you and me here~
  • FellSans: I.. don't give a flying fuck..
  • LustSans: I do~
  • FellSans: -flips him off- Fuck You!
  • LustSans: -loops fingers and puts in center of his middle finger- Fuck Me~ *winks*
  • FellSans: . . . -eyesockets go black, and twitches bit, growls- errr....
  • LustSans: Yah cute when your mad~
  • FellSans: I'm Not Cute! I'm Deadly!
  • LustSans: Oh sure yah are, yah also such a big ol softy~
  • FellSans: -raised voice bit- Stop. It. Now....
  • LustSans: Yah outta try somethin fun for a change sexy bad bones~ and not act like a pussy~
  • FellSans: -Triggered, slam him upon ground, pins him down- Shut Your Sluty Ass Mouth Up!!!
  • LustSans: -gets startled bit, sinful grin, legs wrap around his waist and pulls him down on me- Soooo Hooott~ -grabs to his collar and pulls down, licks on his neck-
  • FellSans: Gahh!?! -flinched and shivers, blushes more, tries to escape-
  • LustSans: -doesn't let him, arms around and over his shoulders, pulls him more down on me, legs still around his waist more tight, looks to him with a sly smile-
  • FellSans: . . . .Let...go..
  • LustSans: heh no~ -tongues him deep in the mouth to his tongue-
  • FellSans: !?! Mmph!-muffles- Stop! -struggles, blushing hard-
  • LustSans: -wraps tongue to his-
  • FellSans: Mmmph!! -can't take it-
  • LustSans: -breathes heavily- ahh heh~ -makes out to him, drools bit-
  • FellSans: a-ahh..-gives up, makes out back to him more roughly-
  • LustSans: -slathers tongue to his neck-
  • FellSans: ahh~ -pants hard, bites bit hard to his neck-
  • LustSans: -Jolts up bit- Ah!~ so naughty~
  • FellSans: *InMind: What the fuck am I doing.. This is so wrong yet.. -grunts- It feels so right* -hand grips to his ass-
  • LustSans: -Jolts bit from feel, blushes hard, yells out in pleasure- ohh felly!~
  • FellSans: -gets kinda turned on, turns him around to his stomach, pulls his shirt off and mine, licks his spine-
  • LustSans: Ahhh!~ -pants heavily, trembles-
  • FellSans: -blushing, whispers- I..hate..you.. -pulls his pants down as I pull my shorts down, bends him over and penetrates him hard and deep in his ass-
  • LustSans: !! Ahhhh!!~ -moans loudly with tongue dripping and drooling bit-
  • FellSans: -pants hard, pounds in him harder, faster, deeper, gripping to his ass, spread wide-
  • LustSans: Ahhhh!~ hhhhhn!~ -moans louder, legs to knees get shaky, breathes heavier, hands grip-
  • FellSans: -breathes much heavier, sweating, keeps pelvic thrusting further and further in deeply, and much faster- ahhh~ mmmhh~ -huffs and puffs hard to his back of spine, with tongue out drooling on it-
  • LustSans: Ahhh!~ -moans out- fuck yes!~ -pants deeply, sweating and drooling from tongue- hhhhhhn!~
  • FellSans: -goes all the way in at limit thrusting deeply harder and faster- ahhhh~ f-fuck~ hhhhhn~ s-shit~ I'm g-gonna~ -full grip on his ass and cums- Ahhh!~
  • LustSans: Ahhhh!!~ -screams in pleasure, from feeling his cum in me all wet- ooohh felly~~~ -blushes deeply-
  • FellSans: -pants, blushes hard, looks down on him and grins- I'm not done yet.. -turns him facing me, lowers his head, hand on back of his head and shoves my dick in his mouth-
  • LustSans: Mmmmppphhh!~
  • FellSans: Get to sucking you thirsty bastard~ -sly and grin smile-
  • LustSans: -sucks deep and hard-
  • FellSans: -pants hard, helps him go faster and deeper-
  • LustSans: -sucks deeply and faster, at sametime, jerking and stroking with bit of grip and squeeze to it, drools- Mmmmpph~ Mmmmh~
  • FellSans: -moans- ahhh~ g-god d-dam mmmhh~ hhhhhn~ -drools from tongue, staring at him, heavy breathing-
  • LustSans: -breathes heard from nose hole, goes deeper in throat, tongue slathers all over it soaking wet, goes faster, grip stroking-
  • FellSans: Ahhh~ -breathes deeply heavier- f-fuck~ Ahhh!~ mmmmh~ hhhhhn!~ -grabs to his head and thrust all the way in and cums- Ahhh!~
  • LustSans: Mmmmpphhh!!~ -gulps it all, pants hard- *huff* ahh~ *puffs* -licks around mouth, blushing more deeply-
  • FellSans: -looks to him, blushing harder, kisses to him-
  • LustSans: -kisses back- That was fun~
  • FellSans: f-fuck yeah, it was~
  • LustSans: -pupils glow in purple heart shape with a sly smile, says in sexual tone of voice- lets have some more fun~
  • *To Be Continued*
Jewelry Recommendations?

Basically, I’ve been lookin for a half dollar+ sized triskelle pendant for FOREVER. I used to have a large pentacle I wore from a place called Sterling Sylvia’s that I got on a trip to New Orleans years ago, but I quit wearin it probably 3 years ago because I already didn’t identify with the symbol anymore and only wore it out of habit and because a friend lent me the money to buy it at the time. So, anyone have any thoughts? The problem has largely been that everything I see is dainty, feminine, or small, and not that there’s anything wrong with that at all, but I’m a big guy and that’s not my aesthetic. Any help would be appreciated!

i don’t think miranda speaks english very well

i think she never really had a reason to learn english and so she’s been trying to learn it since she joined the order

i think lavi knows that and is appealing to that in the above image by acting out the word ‘dog’ - but he’s a dork and doesn’t realize that the problem with her understanding that wouldn’t be the word 'dog,’ but the idiomatic connotation of the word

so, i’m gonna go ahead and say that miranda often doesn’t know exactly what’s being said. she knows conversational english because she’s been immersed in it, and she knows occupation-specific words (meaning words that she’d probably never need to know otherwise, like innocence, parasitic, etc.) but a lot of times people talking quickly or using idioms or words she’s never needed to know goes over her head.

she speaks with a heavy german accent, but since she’s centered at the european branch that doesn’t tend to be a problem, because a lot of people at the order are from germany, so people don’t really have a problem understanding her

however, she’s still pretty shy, and is insecure about her accent when speaking english. she opens up more when speaking german, although there aren’t too many people with whom she feels comfortable speaking german besides marie.

that’s one of the ways marie and miranda became close: marie speaks german, and his english is a lot better than hers, so he’s able to translate for her. he’s very patient with her, and that’s something that not many other people in the order have been able to do. as for marie, he really appreciates being able to talk to someone who’s similar to him in how she thinks.

basically i’m saying that miranda’s english isn’t very good and she ends up relying on marie for a while, but even after her english improves and she doesn’t really need marie to translate for her, she keeps asking him for help because she continues to feel insecure about her english.

also miranda not understanding english a lot of the time is so cute i mean. come on. come on.

Love Letters for the Signs
  • Aries:
  • do you remember that time that we went to the river and everyone was jumping off the edge of the bank and we argued for ten minutes about who was going to go first because you wanted to and i said that i did too well i was actually terrified but i wanted to go first and make sure it was safe for you because you mean everything to me
  • Taurus:
  • i forgot to eat today i forgot to eat today and yesterday and im sitting on my bed wondering why i can't remember to feed myself and i realised it's because you're not here and i miss you and i know that i should learn to take care of myself but im afraid that if i do you'll never need to come back so please come back before i starve
  • Gemini:
  • i used to hate the way that you made me yell down the stairs after i made a loud noise to let you know that i was okay and sometimes i'd yell as soon as I dropped the laptop/desk drawer/picture frame to beat you to the shouting bit but for the last thirty minutes I've been sporadically dropping all of my book down the stairs hoping you'll call up because i want to hear your voice
  • Cancer:
  • there's a sound that you make that i try to avoid at all costs because the first time that I heard it i froze i froze inside of it and i let it's beautiful anguish swaddle me until i was sure that i would drown inside you and that was okay but i swore that if i survived i would never make you sad and i survived so please love me back
  • leo:
  • i've never been able to understand the way that you look at me like you are going to swallow me whole between sips of your coffee so sometimes/always i try to remind you that i'm poisonous and i always try to remind you that i'm defective and you always kiss me hard in the middle of my forehead and i think that's why i'll never stop loving you
  • virgo:
  • let's make a bet that in ten years i'll still be sleeping next to you every night and if you win and i'm not sleeping next to you every night then you get to break into my tastefully large and likely extremely expensive house and curl up beside me because you know i still save the left side of the bed for you and if i win and i'm still sleeping next to you every night then we'll call it even because i already have everything i've ever wanted
  • Libra:
  • every time that you touch me i feel my skin go translucent under your finger tips and i remember what it is like to feel skin against my skin and i know that you can see right through me and i know that you know what I'm thinking but it doesn't really matter because i felt your skin against my skin and i know that nothing will feel real until you touch me again
  • Scorpio:
  • the last time that i saw you was in a dream and for some reason i thought that if i could talk to dream you then maybe dream you could give real you a message from me and i was just wondering if it worked and if it did then why haven't i heard from you so just in case it didn't work i told dream you to tell real you that i haven't forgotten us
  • Sagittarius:
  • have you ever wondered what would have happened if we had never met do you think that we would be okay like do you think that we would find happiness without each other because i was thinking about it and i think that i would still feel like something was missing even if i didn't know that it was my most important something
  • Capricorn:
  • So I'm sitting on the curb nursing another twisted knee and i realise that even though i know that you could leave me broken i will still follow you to the ends of the earth and through every stitched cut and relocated shoulder that would have never been dislocated if we had just stayed on the path like i had suggested i'll remember our first night when you taught me to nurse my wounds and fade old scars and it will be worth it
  • Aquarius:
  • sometimes i wish that i could burrow through your iris to the part of your skull where you feel all of the secrets and regrets slowly spilling into the stomach acid that you pretend you aren't choking on and i'm hoping that you'll find relief if i take some of the pressure but you have to let me in because i promise your demons don't scare me
  • Pisces:
  • you've always made the decisions when it comes to what we are going to eat or who's bed we're going to sleep in and i guess it's because i'm never really sure of anything and sometimes i'm afraid of what might happen if i make the wrong choice but with you i feel safe and i want you to know that even though i'm never really sure of anything i'm completely sure of this so maybe just trust me this time
I’ve been thinking pt 2 ~ J.A.

A/N: My dumbass really thought she could write about a car crash and not do any medical research for the consequences of the crash in part 2 smh. I had a lot of writers block while working on this, but I just couldn’t let this story end like it did in part 1 (like let’s be real I love my baby Jack too much to not fix this) Anyway I hope you guys enjoy this part and that it makes up for the suffering in part 1, I hope I did the story justice. 

REQUESTED: yes, a bunch of people told me to make a part 2 so here it is. This one goes out to all my jack girls out there

SUMMARY: the story picks up where we left off in part 1 right after the paramedic tells Jack  “okay well you have the address of the hospital if you change your mind, sir”. Anyway as for the actual summary part 2 is basically a dramatic telenovela so yeah enjoy 

Jack hung up the phone and stared at it in shock for about 10 minutes before his phone screen became wet from all the tears that were falling down from his face. Corbyn walked in “yo what’s up, Jack- wait why are you crying, what happened?"Jack looked up with the wet trail the tears left, still on his face. "I…I made a mistake” he whispered and sat down on his bed with Corbyn to explain everything that had happened between the two of you. When he got to the last part Corbyn looked at him in disbelief. “First of all what the actual fuck, Jack? Second of all you better go to that hospital right now because it’s crystal clear that you still love her with every fiber you have.” “I can’t go there, we broke up!  The last thing she said before storming out was literally ‘I hate you, Jack Avery. I never want to see you again.’ I’m telling you she doesn’t want me there.” His heart broke a little as he almost whispered the last words. 

Corbyn sighs deeply “Can you blame her for saying that though? You were being a total jerk to her.” Jack fell back on his back and put his hands over his face. “I know, I messed up so bad, I took all that we built and I broke it. I didn’t even mean that I don’t love her anymore. I do love her, very much, but I thought she would be better off without me. We barely get to see each other because of the tour and everything else that’s going on and I thought it would be better to break up with her than having her sit at home waiting for me. She deserves so much better than that.” His eyes were burning, fighting a new wave of tears. “Jack, you need to go to that hospital and tell her how you really feel, she deserves to know. She’s in a very bad state so you might not get another cha-” Jack knew how that sentence was going to end, he couldn’t bring himself to think about losing you and he cut Corbyn off before he could finish it. He managed to get a rushed “I have to go” out and ran down the stairs before quickly grabbing his keys and jumping in his car. 

He sprinted over the enormous parking lot and ran inside feverishly searching for the information desk. Out of breath, he walks up to the woman sitting at the information desk “I’m -I’m here to- to see y/n y/l/n”. The lady looks up some information to tell him where he needs to go. Jack is tapping his foot impatiently hoping he’s not too late. “Miss y/l/n is in the east wing on the fourth floor in room 46B, but she’s currently being tested. There’s a waiting room on every floor, so you can go there and wait for more news if you’d like.” Jack thanked the lady and ran to the elevators. 

Jack had been sitting in the waiting room all by himself for 3 hours now. There were so many questions going through his mind and he grew more worried with every minute that passed. “What if something is seriously wrong? What if she needs surgery? What if she doesn’t make it?” He snapped out of it and looked up when he heard a voice. “You’re here to see miss y/l/n, is that correct? I’m doctor Evans ” Jack jumped up before hastily saying yes and shaking the doctor’s hand while introducing himself. He almost didn’t dare to ask it but eventually did. “How is she?” He asked with a trembling voice. “She is stable as for now and resting. She went into hypovolemic shock. This is caused when there isn’t enough blood in your blood vessels to carry oxygen to your organs. Which can be caused by severe blood loss, for example, from injuries. This resulted in losing consciousness in the ambulance on her way here. We’ve done some tests to see if her vital organs are alright and we did a blood transfusion to fix the blood loss." "Can I see her?” “Are you a direct family member, sir?” Jack frowned “well, no…but I’m her emergency contact.” The doctor looked through some of the papers on the clipboard with your information. “We normally don’t do this mister Avery, but since her family couldn’t make it back this soon and you’re the only one here, we’re going to make an exception for you” Jack whispered a thank you and followed the doctor to your room. “She’s sleeping but you can wait here until she wakes up.” doctor Evans said before walking out again.

Jack walked up to the bed to look at you. You had stitches on your left arm and one on your forehead near your hairline. You had bruises and bumps all over your arms and a scratch under one of your eyes. He teared up a little while looking at you and whispered “I’m so sorry y/n, this is all my fault. I should’ve never let you walk out that door.” He sits down next to your bed and watches your chest slowly rise and fall. After about 15 minutes of sitting by your bedside in silence, you finally wake up. When you see Jack sitting by your bed, a hurt expression washes over your face. “What are you doing here?” you said in disgust. “Was I finally important enough for you to change your mind?” Jack looks at you with a puzzled expression and opens his mouth to say something, but there’s no response. “Wh- What are you talking about?” “I’m talking about how you didn’t care enough to come when you initially heard about it over the phone. I heard the paramedic say they had to call my emergency contact and I sure as hell heard him say “Okay well, you have the address of the hospital if you change your mind, sir.” “I know that I must be the last person you want to see right now, but I really need you to hear this and let me explain.What matters now is that I’m here and I care about you. I never meant it when I told you I didn’t love you anymore. I’m an idiot for letting you go.” He sighed and paused for a minute before continuing. “ You know, I really love you and I messed everything up. I just really miss you and we don’t get to spend a lot of time together with all of the tour and band stuff going on. You deserve so much better than waiting for me to come back home. I wanted to be there at all times to support and comfort you when you needed me, but since I can’t do that I figured it would be best for us to break up so you could get over me and find a guy that is there for you all the time and isn’t always miles away and busy.” He swallowed hard before going on. “I didn’t mean for this to get so out of hand and hurt you. When they called I told them that we just had a huge fight and I wasn’t sure if it’d be good for you to see me because it might distress you. But I couldn’t stand the thought of losing you. I came here because I realized that no matter how far away we are from each other and no matter how little I get to see you, you are the love of my life and I can’t stand to be away from you. And I know that an apology isn’t enough to make this up to you but  I tore us apart and I hope you will give me a chance to piece us back together. I just got so emotional that the words came out all wrong and I said a bunch of things I didn’t mean and regret saying, maybe I should think before I talk.” He looked down at his shoes not daring to look you in the eye, scared of your answer. You sighed deeply “You really hurt me Jack, but as mad as I want to be right now, I can’t do it, because I can’t stand to be away from you either.” Jack looked up at you, a shred of hope in his eyes and a smile on his face. “Does this mean you’ll give me a second chance?” “Don’t make me regret it, Avery”. He grabbed your hand and squeezed it before planting a kiss on your forehead. “I thought I’d lost you” “You could never lose me, even if you tried.” 

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Hey, I'm the anon who ask about crossover... So can I request a Bakugou, Deku and Kaminari scenario where s/o is a Ghoul (Tokyo Ghoul it's okay?) and they discovered in the worse situation? (you can do the situation) angst and happy end! If you don't know Tokyo Ghoul them just ignore this, really bad English, sorry and love from Brazil!

*cracks knuckles* Anon, I like Tokyo Ghoul quite a bit, so it’s totally fine! And welcome! Lots of love and greetings to you! I very much hope I could write this well enough and that you like it =)


He can’t keep himself from stumbling back a step, cursing harshly as he sees the red and black eyes of his partner. They quickly hold up their hands in a peaceful gesture.

“Katsuki.” They say softy and he notices the tinges of fear and regret and nervous worry in their voice. There is another ghoul behind them, who is inching away before running off. It’s clear they fought just a second ago.

“What the fuck?” He says, his surprise taking the usual growl out of the curse word. Then he frowns deeply and the surprise fades. “What the fucking hell?”

His partner swallows. “Please, can I explain?”

“Damn yes! What the shit is going on?” He gestures to the now empty alley and at them the same time. Bakugou notices though, that he doesn’t feel…worried about discovering what they are. He never felt uncomfortable around his love and he feels at home with them.

Slowly, his partner explains, what it means to be a ghoul and that they can never tell anyone since they always have to fear for their life. At the end of it, Bakugou begins to understand why they kept quiet about it and the twinge of betrayal he feels when they didn’t confide in him fades.

“What will you do now?” They ask quietly, looking like they’re half resigned to hear him dump them.

He scowls. “We.” He puts emphasis on the word. “Will go the fuck back home where we’ll talk this shit out properly. I still don’t get it all and when we’re going to make this work, I need you to explain this crap in detail.”

They look relieved and smile softly, their ghoul features having shifted back to their human looks a while ago. When they take a cautious few steps forward, Bakugou grabs their wrist and pulls them closer, crushing them in a hug.

“We’ll figure this out, okay? Stop to fucking worry.” He grumbles and feels his partner hug him back just as tightly


His throat closes up and he chokes on the surprised yell that almost escapes him when he walks into his partner’s home. They quickly wrap up the slap of meat in front of them again and turn way, though it doesn’t hide the color of their eyes.

“You’re a ghoul.” Midoriya gasps out and his hands fumble to steady him against the wall. He stands still a second later; the closed door to the hallway just a few steps behind him. Still, aside from realizing that, he doesn’t think to reach for it.

“I’m so sorry.” His partner’s voice shakes and he can still glimpse that their eyes are black and red. The vice around his throat loosens and he quietly sucks in a deeper breath. “I never meant to…please, let me explain.”

“Okay.” Midoriya carefully shuffles his feet, not stepping closer and not running away either. He feels steadier now though and when they turn to look at him, he sees that they’re scared and clench the back of their chair with nervous fingers. Their eyes are back to normal too.

With a quiet voice, they tell him and repeatedly apologize for lying to him and for keeping quiet.

“I really love you.” They whisper out at last, staring down at their hands. “And I would never…I just want to be with you. I wish I were normal, nothing more than human.”

Midoriya swallows, his heart giving a painful twinge at their heartbroken tone and he walks forward. His partner jerks in surprise when his hand softly covers theirs. They look at him and he gives them a wobbly, small smile.

“I think, we might be able to figure this out.”

Their eyes grow wide, before they suck in a relieved breath, their shoulders falling. “Thank you.”

Midoriya gives their hand a squeeze and steps closer, his quick heartbeat calming down again. “We’ll find a way.”


Kaminari can’t stop the yell that escapes him, when he stumbles across his partner, their eyes red and black when they whirl around. Their alarmed face falls in a split second and despite the way they look, he can almost feel the horror and chocking surprise that spreads over their face.

“Denki.” They whisper, though they don’t move a single muscle, their eyes fading back to their normal color so fast, it almost leaves him dizzy. Their gaze is worried and gentle and when they do move, it is to take a step back.

“You’re a ghoul.” He says, feeling oddly numb and for a second he remembers all the things he heard about those, before he sucks in a breath. He doesn’t want to run, not from the person he loves and he doesn’t even want to think they would hurt him.

“I’m so sorry you had to see that.” They say, their voice soft and quiet. “I…I’m sorry.”

“What does this mean?” He asks and gestures weakly at them. His voice still sounds a little high in his ears, though the sudden tenseness is slowly seeping out of his shoulders.

His partner begins to tell him, about the things they kept quiet and they try to explain their silence and lies as well, apologizing for it all.

“I’m sorry.”  They say again, looking away. “I never wanted this, I love you. If you…if you want to break up or tell someone, I understand.”

They press their lips together and Kaminari lurches forward at their words.

“No, I…” He trails off and his partner glances back at him, cautious and guarded hope showing in their eyes. Kaminari wishes to reach out and touch them. “I don’t just want to give up.”

After a moment of hesitation, his partner walks towards him, stopping within arm’s reach. “Would you give me a second chance?”

Giving them a wobbly smile, Kaminari breathes in deeply and stretches out a hand, lightly and gently taking their fingers in his. “I think we can find a way to work this out.”

Some unfinished Burrens

Pairing:Aaron Burr/John Laurens
Idea: modern AU in which Aaron is Hamiltons Lawyer and idk I did a long post on this earlier  http://the-corpses-were-fake.tumblr.com/post/158315556021/that-one-1800-something-word-idea-for-a-burrens
Raiting: General
Words: 810
Part: 1/???

The last meeting of the day.
Aaron Burr sighed deeply as he entered the bar Mr. Laurens had told him to meet him at for this conversation.
He was currently deciding whether he should take the case of a certain Alexander Hamilton, who had been accused of embezzling government funds. So far he has only spoken with Mr. Hamilton once and it didn’t exactly go well. He had accused Burr of being immoral and a dangerous disgrace that didn’t care about whether the person he defended was really innocent as long as the price was right to be precise.
Really Burr couldn’t even fathom what would make the man say that about the lawyer he was trying to hire but that’s what he was here for anyway.
He was renowned and wealthy enough to have always picked his cases based on whether he really believed in the persons innocence (despite what Hamilton might have said) but often that was only possible if he talked to people that knew his client.
You could tell way more about a person by how others spoke of them, which was why Burrs first station was Alexander Hamiltons best friend, John Laurens.

So that’s what Aaron was about to do.
It was nearly 6pm and normally he didn’t do business meetings in places like these but Mr. Laurens had insisted on it and Aaron couldn’t quite deny that winning this case, even just working for the Treasury Secretary would do a lot for his reputation.
Even if that meant doing things he wouldn’t usually.

He straightened his tie once again and put on his business smile before he walked into the small pub and looked for John Laurens, which he had until now only seen in pictures.
It was rowdy, more so than Burr had expected and it was interesting to see John Laurens in the middle of it, together with Alexander Hamilton and two other people Burr was sure he didn’t know but would probably meet in the next few days anyway.

Oh how he wished he hadn’t accepted the proposition for this meeting but he couldn’t back out anymore now so he slowly walked towards the group of men and extended his hand to Laurens, who had actually noticed him before he had arrived at their table.
“Good evening gentlemen, I’m Aaron Burr and I’m sure you’re John Laurens. How about we take our own table for this conversation?”, he said smiling his brightest smile hoping that maybe just maybe it would make this whole situation a little easier.

For a long moment it didn’t seem like it would go smoothly.
Laurens just stared at his hand, before he glanced at Hamilton who ignored both him and Burr completely.
This seemed to have been satisfactory to him as he accepted the handshake with a smile while he formally introduced himself.
“John Laurens. I’m glad you could make it and I’ve already reserved a quieter table for us.”

Quiet apparently meant as close to the bar as possible while still sitting remotely out of peoples reach.
As soon as Burr had sat down, Laurens slammed his glass on the table and looked at Aaron as if he was to punch him in the face, which was a face he sees more often than he’d like to admit but it’s still not something he liked seeing this early in a case.
He however didn’t get time to think about it, as his company started talking as soon as he was seated as well.
“Okay listen here Mr. Burr. I don’t care how renowned you are or how much Alex has to pay you if you fuck this up for him or act like he’s actually guilty I will make you regret it through completely legal means so you better not fuck this up , immoral lawyer, Sir. Because Alex wouldn’t do shit like this and you better not be the one to ruin his reputation.”

That caught Aaron of guard.
He was used to people disliking him for some reason or another but it’s the first time his own client thought of him as the bad guy.
In a way that really was ridiculous and after such a long day he couldn’t quite keep himself from laughing.

John watched Aaron warily until he finally composed himself enough to answer the accusations.
“Okay okay slow down. I’m not sure what Mr. Hamilton has told you but I’m not Satan. I choose my clients very carefully on whether or not I believe they’re innocent which is the sole reason for this meeting actually. I’m not going defend Mr. Hamilton if I don’t believe him and I had hoped you as his friend could give me insight on what to think.
But I must say I’m quite interested in these completely legal means to make me regret something.”

@badromantics @burreos   I’m not really a writer because I’m not good at that tbh @-@ but!! I wanted to try anyway because why not I guess….

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Now that’ll be 420 motherfuckin boonies.

You’d think I’d eventually stop doing things nobody asked for, but … nope!

So, umm, ya.  It’s time for fic!  But not that fic.  This one’s baby blasters!  (Only kind of not.  Kid blasters?)  Because i love everything about this AU and all the different interpretations of it.  They’re ruined me.  It’s fantastic.  Go read all of them if you haven’t.  Or, maybe read my chapter 1 first and then go read them?  Because …. well you’re probably gonna need something to cheer you up after this one.  x_x  This is just my warped, twisted take on spacegate’s beautiful AU which you should totally follow over at @babyblasters.

I am still working on Lost and Found though.  I just needed to break up the sweet fluffy chapters I’m in the middle of there with something super dark.   ……. enjoy?

(untitled nightmare that no one asked for)

Pairings: None
Characters: Papyrus 2-PSans 1-S, W. D. Gaster the tall man

Warnings: inhumane treatment of minors, conditioning, mentions of medical abuse, minor self harm (sort of, including just in case), Evil!Gaster (actually not ‘evil’ but you know what I mean), so much grimdark angst, please don’t read if you’re having a bad day and angst would make it worse (be good to yourself)

Notes: Baby Blasters AU belongs to the wonderful @spacegate, I’m just playing in their amazing little sandbox.  

Chapter 1

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I have watched countless booktube videos and it is the first time I have thought to upload one here. Why? 
Cause this lady actually makes a great point. 
All of us who are in Tumblr, Instagram, Youtube and other social media sites, we can see the obsession of people with beautiful covers, brand new books and the ownership of them. Τhe truth is, I didn’t know that there was something bothering me in this situation, until I watched this video.

As a child, I LOVED books. Really, the word “love” in capitals can’t describe how much I adored them. I bought or borrowed books with every chance and many of them I read in one sitting. I was a bookworm, until the two last years of highschool came and I didn’t have time even to scratch myself, so I almost quit reading literature. Three years passed and all this time I was reading barely two books a year. 

Booktube reminded me my passion for reading. It also showed me that people could be passionate about books as objects. I have never thought of it before. In the beginning, I didn’t realize this thing rubbed me the wrong way - see, my old bookworm self just had started waking up. I was seeing the glossy covers, people unboxing new books, people being happy about filling their selves. So why I was feeling uneasy? Was there anything bad about people liking books? Should they feel ashamed? Of course not. 

So, where is the problem?

Stop for a while and consider what you have seen so far on the internet. Photos of books over soft blankets, next to a cup of coffee, next to notebooks, pencils, lights, even cats and dogs. You have actually seen more photos of the covers of the books, rather than what’s inside of them. You haven’t seen torn pages, coffee spilled on pages, cat sleeping on the open book or a dog chewing itspages. Almost never a “Look what is written in this page! Look how the author phrased it! I have marked it with my pen!” The reason is simple; the internet wants everything polished and aesthetically pleasing, so people respond to that.

The issue is that this is happening on a great scale. Now covers are everything, image is everything. The permanent presence of a book in your self is validated by dozens of booktubers. You will show them yours and they will show you theirs, like new, fresh-washed clothes designed only a few weeks ago in Milan. 

Is this what books are all about? 

I will let every bookworm answer for themselves. What I know is that covers never made me fall in love with a book when I was young. Sure, they added an image to the story, a reference for the style of the book, a memory of what’s inside, but that was all. I was recently reminded that I used to compare books to mines, exactly because the valuable matter was inside and not easily acquired. An image of a used, old book always made me want to open it immediatelly. It showed me that many people had loved it and left their marks on it, that it was availiable for anyone who wanted to explore the stories inside of it - like a person with a welcoming body language, if you will.  

Last year I bought the torn book of “The potrait of Dorian” for 5 euros in a bazzar and it was one of the most satisfying purchases I have made in a long time. My immediate thought was me in the comfort of my bed and with low lights reading it (insert melody of Careless Whisper here) not “I can’t wait to go home and take the picture of it”. I, too, post pictures of my books on the internet, but this is only the 1% of the books I have ever loved. Most of them would’t get 10 likes, even if they were the biggest classics, because of their looks. 

And I don’t care. I still love them. I love the memories they gave me, the way they shaped my mind and made me who I am, no matter how torn, worn or or old they were. Some of them weren’t even mine. I had to return them to their owners or in the libraries. The thing is, their stories stayed with me forever. We falsely believe that having something is to own it, especially when it comes to books. From books, it is their stories we need, not their weight or the beautiful colors in their cover. And our real libraries? These are our minds, where the stories live after the tale has been spoken, after the show is over, after the book is closed. We forgot scouting for stories and learnt to seek material.

You know how precious this book is? You probably guessed by its title. See the cover? Just a yellowish paper with some characters on it. A book doesn’t need anything else to tell a story except what is written in its pages. As the above video states, books should be valued for their content, above all. If the Apocalypse comes and THIS lame copy of “1984” is the only one that’s left in the world, I have a sense someone is gonna give his/her life to protect it.

We all appreciatte beautiful things and I am the first one to admit that a beautiful cover is a must for the book I want to publish some day. This is not an article about how we should avoid beautiful things, or how to judge books. It is about what the book community on the internet needs to remember. 

Channels and sites about clothes and make-up cherish things because of the image they create. Books, on the other hand, leave no visible signs and that silent power we, as a community, admire. Stories make a difference on the long run, after being processed in the minds of their readers. Their impact is more important than the fullness of our libraries and all the pretty things we possess. Deep inside, we know that the weight of a book is estimated by how many lives it will change.

This so-called article was written by me, Cassandra Maher, at 4:30 a.m., so if you spot any mistakes, that’s the reason :P 
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I don’t like autumn for its pumpkins and Halloween feel. I don’t like it cause my birthday is in the season, or cause of it’s cold weather. I don’t like it cause of all the leaves changing colors or the bonfires. Weirdly enough, I like autumn because to me it has a different sky than the others. I like the skies in autumn.