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You should do a spicy boom!sonamy prompt ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Ok for real tho, would you write some cute, fluff, slightly angst boom! Sonamy prompt? I need some feels! Btw you're awesome I love all of your work. Is the only thing I've been reading for the last week and I'm obsess <3

Haha, just kidding! I would love to do some fluff~ I’m still not quite sure on the definition of ‘spicy’? But I think it means ‘steamy’ right? Well, I think you were kidding, right? Cause you said, ‘but for real’ so I’ll go with fluff, cute, and some mild angst. Boom is hard cause it’s not very easy to place these two in a moment of vulnerability besides-….


…..Oh my gosh.

(Also thank you so much!!! XD I know it’s a deep pool of prompts to swim through since 2 or 3 years of writing these suckers but I thank you for liking them so much~<3 I love you for your love and support! XD)


Sonic walked with a wide swing in his step, looking around before directly to Amy, and seeing what she was doing on the ground.

“Uh… Ames? Not that I’m trying to be a bother to your… ‘experimentation’ thing or whatnot, but…” he shook his hands in the air, looking a little bored before leaning over to see what she was doing, fiddling with what looked like puzzle pieces placed in a slider.

“Sorry, Sonic. I know I called you over here for your speedy abilities, but I honestly can’t seem to figure out this… stupid… errkk!!!” she tried to slide one more square piece over, tugging and struggling before getting it’s rusty self in place.

“Ha!” Amy was forced back by her own power, but the titles in the small square glowed suddenly, and Sonic’s mouth formed an ‘o’ as he leaned back.

“I did it!” Amy jumped back forward, holding her hands up triumphantly. “Okay, now I need you to- AHHH!!”

The two were suddenly pulled into the small, miniature vortex and spiraled into it, becoming small and only pint-sized selves.

“Oh no!” Amy looked herself over, “The effects of those ancient geared tablets must have triggered some form of…. of an ancient shrink ray!” she gripped her head, looking worried. “I must have misread it!” she suddenly ran over to a large book, hitting it open and then looking down at the page as Sonic raced up to look at her.

“It’s no use… it’s all the way on page 380…” she looked at all the pages, seeing how hard it was to flip each individual one separately.

Sonic jumped up, gesturing to himself and for her to move as she smiled and got by his side.

She laughed as she jumped while he ran over the pages, having them flip quickly under his speedy shoes before she was finally able to see the right page.

“Oh! Stop, stop, stop!” she motioned her hand out before dropping to her knees, using her hand to read over the now large printed words.

“Shoot!” she hit her hand to the paper, “I thought it said sight array, not shrink ray!”

“How could you mess those up?” Sonic had his arms folded, before parting them with a shrug and leaning his head back, “They don’t even sound the same!” He then looked back at her with the expression that he was somehow smarter at getting this than her.

As he shook his head in complete haughtiness, she just stared at him as if he had no idea what the difference was in hieroglyphics and modern language.

“Some things can mean a number of things, Sonic.” she rolled her eyes, and continued to read. “Now… let’s figure out how to fix this…”

“Pfft, boring!” Sonic jumped down from the book, taking off a ways.

“W-wait! You can’t just go! It’s dangerous!” Amy stood up, looking upset and worried before he about faced, hearing her words, and coming back.

“Did I hear dangerous?” he gave her a funny look, “Amy, I’m magnetically pulled to dangerous!”

“I really hope you weren’t just winging words there.” Amy insulted, as he did in fact looked offended.

“What’s your problem?! You act like I can’t understand anything!” Sonic put a hand to his hip and then gestured up to her, “Like, what? You’re some sort of ‘high scholar’ above of me?” he turned around, folding his arms and looking behind himself, pouting in a grumpy way.

“Well… yes.” Amy nonchalantly answered, even looking up a moment to bounce her shoulders as if that was ‘matter-of-factly’ a true statement, and then looked back at him with drooped eyelids. “And you’re point is?”

“Augh! I don’t need this!” Sonic threw his hands up in the air, fed up with her attitude as he was about to take off again.


“Sorry comes after the brooding, Amy. You know this.” he stayed bent down in his running pose, arms up and ready to swing out like a running man and his toe tipped up to start the first step.

“No, not that! I mean, how am I gonna get around if you take off like that?” she jogged to the corner of the book, and looked down over at him.

“Sonic… we can’t just abandon each other!”

He slid his mouth to the side of his muzzle, narrowing his eyes and drooping his eyelids as if he wasn’t really disagreeing on that comment… but he could just go if he wanted too..


Her voice turned more desperate.

He looked down, his frown slowly stretching out and untensing.


He shook his head and ruffled his hands in his quills, getting up and waltzing back to her. “Ahhh.. fine! FINE! But you have to say you’re sorry!” He stuck a finger up at her, still looking upset.

“Fine.” Amy nodded, liking that deal as she sat pretty up top, tilting her head slightly side to side to rustle her own quills into a neater place from looking down. “I’m sorry for referencing that most men are blind idiots who state their opinions as fact.” she smiled down to Sonic.

She acted so innocent…

He hated it.

He glared and puffed up his own chest, “Oh yeah? Well, I’m sorry for referring to all women as pompous and stubborn!” he folded his arms, turning away. “Acting so high and mighty… but then needing someone to cuddle with in the dark~” he suddenly mocked her by throwing his arms around himself, then placing his hands together and to the side of his face, as if doting or acting ‘feminine’ as he pretended to sleep and close his eyes.

His eyes shot back open when he heard a battlecry and looked up, jumping a bit in shock and parting his legs, racing away as Amy came down with a hammer.

The dust piled up and he coughed while fanning it away.

She breathed loudly, looking ticked.


“Yes. Thank you. Adios!” he nodded, saluted her with a flick of his two, put together fingers goodbye, and was about to race off.


“WHHHYYY…?” he groaned, swinging his arms down and back around himself in a huge, over-exaggerated whine.

He looked to her with arched eyes, as if so done with fighting her already.

“I thought that’s what you want!”

“We need to get that-!” She pointed to the tablet’s holder. “To Tails!” she threw her pointed finger down, looking ready to chew his head off.

“Hmph. And why should I help you?” he folded his arms, sticking his tongue at her before turning his head away. “All you ever do is unappreciated me.”

“Excuse me?” she raised an eyebrow, confused by his wording.

“You never listen to me!” he suddenly over-acted, flinging the back of his hand’s wrist up to his forehead, leaning himself back. “I’m all alone in this big empty world, and all I ever wanted was for you to notice me! Ah!” he suddenly dropped to his knees, laying with an arm supporting him up, looking helpless, and clearly seeming to reference a previous conversation he must have had with Amy Rose…

“I’m just a woman! With feelings too!” he kept mocking, and as he did so, Amy’s face shifted from anger to hurt, as if he was making fun of her feelings when she had spoken those words long ago.

“But of course! You wouldn’t understand!” he hit his hand down in a fists, “Because, what? What!?” he suddenly threw his hands up to his face, shaking his head back before glaring at her, turning back to his old self.

“Because men don’t understand love!?”

He bounced himself up and walked over to her, looking much more serious as she stepped back, a little afraid that he wasn’t just acting anymore…

“I came here to help you! Not be told I’m stupid!” he thrust a finger at her, and she tripped over the side of the book’s cover, hitting the stacked papers to break her fall.

“..A-Ames?” he suddenly pulled away, worried.

She looked down, sniffing as she rubbed her nose and got up.

“Is that what you think of my feelings?” She walked past him, before looking up as she did so, “That their a drama to be acted out?” she looked deeply hurt, and turned away as she squinted her eyes shut, before running off to get the tablet, pushing it as it started to jut-forward.

“…H-hey now… hold on! I’m the one that’s suppose to be offended and hurt here!” he stomped his foot down. “Don’t suddenly make this about you!”

She kept struggling to push it, but little by little, she got it going.

“Just don’t come, Sonic! I get it! You’re better off alone…” she looked away from him as she passed, before his face drooped and he watched in sorrow as she pushed the square puzzle passed him.

He outstretched an arm, “Amy..?”

He had taken it a bit too far, and looked away, scanning the ground as if he could find answers there.

“Ah, man…” he rubbed his head again, before he moved down to his neck, looking regretful.

“Amy… Ah, Ames. Don’t push it yourself!” he gave in to his better nature, rushing up and helping her push, causing the square to go must faster.

“I said I didn’t need your help anymore!” Amy felt the ease on her shoulders while she pushed, but it didn’t change the fact of how she was feeling toward his little act back there…

“Look, okay, I have feee… feeel… feelllllingggsss toooo…” he contorted his face and mouth as if saying that was difficult, before shaking his head and sighing as if relieved he got it out.

“Ah, there. Now we’re doing what you love to do. Talking about the inner-crisis of our teenage lives!” he kid, still shoving the darn thing forward.

“At this rate, we’ll get to Tails’s soon enough!” he then stated, as Amy looked back at his expression…

She smiled.

At least he tried.

The two finally made it, with a sandy and dirt trail behind them, to Tails.

Changing them back, just before he did so, Amy and Sonic stood in the box that Tails had closed the door on.

She bounced her feet, looking up and waiting expectantly for the beam to change them back to normal.

Sonic looked away, as if nervous, before scratching the tip of his head, and turning back to her, putting his hands together.

“Umm… A-about what I said…”

“Forgiven. Now brace yourself.” she happily squinted her eyes.

He looked back up to her, almost sorrowfully, before chuckling lightly and leaning closer to her.

“No.. about not treating your feelings fairly.”

“It’s in the past! Afterall, you’re a ‘solo-rider’ I get that.” she continued to let it all go, but Sonic just frowned more, trying to be real with her.

“…Ames, I wasn’t lying when I said I liked danger.”

The computer started rotating a countdown.

“Yeah? So?” Amy kept her eyes closed, still acting cheery like she didn’t care what he said.

He looked more gently to her, his eyes showing more in them then what he was saying.

If only her eyes were open to see.

“I mean…” He leaned closer, as tenderly as he could, he leaned his head behind her shoulder.

“I’m not afraid of the most terrifyingly, dangerous adventure any hedgehog could ever go on…”

The computer started counting down from 3…2….1…

“What’s that?”

Loving a stubborn woman.”

Her eyes shot open, turning to look at him as he moved his head, acting as though he hadn’t done or said anything.


The two zapped back to normal sizes, as the door was flung open in a light of blue.

Tails raced up before watching Sonic spin out the window, and then went to open the swinging close door for Amy, but she just knocked it clear off it’s hinges with her hammer, chasing after him with large smiles on her face.

And if there could be, hearts piling out around her from thin air.


I was originally gonna reblog this post with this but I’m literally too tired to scream rn but I really wanted to post this before I crash so havE THIS MOYAAAA @asksketchysentient <3333

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hey im sorry that all this cat stuff is happening to you :/ my cat's been missing for like 4 years but my mom keeps a positive attitude!!!! take a page out of my moms book!!! i hope everything will turn out fine!!!!

aaah gosh thank you so so so much dude. i really hope your baby gets back home!!!!! cats have amazing senses of direction. :) you’re the best, golly.
unfortunately my kitto was taken from me and “given away” by my stepmom so.. augh. don’t know if i’ll ever get to see him again..

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your art inspires me so much ... the way you draw clothing is lovely it always looks so real and it looks like it's sitting on top of a body and it looks like it's folding like it really would and if it's baggy it looks baggy and loose and comfortable and AUGH... also your colors are wonderful i love seeing when you color your art it makes me happy. i really like how you draw

HHHOOOOHHHH THank You!!!!!! Wow that’s so kind tysm

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You are a hero. To your children, to the doctors and nurses, and to anyone who read that. You may not feel like it now, but you are. I hope that someday I can handle my children and my life how you are. It may seem like chaos but you've got this. You are so amazing.

AUGH, thank you Nonny! I have really been struggling with this whole Parenting: Am I Even Doing It Right thing, especially in light of the shit happening this weekend. Like, on the one hand as a friend pointed out today… if everybody makes it to bedtime alive, it’s basically a success. But I don’t just want my kids to survive. I want them to thrive. I want hem to GET how the world works, and b prepared for the shittiness, and be on the lookout for goodness and hope to embrace it and amplify it, and I always feel like there’s something more I could/should be doing, y’know?

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Have u watched the latest ASC?? With Markson!! Oh my gawd I could die from there hotness!!!!! But could u write a scenario about that? But with u and Jackson or mark?! Ur choice !! Take ur time too! Please&organs;))

Ofc I did @-@ I’ll try my best ^^ sorry if it isn’t what you expected though (๑•́ ₃ •̀๑) and even though Jackson’s my asdfghjkl bias, I wanted to try Mark (my 2nd bias AHAHA) also~ I wasn’t sure if (y/n) was to be mc or guest or someone on hangout so I just went with mc.

“What’s up ASC! Its me - Mark -  from Got7!”

You giggled to yourself beside Eric Nam as you watched Jackson and Mark goof off while introducing themselves - Jackson slinging his arm around Mark’s shoulders when they said “Markson”.

Honestly, what luck did you have to get this chance to co-MC with an amazing solo artist like Eric and get to be there with Markson - especially your bias and definite ideal type: Mark Tuan. And sweet honey iced tea did he look fine in his sweatshirt and jeans that accentuated his legs.

You cursed yourself for the sudden insecure feeling in your stomach: asking yourself and a confused Eric if you looked like a troll okay. Stomach doing flips and exploding into butterflies, you managed a smile as Jackson and Mark began introducing the MCs.

‘Oh no oh no oh no oh no, shoot I’m not ready!’ you panicked, looking down at your shoes. 

“And our guests today on the Markson Show is Eric Nam and (y/n)!”

Eric, unknowing of the chaos going on inside you heart and mind, tapped your shoulder to start heading over to where Markson was motioning to them to come hither.

You smiled and bowed politely to them as you walked over, shaking their hands and fist bumping with Jackson. As you shook hands with Mark, your hand lingered there a little longer before pulling away and smiling meekly up at him. You could have sworn you would have a heart attack right then and there when he gave you one of his sweet smiles, eyes arcing into cute crescents.

"I heard from (y/n) that this would be the first time she’d meet you guys,” Eric started out as the show progressed, “She was so nervous and was pacing all over the place and kept asking the ASC staff if she looked okay.”

Elbowing the singer in the rib cage, you pouted and shook your head in denial, “I did not!”

“Anyway, so what do you think about (y/n) so far?” Eric continued, rubbing his side with a slight wince.

Jackson immediately grinned and nudged Mark’s side suggestively, his eye brows wiggling. In return, Mark shot his band mate a look and swatted his elbow away.

“Mark over here was so excited to meet (y/n) for the very first time!” Jackson spilled, accompanied by his hyena-like laugh.

Your cheeks flushed as you discreetly glanced at your bias’ expression to find him glaring at Jackson. However, you were hopeful to find a soft pink hue dusting Mark’s cheeks, your heart fluttering at the adorable way he jut out his lower lip.

.."Thank you for watching ASC After Show with Markson! See you next week!”

You sighed when the show was finally over and you could let the pressure of being live on air off your shoulders. That is.. until felt a soft tap on your shoulder and your whole body went rigid.

Glancing up, you saw Mark gazing down at his shoes as he shyly scratched the back of his neck. He looked up to see if he had successfully gotten your attention, his breath hitching when he saw the way you gazed up at him through your long lashes.

Face flushing, he quickly grew flustered and began to stammer out, “Uh.. I uh.. w-was wondering… er..”

“Wondering?” you asked, mentally scolding that hopeful part of you that had a feeling he might have been asking you out. A girl could dream y'know.

He gulped and bit his lower lip nervously, “If.. you uh wanted to go out sometime.. maybe watch a movie..”

Feeling your cheeks burning and your heart race, you dumbly nodded at a loss of words - afraid you would probably say something completely stupid if you were to open your mouth.

A big giant, toothy grin stretched his lips, his heart leaping out of his chest, “Really!? That’s great.. err.. when are you free?”

Before you could answer, all you hear is Jackson’s hyena laugh blasting in your ears.

“Ohhh~ Mark’s got game!”

Lol yeah, so sorry if this isn’t really what you had in mind OTL but enjoy >< yeah but seriously I hope you like it, its my first request and I dun wanna let you down ><;

Punish me omfg I reread the whole thing and augh it sucks OTL

*(I don’t own dem gifs


i need more practice on buildings and things so why not make some fan art //

done for dearie kristina’s fic full disclosure, which i’m really really really liking ahh// (sorry i read so slow!)

dear kristina, thank you so much for writing such a lovely fic augh your writing is just lovely// and thank you so much for being my very first one piece fandom friend! i’m sorry i spam your twitter feed so much and i’m grateful to have met you ! 8^) i hope we can continue to talk in the future!!

i hope i sort of got your mind image of these two right..,,,,, 

(happy belated holidays!)


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I know I'm not the only one who feels related to Sans. Gosh, those pages gave me chills. I think what he said is really what scares us all; and all those negative thoughts, it happens. really, there's some point in everyones life with thoughts like that. I mean... (augh can't even express myself rn. and my bad english is not helping)

It’s alright. I understand what you’re saying.

It’s pretty terrible when you get stuck in a loop of what ifs. One where you put your self in a no win situation of negative scenarios, even though you know there’s a chance for better outcomes.

But there’s hope yet.

I hope your fucking birthday is fucking great. I hope you get piles upon piles of gifts. So many fucking gifts that they just fucking take over your damn apartment or whatever. Just, things, everyfuckingwhere. I hope the Loki paraphernalia comes to life and start crawling all over you and pinching your sweet little ass. I hope this is the goddamn year where your shirt buttons finally give and pop off and hit an interviewer in the eye. I hope there’s more obscene pelvic thrusting“snake hips.” I hope you eat too much fucking cake and take a goddamn nap.

(I just really feel like you need a nap, okay?? You’re working so hard.