i really hope you like the picture ^u^

I drew Dice’s cousin from Casino Cups ^^ Hope you like it

Aaaaaa usually I don’t really have Casino Cups stuff on this blog but this picture is really nice and I love it ;u; thank you, my friend, this looks gorgeous,,, 

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Can you help me find some good pastel rainbow hair please? I saw a picture of a perfect one from pastel-Sims but it looks like they aren't around anymore. Ty if u can, I love ur blog 💟

hey!! I really love all of these but I hope this is about to make sense bc some of the original links or the mesh links are missing so I’ve scooped them up haha but they are all below:

one: here / mesh

two: here

three: here / ombre accessory

four: here

five: here 

❤ ❤

ps: if you use an ombre accessory like the one above with a hair that works well with it you can add more colours to the hair!

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Hi! I'm the same anon as before. I just really wanted to request some Ransom and Holster (the Ransom picture you drew for Ransom Week was GORGEOUS)! Thank you!

thank you!!!!! :’) it is very summer where i live so heres rans and holster eating popsicles (click thru for full quality!)

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hey i just wanted to tell you how much i love your art. i don't really know how i can express how much your art helps me through hard days sometimes. like it's so beautiful but it also makes me feel really intense things?? when i look at the pictures i feel like i'm there. your art shows a lot of emotions somehow and it's amazing. thank you for creating those masterpieces !!

aa. .…i dont even know what to say… ///// thank u so much …gosh . .thank u …hope i can continue to create artwork that brings u comfort n joy n stuff. . // jeeze.. .

there weren’t enough words in the world for how much I loved @indraaas‘s fic for @ichirukimonth, so I drew a picture instead. 

Eien, you are a beautiful talented precious human being and ily so much for this gem. 

To match her contribution, this is for ichirukimonth day 8: breakups to makeups. 


14.08.17 //  the colours for this are all over the place so it looks mildly like a rainbow threw up on it aha! but I saw a picture of a swimming pool at sunset and I just really wanted to do a spread kinda themed around it (so I did).

 in other news the bts comeback posters have ruined me?? I’m definitely not ready. btw the cute jimin art down in the bottom right corner of this spread was actually done by me! so if u wanna show it some love u can find it here! I hope you’re all having a good day ☺️

 🎶: You Know Me - AKMU


When ur crush finds out u have pictures of him set as ur bg

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Ooh!! If you're still taking requests and have time, have you drawn Iida before? I bet he'd look super cute in your art style!!

here u gooo!!

i hope u like it!! iida is such a nice guy (πーπ) he deserve everything! thank u for the request!! it was so fun to make! (i really need to work for school but daaaaamn i want to make more request omg i can’t wait to be on holidays…) have a really nice day!


Hi! My name is Indie and this is my first posepack! I really hope you like it, it isn’t perfect (especially the first pose) but I tried! These pictures are not edited, except the first one. All they have on them is topaz clean. 

Download HERE

Pls don’t reupload ANYWHERE.  Thanks! Tag me if you want idk u don’t have toooo…


- Indie ;-; 

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Hi! I loved your t'stuckony soulmate story!!! It was amazing. I listened to Paper Hearts by the Vamps during the last two parts and I think it fits the story really well!! One of my favorite songs and now one of my favorite fics. Thank you for sharing!!!

Now why you got and tell me that? All I’m imagining after listening to that song is another soulmate au but instead of names it’s paper hearts. Someone can write a little heart note and let it release in the wind and by fate the paper always, always, ends up in their soulmate’s path.

Like picture tiny Tony writing little heart notes with little sayings like “i’m happy and i hope u r 2!” and let’s it fly in the wind. Depending on your ship it can end with small skinny Steve (for stony), baby Bucky (for winteriron), or one at a time for both (Stuckony, making these one hell of confusing conversations) or all the way in Africa with tiny T’Challa (for ironpanther) or whichever ship you prefer. And no matter the person they see this cute little note and just smile, clutching it close. They write back “i am really happy” with a little drawing of them smiling and let the wind pick it up. 

Like the wind is a sentient being who knows which person belongs with which it sends it with little disturbances. 

Then little Tony grows up and stops writing all together because Howard kicked the idea of soulmates right out of him. “Writing is for children. You’re a grown man, act like it!” 

And yet whoever is his soulmates keep writing to him until eventually they stop, too, because he won’t respond. 

Tony saves all those little notes up until they stop. Hangs them in a private room where no one will see. 

And the only reason his soulmate(s) even find him is because he ends up writing an address in a little heart-shaped sticky note (a gag gift from whichever best friend he has) and the wind ends up blowing it away right out of his hand. The little note ends up with his soulmate and they see the address and they realize they’re close! Their soulmate has finally written back and wants to meet! So they rush to the address, winded out of their minds, but soon find that even though they’re in the same place (restaurant or cafe?) as their soulmate, they have no idea who it is? Desperate they ask anyone who has a heart-shaped piece of paper so they can write to their soulmate (cute and sometimes convinient form of communication when there’s no signal). One of the workers offer up a piece and everyone watches as the soulmate writes the note.

Letting the wind pick up the note is always such a wondrous thing so no one misses watching it if they can help it. They all smile as they let it go right outside of the door and stare confusingly when they see the piece of paper swoop right inside instead and land directly in front of Tony. 

Tony is left gobsmacked while their soulmate grins in rising hope. 

Cue either fluff, angst, happy ending or rejection. Whatever you want. 

Thanks, nonnie. What have you done? 

“You can do it, dad!”
“Don’t exhaust yourself, father.”
“I have faith in you, Ike!”

Soooooo, the next VG candidates are out and of course, I’m all aboard supporting Ike’s family ahaha ;w; Just as a precaution to my friends in Heroes, I’ll be rotating my head of the castle every fight I do between the two Shigures and Azura haha <3

So, who’ll you guys support in this VG? >u<

Pictures On The Wall

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Characters: Y/n, Isaac

Pairing: Isaac x Y/n (GENDER NEUTRAL READER)

Warnings: Drunkeness, make-outs, pics, but nothing weird or explicit…just some fluff, basically, and a little awkwardness…

Word count: 350

Summary: Pictures reveal what happened last night.

A/N: Ok, so…a fic in 15 minutes? Y’all really shouldn’t expect much…but I think it’s somewhat decent…Hope u like it!!


Your head was pounding as the sun shone down on you, throat dry and hoarse from all the screaming and drinking you’d done last night.

“God-I am never drinking again”, you mumbled to yourself, tiredness in your voice.

You looked around the room, finding a few bodies lying all around-everyone passed out.

All except Isaac-who was staring at you as you sat up, shuffling back to lean against the wall.

“What’re you looking at?” you whispered, shutting your eyes once more now that you were out of the sun’s path, your body still tired after last night.

He pointed behind you, his face slightly angry, and slightly confused.

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red carpet

requested: “Hi, can I request Y/N and Shawn walking in a red carpet and Y/N is feeling confident and constantly when posing for pictures they look at each other? Also, they’re newly weds! Have a nice day💕”

authors note: i really like this request bc most imagines that i read or even write are about a problem that y/n is having and then shawn helps her. there is absolutely nothing wrong with those kinds of imagines ( obviously, i write then sometimes) but i also like the idea of writing an imagine where nothing is wrong and there’s just tons of happiness and good vibes. anyway, hope u like this one :)

“Also, congratulations! You two just got married right? That’s awesome, pretty sure you guys are like the hottest couple going right now!” An interviewer on the red carpet of the iHeart Radio Awards Show said. There were bright flashing lights everywhere, blinding you, and you were trying hard not to trip on your dress. You were a little freaked out by it all, but you were also having the time of your life. Your boyfriend of 5 years, was now your husband, and tonight you got to walk this red carpet with him. You were incredibly nervous but also excited. You were especially excited when times like now happened, and people congratulated you and Shawn on your marriage. You felt so special to be the one that married one of the biggest names out there. He was your everything and knowing that he felt the same way enough to marry you, made your heart explode with gratitude and just pure love. You felt so lucky.

"Thank you so much!” You heard Shawn yell over the music, and other people talking. That was probably the 60th thank you he said tonight, to all those who wished you good luck on your marriage, or complimented the rings, and all that good stuff. The evening went on, and soon enough it was time to actually walk the red carpet. You didn’t like the idea of people yelling at you to pose, but you knew you’d be fine if Shawn was with you.

“Chin up, shoulders back, and make sure to keep your posture nice and tall. No slouching, especially not in that pretty dress of yours.” You remember yesterday, your best friend giving you advice on how to walk a red carpet as if she’s done it before. She was a model though, so she probably knew what she was talking about when it came to looking good. You also remembered Shawn talking to you about it, like it was no big deal; “People yell, so be prepared to be deaf by the end of the night. Also, don’t listen to anyone but me okay? If security tells you to go one way, but I’m not there yet, don’t listen to them. Stay with me, I’ll be holding onto you the whole time, I promise.” Shawn’s words echoed throughout your mind and suddenly you were snapped out of your thoughts when Shawn’s hand squeezed around your waist. You were doing it. Walking the red carpet. You looked down from the lights pretending to fix your dress. The camera flashes were much brighter than you thought.

“Everything okay? You’re doing great.” Shawn whispered into your ear, and looked at you lovingly. You nodded your head, and smiled to let him know you were okay.

Eventually your eyes got used to the lights and you felt better. You felt confident actually. Your best friend, picked out the dress you were wearing, and it fit you perfectly. “Stunning.” You remember Shawn saying that to you when he very first saw the dress on you, and your best friends reaction was similar, although hers involved screaming and jumping up and down. Right now, as you did something you never thought you’d do, walk the red carpet, with the literal love of your life, you couldn’t help but smile. You looked up at Shawn and watched him wave to fans, and pose for the photographers. You probably were staring at him for a good minute before he finally looked at you and said, “What?” You didn’t know what to say so you just shrugged your shoulders.

“I love you.” He said, and leaned into you, kissing you on the head. You couldn’t wait to see that picture on the internet later tonight.

“Don’t be surprised if I decide to hang out with the paps and ask for one of their cameras, so I can take pictures of you myself. Either that, or I’ll just take some pictures they take of us and crop myself out. I gotta post your beauty somehow.” You vividly remember Shawn saying this on the way to the awards show tonight, and all you did was laugh. Now here you were, wishing you had the guts to wave around your ring and make sure the world knew you were finally married to Shawn. It was silly but that’s how you felt.

Later that night, you watched Shawn win Best Male Artist, and you cried when he talked about you in his thank you speech. The afterparty was boring, but only because you had no interest in socializing with other celebrities. Sounded crazy, but you had already met them all, and as much as you loved them, you just wanted to be cuddled in bed with your husband, watching a dumb tv show on Netflix.

“Let’s go home.” As if Shawn read your mind, he took your hand and lead you out towards his Jeep.

“Why?” Shawn usually loved these things, so you wondered why he wanted to leave so early.

“Because I’d rather spend time at home with my wife.” Shawn smiled, and grabbed your hand leading you outside.

if you didnt know..

shawn got mobbed outside of his hotel in milan. over 300 people waited for him and shawn being the nicest guy ever, tried to take pics with every single person. someone said that people started kissing his cheek and touching his hair and he started to get overwhelmed by it so he stopped taking pictures.

this invaded his personal space and i hope u guys know that its really disrespectful. not only touching his hair and stuff but waiting outside of his hotel is really bullshit. you dont do that to him !! he’s the most precious human being ever and he doesnt deserve to be disrespected like that!!


please DO NOT pull shit like this because he already does so much good things for us and we should just give back to him by RESPECTING HIS PERSONAL SPACE AND PRIVACY!!

thank u. im done.

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Do you still make speedpaints? ;u; sorry if I'm bothering you, I just really liked watching them. They calmed me down and inspired me

I haven’t made any recently because I haven’t finished any pics in one seat (or two) and it becomes troublesome to record them in so many parts hhh

like I have one I started recording months ago but then I never finished the picture, not yet at least

but I’m happy to hear that! I hope I can make more at some point B)

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Dear GodMikalla! I really loved your teaching MC headcanons, and was wondering if you could maybe expand Saeran's part? I live for that f l u f f

I’m so happy you enjoyed them!

Finally some fluff! I feel like all I’ve been doing is angst lately so!! heres!! some!! fluff!!

This is more of a light drabble than a fic buuuut i hope it suits your palette!


Saeran pointed to a picture of a beautiful white Daisy in the open book on his lap, “This one.”

“Uhm…purity?” You answered him a little unsurely.

You were both sitting cross-legged on your bed, hands locked together while you hovered over Saeran’s book of flowers, one of the few things he really treasured from when he was younger. The afternoon had been tranquil, lazy, and the soft lighting that shimmered in through the window made everything feel like a dream in which none of you wanted to wake up from.

Your boyfriend’s way of expressing himself were through flowers. He wasn’t goo with words, and he was just starting to learn the language of touch. You could tell he often felt frustrated at his own unconveyed emotions, so you decided to try and learn his language instead.

The language of flowers.

“Good,” He smiled, giving your hand a light squeeze, “What about…The red tulip?”

You bit your lip in thought, “Red tulip….Damn, I always get this one mixed up. What was it again?”

“Perfect love.” He hummed, looking for the next flower he would quiz you on. Your heart skipped a quick beat. You had been with him for a while now, and it amazed you how such simple words from him could impact you in such ways. You had known your feelings for him were strong, but they kept growing with each passing second, with each word, with each touch. You could never get enough of him, and he of you.

“Oh,” A light blush tinted your cheeks, and you looked down at the book, “What about this one?” You pointed at the image of a small white flower with a beautiful yellow center.

It was him who blushed now, averting his gaze to your interlocked fingers.

“Oh, you don’t remember?”

“Remember what?” You titled your head, trying to recall if he had already taught you the meaning behind it. Sometimes he showed you so many flowers, you couldn’t keep up. He must have been truly passionate about them in order to learn each and every one of the meaning behind them. You were awed at his passion.

“That’s the Jonquil. It was in the first bouquet I gave you,” He scratched the back of his head nervously, “It reminded me so much of you back then.”

“What does it mean?” Intrigued, you asked. Memories of the first time he gifted you with flowers playing in your mind, and you wished you could relieve it. In truth, you wished you could relieve every moment with him, a thousand times over.

Both bad and good moments shaped you into who you were, and despite his endless regrets and sorrows of things he did or said in the past, you wouldn’t change a thing.

“Oh, um…something like, ‘Desire for Love Returned’.” He mumbled, dropping his gaze to his lap again.

Your mind soared and chest tightened at his words, “But that first bouquet…you gave it to me way before we were together.”

“Yeah, I know.”

“Since then…you’ve felt this way since back then?”

He finally met your eyes again and nodded, “Since always, MC.”

Your heart leaped, a warmth deliciously spreading throughout the entirety of your body as his words echoed in your mind, Since always.

Again you wondered if this growing feeling for him would ever stop or diminish, but the very thought of it seemed impossible at that second. You never wanted to stop, you never desired to be away from him for even a day. This was love, you finally understood.

You cupped his cheek and brought his lips to yours, gently. Such a small and simple action held so much passion that Saeran was taken aback by it, but melted into you soon after, deepening the kiss as well as his feelings for you.

Your hands moved from his face down to the nape of his neck, attempting to bring him even closer and satisfy your craving for him.

He held on to you dearly, feeling so feather-light with love he was afraid he might float away. Through flowers or through words, he knew his feelings were way too strong to convey. He feared you’d never truly know the extent of his feelings for you due to the lack of words in the dictionary and flower breeds in the world. He tried pouring all his emotions, his fears and his dreams into his kisses, this one being no different. He needed you to know how badly he wanted you, needed you, in ways that exceeded just physical. Saeran wanted you to realize through his touch how much he truly loved you.

Gentle kisses turned into deep, ardent ones as both of you craved each other more and more after each touch. His lips started wandering from your lips to your cheeks and down your neck, slowly and enticingly. He titled your head to expose more of you, stopping at your collar-bone. Each time his lips came in contact with your skin, a million chills raced up your spine, making you shiver with delight.

You ran your hands through his bleached-white hair, admiring some red roots that were starting to poke out. In the most innocent way possible, you let out a soft moan, relishing the feeling of his lips on you.

“I love you, Sae.”

His movements slowed down upon hearing your words, becoming gentler once again. Your lips met, as if silently disclosing all the words he could not even begin to utter.

“I love you, MC.”

He was your star, your moon, your sun. And if he were your star, you were his entire universe.

You pulled away from him briefly, catching your breath and taking a second to fully savor this moment, to softly run your fingers through his hair, on his cheeks, until they met his swollen lips. He kissed your fingertips lightly, adoringly. It was enough to make your heart flutter even more than it already was.

Jonquil, you thought, positive you’d never forget this flower again.

Sweet dreams, Sweet Wolf

Sleeping Randolph drawn during the stream in between lineart and colouring. Suggested by Ana on twitter. Sometimes even wolves like to take a nap during a beautiful day. 

I was actually looking at sleeping wolf pictures when I scribbled this. You know, I really like Randolph, and I hope he can be happy at the end of Lycoris. ;u;

Also on Twitter

You may not upload this picture on other websites, alter, edit or claim it as your own in any way. Feel free to reblog, however.

Stretch Marks

(Mature content. Kinda)

“Oh Justin it’s so beautiful here,” I said dropping my luggage running over to look at the view the hotel had provided us. My heart gushed over the view of Punta Cana.
It was beyond breath taking at night and I couldn’t wait to see it in the morning.

“Mhmm and it’s just gonna be,” Justin came up from behind me and wrapped his muscular arms around my stomach,“you and I. All week.” His lips fell to my neck sucking gently. I threw my head back taking in the pleasure. “Give me a kiss,” he demanded.

I turned around moving my lips to his. Opening my mouth hoping for a little more of his taste,I moaned against his mouth when my wish was granted and felt his tongue meet mine so soft and passionate. “Jump,” he mumbled. I did as told and felt Justin walk me over to the bed laying me down carefully. My hands grabbed the hem of his shirt taking it off. Craving for his body I rolled over so I was on top and immediately let my lips attack over his collar bone and pecks. My kisses moved down to his stomach and stopped to unbuckle his pants. After successfully taking them off I moved back to his neck. “Take off your uh,” Justin began but moaned as soon as he felt my tongue roll onto his skin,“take off your shirt baby.” I pulled apart grabbing the hem of my shirt and taking it off slowly. “Always putting on a show for me,” Justin smirked.

I threw my shirt not caring where it went. I leaned down against Justin’s lips and whispered,“only for you babe.” And attached my lips against his. I felt his fingertips reach behind my bra strap successfully unhooking it. His lips left mine to take off my bra completely. Justin’s hands slowly made their way down to the sides of my stomach and stopped on my hips. Gripping them tightly he begins moving me slowly upward and downward on his covered dick. I felt his area twitch against my vagina and felt myself getting wetter by the friction.

“Holy shit.” He moaned. I began moving faster. Feeling my vagina more satisfied with this pace. “Wrap your arms,” Justin breathed,“around my neck. I want to feel all of you,” he muttered. I did as told and gave him a sloppy kiss. I began slightly pouncing on him. I let my lips go from his and whimpered against his ear.

“Fuck you’re so hot,” he said in between moans. I felt Justin buckle his hips directly above mine. I felt myself slow down. the pleasure was too desirable and my legs felt weak. “Don’t give up on me,” Justin demanded and I felt his hands grab my hips again moving our areas against each other.

“Ju-Justin,” I moaned at the feeling.

“That’s right baby. Say it louder for me,” he said and moved my vagina so close with his dick.

He rolled us over so he was on top. “I need to feel you y/n,” Justin begged. “So bad.” His hands reached towards my leggings feeling the hem before slowly pulling down.

“Justin. Wait,” I said trying to catch my breath but he wouldn’t listen. “Justin,” I repeated again hoping to catch his attention but his eyes were fixed on my thong that was slowly being revealed to his greedy eyes. “Justin!” I exclaimed pushing him back.

“What y/n?” He yelled stumbling back. I ignored his question and pulled up my leggings and grabbed my bra hooking it up again. I laid down on the bed facing the ceiling. I felt the bed dip knowing Justin sat down next to me, his back against the bed post. “I’m sorry I yelled at you baby,” Justin apologized running his hands through my hair at a soft motion. “I just don’t get it,” he sighed looking at the television even though it wasn’t on. “We’ve been dating for 4 months and I want to pleasure my princess the way she deserves to be pleasured. But whenever I try you tell me to stop. D-do I make you feel uncomfortable?” He looked down at me. “Do you want to wait until marriage? I can do that. I just need you to tell me-”

“Justin, no it’s none of that,” I interrupted. I sat up and leaned my right shoulder against the bed post getting a view of his side profile.

“Then what is it y/n,” Justin plead for an answer.

“I’m too embarrassed to tell you.”

“You have a std?” Justin looked over at me with wide eyes.

“No you idiot!” I giggled pushing him slightly. “I’m just embarrassed by my stretch marks,” I mumbled looking away not wanting to see his reaction.

It was about two minutes of silence but felt like more. “That’s what this is about?” Justin question. I nodded. “The whole time we’ve been together?” I nodded again. “Where are they located?”

“I have a couple on my ass,” I confessed.

“Baby,” Justin sighed. “Why are you ashamed by them?”

“Cause nobody likes them!” I kinda yelled thinking it was common sense. “I mean i don’t think it’s a big deal,stretch marks are natural. But I was the only one who had them in middle school, high school, even the friends I have now don’t have them. I hate going to the beach or pool knowing that my body will be looked at disgustingly for something I have no control over. ,” I said feeling a little angry. “I remember wanting to join the dance team or cheer team in high school but I never had the guts because they always wore short shorts and I was afraid of people speaking badly of them,” I confessed.

“Do you hate them?” Justin empathized on the you.

I shook my head,“No. I just don’t want anyone talking bad about it. Especially you,” I said and raised my head to look at him.

“Can I see them?” Justin asked with hope in his eyes. It took a while for me to approve but I nodded. I got off the bed and pulled my leggings off completely. I slowly turned around, my heart racing. ‘If he hates it then it’s not meant to be a real man will love my-’ i thought to myself but was cutoff by Justin’s voice. “Goddamn that ass is fat,” Justin exclaimed.

“Justin!” I stumped my leg.

“Woah do that again. Your ass just semi twerked,” Justin beamed.

I turned back around,“you’re missing the point,” I crossed my arms.

“That’s cause I see nothing wrong with your body princess. Come here,” I walked over to where he was seated on the bed. He grabbed my hips and rotated me back around again. His hands roamed my booty. “I think your ass is beautiful. Every tiger has its stripes. And that’s what you are. My little tiger. Rawr.”

“Shut up,” I blushed giggling a little at his cuteness. It wasn’t until I felt Justin kiss one of my cheeks that I felt completely shy all of the sudden. “Stop,” I chuckled backing away.

“What? I’m just showing love to my favorite body. But in all seriousness come here.” Justin patted the space next to him. I sat down close to him and wrapped my arms around his waist looking up to him. “As much as I love your stretch marks my opinion about them doesn’t matter. It should only matter about what you think about them. If you love them, flaunt it. Self love is important y/n. If you’re happy with yourself that’s the only think that should matter. And remember how you said you knew no one around you that had stretch marks?” I nodded my head at his question. “Well a lot of teenage girls spend their time on social media and there can be someone who was just like you ashamed of their beauty marks. You have quite a following on social media and you can post pictures in your bikini or something showing off your marks. So girls like you don’t have to feel bad about themselves. They’ll have you to look up.”

“I really do love you,” I said admiring him. How did I get such a perfect guy. “A lot.”

“I love you too. Everything about you. Don’t be ashamed baby.”

“Now let’s get go back to what we started,” I said giving him a kiss.


End. Hope you guys liked this and if u didn’t fuck you. This ones for my ladies with their beautiful stretch marks. ik it’s hard but u gotta learn to love them life is too short to be thinking about what other bitches have to say. Send request