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Can you do a Matthew Gray Gubler scenario where he is working really hard on writing and directing an episode of criminal minds, and hasn’t been taking care of himself. And so you/reader have to take matter into your/readers own hands, and you/reader treat him a little like a baby. Yeah. so… lots of fluffiness please. Oh and I really love all your other works. 😉

Thank you so very much!…and yes I can, @adorabledorkling!  Thank you so much for being patient with me, and I hope you enjoy this.  Here is your one-shot, comin’ ‘atcha!

Knocking on Matthew’s door, you bounce from foot to foot as you hold two giant coffees in your hand.

You had found a text from Matthew on your phone at 5 am this morning, asking your opinion on a particular plot-line for some bad guy he was writing in a script or something.

It was all hazy since you had fallen back asleep.

Furrowing your brow as you tuck one of the coffees between your arm and your chest, you jiggle the doorknob, only for the door to flail open.

Walking into his home as you squint to see, you fiddle along the wall until you feel a light switch.

Flipping the light on, you see Matthew on the couch, his hair a tangled, greasy mess as he chews on the back-end of a war-torn pen, his leg bouncing up and down as he sighs heavily.

“Wow…that helps,” he murmurs, jotting something down as you slowly close his front door.

“Matthew?” you ask tentatively.

Shuffling over to him as you sit down, you watch as his eyes flicker over his piece of paper, his eyes darting between ideas as you set the coffees down on the table.

Taking a different colored pen from the pile in front of him, you circle a prompt he has written out as his head jerks over to you, his eyes wide as you smile softly.

“My vote goes to that one,” you say.

“Y/N,” Matthew says breathlessly as his eyes flicker over to the coffee.

“Figured you could use some,” you state.

Watching a smile cross his face as he grabs his coffee, he leans back into the couch as you stand up, going into his kitchen as you rummage around for something to eat.

He didn’t have a damn thing in his fridge.

“Matthew?  What have you been eating?” you call out.

“Uh…” he stammers, his mind only half-heartedly pondering your question, “I-I…I don’t know.  Hold on,” he says.

Finally finding an apple at the back of his fridge, you find a dull knife and do your best to peel it quickly, feeling around for your keys as you thrust the apple into his face from behind him.

“What’s this?” he asks, crinkling his nose as he tilts his gaze back up to you.

“Your breakfast,” you say flatly.

“I’m not hungry,” he says, trying to brush you away as you begin to run your fingers through his tangled, matted hair.

“If you don’t eat this apple, I’m slinging you over my shoulder and dragging you outside,” you threaten.

“Uh huh…” he acknowledges, engrossing himself into the script in front of him as you sigh, your hand reaching down for his as you turn his palm up, placing the apple in his hand and curling his fingers around it.

“Eat,” you state, grabbing your coffee and heading for the door.

It was time to grocery shop.


2 hours and a fully-stocked kitchen later, you find Matthew in his room, a heavenly scent coming from his bathroom as you inch the door open, finding his body slumped down in a vat of bubbles, his pen between his teeth as his furrowed brow scans over what was probably one of many drafts of his script for his show.

“How was your apple?” you ask, leaning against the door-frame and crossing your arms as his eyes flicker over to you momentarily.

“Good,” he states, going right back to his script as he jots down an idea, his eyes lighting up as a smirk travels across your face.

“Well,” you start, pulling up a small stool beside the tub as you grab a cup, dipping some of the warm water into its opening as you hold it over Matthew’s head.

“…close your eyes…” you whisper.

Hearing him sigh, you watch his script slowly lower itself, his hand meandering the paper out to the side of the tub as his arm drapes over the edge, his eyes fluttering closed as you begin to massage the bubbles into his scalp.

“…I have honey-basil chicken cooking in the crock-pot for dinner, and I’ll make some garlic mashed potatoes to go along with it,” you finish.

“But I don’t…I don’t think I-”

Hearing him groan lightly as you begin to work down his neck, your fingers massaging his shoulders as he flops his head forward, you smile kindly to yourself as you say, “You have one now.”

Slowly rinsing the suds from his hair, you reach for his conditioner as you run your fingers through his locks, your fingers swiping over his forehead every so often so that it doesn’t get into his eyes.

“How much more time do you have to work on the script?” you ask.

But you were only answered with a groan.

Washing your conditioned hands off in the tub, you help Matthew ease his body back, his neck and head balancing on the indention in the tub as you get up and look for a towel to wipe your hands off.

“I have until Monday,” he murmurs.

“Ah, alright,” you muse, your eyes twinkling as you look over at a relaxed Matthew, his eyes closed and his body floating amongst the lavender bubbles.

And as you go to leave the room, you hear Matthew shift momentarily, your head whipping back to look at him as you shake your head, his body lifted out of the tub as his fingers wiggle and stretch for the script on the floor.

This man was an absolute mess.


While he continues to sit in his bath, his feet surely wrinkling to those of a 90 year old man, you begin to pick his clothes up off of the floor, putting his wacky stuffed animals back in their rightful places as you pick up scattered red-solo cups and mismatched socks.

Throwing the clothes into the laundry, you pour a massive amount of detergent over the smelly material as you crank up the water temperature, your hand reaching for the febreeze as you go and attack his sitting area, no doubt lingering with the smells of Matthew’s showerless stench.

Fluffing the cushions and making his bed, you peek around into the bathroom once again as you see him sitting there, an hour later, all of the bubbles basically popped, the conditioner still in his hair.

Good lord.

Sighing as you grab a towel, tossing it into the bath as you take him by surprise, you grab the script from his hand and toss it onto the bathroom counter.

“Hey!” he protests.

“The conditioner, Matthew,” you state.

Watching the realization cross his face, you realize that he truly had forgotten that it was on top of his head still.

Dipping the cup into the, shockingly, still-warm water, you start pouring it over his head, the water trickling down his neck and face as he closes his eyes, the towel sinking into the tub over his naked body as you slowly begin to work the contidioner out of his hair.

“At least your hair’ll be really soft,” you murmur slyly.

Reaching for a smaller towel and drying off his hair, you slide over and reach into the water, your shirt getting wet as you pull the plug on the bathtub drain, your eyes flickering up to Matthew, his eyes watching your every move.

“Am I gonna have to help you out, too?” you ask playfully.

“No,” he chuckles, a grin flickering over his face.

“Good,” you snicker, shaking your head as you pull your arm out of the water and shake it furiously.

“Dinner’ll be ready in about-”

“Y/N?” Matthew calls out.

Hearing a huge slosh of water, you whip around, your arm still damp as you take in Matthew’s tall form, his hand holding the sopping wet towel around his body as he steps out of the tub.

“Yeah?” you respond.

“Thanks,” he says.

“Not a problem,” you smile.

“No, really.  I-I-I…get so lost in scripts sometimes, and before I know it it’s been three days since I’ve bathed and an entire weekend goes by before I eat and it-”

Watching him run his fingers through his wet hair, you see him reach out and grab the script from the bathroom counter, your eyes studying him closely as you try not to rake your eyes across his body.

“Just…thank you,” he says, his voice steady and reassuring.

“Really…it’s not an issue,” you say, shaking your head lightly as you back out of the bathroom, turning your back to him as you follow the smells wafting in from the kitchen.

Dinner was almost done, and you hadn’t started the potatoes yet.

It’s Been A Year!

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Hey guys!

Happy one year anniversary to this blog. I’m really proud of how much it’s grown. Thank you for supporting me with your follows, likes, and reblogs. It really means a lot. <3

I’m going to try to write a one shot for you later, and get some more imagines in the queue. Anyway, thank you so much! 


P.S.: Hope you lovely followers are having a wonderful day. Drink water, eat something, take your medication if you need to- remember to look after yourself xx Love you all!


Summary: You’ve been teasing Steve endlessly, and now he’s had enough. 

Warnings: ((feely))smut, public teasing, Naked!Steve (he’s a hazard to us all), and unprotected sex (don’t be that guy, wrap it up)

Word count: 1833

A/N: Here it is!! I hope it’s not too horrible, it’s my first 

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It really was all your fault, walking around like you owned the place in a skirt shorter than life. And you knew it too, felt his eyes follow you everywhere you walked.

The teasing only really started after this one mission; you being dolled up in what Steve could hardly call clothing and pressing him into the corner of a hallway. He knew you were doing it to avoid the attention of the armed guards waltzing past, but your every curve was pressing into him and your perfume was tantalizingly soft in the air. He couldn’t stop himself from wondering how you tasted or how amazing you looked under the lace you called a dress. You must have noticed because you smirked and rubbed against him a little harder, sending his mind whirling into the dreams he saved for really long nights.

You didn’t stop there, oh no, how could you stop when he was literally shuddering under you? You had your fun with him - fun that involved wrapping your arms around his neck and tugging at his bottom lip with your teeth until he moaned. Then you left him, high and dry and gripping the wall like it was an assassin from Hydra.

It turned into a sort of game for you, accidentally dropping something and bending real low to grab it, giving Steve a full view of what he was missing. The worst was when you used your powers on him, like he wasn’t already having wild fantasies of shoving you up against the closest wall or pinning you down on his mattress.

All of the Avengers would be in the room and you would shamelessly press thoughts into his head - riding him breathless or sucking him dry - and when he blushed you would reach over and place a cool hand on his forehead, biting back a grin and giving him a nice view down your shirt.

“You okay there Stevie? You’re burning up!” You’d say in a sickly sweet voice that reminded him of double chocolate chip cookies. He would glare back at you, only barely tearing his eyes off your chest long enough to make eye contact.

“I’m fine.” The words were somewhere between a grunt and a growl and they’d send shivers straight through you.

“Well let me know if there’s something I can do. Anything at all.” Your smirk was something evil as your hand skimmed up his thigh, higher and higher as you walked right past the chair he was sitting in. As if his clothes weren’t already stifling enough without your lingering fingers sending jolts across his nerves.

Tonight was no different, in fact you might have been even more taunting than usual. Steve almost choked on his food when your hand slid up his knee, tracing patterns up his skin and stopping mere inches away from his crotch. He had to bite his lip to keep himself together. It only took one look at you - low cut top and daring smirk, almost as if you were saying come get it. And he wanted to, so badly, but the only thing worse than your constant public teasing was his team finding out about it too. If they weren’t sitting right across from the both of you he would have hauled you to his room ten times by now. Sadly, they were there, so he had to starve himself the attention he was aching for.

He was doing a good job too, until his head filled with you straddling him right then and there. At this point there was no telling if it was his own thought or one of yours, but just the dream of having your hips roll over his drove him crazy. Your hand found its way to the tent in his pants and if he closed his eyes it was almost like you were grinding against him. He let out a quiet breath and balled up his fists. If you were going to continue this, he was going to pay you back for it, and he didn’t think he could wait until after dinner; he had been waiting for two whole weeks now, that had to count for something.

Your hand just wasn’t enough and you both knew it. He sent you a dark look, as heated as a sauna that only got darker when he saw your lip held hostage between your teeth. Something told you that tonight all your hard work would pay off.

That feeling did nothing but grow when his hand snatched up your wrist, wanting so badly to press it further into him but instead harshly throwing it away. He was standing in a flash, teeth grazing your ear as he demanded lowly,

“My room. Two minutes.” And left without a single Avenger’s curious eye. Anticipation weeded its way inside you and made you cross your legs, alleviating some of the building pressure.

You couldn’t get away faster, a whole two weeks of endless frustration was bound to do that to you, though you were sure Steve got the rough end of it. Your assumption was spot on, Steve couldn’t keep his hands off of you for a whole second if he tried. You stepped inside his room and the next moment your back was pressed into the closed door, Steve’s mouth meshing with yours all hunger and desperation and somehow still slow and sultry. His hips locked yours against the door frame, pressing into you slow and devious. His tongue licked up your moan like ice cream, never having tasted anything so sweet in his life.

Your hands twitched for something to touch, to tangle in his perfect golden hair or rake down his chest until your name fell from his lips in a low and heavenly praise. Instead they got busy unbuttoning his shirt. In the meantime Steve’s rough hands ran under your shirt, singeing the skin up and down your sides before resting right underneath the curve of your breasts.

His lips left yours cold and wanting more but his ocean eyes compensated for the loss. Your hues locked with his for a long moment, the quiet swelling with the two of you trying to catch your breath. He was asking you if this was okay, if you were just as reliant on his touch as he was with yours.

“I’m all yours, Captain.” Your breath spiralled over his heated skin and it didn’t take another syllable for him to latch onto your neck, leaving wet open mouthed kisses all across your throat and collarbone.

You tugged off his jeans and hopped up, legs wrapping tightly around his waist and pulling him in for all he was worth. It was the easiest thing in the world to get lost in the bliss his mouth and, well, not his mouth sent through you. Your bra and shirt were both discarded as soon as Steve could bare to pull his lips away from your skin, his shirt falling closely behind.

His hands skated down to your thighs, massaging as he peeled you off the door and stumbled over to the bed. He never imagined your hands twisting in his hair would feel as good as it was, and he couldn’t remember a time where he felt as complete as he did right in this moment. This was right, and that thought vibrated in the small spaces between your bodies until there was no space left for it.

Steve took his time scorching kisses down you chest, tongue and teeth skimming the sensitive skin and sucking where he was sure you’d appreciate. His fingers rubbed circles inside your thighs, intent on making this whole thing last.

You couldn’t take it anymore, your stomach was twisting and your core was already dripping for Steve by the time you tugged him back to your lips.

“Quit teasing.” It was more of a whimper against his soft mouth, it was hard to concentrate on your tone when Steve’s calloused fingers were tweaking your nipples and his impossibly hard member was only a layer away from filling you.

“You know you deserve it.” Steve’s voice was a breathless murmur and the feeling of his smile against yours was ethereal.

You realized you didn’t know the meaning of bliss until his fingers pushed past your panties and circled your clit, harsh and gratifying. His fingers slipped into your heat and your back arched into him. He hadn’t thought your mewlings could get any more archaic, but he was so wrong. What was flooding from your lips now was better than music itself, and seeing you pressing your head into his pillows while bucking your hips into his hand? Well that was prettier than his favourite painting.

Steve’s fingers had only been out of you long enough to bring them to his lips, twirling his tongue around your flavour like it was the last drop of water in the desert, when you flipped everything around and straddled his hips.

Then you were sinking down on his length and you were sure those were stars circling your vision. One of Steve’s hands gripped your hip while the other held your palm to his mouth, kissing your fingers to the lines of your palm to your wrist. When you were sure you could handle it, you started to move. And no matter how much Steve wanted to keep his eyes open and memorize you in all your glory, having you wrapped around him felt too good to keep them on you. So he choked out a healthy groan and concentrated on your fingers entangled with his.

It was when Steve bucked his hips to meet you that you cried out, finally finding your g-spot and making you want to collapse in on the pleasure. You didn’t even try to stifle the sultry sounds trickling out of your mouth, so content with how perfectly Steve fit inside you that you didn’t notice him sitting up until his legs shifted and his mouth was back on yours. His hands roamed over the small of your back before pulling you further down on him and you shuddered, lost in a feeling somehow resembling the collapse of a star. The knot in your stomach unravelled and Steve’s name was lost somewhere between your lips and his shoulder where they happened to bite down. Steve couldn’t hold on long after that, feeling your walls pulsing around him had him undoing just as fast.

When you came down from your high his arms were wrapped around your waist, hugging you close and panting over your neck.

“So that was worth the wait.” You spoke softly with that smile creeping back onto your lips. He would never get over that smile.

“Good, ‘cause I’m gonna need a lot more of that before you’re allowed to leave.” You didn’t have very much time to process that before his lips were on you again, nipping at your lip and tossing your back against the bed.

This Was Not The Plan (Clint x reader oneshot)

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A/N: Wowza I’ve posted two imagines in two days I am on a roll. Hopefully I will keep it that way *probably not* Anyways, I hope y'all’s  day went wonderfully! I had a great day which is probably why I was able to whip this out in twelve hours, and it’s not as long as my other one-shots but I really like this one. I love Clint too so I absolutely loved writing this. I hope you guys enjoy! :D (p.s. this was requested over a week ago and I’m sorry it took me so long to actually start writing this)

Pairing: Clint x reader

Warnings: None (fluff and overprotective dad Tony?)

Word Count: 2,060

Request: Can you write an imagine where Tony is the reader’s father and and the reader dates Clint but Tony doesn’t know about it yet and he finds them sleeping intertwined on the couch.

You were sure that being Tony Stark’s daughter was one of the hardest things to be in the world.

You loved him of course, he was your father but he could get so overprotective of you sometimes, especially when it came to you and boyfriends. You had been living in the Avengers tower since it was originally the Stark Tower so you were constantly around Tony and the other Avengers, which you didn’t mind some of the time. You and him both had a science side and you would go to his lab and help him and Bruce with experiments and inventions most of the day. Sounds great right? No.

When the Avengers initiative was put into play, you were always hanging out with them, especially Clint. You two were inseparable from the day you met, of course it was just a friendly relationship; at first. Tony had already talked to you about being careful around the men in the Avengers which you shrugged off. But, a few months later you had found yourself falling in love with Clint and it seemed he was too and it wasn’t long before you two were “dating” behind Tony’s back.

You weren’t sure if you’d call it dating, you hung out a lot together and went on dates but to everyone else it seemed as if you two were just spending time together, as friends, with the occasional secret kisses when you two were alone.

Everyone was off on missions today, with the exception of Clint, as he had gotten hurt a few days ago which caused you to almost kick his ass when he returned with bruises and broken bones. He wanted to go on the mission with the others but you had convinced him to sit this one out and watch movies with you all day instead. You didn’t want him to hurt himself even more than he was already and you didn’t mind spending the day alone with him either.

You had just finished watching Jurassic Park so you asked, “So what movie do you want to watch now?” You were sitting on the floor sifting through a pile of movies in front of the tv in the lounge of the Avengers tower, “We have Star Wars, The Princess Bride, Nemo, The Lord of the Rings, Toy Story…” You named off some of the movies in front of you

You were cut off by, “My name is Inigo Montoya! You killed my father! Prepare to die!” Clint loudly imitated a quote from The Princess Bride whilst sitting on the couch.

You laughed at his terrible imitation and pressed play on the movie Clint wanted to watch, “The Princess Bride it is.” You quickly moved out of the way and plopped yourself on the couch next to Clint and he threw an arm around your shoulder as the movie started.

As the movie progressed you could hear Clint whisper the character’s lines under his breath which made you smile. He was such a dork sometimes, it was one of the things you loved about him the most.

About half way through the movie, you’re mind started to drift off. You were often thinking about how Tony would react to knowing you and Clint were together. You were getting tired of the whole “hiding behind his back” all the time. You were an adult and you shouldn’t have to and it wouldn’t be long until he found out by himself anyways. He would be mad when he found out, you knew it, he would most likely do something stupid to try and break you two apart, but you wanted him to be happy for you. You were torn between protecting you and your father’s relationship and your’s and Clint’s.

“You know Tony’s going to find out eventually.” You blurted out, interrupting the movie.

Clint turned his head to look at you and said, “He will, there’s no doubt in that. I’m just surprised he hasn’t found out yet,”

You sighed, “I’m just scared that he’ll be mad, or that he’ll freak out,” You knew that Tony was protective because he didn’t want to lose you, but sometimes it felt like you were being treated like a child.

“Sure he’ll be mad at first, but he’ll get over it and be happy for the both of us.” Clint smiled at you and you leaned in to quickly peck him on the lips, staying only a couple inches from his face.

“You know, I love you, Barton.” You smiled.

“Yes, I do know, Y/L/N.” He then leaned in to kiss you back, but you were interrupted by a loud scene from the movie causing you to jump away from Clint.

“Hey, I wasn’t finished.” He pouted and you shook your head at him laughing.

“You’ll get more later, just be patient.”

By the time the movie was over an hour later, you had migrated from sitting next to Clint to laying on the couch with your head propped up on Clint’s legs. It was starting to get dark outside and you felt like you could fall asleep right there and just thinking about that made you want to yawn.

The credits started rolling up the screen and you asked, “Clint, can you turn on Nemo?”

“Only if you say please.” He replied in a sarcastic tone.

“Clint, can you please turn on Nemo.” You corrected yourself, looking up at him.

“Only because you said please,” He shifted forward, trying not to make you uncomfortable, and grabbed the remote on the table, “And because I like your face.”

In only a few moments, you could hear the opening lines of the movie. Disney movies always had a knack for putting you to sleep and in no time the noise from the movie got quieter and quieter until you slipped into unconsciousness.

You didn’t know how long you were asleep but you knew you didn’t want to get up. Clint had fallen asleep as well sometime throughout the movie and you two had squished together to be able to fit on the couch while laying down. Clint was laying on his back and you were snuggled up by his side with his arm under and around your shoulders and your arm draped across his waist.

The two of you were sleeping peacefully until you thought you heard voices but you figured they were in your dreams. It wasn’t until you heard someone clear their throat loudly you sleepily opened your eyes. You were completely calm until you realized it was Tony who was standing a few feet away from you two, seeing you and Clint intertwined on the couch.

You immediately jumped up from your sleeping position, making yourself dizzy from the sudden movement and quickly stuttered, “Tony. Dad. Hi. Hey, what’s up?” You’re brain wasn’t fully awake so you had no clue what to say to him. He looked at you with utter disbelief, his eyes wide at what he was seeing.

Clint groaned from his spot on the couch as he slowly sat up rubbing his eyes with his fists, you could hear him suck in a breath as he, too, realized Tony was standing there with his arms crossed, “Tony, hey,” Clint said quickly.

You had cut Clint off mid sentence and you both, at the same time, stammered out “We were just watching movies and we fell asleep.”

Tony was silent for a few moments and you knew you were in trouble.

“Y/N. Lab. You and me. Now.” He pointed at you, turned away from the two of you and started walking away. His voice was stern and it scared you enough to follow his demand to go with him to the lab. You knew how this conversation was going to go.

You could hear Clint get up quickly and shout out from behind you, “Tony wait, it’s not what you think!”

You turned around and put a hand on Clint’s chest, stopping him, “Let me handle this Clint, I’ll be fine. I’ll explain everything to him… just let me do it alone.” He sighed frustratedly and nodded to you, letting you go catch up to Tony.

Once you had reached the lab and closed the door behind you Tony loudly asked, “What the hell was that Y/N?” He flung his arms up in the air pointing towards the door you had came from.

“Dad, just calm down and let me explain, it was an accident you weren’t supposed to find out this way, this was not the plan.” You slowly and calmly spoke, hoping to make Tony less angry before you explained everything to him.

“An accident? So you weren’t planning on telling me that you and Barton… hooked up?” Tony couldn’t find a word to describe what he saw.

“Just sit down and let me explain, no interrupting.”

Tony pulled one of the chairs from the multiple desks in the room and sat down in a huff, looking at you with an angry, but a little less than before, expression on his face.

You took a deep breath before speaking, gathering up your thoughts, “Clint and I have been, together I would say, for a while now. We both feel the same way about each other, we really like each other… we love each other.”

Tony went to open his mouth to say something and you quickly shushed him and continued talking, “We didn’t tell you, because first of all I told Clint not to tell you, and because I was nervous about what you’d think of me and I knew you would disapprove, but I am an adult. I take care of myself, I make my own choices. I don’t need to tell you all the gorey details about my life; but I was planning on telling you soon because you have a right to know. I just want you to know that Clint and I are happy together… We have been for a long time now.”

“How long?” Was the only thing Tony asked.

“We’ve only been together together for the past few months.”

Tony sighed and looked at his hands in his lap, “I know that you’re all grown up and an adult now, Y/N. I just… I just don’t want you to get hurt.”

“I’m not going to get hurt with Clint, but if I do, and I highly doubt that, I know how to take care of myself.”

“He really does love you?” Tony finally looked up at you, his eyes now filled with curiosity and a little bit of concern instead of anger.

“Yes.” You nodded, “And I love him.”

“Ok. Just no kissing when I’m around, ok? It’s a little weird. I have to get used to the whole thing that you and Barton are a, uh… couple.”

You laughed at his response. You were glad that he was trying to be happy for the two of you, and try to logically process that the two of you were indeed a couple.

“Ok, kid. I need time to process,” Tony said and you turned around and started to head for the door exiting the lab when he added, “So you can go back to whatever it was that you were doing; earlier… with Clint, or whatever.”

You turned back around, still walking backwards, leaned on the door and asked, “How old do I have to be for you to stop calling me kid?” You asked sarcastically.

“You’re never too old for me to not call you kid.” he replied smugly and with that, you left the lab only to immediately run into Clint.

When you first saw him his face was full of concern, but it soften when he saw you’re happy expression, “I take it it went well?” He asked hopefully.

“It was just like you said, he was angry at first but he’s getting over it and getting used to the fact that I like to kiss one of his teammates. But I should warn you he’s probably going to track you down and give you “the talk” at some point.” Your face got serious when you said the last sentence.

“That I can deal with. An angry overprotective father? Not so much.” Clint smiled at you and you couldn’t resist pulling him into a kiss.

*I made another cover! This time, it’s Home by Toby Fox from the Undertale soundtrack! I really like this song and I like the way it turned out! I hope you guys have a wonderful week, and I have more on the way! Most likely, it will come this weekend some time. Thank you Winry for Encouraging me on this one, and I’ll see you guys on the weekend!

Moving Accounts

Hey guys, I have been debating this for a while and a few years ago when I made this blog, it was made as a Secondary Blog to my Primary one Noxidassylem, which was just a reblog, blog since I wanted to keep art and reblogging separate. I was hoping that Tumblr in the future would give people the power to  make secondary blogs into Primary ones and Vice Versa but that doesn’t seem to be something they plan on doing anytime soon. I really don’t like having my, what is essentially now, my strict art blog as my secondary as it doesn’t have a lot of features that a Primary blog may have. And its a pain to message people who follow the ‘dead’ primary account telling them that I dont post anything there and that all my posts happen on this blog. So I am going to be purging this one in the coming weeks and moving everything onto the Primary account which will be under the same name as this one once I have all of the art from this blog onto the new one.

As much as I would love the ability to move followers and such, I cant do that, so if you have any interest in still following my art, please follow the new blog:

>>New blog right here<<

I will be posting reminders about this every so often until everything has been reposted up on that blog.

I feel bad since I should have just made this change a while back. but hindsight is 20/20 ;w;

Purer Than The Water (like we were) - 33k

Louis is a merman and Harry is a boy. The lake is a good place to fall in love.

Louis wants the boy to wade deeper, deep enough that Louis can go under and wrap his fingers around his ankles for just a moment. Pull him under. Just touch skin, for a second.

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I just want to say I am so proud of wonho for what he did in the last ep of right now. He was so brave!, i mean he’s usually scared of even going up the stairs. I really respect wonho and always have and always will and this time more because he managed to turn around to the camera and say “Monsta X will succeed” while he was literally shaking and crying! and he also said “Kids(monsta x) I love you” just before he jump make me think he must really love his team. In the air all he did was screaming “Monsta X fighting” and when he landed he look at the camera and said “MonBebe i love you”.I know what I’m saying might sound very biased right now but really his heart is full of love if you know him very well. The love Wonho have for us, the fandom and his team is indescribable. He really is one special guy and i just love him so much for his bravery and his honest love! 

How To Troye Sivan Concert, a guide of tips and tricks:

From prior experience and being observant of others experiences, these are a few of the things I’ve picked up that can help you if you are going to one of Troye’s upcoming tour stops!

What to bring:

~A Small Bag/Backpack

When I went to Troye’s Los Angeles show last time I found myself with a lot of stuff that I was juggling and had nowhere to put it and a small purse/bag/backpack/knapsack would have come in handy


Water is a key essential and I highly recommend bringing at least a bottle of water, plastic or a refillable one, to drink because you never know how long you’re going to be waiting (last time I waited three hours before they let us through the doors).


Of course this night is going to be extremely fun and you’re going to make tons of awesome memories but documenting these memories is half the fun. Bringing a phone with a camera is more recommended than bringing a digital camera as they’re more portable and just easier for a concert, but I saw several people at the concert last time with polaroid’s so it’s really up to you!

~Portable Charger/Charging Case

This saved my life when I went to the concert as I was waiting a long time and wanted to be on my phone for a while keeping updated on social media to pass the time. If you have one I highly recommend bringing a charging phone case as opposed to a portable charger as then you won’t have to carry another item because it would be on your phone, but if you don’t have one portable charger’s are great and will be super helpful. Also if you have both and want to bring both, that’s great too!

~A Snack (Optional)

This is optional because not everyone gets that hungry in just a few hours but bringing something to give you an energy boost can be beneficial to your heath, energy and maybe you won’t have to buy any food inside

~Wallet (Optional)

Speaking from past experience and being super greedy when it comes to troye merchandise, I would say bringing a wallet is essential for this concert but not everyone is like me so I’m considering this step optional. Most people who are going to go are going to buy a tour t-shirt so bringing a wallet to store credit cards and cash is a good idea

~Cash (Must have if you are expecting to buy something)

Last Troye concert was made much more fun when I was able to purchase several pieces of merch, but a downside was that they don’t accept credit/debit cards, only cash. So make sure that you bring cash!

What To Wear:


What you wear to the Troye concert is completely up to you but it’s always cool to wear Troye merchandise. If you live in a particularly cold place I suggest wearing warm clothes but layer it so when you get inside and get hot from jumping around and dancing you can take a layer off: jacket, pullover, hoodie, sweatshirt, etc.


I cannot stress this one enough please wear comfy shoes. That’s all just wear comfy shoes you’ll thank me later


~Get There Early

I highly recommend getting there as early as you can so you can stake out your claim in line. When fighting general admission it’s always best to show up at least an hour before the concert

~Make Friends/ Talk To The People Around You In Line

Remember half the fun of getting there early is making friends with other people who are just as obsessed with Troye as you are. Most everyone around me last concert was super friendly and tons of groups all pitched in and ordered pizza’s. Who knows maybe you’ll get some new followers on social media from it and you could possibly meet some potential really good friends!

~Camera Roll

Now this might seem a bit silly but you don’t want to be caught recording in the middle of a song and have your camera storage be full, so make sure you delete old pictures you don’t want to ensure enough space for photos and videos

~Be Nice To People

Even if you aren’t going to become best friends with the person next to you in line as least be respectful and kind to them. Who knows, you might have to go to the restroom and they’ll be nice enough to hold your spot in line for you


~Don’t Push Or Shove People Inside

It’s very rude and you wouldn’t want someone jabbing your elbow into your ribs for an entire show now would you, so be respectful please

~You’re Tall

If you were on the more blessed side of being above the height of 5'5 then to most you’re probably considered tall. If so please be considerate of those whom were not as fortunate and try to make sure you’re not standing in front of the really short people as then we cannot see

~Make It About Ships

Please when you’re waiting in line try not to talk about ships too much, but more importantly do not scream out Tronnor or Troyler at Troye when he is on stage. It’s rude and it belittles the fact that this is his night and it’s about him not his relationship status, thank you

~Disrespect Any Of The Staff Members

There are several staff members such as: ticket scanners, bartenders, merchandise distributors, and security guards. So just be respectful and remember that they are doing this to make sure everyone stays safe and has a good time


Here is a picture of the merchandise available at his shows, so if you’re looking into buying something here are your options. Side note: these are Canadian prices so if you’re from anywhere in America just subtract $10 from everything and that’s how much it really is . Ex: items that were $35 are now $25


Someone has pointed out to me that the even though the prices in the merchandise photos are in Canadian dollars and the prices still drop $10 dollars, that in Seattle last night the only item that was the same was the tour t-shirt. The tour t-shirt is still $35, just a heads up!


As I mentioned before they only accept cash so make sure if you’re buying something that you have cash on you!

VIP Attendees:

~Early Entry

From what I’ve gathered VIP attendees get in 15-20 minutes early, if I’m wrong on this just let me know and I’ll change it


All VIP attendees will receive a general admission ticket, VIP lanyard, Blue Neighborhood beanie, early access, and specially designed tour poster (signed)

Accounts To Keep Up With:


I’ve been keeping up wih TroyeSivanUpdts, as well as TroyeSivanNews on Twitter and they’re super helpful for knowing what’s going on with the other shows and everything really about Troye’s tour/whereabouts


I’ve been keeping up with Troye’s snapchat as well as TroyeSivanLive, troye on tour, and several others but I can’t remember them


Not really many blogs here but I will be posting/ reblogging tour photos and info, and troyetour is a good one to follow and so is troyedaily to see pictures and videos of his concerts

Tour Set List:


“If You Close One Eye” by the one and only @emiza

Guys if you haven’t read this beautiful fic yet please please do because it gave me so much feels. Oh and Tess (am i allowed to call you Tess?), I’m sorry if you’re not tracking the #iycoe tag anymore ;_; i was reading this for the third time the other day and the urge to draw this scene was real so i hope you’ll like it! AND also i really hope i got the eye colors right because i rly tried

(for those of you who know this scene, feel it with me) 


Hey y’all! Wanted to share this Garrett-centric video I made, aaaa ; 7 ; I just listened to a song and had the strongest urge to make a video for it! Please give it a watch if you like, I worked really hard on it! ; v ; ./) Some things aren’t perfect, but overall, I really like how it came out! I desperately wanted to add more squids from my friends but it was so much work, I wanted to keep it to a minimum, but I sure hope to do more videos in the future! <3

Daphne (Yellow) belongs to @squibits

Jamie (Light Blue) belongs to @trumanzanotto

Ylva (Grey Violet) belongs to @fucksquidsgetmoney

Fight Song Part 1 - Requested (Luke)

This was requested so so long ago by anon, i kinda got carried away and made it a two parter so i really hope you like it haha, ENJOY!!!


‘Hey man’ I nod to Henry, he is one of the security guys on tour at the minute, he is standing outside of the club, he nods, pulling the cigarette from his lips and clears his throat a little. ‘Hi, I tried to get her out but she wasn’t having none of it, I didn’t really think it was my place you know?’ he explains, Calum smacks him on the back. ‘Yeah man, don’t worry, thanks for calling us’ he reassures Henry. I bounce slightly on my heels, desperate to get this over with. ‘She’s still in there?’ I as him and he nods, walking in he gives the bounce a tap on the shoulder as the three of us walk past.

Calum is behind me, the moment we enter the dark area with the lights flashing, ‘Not really the time, but we should come here some time’ Calum shouts in my ear and I force a smile as I nod earning myself a sympathetic look from him, which I’m scarily getting used to. ‘There’ Henry calls. Pointing over to the left, I follow his finger and within seconds my eyes are on my girlfriends back, the girlfriend who is currently clinging to some dark hair guy while dancing.

‘Luke, chill’ Calum warns me as he both jog down the stairs, swerving the people hanging around. I don’t respond, to fucking angry at the whole situation, exhausted from this daily shit with her. I love the girl but I can’t keep being her babysitter. ‘(Y/N)’ I call as I get closer, once I am finally through and in reach I grab her elbow. She spins around and I vaguely notice the guy glaring at me. Her eyes are bloodshot which is no surprise seems as she’s been missing all day.

‘Oh it’s my boyfriend’ she turns telling the guy as though the most normally thing in the world with her hand on his chest, I look to him now and he looks uncomfortable, ‘Sorry dude’ he apologises backing up and moving through the crowd. ‘Noooo, Lukey you scared him off’ she scolds me in a childish tone that only pisses me off more. ‘We are leaving’ I tell her, pulling her to me, she stumbles slightly and Calum grabs her other arm to hold her up. ‘CALUM’ she squeals excited, he gives her a quick flash of a smile, ‘Hey you’.

‘EVERYONE MY BOYFRIEND IS HERE’ she screams earning some cheers from the piss heads around her, I shake my head dragging her out, Calum seems to have fallen behind and when I look back he is talking to Henry, thanking him probably. ‘Babe, let’s have a drink, I need a drink, shots, SHOTS FOR EVERYONE’ she yells, against some cheers, ‘You’ve had enough, come on, we are going home’ I tell her, trying not to show how angry I am with her because she will only get upset in this state, that or angry.

‘Home? Home, home, I like home, home is good, home’ she starts muttering to herself, I try to get her up the stairs but with her none existing help and the fact that she is swaying all over the place I decided its easier to pick her up. ‘Weeeeeeee, oh Lukey, are we getting married, you have to make love to me, your gonna fuck me hard right LuLu?’ she whispers into my ear in what I’m assuming she thinks is seductive but the stench of her breath just makes me queasy. We only have to wait a minute or two in the car before Calum catches us up, the moment we pull of we hear a wrench from the back seat and turn in time to see her puking over the car floor, and seat next to her. ‘Fucking hell’ Calum groans, opening all the windows. I close my eyes rubbing my fingers roughly into them trying to wake myself up from this fucking nightmare. ‘I’m so sorry man’ I apologies for her but he brushes it off, telling me not to worry, but I do, I worry all the way back to the hotel. Calum carries her to bed and we leave her there, me deciding to take up Ashton’s offer of sharing his room for the night.



Tears are streaming down your face, your head thumping after the conversation you just had, although it hurt before now it’s a hundred times worse with the tears. You rush down the corridor, nearly at a march you’re so angry. Your heart wrenching with the feeling of betrayal. You swing open the door to the boys dressing room, slamming it firmly behind you. Ashton, Luke and Michael are in there, Luke looks worried, tired, his head that was relaxed against the back of the sofa now facing you, Michael puts his phone down and Ashton look up from his, the three of them looking guilty beyond belief.

‘Seriously? Seriously? ARE YOU GUYS FUCKING SERIOUS?’ you scream, ‘Babe’ Luke stands but you ignore him, ‘I can’t believe you guys would do this to me, I can’t fucking believe you guys’ you cry even more. ‘We didn’t get a say’ Luke tells you, his eyes searching yours for forgiveness.

‘You didn’t even tell me yourselves’ you hit back, ‘We thought it would be better coming from them’ Michael explains, ‘Fuck you’ you scoff, ‘(Y/N) there is nothing we could have done’ Ashton tells you calmly. ‘Did you try?’ you look him dead in the eyes, ‘Ash, did you try to do anything for me?’ you ask again but he just shakes his head. ‘What about you?’ you look to Luke now, your boyfriend of two years but he can’t even meet your eyes.

‘YOU GUYS DIDN’T DO SHIT’ you scream, throwing the papers you had just been handed at Luke’s chest. ‘THAT’S ENOUGH!’ Ashton yells, jumping to his feet. His outburst stagers you for a moment, ‘Ashton’ Luke warns turning back to his friend, ‘No, I’ve had enough’.

‘How the hell can you say we haven’t done anything for you? Who the hell do you think picks you up out of the fucking gutter night after night, carries you’re out of it body to bed, making sure you don’t choke on your sick at night. Who covers for you when you don’t turn up for interviews, turn up late for your open? WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK KEEPS FUCKING TAKING CARE OF YOU?’ he screams at you now, you step back, shaking your head.

‘Fuck you’ you tell him, ‘FUCK YOU’ you scream now, feeling be-little’d by Ashton putting you down and none of them helping you or stopping him.

‘So no, we didn’t do anything when management told us you wouldn’t be touring with us next year, we didn’t fight for you to be our opening act because we don’t want you here. Clearly you can’t handle it anymore’ Ashton’s words are harsh, but the worst of it all is the look on Luke’s face, like he is too tired to fight, and that’s the moment you realise you have really fucked up.

‘(Y/N) we love you, we do’ Michael speaks now, he also stands up but as he does your legs seem to give in on you, you crouch until you’re on your bum, knees under your chin. ‘We want to help you babe, but there is only so much we can do for you until you want to help yourself’ Michael tells you, crouching to your level now but you can’t bring yourself to look at them. It goes quiet and you hear the door open and close, movement next to you, and you look between your arms to see Luke is sitting on the floor next to you.

‘I love you’

‘Luke no, please’ you cry already knowing what’s about to happen, please don’t, but your heads in your arms again as you sob silently. ‘I love you so fucking much, I’ve done everything I can…’ he stops a second and you’re sure he is crying to but you can’t bring yourself to look at him. ‘I want to help you, I want to hold your hand and be here when you’re over this but…. babe it so hard, I’m tired all the time, and it fucking kills me seeing you like that, like…like this, I’m not saying I don’t love you, I do, that’s why it’s so hard, but I just think…. nothing else has worked maybe it’s time for…. maybe you would do better on your own’ he tells you, you feel his arms wrap around you.

‘Please look at me’ he sighs, hearing the crack in his voice but you don’t, you close your eyes to try and stop the tears but it doesn’t work, nothing works and then your alone, he leaves the room and your alone, for the first time since your friend passed away this is the first time you feel like there is no one coming for you.



‘You can do this, breath, you have this’ you tell your reflection as you wait in the small toilets, checking you look good enough to stand in front of them after all this time. You hear a name being called from the waiting room just outside and assume it’s the act before you, knowing your soon you let out a last breath before walking out and taking your seat, your fingers rubbing the wearing material from your guitar case.

You feel as though you have been staring at the black material for hours but your snapped from your worry looking up to the short guy, his ginger beard strangely comforting. You smile to him as you stand and he reached out a hand, ‘Hello, I’m Usain, nervous?’ he asks squinting at you as though trying to finger something out. ‘Wait, aren’t you their old act? The one they are replacing?’ he asks, you smile shyly and nod, ‘Yep, that would be me, I’ve changed, a lot’ you tell him, he nods looking unsure but you smile again as he stops outside of a door. ‘In here?’ you question when he doesn’t speak and he snaps from his thought nodding, ‘Oh, right yeah, yeah good luck’ he tells you opening the door for you.

‘(Y/N)’ the first eyes to meet you the ocean blue ones you have been missing the last four months, and what a long four months they have been without Luke.


From Chelsea

Dolce e Cantabile
Sheet music made by thesolopianist for 2 parts: Violoncello, Piano

Hey everyone! I wrote a new piece and I have to say I’m really proud of it! I like how it turned out. This was my first time writing a duet. Tell me what you think of it! I hope you all like it!

Prepare the confetti canons, here are some Courferre fic recs!!!!

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a stroke of luck- Combeferre sneaking into Courf’s house. that’s all u need to know

Morning in Bed

Summary: After an intimate together, you and Chanyeol are happy to see your relationship at a new level.
Member: Chanyeol x Reader
Type: Fluff/ One-Shot
Length: 970 Words

I think that this would honestly be really cute. I hope you guys like this scenario <3

-Admin Kat

You woke up to the sunlight warming your back. You opened your eyes slowly, yawning from the desire to still be asleep. Your eyes strained to look at the surrounding. Your head was resting on Chanyeol’s chest, your hand resting right above his heart and your cheek gently on top. The feeling of his beating heart against your hand made you smile, feeling almost instantly awake. You glanced down at yourselves. You were intertwined under the blanket, his long legs wrapped around yours securely. You couldn’t help but plush as you glanced at your almost naked bodies. He was in nothing but his boxers and you were in your matching blue panties and bra.

You were about to pull away from him, wanting to close the blinds, but you didn’t dare to move. You looked up at your boyfriend’s face and found him peacefully sleeping. His eyelashes fluttered slightly against his cheekbones. His lips were curved upwards in a faint smile as he breathed deeply. You let out a small sigh and decided to just deal with the brightness that was beginning to fill the room. You snuggled your head against Chanyeol’s chest again, breathing in his scent as you closed your eyes.

Originally posted by byunbaeks

 “Jagi? Are you sure you want to do this? We really don’t have to.” Chanyeol reassured you as the two of you kneeled on the bed. You nodded your head, letting him know that you knew you didn’t need to. You found it heartwarming how loving Chanyeol was and how nervous he was. The two of you had been dating for years now, taking your relationship slowly. The two of you were careful to not push the relationship too far too fast, but you knew how ready the two of you were to take the relationship to the next level.

You moved slowly towards your boyfriend, kissing him tentatively on the lips. His lips were stiff against yours, and his hands were awkward as he placed them on your hips. “Chanyeol, you know that you don’t need to do anything either, right? IF you don’t want to continue, we can stop. This isn’t just what I want.” You told him as you pulled away from him. You sat at the end of the bed, feeling both awkward and self-conscious.

Chanyeol moved so he was behind you, placing his hands on your shoulders. He kissed the top of your head lovingly; breathing hot air against your hair. “I’m sorry (Y/N). It isn’t that I don’t want to. I’m just nervous. I don’t want to hurt you. I don’t want this to ruin our reputation.” He explained to you as he pulled you against him.

Originally posted by wooyoung

You were scared when the two of you had started, starting to believe that maybe it really would ruin your relationship. But the moment you began to become intimate, you knew that the shared night would do the complete opposite for your relationship. As you laid on his chest, curled up against his side with his arm securely wrapped around your shoulders, you couldn’t feel any closer. It was as though your bodies had melted together, your souls becoming one, and your hearts beating together.

You opened your eyes once again and leaned upwards, kissing Chanyeol quickly on the lips. The second your lips touched his, you felt his arm tighten around you; pulling your body against his. You started to chuckle, pulling away so you could hear his deep, rumbling laughter as well. He placed his other hand around your hip so he could pull you up so you were lying on top of him. “Good morning, darling.” He said in a husky voice. You smiled brightly at him, kissing him on the nose.

“Good morning, my beloved.” You replied cutely. He laughed again and kissed you on the forehead. The two of you remain in the spot, not wanting to move from your comfortable spots. After a few more minutes of basking in the sunlight and wrapped in each other’s arms, you finally pulled yourself up to a kneeling position beside him. You kneeled beside him, staring down at him. You placed your hand on his chest, skimming your fingertips against his skin. He squirmed slightly from the ticklish feeling. “So, do you want to go out to eat or do you want me to make you something?”

Originally posted by essentyeol

Chanyeol closed his eyes again, thinking about it as he reached up to rub the sleep out of his eyes. “Hmm, how about we just stay asleep.” He joked as he grabbed your arms and pulled you back down.

You pulled away from him, whining. “Chan, we can’t just sleep all day. Aren’t you hungry? Especially after last night.” You asked in a bit of a teasing voice. He seemed to blush at the mention of your intimate activities the night before. You moved your hand up from his chest, over his collarbones, over his neck, and placing it in his hair. “You aren’t regretting it, are you?” You asked in a whisper.

Originally posted by porkdo-bi

Chanyeol almost jumped off the bed when he heard that. “No, no, of course not. Jagiya, I love you, and I am happy we brought our relationship to a stronger and closer level. Don’t you agree?”

“Yes. Absolutely.” You reassured him and you leaned down to kiss him again. You felt as though a weight had been lifted off your shoulders. You were finally sure that you didn’t make a mistake. It was a relief honestly to know that the two of you felt the same.

You kissed him, letting your body melt against his once again. Your heart was racing as you laid back down on top of him. His lips moved fiercely against yours, his heartbeat beginning to match yours. Maybe a day in bed wouldn’t be so bad.

Originally posted by xinq

A Little Bit of Liquid Courage (Pietro x reader oneshot)

A/N: I’m so sorry this wasn’t up yesterday!!! I am a horrible, terrible human being. But I have a legitimate excuse! I was doing a group project that was due today and one person didn’t do their part so I had to do it for them yay!… It took forever… Have any of you guys dealt with that before? It sucks. And to whoever requested this imagine, I hope this is what you wanted, I feel like I drifted a little bit from the request but I’m happy with the way it came out and I really hope you are too :)

Pairing: Pietro x Reader

Warnings: Alcohol, language

Word Count: 2,062

Request: Pietro x reader where you’re best friends with Wanda and Pietro and you’re in love with him but he is oblivious and continuously flirts with other girls in front of you but Wanda knows how you feel so she ruins his dates constantly.

Originally posted by smilethroughtears96

You had been watching Pietro from a distance for a few minutes, not wanting to bother him or push through the group of girls that were following him around. You had started to get used to it, he was a flirt. Especially during the parties Tony would often throw, including the one right now. Pietro was attractive, there was no debate with that, which caused all the women to flaunt and flirt with him constantly.

You had been working at the Avenger’s tower for almost a year now. You weren’t an Avenger, but you could definitely protect yourself and handle a gun. You, Pietro and Wanda had kind of become partners when they all went out on a mission. And it wasn’t long until you started to develop a crush on the speedy Avenger. Wanda was the first, and hopefully the only one, to notice.

Wanda was a great friend, you too had become very close. Whenever Pietro would go on a date, she would try to talk him out of it or give an excuse to why he couldn’t or shouldn’t go. She was doing it for you, you knew that, but who knows if Pietro will ever know how you really feel.

The group of girls started to grow bigger, six or seven of them now, you tried not to care. They were all wearing short, tight dresses that seemed to be way too small for them and show way too much cleavage. You were sitting at the bar, halfway done drinking your second dry martini wearing a black button down shirt and a skirt that didn’t go up past your knees.

A girl from the group suddenly squealed in excitement, annoyingly to you. You could hear Pietro’s accent from across the room. He was most likely telling his “near death experiences and how he helped save the world” stories.

You sighed to yourself and gulped down the rest of your drink, setting it down on the counter beside you. God he was so annoying.

You motioned the bartender to get you another drink and he quickly made you another and set it in front of you, grabbing the old glass on his way. You sat there with an annoyed look on your face and stirred your drink with the toothpick that held two olives.

“You look like you’re having fun.”

The stool beside you pulled out and Wanda sat next to you. You quickly looked up at her and flashed a smile.

“I don’t know why I still come to these parties, I could be watching Netflix right now in my room.” You scoffed looking back down to your drink. You weren’t planning on getting drunk but you were starting to feel a little of the alcoholic effects.

Out of the corner of your eye you could see Pietro approaching the two of you, he must’ve finally left the group of girls. He looked at Wanda and you excitedly and held up a small piece of paper, “Did you see that? I got her number!”

You looked up at him and he must have noticed the annoyed look on your face and asked, “Are you alright Y/N?”

“Just peachy.” You took a sip of your drink as you replied.

Almost immediately after you had responded to Pietro a girl came up to him and grabbed his hand, “C’mon Pietro, let’s go dance!” And as expected, he followed behind, waving his hand up in the air towards you and Wanda.

You two sat there in silence, or silence between the two of you considering there was music playing and the sound of talking filling the air. A few moments later Wanda perked up, “He does care about you Y/N, he’ll come around.” Wanda tried to reassure you.

“Sure, after he’s flirted with every girl on the planet.” You were now facing the bar, not wanting to see Pietro dancing with another girl.

“I guess… But once he realizes how you feel-”

“If he ever realizes it.” You said sarcastically, rolling your eyes.

“You have to tell him Y/N, if you don’t you’ll stay in this constant state of suffering you’ve been in for months. Don’t think I haven’t noticed it.”

You quickly looked around the two of you just to make sure nobody would eavesdrop into your conversation. “I don’t know Wanda. What if he doesn’t like me back? Then what happens? Do I ruin our friendship? Will I not be able to go on missions with you two again?”

“He is my brother. I know him, he cares about you even though he doesn’t say he does.”

You were silent in response to her, you wanted to believe her, that Pietro really did care about you in the same way you felt for him. You took another sip of your drink and Wanda continued.

“Remember that one mission where you almost got yourself killed to protect Pietro. You were in the hospital unconscious for almost week with a gunshot wound, broken ribs, collarbone, wrist. I never told you about this but Pietro never left your side. He told me how scared he was that he was going to lose you. I’ve never seen him like that before…”

You smiled to yourself, remembering that mission. You remember taking the gunshot for Pietro when he wasn’t paying attention and him running you back to the Quinjet to get medical attention. You remember the first thing you saw when you woke up, him.

“Ok, ok… I’ll tell him. Eventually, not tonight, maybe not tomorrow but soon.”

“Just remember that I will kick his ass for you if he breaks your heart.” Wanda put a reassuring hand on your shoulder and you laughed.

You had migrated from the bar to the couches where Tony, Thor, Steve and Clint were. You weren’t sure where Wanda went and Thor was blabbing about his hammer and it ended up in this big event with everyone trying to lift it. This had happened a couple parties before and you remember watching Steve make the hammer budge a little bit and the look on Thor’s face was hilarious.

You were trying to focus on anything but Pietro when you hear, “C’mon Y/N, it’s your turn!” and Tony’s voice broke you out of your thoughts

“Oh, no. I already know the answer to that question, Stark.”

“Don’t be a party pooper,” Tony pouted.

“Fine,” You stood up and walked in front of the hammer, “But just for the record I’ve had three drinks.” You went to try and lift the hammer and to no surprise, it didn’t budge whatsoever.

“Ha! You’re all still not worthy.” Thor stood up and strode over to the hammer picking it up with ease.

You went back to sit down on the couch when you noticed Pietro talking with a girl across the room. They were incredibly close. You could tell the girl was flirting with him and Pietro was letting her, it made you want to throw up. Suddenly, the girl pulled Pietro into a kiss and that had finally set you off.

You jumped out of your spot on the couch and turned away from the sight of Pietro and the girl and quickly walked out of the room. You heard Steve and Tony’s voice calling out for you as you speed walked away.

Tears were falling from your eyes by the time you reached the end of the hallway connecting to the room that you stayed in at the Avengers tower. You pushed open the door forcibly, shutting it behind you and kicked the first thing you saw, which was the plastic trash bin. It sent crumpled up papers flying across your floor but you didn’t care at that point. You didn’t know why you were letting Pietro get to you like this. It was utterly and completely stupid.

At the beginning of the party you weren’t planning on getting drunk, but now you felt as if that was the only way to get Pietro off your mind. You walked over to the cabinets and grabbed a small bottle of scotch and opened it. Without bothering to pour it into a glass, you took a swig of it straight from the bottle.

God damn stupid ass Pietro.

You sat on your bed, occasionally taking swigs from the bottle of scotch for who knows how long until you were starting to feel dizzy. You flipped back onto the bed still holding the bottle in your hand and you were sure that you were drunk now.

A knock on the door startled you and you dropped the bottle onto the floor, spilling it all over the carpet.

Shit shit shit shit shit

You tried to get up quickly to grab the bottle before anymore spilled out but all you accomplished was falling off your bed with a thud.

Your head was didn’t want to get up, so you answered the knock with, “What do you want?”

You heard the door open slowly and shut behind whoever entered your room, “Are you alright Y/N? Everyone said that you ran out of the party earlier.” You could tell it was Pietro from his accent.

You groaned trying to get up and Pietro was immediately at your side helping you up.

Once you were up off the floor and sitting on your bed you laughed sarcastically and scoffed, “No, why would I be alright you’re stupid Pietro.” You stuck a finger out at him and poked him in the chest as you spoke.

He looked at you and his eyebrows scrunched together in confusion, “Are you drunk?”

“Maybe… I don’t know, I drank a little bit of scotch earlier and a couple minutes ago and I had these reeaaallly good martinis at the party.” You mentally slapped yourself as you spoke, the alcohol was the one doing the talking now and that never ended well.

“Why are you drunk Y/N? What’s been going on with you lately?” Pietro sat down next to you on your bed.

“Has anyone ever told you that you’re accent is really hot?” Your speech was slurred as you spoke, “Well I bet those girls who were throwing themselves at you probably did.”

“Is that why you were mad at me earlier?”

“No shit, Sherlock. You are the dumbest boy I’ve ever had a crush on.” You wanted to slap yourself for real this time. Did you really just say that outloud? Drunk you never made the best decisions but this one just might ruin your relationship with Pietro.

“You… you have a crush on me?

“THE SECRETS OUT!” You flailed your arms into the air.

You could see Pietro out of the corner of your eye, wide eyed and shocked. He opened his mouth to say something but shut it just as quickly as he opened it, not knowing how to reply to your drunk self.

“You’re drunk Y/N, I don’t know if you mean these things that you are saying,” He stood up from his place on you bed and tried to make you stand up as well, “You need to get rest and we’ll talk about this in the morning, when you’re sober.”

“I don’t wanna talk about it in the morning. I love Pietro Maximoff and all I needed was a little bit of liquid courage to say it out loud.” You laughed as you stood up, oblivious to the words coming from your mouth. You two stood there for a few moments, in silence, only inches away from each other.

“You know… I’ve had a crush on you for a while too, Y/N. And you probably won’t remember this conversation in the morning, so we’ll pick up on this conversation tomorrow. Ok?” Pietro was looking at you straight in the eyes.

“I didn’t see that coming.” You laughed and poked his nose with your finger tip.

He laughed and guided you back onto your bed and once you were snuggled under the covers, he gently kissed you on the forehead, causing you to smile in your drunken state. He then turned around to leave your room.

But before Pietro was able to leave you mumbled a “Love you Pietro.”

You couldn’t see him, but he smiled, looking back at your figure underneath the covers, “Love you too Y/N.”

when u accidentally say something rly personal in class and then everyone feels bad for u