i really hope you don't mind me coloring them though

choc-chip-pancakes  asked:

Not really a headcanon, but can you imagine Pines family game night? It would be hectic. XD (I hope you don't mind me sending another one!)

MY GOODNESS YES. IT WOULD GET SO INTENSE. (And I don’t mind at all! <3)

(And I just imagined them playing some random board game. Like Stan doesn’t want to play DD&MD, so after some small bickering between the Stan twins, Mabel suggests they play ‘Sorry.’ {random game ik by why not lmao. and also i love that game haha} Though they all eventually agree and they pick their colors. Dipper’s blue, Ford’s green, Mabel’s yellow, and Stan’s red. And just imagine how Stan reacts when Ford gets a ‘Sorry’ card and takes one of Stan’s pawns back to start. (bc stan’s leading/has the most pawns out) cAN YOU JUST IMAGINE.)


“I was just doing what I thought was the best strategic move to give me a significant chance of winning, Stanley.” 


“My turn!” 

Mabel would chirp in, and Stan would just huff in annoyance as they continue on.