i really hope this wasnt done yet

A picture is worth a thousand words, Edits are even better,the ways our talents are used to fight an injustice brought on us is amazing. Everytime I make a campaign I keep repeating the words the determination and a human’s will is so scary, Its amazing how many mountains can be moved just by fighting for what you believe, by Having Faith and hope that miracles could happen, Hard work has never ever failed someone before,You keep pushing, you keep learning from the wounds you keep crying and keep walking on those thorn edged ground
And yet at the end of everything, with all the wounds,the tear stained garments, the loss of voice from screaming
Someone was watching over you, someone was guiding you
Fandom you are not alone, you are brave with your talent,determined with your voices, warriors with your battle wounds and heaart breaks
You are the strongest people who inspire me everyday
I spent last night reading the petitions and i cried
I heard the netflix pleas and I broke down sobbing
I heard the hulu requests and I jumped for joy and hope
And with everything Micheal Jacobs showed he listened, that he cares
Rowan showed she wasnt ready to say good bye
And you guys showed that maybe in this generation Hope really isnt yet ready to disappear
I am so grateful I am so in awe of this fandom
This is why this show is meant to stay, this show represents all our voices, our sleepless nights trying to save this show is not in vain
You are being heard
You are being watched over and protected
Thank you girlmeetsfeels for this wonderful letter to the show
I appreciate everything your talents have done for this show
Hope truly is not for suckers
Dont be caged
Keep signing those petitions
Keep being heard
you are being loved